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Summary of information on each course/module Name of Course/Module Forensic Accounting Course Code BAC46 4 Status of Su"#ect M&F 'e%el/Stage Note ( Certificate – MQF Level 3 Diploma – MQF Level 4 Bachelor – MQF Level 6 Masters – MQF Level 7 Doctoral – MQF Level 8 Credit +alue +ersion ,state the date of the last Senate a--ro%al. 0re34e5uisite Name,s. of academic/teaching staff Semester and 9ear offered $lecti%e Bachelor ) M&F 'e%el 6

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! Credit /ate of 0re%ious +ersion( Se-tem"er 211* /ate of Current +ersion( A-ril 2111 Auditing ,BAC2664. Sunita 'ylia Bt 7amdan Associate 0rofessor /r Nahariah 8affar /elta le%el: ;rimester 1

11. 4ationale ;his su"#ect constitutes the electi%e com-onent as recommended in the 7alatu#u 2 4eassessment 4e-ort on Accounting -rogramme at 0u"lic <ni%ersities of Malaysia 2116. 11. Syno-sis of su"#ect( ;his electi%e course e=-oses students on matters related to forensic in%estigation: including ty-es of fraud: forensic accountants> res-onsi"ilities: in%estigati%e engagement: litigation -rocesses: damage claims and "usiness %aluations. 1!. ?"#ecti%e of the course/module in the -rogramme( ;he o"#ecti%es of the su"#ect are( • ;o e5ui- students @ith Ano@ledge on in%estigati%e engagements and different ty-es of fraud including misa--ro-riation of assets: financial statement fraud: em-loyee fraud: money laundering and cy"er crime: as @ell as fidelity damage claims and "usiness %aluations. • ;o e=-ose students @ith ad%ance techni5ues a--lied in certain ty-es of in%estigations: including the use of com-uters to assist in the detection and in%estigation of fraud: the -rinci-les related to tracing the -roceeds of crime and ho@ to assist @ith %arious legal remedies.

Final e=am Eritten $=am . Foster students> communication sAills: -romote thinAing and decision maAing sAills. A"ility to @orA inde-endently as @ell as others in a team.1*. Ma--ing of Su"#ect to 0rogramme ?utcomes( B of contri"ution !2.No MC&s. 0?2 0?4 0?* 0?6 2*B 12. • Acti%e learning strategy that allo@s student to talA and listen: read: @rite and reflect as they a--roach course content through -ro"lem sol%ing e=ercise and case studies all of @hich re5uires student to a--ly @hat they ha%e learned.. • Coo-erati%e/grou.Cogniti%e 'e%el 2. 24.*B • • • • 2!. /etails of Su"#ect .utorial .*B 2*B • .No MC&s: ! hours e=am.eaching 'earning Strategies . A"ility to communicate effecti%ely.Cogniti%e 'e%el 4.he a--roach to@ards learning strategy are through( • 'ectures "ased method of instructional strategy in classroom that -ro%ides a @ay to communicate and disseminating a large amount of information.. A"ility to carry out -rofessional and ethical res-onsi"ilities. 12.Cogniti%e 'e%el 2. 26. A"ility to demonstrate Ano@ledge and com-etency in the s-ecialised areas of accounting rele%ant to economics situation. '?!( Analyse and a--ly in%estigati%e methods that should "e a--lied in %arious cases in%ol%ing different ty-es of frauds .o-ics 0ercentage 21B 1*B 6*B Mode of /eli%ery 'ecture .est Eritten $=am . Assessment Methods .y-e Assignments Cndi%idual/Drou.colla"eration learning that encourges student to forms grou-s and @orA together that engages student in acti%e discussion a"out issues and -ro"lem. '?2( /iscuss the antecedents and conse5uences of fraud and economic crime in our society . Su"#ect 'earning ?utcomes( At the com-letion of the su"#ect: students should "e a"le to -erform the follo@ing tasAs( '?1( $=-lain of the role of the accounting -rofession in -re%enting and detecting fraud and in litigation cases ..

