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The bi g engi ne t hat s hi gh i n power,
l ow i n f uel c ost
I n t roducing the new high power DIADEMA diesel engine developed by ENGINTECH fo r
deep-well pumping, flour mills and so on. With its increased power and displacement, low fuel
c o n s u m p t i o n , electric or hand starting mechanism and other innovative fe a t u r e s , it far
surpasses conventional type engines.
Bi g hor sepo wer and
di spl ac ement
Diadema Diesel engine KND 3200(E)
gives you greater horsepower and
displacement than previous models.
When new engine is used for pumping
When conventional engine is used
When these engines are employed
for pumping purposes, they allow
you to pump greater quantities of
water from deeper levels.
Wor l d' s No.1 i n l ow f uel
c ost w i t h 145gr /HP-h
This Diadema engine is No.1 in the low
cost of fuel (for engines under 50HP)
Qui c k , easy st ar t i ng by
hand or el ec t r i c al mec ha-
ni sm
The KND 3200 is equipped with a
decompression mechanism and
double flywheel, insuring easy hand
starting. The KND 3200E comes
equipped with an electric starting
mechanism (optional), so that even a
woman or child can start them easily
by merely turning a switch.
A var i et y of new f eat ur es
t hat i nsur e l onger engi ne
l i f e
Through the incorporation of the
following new features, the life of
the engine has been dramatically
A. Oil bath type cyclone air cleaner
A two-stage type air cleaner that
blocks dust at three places, the
cyclone, oil bath and element.
B. Double oil leak prevention
Because of Diadema's unique
screw type oil return mechansim
and the tight sealing assured by the
oil seal fitted with a dust lip, you are
assured of complete protection
against leaks of lubricating oil. At
the same time, dust is prevented
from entering the crankcase.
C. New type governor mechanism
To increase the durability of the
governor, bearings have been used
in the mechanism that relays power
to the governor lever and all parts
subject to friction have been
designed in such a way as to greatly
reduce wear.
D. Increased oil pump capacity
In order to prevent poor lubrication
when the engine is running at low
speed, the oil pump capacity has
been increased twice the regular
size to 12.31/min at 1OOO rpm.
This means that even when the
engine is running at only 500rpm,
oil pressure is several times the
usual amount or 2kg/cm2, insuring
unimpaired lubrication.
Easi er mai nt enanc e
A. The lubricating oil capacity has
been greatly increased so that you
get 300 hours or three times the
ordinary running time on one
change of oil.
B. The size of the fuel tank has also
been increased - 42l for the KND
3200(E) - so that you don't have to
refuel so often.
Other feature include a safety
cover installed so that there is no
danger of your hand coming in contact
with the flywheel when you are
using the operating lever. In addition,
the engines are designed so that
they can be installed on the same
installation platform as that used for
conventional type engines.
Five Outstanding Features
Per f or manc e Cur ve
KND 3200(E)
3711 CC
KND 3200 (Hand starting)
KND 3200 (Electric starting)
Double Flywheel
Model KND 3200 KND 3200E
Type 4- cycle horizontal diesel engine
Number of cylinder 1
Bore x Stroke 150 x 210
Displacement (mm) 3.711
Brake horsepower (HP) 28 - 32
Engine speed (rpm) 1000 - 1100
Piston speed (m/s) 7.0 - 7.7
Compression ratio 16.0
Cooling system Water cooling with hopper
Combustion system Direct injection
Fuel Light diesel oil
Lubrication oil For 1 API service CC class and above
Lubrication system Forced lubricating with trochoid pump
Starting system Hand Electric
Fuel tank capacity 42 42
Dry weight (kg) 788 813
Installation bolt complete 4 sets
Fuel tank complete 1 pc
Air cleaner complete 1 set
Exhaust pipe 1 set
Flat pulley 1 set
(Dia. according to order)
Model Cu. Meter Gross Weight
(Cu. Ft,) kg
KND 3200 1.77 (62.6) 998
KND 3200E 1.77 (62.6) 1023
Parque Industrial Tecnolgico Quilmes - Camino Gral. Belgrano Km. 10,5
C.P. (1876) Bernal Oeste - Provincia Buenos Aires
Republica Argentina - Tel/Fax: 4270-1185 -
Specifications Standard Accessories
Export Shipment Specifications
These specifications and dimensions may be changed
without notice.
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