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MBA - ACCOUNTING 1. What are MIS reports and how do you prepare it? 2.

What are the fictitious assets? 3. Different iate between standard remittance and bills recei able + remittance? !. What are the ad anta"es and disad anta"es of the followin" methods of depreciation?1. Strai"ht line method 2. #educin" balance method 3. #e aluation method !. $sa"e method %. Sum of di"its method. %. What is meant by finali&ation of accounts? '. If an asset is purchased and the same is not used for the financial year( should the company char"e the depreciation and the reason for the same ). *ow ha e you monitored the re"ulations that affect both your industry and your accountin" position? +. *ow many types of fi,ed asset in accountin"? What are they? -. *ow would .uality problems manifest themsel es in the accountin" department? Why rule of nominal account is e,actly opposite with the rule of personal and real account? 1/. What is shadow balance? 11. Why always liabilities are on left side and assets on ri"ht side in balance sheet? 12. What is 0ob in accountin"? 13. What will you do if there is a missin" in oice? 1!. What are the process 1 "uidelines to prepare stoc2 transfer in oice from one plant to other plant ha in" same endor code? 1%. What is contribution mar"in and how it is calculated? 1'. What is bac2 flash accountin"? 3,plain with an e,ample. 1). What is net cash accrual? What is the effect of this on wor2in" capital?

MBA-ENTERPRENEURSHIP 1. Who runs the 4uc2 5enter for 6ri ate 3.uity and 3ntrepreneurship? 2. What are the benefits of strate"ic plannin"? What is an audit? 3. What is first7mo er ad anta"e? !. What is a business plan and why do u need one? %. What is due dili"ence? '. What is the 8arm 8inancial Standards 5ouncil? ). *ow do you start an anti.ue store? +. What is a limited liability company? -. Who is an entrepreneur? 1/. *ow much money does the a era"e small business owner ma2e a year? 11. What9s the difference between debt and a deficit?

MBA –Public Relations 1. What is the purpose of a 6ublic #elations person? 2. What does the 6ublic #elations :ffice do? 3. What are the .ualities e,pected in a 6# person? !. *ow is 6# different from ad ertisin"? %. What are the role( nature and responsibilities of a 6# person? '. What are the arious acti ities done for 6#? ). What is interacti e 6#? What are the arious elements comprisin" interacti e 6#? +. Why should I wor2 with the :ffice of 6ublic #elations and the news media? -. *ow do 6ublic #elations share news and information with the news media? 1/. ;d anta"es and disad anta"es of in7house 6# department. 11. ;d anta"es and disad anta"es of appointin" a 6# consultancy. 12. What is the basis for selectin" a 6# consultant? 13. What are the reasons for e,hibitin" at trade shows?
5ontd ..MBA FINANCE 33. What call and put strate"y will you use so as to ha e a payoff of lon" futures. 3!. What is cost of default? 3%. Difference between 4erm Aoan 1 Wor2in" 5apital? 3'. *ow would you calculate the number of chic2en consumed in India per wee2 or per month? 3). Suppose there are - coins out of them 1 is of different wei"hts how would you find that 1 coin. 3+. 4here are *ome Aoans 1 6ersonal Aoans. Which will be priced hi"her? 3-. Security ;nalysis B =ond 1 @ields( chan"e of Monetary 6olicies on the price 1 yield of a =ond. !/. ;ccountancy B 5ash 8low statement !1. Deferred 4a, !2. ;s2ed me to ma2e a report for ?ew ES# 3ntry in a ?ew 5ountry !3. Mar2et #esearch( Ae"al Aaws( >o t. #ules !!. ;s2ed about how to :pen a ?ew Fada 6ao ES# in Mumbai !%. :ne item which you would consider while e aluatin" a firmGs performance irrespecti e of the si&e of business !'. *ow find a li"hter wei"ht coin in a pile of + coins Hminimum trailsI !). *ow to curb inflation of credit card hi"her in India then in $S !+. *ow do restaurants and buffets earn profits and reduce cost of production? !-. Why are Diamonds not "ood in estments? %/. Which metric to measure in case of all companies

