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Name Nationality Title Mobile E-mail : Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Ibrahim Eldery : Egyptian : United Arab Emirates - Sharjah - Al Dhaid : 0505474554 :

Qualifications: Qualifications : Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Review Rating : good / / rate: 71% Experience: 1) He worked in the Egyptian German Company for Engineering Industries in Egypt for a year as an accountant. 2) He worked in Daltex Company in Egypt for two months as an Accountant General. 3) Has extensive experience in the use of computers and he worked on the Microsoft office group and in particular (Microsoft Excel) and (Microsoft word), as well as he work on the accounting program (Peachtree2009) 4) Fluent in English, specially in the field of business. Courses: 1) Courses (ICDL) in Computer Driving from UNESCO. 2) session From the American University in speaking English. 3) session on (Peachtree2009 program) for accounting on the computer. 4) Courses of ICTDAR from the United States for the management of small and medium enterprises. Current work: working as an general accountant with burj Almustaqpal company in the United Arab Emirates.