Money is NOT real!

In my post on Our Culture’s Obsession With Money, I made the assertion that money is a man-created false god that has totally imprisoned us and is distorting and destroying the human spirit. I’m going to take things even further no . I’d like the preface this by saying that the follo ing is not personal opinion, it’s verifiable fact !I’m not an economist, but I’ve done my research". We assume that money is real because it’s so deeply-ingrained in our culture and psyche. #ut hat if I as to tell you that money is not real$ %ou might proceed to take out your allet and thrust a bank note in my face to prove me rong. But what you’re showing me isn’t money — it’s currency. There’s a difference. Currency is real, you can see it, touch it and spend it. #ut it’s &ust a symbolic representation of money. Currency can be printed or minted, but money cannot because money is &ust an abstract concept. 'he concept of money as created as a representation of the value of goods, labour and services. It as designed to allo for the e(change of goods in an easy fashion. Currency is a symbol of the concept of money and makes society function more easily because in our incredibly comple( culture barter ould be unfeasible ) although, that said, it may in fact be something that e need to return to. Our society uses fiat money, something that originated in **th century China. +iat is the currency declared by government to be legal tender, even though it has no intrinsic value. ,istorically, currency as backed by gold and silver reserves, but fiat currency is unrelated to the amount of gold or silver it ought to represent. -ound like a bit of a scam. It is actually. +iat currency is one of the biggest scams in history.

%et e’re all enslaved in a system based on this lie ) a system that’s causing untold misery and destruction and hich is inherently unsustainable by its very nature. If you ant a loan then banker ill press a fe keys on his or her computer and that money is 0miraculously’ con&ured out of thin air. endless gro th ) hich is clearly unsustainable in a finite orld ith finite resources. even though there’s very little difference. Money is not wealth — it’s debt. then the middle classes". 'he entire fiat monetary system is essentially a 3on4i scheme/ hich is ironically illegal in many countries because it’s an out-and-out scam. 'he problem is. #ecause money is created out of thin air and has no gold or silver reserve to back it up. there ould be no currency at all. producing ever greater debt and inflation. 1o . hile those at the top of the . he’s deemed a criminal and ill be locked up. 'his debt is paid off by ta(es and through continual devaluation of the currency ) and it’s the people that suffer for this !first the orking classes. it’s clearly unreal. It’s make-believe. It is transferred to your account and you can use it to purchase stuff like the good little consumer you are encouraged to be. it’s perfectly legal. 'he orld recession is the result of the criminal greed of the banking system hich e all accept as legitimate because that’s hat e’ve al ays been told and assumed to be true ) &ust as e’ve al ays assumed that money is real and not &ust the abstract fantasy that it is. if a regular 2oe starts printing bank notes. #ut if a bank does it. so ne money is continually created. but you the interest it accrues.#anks create money out of nothing/because it is essential nothing. but those in themselves only have value because e all pretend they do. it’s represented by currency. If all the debt created by the issue of fiat currency as paid. +iat money is based on debt and rooted on the assumption of continual. Money is a total invention. you no have to not only repay that imaginary money. %es. by bank notes and coins. lending them to people and e(pecting them to repay ith interest.

#ut 7uestion and challenge it e must. . Most people are still too enmeshed in blind acceptance of the system to be able to 7uestion it. or e’ll be left picking up the pieces after it happens/and that ill not be pretty/ I must sound like such fun at parties. %es. it has the potential to be devastating beyond imagination. I’m not one for conspiracy theories or doomsday obsessions/but the very fabric of our society has become so deeply dependent on the illusion of fiat money that hen the scam collapses. When the Occupy Wall -treet movement sprung up a couple of years ago. . 'his is hugely important though. We need to preempt the inevitable catastrophe of global monetary collapse. but it as a start. WE NEED TO CHAN E THE !"!TE# NOW. huh.pyramid are literally laughing all the #ut they collapse.aving outlined the problem. much less challenge it. 5overnments are desperately trying to paper over the cracks as they appear. I actually don’t ant to think about hat could happen hen the global monetary system eventually collapses and all the 0money’ e think e possess suddenly becomes as valuable as toilet paper !in fact less so". on’t be laughing forever. ay to the bank. I had glimmers of hope. I don’t even kno hat’s happened to it no . I’m ne(t going to e(plore some possible solutions. 6t the moment our leaders are too busy trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the sinking 'itanic. because the system is destined to It’s already happening. but no one is yet illing to truly revolutionise the system. it as easy for cynics to criticise and yes it lacked direction and a cohesive agenda.