MBA -FINANCE 1. What is the difference between ban2 rate and repo rate? 2. What is the difference between p 1 l a<c and income 1 e,penditure statement? 3. =ein" the finance mana"er bein" of a company how will you ma2e finance forecastin" ? !. What is >D6? %. What is S3=I? '. What is Demat ;ccount? what is the use of it? ). What is asset accountin" in sap fico +. What is Depreciation? -. What is asset accountin" in sap fico 1/. What will your outloo2 towards maintenance of li.uid assets to ensure that the firm has ade.uate cash in hands to meet its obli"ation at all times? 11. :n which basis Sense, and nifty will be measured and also how the inflation rate measured 12. What is 3$#: =:?D? 13. 3,plain how to analy&e 8inancial statements of a 5ompany? 1!. #elation between @4M( 5oupon #ate( 6rice of =ond. 1%. *ow option process are affected durin" the option contract period. 1'. *ow to analy&e securities? 1). *ow to alue a 5ompany? 1+. Methods of wor2in" capital mana"ement in =an2 loans? 1-. 4ype of ris2s? 3,plain li.uidity ris2. 2/. 8utures and :ptions 21. 5ost of 3.uity .uestions 22. Debt 3.uity #atio 23. What causes Inflation 2!. 5omponents and impacts of chan"es of W6I 1 56I 2%. Import( 3,port 5oncepts 2'. @our su""estion on sol in" some present economic issues. 2). What will be the cost of 3.uity for a #is2 Ao er In estor 2+. Macro economic scenario 2-. What were the ob0ecti es of your SI6 pro0ect? 3/. What was your role in the research process? 31. What are your conclusions 1 su""estions? 32. If =eta is B e( how do you alue a stoc2? Si"n does not factor into the 5;6M( model of Ce. 4herefore alue of this stoc2 will be the same as = + e alue.? 5ontdD.


re you a team player? 2-. $nderta2en by the mar2etin" mana"er? 1%.#rasad 2 . *ow can an or"ani&ation achie e efficiency of its sales force? 1+.S:? 1). What is profitability control? 1'.d ertisin"? 11.uestion does *uman #esources( Inc. If you have any queries/doubts on the above questions.63:? 1%. What is your "reatest failure( and what did you learn from it? 1/. %.plain how you would be an asset to this or"ani&ation 2+. What is the 5ertification Institute? 1'. What is ?. What if an employee9s pay status chan"es or the employee recei es a bonus? 2/. Why outsource human resources duties to a 63:? 12. '.tra for direct deposits? 21. What role does the mar2etin" department play in an or"ani&ation? 2/. MBA-MARKETING 1. If an employee has a technical . *ow can we e aluate the effecti eness of mar2etin" initiati es? 1!. What is sales . What is online mar2etin"? >i e e. What is more important to youJ the money or the wor2? 2). What is 3S. !. What do you mean by Mana"ement? Describe its essential functions of mana"ement. What are the different types of online mar2etin"? What are the ad anta"es of online ad ertisin" o er traditional . What are the 2ey aspects of sales mana"ement? 23. answer it? 1-. *ow do we communicate with *uman #esources( Inc. What are the essential characteristics of retailin"? 2. What are the thin"s you want to impro e yourself? 23. What do you thin2 of your pre ious boss? 11. What is sales mana"ement? 22. What is an . Why do we re0ect you ? 2!. All he !est"" #rof. What are the different methods of 6#? ). ). What are the problems faced in online mar2etin"? 12. 5an you tell us any time how much we9 e paid out in employee benefits or salaries at any "i en point in a year? 22. . What are the functions of retailin"? 3. What is annual plan control? Why is it needed in an or"ani&ation? 1). apart from other domain knowledge. What is publicity? +. What is wa"es? 2'.uota? t All the students who are participating in the campus recruitment are requested to prepare well the above faqs without fail.%. *ow is the or"ani&ational structure of the mar2etin" department in an :r"ani&ation de ised? 1-. What is the difference between salary and incenti e? What is 9Span of Mana"ement9? What are the different factors that determine the 9 span of Mana"ementG? What do you mean by 8rin"e =enefits? 4ell us an incident where you had a problem with your team7mate. What steps can be ta2en to or"ani&e a mar2etin" team? 21. What is direct mar2etin"? -. please approach the respective respected faculty members and clarify the same.$. What role does 6# play in mar2etin" communications? '. What is 5o73mployment? 13. 3.5? 1!. +. 1/. 8or a new salesperson( what are his trainin" needs? 2!. What are public relations? %.? 1+. What are the methods of recruitment? 2%. What are the responsibilities of a personnel mana"er? 3. What accordin" to you is sales promotion? !. What does monitorin" and controllin" mar2etin" acti ities entail? 13.MBA-HR 1 What is 6ersonnel Mana"ement? 2.. Do you char"e any e. *ow did you handle it? -.amples. What has been your "reatest achie ement in terms of employee relations? 3/ 4ell me about your ability to wor2 under pressure.

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