5. • Cnter%ie@s and interrogations • $%idence management • Com-uter forensics 3. ". Employee frauds and other frauds against the organsiation • /efinitions: fraud schemes: and in%estigati%e techni5ues.echni5ues and -ro"lems of money laundering as %ie@ed "y the forensic in%estigator. Financial statement fraud  $=ternal and internal fraud: the fraud -yramid: and red flags. Money Laundering and ransnational Financial Flo!s • . • $=am-les of money laundering schemes @ith a s-ecial em-hasis on the influence of Cnternet on money laundering o-erations.  An o%er%ie@ of forensic accounting: including a descri-tion of the %arious forensic s-ecialties: career o--ortunities: associations and certifications. Introduction to forensic accounting  Forensic Accounting $ducation: Cnstitutions and S-ecialties. #y$ercrime • 0rofiling the cy"er criminal: cy"ercrime techni5ues: • Management and legal issues: • 'osses due to cy"ercrime 2 1 4 2 4 2 4 2 2 1 2 1 . Forensic auditing and investigation • Forensic in%estigations inclusi%e of documentations in%igilation: search: sur%eillance and other methods.  .  'atest information on accounting reforms and techni5ues used to unco%er fraud.he roles and res-onsi"ilities of management: internal and e=ternal auditors: audit committee and forensic accountants. 2.  /etecting Fraud in Financial 4e-orting.1. 4.

5 4eference Materials 26 1! 3 3 12 1* !1 +" !1. 'ecture .%.( Forensic accounting case studies ?"#ecti%e( . • Cllustration of the -rimary "usiness %aluations methods. • Ma#or issues and challenges associated @ith -ro%iding "usiness %aluation ser%ices. • 'itigation su--ort in s-ecial situation 6.e=t"ooA .* ! 44.S'.. 'usiness (aluations • /amage estimates and other accounting and economic measurements associated @ith litigations and other "usiness issues.est Final $=am Su" . *tudent Learning imes( 12 hours Face to Face . &etails of the )ssignment 4 2 4 2 . . !1.ime .otal Student 'earning .assignment /escri-tions( Students are to identify red flags and -ossi"le frauds in a gi%en case and -ro-ose rele%ant in%estigati%e techni5ues. ! .itle .otal .otal S'.otal Duided and Cnde-endent 'earning 26 1! 3 3 1 1.o ena"le students to a--ly forensic accounting Ano@ledge to %arious situations in%ol%ing fraud Nature( Drou. &ispute resolution and litigation services • Courtroom -rocedures: e=-ert @itness: and rules of e%idence..5 14.e=am-le. • /amages( Conce-t of damages and its relation to the litigation -rocessF 0resentation and illustration of damagesF /amage estimates: testimony and e=-ert re-ort.erm .utorials 'a"oratory/0ractica l 0resentation Assignment Mid . 4eading Materials( .

7eitger: D.4.0?s. Ma--ing of 0rogramme ?"#ecti%es to +ision and Mission of Faculty and <ni%ersity !.est .1 L. Forensic Accounting. CSBN(13616131!6*3! . 6."ooA order in -rogress.S. Cnternational 8ournal of Auditing 6.2* L.utorial/'a" Final $=am 22. Ste%enson Smith: Forensic and Investigative )ccounting: 2nd $dition: CC7 Cncor-orated Chicago. 21 1* 1 6* 61. 21. 4.1.7o-@ood: E. !.8ournal of Accountancy 42. 2." /.2 L.1 1 16. .! !!.0 /.( 1. . A--endi= . McDra@ 7ill.'?s. *. 8ournal of Forensic Accounting Accounting 4e%ie@ 8ournal of Auditing 8ournal of Accounting 4esearch 8ournal of Managerial Auditing Accounting: Auditing and Accounta"ility 8ournal 2. Mission and +ision of the <ni%ersity and Faculty 2.Measurement and /escri-tions.: 'einer: 8.+ /.42 L.' "e com-iled @hen su"mitting the com-lete sylla"us for the -rogramme. 0rogramme ?"#ecti%e and ?utcomes . G 9oung: D.2 !!.% /. Ma--ing of 0rogramme ?utcome to 0rogramme ?"#ecti%es 4.'?s. 8ournal of Cnternal Auditing .3 /.3 /.*! Ma--ing of 'earning ?utcomes . 'arry Crum"ley: 'ester $.call H( IF6 66.2116.! /.3 2!. . /.! !!. 8ournals( 1.1*. Ma--ing of assessment com-onents to 'earning ?utcomes . 8ournal of Auditing research 11.5 /. Assessment Com-onent Assignment . to 0rogramme ?utcomes .2* 6* 26.1 L.2 co-ies a%aila"le in Cy"er#aya cam-us and 2 co-ies a%aila"le in MelaAa cam-us. /.4 *1 *1 111 *1 *1 /.7622116.2 21 1* L. .