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Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

The Cost of Cameron, by oin Clarke

The 100 worst failures of David Camerons Government from May 2010 to December 2013

1. The number of UK people at risk of poverty or social exclusion has grown by 1,689,000 since 31 December 2009 says European Statistics Agency (evidence) 2. ONS Show 6,442,000 workers earn below a Living Wage in Tory UK even though 2 Studies show a Living Wage would save taxpayers billions (evidence & evidence) 3. Now 707 Food Banks operating in UK according to my own research (evidence) 4. David Cameron turned down EU Cash for Foodbanks says the European Parliament (evidence) 5. Child Poverty up 13% (after Labour had cut it by 50%) says ONS (evidence) 6. 800,000 more households are living in Fuel Poverty & this excludes the impact of recent price rises according to USwitch (evidence) 7. 500,000+ relying on Trussell Trust Foodbanks alone since April 2013 as government scrapped collection of Food Bank Statistics (evidence & evidence)

8. Tax Gap (Evasion/ Avoidance etc) up by 13% says HMRC (evidence) 9. Staffing Budget for Tax Collectors cut by 165 says HMRC (evidence) 10. Profit Tax cut by 19% says Chancellor himself (evidence) 11. High Earners Tax Cut by 10% says Chancellor Himself (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

12. George Osborne hiked the rate of VAT to 20% (evidence)

13. Introduced a Bedroom Tax that hits 660,000 households voted for by these 250 MPs (evidence) 14. IDS ignored NAO warnings that the Work Programme would fail (here) and it failed to deliver jobs for 91% of participants says UK Stats Authority (evidence) 15. Government 200 million Back to work Scheme helps just 3% of the people it targeted says National Audit Office (evidence) 16. Benefit Cap ill-thought as 61% of those hit are Single Parents and just 51 families were receiving 900+ a week admits Iain Duncan Smiths Department (evidence)

17. The Disabled have suffered real term cuts of 1.7% this year in benefits says the Institute of Fiscal Studies (evidence) 18. More than 250,000 Disabled people have been forced to take place in the Work Programme unpaid says ONS (here) 19. David Cameron withdrew the subsidy from Remploy the organisation that helped disabled persons find work. This resulted in the closing of 34 Remploy Factories (evidence) 20. 63% of the 660,000 hit by Bedroom Tax are Disabled says Iain Duncan Smith (evidence)

21. Government Sure Start Funding was cut by 20% last year shows the ONS (evidence) 22. Childcare costs rise 5 times faster than wages, and are up 30% under David Cameron (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

23. 581 fewer Sure Starts says ONS and Government Website & 92 Privatised says Parliament (evidence, evidence & evidence)

24. UK GDP per Capita grew at the fifth worst speed in the EU for 2010-2012 says Euro Statistics Office (evidence) 25. OBR predict Household Debt will grow more than 500bn this parliament thus continuing Labour's awful record of encouraging personal debt (here) 26. November 2013 ONS release showed just c20,000 new Live Enterprises, not the 400,000 Tories claim says the Office for National Statistics (evidence) 27. Middle-Class Household Income fell 5,300 from 2008-2012 says the ONS (evidence) 28. George Osborne grew National Debt more than Labour managed in 3 Parliaments says ONS & UK Public Spending (evidence & evidence) 29. GDP Growth is 0.2% slower than day Cameron became PM says ONS (evidence) 30. David Cameron cut redundancy notice requirements for big business from 90 days to 45 days (evidence 31. 430,000 Businesses & Individuals declared bankrupt/insolvent under David Cameron says the Insolvency Agency (evidence)

32. Unemployment is just 00.08 million lower today than it was on 1 May 2010 shows the ONS (evidence & evidence) 33. ONS shows 8.5m work less than 30 hours & an estimated 1 million have Zero Hours Contracts say CIPD (evidence & evidence) 34. 116,000 unpaid workers in the UK, up 26% says ONS (evidence) 35. 1.5 million Part Timers want Full Time work, up 36% since May 2010 says ONS (evidence) 36. Long Term Female Unemployment up 80% says ONS (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

Low Pay
37. Wages growth is teetering at its lowest for 40 years says the ONS. Real wage growth is at its worst since the 1870s (evidence & evidence) 38. Wages growth in real terms is -1,600 since Cameron became PM shows IFS and ONS (evidence, evidence & evidence) 39. Prices rise three times faster than Wages says ONS (evidence) 40. Minimum Wage rises have been below inflation every year of Tory rule says Low Pay Commission (evidence) 41. Bankers Bonuses jump 64.4% in the last year to April 2013 as more than 35 billion was paid out in bonuses says ONS (evidence)

42. Water Charges are up 20% since 1 Apr 2010 show Ofwat & the BBC (here, here, here) 43. Stamp Prices are up 46-56% since May 2010 says the Royal Mail (evidence) 44. Petrol Prices are up 13% as Tories raised VAT on Petrol to 20% (evidence) 45. No country in the EU has faster rising Prices that the UK says Euro Statistics Office (evidence) 46. Gas Prices up 30%+ despite wholesale prices remaining stable says USwitch & Ofgem (evidence & evidence) 47. Food Prices are up 19% under the Tories (evidence) 48. Average Rail and Bus Fares are up 20% from January 2010 to January 2014 rises ( evidence & evidence, evidence, evidence, evidence)

49. Up to 20 treatments are no longer free on the NHS find 3 separate reports (NAO, Dr Foster, and Labour Check) 50. Tory NHS reforms have so far wasted 1.1bn of taxpayers cash and that some is rising says National Audit Office (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

