What Money Is & What Money Is Not Money is coined liberty, and so it is ten times dearer to the man who

is deprived of freedom. If money is jingling in his pocket, he is half consoled, even though he cannot spend it. --Dostoevsky (House of the Dead, part 1, chapter 2)

Money is incarnate desire. -James Buchan (Frozen Desire)

oney is not a do!!ar "i!! or a check or a penny, nick!e, or dime# oney is not $o!d or si!ver or copper, nor is money co%rie she!!s or $ems or sa!t "!ocks or catt!e# oney is not a credit card# oney is not even an e!ectrica! current or "inary code in a computer& '!! of these thin$s represent money, "ut they are not money# Money is not a materia! su"stance# Money is a belief in the head. oney is a shared "e!ief of t%o or more peop!e# ' (erman mark is nothin$ "ut a piece of paper %ith pretty pictures on it to a )anomamo in the 'mazon *un$!e# +he )anomamo sees it %ith the eyes of rea!ity# Both the "uyer and the se!!er must "e!ieve in money or it,s not money# Money is credit. Credit is belief. +he very first definition of credit in The American Heritage the truth of something” ictionary is! ‘Belief or confidence in

+he %ord credit comes from the -atin credere, “to belie e#. /o does the %ord creed# Creed is another %ord for religion, for "oth refer to a shared (cu!tura!) "e!ief# Money is credit, a creed, a religion.

.t do "oth# )ou can p!ed$e a!!e$iance to stars and stripes. the root of a!! professions8# Wor"ing for money is ulterior moti ation. then %e are ido!ators# 3do!atry is simp!y an archaic %ord for superstition# Idolatry is mista"ing the symbol for the thing it symboli*es. then %e are de!uded. rea! peop!e# 3t. ido!ators# +his is not a statement of *ud$ement. $!ory. prize)# 1raise is the opinion. %hich comes from the -atin pretium. meanin$ 2!rice. #hich means actor.t serve "oth >ea!ity and ammon# oney for But most adu!t peop!e in the %or!d "e!ieve money to "e a rea! su"stance# ost adu!t peop!e in the %or!d are de!uded. or else you #ill be loyal to the one and des!ise the other. meanin$ 2to prize. the nature of sym"o!# <o% if %e actua!!y "e!ieve the photo itse!f is John F# . Money e(ists no !lace but in the mind) 3n the same %ay that %e cou!d point to a do!!ar "i!! and ca!! it money. to scriptures. a%ard.0redit is a!so praise (a!so ca!!ed honor.& 'nd this is derived from the 3ndo-4uropean root per-. "ut of simp!y %hat . or e!se you can actua!!y care a"out rea! thin$s. 'or either you #ill hate the one and lo e the other.& +he %ords prostitution and pornography come from per" 5see -ove 6 1ossession . sell. %e mi$ht point to a photo$raph of John F# . %hich means 2to traffic. the "e!iefs. )ou can p!ed$e a!!e$iance to a sym"o! or you can p!ed$e a!!e$iance to >ea!ity# )ou can. 9hen you %ork for the sake of %orkin$ itse!f. superstitious# 9e mi$ht point to ichae!an$e!o=s paintin$ of (od on the /istine chape! and say 2+his is (od. %es. blindness to &eality. of others# +he %ord praise comes from the -atin pretire. pretender. %ou cannot #or" for both &eality and imagination. to money. superstitious. and that. not being real: you are prostitutin$ yourse!f: you are adu!teratin$ yourse!f: you are an adu!terer: you are servin$ an ima$e in the head (your ima$ination): you are thus an ido!ator# +he %ord hypocrite is actua!!y the 4n$!ish form of the (reek hupocrite.ennedy.s okay. you are "ein$ rea!# When you #or" to gain the credit of others.s impossi"!e for you to do "oth# )ou can.ennedy and ca!! it John F . even thou$h %e kno% the photo$raph itse!f is not John F . kno%in$ that the paintin$ itse!f isn=t (od# But if %e actua!!y believe it is (od.ennedy. you ha e ulterior moti ation$ you are !retending.ennedy./e7 6 a discussion of prostitution.

