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The question of eligibility By BobUnruh
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ByJoseph Farah
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6 WHY I CARE ABOUT THE Montana tables plan while Oklahoma
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11 20TH AMENDMENT: WHAT IF By Aaron Klein
13 U.S. MILITARY OFFICERS Obama caselawyer says he'sentitled to
DEMANDING ELIGIBILITY PROOF birth certificate discovery hearing
DavidKupel ian
Plaintiff: 'In the worst case ... it's going By Bob Unruh
to be revolution in the streets'
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13 WHAT IS 'QUOWARRANTO' Attorney proposes solution to
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'bottomless pit of pending litigation'
15 SCALIA: YOU NEED 4VOTES By Leo C Donofrio Art Moore,
Joe Kovacs,
Eyewitnesses say president's grandmother insists LAWSUIT DOCS, WNDPETITION
In This Issue
she witnessed birth in Mombasa Roberts agrees to read Obamafili ngs,
Joseph Farah,
ByJerome R. Corsi consider 330,000 onlinesi gners
DavidKupel ian,
By DrewZahn
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Chelsea Schi lling,
ByChelsea Schilling Alan Keyes rall ies thoseinvolved in
Aaron Klein,
el igibility battle to stand firm
Leo C. Donofrioand
Alan Keyes
Lawmakers' letters insist 'president 43 READER FEEDBACK
was born inHawaii'
Terrie Pinkerton-Fuller
Representative proposes lawrequiring
candidates to show birth certificate
By DrewZahn
Whistleblower 1539-7 40: USPSXumber 020-468). April2009 ' Volume 1 . 4 • \X'histleblmm is published mcnthlvby\X'orld1':erDJily.com. Inc.. 543
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2 whistleblower April 2009
\Eo <!Constitution of to Wnite
II, 1
letter from t e lis er
WHATyou hold in your hands is the
result of an astonishing undertaking.
It is not only the most complete and
thorough expose of the eligibility questions
surro unding Barack Obarnas presidency, it is
an indictment of the process that put him in
the White House Jan. 20 of this year.
Perhaps the most astonishing part of thi s
story is that virt ually no other media outlet is
even prepared to examine these questions
To me, this is a hi stori c issue of
Whistleblower magazine. I do not pretend to
know where the information you are about to
read will lead. But I do know that it is explo-
ive, profoundly import ant and represents
much more than the future of the Barack
Obama admini ( [ a t i o ~ .
o less than our Constitution - the foun-
dation of our national liberties and the rule of
law in America - i at stake.
The story i at once complicated nd qui te
imple. It begins with something everyone can
understand - a birth certificate.
You have to produce one to get a drivers
licen e. Youneed to produce one to enroll your
children in school or ports programs. You
need to produce one to set a p pon.
But d pire a clear con rirurional require-
ment that presidents of the nited rates must
be "natural born citizen apparently you do
not need to produce one to assume that office.
That begs the question, "How do we estab-
lish that a presidential candidate is actually a
'natural born citizen"? And the sad answer to
that question is that we don't. We don't know
whether Barack Obama is a "natural born citi-
zen." And we don't know because he has stead-
fastly refused to produce proof for the American
Even worse, in my opinion, is the fact that
no one in authority seemed or seems willing to
demand it.
For instance, I had assumed, prior to
2008, that the Federal Elections Commission
would have responsibility for ensuring that our
Constitution is observed in the cond uct of our
president ial elections.
I was wrong.
I had assumed, prior to 2008, that the
Electoral College was bound to ensure that our
Constitution is observed in the conduct of our
presidential elections.
I was wrong.
I had assumed, prior to 2008, that our
Congress of the United States was bound to
ensure that our Constitution is observed in the
conduct of our president ial elections.
I was wrong.
I had assumed, prior to 2008, that our
upreme Court was bound to ensure that our
Constitution is observed in the conduct of our
presidential elections.
I was wrong.
THE UESTO o E GB B Joseph Farah
I had assumed, prior to 2008, that state
attorneys general and secretaries of state were
bound to ensure that our Constitution is
observed in the conduct of our presidential
I was wrong again.
Amazingly, what we learned prior to
Barack Obama's inauguration as president Jan.
20 is that no controlling legal authority both-
ered to establish that he was constitutionally
eligible as a "natural born citizen."
The firs t test would have been the inspec-
tion of his birth certificate. It may not have
resolved all the questions regarding his foreign
parentage and his foreign residency, but it
would be an absolutelynecessarystarting point
in establishing his eligibility.
Everybody dropped the ball. The system
failed. And the result of that breakdown is an
unprecedented lack of confidence in our
governing institutions.
Nevertheless, this is the contra ersy that
must go unmentioned, according to the Big
Media gatekeepers. There is a price for di -
cussi ng it in anything more than hushed tones.
You will be called a "conspiracy theorist or
worse- a "birther,"
I'll accept the title, if a "birther is anyone
who believes the Constitution really means
what it plainly says about the president need-
ing to be a "natural born citizen."
The insults \ ont stop me or \x: 0 or
Whi tleblower from covering thi i ue as we
have throughout the campaign and ince the
election. It not going away- not until we see
the complete birth certificate in read of the
certification of live birth, and zer somean vers
to question of obviously growing concern to
millions of American .
I don't know what Barack Obama i hid-
ing by not releasing hi complete birth certifi-
cate. But it should be obvious to one and all
that he i hidinz omething. '\ y continue to
respond to a battery of lav uits with legal
maneuvering, fighting them by claiming that
bona fide .. citizen - vho aren't afraid to
how their birth certificates - don't have legal
tanding? Why not JUSt release the document
we all need to·show to get a driver's license to
travel abroad, to play Little League baseball or
to enroll in public school?
k this que tion before a group of
reporters in thi count[)' and you will be
hissed, booed and ridiculed. \X e know because
we'vebeen askinz it for a lone time - orne say
too long.
ju r wait until they ee thi i ue of
'\ 'hi tleblower!
ntil next time,
By David Kupelian Cop)'righ, 2009 If'orldNrrD,ti(r.comlllc.
WITII the enrire so-called "mainstream press" ridi-
culing rhose millions of Americans who sriII ask quesrions
about Barack Obarna's yer-unproven consrirurional e1 igibiliry
to be presidenr, you mighr wonder why World erDaily and
Whisrleblower persist, virtually alone in rhe major media, to
cover rhis issue.
Personally, I'm inreresred in it for two simple reasons:
Firsr: Barack Obama is hiding somerhing. About that
statement, rhere is no dispure. Despire dozens oflawsuirs, with
plainriffs including a former presidenrial candidate, a former
deputy arrorney general, many legislarors, active-duty .S.
military and orher serious people, Obama simply refuses to
release his original, long-form binh certificate. That's rhe one
that could actually prove he was born in Hawaii. Whar is
posred on Obama's "Fighr rhe Smears" websire as well as rhe
FacrCheck.org websire is rhe abbreviated shan-form "cerrifica-
rion of live binh" that could have been issued for a child bam
overseas, and rhus does nor prove he was born in Hawaii. \\1har
is so difficult about this to understand?
As I said, he's hiding somerhing. I want to knowwhat it is.
And I want rhe world to know what it is.
Ask yourself: Why would Obama have a ream of high-
priced lawyers fighring ro srop his Occidenral College records
frombeing released? If! weree1ecred presidenr, don't you think
my college records would be made public? Similarly, he has
lawyers fighring all rhe eligibility lawsuits, many of which are
simplydemanding proof - which Obama could easily provide -
of rhe specifics of his birth rime and place, somerhing rhe U.S.
Consrirurion unequivocally and unapologerically demands of
presidenrial candidares.
The lawsuits started well before Obama won rhe e1ecrion.
You'd think that afrer he won rhe ovember popular vote, afrer
the Elecroral Collegeconfirmed him in December, afrer he was
inaugurared in January, the lawsuits would fade away. Afrer all,
he won - ger over ir. Bur the legal challenges arrempring to
compel Obama to prove his narural born cirizenship are
increasing, nor decreasing, with each passing monrh. Perhaps
rhe realizarion that he's damaging rhe counrry in unimaginable
ways is impaning urgency to those who hope he can be
removed from office if ir's proven he obrained it by fraud.
6 whi stleblower Apr il 2009
All I knowis, Obama is hiding somerhing. After all, he has
it totally within his power to make all rhese lawsuirs and
"birrhers" look foolish with a simple, 30-second phone call to
rhe Hawaii Depanmenr of Healrh, saying, "I authorize you to
release to rhe public and press a certified copy of my complete,
long-form birth certificate."
The resr of rhe press declines to cover rhis issue (except ro
mock it), nor because rhere are no valid legal quesrions
involved and nor because it isn't newsworthy - what with
dozens of lawsuits, some of rhem in fronr of rhe U.S. Supreme
Coun. 0, they don'r cover ir because they're afraid of losing
favor wirh rhe presidenr they were largely responsible for
insralling, and they're also afraid of being marginalized and
ridiculed by rheir colleagues in rhe press.
Ironically, rhe "mainstream media," as well as members of
Congress quesrioned by constituents about rhe eligibility issue,
and even rhe Obama adminisrrarion irself, all cite as a primary
"independent" expen source on rhe issue, FacrCheck.org.
FacrCheck.org is pan of rhe Annenberg Public Policy
Cenrer of the University of Pennsylvania, which crirics poinr
our is linked ro rhe Chicago Annenberg Challenge organiza-
rion where Obama worked for several years with former
"Wearher Underground" rerrorisr William Ayers.
Bur purring that associarion aside, let's look at what
FacrCheck.org actually says under rhe heading, "The truth
about Obarnas binh certificate." Explaining to websire viewers
what they're looking at - a shan-form "certifi cation of live
binh" for Barack Obama - FacrCheck.org says:
The documenr is a "certification of binh," also known
as a shan-form birth certificate. The long form is
drawn up by rhe hospital and includes addirional
informarion such as binh weighr and parents' home-
towns, The shan form is prinred by rhe stare and
draws from a darabase with fewer derai ls. The Hawaii
Depanmenr of Health's birth record requesr form
does nor give rhe oprion ro requesr a photocopy of
your long-form bin h certificate, bur rheir shan form
has enough information ro be acceprable ro rhe Srare
Depanmenr. We rried to ask rhe Hawaii DOH why
they only offer rhe shan form, among orher questions,
bur they have nor given a response. CONTI N U ED ON PAGE 8
001"[ o rr
CER ENO•••••••
10 . vi r.' ...., I I. 8 irt b pl__.,. (hb_d,- .... ;; ,-. .p C;-n)jl 2.a. 0...
' L
a. full 01
13. f ull • ...,. 0( l1ol hor,
7b. ...and
A short-jonn ''certifiCtltioll of liue birth"
for Samek Obama. - FaCl Check.org
Ie _ • F--. or M...blion!
This redacted 10l/g-forlll'birtbeertifiCtlte. issued in Haumii around the time of Obtllllas birth,
iI/dudes vital il/forlllatioll like the name of tbehospital alld attending
April 2009 whistlebl ower 7
In other words, even the folks at FactCheck.org - cited
reflexively and adnauseam by everyone under the sun as the
independent authority on Obamas birth certificate and
proof that he's "natural born" - admit they haven't seen the
real(long-form) birth certificate, can't get it from Hawaii,
and can't even get a call back. Hello?
ow, the other reason I care about this issue is because
I still care about the Constitution.
It's a verydangerous thing in life to intentionally sross
sacred boundaries, especially when you know you're doing
it. It's hard - sometimes impossible - to get back on the
right side again. For Americans, one of those great moral
lines is violating the Constitut ion. For instance, once
Congress starts spending taxpayer money on things not
authorized by the Constitution, no matter how seemingly
laudable or humanitarian, there is no stopping it. There is
no other "line" to cross after the first one. So after you've
justified crossing the sacred line and violating your oaths
to God and man, the way seems clear. In front of you lies
wide open territory as far as the eye can see - green pas-
tures of plunder. Event ually we arrive at roday's trillion-
dollar spending bills and national and personal bankrupt-
cy, the precursor to tyranny. All because we allowed our
government to step over the sacred line of constitutional
spending decades ago.
It's exactly the same with the Constitut ion's require-
ment that presidents be natural born.
And why is "natural born" important?
Agreat deal has been written about howcritical it was
to the founders that the nation's highest office and com-
mander in chief be occupied only by people for whom
utter loyalty to the U.S.A., and not any other nation, was
indisputable. John Jay, president of the Continental
8 whistl ebl ower April 2009
Congress from 1778 to 1779, and
who later became the first chief justice
of the United States Supreme Court ,
wrote the foll owing in a letter dated
July 25, 1787, to George Washington,
presiding offi cer of the Constitutional
Convention and later first president of
the United States. Note: The under-
lining of the word "born" was in the
"Permit me to hint, whether it
would be wise andseasonable toprovide
a strong check to the admission of
Foreigners into theadministration of our
national Government; and to declare
expressly that the Commander in Chief
of theAmerican army shall notbegiven tonordevolve on, any
but a natural born Citizen. "
Without debate, the "natural born" requirement for
the presidency was introduced by the drafting committee
and subsequently adopted by the Constitutional
Convention, as Article 2, Section 1: "No Person except a
natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the
time oftheAdoption ofthis Constitution, shall be eligible to
the Office ofPresident; neither shall any Person be eligible to
that Office whoshall not haveattained totheAge of thirtyfi ve
}'ears, and beenfourteen Years a Resident within the United
States. "
If we abandon the requirements for president specified
by the Constitution - which millions of brave young
Americans have fought, bled and died to protect - then we
are no longera constitutional republic of citizen sovereigns.
We become just another rudderless, hell-bent nation ruled
by selfish, ambitious, sinful - and sometimes sociopathic-
men and women. othing special. Our former national
blessing from God just a sad memory.
I don't think that's what we want America's fate to me.
As I said, it'sa lot better not to crossa sacred line - and this
happens to be one.
That's why I still care about the eligibility issue.
David Kupelian is themanaging editor
of WorldNetDaily.com, the editorof
Whistleblower magazineand theauthor
ofthe best-selling book "TheMarketing
ofEvil "Seead onpage 9.
.Americans have come to tolerate, embrace and even champion
many things that would have horrified theirparents' generation - from easy
divorce and unrestricted abortion-on-demand to extreme body piercing and
teaching homosexuality to grade-schoolers. Does that mean today's
Americans are inherently more morally confused anddepraved than previ-
ous generations? Of course not, says veteran journalist David Kupelian.
But they have fallen victim to some of the most stunni ngly brilliant and
compelling marketing campaigns in modern history.
