Pry Vate <ourinstantmatter@gmail.


Lisa Coogle Rambo has conspired to kidnap our son and has made terroristic threats to have our son kidnapped.
1 message Pry Vate <> To: Pete Smit <!smit @sumtercount"> #isa $am%o committe& 'iolations o( t e (ollo)ing statutes: * 16+,+- .ons!irac" * 16+11+3/. Terroristic t reats an& acts * 16+10+23. 0m!ersonating a !u%lic o((icer Mrs. $am%o committe& t ese crimes un&er t e color o( la) t at is to sa" un&er t e mere !retense o( o((icial aut orit". Mrs. $am%o is also em%e11ling !u%lic (un&s %ecause s e )as recei'ing !u%lic (un&s ) ile committing t e a%o'e crimes. Mr. Smit , "ou a'e in&icate& t at t ese crimes are not in "our 'enue. 2ou are mista3en (or t ese reasons: 1. #isa $am%o ma&e o!erati'e, in &emonstra%l" %a& (ait , t e so+calle& 45$D6$ 75$ S86#T6$ .9$64 &ate& 12:;:2012 ) ile a Sumter .ount" em!lo"ee, resi&ing in Sumter .ount", )it in t e Sumter .ount" .ourt ouse. 2. Sai& 45$D6$ 75$ S86#T6$ .9$64 )as 100< non+com!liant )it t e ,t an& ;t 9men&ments t us a& no (orce an& e((ect o( la) t us )as at all times a 'oi& or&er:=u&gment. 7or t is reason 'enue can not %e &etermine& %" t e !resum!tion t at Mrs. $am%o )as acting as a so+calle& 4M9.5> .5?>T2 @?A6>0#6 @?DB64. 3. Mrs. $am%o acte& in a !ri'ate ca!acit" Cun&er mere !retense o( la)D at all times to e((ectuate t e unreasona%le an& unla)(ul sei1ure o( t)o "ear ol& CminorEs name re&acte&D. ,. T ere is no 'enue 4Fuestion4 regar&ing t is matter %ecause #isa $am%o )as o!erating outsi&e o( our !u%lic la)s, at all times &uring t is matter, ) ile s e )as ! "sicall" locate& in Sumter .ount"..."our =uris&iction an& "our 'enue. 6G!lain to me ) " "ou as a la) en(orcer )ill arrest a met &istri%utor in Sumter .ount" "et not arrest #isa $am%o + a &emonstra%le 3i&na!!ing cons!irator an& %ona+(i&e terroristH 6'i&ence eGists t at Sumter : Macon .ount" an& se'eral o( its em!lo"ees as an in(ormal !olic" o( intentionall" &e!ri'ing t e .onstitutionall" !rotecte& rig ts o( certain 9mericans. Please &o not c oose to !rotect t e criminal actions o( #isa $am%o lest s e 'ictimi1es anot er innocent son or &aug ter. 0( "ou assert t at #isa $am%o as not committe& an" o( t e a(orementione& crimes in Sumter .ount" or at all t en !lease &o communicate "our (in&ings to me. Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 6:19 PM

Sincerel", CParent name re&acte&D

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