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Technical Analysis of Stock Data with Excel Visual Basic If you presently do any type of programming (e.g.

, scan writing) to evaluate sec urities or trading strategies, you might consider doing such programming in a pl atform that gives you total control and is almost certain to have continued supp ort with future versions providing full backward compatibility to earlier versio ns. I am not aware of any technical analysis platform that provides either the f lexibility or the likelihood of continued support that Microsoft Excel Visual Ba sic does. Stock data or software vendors can be here today and gone tomorrow or can underg o changes sufficient to warrant termination of the use of their products. Conseq uently, one should be careful about making any significant investment of method development, time, or emotion in a particular vendor's product. Such investment could hold one in bondage to a vendor when any objective outside observer could plainly see it's time to cut one's losses and leave. With Excel Visual Basic as a platform for technical analysis, you will not be held hostage to any stock dat a or software vendor's proprietary, peculiar, unpredictable, or cryptic scan lan guage or data format. The Excel 97 workbook GM.xls is an output file from an Excel Visual Basic progra m and conveys some idea of what Excel Visual Basic can do in the way of technica l analysis. If you agree with the "Terms of Use" below, examine GM.xls by downlo ading the corresponding self-extracting file (GM.exe, 638 KB). GM was selected a rbitrarily to demonstrate calculation of the most common technical indicators as well as charting of Bollinger bands and trades based on parabolic stop and reve rse. Double-click on the downloaded GM.exe from Windows Explorer and then open G M.xls with Excel 97. When you open it, you might be prompted with a dialog box w arning that the workbook contains macros which could be virus infested. Click "E nable Macros" to continue. If you are running good anti virus software, you migh t want to select the option of not having this warning repeated. After you have opened GM.xls, read the "Read Me" worksheet for further instructions and informa tion. The Excel Visual Basic program in Excel 97 workbook TA.xls: Identifies stocks satisfying specified technical indicator criteria and Tabulates and charts indicator values and prices over a specified time period fo r specified individual stocks. The Visual Basic Code in TA.xls is completely read and write accessible. If you agree with the "Terms of Use" below, get TA.xls by downloading the corresponding self-extracting file (TA.exe, 704 KB). Don't open TA.xls without following the instructions provided in TA.doc (a Word 97 file) or TA.htm (the corresponding ht ml translation readable by web browsers), both of which are also included in the self-extracting file TA.exe. Just double-click on the downloaded TA.exe from Wi ndows Explorer to unzip these three files, which will be placed in a subdirector y folder "Programs" automatically created in a directory folder "Visual Basic fo r TA" automatically created in the same folder from which TA.exe underwent selfextraction. (If these directory folders and files already exist, you will be pro mpted from an MS-DOS window for permission to overwrite the files.) TA.xls Versions and Bugs Stock Data Providers. I believe Quotes Plus beats all others, hands down, with t he possible exception of TC2000. TA.xls uses the DLL's that Quotes Plus provides for lightning-fast retrieval of data from its database. To varying degrees, the other end-of-day stock data "providers" fail to comprehend the self-evident sta ndards for this service. I can be reached by e-mail at I also participate in the Q

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