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Last updated draft of September 9, 2013

ASEN 3112 Structures – Fall 2013 Basic Information
Catalog Data ASEN 3112-4. Teaches Mechanics of Materials methods of stress and deformation analysis applicable to the design and verification of aircraft and space structures. Offers an introduction to matrix and finite element methods for truss structures, as well as to fundamental concepts in mechanical vibration, structural dynamics and stability. The main objective of the course is to introduce modern structural analysis techniques based on understanding of the development of internal forces, stresses and deformations in structures. These techniques are essential to the design and verification of advanced aerospace structures and systems. The course offers an introduction to matrix and finite element methods for skeletal (truss and frame) structures, as well as to fundamental concepts in mechanical vibrations, structural dynamics, and stability. (1) ASEN 2001-2003-2004 (grade of C or better in each). (2) Introduction to Differential Equations APPM 2360 or 2380. The math course may be taken concurrently. Lectures: Tu/Th 12:30-13:45, ECCR 200. Labs and recitations: F 10-11:50AM ITLL 1B50 (Section 012, instructor: Tyler King) and F 1-2:50PM ITLL 1B50 (Section 011, instructor: Toshi Hirabayashi). Experimental Labs 1–2 will be demo’ed at the 1B or 2B Plaza, exact location TBA. Three experimental labs at ITLL (the second one is combined with a computer lab held at the AES Visions Lab). Labs will be held in mid-September, mid-October and early-November. Exact date & times are posted in the Schedule on web site. Instructor Carlos A. Felippa, Dept of Aerospace Engineering Sciences. Office: ECAE 187. Phone: 492-6547. Email: Office hours: M 2–3, W 2–3, subject to change if necessary. Toshi Hirabayashi, email: Office & Phone: TBA. Office hours: M 1–2, W 1–2 (tentative, TBC with class) Tyler King, email: Office & Phone: TBA. Office hours: M 9–10, W 11-12 (tentative, TBC with class) Garrett Anton Brown , email:


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Lab Coordinator Trudy Schwartz, Office: ECAE 1B35. Phone: 492-5568. Email: Textbooks No required textbooks. All lecture material will be posted on the public web site Students are advised to keep the ASEN 2001 textbook: Mechanics of Materials, by F. P. Beer, E. R. Johnston and J. T. DeWolf, 5th ed, 2009, for Reading Quiz (RQ) assignments. For the mechanical vibrations and structural dynamics part: R. W. Craig and A. J. Kurdila, Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics, Wiley, 2nd ed, 2006, may be used for RQ assignments. Those books will be on reserve at the Engineering Library. OVER

will be posted on the web site listed above under Textbooks. avoid Internet Explorer: use FireFox. If your computer runs Windows. 2013 D2L Site Go to https://learn. login using your IdentiKey & password. click on the course name. including ongoing grading. Password for D2L is your IdentiKey. If you experience log in problems that may be due to unsupported browser.Last updated draft of September 9. 4.colorado. (Again. All course material. call 5-HELP.) If your browser is supported and you still experience problems. Some features. this warning might be obsolete) Make sure your browser is able to download and print PDF files using Adobe Acrobat 4 or later as plug-in. (Note: This warning might be obsolete with D2L replacing CULearn. check its configuration. such as the Java VM. Most of the course material will be posted in PDF format. Grading Policies See Coursework Information document. Course Syllabus Given on a separate . 3. 2. Public course material. Call 5-HELP if problems persist. should be enabled. will be posted there. Reminders on Use of D2L 1. notably lectures. Check for browser support.