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Unit 301

Multiple choice

1. What is the percentage of communication that comes from body language? a. 7% b. 38% c. 55% d.100%

2. Which of the following is considered to be a type of communication by multimedia? a. Meeting. b. Podcast. c. Chart. d. Discussion

3. Which one of the following is an example of negative body language? a. Staring. b. Laughing. c. Nodding. d. Shaking head. 4. Statement 1 Closed questions are designed to only give a yes or no answer. Statement 2 Open questions are used to gain information and open up discussion.

Which one of the following is correct for the above statements? a. b. c. d. True/true. True/false. False/true. False/false.


Susan Cressy - Multiple choice - Unit 301 - 2012

5. Ask them to put it in writing d. Give them a refund 7. Which one of the following is correct for the above statements? a. False/false.Unit 301 . 6. What must you do when dealing with a client complaint? a. Which one of the following will occur if a therapist is criticised in public.Multiple choice . Listen actively to the client c. b. The therapist will a. become emotional d. Stand next to them Use technical abbreviations Write them down Speak clearly and don’t rush 2 Susan Cressy . feel demoralised b. When the therapist gives instructions to the client they should: a. Which one of the following is NOT an example of negative behaviour? Being: a. c. Statement 1 Problems should be dealt with as they occur. 9. True/true. c. not want to treat the client again c. emotional destructive argumentative assertive. Statement 2 If a problem involves a client the therapist should be criticised in front of the client. Pass it on to another member of staff b. b. 8. c. leave the salon. d. b. d. True/false.2012 . False/true. d.

Changing towels. to repeat them back to you. 13. b. Have a regular chat with colleagues Reprimand therapists when work is not up to standard To keep all staff informed To provide training 3 Susan Cressy . Team meetings are essential to: a. d. b. 11. c.Multiple choice . d. we should pass the blame as they did not listen carefully. c. False/false. Completing a consultation.2012 . 12. Using couch roll. d. b. Washing hands. Ineffective working relationships Not knowing what to do Increase in business A happy working atmosphere Statement 2 When someone doesn’t do the task the way we intended.Unit 301 . Statement 1 It is also a good idea to ask the person you have giving instructions to. b. Which one of the following is correct for the above statements? a. True/false. Which one of the following is the minimum precaution that should be taken with every client to avoid cross infection? a. True/true. d. The effects of negative attitudes and behaviour on other team members is: a. c. c. False/true.10.

Takes the place of team meetings 4 Susan Cressy . It can be referred to later and read at the reader’s own pace b.14. It can be filed away c. It saves time d.Multiple choice .Unit 301 . The benefit of written information is: a.2012 .