"The Marketi ng of Evil" reveals how much of what Americans once
almost universally abhorred has been packaged, perfumed, gift-wrapped
and sold to them as though it had great value. Highry skilled marketers,
playing on our deeply felt national values of fairness, generosity and toler-
ance, have persuaded us toembrace as enlightened andnoblethat which all
previous generati ons since America's founding regarded as grossly self-
destructive- in a word, evil.
In this groundbreaking and meticulously researched book, Kupelian
peels back the vei l of marketing-induced deception to reveal exactly when,
where, how, and especially why Americans bought into the lies that now
threaten the future of the country.
o quarter is given in this riveting, insightful exploration of how lies,
bothsubtleand outrageous, arepackaged as truth. From the federal gov-
ernment to the public school systemto the news media to the hidden
creators of "youth culture," nothing is exempt from the thousand-
watt spotlight of Kupelian's journalistic inquiry.
In the end, "The Marketing of Evil" is an up-close, modern-
day look at what is traditionally known as "temptation" - the
art and science of making evi l look good.
About the author: David Kupelian is the managing editorof
World etDaily.com, the world's largest independent news
Web site. He is also a widely read online columnist and the
driving force behind the acclai med monthly news magazine
President 's defenders never actuall y address merits of eligibility challenges
By Bob Unruh COP.J'righr1009 Inc.
INthe last few months, dozens of U.S. courts have dis-
missed legal challenges to Barack Obama's constitutional eligi-
bil iry to occupy the Oval Office, and even the U.S. Supreme
Court has refused to hold a hearingon the evidence- bur what
have the courts actually cited as reasons for dismissing the con-
cerns of millions of Americans?
Mootness, lack of jurisdiction, lack of responsibility lack
of sranding, a series of "no comments" and even the fact the
issue has been "rwitrered."
The one subject that has been avoided to date has been
whether or not the president is, in fact, eligible.
So far, two definitive statements on the issue have been
made public, including one froman Obama campaign spokes-
woman talking about the challenges who told a Whistleblower
editor: "All I can tell you is that it is just pure garbage."
The other is from Chiyorne Fukino, the director of the
Hawaiian Department ofj-lealth, who issued a statement: "I as
Director of Health for the State of Hawai i, along with the
Registrar of Vital Statistics who has staturoryauthority to over-
see and maintain these t)'pe of vital records, have personally
seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health
has Sen. Obamas original birth certificate on record in accor-
dance with state policies and procedures."
As with the court opinions, what is not said is significant.
While the certificate on fil e is "in accordance with state poli-
cies and procedures," there's no affi rmation that the document
refl ects a Hawaiian birth.
1 or is there any explanation for the image of the Hawaii
state "certifi cation of live birth" - a "short-form" document
with very little specifi c information - that has been posted by
Obama on the Internet, purporting to document his Hawaiian
birth, even though Hawaiian procedures at the time allowed
that document to be issued to parents of children not born in
the state.
The questions raised over Obarna's eligibility are all very
simple: The Constitution, in Article 2, Section 1, states: « To
Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the
United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,
shall be eligi ble to the Office of President."
10 whi stleblower April 2009
Bur geni ng the issue heard in court has met with road-
block after roadblock. What the courts have done several
times is to schedule hearings on the issue on a date far beyond
any reasonable expectation of having applicability lawyers
have said. For example, a challenge to the Electoral College
vote for Obarna, raised early in 1 overnber, still hasn't had a
court hearing.
The ramifications
The impact of an ineligible president isn't complicated either.
If Obama is ultimately found ineligible, argue critics, the con-
stitutional provision acknowledgi ng that possibility and assign-
ing the vice president to fill in until the president is eligible (if
ever), applies.
Section 3 of the Constitution's 20th Amendment says
Congress must full y qualify the candidate "elected" by the
Electoral College, and that "If the president-elect shall have
fail ed to qualify, then the vice president elect shall act as presi-
dent until a president shall have qualified."
According to a lawsuit filed by attorney Cary Kreep of the
United StatesJustice Foundation on behalf of presidential can-
didate Ambassador Alan Keyes, an ineligible Obarna would
mean "then no act that he takes is, arguably, valid, the laws that
he signs would not be valid, the protective orders that he signs
would be null and void, and every act that he takes would be
subject to legal challenge, both in Courts of the United States
of America, and in International Courts."
The result? No legally binding stimulus bill, presidential
appointments in doubt, federal budgets in limbo and the clo-
sure of Citmo? Probably have to reopen it.
The birth location arguments
Obarna reported in his autobiography that he was born in
Honolulu, and the online "Certification of Live Birth"
states that.
Bur when \'\IND senior reporrer Jerome Corsi Ph.D. went
rhere, he was rold Obamas records would be released nly if
Obama or his fa mily made rhe requesr, bur rhis has nor yer
There have been no confirmed hospiral records unc vered
rhar would documenr Obarna's birrh in Hawaii , and an inv -
rigaror even casr doubr on whether rhe Obama family lived at
rhe address lisred in rhe newspaper announcements.
Citizenship from parents?
According ro much legal research, ar rhe rime of Obama' .rrh
he could be a "natural born citizen" in one of rhree wav : bv
being born in rhe Unired States, by being born ro two U.. cit-
izen parenrs (nor possible becauseofhis father), or, if only ne
parenr was a U.S. cirizen at rhe rime of rhe birth, rhar p' rem
musr have resided in rhe Unired Srares for ar leasr 10 v rs, ar
leasr fi ve of which had ro be afrer r!}e age of 16.
The problem is, Obarna's morher was only 18 when he
gave birth, so his only apparenr roure ro "natural born- IU-
zenship srarus would have been ro be born in Hawaii.
Bur rhere are orher questions, roo. Even if Obarna was
born in rhe stare, would he have inherired cirizenship from hi
Kenyan fa rher, a Brirish subjecr, or from his American mother,
a juvenile?
If he was born overseas, as some crirics conrend, is rhere
any way he would have acquired U.S. cirizenship ar birth?
Sraremenrs from members of his exrended familv in Kenya.
including some from his paternal grandmorher, seem ro indi-
care his birrh locarion was in Kenya, nor Hawaii.
The Indonesian question
Ar rhe rime Obama moved ro Indonesia as a child, only ciri-
zens of rhar countrv were allowed ro attend school rhere. He
was regisrered rhere as Barry Soeroro, his cirizenship lisred as
Indonesian and his religion lisred as Islam. There was reporr-
edlv no dual cirizenship with Indonesia ar rhe rime.
The obvious quesrion is, what happened ro Obarna-
Soetoro's cirizenship during rhar rime; die! he retain an
American cirizenship or nor? C0 1l TII'U ED 0 11 PAG E 12
April ~ 0 0 9 his leblo er II
The ' Certification of Live Birth'
The Obama campaign posted the COLB image online,
reportedly to dispel rumors that his middle name was
Mohammad. But several bloggers who analyzed the image
said it appeared to have been modified from the official
state version, raising questions at to its authenticity.
"If he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, he
would have forfeited any U.S. citizenship he may have had,
just as when a child is adopted in America, he or she
becomes an American," explained columnist Janet Porter.
Also, some critics contend it is likely Obama travel ed
to Pakistan in 1981 on a passport other than a U.S. docu-
ment, raising the question of the status of his citizenship at
that point. Could one obtain another nation's passport
while being an American citizen?
One of the lawsuits challenging Obama notes that
when Republican Sen. John McCain's eligibility was ques-
tioned because of his birth to two U.S. citizens while his
father was on active military duty in the Panama Canal
Zone, he produced the documentation of his birth for
Congress even held hearings and adopted a resolution
referenci ng and resolving the questions. However, with
Obarna, there has been no documentation released and no
similar hearings.
Bob Unruh isa netos editorfor \l?orldNetDai0,.colJl
and \\'!bistiebloweJ:
The biggest question
Mario Apuzzo, the arrorney handling one of the cases chal-
lenging Obama's eligibility, tells Whistleblower the biggest
question is why Obama hasn't simplyordered a copy of the
original birth certificate to be made available and dispel all
the rumors.
Several lawyers involved in the cases say they believe
the truth event ually will come out, because interest is grow-
ing. Kreep said he Googled his own name with Obamas,
and came up with 944,000 references. Linking Obamas to
Keyes' name came up with nine million.
Until then, by all accounts, the legal challenges will
California lawyer Orly Tairz, whose work is on her
Defend Our Freedoms Foundation website, said there are
just too many unanswered questions.
"The Certification of Live Birth does not name a hos-
pital, name a doctor, have any signatures or a seal of the
Hawaiian Health Department on the front of the docu-
ment. This document is usually given to parties that don't
have a proper hospital birth certificate and it is given based
on a statement of one relative only. Even the state of Hawaii
doesn't give full credit to these documents," she said.
Among other claims being raised in the various law-
suits: That Congress didn't property determine whether
Obama is qualified, that state officials fai led to properly
qualify Obama as a candidate (California previously had
removed ineligible candidates from the ballot), that his
college records should be released to reveal whether he
attended school as a U.S. citizen, and that members of the
military - especially those on active duty and in harm's way
- have a legitimate and compelling need to know his qual-
ifications to be commander-in-chief.
, ~ ..
-----. .. -_ . ...- -... ..- - - . = = - ~ _ . . . . I
Staff members at FactCheck.org claim to have exam-
ined the original "birth certificate" and found it to be gen-
uine. But that doesn't explain why the best Obama could
come up with for public review was the short-form
"Certification of Live Birth," a different document entire-
ly from the actual long-form "birth certificate," which the
state of Hawaii maintains has not been rel eased.
FactCheck.org is part of the Annenberg Public Policy
Center and linked to the Annenberg organization with
which Obama once worked.
12 whistlebl ower April 2009
idea that a commander in chief- r pon ible
for sendinz America' fighting men and women inro
harm' \ 'ay- might nor even becon rirutionally qualified
for the job i tOO mu h for some members of the C.
military to takelvinzdown.
. .
That' whvofficers from the
C.. Army. , avy. Air Force and
Marin are currently working
vith Cali ornia attorney Orly
Tairz in an effort to prO\'e - or
di pro\'e- Barack Obama eligi-
bilityto be pr idem.
Tairz. founder of the Defend
Our Fr om Foundation. told i rleblower he has
mailed to C. .Attorney General Eric Holder a requ r
that he "relate quo warranto on Barack Hussein Obama
II to t ( hi tide to pr idenrbefore the upreme Court;"
'\ nat d that mean?
rranro" imply mean. "bywhat aurhorirv,"
and thu the lengthy legal phrase mean the plainti are
demanding an e.'planation for \ hat authority bama i
usi ng to act pr idem. A legal right rablished in
Briri h common law nearly 00 years ago. and recognized
byAmerica' Founding Fathers, q"o warranto the
onlyjudicial remedy for violation of (heCon tirution by
public 0 icials and agents." e plain one con tirurional
Reque ting the action are laj. Gen. Carroll
Childers: Lr, Col. Dr. David Earl-Graef: police officer
and ele red Re ervi t 'avv Commander Clinton
Grim : Lt. cort Easterling. now ervinz on active duty
in Iraq: , r Hamp hire tate Rep. TimothyComerford:
Tenn tate Rep. Frank, 'icely and othe .
"As pr idem-elect. R pondem Obama ailed to
ubrnir prima fa ie evidence of hi qualification before
January _0. 2009.- the filing id. "Election officers
failed to challenge. validate or evaluate hi qualification.
Relator [plaintiffs] ubmit (hat as pr idem elect.
R pendent bama failed [to] qualify per [the] C..
[Con rirution]. Amend. XX, [paragraph] 3.- (. sidebar;
20thAmendment: What if'pmidmt-eleafails to quali. ?
on JJ.) c ' E 0 PAGE"
legal principle embraced by
America's founding fathers, with roots
back in 13th Century England, quo
warranto is a court order, or "writ," to
demonstrateproof of authority - literally
asking, "By whose warrant [authority]
are you acting?"
Today, quo warranto is used primarily
to demand from a government (or
corporate) official proof he was validly
elected to office or that the powers he
is using are authorized by statute (or
corporate charter).
According to Constitution.org, the
website of the Constitution Society:
"The common lawwrit of quowarranto
has been suppressed at the federal
level in the United States, and depre-
cated at the state level, but remains a
right under the Ninth Amendment
which was understood and presumed
by the Founders, and which affords
theonlyjudicial remedyfor violations of
the Constitution by public officials and
pril _009 is lebl o er 13
John Eidsmoe, a constitutional expert working with
the Foundation on Moral Law, says the demand is a legiti-
mate course of action. The foundation was founded by for-
mer Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore
after he was removed from office for refusing to removethe
Ten Commandments' from the rotunda of the Alabama
Judicial Building,
"She basically is asking, ' Bywhat authority' is Obama
president," he told \'\fhistleblower. "In other words, ' I want
you to tell me by what authority. I don't really think you
should hold the office.' She probably has some very good
arguments to make," Eidsmoe said.
The letter, dispatched to Holder March 2, was just one
of the legal efforts by a multitude of lawyers and plaintiffs
nationwide for documentation that Obarna qualifi es to be
president under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.
\'\ I D has reported on dozens of legal challenges to
Obarna's status as a "natural born citizen." The
Constitution, in Article 2, Section 1, states: " 0 person
except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United
States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution,
shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any
Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained
to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a
Resident within the United States." ~
Some of the lawsuits question whether he was actually
born in Hawaii , as he insists. If he was born out of the
country, Obama's American mother, the suits contend, was
too young at the time of his birth to confer American citi-
zenship to her son under the law at the time.
Other challenges have focused on Obarnas citizenship
through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of
the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making
him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the
Constitution excl uded dual citizens from qualifying as
natural born.
Several of the cases have involved emergencyappeals to
the U.S. Supreme Court in which justices have declined
even to hear arguments. Among the cases turned down
without a hearing at the high court have been petitions by
Philip Berg, Corr Wrornowski, Leo Donofri o and Tairz.
Tairz's plaintiffs, some of whom as members of the mil-
itary flee potentially life-or-death situations in defense of
the U.S. Constitution on a daily basis, note that informa-
tion on qllo toarranto against a federal officer normally is
relayed to the attorney general. But since Eric Holder is an
Obama friend and appointee, they are asking for the
appointment of a special prosecutor to help in presenting
documentation to the Supreme Court.
14whistleblower Apri l 2009
"This information 0 11 qllo toarranto includes action
between the United States ex reI. and the State of Hawaii
over original birth records of Barack H. Obama II being
withheld per Hawaii's privacy laws. Hawaii's action
obstructs the constitutional duties of election offi cers to
validate or eval uate President Elect Obarna qualifications
to become President under U.S. CO 1ST. art. II § 1, and
amend. XX§ 3," the document said.
The bottom line, said Eidsmoe, is that Obama evi-
dently has something in the documentation of his history,
including his birth certificate, college records and other
documents, that "he does not want the public to know."
