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Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost


Not so aam aadmi: The extraordinariness of being Arvind Kejriwal AAP and BJP are eyeing the same lunch-box. Modi should worry
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Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi’s speech in Varnasi
by Sanjay Singh Dec 21, 2013 #BJP #Congress #Ganga #India #Muslim #Narendra Modi #Politics #PoliticsDecoder #Rahul Gandhi #Uttar Pradesh Tweet Share EmailPrint For a day the holy city of Varanasi tweaked its everyday slogan of Har Har Mahadev to Har Har Modi, Ghar Ghar Modi as the BJP's prime ministerial candidate addressed a rally there. Many expected him to make a speech that could be in sync with Hindutava while the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate was in the
spiritual capital. There was reason for it. Kashi had once been part of the unfinished agenda of the VHP and Modi's itinerary on Friday included a visit to Sankat Mochan and Vishwnath temple. However, Modi kept let that remain a matter of personal faith and steered clear of any such issue that could be deemed even remotely contentious in his speech.

Instead he chose to speak on issues that could be the biggest leveller to all concerned, issues that go beyond the boundaries of caste, class and religion: the cleaning of Ganges, new age power looms to revive manufacturing of famous Banarasi sarees and other social, economic and emotive issues related to development. If in other rallies in UP like in Bahraich and Agra he sought to invoke sub-nationalist pride by reminding them of their electoral might, of their power of sending 80 MPs to the Lok Sabha. He also told them of the road to Delhi could only be through Lucknow, the state had given the nation eight Prime Ministers, including the current UPA leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, and how despite all of that that the state remained backward.

Modi at the Varanasi rally. PTI It seems that by the time he travelled to Varanasi for his fifth rally in the state, Modi was confident of the kind of mobilisation he has succeeded in creating in the nation's most populous state. So he picked another route to tap into their pride and give his audience a sense of commitment. "Those who consider UP is important only because of the large number of MPs that it sends to the Parliament, and can make or break a government, are in fact insulting the people of the state. Is UP important just for the numbers in Lok Sabha? My thoughts are not so narrow. I can’t see India developing without UP realising its potential and adding a lion's share in nation building,” Modi said. He spoke at at length about the Ganga but it was more to do with the river’s exalted status in Indian culture and social traditions, rather than of its 1/10

in neutralising the Muslim community’s hostility to the largest extent possible. Raja Talab. He spoke of how a clean Ganga would be symbolic of a new rising India and the new economy it could usher in. garib. Murli Manohar Joshi’s presence on the dais and his speech before Modi indicated that he will contest parliamentary elections from Varanasi. "If anyone is responsible for so much of poverty. The veteran is not giving up his seat in favour of Modi and as Firstpost had reported earlier Modi is no longer thinking of contesting from Varanasi or from any other part of UP. particularly in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan wouldn't have been possible without the support of a section of Muslim voters and without the hostility of the community decreasing. Modi also resorted to his now famous sarcasm targeting Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. He said the man had complained that the noise emanating from these machines did not let him sleep peacefully and the man had asked him to look for a solution. but chose not to elaborate on this statement. the Ganga continues to be as remain as polluted and the water flow is getting depleted. Karunanidhi cozies up to Modi Modi rakes up Ram Rajya issue during rally in Varanasi RELATED VIDEOS Full text: Rahul Gandhi promises Anna Hazare strong Lokpal Snoopgate and Modi: Woman was spied on even outside Gujarat www. when elections approach. through a completely centrally sponsored scheme Ganga Action Plan. to which the gathered crowd cheered . "If the Sabarmati in Gujarat could be cleaned and its banks beautified. To make his vision for development sound socially inclusive. ALSO SEE The politician formerly known as Prince: New faces of old Rahul Jayalalithaa plays PM card. Modi and other BJP leaders are acutely aware that a resounding performance by the party in four states.html 2/10 .firstpost. Power supply and power looms have been an issue with the weavers not just in Varanasi but in almost all other districts of eastern UP. Thousands of crores of rupees have been spent since 1985 to clean the Ganga that runs over 2500 kms from the Gangotri in the Himalayas to Ganga Sagar in the Bay of Bengal." he said. But thanks to the organisational skills of the local party unit and Modi's ability to attract crowds. many thought it was ambitious to hold a rally at a location that was 22 km away from Varanasi. was responsible for keeping a large number of people below the poverty line. He mentioned it due to its cultural connect but mentioned nothing of the contentious Ram temple in Ayodhya despite the fact that a large picture of Lord Ram was right behind him on the "The Congress starts chanting garib." Modi said. why can't the same be done for the Ganges? But to do that a cleaning process has to first start in Delhi. Modi also spoke about Uttar Pradesh having seen 'Ram Rajya' at one time. However. Perhaps you didn’t get the right leader." he said.. The BJP's leaders in the state are presently are on a high and are fully charged as the elections approach. only one family has to be blamed." he said. They see a Modi wave coming that they believe will prove to be bigger than the one seen in favour of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1998. the venue was filled to capacity with over a lakh people present.12/30/13 Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost religiosity. He upped the aggression against the Nehru-Gandhi family at this rally by also alleging that it was the family. If they could achieve that level of success the party knows it has to try and make some inroads. And with the mention of poverty. which has been in power the most since Independence. "But you have not been electing right governments. When the organisers in the BJP had selected a huge barren chunk of land at Khajuri. Most of those engaged in weaving or in handloom belong to poorer sections of the Muslim community. The BJP leader likened him and the Congress with students who prayed to God for an easier examination paper and marks on the day of the examination. garib. Modi narrated how he received a letter from a Muslim resident who lived in an area that had several power looms.

