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Corporate Profile
Towards Better Healthcare… Wanbury Limited, one of India‟s fastest growing pharmaceutical companies amongst the „Top 50 Companies‟ in India (as per ORG-IMS), has a strong presence in API global market and domestic branded Formulation. Wanbury‟s major thrust area lies in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) sale in over 70 countries and Pan-India Formulation presence.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient :
Wanbury has a basket of over 13 API products. It is the largest manufacturer of Metformin with over 8500 tons per year. It is the largest exporter of Tramadol to the US market. Wanbury exports to over 50 countries, 65% of which comprises of regulated markets. Has two US-FDA approved multi-product API facilities and one plant under operation for semi-regulated markets. Has been the preferred supplier to some of the top five generic players of the world.

Formulations :
Pan-India presence in ethical formulations with a portfolio of close to 70 brands. Strong presence in gynecology, orthopedics, heamatinics, anti-diabetic, neutraceuticals,

gastro intestinal, stroke surgery, antibiotics, cough and cold solutions, anti-inflammatory, analgesics and general practitioner.

2012: API breaks records
* Wanbury API hits Rs 200crore annual mark and Rs 25crore/month mark

2008: Inaugurates CRAMS office in Zurich 2007: Year of Mergers
* Wanbury entered into a strategic association with Bravo Healthcare Limited * * Wanbury incorporated Ningxia Wanbury Fine Chemicals Co. Limited to source raw materials from China Wanbury approved as preferred vendor by Pfizer (U.S.) for Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS)

* Cpink awarded „Best Brand Launch‟ by ORG-IMS; did sales of Rs 11 crore * ORG-IMS declared Wanbury Limited as the fastest growing company among top 100 companies in India

2006: Largest producer of Metformin
Wanbury Limited achieved 100 crore turnover Pharmaceutical Products of India Limited (PPIL) merged with Wanbury Limited pursuant to BIFR order Wanbury acquired Cantabria Pharma S.L. with presence in ethical branded formulations in the Spanish market Wanbury crossed 1000 employees mark Wanbury became the world‟s largest producer of Metformin with production of 4,500 MT

2005: Acquires US-FDA approved facilities
Wanbury acquired Doctor‟s Organics and Chemicals Limited, having a US-FDA approved facility for manufacturing multi-product API‟s

2004: Wander to Wanbury
Wander merged with Pearl Organics Limited and Pearl Organics Limited renamed as Wanbury Limited

Limited Mission We.Wanbury set up its R&D center in Navi Mumbai for API Wanbury started using SAP as a business transaction system 2002: US-FDA for Patalganga plant Pearl Organics Limited got US-FDA approval for Patalganga plant 1996: API Market in U. Pearl Organics Limited entered into a strategic alliance with Wyckoff Chemicals (US) to market its API in US 1995: Acquires Brij Chemicals Pearl Organics Limited acquired plant of Brij Chemicals Pvt. thereby surpassing their expectations. Limited at Patalganga (Maharashtra) 1992: Its first plant Pearl Organics Limited established its first plant in Tarapur for manufacturing * API‟s 1991: Going Public Pearl Distributors Pvt.S. want to build a company that people are proud of and committed to. Limited went public and was renamed as Pearl Organics * Limited 1990: The journey begins * Incorporated as Pearl Distributors Pvt. . We will continuously challenge status-quo/maintenance and simultaneously encourage and recognize stretch and growth We will work hard not only to satisfy but delight our customers. where all employees have an opportunity to contribute. and advance on merits We will continue to build a business model which is sustainable. We will worship exceptional and superior performance. grow. concentrating on high-quality training and development. growth-oriented and profitable. learn. at Wanbury.

cost-effective and of superior quality. Vision To keep improving the quality of life by offering value added novel products that are technologically innovative. surpassing expectations of customers across the globe To have a $1 billion market cap To be the fastest growing pharma company in India Values Respect for people * Valuing diversity * Developing trust and openness * Focusing on listening and feedback * Treating people with respect and dignity Innovation * New ideas * Unconventional thinking * Risk taking * Right to make mistakes Sense of urgency * Focusing on priorities and value-adding tasks * Speed of action * Fighting bureaucracy * Delivering Result focus * Taking on challenging goals * Meeting commitments and delivering quality results .We will strive to make Wanbury one of the preferred employers.