What else, he asked, could be the reason for his hiring
law firms across the nation to fight any request for infor-
mation as basic as his Occidental College records from the
early 1980s?A separate lawsuit has sought the documents
to find out whether they indicate Obama, possibly under
the name Barry Soerero, attended the college on aid for for-
eign students.
Obarna's critics warn of a constitutional crisis should it
be discovered that Obama is ineligible, and the resulting
chaos of trying to fi gure out which, if any, of his executive
branch orders would be valid.
According to Consrirution.org: "The common law
writ of qllo toarranto has been suppressed at the federal
level in the United States, and deprecated at the state level ,
but remains a right under the linrh Amendment which
was understood and presumed by the Founders, and which
affords the only judicial remedy for violations of the
Constitution by public officials and agents."
One of the Tairz's "relators" (plaintiffs) is Harry Riley,
a veteran military officer who spent part of his career in the
Pentagon. Riley said the issue is basically over whether
Americans will allow"the trashing" of their Constitution.
"Myself, along with hundreds of thousands of other
warriors, have fought for the U.S. Constitution. The whole
issue is one of constitutional crisis, in my judgment. How
can an individual become the commander-in-chief, or the
president of the U.S., with questions regarding his consti-
tutional qualifications?" he asked.
"The whole idea is that Americacannot allowan indi-
vidual to serve as president who isn't qualified. It destroys
our Constitution. It's the bedrock of our nation," he said.
"In the worst case, in the long run, ifhe continues [to
fight revealing his documentation]' it's going to be revolu-
tion in the streets," he warned. CONTINU ED ON PA GE 16
Alawyer lobbying the U.S. Justice
Department and theU.S. SupremeCourt for
areviewof Barack Obama's qualificationsto
be president says a key conservativejustice
has hinted that another conservative justice
has been voting against hearing the dispute.
AccordingtoOrtyTaitz, aCaliforniaattorney
working through her Defend Our Freedoms
Foundation on several cases"'challenging
Obama, said she was presented with an
opportunity to ask a question of Supreme
Court JusticeAntonin Scalia onMarch 9.
The issue of Obama's eligibility has been
rai sed before the high court at least four
times already, but hasyet to begivenasin-
gle hearing. Cases have been brought by
Taitz, Philip Berg, Cort Wrotnowski andLeo
While the requests have been heard "in
conference" by the justices, nohearings on
theevidencehave resulted. Although cases
brought to individual justices on an emer-
gency basis can bediscussed insuch con-
ferences. they needanaffi rmative votefrom
four justices before a hearing onthe merits
can bescheduled.
Thecurrent SupremeCourt isconsideredto
have mainly a 4-4 conservative-liberal split,
withoneswingvoteonmost issues. On the
conservative side generall y are Chief
Justice John Roberts, justices Samuel
Alito, ClarenceThomas and Scalia. Justice
Copyright 2009 WorfdNetDaily.com Inc.
Anthony Kennedy often is the swing vote.
The liberal side generally includes justices
Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
David Souter and John Paul Stevens.
No explanations onthe court's response to
the Obama citizenship issue have been
offereduntil now.
Taitz attended areCeption for Scaliaand stood
"right bythemic, " she toldWhistleblower, "just
to make sure I have an opportunity to ask a
question. Only four lawyers out of about 300
in the audience got to ask their questions
and I was lucky tobeoneof them. "
Shesaid, "I told Scaliathat I was an attor-
neythat filed Lightfoot v. Bowen that Chief
Justice Roberts distributed for conference
onJan. 23 and now I represent nine state
reps and 120 military officers, many of
them high ranked, and I want to know if
they will hear quo warranto and if they
would hear it on original jurisdiction, if I
bring Hawaii as an additional defendant to
unseal the records and ascertain Obama's
legitimacyfor presidency."
Taitz saidshe had someworries asking the
"I have to say that I prepared myself toalot
of booing, knowing that Los Angeles trial
lawyers and entertainment eliteare Obama's
stronghold, however there was no booing,
no negative remarks," she said. "I actually
could see a lot of approving nods, smiles,
many gaspedand listened intensely. I could
tell that even Obama'sstrongest supporters
wanted to know the answer.
"Scalia statedthat it would beheard if I can
getfour peopletohearit. He repeated, you
need four for the argument. I got a feeling
that he was saying that one of these four
that call themselves constitutionalists went
to theother side," Taitz said.
"Hedidnot saythat it isapolitical question,
hedidnot say that it is forthelegislature to
decide. For example, right after meanother
attorney has asked him about his case of
taxing some Internet commerce and right
awayScaliatol dhimthat heshouldaddress
it with the legislature. He did not say it to
me. He did not say that quo warranto is
antiquated or not appropriate. No, just get
four," she said.
She then bought Scalia's book andwaited
in line to get it autographed.
"I gave himthe books to sign and asked,
'Tell me what to do. what can I do, those
soldiers [her plaintiffs] can be court -mar-
tialed for asking a legitimate question, who
is the president, is helegitimate.' He said,
'Bring the case, I'll hear it, I don't know
about others.'''
- Bob Unruh
Apr il 2009 whistleblower 15
• Philip Berg, former deputy attorney
general of Pennsylvania, has three
cases pending, including Berg vs.
Obama in the 3rd U.S. Circuit
Court of Appeals, a separate Berg
vs. Obama which is under seal ar
the U.S. District Court level and
Hollister vs. Soetoro alkJa Obama,
brought on behalf of a retired mili-
tary member who could be facing
recall to activeduty by Obama.
As Jerome Corsi, WND senior staff writer and author
of 'T he Obama Nation," explained prior to the November
election, "The main reason doubts persist regarding
Obama's birth certificate is this question: If an original
Hawaii-doctor-generated and Hawaii-hospital-released
Obama birth certificate exists, why wouldn't the senator
and his campaign simply order the document released and
end the controversy?"
He added: "That Obama has nor ordered Hawaii offi-
cials to release the document leaves doubts as to whether an
authentic Hawaii birth certificate exists for Obama."
Although Obama officials have told Whistleblower
that all such allegations are "garbage," here is a partial list-
ing of current legal cases questioning Obamas eligibility:
• Former presidential candidate Alan
Keyes headlines a list of people fil-
ing a suit in California, in a case
handled by the United StatesJustice
Foundation, that asks the secretary
of state to refuse to allow the state's
55 Electoral College votes to be cast
in the 2008 presidential election
unt il Obama verifies his eligibili ty
to hold the office. The case is
pending, and lawyers are seeking
the public's support.
• Leo Donofrio of ewJersey fil ed a
lawsuit claiming Obama's dual citi-
zenship disqualified him from serv-
ing as president. His case was con-
sidered in conference by the U.S.
Supreme Court but denied a full
"It's just mindboggling to think an individual who's
been sworn in as the president of the United States would
be so small and be such a hypocritewho would be unwill-
ing to simply showa birth certificate," Riley said.
Taitzsaid she has assembled a list of about 100 names
of people- so far - who are willing to be plaintiffs in such
a demand.
Maj. Gen. Carroll Childers, another plaintiff, said he'd
be perfectly happy if Obama turns out to be legitimately
qualified for the office of president, but that the truth still
"I personallyadmire many things about him," he said.
"But if he's not legitimate, if he's allowed to violate the
Constitution, what else are they going to violate? Take my
guns, and my television, telephone? What's the limit?"
Taitz told WND she's asking for the appointment of a
special prosecutor, such as the roleArchibald Cox playedin
investigating Watergate.
According to legal author Chester Antieauin his book,
"The Practice of Extraordinary Remedies," quo warranto is
one of the oldest rights in common law:
The earliest case on record appears in the 9th year
of Richard I, 1198. The statute of 9 Anne c. 20 in
1710 authorized a proper officer of a court, with -
leave of the court, to exhibit an informationin the
nature of quo warranto, at the "relation" of any
person desiring to prosecute the same - to be
called the rel ator. Early American statutes were
modeled after the Statute of Anne and, indeed, the
statute has often been ruled to be part of the com-
mon lawwe inherited from England.
Antieau noted the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has
ruled, "quo warranto is addressed to preventinga continued
exercise of authority unlawfully asserted, rather than to
correct what has already been done. ..."
But its first recognized purpose, he said, is "to deter-
mine the title of persons claiming possession of public
offices and to oust them if they are found to be usurpers."
Among those who are subject to its demands, under
court precedent, are chief executives in other U.S. govern-
mental positions, including governors and sheriffs.
one of the supposed "evidence" of Obamas constitu-
tional eligibility produced thus far is beyond reasonable
doubt nor as iron-clad as simply producing an authentic,
long-form birth certificate.
16 whi stl eblower April 2009
April 2009 whistleblower 17
• Corr Wrornowski filed suit against
Connecticut's secretaryof state, mak-
ing a similar argument to Donofrio.
His case was considered in confer-
ence by the U.S. Supreme Court, but
was denied a full hearing.
• ew Jersey attorney Mario Apuzzo
has filed a case on behalf of Charles
Kerchner and others alleging
Congress didn't properly ascertain
that Obama is qualified to hold the
office of president.
• Chicago attorney Andy Martin
sought legal action requiring Hawaii
Gov. Linda Lingle to release Obamas
vital statistics record. The case was
dismissed by Hawaii Circuit Court
Judge BertAyabe.
• In Georgia, Rev. Tom Terry asked the state Supreme
Court to aurhenricate Obamas birth certificate. His
request for an injunction against Georgia's secretary of
state was denied by Georgia Superior Court Judge Jerry
W Baxter.
• California attorney Orly Tairz has brought a case,
Lightfootvs. Bowen, on behalfof Gail Lightfoot, the vice
presidential candidate on the ballot with Ron Paul, four
electors and two registered voters.
In addition, other cases cited on the RightSideofLi fe
blogas raising questions abour Obama's eligibility include:
• In Texas, Darrel Hunter vs. Obama, dismissed.
• In Ohio, Gordon Stamper vs. U.S., dismissed.
• In Texas, Brockhausen vs. Andrade.
• In Washington, L. Charles Cohen vs. Obama.
• In Hawaii, Keyes vs. Lingle, dismissed.
• Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan sought a
temporary restraining order to stop
the Electoral College vore in North
Carolina until Barack Obamas eligi-
bility could be confirmed, alleging
doubt about Obarna's citizenship.
His case was denied.
• In Ohio, David M. Neal sued to force thesecretaryof state
to request documents from the Federal Elections
Commission, the Democratic ational Committee, the
Ohio Democratic Party and Obama to showthe presiden-
tial candidate was born in Hawaii. The case was denied.
• Also in Ohio, there was the Greenberg v. Brunner case
which ended when the judge threatened to assess all case
costs against the plaintiff
• In Washington state, Steven Marquis sued the secretary
of state seeking a determination on Obamas citizenship.
The case was denied.
18 whistl eblowe r April 2009
Corsi had gone to both Kenya and Hawaii prior to the
election to investigate issues surrounding Obamas birth.
Bur his research and discoveries only raised more questions,
the biggest being why, if there exists documentation of
Obamas eligibility, hasn't it been released to quell the
Instead, a series of law firms have been hired on
Obama's behalf around the nation to prevent any public
access to his birth certificate, passport records, college
records and other documents.
Bob Unruh isa news editorjor WoridNetDaily.com and
Whistleblowel; and may be reached at runrubtoumd.com.
COp'yrigbr 2009 Inc.
THE former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme
Court, who is now a leading contender for the governor-
ship, told a radio talkshow host recently that Congress has
a responsibility to determine whether Barack Obama it a
usurper. In an interview with Florida radio talker Andrea
SheaKingin early March, Judge Roy Mooresaid this about
the controversial eligibility issue:
"I see it very simply. Why doesn't the president have to
show that he's a natural born citizen?There'sso many ques-
tions about that and yet, the Constitution requires the
president be a natural born citizen.... We've had all kind of
suits filed, and the press doesn't mention them and the
courts continually reject them. I don't understand it. I
think they can holler political questions all they wish, but
it's a simple fact that if he's not a natural born citizen, he's
not qualified.
"Why it doesn't go forward, I can't explain that. It's
troubling to me because we'll suffer the consequences if we
ignore our Constitution."
Moore was removed fromoffice in 2003 for refusing to
remove a Ten Commandments monument he had placed
in the Alabama Judicial Building.
But a February 2009 poll shows that Moore, currently
serving as chairman of the Foundation for Moral Law in
Montgomery, is the leading candidate for Alabama gover-
nor to replace a term-limited GOP Gov. Bob Riley.
The survey, done over 10,000 homes across Alabama
from a database of «Advertising, focused on the r pon-
dents' gubernatorial preference, pitting Moore head-to-
head against Republicans Kay Ivey and Tim James and
Democrat Arthur Davis.
Ivey is the state treasurer while James is a Greenville
businessman, the son of former Gov. FobJames. Davis is a
In the matchup with Ivey, respondents favored Moore
50 percent to 14 percent with the rest undecided. Versus
James, it was 52 percent for Moore, 16 percent for James
and the rest undecided. Against Davis, Moore held a com-
manding 52 percent to 27 percent advantage.
The assessment also found nine out of 10 respondents
were concerned about the economy, and nearly half had a
favorable opinion of President BarackObama. Of the pos-
sible candidates, 51 percent held a favorable opinion of
Moore, 46 percent for Ivey, 38 percent for James and 50
percent for Davis.
Three-quarters of respondents are pro-life, 87 percent
support traditional marriage, 86 percent are anti-tax, 82
percent are pro-gun and 80 percent historically contribute
to charitable or political organizations.
A spokesman for Moore confirmed the judge is con-
sidering a campaign for the offi ce of governor, but no
announcement has been made yet.
- \Vbistleblower editors
April 2009 whistleblower 19
ACCORDINGto a private investigator and
two affidavits in the possession of World erfraily, legiti-
mate questions remain as to whether President Barack
Obama was born, not in Hawaii as he claims, bur in
Mombasa, Kenya.
Obama has so far declined to resolve the conflict by
aurhorizing the release of his original, hospital-generated
"long-form birth certificate" that would specifyall relevant
birth details.
"President Barack Obama still refuses to produce his
original birth certificate, that would list the hospital where
he was born, as well as all the circumstances of his birth,
including the name of the hospital where he was born and
the name of the physician involved in the delivery," Jorge
Baro, a private investigator retained during the 2008 pres-
idential campaign by World etDaily to investigate
Obamas birth records in Hawaii, told Whisdeblower.
"On Oct. 31, 2008, offi cials rel eased a statement that
they had examined the birth certificate, bur failed to
declare whether it was the original ' live birth' certificate
generated by a hospital with signatures of the attending
physician, or a ' late birth' certificate that could have been
obtained by a simple affirmation of a famil y member,"
Baro stated in an affidavit he provided to Whisdeblower.