y llega a que echa las ánimas al Paraíso (Gold is a most excellent thing. E2F8 C3n (o!d 9e +rustC When you ser e #hat is unreal. even as they mouth praises to (od# 'nd they eat food offered to this ido!# 9ars and anima! e7p!oitation and environmenta! destruction are a!! sacrifices to this ido!. this ido! they serve %ith a!! their hearts. --0hristopher 0o!um"us 5Dare!a. sacrificin$ !ivin$ "ein$s. minds. quien lo tiene. y con él. !ike B!ack 4!k. . at this very moment. can do hate!er he ishes in this orld. you become &eal. When you ser e #hat is &eal. haçe cuanto quiere en el mundo. del oro se hace tesoro. and sou!s. you become unreal. not o er &eality. human and anima!. and even %ho!e nations. for this delusion. note the first seed p!anted "y 4urope in the 'mericas? El oro es excelentíssimo. this imagination. and ith it. o er creeds. common!y ca!!ed $o!d Cthe ye!!o% meta! that makes %hite men crazyC and the thin$ that they %orship 5#lack $lk %peaks8# 9hy do peop!e !ust so much after somethin$ so use!ess@ any 0hristians and us!ims and Je%s !ove to condemn other re!i$ions as ido!ators even as they themse!ves sacrifice themse!ves and their fe!!o% human "ein$s "efore this ido! ca!!ed money. hosoe!er possesses it. as %e!! as destroyin$ the natura! environments they depend upon. that e7ists on!y in the mind@ +eo!le bic"er and #ar o er symbols. e!en sending souls to Paradise". any natives in the 'mericas %ere astonished at their 4uropean conAuerors= !ust for a ye!!o% su"stance ca!!ed $o!d B a !ust so $reat they massacred %ho!e popu!ations and environments to $et it# <atives.is# -ook around? are not peop!e. gold constitutes treasure. this idol. hope!ess!y "eyond rationa!ity# 3n the %ords of 0hristopher 0o!um"us.

+he ru!ers of the nations serve ima$ination and are thus 3ma$i-<ations# &ender unto imagination #hat belongs to imagination. 6 F as motivation# +hese are your credits# +here are students %ho !earn simp!y "ecause !earnin$ is fun and interestin$. and there are students %ho !earn to $et credits# /ome students %ho "e$an !earnin$ for credit start rea!izin$ !earnin$ is fun. 0. #hose ho ma%e them are li%e them. Those who worship Me come to Me )nly. B. A person is made up of faith. the teacher mi$ht $ive you $o!d stars as incentives to !earn# 9hen you reach hi$her $rades. but they do not see' They have ears. Don=t $et me %ron$. 'hate!er his o()ect o$ $aith. and they !earn for the sake of !earnin$# +hese are the mature ones# +hey are not under a !a% outside themse!ves. 9hen you are in preschoo! and kinder$arten. But imagination ceases to be beautiful #hen #e start belie ing it to be real. Those who worship their ancestors go to their ancestors. They have mouths.#he idols o$ the nations are sil!er and gold. but they do not speak' $yes they have. you receive $rades of '. &ender unto &eality #hat is &eality. "ut under a !a% %ritten on their hearts# +he immature students need a system of credit and de"t to push them a!on$# +he mature students are "eyond . &o is e!eryone ho trusts in them. but they do not hear' (or is there any breath in their mouths. Those who worship the elements go to the elements. (Bha$avad (ita 1F?E) Those who worship the gods go to the gods. e!en so is he. (Bha$avad (ita I?2G) Money is a schoolteacher. The work of men&s hands. +his is %hen %e serve our ima$inations rather than our ima$inations servin$ us# Money is imagination. imagination is a beautiful thing. D. (1sa!m 1EG?1G-1H) The faith of every person is in accord with his innate character.

