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M.Sc. Biotechnology 2009-2010 M.

Sc Semester-I
MBT 112: Basic microbiology 1 Introduction to microbiology Classification of microorganisms, cultivation, sterilization and disinfection. 2 Criteria for the selection of industrially important microbes WHO criteria and industry criteria. 3 Strain improvement Screening, adaptation, use of mutagenic agents: Chemical, physical or genetic modification. 4 Kinetics of microbial growth and death Lag period, exponential growth, static growth, secretion pattern. 5 Isolation, preservation and maintenance of industrial microorganisms Techniques for confirming identification of an isolate, preservation and maintenance. Maintenance media. 6 Designing media for industrial fermentation Inoculum, designing of inoculum medium, parameters governing the choice of inoculum quality and quantity, designing of production medium, optimization strategy: advantages and drawbacks. 7 Air and media sterilization Protocol of air sterilization, methods of media sterilization, method of sterilizing thermolabile inputs. Disadvantages of under/ over sterilization. Validation of sterility. 8 Bioreactors and types of fermentation processes Germinator, fermenter. Batch, fed batch and continuous bioreactors: Advantages and limitations. Solid state fermentation. Filter press, rotary vacuum filtration, centrifugation, concentration. 3L 3L 5L 1L 2L 3L 2L Total 45L 4L

R.. α‐amylase. Mumbai (ISBN: 81‐7649‐496‐8) Stanbury.. sorbose. Measurement of biomass. 12 Industrial production of: Ethanol. alkaline protease References: 1. 2nd edn. S. Sree Krishna. New Age International Pvt. A.9 Measurement and control of bioprocess parameters Methods of measuring parameters viz. reverse osmosis). USA EI‐Mansi. and Reichelt. (1997) Industrial Enzymology. Indian Pharmacopoeia and British Pharmacopoeia Singh. (2001) Bioseparation Engineering. Pyrogen testing. use/ import/ export and storage of hazardous microorganisms or cells Act. Godfrey. Mumbai ( ISBN: 81‐224‐2085‐0). Florida (ISBN: 0‐8493‐5334‐3).R . streptomycin. N. 6. NY (ISBN: 0‐471‐24476‐7) Mukhopadhyay. adsorptive and disorptive separation. Bryce. 8. A. London Lodish . Wiley Interscience. Purity. Co.A. pressure. Ltd. Ltd. Butterworth‐Heinemann. New Delhi. 2 nd edn. (2006) Intellectual Property Rights on Biotechnology. lactic acid.M. temperature. Rules for manufacture. membrane process (ultra filtration. vitamin C.. 5L 10 Bioproduct downstream recovery Overview of conventional approaches: Gross filtration. 9.. Food Safety and Standards Act (Government of India). J. 4. and Allman. micro‐filtration. CRC Taylor and Francis Group. 2. (2004) Process Biotechnology Fundamentals. Newer approaches: Cross filtration and cassette separation.(2007) Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology. 2nd edition. pH. V. Whitaker. C. MA.L. Redox potential. Foaming and methods of its control. chromatography. supercritical fluid extraction.. J.T. E. 3.. antifoam agents: strategy of foam control. CO2 and viscosity. (2005) Principals of Fermentation Technology. and Hall S. α‐amylase/amyloglucosidase. Product assay.. lactic acid. 1989. gluconic acid 13 Industrial Applications of: Ethanol. Boca Raton. K. Toxicity testing. C. (2007) Bioethics and Biosafety in Biotechnology. Computerization: Advantages. BCIL. Viva Books Pvt. 5. Demain. McMillan Publ. DO. A. Measurement of products: Ethanol. RPM. Carcinogencity testing. 7. 11 Quality control of the product Sterility testing.R. F. Burlington.F. 5L 3L 5L 4L .T.M. P.