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Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); V3.0.0 (1999-02) General UMTS Architecture Technical Specification TD (UMTS 23.01 version 3.0.


UMTS 23.01

Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

or8 Copyright Notification !o "art may be re"roduced e#ce"t as authori$ed by written "ermission% The co"yri&ht and the fore&oin& restriction e#tend to re"roduction in all media% ' (uro"ean Telecommunications Standards nstitute )***% All ri&hts reserved% ..etsi...0 133 2 92 92 22 00 #a*0 133 2 93 $.(Tel.DTS SM!-122301U (00000i03.'# 322 ( 'ssociation 6 but non lucrati7 enre8istr9e 6 la Sous-"r97ecture )e !rasse (0$) .7r &tt%0 .7r &tt%0 ."D#) Reference Keywords Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) Architecture ETSI Postal address #-0$921 So%&ia 'nti%olis (e)e* ..(- Office address $..etsi.#+'.So%&ia 'nti%olis Valbonne .$2 00013 .#+'. 23 1$ Siret .4 3503 55 nternet secretariat:etsi..4 325 $23 ..0 +oute )es /ucioles .

%0%.01 version 3. Abbreviations%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ .%.0 3 UMTS 23.0.01 3. 1efinitions2 symbols and abbreviations%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ . ntellectual Pro"erty Ri&hts%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%. Transit !etwor7 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 4 .unctional +ommunication between UMTS domains %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 4%) Trans"ort stratum%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%): 4%0 Access Stratum %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%): 4%.9ome Stratum %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%)) 4%/ A""lication Stratum%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%)) 9istory%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%).%) 1efinitions%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ .0 (1!!!"02) (ontents +ontents%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%.0. nfrastructure 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 /%.%0%) Servin& !etwor7 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 /%. (TS .%0 +ore !etwor7 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 /%.3eneral%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%4 / 1omains in UMTS%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%4 /%) 1omain s"lit%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 /%0 User e6ui"ment 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 /%0%) Mobile e6ui"ment 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 /%0%0 US M 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%5 /%. Servin& Stratum %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%)) 4%.%) Access !etwor7 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 /%.UMTS 23.%0 Symbols%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ .oreword%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%ntroduction%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%) Sco"e%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ 0 References%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ 0%) nformative references%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%/ .%0%0 9ome !etwor7 1omain%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8 /%.

"Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).>>www%etsi%fr>i"r or htt".or) This draft Technical S"ecification has been "roduced by the S"ecial Mobile 3rou" (SM3) Technical +ommittee of the (uro"ean Telecommunications Standards nstitute ((TS )% The contents of this TS is sub?ect to continuin& wor7 within SM3 and may chan&e followin& formal SM3 a""roval% Should SM3 modify the contents of this TS2 it will be re@released by SM3 with an identifyin& chan&e of release date and an increase in version number as follows. # the first di&it.). Essential. IPRs notified to ETSI in respect of ETSI standards"2 which is available free of charge from the (TS Secretariat% <atest u"dates are available on the (TS =eb server (htt".)-.<ntellectual "ro%erty +i8&ts PRs essential or "otentially essential to the "resent document may have been declared to (TS % The information "ertainin& to these essential PRs2 if any2 is "ublicly available for ETSI members and non-members2 and can be found in SR ::: .>>www%etsi%or&>i"r)% Pursuant to the (TS PR Policy2 no investi&ation2 includin& PR searches2 has been carried out by (TS % !o &uarantee can be &iven as to the e#istence of other PRs not referenced in SR ::: .(or the u"dates on the (TS =eb server) which are2 or may be2 or may become2 essential to the "resent document% #ore. Aersion #%y%$ where. indicates UMTS s"ecification a""roved by (TS SM3B y the second di&it is incremented for all other ty"es of chan&es2 i%e% technical enhancements2 corrections2 u"dates2 etc% $ the third di&it is incremented when editorial only chan&es have been incor"orated in the s"ecificationB <ntro)uction UMTS will su""ort a wide ran&e of a""lications with different 6uality of service "rofiles% At "resent many of these a""lications are not "ossible to "redict% Also the usa&e of the different a""lications are difficult to "redict i%e% it is not "ossible to o"timise UMTS to only one set of a""lications% One conclusion of this is that UMTS must be built in such a way that it is fle#ible and "ossible to evolve so it will have a lon& technical lifetime% Therefore a modular a""roach is recommended when definin& the networ7 "arts of UMTS% This is in line with the recommendation from 3MM% n this conte#t a module re"resents a "art of a UMTS networ7 i%e% one or several "hysical networ7 nodes that to&ether im"lements some functionality% The modular a""roach should also ma7e UMTS "ossible to im"lement efficiently in different environments% . ) "resented to SM3 for informationB 0 "resented to SM3 for a""rovalB . or potentially Essential.