Linking and converting the strategy/vision with the financial goals is carried out by the task force headed by the MD. carried out by the leadership team known as „Corporate Team‟ headed by the Chairman‟s office. Focusing on medium and long-term objectives such as vision... Leadership is divided into two groups: Focusing on annual budgets and short term objectives by the leadership team known as „Executive Team‟ headed by the Managing Director. fund raising etc. . strategy.* Adhering to set objectives and standards * Measuring performance at regular periods Leadership * Motivating and energizing others * Leading by example * Acting in accordance with company vision & values * Maintain high personal work standards Teamwork * Cooperating and collaborating with colleagues * Encouraging and supporting colleagues to achieve goals * Focusing on both team and individual goals * Creating partnerships and using skills of others to excel in performance Customer focus * Understanding the changing needs and expectations of customers * Delighting both internal and external customers * Adjusting service based on customer feedback thereby surpassing customers expectations * Take personal responsibility for serving customers At Wanbury.

The values followed by our leaders are: Profit Enhancement Program (PEP): PEP programs are carried out every year to improve profits. Challenge your boss/CEO: Is one of the concepts being introduced very shortly in order to encourage frank and honest feedback from the subordinates/peers in the areas of styles of leadership. increasing per capita per liter output. reducing cycle times. thereby getting an opportunity for better performance. Divisions. which leads to convulsions and may lead to the death of the mother as well as the child. Eclampsia and PET are identified as major contributors to maternal death. the corporate philosophy to support social causes is followed to the word. the FOGSI-ICOG outfit. is continuously carried out by separate task force in consultation with R&D along with SBUs. Innovation/problem solving: Is continuously encouraged in Wanbury by MECE principle (Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive) where individual ideas as well as collective wisdom are encouraged continuously for better solutions and innovations. The National Eclampsia Registry. The causes of pre-eclampsia are unknown but it can be identified and culmination into eclampsia. Around 10% of women develop PIH or pre-eclampsia (figures are much higher in India but we do not know). At Wanbury. wastages etc. increasing per capita productivity per person. which consists of around 500 girls and boys . and plant heads. The later is particularly serious and can be fatal. Eclampsia is hypertension during pregnancy. is the outcome of this need. Wanbury provided the platform to more than 20. figuring out alternative routes of manufacturing products. cost reduction. policies etc.000 Gynaec doctors all over India to discuss issues related to Eclampsia. Mankhurd’s Children Home: Mankhurd‟s children home is an orphanage. a seriously debilitating consequence can be prevented. Wanbury has taken up various initiatives like: National Eclampsia Registry -The FOGSI – ICOG initiative: Wanbury supported a noble cause – National Eclampsia Registry – project initiated by FOGSI & ICOG.

IT solutions: Service provider – support. and other applications wherein electronic communications and information technologies are used to support healthcare services. maintain. routers and switches for smooth. training (SAP and other software). other facilitation like providing data to doctors. This term is often used to encompass a broader application of technologies to distance education. infrastructure management services and Products to Wanbury Limited. Currently. factories and other locations of Wanbury Limited. Ltd. roll-out. and infrastructure solution services. enhance medical training. maintenance and upgradation. facilitation. Wanbury supports the orphanage by regularly providing medicines to the children. maintenance. e-health including patient portals. implementation. back-up devices. firewalls. Wanbury InfoTech provides software consulting. Videoconferencing. continuing medical education and nursing call centers are all considered part of telemedicine. provides SAP consulting. negotiating annual fees and preparation of SLA (service level agreement with regards to uptime) and managing the servers.who are physically and mentally challenged. and to ensure the protection and safety of Wanbury Data. facilitation and replacements of servers used for data . Support. standardize clinical practice. It includes coordination between service providers for lease lines.m Phone no – 91-22-67942222 If you have a web-cam. patients about our products. and provide various controlling reports and business intelligence data for the top management to monitor the current performance and to plan for the future. Please call in case you need assistance for the same. upgradation. stabilize costs and unite clinicians worldwide. remote monitoring of vital signs. Wanbury InfoTech Pvt. process improvements (through software implementation for better control of various departmental processes). Wanbury InfoTech also provides leased circuits and internet services for running Wanbury Infrastructure. secured and efficient functioning of Wanbury Network. transmission of still images. It offers the following services: Website: Support. Telemedicine: Telemedicine is the use of electronic communications and information technologies to provide clinical services when participants are at different locations. Following are the timings when doctors will be available: Tuesday and Friday – 3 to 5p. Wanbury initiated telemedicine with a motto to improve patient care. upgradation. consumer outreach. video conferencing can be done. which connects various offices. software consulting. it has a dynamic team having expertise and experience in various industry verticals.

