Chapter 17: Who’s outside the window????

BPOV I was just about to let out a blood curling scream, when I saw what the figure was, and the scream in my throat only became a small squeal. Everybody turned to look at me, misunderstanding the situation, thinking I only was afraid of the thunder. Victoria took my hand and squeezed it tight. “Bella, it’s okay, you don’t have to be afraid.” She said softly as she held my hand, just like you would when a kid is scared about something under the bed. But I didn’t really listen what they said, confusion had only made half my mind work. “Bella??? Hellou??” Mike said and snapped his fingers in front of my face, which got me out of my trance, but it didn’t make me take my eyes from the figure. “Bella, what’s the matter??” Edward asked and rose from his bed and walked over to me. “Are you not feeling well??” Just as he did, thunder hit again, and this time, I saw what the figure was, which made goose bumps go all over my skin. I jumped a little at the sound of the thunder, but it wasn’t as bad as it would be if you were outside. Everybody started to talk immediately, saying soothing word so I wouldn’t be afraid, but I ignored them again. I rose from my bed, looking at the window the whole time and walked over to it, the others right behind me, probably wondering if I had a screw loose. Over to the window and opened it. The wind was blowing hard and the rain poured down heavily. “Jake, what the hell are you doing here??” I asked him, frowning at him. Edward, who stood behind me, tensed and I could swear he was glaring at Jake at the moment. “Just checking you were okay.” He answered with a nonchalant grin on his face. I frowned at him, confused?? “Making sure if I was okay??? Jake, you know I hate the thunder, and do you think it helps if you stand outside my window, making faces just as the lightning strike?? If you do, you’re wrong.” I said. “What do you mean by making faces??” Jake asked and frowned back at me. “When you were picking your nose and squinting.” “YOU SAW THAT??!??!?” Jake screamed, in a horror struck voice, and as he did, I saw how his russet skin became one shade darker. I raised my eyebrows in surprise, and as Jake, I felt how my cheeks got hot. “Awkward….” Mike said teasingly in his singsong voice behind me. But it was quickly followed by a quiet “Ouch!!!” We stood there for a moment in awkward silence for a moment, until Edward broke it.

“Jacob, what are you doing here??” he asked, or rather demanded in a cold, harsh voice, which made me shiver. “Like I said, I wanted to make sure she was okay.” He repeated and gave Edward a cold glare before he looked back at me. “Well she’s fine, so you can go now.” Edward said and placed a hand on my shoulder protectively. A deep sound came from Jake, like a growl, but just as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone. Jake glared at him, but at the same time, it looked like he shivered. He was kind of vibrating, but it stopped just after a moment. Then, he looked at me, his eyes wondering if Edward’s words were true. “Yes, Jake, I’m fine. Now go!” I shouted at him in an irritated tone, which made him flinch, and pointed a finger at the woods. He slowly turned, muttering “bye then” and walked away towards the woods, muttering to himself the whole time. I sighed and closed the window. But just as I did and turned around, I saw Mike wearing a sly grin on his face, which only meant one thing; this can’t be good. “What?” I asked him and crossed my arms in front of me. “Haven’t you guys noticed?? It has stopped raining!!” he said cheerfully. I turned around to the window, and yes, he was right, it had stopped raining. I never thought I’d say this twice, but Mike was right. All of us smiled happily at Mike’s discovery. Then, I could swear I saw a light bulb on top of Victoria’s head, flickering to life. “Hey, I know!! Why don’t we go for a midnight swim!!” she said and smiled happily. James looked satisfied with the idea, but on the other hand, I think he would’ve gone with any idea made by Victoria. “Sure, sounds like fun.” He said and took her into his arms and kissed her head softly. She giggled and turned to us. “You in??” she asked us and looked at me. I thought about it. Hmmm… swim… in the middle of the night… well, on the bright side, in the water, you don’t really have to see were you swim; because you can’t trip in it… the main problem would probably be getting to the lake…and the temperature of the water. Like Victoria had read my thoughts she quickly added “It’s not that cold in the water, I promise.” She said and winked at me, and then she looked at Mike, who was literary jumping of excitement. “Mike, you’re in aren’t you??” “Hell yeah!!” he said, but was quickly punched by Victoria in the gut, who now looked extremely dangerous. “Don’t. Use. Such. Language. She hissed through gritted teeth, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, and then she opened them and turned to Tyler and smiled brightly. “How about you?”