3 'bbreviations . Domain: The hi&hest@level &rou" of "hysical entities% Reference "oints are defined between domains% Stratum: 3rou"in& of "rotocols related to one as"ect of the services "rovided by one or several domains% 3.or a non@s"ecific reference2 the latest version a""lies% • A non@s"ecific reference to an (TS shall also be ta7en to refer to later versions "ublished as an (! with the same number% The followin& documents contain "rovisions which2 throu&h reference in this te#t2 constitute "rovisions of the "resent document% 2.2 Symbols .or a s"ecific reference2 subse6uent revisions do not a""ly% • .or the "ur"oses of the "resent document2 the followin& symbols a""ly.0.0 # UMTS 23. +u u Uu CFuD CGuD Reference "oint between US M and M( Reference "oint between Access and Servin& !etwor7 domains Reference "oint between User (6ui"ment and nfrastructure domains2 UMTS radio interface Reference "oint between Servin& and Transit !etwor7 domains Reference "oint between Servin& and 9ome !etwor7 domains 3. EUniversal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).01 3.or the "ur"oses of the "resent document2 the followin& abbreviations a""ly. US M M( User Services dentity Module Mobile (6ui"ment (TS . Service as"ectsB Service "rinci"lesE% 3 De7initions= symbols an) abbreviations 3. t identifies and names the reference "oints and functional &rou"in&s a""earin& at this level% 2 +e7erences • References are either s"ecific (identified by date of "ublication2 edition number2 version number2 etc%) or non@s"ecific% • .1 De7initions Terms introduced in this document.1 <n7ormative re7erences C)D C0D (TS 3lobal Multimedia Mobility (3MM) re"ort UMTS 00%:).01 version 3.0 (1!!!"02) 1 Sco%e This TS defines the basic "hysical and functional se"aration of UMTS% The contents of this s"ecification is limited to those features that are common to all UMTS networ7s inde"endent of their ori&in .0.UMTS 23.

8.or? in7rastructures= e.= a !SM in7rastructure= a . $i%ure 1& UMTS 'omains an' re(erence )oints +u u Uu CFuD CGuD H Reference "oint between US M and M( H Reference "oint between Access and Servin& !etwor7 domains H Reference "oint between User (6ui"ment and nfrastructure domains2 UMTS radio interface H Reference "oint between Servin& and Transit !etwor7 domains H Reference "oint between Servin& and 9ome !etwor7 domains .et.or? Domain CGuD (u Uu <u CFuD The followin& fi&ure shows the basic domains in UMTS as described in this section% Servin8 .AT. in7rastructure= a B-<SD. Domains in UMTS @ome .MT M(#( T( Mobile Termination Mobile Station A""lication (#ecution (nvironment Terminal (6ui"ment 2 !eneral The &eneral UMTS architecture is modelled2 at a hi&h level2 from both "hysical and functional view"oints% The "hysical as"ects are modelled usin& the domain conce"t and the functional as"ects are modelled usin& the strata conce"t% The two views are introduced se"arately and then the ma""in& between the views is discussed% This s"ecification shows at a basic level "hysical and functional se"arations to allow a UMTS networ7 to fit within the conte#t of the MT@0::: family of networ7s% t does not attem"t to develo" as"ects of a UMTS networ7 that are hi&hly s"ecific to that im"lementation% .it&in t&e )omains s&o.ill 8enerally result 7rom an evolution o7 e*istin8 net.or? Domain US<M Domain Mobile ->ui%ment Domain User ->ui%ment Domain 'ccess .or? Domain (ore . T&e core net.-< T&e )omains i)enti7ie) in t&e 7i8ure .or? )omain may result 7rom evolutions o7 e*istin8 net.or? Domain <n7rastructure Domain Transit .et. in7rastructure or a "D.or? in7rastructures. T&e evolution o7 t&ese in7rastructures may be %er7orme) via t&e use o7 <CUs= &i))en . in7rastructure.n in t&e 7i8ure.or? Domain .et.