(Bha$avad (ita G?12) . and do everythin$ for $ratis. The person ignorant of yoga.e divides him.e of gold He goes blind or sees two targets"" He is out of his mindHis skill has not changed. If he shoots for a pri. continuin$ to %ork for out%ard credit# *eward and punishment 5credit and de"t8 is the lowest form of education. %ithout de"t# oney is !a%. $race# 3mmature peop!e need out%ard !a%s to $uide them# ature peop!e rea!ize that the re%ard is in doin$.0huan$ +zu +hen an archer is shooting for nothing He has all his skill. and its purpose is to a!so "ecome o"so!ete. And the need to win rains him of power. -. our society has "ecome corrupt. *ust as $radeschoo!=s purpose is to "ecome o"so!ete and a chi!d=s purpose is to $ro% up# +he trou"!e is. #ut the pri. $ratis is $racefu!# oney has its purpose. He thinks more of winning Than of shooting. He cares. --0huan$ +zu (1I?J) +he !ove of credit is the root of a!! evi!# +he !ove of re%ard is the root of a!! evi!# +he !ove of praise is the root of a!! evi!# 4$o is simp!y the !ove of creditKre%ardKpraise# A person of yoga obtains everlasting peace by abandoning the rewards of action. a"!e to $ive e7pectin$ nothin$ in return and a"!e to receive %ithout $ui!t. freedom for the mature# oney is forced. selfishly attached to reward. a schoo!teacher for the immature# (ratis is $race. are $enerous.credit and de"t. If he shoots for a brass buckle He is already nervous. under $race# ature peop!e %ork $racefu!!y. and chi!dren stopped $ro%in$ up. remains bound.

no%!ed$e of 0redit 6 De"t.t care for the %ord C(odC.allelu)ah /ranslated 'or 0theists 3f you don. apart from our contro!. %hether %e. ca!! it >ea!ity. (>eve!ation 1J?H) ּ  ‫ה‬ ָ‫ּ ּה‬   ‫ולולוי‬ ְ‫ה ול‬ ֽ . either vo!untari!y or invo!untari!y# 3f you %ant a happy !ife.re ta!kin$ re!i$ious theocracies condemnin$ fo!ks for not usin$ the right $od-!a"e!. to over!ook rea! peop!e.ah Ha!!e!u*ah means *ll +redit to . or %hatever you !ike# /imp!y "e a%are of.allelu-. or atheistic re$imes .icant of the wrath of her prostitution. %hen %e !usted after the fruit of our o%n efforts. the on!y natura! thin$ to do. %ithout e7pectation of credit. "o% to rea!ity vo!untari!y# /oluntarily means %ithout payment. that great city. must su"mit and "o% to rea!ity sooner or !ater.s "een a"used a!most "eyond meanin$. (1rover"s 1L?1H) #abylon is fallen. %ithout contro!# 0ont"rol means Ca$ainst the ro!!#C +he same that app!ies to re!i$ious fo!ks app!ies to you? to over!ook rea!ity. peop!e oppress and ki!! each other over sym"o!s. is ca!!ed ido!atry. 'll +redit to -eality# Ha!!e!u*ah means renouncin$ se!f-credit# oney is se!f-credit# Ha!!e!u*ah means !ettin$ Jah a$ain take care of credit and de"t# Ha!!e!u*ah means returnin$ 0onsciousness of 0redit 6 De"t to Heaven. the on!y happy thin$ to do# 4very creature.ah. the cyc!es of nature.no%!ed$e of (ood 6 4vi! to Heaven. every partic!e in the universe. is fallen. "ecause %e. %ithout force. %hatever "rin$s "a!ance of positive and ne$ative in the infinite universe# )ou can see a!! credit "e!on$s to it# 1onder our insi$nificance in the face of the infinite universe# Humi!ity is rea!ization of rea!ity# >ea!ity doesn. the re%ards of action# . accept and !ove rea!ity %ith a!! your "ein$. then ponder on %hatever mana$es credit and de"t. mistakin$ the sym"o! for the rea!ity it sym"o!izes# '$ain.re hun$ up on %ords. because she has made all nations drink of the into. not rea!ity.t care %hether you ca!! it C(odC or %hether you personify it or not# 0a!! it +ruth. "ecause it.$go goes before destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall. >eturnin$ /to!en Fire to the (ods# Ha!!e!u*ah means re-enterin$ the (race of 4den from %hich %e fe!! %hen %e !usted after the Fruit of the +ree of . returnin$ the .

(i#e#. 0hina. a!! oppression comes from the same spirit? ido!atry.orea. mistakin$ sym"o! for rea!ity# . former M//>) condemnin$ fo!ks for usin$ any $od !a"e!# 3t makes no difference. <orth .

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