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Marc Saxer: "Why is everyone so hesitant to use "fascism" as this would be some holy concept only attributable to the

historical Nazis and Mussolini? Fascism is not only a historical episode but an ideolo y very much alive today! "bviously# its face loo$s different in different cultures and under different historical conditions# but its political and ideolo ical features are clearly reco nizable! So let%s loo$ at the &'()*"(+ of the anti,democracy movement and their bac$ers -excludin the .//$ plus middle class whistle mob protesters with corruption rievances0 ordinary fol$s from the South followin their traditional odfather who may or may not be too naive to understand what is oin on1: 2he 3"4525*'4 )+M'N)S: 2he "3eople%s *ouncil comprised of members from various professions6 is a herita e of Mussolini%s people%s council! "Suspendin electoral democracy6# disenfranchise "uneducated voters" -coined as reformin the electoral laws1# 7installin overnment of selected ood people6# "absolute monarchy"1 are clearly authoritarian! 2he )5S*"8(S+ 2he discourse is !!! 9+N"3&":5* -"we don%t need forei ners; forei n press distorts picture; interference by 8S and other forei n powers"1# N'25"N'45S25* -"2hailand is different# uni<ue# better than others"1# *&'8=5N5S2 -"rich and educated people are better than poor and uneducated0 uncivilized people# therefore we are ri ht6# 7birth ri ht to rule61# ('*5S20 )+&8M'N5>5N? -dar$ people# buffalos# bacteria# dirt# 72hainess61# '82&"(52'(5'N -"we are not ready for democracy"; "see$ Sin apore style dictatorship"1# S+95S2 -"only real women# no $atoey"; "@4 is a whore"1# S+4F (5?&2+"8S0 F+8)'4 -7 ood people vs bad people6; social status e<uals moral inte rity stemmin from $arma in previous life61 prone to =5"4+N*+ -"threats of0 actual violence a ainst opponents# media# critics"# "smash red shirt buffalos"# "not enou h dead in A/./"1 and yearnin for an -ima ined1 ?"4)+N 3'S2 -"unity and harmony"; "we are a ricultural society"1! 2he 5)+"4"?@ Society is perceived as in decay# posin the existential threat of total collapse! 2he diseases , corruption and conflict B cannot be explained by structural causes# hence are attributed to 7moral failures of immoral individuals6# who must be "rooted out" to heal the body politic! 2he fascist utopia see$s to overcome the divisions of a fra mented0 noise of a pluralist modern society by meltin all differences into a homo eneous "people%s community"! 2hose who still dissent are framed as "2he +nemy Within"# dehumanized -buffalos# bacteria# dirt1# threatened to leave 2hailand!# and finally verbally and physically attac$ed; &istorical roots of this ideolo y are 72&'5N+SS6# the exclusive definition of 2hai with the aim to assimilate 72he "ther6 -leadin to the conflict with minorities# especially in the )eep South1 and 2&'5 )+M"*('*@# the ideolo ical blend of feudalism# fascism and liberalism prevalent in 2hailand after .CDA!