1 Domain s%lit A basic architectural s"lit is between the user e6ui"ment (terminals) and the infrastructure% This results in two domains....2.2 User e>ui%ment Domain This domain encom"asses a variety of e6ui"ment ty"es with different levels of functionality% These e6ui"ment ty"es are referred to as user e6ui"ment (terminals)2 and they may also be com"atible with one or more e#istin& access (fi#ed or radio) interfaces e%&% dual mode UMTS@3SM user e6ui"ment% The user e6ui"ment may include a removable smart card that may be used in different user e6ui"ment ty"es% The user e6ui"ment is further sub@divided in to the Mobile Equipment Domain (M() and the User Services Identity Module Domain (US M)% The reference "oint between the M( and the US M is termed the I+uJ reference "oint% . The descri"tion assumes an access interface based on UTRA% 9owever2 the "hysical and functional se"aration described in this document is &eneral and is a""licable also if other access technolo&ies are used% . The s"lit into the User (6ui"ment 1omain2 the Access !etwor7 1omain and the +ore !etwor7 1omain is consistent with the 3MM re"ort% (TS . but no reference "oint is defined in this s"ecification% .0..1 Mobile e>ui%ment Domain The Mobile (6ui"ment "erforms radio transmission and contains a""lications% The mobile e6ui"ment may be further sub@divided into several entities2 e%&% the one which "erforms the radio transmission and related functions2 Mobile Termination MT2 and the one which contains the end@to@end a""lication or (e%&% la"to" connected to a mobile "hone)2 Terminal Equipment! T(% This se"aration is used in the descri"tion of the functional communication in fi&ure . the User Equipment Domain and the Infrastructure domain% User e6ui"ment is the e6ui"ment used by the user to access UMTS services% User e6ui"ment has a radio interface to the infrastructure% The infrastructure consists of the "hysical nodes which "erform the various functions re6uired to terminate the radio interface and to su""ort the telecommunication services re6uirements of the users% The infrastructure is a shared resource that "rovides services to all authorised end users within its covera&e area% The reference "oint between the user e6ui"ment domain and the infrastructure domain is termed the IUuJ reference "oint (UMTS radio interface)% !OT(.0 * UMTS version 3..01 3.3 <n7rastructure Domain The nfrastructure domain is further s"lit into the "ccess #et$or% Domain2 which is characterised by bein& in direct contact with the User (6ui"ment and the &ore #et$or% Domain! This s"lit is intended to sim"lify>assist the "rocess of de@cou"lin& access related functionality from non@access related functionality and is in line with the modular "rinci"le ado"ted for the UMTS% The Access !etwor7 1omain com"rises rou&hly the functions s"ecific to the access techni6ue2 while the functions in the +ore networ7 domain may "otentially be used with information flows usin& any access techni6ue% This s"lit allows for different a""roaches for the +ore !etwor7 1omain2 each a""roach s"ecifyin& distinct ty"es of +ore !etwor7s connectable to the Access !etwor7 1omain2 as well as different access techni6ues2 each ty"e of Access !etwor7 connectable to the +ore !etwor7 1omain% The reference "oint between the access networ7 domain and the core networ7 domain is termed the I uJ reference "oint% !OT(.UMTS 23.2 US<M Domain The US M contains data and "rocedures which unambi&uously and securely identify itself% These functions are ty"ically embedded in a stand alone smart card% This device is associated to a &iven user2 and as such allows to identify this user re&ardless of the M( he uses% .0 (1!!!"02) .