Wanbury InfoTech plans the replacement of servers for various applications to provide the latest technology which can sustain and help the growth of the organization. Identifies/Evaluates/proposes/implements new and additional infrastructure in a cost effective manner to improve efficiency Negotiates. Wanbury maintains its leadership position by taking initiatives like „margin improvements including process alterations‟. desktops. Plans the purchase of new hardware‟s/software‟s – Laptops. Tramadol and Salsalate for the US market. printers. Teva. Myl an. McNeil and backup. mobile internet cards to give latest technology benefit for Wanbury users. Wanbury has three manufacturing facilities including two US-FDA approved multi-product facilities. SQL server. Also. „backward integration‟ and „long term supply chain management‟. servers. Wanbury has filed over 27 DMFs and has two approved product patents to its credit namely Sertraline Hydrochloride and Carvedilol. Wanbury InfoTech continuously evaluates new software & technologies and proposes/implements the same in cost effective manner for improving efficiency. In line with the company‟s growth. Main Products: . Wanbury has applied for five product patents and one process patent and has a basket of over 23 API products. maintains and monitors service level agreements with various service providers. Computerized data for back office operations (telephone and email): Provides services and plans for the cost effective up gradation keeping in mind the latest trends in technology so that Wanbury users will benefit from it. Support and maintain the videoconferencing equipment on call basis and as per requirement. Linux server. Wanbury caters to more than 50% of the US market in these products and exports to over 50 countries. Provides onsite and offshore consulting and support to clients and internal documentation for Wanbury users for the processes through software‟s. Financial Report Wanbury is the largest manufacturer of some of its products like Metformin. Wanbury‟s clients are some of the leading global generic players including Apotex. 65% of which comprise regulated markets. and Tandberg backup device.

Metformin HCL DC Grade 70% 5. API Commercialized 1. Tramadol Hydrochloride 6. Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride 8. Metformin HCL DC Grade 90% 3. Sertraline Hydrochloride (Form I and Form II) 7. Metformin HCL 2.Products Metformin Metformin DC Tramadol Sertraline Diphenhydramine Hcl Diphenhydramine Citrate Mefenamic Acid Paroxetine Hemihydrate Promethazine Glucosamine Clopidogrel Levitiracetam Carvedilol Phosphate Monohydrate Category Anti diabetic Anti Analgesic Anti depressant Anti Histaminic Anti Histaminic Anti Inflammatory Anti depressant Anti Histaminic Anti Arthritis Anti Thrombotic Anti epileptic Anti hypertensive APIs : Intermediates List of Intermediates that can be delivered at LAB & Plant scale No. Metformin HCL DC Grade 95% 4. Diphenhydramine Citrate .

Methoxsalen 15. Paroxetine Hydrochloride Hemihydrate 16. Carvedilol Phosphate Monohydrate API under scale up Products Gabapentin Valaciclovir Levetiracetam Clopidogrel bisulfate Promethazine Hydrochloride API under development Products Quetiapine Ranolazine Imiquimod Rivaroxaban Dabigatran Salient features of Wanbury API Manufacturing . Glucosamine HCL 12.9. Mefenamic Acid 11. Glucosamine Sulfate Sodium Chloride 14. Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium Chloride 13. Promethazine Hydrochloride 10.

Tramadol HCl ISO Class-8 clean rooms for final processing Reaction Capabilities : In addition to General reactions. It is located 415 kms from Hyderabad. Wanbury is specialized in the following reactions. is located at Tanuku in Andhra Pradesh. . It is spread over an area of 18 acres. Products Azidation Bromination Cyanation Chiral Chemistry Optical resolution Demethylation Grignard reaction Sodium metal reactions Metal hydride reductions Friedel-Crafts Reactions Nitration n-Butyl Lithium Reactions Reductions High Pressure Reactions Hydrogenation High Temperature Reactions (250°C) High Vacuum Distillations Low temperature reactions (-80°C) Tanuku Plant Another US FDA Approved plant.    Closed product handling system from Dryer to final packing using PTS(Powder transfer system) for 2 major products Metformin & Tramadol Pusher centrifuge in closed system Dedicated equipment stream for Metformin HCl.

