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Global Internship Program AIESEC FTU Hanoi Summer 2013

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Full Name University Time of Graduation Date of Birth

Hoang Thu May Foreign Trade University 2014 28/04/1991



Phone Number Email Address


Foreign Language & Skills Please rate your foreign language(s) with these levels: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Basic Language English Chinese Polish Japanese Writing Advance Intermediate Intermediate Basic Reading Advance Intermediate Intermediate Basic Speaking Advance Intermediate Intermediate Basic Listening Advance Intermediate Intermediate Basic

Computer Skills Computer User Skills Internet Users PC Users Office Email Graphics 3D Max Corel Draw Macromedia director/studio Photoshop Shockwave Flash Programming Skills HTML Java XML PHP

Professional Working Experience Year 2012- now Company/Organization I worked for Huy Nguyet building material company Your Role Assistant Your Achievement I improved my computer skills and time management skills. Besides, I had opportunity to work in the professional environment.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Year 2012

Activities Ulis Pisces Contest

Your Role Team leader


Nhiet rock show

Volunteering team leader Secretary Candidate Exchange student Intern

2010 2011 2012

Hanoi Bachata contest Hanoi Open Salsa Contest Shanghai exchange student program (by foreign trade university) GCDP in Poland

Key Learning Points I learn how to manage time effectively, stimulate and make team members involve in team activities. I got experience in allocating effective human resources and how to inspire the other people. I learn how to manage the list of members. I learn a great lesson. If I have desire and try my best for it, everything is possible. I learn how to adapt to foreign environment and social skills. I improved English and developed my prensentation and leadership skills. The best I can learn from the program was to learn how to adapt well in the multicultural working environment.


Exchange choices

Global Internship Program (GIP) - The student has the opportunity to work in a company, NGO, government,
university or other organization within 6 weeks 78 weeks and will spend the majority of his/her time working in relating areas. A. Your preference for the field of work experience
Please prioritize the fields of work you attempt to intern in (maximum 3) 1.

Management (Internships related to finance, accounting, marketing, organizational management or human resources)
Business Administration Marketing Accounting Others (please specify): Human Resources Finance

project management,

2. Technical (Internships related to management and development in web, software, networks, and databases, plus some engineering)
Computer Services & Hardware Web Development and Mangement Database Management Others (please specify): Software Development & Programming Telecommunication & Electronics Network Management & Data Transmission

3. Education (Internships related to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and counseling in the education sector)
Linguistics Education Subjects Education Cultural Education Others (please specify):

B. Your preference for the geographical region

Please indicate your regional preferences below. All the countries within the region you choose will be considered when finding a match through our system South East Asia (The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, ) South Asia (India, Sri Lanka) East Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea) Central and Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic) Other region (please be specific):

C. Your preference for the time and duration

Dates: Earliest starting date (dd-mm-yyyy): Latest ending date (dd-mm-yyyy): Duration: Minimum weeks (6-78): Maximum weeks (6-78): Note: - The earliest date to start is the earliest date that you can begin with your internship. - The latest date to end is the latest time you want/prefer to end your internship. 01/08/2013 01/11/2013 6 78

D. Please specify how much you can afford to take internship abroad (for the first month)
Notice that you have to afford for the first month living in the host country, then the salary will be paid to help you cover that USD 600-1000 (South East Asian countries) USD 1000-1800 (India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan) USD 1800-2500 (European countries) Other (Please specific):

E. Please specify how much you expect the salary to be

Notice that the salary is provided for you to cover the basic living standard only USD 200 - 500 USD 500 - 800 USD 800 - 1000 USD 1000 - 1500 Other (Please specific):

Personal goal and development 1. What are your 3 strengths & weaknesses? Please tell us one experience how you utilize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. 3 Strengths Adaptibility Experience of strength utilization I used to go abroad in China and have chance to experience differences in their culture, lifestyle and custom. Sometimes It is not easy to adapt to these diferences. As a open-mind person, I showed my flexibility, my respect and

andaptibility to their unique culture. Developmental skills Enthusiasm I take part in various social activites at school such as volunteering, raising charity funds, celebrating proms and so on. I would like to try my best because of my enthusiasm.

3 Weaknesses Workaholic

Talkative Stay up late

Experience of weakness improvement I try to do my best just Im afraid disappointment, thats why I spend most of my time studying and working. Giving advice is one of my interest, therefore it sometimes make me become talkative. Being a workaholic girl, Im rarely go to bed early.


What are your personal and professional goals which you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

Im running my flower shop. And after 5 years, my professional goal is setting up a corporation of flower distribution in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam.

3. Why do you want to apply for AIESEC exchange program? What do you expect to gain from exchange program? (Maximum 200 words) AIESEC internship program is a really amazing program I have known. Having opportunities to take part in the program means that I have chance to pursue my dream of being a global citizen. That is I can go to abroad, work for project and experience global environment and Im sure it can make me fulfill myself as a social re sponsible person. Furthermore, I believe that I have in common with AIESEC about global networking. Im so eager to be a bridge to connect friends around the world, especially with people who would like to make the world better. Therefore, applying for AIESEC program is my best choice. 4. Which challenges you can foresee to face before and during your internship abroad? What would you do to overcome those challenges? (Maximum 300 words) My last experience as an exchange student in abroad helps me foresee challenges during my internship abroad. First, It is the multicultural environment. Ling abroad and working with friends who are coming

from different countries mean Im experiencing the diversity of culture, custom, lifestyles and habit. It can happen conflict in greeting and belief. Sometimes, misunderstanding can occur among us as well. Therefore, respecting and adapting to their all cultural characteristics will help me overcome these problems. The second challenge is lack of experience and problem solving skills. For example, What can I do if Im sick? Or who can I ask for help when I get lost and so on. Facing these situations is not easy, therefore, I will be self-prepared for all of the worst thing and if it I cant do anything, I will ask for help. Third, That is the problem inside myself. Living abroad is useful experiences for students, however, its not as easy as imagine. Being homesick, lonely and out of the parents care can sometimes lose my heart. However, I believe that I can overcome because my parents and close friend will always encourage me whenever I need.

Exchange ambassador


From which channel did you get information about Global Internship Program and AIESEC (Please choose more than one while applicable)? Email Website (Name of the Website) AIESECers (Name Others ( ) Team ) AIESEC Website Facebook Information Seminar


If you are recruited as a participant of Global Internship Program, are you willing to present or promote about AIESEC Hanoi or the program on media? Yes No


Are you a GCDP returnee? Yes No

Please answer all the questions in full and submit your Application Form with the format: [Your Full Name]_[Your University]_GIP Application Form_Recruitment 2013 via email address: before 11:59pm, June 23 , 2013. If you have any questions regarding to this application or would like additional information, feel free to contact us via: If your application is approved, we will contact you regarding the next step in selection process.