Under the Certificate of Hawaiian BirthProgram, from
1911 to 1972, said Baro, "any individual could simply visit
the Department of Health and request a 'Late Bi rth
Certificate,' also known as a ' Hawaiian Birth Certificate."
This program was instituted by Hawaii to accommo-
date children born in rural areas of Hawaii, Baroexplained,
and during the years the program was in existence, the
Hawaiian Department of Health did not require a long-
form live birth certificate to be presented as proof the birth
information provided was accurate.
"This calls into question whether there is any proof
President Obama was born in the United States," Baro told
Whisdeblower. "The one question that has not been
answered is whether or not the Hawaiian Department of
Health has Obama's original long-form birth certificate in
its possessionor not."
20 whi stleblower April 2009
"During that time, from 1911 to 1972, the Hawaii
Department of Health accepted whatever a relative told
them about a child being born in Hawaii, without
demanding that relatives produce a live birth certificate, or
long-form certificate, as proof of what they were claiming,"
he stressed. "The department simply accepted what the
relatives told them abour the child's birth."
FactCheck.org argues that the director of the Hawaii
Department of Health confirmed that Obama was born in
Honolulu, bur FactCheck.org fails to confirm that the
department even has a long-form birth certificate in its
possession, or whether it was relying on a form generated
based upon a declaration from Obamas relatives or on
some other form of documentation that had been present-
ed as evidence of birth other than the origi nal long-form
birth certificate.
Whisdeblower is also in possession of an affidavit sub-
mitted by Rev. Kweli Shuhubia, an Anabaptist minister in
Kenya, who is the official Swahili translator for the annual
Anabaptist Conference held annuallyin Kenya.
In it, Shuhubia asserts "it is common knowledge
throughour the Christian and Muslim communities in
Kenya that Barack Hussein Obarna, [r., was born in
Mombasa, Kenya."
Shuhubia further states in his affi davit that he visited
Obama's grandmother at her home in the village of Alego-
Kogello on Oct. 16, 2008, to conduct a telephone confer-
ence interview that would connect with Bishop Ron
McRae in the United States.
During the telephone interview, McRae specifically
asked her two times, "Were you present when your grand-
son was born in Kenya."
"Both times she specifically replied, 'Yes,'" Shuhubia
affirmed in the affidavit.
"Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama was very adamant that her
grandson, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, was born in
Kenya, and that she was present and witnessed his birth in
Kenya, not the United States," Shuhubia continued in the
affidavi t. CONTINUED ON PAGE ••
KENYAN Ambassador Peter
N.R.O. Ogego says he's "infuriated" by a
radio program's efforts to "misquote" him
on the subject of President Barack
Obama's birthplace - but he refused to
confirm whether Obama was born in the
United States.
In an exclusive interview, Whistleblower
specificallyasked Ogego whetherObama is
anatural -born U.S. citizen.
"I don't know, " hesaidwithatoneof irrita-
tion. "You should ask your government. I
know his fatheris Kenyan."
He continued with a rhetorical question:
"Obamais anAmerican, isn't he?"
On Nov. 6, onlytwodays after the election,
Detroit radio talk-show hosts Mike Clark,
Trudi Daniels and Marc Fellhauer on
WRIF' s "Mike In The Morning" called the
Embassyof KenyainWashington, D.C. , to
speak withAmbassador Ogego.
The interviewwiththeKenyanambassador
was widely publicized after he called then-
President-elect Barack Obama's Kenyan
birthplacea "well-known"attraction:
Clark: "We want to congratulate you on
BarackObama, our new president, andyou
must bevery proud."
Ogego: "We are. We are. We are also
proud of the U.S. for having made history
as well."
Fellhauer: "One more quick question,
President-elect Obama'sbirthplace over in
Kenya, isthatgoing tobeanational spot to
govisit, wherehewas born?"
Ogego: "It's already an attraction. His
paternal grandmother isstill alive."
Fellhauer: "Hisbirthplace, they'll put upa
marker there?"
Ogego: "It would depend on the govern-
ment. It's alreadywell known."
NowOgego is saying the hosts misquoted
and edited the audio recording of his
"I'malready infuriated bythewhole thing,"
hesaid. "The radio itself had acynicism to
it. I didn't mind that, but tomisquotemeis
unacceptable. Theyare circulating misinfor-
mation regarding Mr. Obama's birthplace."
However, WRI F's Mike Clarksaidthe show
never manipulated the audio recording in
"Ican assure you thatnothing wasedited or
stated out of context," hesaid.
Nonetheless, Ogego insisted he was
speaking about BarackObama Sr. , andnot
President Obama.
''They asked meabout Obama'sfather, not
Obama," Ogego said. "This is common-
sense knowledge. Nobody is fooling
But Clark said Ogego'sclaim that he was
speaking about Barack Obama Sr. doesn't
add up.
"If you listentothecall initsentirety, you will
find it was very obvious wewere all talking
about President-elect Barack Obama and
not hisfather," Clarksaid. "So,the ideathat
hethought weweretalkingabout hisfather
seems alittlefarfetched tome. "
ClarksaidOgego's statementthat Obama's
Kenyanbirthplace wasalreadyanattraction
caught themoffguard.
"Thepoint is, weexpected him tosay, 'No.
Obama wasnot born inKenya, but thereis
an attraction to honor his father.' I would
have thought that would have been the
answer if anything," hesaid.
When asked if birth records for President
Obama exist in Kenya, Ogego replied, "I
don't know about all that. "
Asked if Obama's birth records have been
sealed, Oqeqo replied:
"Let's not get into that. We will not be
dragged into unnecessary information.
Somebodyhasaright tothosedetails- the
American government or the Kenyan
government - if it isthat important."
Ogegorefused todiscussthe matterfurther
and endedthecall.
Chelsea Schillingis a staffwriterfor
WoridNetOail y and Whistleblower.
April 2009 whistleblower 21
La makers
Obama' birthplace were raised. The voters have made clear
rheir viev that l Ir, Obama meers rhe qualificarions ro hold
rhe office of presidem.-
• n. Richard helbv R-A1a.: ~ ' \ ell
hi father \\ Kenvan and rhev said
, .
he\ born in Hawaii, bur I haven't
n anybirrh certificate. You have ro
beborn in America ro be presid nt.
h lbv larer ba ·ed 0 • hi r e
ying rhe enaror as con id nr
Obama had been properly vened.
• Rep. Ginny BrO' rn- aire, R-Fla.: "The claim thar Bara k
Obama i nor a cirizen of rhe .. i fal e. Thi rumor i im-
ply elecrion year poliri .~ For documentation, he referred
qu rioners £0 nopes a web irerun and I' rched bya hus-
band-and-wife ream in uburban La Ansel .
• Rep. Thaddeus fcCorrer, R- 1i h.: He cired rhe C..
upreiTIe Court' consrirurional aurhoriry £0 rule on rhe di -
pureand rh fa t that the court refused £0 heareviden e in ar
I t four broughr before rhe jusric . ~ R t ured,
however, I \ ill \ ell remember your concern regarding rhi
i ue during rhe 111rh Conal' .
• Rep. Ru h Holr. D- '.J.: "The claim that PI' idem Obama
was born ourside of rh United tat rhus renderinz him
in ligible for th pI' idency, i parrof a lara I' numberof per-
ni iou and facruallv b I claim that \ ere circulared
abour then- naror bama durinz hi pI' idemial cam-
paign. PI' idemObama w born in Hawaii. ~
• en. herrod Brown, D-Ohio:
Pre idem Obama h provided
everal new orzanizarions \ .rh a
copy of hi birth certificare. how-
ina he was born in Honolulu,
Hawaii on uzust ,1961. Hawaii
became a rare in 19-9, and all indi-
viduals born in Hawaii after irs
admi ionarecon idered narural-born United rar mizen.
In addirion. rhe Hav 'aii rare Healrh D partmem recently
i ued a publi statement verifying rh authenriciry of
PI' idemObama' birrh ertificare.
• en. tel Martinez, R-F1a.:
"PI' idemial candidar are vetted
bv voters ar I r rwice- first in rhe
primary election and again in rhe
general elecrion. Pre idem-elecr
Obama \\on the Democraric Pam;
nominarion after one of rhe mo t
fiercely com red pI' idemial pri-
mari inAmerican hi rorv, And. h h nov been dulvel r-
, ,
ed bythe majority of voters in the United tar . Throughour
borh rhe primary and general election, concern abour . II'.
• en, Jon Kyl, R- riz.: " enaror
Obama meer rhe con rirurional
requiremenrs for pI' idemial office.
Rumors pertaining ro hi citizen-
hip raru have been circularinz on
rhe lnrerner, and rhi informarion
has beendebunked by nop .com,
which inv rigar rhe rrurh behind
Imerner rumors. "
DESPITEPI' idem Obama' concerted campaign £0
pre\'em public expo ure of hi original birth certificate and
orherdocumemarion rhat \ 'ouldverify hi qualificarion for rhe
high t office in rheland, members of Conzr aretellins con-
riruen they're absolutely confid m abour rh circumran
of Obarna' birrh.
Among the first raremen from lawmakers came from
en. Ri hard helby, R-Ala., who ar first eemed £0 expr
orne kepricism, tellins con riruem, ~ ' \ 'ell, hi father w
Kenyan and they saidhe was born in Hawaii, bur I haven t een
anv birrh certificate. ou have £0 be born in America ro be
pI' idenr."
However, helby larer relemed under pI' me and "clari-
fied that he \\ confidem that Obama i a r •• cirizen.
Then en., lel , lartinez, R-Fla., argued that voters n-
riall, agreed that bama was on rirutionally elizible when
they voted for him, and en. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., in i red rhe
online "hoaxbu rer" web ire nop .com had confirmed
Obarna' eligibility •
Among rhe raternents from members of Congr arerh
22 his leblo er • pril _009
..-.J.-.G BILTY o
• Rep. Kay Granger. R-Texas: " 'ow
that the election i over and the
campaign have ended I think ir i
importanr mar the politician and
the citizen of our nation pur me
fierce partisan rherori ide 0 that
we can work together ro come up
with real olurion ro our countrv'
challenges. ~
• Rep. Paul Hod 0-' .H.: ~ I hare
your uppon for r peering me law
t our in our Con tirution. Th
on ern about Bara k barna' citi-
zenship \ raised during the cam-
paign for the Pr idency of the
Unit d rare. Pr idem Obama
publicly po red hi birth certificate
on hi campaign web irewhichconfirms rhat he was born in
Hav ii in 1961.Thi birth certificate confirm rhar Pr idem
Obama i a narural born citizen of the United tar . above
me ageof 3- , and i therefore qualified ro bePr idemof the
United tat of America. If vou \ 'ould liketo viev Pr idem
Obama' birth certificate, I encourage you ro go to the web-
ire hrrp://fighrrh mears. om/micl -/binhcenificare.~
• en. Arlen peerer, R-Pa.: Hawaii'
Health Department Director, Dr.
Chiyorne Fukino announced that
he and the regi trar of viral tatis-
ti , Alvin Onaka. per onally
in peered Pr idem Obarna' birth
cenifi re and found it to be valid.
Thev determined there wa no
doubr he \ born in Hav ii. The certificate \\ nor released
becau e rare lav prohibit the release of certified birth cer-
tificat ro anyone who i nor able ro rabli h a direct and
tangible inter t in the record. ~
-&b Unruh

n. John Cornyn, R-Texas: ~ we
enter the III th Congre . our
nation fa many challeng . \;"e
are in the mi r of rouzh economic
rim . and the federal gO\'ernm nr
mu t rand on the ide of raxpayers
and mall busin . , 0\ more
than ever, we need fi cal di ipline
in \;' ashingron. I welcome Pr ident-elecr Obama' commit-
ment to reform the federal budget proc and rein in waste-
ful governmem pending, and I will hold the Pr idenr-el r
accountable as Consr works ro quickly identify and elirn-
inate ineffi ient, ine ecrive, and outdated federal program.~
He didn't r pond to me eligibiliry i ue.

• en. Charle chumer D-l .Y.:
The ourt hay h Id that
Pr idem Obama i a natural-born
American citizen, • loreover, in
December _00 , the upreriie
Court declined ro hear a lawuit
hallenging , 1£. Obama' e1igibiliry
ro rye as pr idem. concurring
with three other federal courts in Penn. ," nia, Ohio. and
•ashingron. The courts have confirmedthe dererrninarion of
rare official in Hawaii rhar healthdepartment records prove
that Barack Obama was born a ' .. citizen in Honolulu."
• Rep. John, fica. R-Fla.: Henored the
di pure i under court review. "I will
carefully moniror the progr 0 thi
case. However, a Repr ntarivein
Congr . my opporruniry ro inter-
vene in resolving this qu tioni lim-
ired. further court and judi ial
action i taken, please be ured I
will continue to raise the qu nons
and concern \ e both hare.
• en. axby Chambli , R-Ga.:
Pr idemObama demonstrated hi
itizen hip durinz hi campaign by
circulating opi of hi birthcertifi-
care. which hewed he \\ born in
Hawaii on U!!USl ,1 961.~
pril _ 09 is lebl o er 23
Representative proposes law requiring
candidates to show birth certificate
B Dmo Zabn
DmoZabn isa neus editorfor \ orld ttDai!y. com
with me FEC you hould aI 0 file documentation that you
fulfill the three requirements to be pr ident.
There' two randards here, Cecala told~ ' ' h i tleblower,
one for Little League and one for president."
"Opponents of Pr idenr Bush used me _0 0 election
results and me court deci ion to qu tion the legitimacy of
President Bush to erveas president ., explained Rep. Po ey
in an official rarernent. "Opponents of President Obama
are rai ing me birth certificate i ue as a mean of ques-
tioning hi eligibility to erveas president. either of these
iruations i healthy for our republic. Thi bill by imply
requiring uch documentation for future candidates for
president will remove thi issue as a reason for qu tioning
the legitimacy of a candidate elected as pr ident.
Cecala further said mere' no political motivation in
propo ing me bill, and the congr man hopes ping the
bill will help clear me air for the president, enablinz me
government to get beyondthe electioncontroversy to deal-
ing with me nation' other important i u .
"Once we p thi bill, we can be assured mat future
election won't havethi problem,- Cecalasaid. It' not an
ana k on Pr ident Obama: it' just clarifying for future
election ."
Cecala aI 0 explained that if passed, the amendment to
electionla\ would requireObama just likean. other can-
didate, to provide a birth certificate in any future pr iden-
rial election .