G.Dist.534217 Iragavaram Manadal W.. The site is located 80 kilometers south of Mumbai International Airport and is easily accessible by road. Dist-Thane. a Govt. (AP) TARAPUR Plant N-24/25. notified industrial park for chemical manufacturing. Taluka: Khalapur. MIDC Industrial Area. from Mumbai.401506 PATALGANGA Plant A-15. MIDC. Patalganga. Maharashtra State. District: Raigad. . Address : Tanuku Plant: K. It is situated in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Tarapur Plant The plant is located at Tarapur. Tarapur.Patalganga Plant US FDA approved plant is located at Kaire Village. Dist–Raigad-410 220 Maharashtra (India). about 150 Kms. Illindalaparru .

. Wanbury has four divisions namely Main division. respectively. Folinine and Adtrol Plus in the „Top 4‟ brands in its respective segments. Wanbury has managed to get 4 of its products viz. 54th in September 2008 to 47th rank in January 2009 as per ORG-IMS. Cpink. Surglife and WOW catering to general doctors.. Wanbury Divisions More. the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India and amongst the top 100 companies as per ORG-IMS. has moved up from 118th rank in 2006 to 83rd in 2007. 64th rank in April 2008. Similarly.. Our pipeline is very strong and we are poised to launch over 50 innovative products over the next couple of years. registered sales in excess of Rs 10 crore in the launch year.Home Formulations Wanbury. launched by Wanbury was awarded „Best Brand Launch‟ by ORG-IMS in India in 2006-2007. Osteolife. Orthopedics. Over the past few years. orthopedic doctors. Surgery and Gastro-intestinal catering to more than 70. Wanbury‟s Domestic Formulations has strong presence in Gynaecology. Another key brand Rabiplus was awarded „Best Brand launch‟ by ORG-IMS in India in 2007-2008. We take great pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions.000 doctors. we have launched 25 innovative products (including extensions) that were launched for the first time in India by Wanbury. More. The formulation business continues to grow aggressively with new brand launches and new divisions being added to the business. Wanbury has carried out some more promising new brand launches each of which.. Rabiplus. One of the key brands. surgeons and gynecologists.. More. . More. Over the last couple of years. Cpink.

It also has reduced gastro-intestinal side-effects which otherwise are very common. Our pipeline is strong and we are poised to launch 50 more innovative products over the next couple of years. Wanbury was the first to launch rabeprazole in pellet form with optimally stabilized tri-layer enteric coating. Main Products: Products Cpink 50mg tablet(First to launch in India) Innovation Ferrous ascorbate is known as the world‟s reference iron due to its high bio-availability. faster action and reduced inter-subject Rabiplus capsule (First to launch in India) . Ferrous ascorbate containing 50 mg elemental iron was a novel concept as most other irons had 100 mg. The pellet form offers much higher bioavailability.Home Formulations Innovations We take great pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions. we have launched 25 innovative products (including extensions) that were launched for the first time in India. Wanbury has also got a patent for the same. which is much higher than other conventional irons. Over the past few years.

M (First to launch in India) Wanbury was the first to launch a combi-pack containing 25 tablets of Clomifene (25 mg) and 30 tablets of antioxidants. mineral tablets were available separately. pyridoxine.F (First to launch in India) Wanbury was the first to launch the novel formula of Productiv-F which contained novel ingredients like chasteberry standardized extract. Wanbury launched the concept of hyperhomocysteinemia being an independent causal factor for pregnancy complication and proposed usage of this formulation for all 9 months which was a unique and highly successful concept. only Clomifene tablets were available and multivitamins. All other proton pump inhibitors (PPI) in the market were essentially in tablet form with single layer enteric coating. Wanbury was first to launch it in Indian market. It directly deposits calcium within the osteoblast which is unlike traditional calciums.variability as compared to the tablet form. Till then. green tea standardized extract with proven role in treatment . Cdense tablets. gems(First to launch in India) This contains calcium orotate which is a mineral transporter. Wanbury was first to launch this concept in the Indian market. Adtrol Plus treats hyperhomocysteinemia which is an independent causal factor for osteoporosis. either plain folic acid or folic acid with sub-optimal dose of methylcobalamin (500 or 750 microgram) brands were present. Productiv . Other companies have followed this combination after it became highly successful for Wanbury. Adtrol-Plus soft gelatin capsule (First to launch in India) Folinine softule(First to launch in India) Productiv . Amino acids & Minerals combination. In the Indian market. Wanbury was the first to launch the above combi-pack with a novel concept of synergy between different ingredients for better management of male infertility. They were recommended only during first trimester of pregnancy. Because of methylcobalamin. Wanbury was first to launch this combination in Indian market. Multivitamins. The amount of elemental calcium absorbed from this salt is highest (95%) amongst all the available calciums. folic acid. Most other anti-osteoporotic formulations contain only calcium and vit D3.

