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Urban and Regional Planning in India

A Handbook for Professional Practice

S. K. Kulshrestha
Los Angeles. London . New DeH . Singapore. WSshUgton DC

CONTENTS List of Tables List of Figures List ofAbbreviations List of Annexes Preface PART ONE: THE PROFESSION AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS Chapter 1. 9 12 14 14 17 18 19 20 22 . The Profession. Responsibilities and Ethics What is urban and regional planning? Recent reforms in the planning system What is professional planning practice in urban and regional planning? Classification of assignments Types of professional planning practice Who is a spatial planner? Role of a spatial planner Qualities and responsibilities of a spatial planner Who are the clients? . Roles. Role of the client Code of professional conduct Code of conduct of members of ITPI xi xii xiii xvii xix 3 3 4 8 .

Professional Practice in the Public Sector Introduction Urban and regional planning practice at the national level Urban and regional planning practice at the interstate level Urban and regional planning practice at the state government level Urban and regional planning practice at the district level Urban and regional planning at the-metropolitan area level Planning practice at the local level Consultancy practice in the public sector Spatial planning education and research Inter-agency relationship Role of the government as facilitator and its implications on public sector planning practice Chapter 3. Professional Practice in the Private Sector The existing scenario Need for private sector involvement Types of private sector participants Consultants Contractors Developers Systems of private sector participation Conclusion Chapter 5. Professional Practice in the Joint Sector What is the joint sector? Public-private partnership Models of PPP 27 27 29 45 48 51 53 54 57 58 59 61 64 64 65 74 80 82 82 84 84 85 90 90 92 92 94 94 94 100 .vi • URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING IN INDIA PART TWO: PROFESSIONAL PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES Chapter 2. Initiation of the Private Sector in Spatial Planning Process Introduction Appointment of consultants Appointment of contractors Appointment of developers Chapter 4.

Scale of Professional Fees and Charges Introduction Units of professional fee Basis for professional fees calculation Scale of fees recommended by ITPI Adjustment in fees for inflation Sample calculation of fee Mode of payment Chapter 8. Agreements and Contracts . 155 155 156 159 161 127 127 128 129 129 132 133 137 139 139 139 143 102 102 109 109 111 111 112 116 119 122 Definitions Essential elements of agreements/contracts Performance of agreements/contracts Role.Contents • vii Public-public partnership Case studies of joint ventures Chapter 6. Preparation of Consultancy Proposals What is a consultancy proposal? General structure of various consultancy proposals Detailed formats of common items of a consultancy proposal PART FOUR: LEGAL SUPPORT Chapter 9. . International Urban Planning Practice under WTO-GATS Introduction General agreement on trade in services Type of services Obligations under GATS Modes of supply of services Current commitments Opportunities and threats PART THREE: PROFESSIONAL FEE AND PREPARATION OF CONSULTANCY PROPOSALS Chapter 7. status. rights and obligations of consultant in works contract .

Organising and Establishing Office ORGANISING OFFICE 162 163 164 165 171 175 175 179 179 Introduction Formal organisation of office Structure of formal organisation of office Variations to the organisational structures of office Choice of organisational structure of office Mergers and acquisitions Informal organisations ESTABLISHING OFFICE 179 180 180 184 189 191 191 193 Definitions Establishing a proprietorship office Establishing an unregistered corporate office Establishing a registered corporate office Formation of an NGO Setting up of a foreign collaboration Closing remark Chapter 11.viii • URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING IN INDIA Other important provisions of the Act General principles for construction of terms of contract Requirements of a time-essence contract Format and contents of consultancy agreements Format and contents of work contract with contractors Standard agreements Format and contents of agreements/contracts with developers PART FIVE: ESTABLISHMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF OFFICE Chapter 10. Personnel Management and Performance Appraisal Introduction PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT 193 193 194 194 195 196 197 198 198 198 Objective Understanding human behaviour Motivation theories Decision-making 198 199 201 203 .

Contents • ix Leadership Time management PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance appraisal techniques Performance appraisal through annual confidential reports ACR of senior officers ACR of operative staff Performance appraisal through performance-appraisal report 360-degree appraisal Annexes Bibliography Index About the Author 206 211 214 214 216 217 220 222 223 225 287 291 299 .