H.R. 1-03 has been referred to the House Committee
on House Admini tration,
fr hman congr man has introduced a bill to me
. House of Repr enrativ that would require presi-
dential candidat to provide a birth certificate and other
documents to prm'e their eligibility to occupy me Oval
Offi e.
Rep. Bill Po ey, R-F1a., filed H.R. 1-03 an amend-
ment to the Federal Election CampaignAct of 19 1 which
increased required campaign fund di clo ure and was later
amended to esrabli h the.federal Election Commi i n.
H.R. 1-03 would "require me principal campaign
committee of a candidate for election to me office of
pr idenr to include with the committee's raternent of
organization a copy of the candidates birth certificate,
together \ ith uch other documentation as may be nec-
essaryto esrabli h that the candidate meets the qualifica-
tion for eligibility to the Office of President under the
Con rirution." George Cecala a pokesperson for Rep.
Posey' office saidcon tiruents had beencalling to question
whether Barack Obama - who has publicized a certification
of live birth. bur nor hi official birth certificate - has
demon trared that he meets the Can tirurion reqUire-
rnent to be a natural-born citizen.
"Tho are legitimate con tirutional concern Cecala
id. "Folks have brought me i ue up, and me court really
hasnr clarified. nd I think American citizen have a right
to have an vers from their government.
When 7-year-olds play occer in Brevard County to
be in Little League they have to prove their r ideney,
Cecalasaid. To be pr idenr there are three requirements:
one i [natural born] citizen hip, two i me ageof r and
three, you have to have been a r ident for 1 years. ~ e're
imply ying when you file ~ ' o u r tarement of candidacy
2 is leblo er April _009
Be's Olbermann: Take the Reynolds rap off your head'
By Bob Unruh
nes member of Con!!TeSS arrived in \'\ashinzton to a
flood of qu rion from hi con tiruency about Bara .
Obama' eligibiliry to be pr idenc \'(as he really born in the
Inired tat , and , he qualified under the Con rirurion'
requirement that the offi e be occupied only by a natural
born~ citizen:
T•• Rep. Bill Posey did, hat mo t congr men
would do regarding a ubject of grave concern to their voters:
He proposed a bill that would require future presidential can-
didates todocument their eligibiliry, And that has earned him
omand ridicule.
''hat you hould do is top embarrassinz yourself and
take th Reynolds '\ rap offyour h e a d , ~ i 'BCcommenta-
tor Keith Olbermann uss tedto Po :.
T. • Rep. Teil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, has gone sofar as
to u t that Po . ' judgment i kev .ed.
"It onething totryto ber pon ive toyour constituents
nomatter hov r marginal " Abercrombie told the t. Peters rg
TIm . I understand that. But to take it to the point of put-
ting it into a bill - you open yourself up then to havins your
judgment questioned.
Abercrombie said lesi lation generally i to"addr com-
mon 1 u or concern .
Thecitizenship ofsomeone who has reached thepoint of
runninz for president of the nired rates i not really an
i ue Abercrombie said.
'\' yd I do this? Posey wrote on hi blog. '\ ell for a
number of reason and the more and more I set called nam
bylefrwinz activi ts, partisan hacks andpolitical operatives for
doins it, themore and more I think I did the right thins,
Hesaid I've been called some pretty nasty thinss. That'
fine. But none of these tolerant people actually want todi
the i ue at hand ... whether or not a pr idential candidate
hould have tofile these documents'ith thegovernment.
"' I could easily fill up a page Ii ting all the aaivities an
American needs to how their IDfor ... everything from play-
ins youth soccer to gettin
a drivers license buying cizarert
andal ohol, to openin ban' accounts and even playing little
league. I, prerry urprised to find out that to run for
pr idem, d pire the contirutional requirement and the
media rubbing that zoes on, it' not required for a candidate
to file th documents when they ubrnir their taternent of
candidacy with the FEC, hesaid.
Po .r com from a background 0 re orminz elections. In
Florida after the 2 0 recounts and law uits, he orked to
offer solution . when hearrived in '\ ashington, the qu -
tion raised b. voters and his inv rigation of theconstitution-
al demands led him to hi uzs tion.
"I thought I could offer a solution to thi qu tion oneli-
gibiliry," he wrote. There' nothing anyone can do about
changing past election ... the pc idenr won. All the law uits
in the world are not going to change that. But if what some
folks are worried about - that pr idenrial candidar don't
have to ubmir to thesame documentation that average folks
have to ubmit to- well, then we can change that for thenext
Posey cited an OL poll that found three-quarters of
Americans participating in the ur\'ey sreed.
I'm willinz to di thi i ue virh anyone who wants
to talk ina rational manner but I WILL OTengage inname
callinz mear campaigns, or any other venomous activity, ~
Po .' WTOte. "For onethinz, it childi h. But onanother level,
, 'ere upposed tobeable tohave acivil debate on thei u in
this counrrv,
Po .' pO' man, George Cecala, said thecongr man
has noplans towithdraw theproposal, even though it may not
get a lot of upport.
bercrombie told the limes Posev uzsestion i ..the
kind of ick politi that permeat a certain portion of the
But Posey said hewould have made theproposal even ifa
Republican had won the'\''hite House.
Havaiian official have confirmed they have a birthcer-
tificate on file or Obama but it cannot be released without
hi permi Ion and they have not revealed the information it
contam .
Bob Unruh isaneus editorfor World 'ttDaily.com
and\ 7hisrltblou'tT.
pril . 009 histleblo er 2;
Montana tables plan whil e Oklahoma gets committee approval
By Bob Unruh COPJ'rig/" 2009 lnc.
CHALLENGES over Barack Obamas con-
stitutional eligibility to be president are now beingbrought
by state legislators around the country - several attacking
the issue within their legislatures, while others are taking it
to court.
Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Ritze, R-Broken Arrow,
has proposed a requirement that anyone running for elect-
ed office show proof of U.S. citizenship, a measure that's
already been approved at the committee level.
Participants in Oklahoma newspaper fo rums seemed
mostly pleased:
"This bill signifies the beginning of the end for ' bama.
... When the year 2012comes along and ' bama wants to be
put on the ball ot they are going to require that he showup
with a Birth Certificate (that is if he makes it that fa r after
being asked to step down and forced to live his life in exile
like 1 apoleon Bonaparte). He is going to tell them \ yell
I'm the President I don't have to have any documentation.'
They are going to tell him 'sorry this is not Indonesia,"
said one.
According to the Dayton Daily News, Ohio Rep.
Diana Fessler, R- ew Carlisle, also proposed a resolution
that "encouraged" the El ectoral College to "exercise due
diligence to ensure that the persons for whom they cast
their ballots for president and vice president of the United
States are citizens of the United States" by examining can-
didates' birth certificates.
Fessler said she proposed the idea because of requests
from members of her constituency. She said members of
the Ohio House already have to show proof that they were
elected by providing "offi cial paperwork."
Contributors to the Daily News forum divided over
the issue.
"Why doesn't Mr. Obama make his actual real birth
certificate available to the various electoral commissions or
an independent agency such as the FBI for verification?
How can he have the highest level TOP SECRET SECU-
RITYCLEARAI CE in our government without true doc-
umentation?" asked one.
Another, however, said those who have concerns over
Obarna's eligibili ty should get over it.
26 whi stleblower April 2009
In late February, lawmakers in Montana tabled a plan
to require presidential candidates to provide state offi cials
with a verification of their eligibility.
The Montana Senate State Administration Committee
reviewed the plan to require the evidence, and opponents
said state law already ensured candidates' qualifications.
"A candidate for president, vice president, or a con-
gressional office shall include as part of the declaration for
nomination a sworn affidavit in the form prescribed by the
secretaryof state by rule. The affi davit must include a state-
ment that the candidate complies with all birth, age, citi-
zenship, and residency requirements prescribed by the
United States Constitution for the office the candidate is
seeking," the plan proposed.
Specifically, for president or vice president, the docu-
mentation must include "a certified copyof the candidate's
birth certificate or other documentation that has equal
effect of a birth certificate under the laws of the jurisdiction
in which the candidate was born that shows the candidate
was born within a state or territory of the United States."
State lawmakers in Tennessee also are getting involved,
but in a different way. Stacey Campfield, Frank 1 iceley,
EricSwafford and Glen Casada have agreed to be plaintiffs
in a lawsuit over Obamas eligibility being prepared by
Califo rnia attorney OrlyTaitz.
Taitz told Whistleblower the case would also include
members of the military as plaintiffs, since both state law-
makers and military officers are obliged to follow orders
fromthe president and need to knowif the orders are legit-
If a president is not qualified, she said, "In the military,
those would be unlawful orders, and [following them)
would subject the officers to court-martial. In the legisla-
tures, they cannot follow any of his bills or orders ... [if]
they don't knowwho he is."
A spokesman for Obama told a \'\!histleblower editor
all the legal challenges of Ob arnas eligibility are "garbage."
Bob Unruh isa news editorfor \'(loridNetDai0(colll and
WbistiebloweJ; and ilia)' be reached at I'Il1lruh@llllldcOIll.
By Bob Unruh
Copyright 2 Worl dNetDai Iy.comInc.
ACalifornia lawsuit s:eking records
about Barack Obama from his alma
mater, California's Occidental College,
points out that the state has a history of
revi ewing presidential candidates and
disqualifying those found ineligible.
The arguments are raised in paperwork
submitted by Gary Kreep of the United
States Justice Foundation, which has
brought alawsuit over Obama's eligibility.
They're seeking Obama's Occidental
College records to verify the nationality
underwhich heentered theschool.
Defense lawyers for Obama have been
tryingtoquash therequest for Occidental
records, arguing that any objections to
Obama's presidential candidacy and vic-
tory shouldhavebeen raised inCongress
at thetimeof theElectoral Collegevote.
However, according to documentation in
thelawsuit, "former CaliforniaSecretaries
of State have taken legal action to
removeindividuals fromthe ballot for fail -
ure to comply with the eligibility require-
mentstoserve asPresident oftheUnited
States, although, in those cases, the
issue had to do with the 'age' require-
ment, not the 'natural born citizen, "
The lawsuit issued a warning: "If Mr.
Obama is not constitutionally eligible to
serve as President of the United States,
then no act that he takes is, arguably,
vali d, thelaws that hesignswould not be
valid, the protective orders that he signs
wouldbenull andvoid, and every act that
he takes would be subject to legal chal -
lenge, both inCourts oftheUnited States
of America, and in International Courts,
and that, therefore, it is important for the
voterstoknow whether he, or anycandi-
datefor President in the future, is eligible
to serveinthat office."
The case documents that, after the
Peace and Freedom Party in 1968 sub-
mitted the name of EldridgeCleaver as a
qualified candidate for president, then-
Secretary of State Frank Jordan "found
that, accordingtoMr. Cleaver's birthcer-
tificate, he was only 34 years old, one
year shy of the 35 years of age needed
to be on the ballot as a candidate for
USJF explained that "using his adminis-
trative powers, Mr. Jordan removed Mr.
Cleaver from the ballot. Mr. Cleaver
unsuccessfully chall enged this decision
to the Supreme Court of the State of
California, and, later, to the Supreme
Court of theUnited States."
The USJF said similarly, in 1984, Peace
and Freedom Party candidate Larry
Holmes was removed from the ballot.
Eveninthe 2008 campaign, foreign-born
third-party candidate Roger Calero was
removed from ballots in some states,
according toelection reports.
Bob Unruh isa news editorfor
WoridNetOaily. comand Whist/eblower.
April 2009 whi stlebl ower 27
Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, offending users banned
By Aaron Klein Copyright 2009 lfIorldNrtDaily.com It/c.
Daily Mail and the Chicago Tribune have released articles critical
of claims Obama may not be eligible. The Los Angeles Times
quoted statements by former presidential candidate Alan Keyes
doubting Obama is eligible to serve as president. And most
recently, Internet giant America Online featured a top news arti-
cleabout the eligibility subject, referencing WND's coverage.
When the user "Jerusalem21" tried to repost the entry about
Obarna's eligibility asecond time, another administrator removed
the material within two minutes and then banned the Wikipedia
user from posting anything on the website for threedays.
Wikipedia administrators have the ability to kick off users if
the administrator believes the user violated the website's rules.
WND has monitored several other attempts to add eligibility
issues to Obamas Wikipedia page. In every attempt monitored,
the information was deleted within minutes and the user who
posted the material was barred from the website for three days.
nils polgeIs cUlle ntly protected frol
This protectionis 1I0t an endorsement
details. Pleasediscuss any changes 0
administrator to make the edit if is su
Barack Obama
lRe<*ected"om_ llbamal
"Baracl<"and"OOOma" redirect here. Forotheruses. see
Bol tolCk Husseln Obolmol II (ptonounced Iba'ro:k hur'sem ou'balma/;
President of the States. He is the first Mrican Americanto hoi,
States Senator fromDfinois fromJanuary2005until November 2lnl••
Obama is a graduate of Columbia and Ha.....rd LawSchool,
president of the Harvard LawReview. Heworked as a community org&
andpracticed as a cMI rights attomey in Chicago before seMngthree
He alsotaught constitulionallaw at (he University of Chicago LawSci
Followingan unsuccessfulbid for a seat in the U.S. House 01 Represl
States Senatein November 2004. Obamadelivered the keynot
CorwentioninJuly 2004. Duringhis tenureas Senator. he seMld on 5
Relations, Environment and Public Works, Veterans' Affairs, Health, E
Security and Governmental Aff irs.
Mer a particularly close campaign in the 2lnl Democratic Party pres
Clinton, hewonhi s party's nomination as a candidate for president, bl
candidate fot president. In the 2lnl general election, he defeatedRep'
in as president on January20, 2OJ9.
• Wlat rr-b here
• RdoIed chonges
• uPood fle
• SpedBlpages
• Cortert s
I • F...n.red cortenl
• Clnert everts

• <:orm>..oy port..
• - chonges
• eonoct WJdpeda
I •
WIKIPEDlA, the online "free encyclopedia" mega-
site written and edited entirely by its users, has been deleting
within minutes any mention of eligibility issues surrounding
BarackObarnas presidency, with administrators kicking off any-
one who writes about the subject.
A perusal through Obamas Wikipedia entry finds a heavily
guarded, mostly glowi ng biography about the U.S. president.
Some of Obamas most controversial past affiliations, incl uding
with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and former Weathermen terrorist Bill
Ayers, are virtually absent, even though those associations
received much news media attention and served as dominant
themes during the presidential elections last year.
Also completely lacking is any mention of the well-publi-
cized concerns surrounding Obamas eligibility to serve as com-
Indeed, multiple times, Wikipedia users who wrote about
the eligibility issues had their entries deleted almost immediately
and were banned from re-posting any material on the website for
three days.
