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Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

From To Date Subject : : : : PCSB DRILLING SUPERVISOR OIM-TP-Driller, Scomi, BJ cementer, KST, Cameron, Geoservices 22 Aug 2013 Pre Spud Preparation and spud well with 8-1/2” pilot BHA

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CURRENT STATUS:  Rig is on location and anchors cross tensioned (30kips)  Water Depth is estimated at 77m  Rig is ballasted to drilling draft : 28 m  Choke manifold changed out and tested  Standpipe, IBOP’s, TIW and Grey valves tested with: 300psi/5min and 10,000psi/10min  BOP stump tested to 300/3500 psi (annular), 300/10000 psi and all rams  Minimum Bulk Requirement : Barite = ±100 MT. Cement = ± 100 MT. Bentonite = ± 30 MT ……………………………
Safety (Responsibility of ALL personnel onboard): Primary Goal, work safely and efficiently.  PCSB Zeto rules to be followed.  Good communications is a must for all operations. Clear communication / Good co-operation between all personnel MUST be maintained. Talk and Listen to each other! Do not work shorthanded and prioritise the jobs  Hold Pre-Job Operational/Safety meets before each stage of the operation, If, at any time, anyone is unsure of what he should do - STOP - and TBT should be held to discuss the operation until everyone is satisfied that they understand what we are trying to accomplish and what they are to do.  ALL PTW /JSA should be made and be ready prior to any activities.  No Short Cuts for any routine & planned jobs.  Follow UJD safety policies & procedures together with PCSB’s safety policy and the stringent rules apply when there is a conflict. Equipment PREPARATION o o o o Mud pumps dress with 6” Liners. (Toolpusher) Ensure LCM materials/volumes are available on site and mud materials for spud & kill mud(Mud engineer) Ensure that availability of all casing, casing accessories and casing running equipment (KST & PCSB MatCo).

Ensure Tide charts are available on rig floor and plan to spud during slack tide (Toolpusher)

Preparation to spud:  Logistics: (Once Naga-1 Barge master has given approval to handle vessels: o Lewek Scarlet – No bulk to offload. May be DW from this vessel. All back loads to be on this vessel and this is the first vessel to go back to ASB.  Priority is:  DW and PW  Backload : Geoservice FAIR, Halib 12-1/4” BHA basket, Anchor handling, Cameron 18-3/4” WHRT, etc

August 22, 2013 11:54

Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd o Perdana Adventurer – This vessel will be stby for shallow gas operation purposes. Responsibility Mud Engineer BCO and Barge Capt August 22.1 – This vessel will be on S’by until all her cargo is offloaded. 36” & 26”  Jar  Schlum Wireline unit and track for welding it in place –  Cameron 30” WHH  Then followed by the remaining items o o Operational plans 1.  Priority is:  Halib BHA – 8-1/2”. 900 bbls 10. o Rig crew to assist with as much assistance as required… o No mixing can be done until Barge Capt gives the Ok  Casing : o The following casing is already on board Naga-1.0 ppg Spud Mud & 600 bbls 12.  30” casing joints  1 x 30” Shoe joints  30” WHH and 18-3/4” WH (will be brought on by TD-1 )_ o These will be checked. Mix the following : Ensure Mud Pits Volume: 600 bbls pits PHG HiVis Pills. (2nd boat to leave location after Pilot hole drilled)  Priority is:  Barite – 30 MT (normal )  Bentonite – 40 MT  G cement – (Only top up when vessel is about to leave location)  DW  Backload – Anything else Tanjong Pinang 1 – Possibly 2nd vessel to leave location if PA gets delayed to leave locations due to pilot hole drilling delays. continuous building will be required. 2013 11:54 . o This is a minimum and as we will be using the same system in the 26” hole. cleaned and strapped prior to drilling 36” hole o The 20” will be brought out by the Tanjung Dahan -1 .Anything else Tanjong Dahan .0 ppg Kill mud.  Priority is:  Top –up Barite – 80 MT (normal )  G Cement – 50 MT  DW  Backload .