With Cheer syrup. Also such formulations are prescribed to diabetic and CVD patients and to patients recovering from fever and infection. With Cheer capsule. The reason for the same was that essential amino acids are building blocks for new cell formation which is required in above mentioned indications.of female infertility. Otherwise. Also the product was free from fat-soluble vitamins which have a risk of hypervitaminosis as these formulations are given empirically. Cheer capsule(First to launch in India) Indian market is flooded with water-soluble as well as fat-soluble multivitamin and multi-mineral preparations which are often prescribed after surgery to overcome post surgical convalescence. Cheer syrup (First to launch in India) . Indian market is flooded with water-soluble as well as fat-soluble multivitamin preparations which are often prescribed after surgery to overcome post surgical convalescence. Also the product was free from fatsoluble vitamins which have a risk of hypervitaminosis as these formulations are given empirically. multivitamin mineral formulations are available but with no evidence documenting its success. Wanbury introduced a new concept of essential amino acids combined with water-soluble multivitamins and minerals. Also such formulations are prescribed to diabetic and CVD patients and to patients recovering from fever and infection. The reason for the same was that essential amino acids are building blocks for new cell formation which is required in above mentioned indications. In fact. the entire formula was the first of its kind in being evidence-based as high pregnancy rate has been observed with it in clinical studies. in Indian market. Wanbury introduced a new concept of essential amino acids combined with watersoluble multivitamins.

2010 Resignation . Moorthy 22nd Annual Report 2009-2010 Resignation . N. 2008] Wanbury FCCB subscribed by Deutsche Bank [07 Jan. R. Ashok Shinkar Outcome of Board Meeting held on 29th October.26.Mr. 2011 Board Meeting . N.Following are the Highlight News of Wanbury: 23rd Annual Report 2010-2011 Postal Ballot Notice Postal Ballot Form Board Meeting . 2011 Resignation .Mr.Mr. Moorthy News Room : International Quality Summit Award May 25 . 2008] Wanbury Acquires Spain-based Cantabria for Euros 42 mn (Rupees 250 crore) USFDA approved Facility Unfinished facility built for US 5 times present capacity Proximity to existing facility . K. K.30th May. 2008. R.2nd February.[26 March.

India Pharmaceuticals Current 1. 2. Entrepreneurial professional with over 20 years experience with demonstrated success providing strategic and marketing leadership. Ahmedabad SUMMARY International Experience – Corporate Strategy. Marketing. capable of resolving issues across multiple functions.Coumara Radja Senior Vice President . Track record of building winning teams in uncertain start-up environment.. Calyx Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Micro Inks Ltd.Enterprise value creation –Start-ups – Turnaround –Growth Education and Teaching. Knowledge management. Communications. Indian Institute of Management. putting together strategic initiatives. 3.API Global Business Development & Marketing at Wanbury Mumbai Area. Hostmann-Steinberg USA (earlier known as Micro Inks Corporation) Education 1. strengthening and leveraging Brand Equity and directing workflow . Sales and Business Development . Established global businesses with clear focus on Market development and extension. growth and turnaround situations in different industries including Life Sciences/Pharma and playing different roles. Lupin Ltd. Talented in proactively identifying opportunities/problems. Lived in the US for over five years and travelled extensively across 60 countries for business. Corporate positioning. Previous 1.