“Sure, that’s cool.” He answered and shrugged his shoulders, grinning ear to ear. She nodded at his answer and turned to Edward, who stood beside me. “How about you, Eddie boy?? Care to join us??” Edward looked at her, or rather glared. “I would rather appreciate if you didn’t call me that.” He said in a cold tone, but Victoria just flicked it off. “Whatever, are you coming or not???” she asked him in an irritated tone that made her sound almost like Jessica. Edward turned to look at me, and answered her. “Wherever she goes, I goes.” He said, still looking at me. Victoria sighed and looked at me, wanting to know my answer. “So? Are you coming or not, Bella???” she asked and looked at me, her face nonchalant, but her eyes pleading. I sighed and turned to look at Edward. “Why do you have to be so stubborn??” I asked him. He shrugged nonchalantly and grinned. “I could ask you the same question.” He shot back at me. I sighed again, seeing I won’t win this, no matter how hard I’ll try. “I’m in.” I said and turned to Victoria. She squealed an ear splitting sound, which made want to cover my ears. It feels like I’ve been through this before. Flashback *Swoosh* I stood in a bright pink room. There was an open double door in the other side of the room; the closet. A 14, maybe 15 year old girl with jet black hair that stood out in every direction and pixie like features skipped out of it and right up to me. “Come on Bella, can’t I just do one make over on you, just once??” she asked and pouted, going full puppy eyes on me. I groaned and looked into her pleading eyes. I groaned, knowing I wouldn’t get away; Eddie was gone for the hour, not coming back for a while… “Come on, Alice!” I begged, but then she made her final blow and looked up at me with her super intense green eyes, just like his. “Fine…” I muttered, defeated. Alice immediately stopped her little charade and started to jump up and down with excitement, squealing an earsplitting sound, which made me want to cover my ears. “Oh, Bellie, this is going to be so much fun!” Fun… Fun… Fun… End of flashback *swoosh*

“Bella?? Bella!!” Edward’s frantic voice in the distance pleaded, which made me come back to earth. Edward stood in front of me, his hands on my shoulders and shook me gently. Behind him was Victoria standing, looking worried but not as worried as Edward. In fact, I don’t think anybody could look as worried as Edward. Jeesh, I only spaced out, it’s not like I fainted. “Eh, what??” I said and his face immediately relaxed. He opened his mouth to say something, but somebody started to talk behind him. “You were out for a while Bella.” Victoria said. I looked at her and James, who stood right beside her with a friendly smile on his lips. “How long??” I asked her, but this time, Edward answered. “5 minutes or so.” He said and grinned at me. Wow… I had that flash back about that familiar movie for 5 minutes??? Way to go Bella… “Okay, so she’s back to earth. Now let’s go back to our original plan.” Mike said and grinned sheepishly. I frowned and looked at him, not understanding what he was talking about. He sighed, muttering something to himself before he answered. “The midnight swim, remember??” he asked and gave me a ‘are you serious?’ look. The words hit my brain, forcing it to start working. How could I forget that we were supposed to go midnight swimming? We talked about it 5 minutes ago! Sometimes I wonder if I could do a brain exchange, this one obviously doesn’t work as it should… “Oh right, the midnight swim. Well, shouldn’t we go then??” I asked and started to walk towards the door. But as I got there, somebody cleared his throat, which made me turn around. “Eh, Bella? When you go swimming, you change into beachwear, if you’re not planning to go skinny dipping that is.” Tyler said. Mike kind of looked pleased with the idea of me skinny dipping, which made me shiver in disgust. Edward and Victoria seemed to have noticed to, because 2 seconds later, Mike was lying on the ground, groaning in pain. “Well, James and I will go change. Come to our cottage when you’re ready.” Victoria said, and before anyone could answer, both of them were out of the door. I sighed and went to my bag, looking for my bikini. After a long moment of digging, I finally found it. Then I took my towel, a pair of sweat pants and a T shirt and walked towards the door. “I’ll go change, I’ll be right back.” I said over my shoulder and left the cottage. *A few minutes later* I walked over to the door and knocked 3 times and it only took a few seconds for the guys to open it. I walked inside, wearing a pair of sweat pants and a T shirt, wearing my bikini under it. Inside, the guys were sitting on their beds, well… if you call Mike’s little spot on the floor ‘bed’ that is. I walked over to my bag and put my other cloths in it. Then I turned to the others.

