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Call Me Back (9211

Innovative Automated Alarm System for Women’s Safet y
An automated computerised alarm system which is set by sending a simple SMS to the number 9211 “Nau Do Gyarah” which will call back the alarm setter if not disabled by the sender at the set time limit. The system will use a unique PIN number to identify the SMS sender, If the identity is not confirmed the cell number and the SMS info is send to PCR van for further action.
By: Dr. Shailesh Kumar Sharma E-mail: Contact No: 9820742477 M.B.B.S, MPH (Health Policy, Economics and Finance) TISS

3 rd Feb 2013

Call Me Back 9211 (Nau Do Gyarah)
Automated Alarm and Tracking System for Women’s Safety

1. Background There has been a tremendous increase in crime against women in recent times across India. The recent gang rape of a 23 old girl in Delhi is considered as one of the worse crime against women which set whole India on fire with a number of agitations across country. Such a huge amount of public unrest has not only forced government to make strict laws but also the police system is forced to introduced some of the steps which can further increase women safety on roads of India specially Delhi. As a citizen of India it is duty of every Indian to contribute in whatever way he can to make country safe for women, a simple automated alarm and tracking system is proposed here which is cheap and efficient and can manage a huge number of alarms tracking a lot of women for their safety.

2. Problem Statement The huge increase in number of assaults against women is an indication of radical changes in ideology of society that has taken place in last decade in India. With women now going out to work even in the off hours and often travelling in night it becomes very necessary to provide them safety on roads. Increase in crimes is not just because women now need to travel in wee hours on road but also because the people who are serving these travel services are kind of sure of getting away with any kind of crime. A number of incidents have taken place against women while she is travelling or moving across a deserted area of a city. We need a simple mechanism which can track the movement of these prone women and also can serve as a deterrent against crime for the criminal.

3. Call me Back 9211 Service 3.1 Introduction This is an innovative system for safety of women who think that she may need help while she may be passing through an area which may be dangerous or while travelling in night alone. The system is a kind of an automated alarm which is managed by a simple computer program and is activated with the help of a simple SMS which is sent to number 9211. 3.2 Explanation of System 3.2.1 Activation of Alarm The alarm is set in the set in the system by a simple SMS which contains the following information in it: Vehicle No, Start Time of Journey, Start Place, and Time Expected to Reach at Destination, Place of Destination and Personal Identification Number of 4 digits. When women travelling from a particular place want her to be tracked through a time frame all she needs to do is sent a SMS containing the above information to 9211. Immediately an alarm is activated in the system which will keep track of the start time and the expected time it should be turned off. The SMS can also be converted in the form of a simple program which can be downloaded through internet with the following user interface. User Interface Design of 9211 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Vehicle Number Start Time Start Place Time Expected to Reach Destination Place PIN code Any other Detail SEND

The women just have to fill the interface and send the SMS to 9211. The detail which the system receives it gets registered in computer and an alarm is activated for the expected time of reaching a particular place. Personal Identification Number is new every time and only the sender knows what she has used to send this SMS. The computer system now registers the particular

number from which the SMS is sent and when it should be deactivated. The activated system will wait for deactivation before the expected time of reaching. 3.2.2 Deactivation of the Alarm When the woman reaches safely to the destination she needs to again send a simple SMS to 9211 with the PIN she used to activate the system. The SMS will read like this: DEAC “PIN”. When system receives this SMS it will match the PIN and mobile number to confirm the identity of the sender. If PIN and mobile number is matching the activated alarm is shut off knowing that the woman has reached safely to the destination. 3.2.3 What if alarm is not deactivated? The following possible reason to send the deactivation message can be that the woman has forgotten to deactivate the alarm. In such a case an automated generated call will be done on the number and she will be reminded that she has activated an alarm with 9211 and she needs to provide the PIN back again to deactivate the alarm. The moment woman enters the right PIN the alarm is set off. If woman fails to provide the right PIN or if the phone is switched off, out of coverage area or not responding the alarm system will transfer the particular mobile number to PCR for a trace with all the information sent by the sender while activating the alarm. This will give the PCR information about the vehicle number and the place where the woman has started the alarm. Call Me Back Flow Chart

Risk prone Woman Travelling

SMS to 9211

Alarm Activated

If no Deactivation

Deactivates Alarm by SMS

Woman Reaches Destination

Call by 9211 to sender

Alarm Deactivated Sender Enters PIN

No response from the sender or wrong PIN

Sender’s all Info Send to PCR for further action

4. Financial Requirements for setting Call Me Back The financial requirements which will be needed for setting the system are not very high. It includes investment on few computer systems and a server to manage the number of SMSes with simple alarm managing software. 5. Benefits First of all it will serve as a deterrent to criminals when they know that the woman has kept an alarm or a trace ready on her and if she didn’t deactivate the alarm the police will be looking for them. The vehicle number and the other detail section of SMS can give very valuable information to PCR for starting the search for the woman the moment she doesn’t deactivate the alarm. Putting such a system in place will create a good public opinion among the citizens that police has come up with such a good system to keep trace on woman who may be prone to crime and will incur faith in system more. As the financial requirements for the system are less and benefits are more the system will be a boost to the police system with the woman holding some responsibility with her when she travels at such time. So if she fails to provide the SMS then there is some lapse on her side also. Such things will make them more responsible while travelling at odd hours. 6. Risks First of all woman who are illiterate and don’t uses mobile phone, such a system cannot provide safety more to them. It may happen that the sender’s mobile phone is discharged and that’s why she could not deactivate the alarm but nevertheless we should not stop the system because of such an incidence. 7. Conclusion “Call Me Back” is a system which is very simple and can be used effectively which put all the transport people cautious that their vehicle number is being traced and hence it can help reduce the crime against women. Also it will make women responsible in a little way that whenever they sit in any transport vehicle they shall provide the information to the 9211 or any near and dear one.