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1) Emissivity of perfectly black body is a) 2 b) 5 c) 0 2) Which among the following is not an antibiotic? a) Erythromycin b) Penicillin c) Tetracycline

3) What is the everyday name for the plants that are called Gramineae? a) Nuts b) Pulses c) Legumes 4) What is 4995 divided by 15?

TEAM 2: 1) The best ideal black body is a) Lamp of charcoal heated to high temperature b) Metal coated with a black dye c) Glass surface coated with coal tar d) Hollow enclosure blackened inside and having a small hole 2) Which letter does not come in the periodic table? a) J b) L c) G d) z 3) Bile is secreted by the a) • Stomach b) • Liver c) • Gall Bladder d) • Lungs 4) If the average of 3. 4. then what is the value of x ? (A) −15 (B) −13 (C) −8 (D) −6 (E) −2 . and x is −2.

TEAM 3: 1) Water rises up to a height h1 in a capillary tube of radius r. the mass of the water lifted in the capillary tube is M. if the radius of the capillary tube is doubled. the mass of water that will rise in the capillary tube will be a) M b) 2M c) d) 4M 2) Which of one is pseudo solid a) NaCl b) glass c) CaF2 d) All of above 3) Which of the following helps keep body cool? a) • Respiration b) • Perspiration c) • Mastication d) • Urination 4) 2 is what percent of 50? A) 2% B) 10% C) 100% D) 4% .

how many factors does p3 have? (A) One (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four (E) Five . the energy radiated per second by the first sphere is a) Greater then by the second b) Less than that by the second c) Equal in both cases d) The information is incomplete to draw and conclusion 2) Unit of ozone is a) Debye b) Dobson c) Esau d) lux 3) Which of the following is an oilseed ? a) Cardamom b) Garlic c) Clove d) Mustard 4) If p is a prime number.TEAM 4: 1) Two sphere of the same material have radii 1 m and 4 m and temperature 4000 K and 2000 K respectively.

If the capillary tube is dipped vertically in the liquid. a) Cis-esterification b) Neutralization c) Trans-esterification d) Transfusion and is a liquid similar in composition mineral 3) Which of the following is a parasite? a) • Zebra b) • Pigs c) • Ringworm d) • Wolves 4) The number √ √ is a) Rational b) -ve integer c) An irrational and complex number d) Complex number .TEAM 5: 1) The angle of contact between a glass capillary tube of length 10 cm and a liquid is 90. then the liquid (a) Will rise in the tube (b) Will get depressed in the tube (c) Will rise up to 10 cm in the tube and will over flow (d) Will neither rise nor fall in the tube 2) Biodiesel is produced from oils or fats using diesel.

TEAM 6: 1) When there are no external forces. the shape of a liquid drop is determined by a) Surface tension of the liquid b) Density of liquid c) Viscosity of liquid d) Temperature of air only 2) The rarest element on earth is a) Astatine b) Barium c) Radon d) Noble gases 3) What is the biological nme of frog a) Rana tigrina b) Rosa indica c) Fora gova d) Foro sepian 4) If a deck of cards is to a die. then total results or outcomes in a trail will be a) six b) twelve c)52 d)none of these .