Assistant Driller  Cameron Wellhead engineer 2. M/U 30” Running tool stand & PGB Readiness o Once Cameron Rep is onboard we can decide which PGB will be used.#PX2040. Transfer PGB and UWTV base to spider deck. Ensure properly drifted and flushed. u se DSC and tag seabed with minimum weight. Offload on the first opportunity. Record RKB to seabed depth in UJD report – corrected for tide. etc) o Paint bottom 10m of Guidelines white and check guide line terminations. 8.105 m (water depth 77m) with subsea camera assistance. 3.3x20) – Bit Sub (Rig) . o M/U -8 ½” Pilot Hole assy and rack back in derrick as per Halib MWD. M/U and rack back 30” WH running tool on drifted 5” HWDP landing string as per Cameron.. Halliburton MWD & Toolpusher. Ensure the Guide Base (PGB) is ready to go (bulls eyes. (ENSURE REPAIRS ARE COMPLETED) 4. Solid float valve to be used. Commence lay out and strap 5” DP and 5” HWDP ensure properly drifted and flushed. o Install PGB on Moon Pool Spider beams. o Upon confirmation.  Check and record current & direction 5.6 ¾”Float Sub with solid float August 22. POOH and rack back 3 stds HWDP. o Make up the 36” assembly and rack back in derrick. 6. 7. M/U & rack back 36” BHA as follow  36” bit + 8¼” bit sub c/w non ported float + 1x8” NMDC + 26” Stab + 8¼” Power pulse + 1x8” Pony NMDC + 24” stab + X/O. M/U HWDP on “ Flat bottom tag plate” RIH and tag seabed at +/.Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd  BHA assemblies: Note: There is NO DD onboard for this section o The BHA jewelry is on board the Tanjung Dahan-1. 2x5” HWDP + 6½” Jar + 15x5” HWDP Assistant driller / Deck crew Cameron wellhead engineer Driller Assistant Driller/ Deck crew Cameron wellhead Engineer Halliburton MWD and Toolpusher Naga-1 Drg Supt. 2013 11:54 . . o Make up the 30” Running Tool stand:  M/U One stand of HWDP with the Cameron 30” Running Tool on bottom ad rack back in derrick.  Check tide tables. Pick up and rack back minimum 90 joints of 5” drill pipes (to drill pilot hole to 510m MDDF and ½ the depth of 17” hole). with a single Solid float vale to be used. Barge Capt Halliburton MWD/  Conduct emergency release drill & abandon rig drill according Shallow Gas procedures of UJD / PCSB. M/U following 8 ½”pilot hole BHA #1: 8 ½”SmithMT bit (XR+. M/U another 2 stds of HWDP and rack back same.

20. Do NOT surface test MWD 9. We will plan to spud well at slack tide. TP to discuss with CREW on the methods to release string on emergency during shallow gas situation 10. Once at depth. OIM and record depth. HOLD Pre-spud safety meeting with crew on rig floor. All suggestions to improve operations are WELCOME Iskantha / Hasbi PCSB Drilling Supervisor Driller Driller Driller/Haliburton August 22. POH and rack back BHA in derrick. In case gas cannot be controlled by dynamic kill method the rig will be pulled-off and string dropped if this is deemed necessary. Well site geologist and MWD personnel is to confirm if any shallow gas sands were observed on the Resistivity logs and highlight to PCSB Geologist Coman. 14. PCSB SDS/ OIM/Toolpusher PCSB SDS Barge Capt Toolpusher 13. Once well is dead. Keep pumps running at maximum speed at all times until well dead.8 ½”NMStab – 6 ¾”NMDC . SPUD Sepat Barat-3 and drill 8 ½”pilot hole to 510 m with Seawater and PHG HIVIS sweeps. SPACE-OUT so that we Toolpusher will start with FULL stand & not exit hole on 1st connection!!! 15. RIH to seabed and tag same with subsea camera assistance.Take Driller/ MWD survey to confirm <1 deg inclination. Pick up 3-5 m off bottom and perform flow check with DP rotate at 30 RPM. Observe wellbore at all times with subsea Driller/ Scomi camera to check for any gas bubbles. also have a ‘bubble watch’ at ME/Toolpusher moonpool. Drill pilot with 30m/h at 500 gpm/ 110 RPM WOB 2-3 Ton until Driller/ Haliburton MWD section TD at 510m. Ensure Perdana Adventurer is on location and standing by prior to Spud well and Boat Capt briefed of his duties. 16. with the use of UWC ¼ hrs. 22. 12. Ensure crews are in assigned positions prior to spud.8 ½”Stab – 7 ½”ARC6 (GR/RES) – 6 ¾”PowerPulse MWD . Next: Hang-off 30” Casing in Moon pool and drill 36” hole Please ask if in DOUBT.Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd valve – 6 ¾”Pony NMDC. In case of shallow gas change-over to 600 bbl KILL mud at 12 ppg and pump same followed by Seawater again. 2013 11:54 . Adhere to UJD and PCSB shallow gas procedures.2 x 5”HWDP – 6 ½”JAR – 15 x 5”HWDP. 17. circulate hole clean with 120 bbl HIVIS Driller/ME 19. No boats to be handled during 8-1/2” pilot hole drilling. Start pumps at 300 GPM and lower string without RPM to 110 m. Pump out of hole at 500 gpm with SW to 5m below seabed. Rotate DP at 20 RPM and perform flow check for ¼ hr. Take MWD survey every stand 18. perform “SWAB” test and conduct flow test for ½ hr Driller with the subsea camera. Pump 20 bbl HIVIS at mid-std and 20 bbl HIVIS once std down. Reconfirm Tool pusher . 21. 11.