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Last updated August 23, 2013

ASEN 3112 Structures – Fall 2013

Coursework Information
Coursework consists of reading assignments, in-class reading quizzes, homeworks, recitations, experimental/computer labs, midterm exams and final exam. Attendance to recitation and labs is expected and may affect your score. Exams cover all material including lectures, recitations, laboratory work and homework.

Individual Work: 60% Midterm exams 4: 7.5% each for total of 30%. Final exam: 15% In-class reading quizzes (at least 8, top 8 scores kept): 10% at 1.25% each. Individual participation: up to 5%. This is assigned by TAs on the basis of (1) participation in recitations and office hours, (2) bonus for serving as lab group leader. For the latter see Lab Bonus Points below. Group Work: 40% (Note: only counted if individual work score is C or better) Experimental lab reports: 5% for Lab 1, 10% for Lab 2, 5% for Lab 3, total: 20%. Reports are graded by both technical content and presentation. Itemized grading weights specified in Lab handouts. Note: Lab 4 (previously Lab 3) eliminated in Fall 2010 as formal Lab; due report converted to a problem in last HW. Homework (10 or 11, lowest score dropped): 20% divided by # of HWs kept. Group HW is encouraged: see below for details. Homeworks are graded by both technical content and presentation. Lab Bonus Points Individual participation bonus for serving as Group Leader in a lab: 1% for Lab 1, 2% for Lab 2, 1% for Lab 3. For this to be assigned, the lab report should clearly identify the GL, or TAs informed to that effect. Lab Score Deductions Deductions may be taken from lab report scores on account of unjustified lack of attendance at lab demos and/or group tests. See Laboratory Work below.

Recitations will be offered on Fridays at the Active Learning Center of ITLL 1B50, in two sections of 1 hr 50 min each. See Basic Information for times. Main objective is to review material covered during the week, especially that helpful for the currently assigned homework. Recitations may also include additional exercise material, not covered in class, useful for midterm exam preparation. Recitations are replaced by lab demos (conducted at the same time, but in the ITLL Plaza area nearby) when laboratory and/or computer work is scheduled for the following week.

Homework assignments are given most weeks on Thursdays and are due either at the start of the following class on Tuesday or on the following Thursday, as specified in the assignment. No homework assignments are posted the week of midterm exams. Assignments generally cover 3 or 4 problems and are designed to become proficient in a subject. Before doing any homework you should read the posted lectures and try to follow worked-out examples. This should give you an idea of the principles involved and the solution method. Homework problems may be also discussed in the recitation prior to the due date. All homework should be done on Engineering paper (the green-on-white ruled paper available at the bookstore). Begin each Exercise on a new page to facilitate grading; this also simplifies group work. Write your initials (or names) on each page to speed up identification should pages get lose. Staple multiple pages in the upper left corner but do not fold. Staple the assignment sheet with your names on it but omit student ID numbers. HWs submitted without covers will not be accepted. Group work is encouraged. To do group homework you form teams of up to three students. Groups submit only one HW, with everybody’s name on the cover sheet. For exam preparation, it is strongly recommemded that each group member do all problems. Groups may change during the semester. Because group homework is encouraged, no late HW submissions will be accepted. If you will miss attending class at the due date, please make appropriate arrangements with your group.

Clearly indicate final answers with an arrow. Additional handouts may be provided by instructor. you are required to attend an orientation and safety course presented by the ITLL staff in the first week of the semester. EXAMS There are four 75’ individual midterm exams during the semester. underline or box. Groups sign up for one-hour slots to conduct the test during the week that follows the demo. Exams cover Parts I through V. This is usually held during last-weekFriday recitation hours. Very messy work will be returned ungraded and a zero recorded. In addition we will use the AES Visions Lab at ECAE 1B73 for the ANSYS work. If you miss your group test without cause. One 2-sided cribsheet is permitted. The three experimental labs are carried out in groups of five or six students. 50% of your report score is deducted. Always show work. If you know you will miss the demo or group test because of unavoidable circumstances. For pointers on presentation. 100% is deducted. Before each midterm there will be review sessions. READING QUIZZES Reading assignments for next-week Reading Quiz are normally given each week on Thursday along with homework assignments. The final exam is scheduled for Wed December 19 at 4:30PM. If you miss the demo without cause or notification. Attendance to experimental demos and group tests is mandatory. The group leader may recommend adjustments based on individual contributions to report preparation. along with the others. Material in Part VI is covered in the final exam. Collaboration on midterm exams is not permitted. . This exam spans the entire course but with additional emphasis on material covered since the last midterm. If you miss both. These are usually scheduled at 6pm or 7pm on the Monday before the midterm. The actual weight given to these factors will be announced in a separate web posted document on HW grading criteria. Each lab is preceded by a demo session offered during recitation hours. at 7. You will have access to the ITLL Plaza computers to do computer work. You are responsible if grading is low because of poor readability. Solutions will be posted on the web site after the due date. They cover material that will be presented the following week. multiple-choice quizzes of 5-10 min given on the Tuesday that follows the assignment. please contact instructor or TAs in advance to make appropriate arrangements. The computer lab is governed by rules stated in posted lab description documents. No make up exams will be given unless student justifies reason for absence in advance of the exam. COMPUTER USE Several assignments and labs may require computer access and basic programming skills in languages such as Matlab and Excel.5% each. Reading quizzes gage your comprehension of assigned reading. see “Exposition for HW and Lab Reports” on web site. It counts for 15% of the grade. There will be a review session after the last lecture but before the final exam. They are closed-book. Collectively they count for 30% of your grade. Midterms provide a gauge to determine what you have learned as an individual. 2013 Written work should be neat and readable with adequate space and margins. Anyone violating rules of safe conduct may be restricted from accessing the ITLL facilities. The groups are created randomly by a program that takes into account the recitation session signup. closed-notes. respectively. If you have not done so. Midterm exams are closed-book. Multiple answers when one is required will be counted as incorrect. Answers will be discussed in the lecture that follows the quiz. of the course. LABORATORY WORK Safety is the first priority for lab work invoving experiments or use of computers. As part of the introduction to finite element methods we will teach use of the commercial FEM package ANSYS for the computer component of Lab 2.Last updated August 23. Homeworks will be graded on factors that include technical content and presentation. 50% is deducted. If you have 3 or more exams scheduled for the same day or you cannot take the exam that day for a valid reason. given on Thursdays at regular lecture hours. such as a religious observance. please see the instructor to make alternate arrangements at least one month in advance.