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TMD3531 Multimedia Design and Application Development

TMD3531 Multimedia Design and Application Development
Chapter 1 Introduction to Multimedia
Ze-Nian Li and Mark S. Drew., Fundamentals of Multimedia. 2004 Prentice Hall

What Is Multimedia? Multimedia is any combination of text. and video delivered to you by computer or other electronic or digitally manipulated means. . it is called interactive multimedia. interactive multimedia become hypermedia. sound animation. art. When you provide a structure of linked elements through which the user can navigate. When you allow an end user of a multimedia project to control what and when the project are delivered.

. The software vehicle. television screen.Although the definition of multimedia is simple. The people who weave multimedia into meaningful tapestries are called multimedia developers. making it works can be complicated. and the content presented on a computer. the messages. PDA (portable digital assistant) constitute a multimedia project.

The project is linear when the user can sit back and watch it just as they do a movie or the television starting at the beginning and running through to the end. The project is nonlinear when users are given navigational control and can wander through the content at will.A multimedia project need not be interactive to be called multimedia. .

texts. . sounds are merged to final presentation. images. video.Multimedia elements usually sewn together into a project using authoring tools. drawing. These software tools are designed to manage individual multimedia elements and provide user interaction where multimedia components such as animation.

Multimedia components Text Interactivity Usage example Audio Images Video Drawings Animation • • • • • • Distributed lectures for higher education Telemedicine Video teleconferencing Augmented reality Building searchable features into new video Etc… .

and networked communication. advertising. instant messaging. product demo. simulations. . marketing. training. catalogs. databases.Where to Use Multimedia Multimedia in business: Includes presentation.

interactive magazine. . Nitendo. live internet pay-for play gaming with multiple players. remodeling repair to genealogy software. Multimedia at home: Home design. advance electronic teaching tools. cooking. gardening. Interactive TV (ITV).Multimedia in schools: Include E-learning. Sony PlayStation. make original art using image manipulation software. Tivo technology.

Multimedia research topics and projects Multimedia processing and coding MM system support and networking MM tools. end-systems and applications MM interaction and integration • • • • • • Camera based object tracking technology 3D motion capture Multiple view Digital fashion Electronic housecall system Etc.. .

and some stages may be skipped or combined.Introduction to making multimedia Most multimedia and web projects must be undertaken in stages. Some stages should be completed before other stages begin. Here are the four basic stages in Multimedia project: • Planning and costing • Designing and producing • Testing • Delivering .

plan out the writing skill. . video and other multimedia expertise that you need. graphic art. music. Work up a short prototype or proof of concept to demonstrate whether your idea is feasible. Before you begin developing.Planning and costing A project always begins with and idea. refine by outlining its messages and objective.

Designing and producing Perform each of the planned tasks to create a finished product During this stage. there may be many feedback cycles with a client until the client is happy. .

work properly on the intended delivery platforms. .Testing Test your programs to make sure that they meet the objectives of your project. and meet the needs of your client or end user.

Delivering Package and deliver the project to the end user. .