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Roles & Responsibilities

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To lead the company for achieving Overall business objectives. To Monitor and Control the Finance Department directly and authori ing the payments to be made. To Ta!e "trategic Decisions on the business issues. To do #usiness process planning and controlling on e$ecution. To %uthori e and Revie& of #usiness 'lans. To Monitor and authori e the Recruitments. To do %nnual budget revie& and give directions. To conduct %nnual performance revie& meeting and giving directions by "ales revie& and Management revie&. To Dra& the #usiness 'lan ( Forecast for the organi ation and running the company as profitable business entity. To )uide and monitor the activities to align &ith the business plan. To )uide and approve in arranging * rearranging the various organi ation resources dynamically depending on the goals ( plans. To Identify and pursue ne& areas for business e$pansion. To Co+ordinate, guide and monitor all the departments of the company. To approve resource needs. To do 'urchase approval * #usiness contract signing. To authori e on the matters related to -R * %dmin, %ccounts * mar!eting departments. To Monitor and control the maintenance of accounts, statutory register ( records, payment of statutory liabilities and submission of statutory returns. To revie& and monitor on corrective action ta!en against Customer complaints. To revie& the appraisal, decide and approve on annual Increment and promotion of the employees To ensure on+going effective implementation of .M". To set the development * implementation policies, effectively communicating to the respective team heads, plan * approve the strategy and ensuring its implementation. To do 'reparation of development, Implementation budgets in line &ith the pre+sale projection, escalating the deviation and achieving the same as per approval. To conduct periodic meeting &ith respective department heads and escalating the deviation if any. To Control the cost in concerned department by effectively using the e$isting resources. To ensure customer satisfaction on .uality, delivery cost and service. To Identify and lead the technology drive &ithin the organi ation to suit the organi ation activities. To %pprove concerned departments tours ( travel and intimation of any deviation. To forecast the resource needs /based on current re0uirements, staff turnover and proposed plans1. To provide resources to the concerned department as per the plan. To %pprove %nnual training plan and ensure the e$ecution of training plan as per approval. To Revie& of the performance appraisal /&herever not directly appraising1 and 'erformance appraisal of department heads, Functional Consultant and feedbac!. To resolve action points brought up by the management representative from time.

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