51. Tories have cut NHS Spending in Real Terms, contrary to what they promised says Nuffield Trust (evidence) 52. Suicide Rates have climbed 8% in just 1 year says ONS, this at a time when 1,406 mental health beds have been cut (evidence) 53. Number of Medical GPs per 10,000 citizens has fallen 4.3% says Wales Statistics Office (evidence) 54. NHS Patient Satisfaction went from record high, to a record fall in 1 year (evidence) 55. NHS Managers Earnings Climb 13% since December 2009 while Nurses pay is frozen says NHS England (evidence) 56. NHS Direct was axed, 61 Ambulance Stations Shut & Private Ambulances hired as Emergency Service Provision crumbled under Cameron (( here, here p. 11, here, here, here, here, here, here, here & here) 57. NHS Clinical Negligence Claims rise 49% costing taxpayer billions (evidence, evidence, evidence, evidence) 58. Government have been defeated on their NHS deeds in 4 separate courts (evidence, evidence, evidence & evidence) 59. 7,968 Hospital Beds Cut & overnight beds cut by 19% says NHS & Nuffield Trust (evidence & evidence) 60. 50% increase in Patients not treated within 28 days of cancelled operation since April 2010 shows NHS England (evidence) 61. 32% of NHS Walk In centres either closed or downgraded says NHS Regulator (evidence) 62. 3,621 NHS Staff were rehired within a year of large redundancy packages being paid out as a result of the Tory NHS Act says the Commons Health Select Committee (evidence) 63. 28,067 Ambulances backed up outside A&E in just 6 weeks of winter says NHS (evidence) 64. 28% of Maternity Units turned pregnant women away in a 6 month study of 2012 says National Audit Office (evidence) 65. 2.5 million+ Breaches of A&E Target under David Cameron. Attendances are down this year but breaches are up says NHS (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

66. 1,406 Mental Health Beds cut under David Cameron says NHS England (evidence) 67. 943m cut in GP Funding under David Cameron says the Royal College of GPs (evidence) 68. 12bn of NHS tendered to private health says NHS Tender Website (evidence)

69. Warm Homes Health People Fund saved lives; David Cameron scrapped it as 81,380 people have died of "Winter" under this government say the Office for National Statistics (up 29% last year) (evidence, evidence, evidence & evidence) 70. Waiting Lists for families seeking to rent social housing have soared to record highs shows ONS (evidence here) 71. There are now more than 1 million in work families who cannot afford rent shows DWP (evidence) 72. Private Rents cost 1,140 per year more today than 30 April 2010 says LSL Property services (evidence & evidence) 73. New Homes Bonus helping just 14k a year, not the 400k the Tories promise says National Audit Office (evidence) 74. House Completions at 89 year lows & fell 8% on latest data says ONS (evidence & evidence) 75. Homelessness up at least 26% by year under David Cameron says ONS (evidence) 76. Grant Shapps oversaw a 97% collapse in Affordable House Building in 2011/12 (Apr-Sept) according to his own Department (evidence)

77. Tuition Fees Tripled to 9,000 (evidence) 78. Number of Children in Class Sizes of more than 30 has doubled in a year (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

79. Michael Gove overspent on Academies & Free Schools by 1bn & cut the funding of state school pupils to pay for it says National Audit Office (evidence) 80. Michael Gove admits he scrapped the Building Schools for Future Programme that was set to renovate or build 715 schools (evidence) 81. EMA Scrapped despite being proved beneficial says Institute of Fiscal Studies, dropout rate has since climbed (evidence & evidence) 82. Cost of Free Schools has doubled but Ofsted scores inspections lower than other schools says National Audit Office (evidence & evidence) 83. 471 Schools (net) have been axed by Michael Gove shows the ONS (evidence & evidence) 84. 10% decline in pupils achieving A/A* in GCE English since 2010 says Joint Council for Qualifications (evidence) 85. Free Schools are under-subscribed but they get more money per pupil & freeze out poor kids (here, here & here)

Frontline Cuts
86. Tories have axed 60,000 of the 400,000 extra NHS Staff recruited by Labour (evidence) 87. Tories have axed 34,000 of the 65,000 new Police Personnel recruited by Labour (evidence) 88. The government admit they have shut 10 Prisons & turned 4 more into Profit Making Prisons (evidence & evidence) 89. More than 600,000 Public Sector workers have been axed shows the ONS (evidence sheet 4) 90. 7,900+ fewer Fire Personnel says ONS (evidence & evidence) 91. 6% of Prison Cells have been cut in 1 year says the ONS (evidence) 92. 179 Libraries Closed, 80 now volunteer only, and 400+ under threat says Public Library News (evidence)

Eoin Clarke, Cost of Cameron, 30 December 2013

93. The government, without mandate, have privatised education services, auditing services & probation services worth 5 billion (evidence, evidence, evidence & evidence) 94. Royal Mail was privatised at 40% beneath its value & while it was still profitmaking (evidence & evidence)

95. Chair of UK Statistics Authority tells Jeremy Hunt NHS Spending is down (here) 96. Chair of UK Statistics Authority tells Gove to stop lying about Education (here) 97. Chair of UK Statistics Authority tells Cameron to telling people he cut the debt (here)

98. Legal Aid: 20% of Law Firms are facing bankruptcy and 500 shut in 6 months amid Legal Aid cuts says the Law Gazette (evidence) 99. Racist Go Home Vans telling immigrants to go home were banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (evidence) 100. Elderly Care Home Fees rise 9.3% in 2 years, as up to 1 million have had to sell their home for care in 5 years (note: under both governments) (evidence & evidence)