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Interview Questions for Grameen Danone: 1. What is the present business model of your company? 2.

How much do you think people are aware about the product you are offering? What is the awareness or knowledge level? 3. What is the sustainable and development strategy of your business? 4. What competitive environment do you face? 5. How different your product is from your competitors? 6. Have you analyzed on how Shokti Doi is bringing changes to childrens nutrition level?(any charts) 7. What is the target sale of this year? 8. What are the challenges you faced so far and how did you overcome these challenges? 9. What are the social and environmental impacts of your business? 10. Presently what type of projects your company is involved in? 11. What distribution channel you use? 12. What are the sales, cost and profit situations? 13. What is your selling strategy? 14. What opportunities and risks do you face? 15. What long-terms goals have you set? 16. What is the pricing model and why? 17. How will you adapt to changes in the market environment? 18. What is your marketing strategy to aware people?