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but can he deliver? Dec 23. 2013 Cong's idea of combating Modi through innuendo on his love life boomerangs Dec 27.html 4/10 . 2013 Does Lokpal triumph. Delhi babus to make people swear on god before accepting bribe UPA's US dare signal Rahuls resurrection? Dec 18. 2013 Arvind Kejriwal to form govt in Delhi. 2013 To av oid being trapped. declare criteria Dec 26. 2013 VIEW MORE Political parties to recruit from IITs.firstpost. 2013 Cong's big headache: Kejriwal gets to be CM and leader of oppn Dec 25.12/30/13 Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost MOST RECENT A peek into India's healthcare financing sector A look at India's disease burden MORE FROM Sanjay Singh The Aam Aadmi CM: Arvind Kejriwal must make it count Dec 29. 28 www.

html 5/10 .12/30/13 Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost Comedy nights with Kapil.24 Mon 12. Modi should worry It is now impossible to predict 2014.firstpost. we shouldn’t read him as the quintessential aam aadmi Mr. But while he reassures us that nice guys don’t have to finish last. Dec Fri 12. but AAP is now a serious contender for Modi’s vote in several important pockets www.23 Sat 12. Editor's picks Today Fri 12..27 Tue 12. Full Episode -40.20 The extra-ordinariness of being Arvind Kejriwal Arvind Kejriwal is a shoo-in for the Person of the Year titles as 2013 winds to an end. AAP and BJP are eyeing the same lunch-box. 2013 x Newsletters Please check the newsletters you wish to subscribe to Today's Headlines While you were sleeping Big Story Politics Daily Tech Weekly Business Wrap Sports Daily Your email id. It actually is a very uncommon story. The game was heading Modi’s way till recently. India story.

the party’s search for Lok Sabha candidates has seen it asking common people to sign up as candidates. rise of Deepika and more Here’s a look at 2013′s trending topics onscreen in Bollywood.firstpost. Rahane stands alone The two sides will go head-to-head in a decider that is more than just another five-day game — it will also be Jacques Kallis’ last Test. Gujarat riots: Why Modi's near-apology won't silence critics Narendra Modi came close to making an apology over 2002. Ind vs SA day 5: Zaheer falls.12/30/13 Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost Missed opportunities: 25 Years after Deng Xiaoping & Rajiv Gandhi India has not capitalised on its advantages over China – democracy. and diplomacy. Lok Sabha 2014: AAP on a look out for candidates with 'political edge' True to its democratic style. AAP has released forms on its site which interested ticket seekers can fill and send to the party office in Ghaziabad.html 6/10 . but for his critics nothing he does will ever be enough. Time we did Ind vs SA day 5: Zaheer falls. Flashback 2013: The death of macho man. Rahane stands alone The two sides will go head-to-head in a decider that is more than just another five-day game — it will also be Jacques Kallis’ last Test. www.

