Kids of tomorrow still study hard


As we conclude (his bicentennial celebration of the beginning of the United Slates, many of our minds might wonder what-a day in the United States will be like when it celebrates it's triccntcnnial. The following is what, in my opinion, it would be like as seen through the eyes of a teenager of the next century. I was pretty tired from Ihe night before/and getting up wasn't too easy this morning. Promptly at 7 a.m.. my awakening clock went off. sending off it's ever increasing hum that wouldn't stop till I got out of bed. Knowing that it was useless to fight il, I struggled out of bed. dressed myself and hurried into Ihe kitchen for breakfast. • II was dad's turn to make the breakfast this morning, and the smell of Ihe freeze-dried palties of food simmering over Ihe electric slove told me, my brother and Mom that it would soon be ready. • i ':'". This morning we were having algae ; cakes, syrup and fruit. My dad works on an algae farm so we eat this kind of breakfast a lot. I'm glad because I like it so much. • Once finished with breakfast. I went to our computer termitel wijh my brother. Both he and I are taking the same school course, interplanetary spaceship cort struction. We sat down at the terminal, punched in Ihe right program and the television screen showed a picture of our teacher, and he gave us our lessons. Between lessons, my brother and •! practiced our music. He likes to sing and I play Ihe "octoscalephone," an improved version of the ancient electric guitar. After our morning'classes my brother prepared lunch while I fixed a solar cell panel on our house that my mom had complained about before. These panels supply all the energy our house needs. One had been damaged by a storm a few days ago, but it didn't do much harm and 1 just sprayed a new. coat of silicon over the affected area. After our lunch was eaten, we put the dishes in .Ihe dishwasher, wailed a ir minute and then took them put and put I hem away. We were in a hurry because, as part of nur course in school, we were to go to a •space shuttle manufacturing plant today. My brother, who is 13. said he would drive and he inserted his driver's card into the electric car and we drove off. There was no pollution in the air because everything was powered ^y electricity' from either solar cells, batteries or, for big electric users, Ihermonuclear power plants.


We drove on a synthetic asphalt road that never needs repair. , Our visit to the plant was very interesting. We saw the whole process of making the space shuttles, spacecraft lhat lake off like a rocket and lands like an airplane. We even saw the XJ-1,000, a spacecraft that both takes off and lands like an airplane. II turned out we were going to stay longer than we thought, so we got permission to use the plant's computer terminal and we called home and left a message we would be late: .;'• When we finally did get home, my dad was sitting in the living room recharging his bionic arm. A few years ago he was inspecting a machine at the algae farm and his arm got cut off, but the bionic arm replacement works just as well as his old arm did and he just needs to recharge it once every Ihree days. After supper was over that night, we \venl lo the recreation room and did our daily exercises. After thai we had our regular family discussion and my mom suggested thai we might Iry Ip buy a spabe shuttle for my dad so he could expand his-business lo Ihe orbitting space colonies. After the discussion we all relaxed and watched some video .tapes. Then we retired lo our bedrooms. • Whether or not all this could happen in Ihe year 2077, I can't say. All I can say is my version of the future does solve many of the world's problems, such as sea farming for world hunger, solar and thermonuclear energy and an all electric sociely for pollution control.