In one example, Wikipedia user "Jerusalem21" added the
following to Obamas page:
"There have been some doubts about whether Obama was
born in the U.S. after the politician refused to release to the pub-
lic a carbon copyof his birth certificate and amid claims from his
relatives he may have been born in Kenya. Numerous lawsuits
have been filed petitioning Obama to releasehis birth certificate,
but most suits have been thrown out by the courts. "
As is required on the online encyclopedia, that entry was
backed up by third-party media articles, citing the Chicago
Tribune and World etDaily.com.
The entry was posted on Feb. 24, at 6:16 p.m. EST. Just
three minutes later, the entry was removed by a Wikipedia
administrator, claiming the posting violated the websites rules
against "fringe" material.
According to Wikipedia rules, however, a "fringe theory can
be considered notable if it has been referenced extensively, and in
a serious manner, in at least one major publication, or by a
notable groupor individual that is independent of the theory. "
The Obama eligibilityissue has indeed been reported exten-
sivelyby multiple news media outlets. World etDaily has ledthe
coverage. Other news outlets, such as Britain's
28 whi stleblower April 2009
Angela Beesley Starling, a spokeswoman for Wikipedia,
explained that all the website's encyclopedia content is monitored
by users. She said the administrators who deleted the entries are
"Administrators," Starling said, "are simply peopl who are
trusted by the other community members to have access to some
extra tools that allow them to delete pages and perform other
tasks that help the encyclopedia."
According to Alexa.com, Wikipedia is the seventh most traf-
ficked website on the Internet. A Google search for th words
"Barack Obama" brings up the president's Wikipedia pa e in the
top four choices, following two links to Obamas official we sites.
The entire Wikipedia entry on Obama seems to be heavily
promotional toward the U.S. president. It contains nearly no
criticism or controversy, including appropriate mention of
important issues where relevant.
For example, the current paragraph on Obamas religion
contains no mention of Wright, even though Obamas associa-
tion with the controversial pastor was one of the most talked
about issues during the presidential campaign.
Log III create .1CCOIII ,t
edltlllg 1I111i1 disputes have beeu resolved.
the current version. See the protection policy and protectionlog for more
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lorled by consensus. You may also request that this page beunprotected.
disambiguation} andOOOms (disambiguation).
amAugust 4, 1961) is the44th and current
:he office. Obamawas thejunior United
enheresignedfollowinghis electionto the
-here hewas thefirst AfricanAmerican
zer in Chicago prior to earning his lawdegree,
arms in the IllinoisSenate from1997 to 2004.
01from 1992to 2004.
tatives in 2IXXJ , Obamawas electedto the
address at the Democratic National
'eral cemmittees, including the Foreign
ucation, Labor and Pensions andHomeland
ential primary against rival HillaryRodham
oming thefirst maj or AfricanAmerican
dican candidate John McCain andwas swom
That paragraph stat : "Obama ex lamed ho , through
workin with black churches as a com nitj organizer while in
his rwenri , he came to understand 'the power of the African-
American reli ious tradition to spur social change. He was bap-
tized a he Tri Ity United Church of Christ in 19 and was an
active member there for two decades."
Ayers is also not mentioned, even where relevan .
WND monitored as a Wikipedia user tte pt d to add
Ayers' name to an appropriate paragraph. One 0 thoseadditions,
backed up wit s articles, readas follo 1,'S:
"He aI gside former Weathermen leader illiam
Ayers from 99 to 02 on the board of direcro of the '\ oods
Fund of Chicago, vhich in 19 ' had been the first fo dation
to fund the Developing Communities Project, d aIs from
199 to 2002 on the boardof direcrors of the Joyce Foundation.
Obama serv n board of directors of the Chicago
Annenberg Ch 199' to _002 as foundingpresident
and chairmanof the boardof direcrors from 199- to 1991. A rs
was the founder and direcrorof the Challenge. n
T ithin two minutes that \'( ikipedia entry was deleted and
the user banned fromposting on the we i e for three days, pur-
portedly for adding "Point of lewjunk edits," even though the
addition was well-established fact.
The Wikipedia entry about former President George W
Bush, by contrast, is highly critical. One typical entry reads,
"Prior to his marriage, Bush had multiple accounts of alcohol
abuse.... After his re-election, Bush received increasingly heated
criticism. In 2005, the Bush administration dealt with wide-
spread criticism over its handling of Hurricane Katrina. In
December 2007, the United States entered the second-longest
post-World War II recession."
The entry on Bush also cites claims that he was "favorably
treated due to his father's political standing" during his National
Guard service. It says Bush served on the board of directors for
Harken and that questions of possible insider trading involving
Harken arose even though a Securities and Exchange
Commission investigation concluded the information Bush had
at the time of his stocksale was not suffi cient to constitute insid-
er trading.
Aaron Klein, jerusalem bureau chieffoI' WoridNetDaily and
Whistlebloum; is known for his regularinterviews with Mideast terror
leadersand hispopular segments onAmerica's top radio programs. He
is the author of "Schmoozing withTerrorists: FromHollywood to the
Holy Land, jibadists Reveal their Global Plans- to ajew!"
April 2009 whi stleblower 29
By Bob Unruh
Alawyer threatened by a fed ral judge with sanction or
filingone of the myriad legal challeng to PI' idenr Obarna
eligibilityhas responded by criri izingthe judgefor relying on
"hearsay bloginformation for hi d i ion and as' for a hear-
ing that could include dis O\'ery of th pI' idenr original
birth certificate.
Judge Jam Robert on di mi ed a lawuir filed by attor-
ney John O. Hemenway on behalf of plaintiff Gregory
Holli tel', a retired military offi er ubje t to being recalled (0
duty and th refore having ~ randinz- to u based on hi need
to knowthe legirirna . of any order comina fromObama.
In hi tatement di mi ing the , Robert on ridi uled
the complaint, whi h neverhad a court hearing, rulingthat the
eligibility i u had been "blogged. rexted, twittered and oth-
erwi em sed."
Holli tel' i repr nred by Philadelphia lawyer PhilipBerg,
who has brought everal motions on the eligibility di pute (0
the C.. upreme Court that have been ignored. Hemenway
acted as local oun eI in filing the action on behalfof Holli tel'.
Robertson \ rote: "The plaintiff ~ that he i a reti ed ir
Force colonel who continu to owe fealrv (0 hi Commander-
in-Chief (because he might po ibly be recalled to duty) and
\ ho i tortured by uncertaintyas to whether he would have to
obey orders from Barack Obama becau e it has not b n
proven - to the colonel' ti faction - that k Obama i a
native-born American citizen, qualified under the Con tirution
to be pI' idenr,
"The i ue of the president' citizen hip \ rai d, vetted,
blozzed, texred, rwirrered. and otherwi e mas aged by
America' vigilant cirizenry during, lr, Obarna' two-year-cam-
paign for the pI' idency, but thi plaintiff wants it r olved by
a court,- Rob rt on wrote.
X'rong on mo t count, Hemenv y contends.
"Thi i not what Plaintiff Holli tel' concern I,
Hemenway wrote in a curt -required I' pon e. "Plainri
Holli tel' i a retired olonel. \ ho i ubjea (0 recall. Plaintiff'
concern i hov an order received from oeroro/Obarna i to be
regarded. \i"ould it be a legal order whi h he mu t obey or an
illegal order which he mu t di obey?
"These are not frivolous matt rs. the learned Judge
Robertson has uzsesred. Po ible illesal orders are a matter of
great con ern (0 officer in the armed for 'nd rsigned
counsel himselfentered the Arrnv of the United tat durinz
30 is leblo er April 2009
\i 11 and was promoted to Infanrry econd Lieutenant
preparing for the anticipated landinzs in Japan whi h were
heduled for, overnber 1, 19 -. But for PI' idenr Truman'
use of nu lear weapons to end the war this would have rran-
pired. The legality of orders in and Out of combat i of para-
mount importance," he wrote.
Hernenv ay continued with a ond point-Robertson
raised - namely that "the pI' idenr of the nired tares had
been properlyverred."
"Thi urn fa ts not in evid nand \ not addr ed.
It i lear that the con rirurional qualification of PI' idenr
oeroro/Obarna have not been properly veered. Judge
Robertson even it an earlier case filed in Penn Ivania bv
. .
one of the two lead artorney in thi case, in which the judge
claimed candidates in the recent pI' idential electionhad never
been more clo elyvetted, othing was furrh I' from the truth.
Effectively, the Penn ylvania Oi trier Court judge was intro-
ducing hi own hearsay and opinion into the case as if it were
acceptable evidence, Hemenway wrote.
"It i sad to read rhi court' u e of material from the
Internet to imply that the i u in the numerou lawuits filed
have been I' olved by the 'rwitrering and blogging to deter-
mine that the litisant are invoking 'con piracy theori t .' It
uzz ts that the intellectual capacity of thi court focu ed on
the i ues in the in rant uit at a very low level perhap for
political purpo , u h as to win attention from the hizhesr
authority when a seat on the upreme Court of the nited
tares becomes vacant,- Hemenway wrote.
Further, said Hemenway Robertson i threatening him
with naion for "the co ts allegedly borne by the defendants
whenall that wouldbe nec f)' (0 terminate rhi political chi-
canery ( ub rirure 'cri i ') that nov has involved hundred of
thousandsof concernedcitizen wouldbe for PI' idenr Obama
(0 di playhi a rual birth certificate.
Instead. ranks of atrornev have been hired (0 blo k "a
(0 hi I' ord by ealing hi college records refusing acc (0
hi 'vault' birth certificate: and all other documents which
would provide hi citizen hip tarus. "
Hemenway said, "Defendant oeroro/Obarna has never
re ponded. In read, a document [purporting (0 b
oeroro/Obarna birth certificate \ as pia ed on the Internet
in it includinz but not limited to: facrcheck.orz dai-
lyko . om and fighrrh mears.com. co ED 0 P. GE 32
Obama case lawyer says he's entitled to birth certificate discovery hearing
April 2009 his leblo er 31
"Thi image so presented w larer challenged by a
forensic experr as a forged an or altered document.... Ir i
a widely recoznized I ~ principle thar, when a false or
modifiedor ounterfeit document i pr enred as rhe oris-
inal, under di covery, rhe acrnal document musr be pre-
enred,~ he said.
'" j loreover, rhi document i a Cerrificarion of Live
Birrh which i i ued bv rhe Hawaiian rare Government
when birrhs abroad or birrhs occurrinz oursideof a ho pi-
ral are regi reredwith rhe Hawaii D parrment of Healrh. A
proper birrh certificate provid informarion as ro vhere
rhe child was born, weight, lengrh, parent' informarion,
docror informarion, erc. The Cerrificarion of Live Birrh
provided by oerorol bama only how he was born -
ornewhere, he said.
In a commentary ar Family ecuriry 1arrer .org
largarer Calhoun Hemenway, a former Whire House
appointee rving in rhe Department of Defen and ar
T A id rhar Obama "regularly referred ro himselfas 'a
consrirurionallaw professor,"
''. ir. Obama professed r peer for rhe Con rirnrion
doesnr seemro include irsc1ear-cur qualifications for pr -
idenr in Article _, ecrion I, which direcrly impacrs upon
wherher he i entitled ro hold rhe current polirical po irion
ro which rhe vorers entrusted him,~ he wrore. -
adly rhe American people d pend upon averring
proc for narional candidates which evidently i , truly
and asroni hingly, non-exi renr. In read of acrual verifica-
rion of genuine documenrs ro derermine cirizen hip by
orne imparrial board or commirree, rhe vetting proc
appears ro have become ubjugared in rhe case of Ir,
Obama ro compering campaign or parrisan web ires, a
flawed Inrerner phenomenon which Judge Roberrson ref-
erencedas Twittering and blogging, and online po tines of
u peer copies of documenrs, which hould never have
been a ub tirure for rhe judge' consrirurional dury ro
examineevidence and rule on facrs, bol tered by I ~ and
foren ic experts, nor opinion from rhe blogo phere.~
John Hernenway al 0 said rhe judge' d criprion of
Berg and an ociare as "agent provocateurs" was
The legirimare qu rion abour Obarna' birrh certifi-
care are ju r roo many ro ignore, he continued.
32 his leblo er April _009
"It hould also be nored Soeroro/Obama i ter, Maya
oeroro- g was born in Indon ia and today i cI ifiable
as a 'naturalized cirizen. However, her birrh was regi rered
in Hawaii and he, roo mainrain a Certification of Live
Birrh" he wrore.
Plainriff ubmirred Barry oeroros (af · a Barack H.
Obama ) Indone ian chool record hewing
oerorolObama cirizen hip rarus as ' Indonesian, hi
name as ' Barry toro,' ere. oeroro/Obama has admit-
red ro arrending rhe Indonesian public hool. ...
Furrhermore ... Indon ia did nor allowforeign rudents
ro arrend rheir public school in rhe lare 1960 or 1970 ,
and any rime a child wasregi reredfor a public chool rhe
child' name and cirizen hip ram were veri led rhrough
rhe Indonesian gO\'ernment, Hemenwaysaid.
"It i nor helpful for a nired rates di rrier judge ro
endor e obfu carion when a con rirurional i ue i
involved. Under thesecircum ranc ,ro rhrearen sancrion
against an arrorney who in good fairh assi red in rhe filius
of a law uir involving issu none of rhe many judg and
attornev from coasr ro coasr have found frivolous is ro
employ rhe Rule II as a device ro deprive rhe undersigned
arromey of hi civil righrs and rhe righr ro due process.
\X ithout evena hearingor acc ro di cO\oery beinggranr-
ed ro defend again r rhe charges, uch a sanerion would be
a verirable lynching, Hemenway challenzed.
"If rhe courr persi rs in pr ina Rule II pro edures
again r Hemenway rhen Hemenway hould be allowed all
of rhe di cO\oery pertinent ro rhe procedures as courr prece-
denrs have permirred in rhe pasr, he said.
"The courr has referred ro a number of facrs oursideof
rhe record of rhi parricular caseand, rherefore, rhe under-
igned i parricularly entitled ro a hearing ro ger rhe rrurh
of rho e marrers into rhe record. Thi mayrequirerhe courr
ro aurhorize orne di every," Hemenway said.
Bob Unruh isa neuseditorfor World ttDaily.com
and \fThistkblowtr.
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We are losing America - plain and simple. It's time for every
God-fearing American to take stock of where our great nation
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a maller and smaller group of hardworking citizens. Our
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anti-religion and anti-morality mes ages. The entertainment
industry pour immorality and violence into the minds of our
children on a daily basis. And the list could go on and on.
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Attorney proposes solution to 'bottomless pit of pending litigation'
By Leo C. Donojrio COf)righr 1009 II/c.
MARCH 13 2009
Unired State Arrornev Jeffrey Taylor
Unired States Arrornev. 0 ICe
555 4rh Street, N\X!
