1. Is there is any purchase committee in the unit?



Can’t say

2. What are the factors considered while placing a purchase order?

Safety stock Availability Consumption Cost

Lead time Competition Demand Other

Please specify if others, _______________________________ 3. From where the unit purchase its inventories? Own Subsidiaries Local market Domestic market (National) International market 4. According to you, how many number of Godowns are there in the company? 0 to 5 5 to 10 10 to 15 15 & above
5. What factors are considered while storing te inventories in godown? Please give ranking

as per your viewpoint, 8 to the highest and 1 to the lowest…. Lighting Movement Standarization Cleanliness Inventory types Codification Space Other

Please specify if others, _______________________________ 6. Did proper records of these inventories are maintained by the company? Yes No 7. Which method of accounting of inventories is being followed by the company? LIFO FIFO FILO Please specify if others, _______________________________ 8. How do you managed the waste materials of the company? Resale Disposed



Please specify if others, _______________________________ 9. Did the company followed any inventory policies? Yes No 10. What factors are considered while framing inventory policies? Degree of specialization Capacities Production system Sales Others Demand Forecaste Opportunities Competitors strategy Cost associated

Please specify if others, _______________________________ 11. Which of the inventory control techniques is/are being followed in the company? EOQ ABC Re-order level FSN VED ERP system Inventory turnover ration Please specify if others, ________________________________ 12. Which of the following cost reduction measures are adopted by the company? Safety stock JIT Reducing leadtime Bulky purchase Channels of distribution
13. Please give your opinion for the below statement. (“SD”- Strongly Diagreed, “D”-

Disagreed, “N”- Neutral, “A”- Agreed and “SA”- Stongly Agreed) a. b. c. d. VSGM followed proper inventory managemtn system Godowns maintained by the company are sufficient for storing inventories Proper codification process are being followed for all class of inventories ERP system is a suitable tool for managing inventories

Name of respondent: ________________________

Deptt.: ____________________

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