Mumbai.B. India Lupin is a 44-year old pharmaceutical transnational company manufacturing and marketing worldwide many Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).International Business. Intermediates and Formulations. International Business. Earlier. Taining.API Global Business Development & Marketing. Human Resource Management. Lupin has offices/joint ventures in USA. June 2008 – Present (4 years 10 months)Mumbai Area. heading the API and guiding CRAMS Business as President – Corporate Strategy & International Business. Africa and Australia.API and CRAMS. And. Corporate Communications. Specialties:Corporate Strategy. Prior to joining the Bilakhia group worked with established business houses like Atul and Godrej. Latin America. Ranks among Top Five in Pharmaceutical companies in India and the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across India and a unique Research park in Pune. was with with Lupin Ltd as Head of Advanced Markets . New Delhi and a gold medallist in MIM (Masters in International Marketing) from Indian Institution of Export and Import Management (IIEIM). One of the fastest growing Pharma majors in India. for five years. Ahmedabad (IIM A) on Strategy and Marketing and wrote case studies for management students at IIM A. Europe. till June 2008 was working with Calyx Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.International Business and Development for Latin American Region and Europe for APIs and Special Projects for identifying Nutraceuticals for further diversification. EXPERIENCE Senior General Manager .for efficient information system and enhancing stakeholders’ value.A from the premier International Management Institute (IMI). Head API & CRAMS . Japan. the North American Business for APIs was entrusted and am involved in . Branded sales. Presently working with Wanbury. Later on. at Corporate Office as Senior Vice President . Mentoring and Coaching. Joined in June 2008 as Senior General Manager . Has a Masters in Science and has two Masters in Business Management degrees including an M.Advanced Markets & Latin America Lupin Ltd. a Pharma company. A crash couse in Indian Institute of Management.

• Positioned the Brand Calyx through innovative initiatives and for gaining visibility. Also.International Business & Corporate Communications Micro Inks Ltd February 2005 – March 2007 (2 years 2 months) . April 2007 – June 2008 (1 year 3 months) Calyx is a 28-year old pharmaceutical company manufacturing and marketing worldwide more than 20 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Intermediates and recenty diversified into Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS). • Reporting directly to the Chairman & Managing Director. Head . • Explored and concluded various strategic options for capital mobilization for funding growth. Has cGMP. Succeeded in exporting to fourteen more countries within a short span of one year and achieved 35% growth in direct exports in 2007-08 over the previous year. • Spearheaded “Concept to Commercialization” of products. US FDA approved manufacturing facilities in India and overseas offices and Business teams in USA. responsible for CRAMS and API intermediates. • As President – Corporate Strategy and International Business. responsible and accountable for steering strategic growth in Pharmaceutical Products and Services and in key countries for realizing the vision of achieving three fold growth in three years.Corporate Strategy Calyx Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. WHO. President . Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Research.identifying NCE-1 molecules as strategic business growth with innovators and major global generic players. Japan and China. The International Business Division caters to more than 45 countries and achieved significant business growth.

positioning the company with a quality reputation and exploring new avenues and product lines through a senior and middle management marketing. • Reported directly to the Executive Director.• As Head . Russia. advertisements. • As Head of Corporate Communications .K.responsible for Corporate Finance & Accounts. Customer Services and Corporate Communications. manufacturing facilities.responsible for overall communication initiatives . etc. technical and customer support team. • Handpicked and empowered by the Chairman and the Founder of Micro Inks Ltd to establish the 100% Subsidiary in the U. Sudan. Legal. Annual reports. Turkey.Corporate Affairs and as Board Director . .S. Germany. started a green field operation making things happen by setting up Corporate office. coaching and constantly challenging their potential to sustain the competitive advantage. and others: Argentina. Vice President .conceptualized and implemented award winning corporate videos. Netherlands. directing and managing the International Business team through training.Corporate Affairs Hostmann-Steinberg USA (earlier known as Micro Inks Corporation) August 1999 – January 2005 (5 years 6 months) Hostmann-Steinberg (earlier known as Micro Inks Corporation) is 100% Subsidiary of Micro Inks Ltd.International Business & Corporate Communications. • Travelled to the BRIC countries /and some of the fastest developing countries l ike Brazil. Established in 2000 and in a short span of 3 years it emerged to rank #12 and grew to US$76 million in just five years and ranked #10 in North American Printing Ink industry • As Vice President . website. responsible and accountable for steering strategic growth in key countries for increasing profitability. South Africa. • Overall responsibility for ensuring customer-centric approach and customer satisfaction in the complex and diversified-multicultural customer base. Human Resources. France. India. U. So. • Leading.

