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Fire Fighting Fire on board can be of great danger to the whole ship, even if it is a small fire.

Most of the risks have already been eliminated by the design of the ship. What risk remains can only be avoided by everyone on board taking care. Prompt action is essential for effective fire-fighting, and knowledge of the location and use of fire equipment is necessary to permit immediate action. When you see a fire you should !. "ound the alarm# $. %escue people in danger# &. Fight the fire with the available fire equipment until the fire team takes over. 'n the cabin you may find one or more fire detectors such as ( smoke detectors# ( flame detectors# ( heat detectors which will indicate a fire. )n alarm will be shown on the fire control panel. *etectors are in position around the ship in all fire-sensitive areas. ) sprinkler system will spray the cabin with water to e+tinguish fire. ,here is an audio-visual fire-warning device on the bridge and in the engine control room indicating when and where a fire has occurred. ,here are several types of fire e+tinguishers suitable for different types of fires. ( ,he water fire e+tinguisher is used to put out fires in te+tiles, wood, paper etc. .ever use water fire e+tinguishers where live electrical equipment is located. ( ,he foam fire e+tinguisher is used to e+tinguish fires in combustible liquids like oil. ( ,he powder fire e+tinguishers are used mainly to e+tinguish fires in electrical equipment, but can also be used to fight fires in combustible liquids and light metals. ,here are special dry chemical powders for fires of this type. ( Fi+ed fire-fighting systems using /alon and 01$ are found in the engine room and other machinery spaces. )ll personnel must be evacuated from these areas before the system can be activated. 'f someone is left in the area, he or she could be killed by the gas 201$3. 1n board some ships special foam monitors are available on deck to e+tinguish large fires. "ome of the crew members will be specially trained in fire fighting and be part of the fire fighting team on board. )t a fire alarm the fire team will muster at the Fire "tation and rapidly prepare themselves to fight whatever fire on board. 4ocabulary audio-visual fire-warning device 5 dispo6itive audio-video de prevenire a incendiilor dry chemical powder 5 substan7e chimice praf fire control panel 5 pupitru de control incendii fire equipment 5 echipamente-instala7ie de incendiu fire e+tinguisher 5 sting8tor Fire "tation 5 punct de lupt8 9mpotriva incendiului fire-fighting 5 lupta 9mpotriva incendiilor fire-sensitive area 5 6on8 predispus8 la incendii foam fire e+tinguisher 5 sting8tor cu spum8 heat detector 5 detector de c8ldur8 live electrical equipment 5 echipamente electrice sub tensiune to muster 5 a se aduna powder fire e+tinguisher 5 sting8tor cu substan7e chimice uscate to put out 5 a stinge smoke detector 5 detector de fum sound the alarm 5 a da alarma sprinkler system 5 sistem de stropire

*o not go to your lifeboat stations before you are ordered to do so. )t the Muster and .his is your 0aptain speaking ) minor fire has broken out inA .ake your equipment with you according to muster list. . Master-0hief ?ngineerAinformed. 1n the bridge there are panels and positions for a number of individual visual alarms and indicators.he vessel<s rescue-boat crew will be notified by alarm over P) system. ) general emergency alarm is only given in the case of an emergency to all persons on board. *o not embark the lifeboats-life rafts. the alarm will be announced over the P) system. Deave the engine room-the superstructure-your stations-your cabins Aimmediately and close all openings.oat "tation 5 punct al b8rcilor de salvare fire e+tinguishing alarm 5 alarm8 de incendiu fire-e+tinguishing material 5 material de stins incendiul watertight door-closing alarm 5 alarm8-semnali6are de 9nchidere a uEilor etanEe warning signal 5 semnal de averti6are power-operated door 5 uE8 ac7ionat8 automat panels and positions 5 panouri Ei puncte visual alarms and indicators 5 indicatoare Ei alarme vi6uale power failure 5 c8dere de tensiune rescue-boat crew 5 echipa:ul b8rcii de salvare public address system-P) system 5 sistemul de anun7are general8 . .here is no immediate danger to crew or vessels and there is no reason to be alarmed.hey have to follow the direction indicators to the Muster "tations. . . A coast radio station-vessels in vicinity informed. leave immediately because 01$.he watertight door-closing alarm is a warning signal for the closing of the power operated doors.@ "ome usual phrases used when raising alarm are 1perate the general emergency alarm.oat "tations wait for further instructions from the ship<s Master.he order to embark the lifeboats-life rafts will be given from the bridge. Beneral emergency alarm operated. . halon or something similar will be released. 'f you are in that room. 'f you belong to the rescue-boat crew upon hearing the alarm you must get your life-:acket and go as quickly as possible to the rescue-boat. "end an urgency message-distress message.Alarms on board 't is important to know which different kinds of alarms there are on board a ship and how to respond to them. 'n the engine room there are panels and positions for a number of visual alarms and indicators concerning the main engine and power failures. Crgency message-distress message sent. .oat "tations. )ll passengers and crew must get their life-:ackets and go as quickly as possible to their Muster and . 'nform A coast radio station-vessels in vicinity. .he fire e+tinguishing alarm warns of the imminent release of the fire-e+tinguishing material into the space in question 01$ or halon. .he end of an emergency will be announced over the public address system =)ll hands> )ll hands> ?mergency over. )ll alarm signals and indicators must be clearly understood by everyone on board. When a helicopter is going to land on a ship. 4ocabulary alarm signals and indicators 5 semnale Ei indicatoare de alarm8-de averti6are general emergency alarm 5 alarm8 general8 de urgen78-pericol life-:acket 5 vest8 de salvare Muster "tation 5 punct de adunare . 'nform the Master-0hief ?ngineerA. %eturn to duties.