Washingron, DC 20530
Dear IV!r. Taylor,
... The core legal issue of my case against the NewJersey
Secretary of State concerned the fact thar Presidenr
Obarna's father was a native of Kenva - bur a cirizen of
Grear Britain via the Brirish Nationality Acr of 1948 -
at the rime of Presidenr Obarnas birrh. Obama Sr.
never became - or applied to be - a U.S. cirizen.
Presidenr Obama, at his websire "Figlm hesmears.com,"
admits his birth srarus was "governed" by the Brirish
Nationality Acr of 1948.
The legal quesrion I asked the courr to decide was
whether a person governed by the laws of Grear Brirain
at the rime of rheir birrh could be considered a narural
"born" cirizen of the Unired Stares as required byArricl e
2 Secrion 1 Clause 5 of our Consrirurion. The quesrion
remains unanswered in any Unired Stares courr.
Most of the orher cases which worked their way
rhrough various stare and federal courrs concerned
whether Barack Obama was actuallyborn in Hawaii . Ar
his web sire, Obama posred a photocopy of a Cerrificate
of Live Birrh from Hawaii and had ir verified by a pri-
vare website called "facrcheck.org." This was his
response ro all parries requesring proof he was actually
born in Hawaii. The audacity of rhis stunt generared a
rush of lirigarion ro have Obarna's credenrials verified.
Of course, while rhere is no consrirurional requiremenr
for a birrh certifi cate to be rendered, ordinary people
could nor understand why Obarna was fighring so hard
ro prevenr anyone from seeing his genuine documenrs
apparently on fi le in Hawaii. lr was his attitude of defi-
ance which srimulared cirizens across the narion - who
are required to presenr an original birrh certificate to
any number of Governmenr agencies - to institut e lit-
igarion challenging Obarna's eligi bility,
I do nor write ro you today to convince you that
Presidenr Obama is nor eligible ro the office of Presidenr.
I write to convince you thar having his ririe ro office
cleared of all doubt is in the best inreresr of the nation
at large and specifi cally the military chain of command.
Since you are the main lawenforcemenr officer charged
-with enforcing the Disrricr of Columbia Code, and
since you are lisred in 16-3502 as one of only two peo-
ple who may institute a proceeding - upon rheir own
morion - in quo toarranto ro invesrigare any Unired
Stares public office holder's qualifications if the office
concerned is within the Disrricr of Columbia, I respecr-
fully requesr thar you bring such an acrion before rhe
Disrricr Courr for the Disrricr of Columbia as soon as
The Code provides - at 16-3544 - for a jury rrial. I
respectfully submir that rhis is the best possible way to
settle the facr issue as to whether Barack Obama was
born in Hawaii. As ro the legal issue of whether he is a
natural born cirizen, even ifb orn in Hawaii, the judicial
branch has been charged with the power ro inrerprer
exacrlv what rhose words mean.
I have done extensive research on the quo warranto
statute and all possible constitutional iss ues which may
arise from irs use as ro a sirri ng presidenr. The congres-
April 2009 whistl eblower 35
sional enactment of the D.C. code's quo warranto
statute reflects the authority of Congress as the only
judicial branch which may remove the president. I
have publ ished the research at my blog
(http:naturalborncitizen.wordpress.com). (See Quo
WarrantoLegal Brief, parts 1-3).
The most important aspect of this research, as it
may affect your decision to act, comes from the semi-
nal U.S. Supreme Court decision that interpreted the
District of Columbia quowarranto statute, Newman v.
United States ex ReI. Frizzell, 238 U.S. 537 at 546
(1915) wherein the court stated:
"The District Code ... permits those proceedings to
beinstitutedbytheattorneygeneral of the United States
and by the attorney for the District of Columbia. By
virtueoftheirposition, they; at theirdiscretion and act-
ing under thesense ofofficial responsibility. can institute
such proceedings in any case theydeempropel:"
Please sir, nothing could be more proper for the
benefit of the nation than having this issue settled.
Under 16-3502, only the "United States attorney"
and/or the "U.S. attorne] general" have the authorjry,
without requesting leave of the court, to institute this
action. Under the holding in Newman, it requires no
belief on your part that President Obama is actually
ineligible. The U.S. Supreme Court holding in
Newman only requires that you "deem it proper" out
of a "sense of official responsibility. "
In order to put an end to the bottomless pit of
pending litigation, whether in direct attacks by quo
warranto, or via collateral attacks - based on eligibility
of office challenges - as described and allowed by the
D.C. Court of Appeals decision in Andrade v. Lauer,
729 F.2d 1475, 234 U.S. App.D.C. 384 (1984), quo
warrantoappears both proper and necessary.
The nation and the military cannot have the chain
of command subject to the rot of insubordination by
multiple plaintiffs on a case by case basis, each chal-
lenging specifi c orders as they arise. The floodgate of
litigation will fl owtoo heavily for certain containment.
However, the issue could be settled in one single
quo warranto proceeding brought in the proper court
by the proper officials. I strongly urge you and
Attorney General Holder to act. I am fo rwarding to
Attorney General Holder this same letter.
36whistleblower April 2009
... Chester Arthur faced an identical scandal as
Barack Obama when Arthur ran for vice president. It
wasalleged he had been born in Canada or Ireland and
that he was a British subject at birth and therefore
wasn' t eligible to be president. Recently, my research
team discovered, via the official ewYork State natu-
ralization record of Chester Arthur's father - available
at the Library of Congress - that his father did not
become a naturalized citizen until 14 years after
Chester Arthur was born. So, at the time of his birth,
Chester Arthur was a British subject due to his father's
heritage and failure to be naturalized before Chester
Arthur was born even though history has proved
Chester Arthur was actually born in Vermont.
Our research also proved that Chester Arthur
activelyconcealed this fact by blatantly lying about his
parental heritage in various interviews with the
Brooklyn Eagle newspaper at the time he was running
for VP.
This is an important revelation because it estab-
lishes that Barack Obama is the first president in our
national history who - at the time of his birth - was
openly subject to and governed by the laws of another
nation. The issue which needs to be heard in court is
whether such a person's citizenship will be considered
"natural born" for the rest of our nation's history.
Allowing this issue to avoid judicial interpreta-
tion will forever raise questions to President Obarna's
title to office, and it will set a precedent that two gen-
erations of citizenship (and loyalty) are no longer
required before one can become president and com-
mander in chief.
... Regardless, I must reiterate that I am not writ-
ing to convince you to take a position as to whether
President Obama is actually eligible for the office of
President. I am writing to beg that you bring an
action in quo warranto so that the issue will be
resolved once and for all which must be in the best
interest of the nation.
VeryTruly Yours,
Leo C. Donofrio, Esq.
April2009 whi stlebl ower 37

Roberts agrees to read Obama fi lings, consider 330,000 online signers
By DrewZahn COPJright 2009 lForldNnDai(Iccolll Inc.
ACalifornia attorney lobbying the U.S. Supreme Court
for a review of Barack Obamas qualifications to be president
confronted the chief justice recently with legal briefs and a
Worldl etDaily petition bearing names of approximately
330,000 people demanding that the court rule on whether or
not the sitting president fulfills the Constitution's "natural
born citizen" clause.
According ro Orl y Tairz, the atrorney who confronted
Chief Justice John Roberts at a lecture at the University of
Idaho on March 13, the judge
promised before the gathered
crowd that he would, indeed,
read and review the briefs and
"I addressed him in front of
800 people in the audience,"
Taitz said, "including university
officials, the president of the
Idaho State Bar and the chief
justice of the Supreme Court of
Idaho, and in front of all them,
[Roberts] promised ro read illy
Roberts was lecturing on Abraham Lincoln ro approxi-
mately 1,200 attendees of the annual Bellwood Memorial
Lecture Series at the Moscow, Idaho, university. Roberts has
been chief justice of the Supreme Court since his nomination
by President George W. Bush and subsequent confirmation
in 2005.
Earlier in the week, Taitz had confronted Supreme Court
Justice Anronin Scalia, who rold her the issue of Obarna's eli-
gibility, which has been raised before the Supreme Court at
least four times but has yet to be given a single hearing, still
lacked the votes of the required four justices in conference
before it would be officially heard.
Tairz said, "I rold Scalia that I was an atrorney that filed
Lightfoot v, Bowen that Chief Justice Roberts distributed for
conference on Jan. 23 and now I represent nine state reps
and 120 military officers, many of them high ranked, and I
want ro know if they will hear qllo warranto and if they
would hear it on original jurisdiction, if I bring Hawaii as an
additional defendant ro unseal the records and ascertain
Obarna's legitimacy for presidency."
38 whistleblower April 2009
The legal phrase qllo warranto essentially means an
explanation is being demanded for what authority Obama is
using to act as president. An online constitutional resource
says qllo warranto "affords the only judicial remedy for viola-
tions of the Constitution by public officials and agents."
"Tell me what to do, what can I do?" Tairz reporrs ask-
ing Scalia. "Those soldiers [her plaintiffs] can be court-mar-
rialed for asking a legitimate question, who is the president ,
is he legitimate?"
She says Scalia responded, "Bring the case, I'll hear it, I
don't know about others."
Tairz is submitting a motion ro the Supreme Court for
re-hearing of Lightfoot v, Bowen, a case she is working on
through her foundation Defend Our Freedoms, alleging
some of her documentation may have been withheld from
the justices by a court clerk.
She asserts docketing information about her case "was
erased from the docket of the Supreme Court on January
21sr, one day after the inauguration and two days before [the
casewas ro be heard]."
At the lecture in Idaho, Tairz grabbed the attention of
Justice Roberts by boldly addressing her allegation that a
clerk had buried the case.
The forum rules required that those questioning Roberts
announce their rel ationship ro the University of Idaho and
refrain from talking about cases currently before or likely to
appear before the court .
"I said, 'Justice Roberts, my name is Orly Tairz, I'm an
attorney from California, and I got up at 3 o'clock in the
middle of the night, flew and drove thousands of miles just
ro ask you a question. So please give me some leeway, " Tairz
said. "My question is, do you know there is illegal activit)'
going on in the Supreme Court of the United States?"
According ro Tairz, the room was stunned silent as she
continued, "I have presented my case ro you, and you per-
sonally agreed to hear this case in conference. But your clerk
refused ro forward a supplemental brief ro you. He has hid-
den this brief from you. He refused ro put it on the docker.
Additionally, my case was erased from the docket one day
after the Inauguration, two days before my case was ro be
"Outraged citizens and members of the media and state
representatives are calling the Supreme Court, demanding to
have the case reentered on the docket," Taitz told Roberts.
Then she held up the \\lND petition and continued,
"Moreover, here are the names of U.S. citizens who signed
this petition and who sent individual letters to individual jus-
tices, including you, Justice Roberts, all of them demanding
the same thing - that you hear my case in regards to Barack
Hussein Obarnas eligibility for presidency. "
According to Taitz, Roberts approached the microphone
and said, "I see you have papers. I promise you I will read all
your papers, I will review them. Please give them to my Secret
Service and I will review all of them."
Shordy thereafter, Tairz said, a Secret Service agent identi-
fi ed by his badge as Gilbert Shawaccepted two suitcases of doc-
uments and pledged to deliver them to Roberts.
Taitz reports the documents included four major sections:
• A motion for reconsideration of .Lightfoot v, Bowen with all ~
its supplemental briefs.
• The Quo \X'arranto Easterling er al v, Obama et al case.
• The WND petition, consisting of 3,300 pages of names -
about 330,000 in all - of people demanding the Supreme
Court hear the Obama eligibility case.
• A copy of a 164-page dossier sent to Attorney General Eric
Holder detailing suspected criminal activity surrounding
Obama and his supporters, also available on the Defend
Our Freedoms website.
Dreio Zahn is a neios editorjor \'(foridNetDai0,. colJI
and WhiJtleblolUeJ:
April 2009 whistleblower 39
As oneof the targets of this escalation,
I neednomore convincingproofofthe
ruthlessdisposition so far successfully
maskedby his empty rhetoricofhope
and change. Obviously he means to
offer hope only to those willing to
surrendertheir most basicrights.
-Alan Keyes
Alan Keyes rallies those involved in eligibility battle to stand firm
By Alan Keyes
~ .
..AS many of you know, I am parry to one of the law-
suits seeking evidence that would help to establish, one way
or the other, whether Obama in fact meets the U.S.
Constitution's eligibiliryrequirements for the office of pres-
ident of the United States.
NowObamaslawyers have filed a motion to quashour
effort to obtain the relevant documents. I am told that it
includes a demand that monetary penalties be assessed
against me and the other plaintiffs in the suit. Though not
unexpected, this motion confirms Obamas ruthless deter-
mination to destroy anyone who continues to seek the
information the Constitution requires. Why should they
demand penalties against citizens who are simply seeking
the enforcement of the Supreme Law of the Land?
Is it simply because their persistence runs contrary to
the will of a supposedly popular demagogue?This smacks
of ryrannical arrogance. That Obama thus signals his
intent to bring financial ruin on those who won't accept
his cover-up of the circumstances of his birth is a tactical
escalation. It confirms the common sense suspicion that
he won't act forthrightly in this matter because he has
something to hide.
40 whistl eblower April 2009
As one of the targets of this escalation, I need no more
convincing proof of the ruthless disposition so far success-
full y masked by his empry rhetoric of hope and change.
Obviously he means to offer hope only to those willingto
surrender their most basic rights. To any who insist on
questioning his actions, he offers the drastic change of ruin
and destruction. So be it. We shall be among those who
learn firsthand the meaning of the sacrifices made by the
Founders of our free republic, as they pledged and gave up
their lives, their fortunes and the world's esteem.
To tell you the truth, I expected Obarnas ruthlessness,
as I expect that it will escalate until his threats extend to lib-
erry and even life itself. Tyrants are like that (yeah, they
are). What I am not so certain of is the disposition of the
people of this country, and in particular of those who still
avow allegiance to the constitutional republic. For all their
posturing in opposition to Obamas socialist schemes,
Republican Parry leaders show no disposition to notice,
much less decry, his determination to subvert the
Constitution. But does the self-serving reticence of such
so-called leadership truly represent the disposition of the
people whose sovereignry they seem so ready to abandon?
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April 2009 whistleblower 41

People who have been watching recent events
with any discernment must realize by now that,
fOr all his talk of material salvation fOr the masses,
theDbam« faction real0' means to strengthen
on0' those willing to serve in the arm)' oftheir
domineering ambition. Thanks to the phon)'
stimulus package, the)' willsoon have billions
oftaxpa),er dollars with whichto nourish this
servile allegiance to his will. - Alan Keyes
42 whi stleblower April 2009
In politics as in war, real leadership does not con-
sist in titles and position, but in those willingto stand
in the forefront of the battle, where taunts and wounds
and evendeath await the ones who raise a rallying flag.
