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What cost should be decreased on campus?

Chart 4: The chart above shows the percentage of students who agree on the cost that should be decreased on campus. The majority group of student, which is 67 decided that the cost that should be decreased is

the student club fee. These students are probably attending the club meetings wee!ly as each club members are needed to pay a specific fee. "s an e#ample , the yoga club in $unway College is one of the clubs mentioned being e#pensive. %ach members are to pay a monthly fee of &'4(. The membership price for a proper yoga class would be &'(). *t is obvious that the prices in college and outside of college are similar . +esides that , certain clubs need specific places to be held and this places re,uire the club to pay a certain amount for rental. The futsal club in campus is held at $port -lanet every 'onday from (..)pm / 7..)pm . %ach members are re,uired to pay &'0( per1month to cover the rent. 2or some of the students to pay the rent is a big issue.

The minority. This issue would li!ely cause them to spend more. of the students who answered the . $ome of the items li!e the pencil are sometimes unreasonably high. This is probably because this group of students in campus are forced to buy stationaries at the college boo!shop and the items in the shop are overpriced. The prices are higher than the prices at the main boo!shops li!e -opular +oo! $hop and +ig +oo! $hop. .uestion had answered stationary should be decreased in campus . which is .

uality for the price.This is probably because the wifi is free for all students of $unway college. The largest group of students.What service that’s provided in Sunway that reduces your cost ? The chart above shows what service that3s provided in $unway that reduces your cost. which is 4) that the wifi on campus helps them to reduce their cost on college. The smallest group of students. The price for the wifi is not suitable for students who are running on low budget allowances. 'ost definitely the wifi on campus reduces the students e#penses. This will definitely reduce their e#penses because they would have to pay monthly subscription for wifi. . This is probably because for them the food on campus are sold at a suitable price. The canteen food would definitely reduce the cost for students. Certain stalls sell food at a low price and the food are reasonably good in . 4n campus there are different !inds of stalls available for students . $ometimes the wifi paid by subscribers are not worth the price cause at times the connection for the wifi is not good. Compared to the price outside of campus the prices in the college cafeteria is good. which is 0) had agreed that the canteen food on campus helps them reduce their cost.