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Title of Your Paper for IJSME 2013

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This file provides a template for writing papers for the 2013 IJSME. The proceedings will be p blished in an electronic format. The f ll paper in MS!"ord file shall be written in compliance with these instr ctions. #n abstract not e$ceeding 300 words sho ld appear on the top of the first page% after the title of the paper in chapter titled &#bstract& 'witho t chapter n mber(% after the names of the a thors and the contact information of the corresponding a thor. It sho ld be an e$plicit s mmar) of )o r paper that states the problem% the methods sed% and the ma*or res lts and concl sions. It sho ld be single!spaced in 10 point t)pe% and Times +ew ,oman font.

Keywords: -p to . /e)words% 10 point t)pe% left!* stified

1 INTRODUCTION It is e$pected that a thors will s bmit caref ll) written and proofread material. Spelling and grammatical errors% as well as lang age sage problems% are not acceptable in the final s bmission. There is no strict limitation to the n mber of pages% b t it is s ggested that the paper length sho ld from 0 to 1 pages and be single!spaced in 12 point t)pe with Times +ew ,oman font. 2apers sho ld be written in English% clearl) describe the bac/gro nd of the s b*ect% the a thors wor/% incl ding the methods sed% and concl ding disc ssion on the importance of the wor/. 2 PAPER FORMAT The niform o tloo/ will help the reader to follow the proceedings. This can be obtained most easil) if a thors se this template file to constr ct their papers. 2lease note the following details3 this template is an #0 format with 20 mm '0.4 inch( margins left% right% top and bottom. 5eader and footer shall be positioned 11 mm '0.1. inch( from the edge. #ll te$t paragraphs sho ld be single spaced% with first line intended b) 10 mm '0.0 inch(. 6o ble spacing sho ld onl) be sed before and after headings and s bheadings as shown in this e$ample. 2osition and st)le of headings and s bheadings sho ld follow this e$ample. +o spaces sho ld be placed between paragraphs. 2.1 Header, Foo er, Pa!e N"#$er%&! # thors need to mention 7+89 paper title on header 'left aligned(

E@ ations sho ld be clear and e$pressions sed sho ld be e$plained in the te$t... E@ ations sho ld be n mbered in parentheses. T)pe e@ ation n mbers in parentheses. E$ample3 x2 + y2 + .e.' Ta$(es a&d F%!"res <ig re captions and table headings sho ld be s fficient to e$plain the fig re or table witho t needing to refer to the te$t. The st)les available are bold% italic and nderlined.oman font. Item3 01 11 Item0 13 24 Item1 1> 21 Item2 03 13 Ty)e + Item3 00. 2. It is recommended that te$t in fig res sho ld not be smaller than :!point font si.2 = 1 2. <ig res and tables not cited in the te$t sho ld not be presented. The) sho ld be n mbered and enclosed in brac/ets. 2 . <ig re captions sho ld be centred below the fig res% <ig re 13 ?aption of E$ample <ig re 2. E-"a %o&s Each e@ ation sho ld be presented on a separate line from the te$t with a blan/ space above and below. T)pe all e@ ations. #ll fig res and tables sho ld be n mbered. The following is the e$ample for Table 1. Re/ere&0es '1( .2 Fo& s The bod) of )o r paper sho ld se 12!point Times +ew . 1. <l sh the bod) of e@ ation to left.eferences sho ld be cited in n merical order and according to their order of appearance. Item0 10 1: Tables and fig res sho ld be placed close after their first reference in the te$t. Table 1 Title of E$ample Table ### === ??? Ty)e * Item1 14 20 Item2 00 10. Table headings sho ld be centred above the tables.2aper title goes here 2.

. 3 . In the case of more than two references% the n mbers sho ld be separated b) a dash A4!10B.do056. A1B <or a boo/3 a thor's(% ')ear(% boo/ title% page or chapter n mbers% p blisher% cit). ' SUBMITTIN1 THE PAPER The f ll paper has to be s bmitted electronicall) at the paperCi*sme. Incl de the following information 'as applicable(.2aper title goes here In the case of two citations% the n mbers sho ld be separated b) a comma A1%>B. A2B <or a *o rnal paper3 a thor's(% ')ear(% paper title 'in @ otes(% *o rnal name% vol me and iss e n mbers% page n mbers 'incl sive(.!.org T2e /%&a( )a)er /%(e &a#e s2o"(d $e 2e sa#e as 2e )a)er e&ro((#e& &"#$er 3e. CONC7USION ?oncl sions sho ld state concisel) the most important propositions of the paper as well as the a thorDs views of the practical implications of the res lts. REFERENCES -se 10!point Times +ew . 4!12de. A3B <or a proceedings paper or chapter in an edited boo/3 a thor's(% ')ear(% paper or chapter title 'in @ otes(% vol me title% editor's(% vol me n mber 'if applicable(% p blisher% cit)% page n mbers 'incl sive(.oman font for the references and list references at the end of the paper in alphabetical order according to the last name of the first!named a thor.