website and won national and international awards.steered strategic growth and planned for corporate excellence and helped identify new high value molecules. Greece.recruited an able top and senior management team and mobilized US$35 million.K. • Implemented Score Cards. Jordan. (now Bayer Cropscience) April 1977 – August 1999 (22 years 5 months) Mitsu Industries Ltd. Germany. Training and Development and recognized and rewarded the star employees. Belgium. Mission and Guiding Principles were conceptualized and inculcated into the minds of the people. Middle East. • As International Business Head . Cyprus. Hong Kong. Global scale manufacturing of highly complex chiral chemistry based high value agrochemical products. Yemen. in 1999. Korea. South Africa. Egypt. ISO 9000 and 14000. • Rolled out Corporate and HR policies and procedures. • Reported directly to the President & CEO. • Won awards for business growth and community development and Quality Supplier award from the #1 Printer in the world. by Bayer CropScience. • Vision. • Conceptualized and worked through advertisement agencies for corporate advertisements. (one of the divisions was acquired. Russia. .including U. Sudan. Performance Appraisal systems. Germany) was #1 in Exports in 1999. Syria. Taiwan. Travelled to more than 30 countries . • During the five year tenure kept the company out of litigations a nd employees out of strikes/protests. videos. Head .International Business & Corporate Communications Mitsu Industries Ltd. • Travelled to China more than seven times in one year to establish business. Lived in China continuously for more than one month. presentations. and others. Turkey. Singapore. Israel. S.

D • Triggered a new lease of hope and made it happen with a lean team in the initial phase and built up aggressively through creative brand management • Other Agrochem companies pursued our benchmarks pertaining to sales force productivity. M. Working capital management.• Recognized for winning awards for company's export growth . directed and managed a National wide sales and Marketing team.turned around the loss making unit to the second profitable unit in Godrej Agrovet in a matter of one year with a unique Business Model • Led. Road shows. • Presented a blueprint for a sustained profitable growth with an innovative business model and was appreciated and approved instantly by Nadir Godrej. • As Head of SBU . April 1993 – March 1997 (4 years) Godrej Agrovet Ltd (part of 110-year-old and reputed Godrej group) .company received seven prestigious awards in 1999 • Reported directly to the Executive Director Business Head Mitsu Industries Ltd.Agrochemicals . and team spirit. .revenues more than US$300 million .SBU (Agrochemicals) Godrej Agrovet Ltd. • Helped the industry magazines cater to the real needs of the industry and was the Honorary Editor in Pestology and wrote management articles and reviewed business books. Vapi 1997 – 1998 (1 year) Head . Innovative sales promotion the field of Vet and Agricultural products including Fresh farm vegetables and fruits. • Part of the Corporate Planning team for the whole Godrej Group. • Reported directly to Managing Director. Anaokar. Brand rationalization. Debtor days. • Tracked national and international trends in the performance of various agrochem molecules and sourced effectively for ensuring a cost effective supply chain management. Chairman and Dr.

Personal Details . Invited to write a Case Study for the IIM students and my Case Study was accepted and students benefitted from the case study. Strategy and Marketing 1996 – 1996 Best Project and Presentation. International Business 1990 – 1991 TNAU B. Indian Institution of Export and Import Management. English.books and Films. International Marketing 1994 – 1996 International Management Institute. Mentoring. Chemistry 1967 – 1978 ADDITIONAL INFO 1. Sc Ag & M. Teaching Birthday February 23 2.EDUCATION Indian Institute of Management. Mumbai MIM. Group Discussions. Physics.understanding and appreciating different cultures across the globe. Activities and Societies: Team Leader. New Delhi MBA. Collage.Sc Ag. maths. Travelling . Interaction with the industry experts. Agricultural Science 1979 – 1985 Petit Seminaire High School Matriculation. Ahmedabad MDP. Interests o English Classics .

Petit Seminaire High School. Indian Institution of Export and Import Management.HONORS & AWARDS ICAR Fellowship . Chicago Filmed Book Club .National Merit Gold Medalist -Indian Institution of Export and Import Management ORGANIZATIONS Saumitra. International Management Institute.TNAU.