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How to remove shortcut virus from your pen drive

Kamruddin 16 Oct 2013 How to remove shortcut virus from your pen drive, Remove-Pen- rive!horcut-"irus

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# How to remove shortcut virus from your pen drive $he pen drives are the most common too%s of stora&e for porta'%e data( $hey are sma%% and convenient to carry( )%% our fi%es and fo%ders that need to 'e accessed on mu%tip%e computer systems are stored and run throu&h pen drives( $here are times when our fi%es and fo%ders stored on the pen drive are shown as shortcuts( $his happens not on%y with pen drives 'ut hard dis*s, memory stic*s and phone memories( +henever we try to access these fi%es the windows show an error sayin& ,shortcut missin&-( $his may insti%% a fear of %osin& data and sometimes we are in a hurry to format our pen drive( +hat it is actua%%y is that the fi%es and fo%der 'ecome hidden to us and instead a shortcut icon appears which actua%%y doesn.t e/ist( 0ormattin& the pen drive is not necessary since it is a type of virus which may harm your computer and your fi%es and a%so fo%ders( $here are a few simp%e methods to de%ete these shortcuts and recover your data( $hese steps do not re1uire the use of any anti-virus( One of the methods which you can follow: 0irst%y, p%u& in your virus infected pen drive in the 2!3 port of your computer or %aptop and press 4+indows. *ey p%us the 4R. *ey 5)nother option is to c%ic* on the 4!tart. menu usin& the mouse and se%ect the Run option6( $his wi%% open the run 'o/ in which you need to type in the word 4c m d. 5without spaces and sin&%e 1uotes6 and press 47nter.( $his opens a command prompt in which you need to open your drive 'y typin& in a certain command( 8ow, for e/amp%e, if your drive %etter is 4&9. 5without sin&%e 1uotes6, then you need to type 4attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*.

Note: ma e sure there is space between each element of this code. )fter typin& in your drive %etter press 47nter.( $he drive %etter can 'e *nown 'y openin& 4:y ;omputer. and chec*in& the pen drive icon( )fter this wait a few seconds and then open and chec* your drive, your fo%ders( <our fo%ders wi%% have recovered 'y now and you can easi%y access them( !se of an antivirus to solve your problem: )part from this tric*, you can a%so insta%% a &ood anti-virus which can he%p you &et rid of a%% the viruses that it detects( $he anti-virus in the system can 'e used to scan the pen drive when it is inserted into the 2!3 port of the computer or %aptop and connected( $he anti-virus software scans the pen drive for viruses and repairs or removes them and may a%so offer so%utions in the form of e/tra too%s that can 'e down%oaded to remove any specia% *inds of virus that is irrepara'%e or irremova'%e from your %aptop or computer( )%% in a%% it is very easy to &et rid of the virus that threatens to harm your precious data 5or your fi%es and fo%ders6 stored in your pen drive 'y simp%y removin& this virus with these easy steps(

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