3.2 @ome . Much more could>should be written about the reference "oints between the core networ7 and other networ7sD% The core networ7 domain is sub@divided into the Serving #et$or% Domain2 the 'ome #et$or% Domain and the Transit #et$or% Domain% The reference "oint between the servin& networ7 domain and the home networ7 domain is termed the CGuD reference "oint% The reference "oint between the servin& networ7 domain and the transit networ7 domain is termed the CFuD reference "oint% Additional sub@divisions and reference "oints within the core networ7 domain may be identified in other s"ecifications% ..or? Domain The home networ7 domain re"resents the core networ7 functions that are conducted at a "ermanent location re&ardless of the location of the userKs access "oint% The US M is related by subscri"tion to the home networ7 domain% The home networ7 domain therefore contains at least "ermanently user s"ecific data and is res"onsible for mana&ement of subscri"tion information% t may also handle home s"ecific services2 "otentially not offered by the servin& networ7 domain% !OT( Servin8 (ore . Most of the functionality associated with the service "rovider role accordin& to the UMTS role model (ref UMTS 00%:))2 is normally contained within the home networ7 domain% ..2...or? Domain The servin& networ7 domain is the "art of the core networ7 domain to which the access networ7 domain that "rovides the userKs access is connected% t re"resents the core networ7 functions that are local to the userKs access "oint and thus their location chan&es when the user moves% The servin& networ7 domain is res"onsible for routin& calls and trans"ort user data>information from source to destination% t has the ability to interact with the home domain to cater for user s"ecific data>services and with the transit domain for non user s"ecific data>services "ur"oses% .or? Domain The transit networ7 domain is the core networ7 "art located on the communication "ath between the servin& networ7 domain and the remote "arty% f2 for a &iven call2 the remote "arty is located inside the same networ7 as the ori&inatin& U(2 then no "articular instance of the transit domain is activated% $ #unctional (ommunication bet.3.een UMTS )omains • A""lication stratumB The followin& strata have been identified within UMTS.or? Domain The +ore !etwor7 1omain consists of the "hysical entities which "rovide su""ort for the networ7 features and telecommunication services% The su""ort "rovided includes functionality such as the mana&ement of user location information2 control of networ7 features and services2 the transfer (switchin& and transmission) mechanisms for si&nallin& and for user &enerated information% C!ote.3..3.3 Transit .1 'ccess .2.3.or? Domain The Access !etwor7 1omain consists of the "hysical entities which mana&e the resources of the access networ7 and "rovides the user with a mechanism to access the core networ7 domain% Additional reference "oints within the access domain may be identified in other s"ecifications% .

or? Domain @ome . DTrans%ort StratumE D'ccess StratumE MT .0 (1!!!"02) • 9ome stratumB • Servin& stratum and • Trans"ort stratum The followin& fi&ures show the interactions between the UMTS domains% Two fi&ures are used to reflect the "ath diversion between the flows e#chan&ed between servin& and home domains on one side and between servin& and transit on the other side% .0 ! UMTS 23. S.MT MT . Servin8 .% The Servin& and Trans"ort Strata involve domains from fi&ures 0 and .M/. DServin8 StratumE US<M .MT.Access 0et+or1. .i&ure .UMTS '.et.'.or? Domain US<M MT M- 'ccess .S.0.i&ure 0 below shows the interactions between the US M2 MT>M(2 Access !etwor72 Servin& !etwor7 and 9ome !etwor7 domains% .MT MT .S. (TS .S. US<M .@.@.01 3.01 version 3.2 so "art of them are du"licated in the two fi&ures The direct flows between non@conti&uous domains (i%e% between domains non directly interconnected) are trans"arently trans"orted across all the domains and interfaces located on the communication "ath between these end domains% (%&% the US M@9ome !etwor7 flows are trans"arently trans"orted throu&h US M@MT2 MT@Access !etwor72 Access !etwor7@Servin& !etwor7 and Servin& !etwor7@9ome !etwor7 interfaces2 and relayed without inter"retation by MT2 Access !etwor7 and Servin& !etwor7 domains% The dotted lines indicates that the "rotocol used is not s"ecific to UMTS2 in some cases different "rotocols are "ossible% 9owever2 to "rovide easy roamin& ca"abilities2 it is desirable to a&ree u"on the "rotocols used% The definition of these "rotocols is outside the sco"e of the UMTS s"ecifications% D@ome StratumE US<M .et.or? Domain $i%ure 2& $unctional (lo+s bet+een the US.M.Servin% 0et+or1 an' 2ome 0et+or1 'omains. . shows the interactions between T(2 MT2 Access !etwor72 Servin& !etwor72 Transit !etwor7 domains and the Remote Party % The 9ome Stratum only involves domains from fi&ure 02 the A""lication Stratum only involves domains from fi&ure .0.

