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Roles & Responsibilities

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To meet the Daily production plan by effective utilization of the resources. To manage and control over the vendor to meet the day to day production target. To allocate job for the production personnel and ensuring the planned quantity is achieved. To ensure overall performance of the Process equipment available in house. Responsible for maintaining the Processes that are capable of consistently meeting the customer requirements. To conduct Daily Morning meeting to revie the previous day!s performance and follo up for pending actions if any. To monitor and measure the s"ill of the operators and initiate for suitable action to improve the #"ill. Responsible for providing suitable environment for or". To analyse the daily in house rejection$ identify corrective action and follo up to achieve the result against the target on rejection. To manage %onsumables and Tools required for daily production. To continually improve the production process in terms of Productivity$ &uality$ Resources and #afety of the operating personnel. Responsible for Product identification and traceability ' (llotting Punching details on job from cutting to dispatch in coordination to Manager ) &uality.

PRODUCTION ENGINEER: • • • • • • To e*ecute$ monitor$ control and adhere to daily production plan. Responsible for Tool setting and obtain setting approval before run the production (ccountability of material. To Identify of Ra material$ in process material$ in house rejected material by identification tags and responsible for maintaining +or" order To e*ecute the improvements,suggestions given by the production personnel. Responsible for safety of the operating personnel in the shop floor.
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During brea"do ns$ purchasing the spares and replacing them and arranging to get ready the machine.t. -bserving coolant oil . PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: • • • • • • • • • • • (llotting jobs for production to all machines in lathe machine shop. machine oil levels . Maintaining tools . Only for Reference Page 2 . To maintain cleanliness and personnel safety in shop floor by proper house'"eeping. To maintain records related to production activities To monitor the performance of ne operating personnel and train them to improve their s"ill Maintain Daily production /oo"$ Material Incoming . To report to production engineer and production manager.r.Roles & Responsibilities • Doc Ref Rev Issue Date To report to production manager on day to day production activities and e*ecute his instructions. all lathe machines. Responsible for machine spares and their availability. (nd calculating -T list and submitting to accounts. Daily or"ers attendance and accordingly allotting jobs to do operations based on their s"ills. getting it done for brazing tools. -utgoing registers at 0athe Machine #hop.