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Semester 3

Master of Arts Master Thesis

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Study Program Master of Arts (M.A.) in Management/International Business Field of study: International Business Application and further information Gabriele Hermann Faculty Assistant Phone +49 (0) 7361 576-2241 Fax +49 (0) 7361 576-2330 E-Mail Internet Head of Master Program Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann Phone +49 (0) 73 61 576-2192 E-Mail Admission requirements
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Areas of Specialization (Choose one out of three)

International Accounting, Taxation & Finance International Human Resources & Management CRM & Business Intelligence



B.A./Diploma in a business-related field

Semester 1-2

Mandatory Modules

Toefl (ibt) with at least 100 points or Toeic with at least 860 points For further details see: Application Deadline See > Applicants Start Date Winter term (October)

Fundamentals: Competition and Law Business Ethics Methods of Scientific Research Corporate Management: Corporate Strategy Negotiation Techniques Economics and Quantitative Methods: Managerial Economics Quantitative Methods International Economics

Aalen University


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Aalen University
Master of Arts (M.A.) in Management/International Business Field of study: International Business Beethovenstraße 1, D-73430 Aalen Phone +49 (0) 73 61 576-2241 Fax +49 (0) 73 61 576-2330

M.A. in Management/ International Business
Field of study International Business

Admission Requirements

International Taxation. Customer Relationship Management & Business Intelligence: Market Research. The M. Strong international network of universities and companies 5. all with special focus on “how to think and act globally”. Marketing of Industrial Goods and Customer Relationship Management. Equipped with practice-orientated management methods and diverse leadership competencies. program at any university or at one of our partner universities. Young and motivated faculty combining academic excellence and international practical experience 4. We offer high-level specialization in international business geared towards above-average qualified graduates in business-related fields. International Management Accounting & Control and Corporate Finance. Looking forward to seeing you! Overview Program Description Career Perspectives . Deep understanding of the challenges of international businesses 3. together with “SME Management”. International HRM & HR Development. Taxation & Finance. All lectures are held in English. Aalen master gra­ duates will be prepared to take on leadership roles in today's dynamic international business environment. Thorough preparation for scientific work within applied research 6. Business Intelligence. Duration and Organization The Master course is a consecutive full-time study program which lasts three semesters. The program begins annually in October. you will apply your methodological and functional expertise n in course of the Master thesis preferably in close cooperation with an international company or organization. degree will enable you to apply for a Ph.) With the gained additional skills and knowledge you will enhance your career opportunities in a global competitive business environment. Then. Our Strengths – Your Advantages: 1. Taxation & Finance: Group Accounting & Auditing. Areas of Specialization International Accounting. Latest Management theory applied to real-life problems 2.A. you will be awarded the title Master of Arts (M. Mastery of professional English Program Description Our field of study “International Business” consists of several mandatory modules.A. for a thorough foundation in management techniques and scientific methods. Career Perspectives After your successful completion of the Master program. Finally. Depending on the chosen area of specialization you will become a functional expert in International Accounting. you can choose between three areas of speciali­ zation.Overview “International Business” is one field of study within the Master of Arts in Management/International Business. International Human Resources & Management: International Organizational Development & Behaviour.D. International Human Resources & Management or Customer Relationship Management & Business Intelligence. Emerging Market Management and International Project Management. partly together with “SME Management”.