)% $. • mechanisms for error correction and recoveryB • mechanisms to encry"t data over the radio interface and in the infrastructure "art if re6uiredB • mechanisms for ada"tation of data to use the su""orted "hysical format (if re6uired)B and • mechanisms to ItranscodeJ data to ma7e efficient use of2 e%&%2 the radio interface (if re6uired)% t may also include resource allocation and routin& local to the different interfaces% The "ccess Stratum which is s"ecific to UMTS2 is the "art of the trans"ort stratum located between the ed&e node of the servin& core networ7 domain and the MT (LMT@Access !etwor7K and LAccess !etwor7@Servin& !etwor7K arrows in fi&ure 0 and .et.. DTrans%ort StratumE D'ccess StratumE MT Trans%ort stratum This stratum su""orts the trans"ort of user data and networ7 control si&nallin& from other strata throu&h UMTS% The trans"ort stratum includes consideration of the "hysical transmission format used for transmission and also.2 'ccess Stratum This is the functional &rou"in&s consistin& of the "arts in the infrastructure and in the user e6ui"ment and the "rotocols between these "arts bein& s"ecific to the access techni6ue (i%e% the way the s"ecific "hysical media between the User (6ui"ment and the nfrastructure is used to carry information)% The access stratum "rovides services related to the transmission of data over the radio interface and the mana&ement of the radio interface to the other "arts of UMTS% .Access 0et+or1.MT.MT MT .or? Domain Transit . $i%ure 3& $unctional (lo+ bet+een T/.'. . TMobile ->ui%ment Domain MT 'ccess .or? Domain Servin8 .'%%lication Stratum '%%lication DServin8 StratumE T.S.or? Domain +emote "arty '.Servin% 0et+or1.Transit 0et+or1 'omains an' the 3emote 4arty The IRemote PartyJ re"resents the remote end entity (user or machine) and is included in the fi&ure to show the end@ to@end character of the communication2 the s"ecification of the remote "arty is outside the sco"e of the UMTS s"ecifications% $.et.

'%%lication Stratum This stratum re"resents the a""lication "rocess itself2 "rovided to the end@user% t includes end@to@end "rotocols and functions which ma7e use of services "rovided by the home2 servin& and trans"ort strata and infrastructure to su""ort services and>or value added services% The functions and "rotocols within the a""lication stratum may adhere to 3SM>UMTS standards such as M(#( or may be outside the sco"e of the UMTS standards% 9owever2 the definition of the services "rovided by the other strata2 and the interfaces to them2 is within the sco"e of the standards (TS . • US M @ 9ome !etwor7 This "rotocol su""orts co@ordination of subscriber@s"ecific information between the US M and the home networ7% • US M @ MT This "rotocol "rovides the MT with access to user s"ecific data and resources necessary to "erform actions on behalf of the home networ7% • MT @ Servin& !etwor7 This "rotocol su""orts user s"ecific data e#chan&es between the MT and the Servin& !etwor7% • Servin& !etwor7 @ 9ome !etwor7 This "rotocol "rovides the servin& networ7 with access to home networ7 data and resources necessary to "erform its actions on behalf of the home networ72 e%&%2 to su""ort the users communications2 services and features (includin& A9()% $. • Mobile Termination @ Access !etwor7 This "rotocol su""orts transfer of detailed radio@related information to co@ordinate the use of radio resources bbetween the MT and the access networ7% • Access !etwor7 @ Servin& !etwor7 This "rotocol su""orts the access from the servin& networ7 to the resources "rovided by the access networ7% t is inde"endent of the s"ecific radio structure of the access networ7% $. • US M @ Mobile Termination This "rotocol su""orts access to subscriber@s"ecific information for su""ort of functions in the user e6ui"ment domain% • Mobile Termination @ Servin& !etwor7 This "rotocol su""orts access from the MT to the services "rovided by the servin& networ7 domain% • Terminal (6ui"ment@ Mobile Termination This "rotocol su""ort e#chan&e of control information between the T( and the MT% $.0 (1!!!"02) The access stratum includes the followin& "rotocols..UMTS 23.0.unctions related to subscri"tion data mana&ement2 customer care2 includin& billin& and char&in&2 mobility mana&ement and authentication are located in this stratum% The home stratum includes the followin& "rotocols.01 version 3.01 3.2 @ome Stratum This stratum contains the "rotocols and functions related to the handlin& and stora&e of subscri"tion data and "ossibly home networ7 s"ecific services% t also includes functions to allow domains other than the home networ7 domain to act on behalf of the home networ7% .3 Servin8 Stratum This stratum consists of "rotocols and functions to route and transmit data>information2 user or networ7 &enerated2 from source to destination% The source and destination may be within the same or different networ7s% .0.unctions related to telecommunication services and are located in this stratum% The servin& stratum includes the followin& "rotocols.0 11 UMTS 23.

