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Hi-Fi by HAI
Technical Sheet

A Revolutionary Whole Home Audio System

Hi-Fi by HAI allows you What Makes Hi-Fi Revolutionary? Controlling

to share your music Hi-Fi couldn’t be
throughout your home, Traditional Whole Home Audio easier. There are
using the sources you already own! Systems require your music source no confusing
equipment to be in a central audio buttons, just one
Mom can listen rack and many of them require this knob and a display. Simply mount
to relaxing jazz source equipment to be proprietary a Volume-Source Control (VSC) in
on the satellite brands. Hi-Fi allows you to listen to any room that has speakers that
radio in the the music sources that you already you wish to control. The VSC gives
kitchen, while own or any brand that you wish you the ability to play any music
dad listens to to purchase. These sources can be that’s connected to a RIM - no
the big game as located thoughout the house. matter if the RIM is in the same
he barbeques room or not!
outside, and the How Is This Done?
kids jam away Using the VSC is Easy
to rock upstairs! The main controller
Or set them all of your Hi-Fi is • Turn the knob to adjust
to listen to the same source and mounted in a closet volume.
volume. or basement. Remote
• Press the knob to change the
Input Modules
With Hi-Fi by HAI, you have the (RIMs) are installed
ability to listen to different sources in rooms that have • Press and hold the knob to
at the same time at different music sources, such as CD players, alter bass, treble, or to turn
volume levels throughout your computers, iPods™, satellite radios, the entire system on/off.
home. Hi-Fi comes standard as TVs, etc. The sources are plugged
a four zone, four source kit, and into the RIMs and voila - you can The VSC and RIM come in White,
is expandable to eight zones, six now enjoy your favorite tunes in but are also available in Almond,
sources. any room! Black, and Ivory. 1
Now music can flow freely and be enjoyed in any room, by the
pool, in the backyard, or anywhere that you want it to be.

Use a Remote Control tracks, pause, play, mute, or crank capacity. If more power is desired,
up the sound! there are two inputs for additional
Hi-Fi by HAI allows power amplifiers.
the convenience of Add Additional Zones
remote control. Your Easily Upgrade to the
Hi-Fi comes with a For every zone desired after the Newest Technology
basic source and initial four, an additional Zone
volume remote. You can purchase Amplifier Card must be installed. When you want to upgrade to
a Hi-Fi programmable remote that Up to four additional Zone the newest source equipment,
is compatible with your source Amplifier Cards may be installed for you won’t have to cut holes in
equipment. the Hi-Fi by HAI to accommodate the wall or alter an audio rack
up to the full eight zones. to accomodate new wiring and
You may also point your original equipment. Simply unplug your
source equipment remote at any Hi-Fi has an expansion kit that old source, such as a CD player,
VSC, regardless of what room comes with everything you need from the RIM, and plug in the latest
you’re in, to change stations, CD to have Hi-Fi reach its maximum and greatest iPod™.


Turn Hi-Fi on or off, mute a

zone, select the source you
would like to listen to, and
adjust the volume. This section provides the same
functionality as a standard
programmable remote control,
Basic such as channel up/down,
Remote volume up/down, pause/play,
etc. This section controls source
The palm-sized basic equipment such as iPods™,
remote is backlit with receivers, or DVD players.
cool blue LED lights.

The 8 buttons at the bottom of the remote are for macros. Macros can be used
to control a home theatre operation, set a favorite channel, or for other multiple
functions you would like to control with one key press. 2
Connect Hi-Fi to an HAI Home
Control System
Technical Specifications
Hi-Fi by HAI may be used as a
stand-alone system or with an HAI Power is 40 watts RMS per zone at
home control system. With a home 4 ohms. The audio signal from the
Easy to Operate. A single control system, you may coordinate source is inputed at the RIM and
knob controls volume, source your music with activities in the travels over Cat 5 to the main unit.
and more! No programming home. The VSC is also connected to the
required. main unit using Cat 5.
• Set every room to the iPod™
Affordable High Fidelity and preset the volumes for a The Class D digital amplifiers are in
Performance. Clear and
party. the main unit, (not in the VSC) so
powerful Class D digital
amplifier power is not hindered by
amplifiers. Plus, it’s a modular
system so it’s easy to expand • Mute bedroom and outdoor Cat 5 wire. Speakers are connected
at a later date. zones when it’s bedtime. to the main unit using standard 16
gauge speaker wire. There are two
First System with Remote • Turn the entire system off when variable outputs (Zones 1 and 8)
Input Modules. Enjoy music leaving the house. for connection to external power
from sources throughout amplifiers, and a page/mute input.
the house. No audio rack • Use your telephone to page
required. throughout the house. Signals from remote controls are
picked up by a sensor in the VSC
Use any of HAI’s user interfaces to and routed to the RIM that the VSC
control Hi-Fi, including OmniTouch has selected as its source. Signals
Touchscreens, consoles, keypads, for source equipment are sent out
A demo for Hi-Fi is available on HAI’s Snap-Link, Home Control for the “IR Out” port on the RIM to
Website. Complete with sound, the Windows® Media Center, and control the source.
interactive demonstration shows the Web-Link II.
benefits of Hi-Fi and how it works in
a home!