Politicians anchored in the past for their own avarice either don’t want to pursue this or don’t understand it. Justice for 2002 will follow. Ensuring justice for the violence of 1984 in well thought out fashion is one way. That’s why when a villain sports it in a Bollywood film it signifies something. Why Congress. Problem of AAP: Why Kejriwal is more of a mouse-that-roared As Arvind Kejriwal gets ready to take power in Delhi. The Ashes: We want to be No 1 again. political pundits across the country are trying desperately to understand his party and what its impact will be.firstpost. It’s a cultural motif. says Brad Haddin But Haddin said the real test of Australia’s aspiration to become Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost Time for real liberals: Why Kejriwal should take up 1984 AAP must set itself up as a liberal force devoid of any baggage.html 7/10 . And now its initials are part of the allure around a stormtrooper of Indian politics – Arvind Kejriwal. 1 will likely come in the tour of South Africa. From Sanjay Dutt to Arvind Kejriwal: The AK-47 fires on The AK-47 is not just a gun. BJP don’t get AAP: Ignorance or hubris? What AAP is trying to do is participatory and deliberative democracy. www.

Slow decision making no excuse. as it happened: Petersen leads strong SA response Live coverage of the fourth day of the first Test between India and South Africa at the Wanderers.html 8/10 . and a missed opportunity for Modi. Modi and brutal rapes of Muzzaffarnagar What happened in Lakh Bawdi represents a complete breakdown of Indian democracy. 1st Test. www. Justice Ganguly vs Indira Jaising: Some not so comfortable questions Additional Solicitor Indira Jaising took Justice AK Ganguly to the cleaners by releasing the intern’s communications. a failure of secularism.12/30/13 Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost Citizens first: Muslims. Ind vs Why AAP faces self-destruction by forming the Delhi government The Aam Aadmi Party will quickly lose relevance if it does not move quickly from populism to transparent honesty about its economic ideology. there are plenty of positives for India to take from the Test. But did she use ageism to fight sexism? India vs South Africa: Plenty of positives for India despite draw Despite India’s inability to win the game.firstpost. Rahul Gandhi tells industry The Congress second-in-command said no other government at the Centre had the courage to legislate tough anti-graft laws like the RTI.

Ind vs SA day three as it happened: Pujara. you have to get rid of the expectations that are raised in most average human beings suffering from an illness called common sense.html 9/10 . Kohli give India huge lead Live coverage of day three of the first Test between India and South Africa at the Wanderers. This is the eighth high-profile exit at the IT major ever since Narayana Murthy returned at the helm in June 2013. Katrina but no fun To watch Dhoom:3. That will be a challenge for a party that’s nurtured a public image of being principled rather than pragmatic. effective 31 December. Aamir. Rajiv Malhotra tells you how we should work at it AAP to form govt: Now comes their real test in Delhi Delhi voters told AAP that they preferred pragmatism over principle when they asked AAP to form the government with Congress support. the company informed the Bombay Stock Exchange today. Submit About Firstpost Verticals: Newsletter RSS Twitter Facebook www.12/30/13 Mission Uttar Pradesh: Decoding Narendra Modi's speech in Varnasi | Firstpost Dhoom:3 review: Heists. bad-cop approach with the US A superpower with a sophisticated ability to exert power and pressure cannot be dealt with amateurishly by Khobragade row: India must try good-cop. bikes. Infosys' V Balakrishnan resigns— 8th big exit in 6 months Infosys director and chief financial officer V Balakrishnan will resign from Infosys.

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