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1. Ankle Stretch: Inhale as you raise both your heels and arms up from the front and while exhaling you bring your heels and arms down; continue this for about 15 rounds. For every exercise start slowly, gradually increase the speed, then slow down and stop. After each exercise relax for a while by inhaling and exhaling deeply for about 5 rounds observing the changes in the body, blood circulation and heart beats. 2. Knee Stretch: tretching both your arms forward parallel to the ground, exhale and sit down on your toes or feet according to your flexibility !eeping your spine as erect as possible and not slouching forward, inhale as you come up, continue for about 1" to 15 rounds according to your stamina and then relax as usual. 3. Backward & Forward Bending: Inhale as you raise both your arms bac! along with your nec! and spine and while exhaling pushing your chest forward bend down with both your arms coming down and throwing them bac!wards as much as possible, continue for about 15 rounds. #ere after the exercise you relax by spreading your legs apart by a feet, hands and head hanging down for about 5 breaths. 4. Spinal Twist: preading your legs a feet apart stretching both the hands sidewards, inhale twist your spine to the right side folding your left elbow, exhale twist to the left side folding your right elbow, continue for about 15 rounds and relax. 5. Arms Rotation: Folding your fingers of the right hand, ma!ing a fist out of it start rotating the right arm on the cloc!wise direction for about 15 rounds and anticloc!wise for about another 15 rounds, do the same with the left arm and after that both arms on the cloc!wise and anticloc!wise directions and relax. 6. eck !o"ements: $oth the legs a feet apart, hands held behind, right wrist held by left palm start rotating the nec! on the cloc!wise direction for about 5 rounds, then anticloc!wise %5 rounds&, up and down %5 rounds&, bending to the sides %5 rounds&, loo!ing to the sides %5 rounds&. 'nly during the rotation in case you feel a little discomfort li!e head spinning, stop and breathe deeply, avoid rotational movement and finally relax.

7. Side #ending asana $Ardhakatichakrasana%: tanding with your legs together, right hand slowly raising from the right side upwards, stretch the whole body for a while and slowly bend to the left hand side as much as possible, !eep the whole body relaxed in the final posture without tensing any part and visuali(e the posture in your mind holding on to the posture for about )" seconds to 1 minute according to your convenience. *epeat the same with the left hand side. Bene&its: +ery effective for bac!pain patients, reduces excess fat in the body, strengthens hands and legs, ma!es spine flexible.

'. Back #ending asana $Ardhachakrasana%: tanding straight with your legs together, palms folded in front of your abdomen, slowly sliding them bac! getting both your wrists closer to each other, shoulders stretched bac!wards, slowly inhale and bend your body bac!wards from the hip region, hold for about 1" to ," seconds as per your comfort level, visuali(ing the body with your eyes closed, then exhale and slowly come bac!. *elax for a while observing the changes. Bene&its: Another effective asana for bac!pain patients, flexible spine, prevents hunch bac!, eye sight improvement, improves memory and concentration. BREATHING TECHNIQUES

1.Active Inhalation & Exhalation

Sit in vajrasana or any co !orta"#$ %ost&r$. Bot' %a# s o%$n on t'$ (n$$s) t'$ ti%s o! in*$+ !in,$rs an* t'& "s to&c'in, $ac' ot'$r. In'a#$ an* $+'a#$ !orc$!&##y t'ro&,' "ot' t'$ nostri#s. Gra*&a##y incr$as$ !ro -. to /. stro($s. Bene&its: Red(ces e)cess &at in the a#domen* acti"ates +o(r mind* in&(ses &resh energ+.

2. Deep Inhalation and Exhalation
Sit co !orta"#y in vajrasana or any co !orta"#$ %ost&r$) s%in$ $r$ct) '$a* strai,'t. T'$ ti% o! t'$ t'& " an* in*$+ !in,$r to&c'in, $ac' ot'$r an* str$tc' t'$ &n!o#*$* t'r$$ !in,$rs to,$t'$r. 0'i#$ in'a#in, !i## t'$ a"*o $n an* 1'i#$ $+'a#in, c'&c( t'$ a"*o $n insi*$. T'is 'a%%$ns nat&ra##y) j&st "$ a1ar$ o! it. Bene&its: ,elps in eradicating a#o(t '-. o& the ps+chosomatic diseases like Asthma* Bronchitis* h+pertension* impro"es +o(r patience* #rings down +o(r short temper.

3. Cooling Pranayama

Sit in vajrasana or any co !orta"#$ %os$. As &s&a# ti% o! t'$ t'& "s an* in*$+ !in,$rs to&c'in, $ac' ot'$r in "ot' 'an*s) "rin, t'$ ton,&$ o&t si*$ an* ro## t'$ ton,&$ ,$nt#y #i($ a t&"$. In'a#$ s#o1#y an* *$$%#y t'ro&,' t'$ ton,&$) c#os$ t'$ o&t') E+'a#$ s#o1#y an* *$$%#y t'ro&,' t'$ nostri#. 2o t'$ %ractic$ !or a"o&t 5 to 3 ro&n*s 1it'o&t strain. Bene&its: /ools the inner s+stem* c(re &or cold* co(gh* throat pain* tonsilitis* e&&ecti"e &or "oice c(lt(re* strengthens the "ocal chord. 0oing this practice twice a da+ is as good as drinking one tender cocon(t a da+.

4. H mming !o nd o" a #ee
Sit in vajrasana or any co !orta"#$ %os$) s%in$ $r$ct) n$c( strai,'t. Ti%s o! t'& "s an* in*$+ !in,$rs as &s&a# to&c'in, $ac' ot'$r) %a# s o%$n on t'$ (n$$s. In'a#$ *$$%#y t'ro&,' "ot' t'$ nostri#s an* in t'$ %roc$ss o! $+'a#in, c'ant t'$ so&n* 45 6 as #on, as %ossi"#$. 2o it !or 7 ro&n*s. Bene&its: ,elps in energising the #od+ and mind* impro"es the stamina o& the #od+* e&&ecti"e &or all the throat ailments. 88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 8