Graphically Control Hi-Fi When Connected to an HAI

Home Control System

Control Hi-Fi wirelessly Control the volume and

via Snap-Link on an source of any zone with an
Ultra Mobile PC. OmniTouch Touchscreen. 3
• Remote Input Module - allows any • Volume-Source Control - control
source from anywhere in the house to volume and select source, in addition
be listened to in any or all zones. It also to adjusting bass, treble, balance, and
has an IR emitter port for routed IR source gain. It also has an infrared
commands from the VSC. receiver.

• Use CAT-5 cable from the RIM to Remote • Use CAT-5 cable from the VSC to Zone
Audio In on the Hi-Fi. Control In on the Hi-Fi.

• Maximum of six RIM's. • Maximum of eight VSC's





Remote Input Module Remote Input Module PUSH TO SELECT PUSH TO SELECT


Connect to HAI controller to select

zone and source, and control
volume and power from an
OmniTouch Touchscreen or via
controller program.



CONTROLLER Hi-Fi has 2 variable
outputs (Zone 1 and Zone
8) that allow you to deliver
more power to the zone
speakers through optional
power amplifiers.


One 62A07-1 Power Supply is used to

power Zones 1-4. A second 62A07-1 POWER AMPLIFIER
Power Supply is used to power Zones 5-8. (OPTIONAL)

Use 16 gauge
POWER SUPPLY speaker wire (4
HAI Part Number: 62A07-1 conductor stranded is
Universal Power Supply for Hi-Fi suggested for neat
For Zones 1-4 installation)
(Supplied with 4 Zone, 4 Source Kit)

HAI Part Number: 62A07-1
Universal Power Supply for Hi-Fi (up to 8 Zones)
For Zones 5-8 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
(Supplied with Hi-Fi Expansion Kit) (Speakers) (Speakers) (Speakers) 4

Controllers: Accessories:
Description Part # Description Part #

Hi-Fi by HAI 4 Zone, 4 Source Kit in Hi-Fi by HAI Zone Amplifier

Vented Enclosure 62A00-1 62A02-1
Card (ZAC)

Hi-Fi by HAI 4 Zone, 4 Source Kit for

62A00-2 Hi-Fi by HAI Volume-Source 62A03-1
Structured Wiring Enclosures Control (VSC)
Hi-Fi by HAI 4 Zone, 4 Source Main Hi-Fi by HAI Remote Input

Assembly 62A01-1 62A04-1
Module (RIM)
Hi-Fi by HAI Expansion Kit (to 8

zone 6 source) 62A12-1 Hi-Fi by HAI Remote Control 62A05-1

Hi-Fi by HAI Programmable

Remote Control

Hi-Fi by HAI Power Supply 62A07-1

Hi-Fi by HAI IR Flasher 62A08-1

Hi-Fi by HAI Vented Enclosure 62A09-1

Hi-Fi by HAI RIM Color Change Kit,

Almond, case of 12

by HAI RIM Color Change Kit, 62A10-BLCS
Black, case of 12

62A00-2 Hi-Fi
by HAI RIM Color Change Kit, 62A10-IVCS
Ivory, case of 12

by HAI RIM Color Change Kit, 62A10-WHCS
White, case of 12
Hi-Fi by HAI includes Hi-Fi Main Board
Assembly with four installed Zone Hi-Fi by HAI VSC Color Change Kit,
Apmplifier Cards with Vented Enclosure Almond, case of 12
(62A00-1) or on backplate for Structured Hi-Fi by HAI VSC Color Change Kit,
Wiring Enclosures (62A00-2), four Black, case of 12
Remote Input Modules, four Volume-
Hi-Fi by HAI VSC Color Change Kit,
Source Controls, Power Supply, one 62A11-IVCS
Ivory, case of 12
62A05-1 Remote Control, cable for HAI
controllers, and manuals. Hi-Fi by HAI VSC Color Change Kit,
White, case of 12

Hi-Fi by HAI Retractable Cables

(3.5mm to two RCA)
Hi-Fi by HAI Retractable Cables

(3.5mm male to 3.5mm male)
62A14-1 5