(nd@to@end functions are a""lications which are consumed by users at the ed&e of>outside the overall networ7% The a""lications may be accessed by authenticated users who are authorised to access such a""lications% The users may access the a""lications by usin& any of the variety of available user e6ui"ment% .

*5S. Revised by the SA meetin& based on Tdoc SM3. (rev) and *8S:5.%0:v:%5%: on the SM3 )0 Au&ust *8 meetin&2 is removed% )%:%: 0%:%: . *5S)0) Revised durin& the meetin&2 Tdoc SM3. and 0-: Revised by the SA meetin&2 !ov )**52 Tdoc SM3. *5S )-0 Revised by the SA meetin&2 Tdoc SM3. :%:%:%:%/ :%:%4 :%:%5 :%)%: :%0%: :%. SA )-/ Revised by SM3)0 meetin& in A"ril *82 based on Tdocs SM3)0 *8P0:5 and 04* Revised by SM3)0 meetin& in Oune *82 Tdoc SM3)0 *8S.0. *5S0.ebruary )*** )***@:0 Aersion )%:%: for "resentation for information to SM3P05 Aersion 0%:%: for "resentation for a""roval to SM3P08 A""roved at SM3P08% 1ocument for Transfer to TS3@SA (TS .0 (1!!!"02) @istory Document history MAersionN :%:%) :%:%0 :%:%.54 (sli&htly modified) Revised by the SA meetin&2 Oan *82 Tdocs SM3. *5S):4 Revised durin& the meetin&2 Tdoc SM3.0.%: :%-%: :%/%: :%4%: :%5%: :%5%) M1ateN A"ril )**5 May )**5 May )**5 May )**5 Oune )**5 Ouly )**5 Ouly )**5 Se"t )**5 !ov )**5 March )**8 March )**8 A"ril )**8 A"ril )**8 Ouly )**8 Au&ust )**8 MMilestoneN +reated at SM3. *8S:4..UMTS 23. *5S)0Revised by editor2 in"ut to SM3.0 13 UMTS 23./0 Acce"ted as the base for further wor7 on the SM3 )0 meetin& Au&ust *8% 9idden information2 which a""ered in the "rinted 0.01 3. *5S0:.(rev)% +han&es to fi&ure ) not correctly included2 version withdrawn +han&es from SA meetin& in Oan *82 includin& fi&ure )2 see above2 chan&es relative to :%0%: indicated Revised by SM3)0 meetin& in March *82 Tdoc SM3.01 version 3. *5S0:5 Revised by the SA meetin&2 Au& *52 Tdoc SM3.%:%: Se"tember )**8 .@SA Tdoc SM3.>SA Revised2 new terminolo&y2 in"ut to SM3@SA Tdoc SM3.