The fate of that fl ag depends, however, not on their
willingness to brave the dangers, but on the courage
and heart of those who, seeing that flag, return with
renewed courage to the fight. Though they know not
if it will stand or fall , will they decide that either way
it should not meet its fate without them?
People who have been watching recent events
with any discernment must real izeby nowthat, for all
his talk of material salvation for the masses, the
Obarna faction really means to strengthen only those
willing to serve in the army of their domineering
ambition. Thanks to the phony stimulus package,
they will soon have billions of taxpayer dollars with
which to nourish this servile allegiance to his will.
Including myself, many of the people willing to artic-
ulate and act against his overthrow of constitutional
liberty have nothing in their coffers except the grace
from God to see a little truth, and the courage to
speak it, drawing upon the example of His Son. But
time and again in America's history, a little truth has
been suffi cient to reach into the reserve of love for
God and liberty on tap in the patriot hearts and con-
sciences of those who would be free.
So to my fellow plaintiffs with the courage to
stand firm, and to all those who may lose by the price
they pay for it, I say keep faith and pray- not so much
for yourselves as for the heart and conscience of the
good people of your country. Trust that there still
burns a candlel ight of liberty within them, and a
thought for those who would rather be consumed as
its wick than surrender to the wickedness that now
seeks its destruction.
Alan Keyes servedas a U'N. ambassador under
President Ronald Reagan, teas assistant secretm:J' ojstat«
for International OrgmliZlltion Affairsfrom 1985 to
1987, and bas I'1In three timesfor thepresidency.
including in the 2008 election.
YODRarticle "\,(!hy we elect liars as leaders"
[by David Kupelian in the January 2009
Whisrleblower, "SECRETS OF THE LEFT"]
was grear. I have, for some rime now, tried ro
speak ro as many people as possible concerning
rhe ideglogy of the left, and irs appeal to man's
sin nature. Your arriclewas as eloquenr an expla-
nation as any I could hope for, and I will be
sending it our to friends and family. I can't
remember the man's name, bur I believe it was a
Spaniard that said, "as inrernal control decreases,
external conrrol increases." Thank you for an
explanation that anyone can understand,
William E. Bailey
MAj , ! J \ ~ GAARNG OCS
ONE of the most relling senrences in your
column ["Why we eleer liars as leaders"] is the
one which references "socialism, which suffo-
cares their once-vibrant Christian culrure and
seduces their citizens into giving up their hard-
won freedoms, independence and wealth in
e ' dl , . "
exc ange lor cra e-ro-grave seCUrIry.
The truth is, ir is only rhe promise of "cradle
to grave security," it is never rhe actual rhing.
\,(!hen one considers the thrust of currenr med-
ical ethical discussion raki ng place, the cradle end
is rife with danger from abortion, and the grave
end is rife with danger from medical care com
exceeding what has been chosen as "reasonable."
I think there was a very good reason God
wanted man to walk with him, and keep him,
God, as his own personal "king." God knew that
while most people cleave ro the law, and good,
even they fai rer and fail, and those who don't
cleave to such things seldom fairer or fail, bur are
almost always successful in stealing rhe life and
liberty of others, and do so frequently with total
I look on the way we established this nation
afrer deciding the Arricles of Confederation
would nor work, and I see it as the best anempr
by man to design a self-correering governmenr
that would operare on the basis of God's laws
and principles.
Bur we are on the brink of completely losing
the last vestiges of being an established
"Christian arion," and because we are or were
such, we must either return ro ir, and end up on
the side of Israel in the end, or if we fail, the
nation will be judged as parr of the enemy, even
if a small parr of "the people" are found by God
to be his own.
I believe God intended us to be a Christian
nation in rhe end, when the final battles rage,
and those who f.l ll away are always judged more
harshly than those who never rook on the prin-
ciplesand ethics. For this reason, it is imperative
we rerurn this nation to irs foundation of the
Constitution, and remake our governmenr inro
one which subordinates itself to that conrrolling
documenr. \'(!e have been a grear boon to the
world for the entirety of our existence as a
nation, We shall be judged according to a very
high standard because of that. I tremble when I
consider kneeling before God knowing we had
ir righr, bur would nor keep it righr when it
mattered mosr.
j ohn J'4cClain
Vanceboro, North Carolina
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April 2009 whistleblower 43

"During the conversation, Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama
never changed her reply that she was indeed present when
Senator Barack Obama was born in Kenya," Shuhubia
added for emphasis in the affidavit.
A typed transcript of the audio tape recording of the
telephone interview with Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama was
attached as Exhibit "A" to the affidavit.
"1left Kisumu City and traveled to Mombasa, Kenya,"
Shuhubia continued in the affi davit. "1 interviewed per-
sonnel at the hospital in which Senator Obama was born in
Kenya. 1 then had meetings with the Provincial Civil
44whistleblower April 2009
Shuhubia swore he learned Obama's original long-
form birth certificate remains on file in Mombosa, tightly
protected against public release.
"I learned there were records of Ann Dunham giving
birth to Barack Hussein Obama, III, in Mombasa, Kenya,
on August 4, 1961 ," Shuhubias affidavit continued. "I
spoke directly with an Official, the Principal Registrar, who
openly confirmed the birthing records of Senator Barack
H. Obama, Jr. and his mother were present. However, the
fil e on Barack H. Obama, Jr. was classified and profil ed."
Shuhubia's affidavit is cited in its entirety by promi-
nent Pennsylvania Democrat Philip Berg, formerly the
state's deputy attorneygeneral, in his lawsuit, PhilipJ Berg
v. Barach Hussein Obama, [r., et al.
Whistleblower is also in possession of Bishop Ron
McRae's affidavit.
McRae affirms he is the continental bishop that over-
sees the Anabaptist churches in North America and that he
is also the presiding elder in Africa, where the Anabaptists
have churches in Kenya among other Mrican nations.
McRae's affidavit confirms that he participated in the
telephone conference call from Kenya on Oct. 16, 2008, in
which Obama's grandmother stated she was present when
her grandson, Barack Obama, Jr., was born in Mombasa.
"During the conversation, Ms. Sarah Hussein Obama
never changed her reply that she was indeed present when
Senator Barack Obama was born in Kenya," McRaestated
in his affidavit.
Jerome Corsi issenior staff
reporterjor WorldNetDai/y
and Whistleblowel: He
received a Ph.D. from
Harvard inpolitical science
in 1972 and is the author
of many books, including
two No. 1 NewYOrk Times
best sellers, "The Obama Nation"and "Unfit for Command"
(co-authored withJohn O'Neill), as well as "The Late
Great USA, "alsoa New YOrk Times best seller:
whistl eblowef
janua ry 2009
whistl eblowef
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April 2009 whistl eblower45
THEfollowing arehighl ights of recent breaking
news stories posted on WorldNetDaily.com.
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Shocker: 'Global warming'
simply no longer happening
It may come as bad news for AI Gore, but
the modest global warming trend has
stopped - maybe even reversed itself. And
it's not just the record low temperatures
experienced inmuch of theworld this past
For at least the last five years, global tem-
peratures have been falling, according to
tracking performed by Roy Spencer, the cli-
matologist formerly of NASA.
"Global warming" was going to bring more
andmorehorrifi c hurri canes, climatechange
scientists andthepoliticianswhosubscribed
to their theories said. But since 2005, only
one major hurricane has struck North
A new study by Florida State University
researcher Ryan Maue shows worldwide
cyclone activity - typhoons, aswell as hurri-
canes - has reachedat least a 30-year low.
Two more studies - one by the Leibniz
Institute of Marine Science and the Max
Planck Institute of Meteorology in Germany
and anotherby the University of Wisconsin-
predict a slowing, or even a reversal of
warming, forat least thenext 10to20years.
46whi stl eblower April 2009
The Arctic sea icehas grown moreona per-
centage basis this winter than it has since
1979 and the number of polar bears has
risen 25 percent in the past decade. There
are15,000 of theminthe Arctic now, where
10years ago there were 12,000.
"Themost recentglobal warmingthat began
in 1977 is over, and the Earth has entered a
new phase of global cooling," says Don
Easterbrook, professor of geology at
Western Washington UniversityinBellingham,
confi dently. He maintains a switch in Pacific
Ocean currents "assuresabout three decades
of global cooling. New solar data showing
unusual absence of sunspotsandchangesin
the sun's magnetic field suggest ... the pres-
ent episode of global cooling may be more
severe than the cooling of 1945 to 1977."
Jailed pro-life pastor
brings Jhugs to Christ
ABaptist pastor is nowbehind barsforhold-
ing a poster that read, "Jesus loves you and
your baby. Let us help you," outside an
Oakland abortion clinic - and his wifeclaims
he was targeted because he's a black man
who dared to take a stand against race-
based abortion.
Last May, Rev. Walter B. Hoye II of the
Progressive Missionary Baptist Church of
Berkeley, Calif., filed alawsuit inU.S. District
Court, arguing an Oakland city ordinance
banning counselors or protesters from
approaching within eight feet of people
entering an abortion clinic is a violation of
constitutional freespeech rights.
Twelve days later, Hoye was arrested for
allegedly violating thelawhewasseeking to
overturn, and was charged with "unlawful
approach" and "harassment. "
Several videos show the pastor standing
outside Oakland'sFamily PlanningSpecialists
Medical Group at 200 Webster Street with
his "Jesus loves you" poster whi le clinic
employees in orange vests, or "escorts," fol-
low him and try to block his message with
blank cards.
Walter's wife, Lori, said her husband never
approached the escorts during his peaceful
walkdown the sidewalk.
While white pro-lifers have protested there
for more than a decade, Lori said Walter's
presence quickly became a problem for the
clinic - because of his skin color.
"In the 90 minutes we were out there, 25
women went into that clinic and 23 of them
were black," shesaid. "It's about keeping a
black face off the sidewalk so theclinic can
continue totarget black peopleand not have
any interference."
After Hoye was incarcerated, his wifeadded:
"He's holding uppretty well. For wherehe is,
he's in pretty good spirits and God is using
him even injai l. He'sbeenableto talk to the
meninthere about theissue of abortion."
"He said that the menare listening, and he's
been able to talk to themabout the Bible,"
Lori said. "He even led one young man to
Christ yesterday. God is using aterriblething
for Hisgood. "
Military demands details on
soldiers' private guns
A military commander at Fort Campbell in
Kentucky demanded his soldiers give him
the registration numbers of any guns they
own privately and then reveal where they are
The order was stopped, according to base
officials, when it was discovered the com-
mander was not "acting withinhis authority."
The original order was issued on the letter-
head of Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion,
187th Infantry Regiment and said effective
March 11 , any soldier with a "privately
owned weapon" was requiredto submit the
information, along with any information
about any concealedcarry permit thesoldier
mayhave, and what state issued thepermit.
Further, the rul e warned, "If any soldier
comes into possessionof a Privately Owned
Weapon following the effective date of this
memorandum, he is required to inform the
Chain of Command of the above informa-
One soldier who objected to the demands
circul ated the memo, commenting that he
lives off post.
"It just seems a little coincidental to methat
within 90 days the most anti-firearm presi-
dent in history is inaugurated, some of the
nastiest anti-firearmlawsare put onthetable
in Washington, and then the Army comes
around wanting what amounts to a registra-
tion onall firearms, even if theyare off post,
and doesn't provide any reason or purpose
asto why," the soldiersaid.
Base spokeswoman Cathy Gramling told
WND the letter apparently was a mistake.
Shesaid the base requires anyone bringing
a privately owned weapon onto the install a-
tion to register it.
"As a response to a number of negligent
discharges of privately ownedweapons, the
command decided to explore howto imple-
ment a training program for soldierswith pri-
vately owned weapons. Their
goal is to identify soldiers with
firearms and provideadditional
safety training to them, much
like our motorcycle and driver
safety classes," shesaid.
htt p://\'NI\'I.wnd.comlindex.php?fa: PAGE.view&pageld:92395
Teens' abortion technique:
Drink poisonous mixture
Some teens in rural America are now self-
inducing abortions with chemicals intended
to abort livestock, reports one of the
nation's oldest and most influential pro-life
"What kind of world have we created for
these girls that they're drinking poison and
risking death in these modern-day back-
alley abortions, rather than bear their childin
love," asked Judie Brown, president of the
American LifeLeague,
The grisly situation was first exposed
throughtheefforts of Anna Anderson, head
of theCare Net Pregnancy Center in Green
County, Wis., who reported thetrend onthe
Stephenson County Right to Life websiteof
Freeport, III.
Anderson reported getting numerous calls
andvisits to her pregnilncy care center from
teens who either had taken the drugs or
were worri ed about friends who had taken
Cases have been documented in at least
three rural Wisconsin counties, shesaid.
Thedrugs, kept onfarms for management of
livestock under the names Prostaglandins,
Cystorelin, Factrel, Gonadorelin or Lutalyse,
werebeingingested orally in largequantities,
even thoughanimalsaretreated by injection,
thealert said.
Besides resulting in thedeath of the unborn
baby, other complications that could ensue
include infections, blood loss and even
hlt p:J/www.wnd.comli ndex.php?fa: PAGE.view&pageld: 92186
Can cops demand to take
your photo?
Two years ago, a Pennsylvania man was
thrown in jail for 160 days for refusing to
allow police to takehis picture.
But a federal judge has now rul ed against
local police and in favor of Gregory Bush,
whowas notcharged withany crimeonMay
17, 2007, when a Lancaster, Pa., officer
demanded to take the man's photo. Only
after refusing to have his picture taken did
the police subdue him, charge him with
obstruction of justice and toss him in jail.
"When they first arrested me, I didn't even
knowwhy I was being arrested," Bush told
Lancaster's Sunday News. "I kept thinking
thechargewould bedroppedat the prelimi-
naryhearing. It was ridiculous; I didn't com-
mit any crime."
After more than five months in jail, when his
case was finally brought before a judge, the
court granted the motion made by Bush's
attorney to dismiss the charges.
Bush then filed a lawsuit against Lancaster's
policedepartment andthe officer thatarrested
him, Ray M. Corll II, claiming Bush's rights
had been violated when police attemptedto
compel him to submit to anunconstitutional
search and seizure of hisimage.
"We've never maintained that Officer Corll
and the others involved are bad actors,"
Bush's attorney, David R. Dye, told the
News. "It's just that they were engaged in a
bad practice."
Afederal judgeagreed with Dye and awarded
Bush undisclosed damages.
hlt p:J/www.wnd.comlindex.php?fa:PAGE.view&pageld:92750
April 2009 whistleblower 47
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