“Are you ready??” I asked them. “Baby, I was born ready!” Mike said flirtatious and grinned at me. I sighed and turned to Tyler, ignoring the annoying idiot on the floor. “Yeah, sure.” He said and shrugged, taking his towel and started to walk towards the door with Mike close behind him. Then I turned to Edward, meeting his gaze. I almost drowned in his eyes, so I looked away, my instinct of survival telling me to, or rather screamed. Damn, that should be illegal, drown somebody like that. And I always thought I could swim… “Are you okay??” Edward asked, and even if I didn’t look at him, I could tell by his voice that he was worried. Man, this kid got worried about everything! But, when he worries about me, the butterflies in my stomach start flying and I feel all warm and fuzzy. But again, it does irritate me that he worries about everything I does. It’s not like he is my dad or something… “Yeah, I’m fine. So, are you coming or not??” I asked, still not looking at him. I heard how he sighed and moved closer to me. Then, he took my face in his hands and turned my head, making me meet his gaze. “I would appreciate if you look at my face when you speak to me.” He said in a soft voice, making my bones melt. “And for your question, as I told you before; wherever you go, I’ll follow.” He said, stroke my cheek and then let me go. His words were cute, but at the same time, I was confused and kind of grossed out. “Excuse me??” I asked him when he just had turned his back at me and was walking towards the door, that now was open and the doorway was empty. He looked as confused as I was feeling. “What is it Bella??” he asked and looked at me, frowning. “You said you would follow me everywhere!” I said and threw my hands up in the air dramatically. His frown deepened and he took a step closer to me. “Yes, and I meant it. I will follow you everywhere Bella.” He said and his voice sounded strong and cool, but his words really destroyed it all. I frowned at him, the cute feeling I’d felt earlier, now disappeared, long gone. “Everywhere??? Isn’t that…kind of stalkerish?? “I asked. “Well…-“he began, but was interrupted by Victoria’s voice right outside the door. “You’re still here talking?? Come on, let’s go already!” she said, walked into the cottage and linked my arm and walked out of it, dragging me with her in the progress. She left Edward there, stunned. Well, I don’t really think he should be. I mean, when somebody tell you they will follow you everywhere, I don’t really take it as a complement… When we were a bit away from the cottage, Victoria stopped. I straightened up and looked at her. “Where are the others??” I asked, noticing she was alone.

“There at the lake already.” She answered simply. “Now, what happened when we were gone? Anything good?” she asked, looking like she could burst of excitement. I frowned at her, not understaning what she meant. “Oh, come on! With Edward of course!” she said, looking at me like I was an idiot. “Was anything supposed to happen??” “Well, come on, he obviously likes you and you him.” She said. I froze with shock, not believing her words. What? No! We’re just friends! And besides, I don’t like him, not that way.” I said blushing at her statement, telling her the truth. The last thing was only half truth. In fact, I didn’t know what I felt about him. “Well-“she started, but got interrupted by an annoying voice I kind of hated by now. “Come on Bella, hurry up!” he said, standing behind Victoria. Her face instantly became red of anger, and let’s just say, Mike was lucky standing behind her, not seeing the super scary face she had, obviously for him. She turned to him slowly, wearing a stained smile. When she was completely turned, I saw how Mike’s face shifted from happiness to pure fright. And then they were running. “COME BACK HERE YOU SON OF A B****!!!” Victoria roared as she charged towards him. Mike was screaming like a little girl, which made me giggle. *A few minutes later* “We’re finally here!” Tyler exclaimed and walked out on the pier. The moon, that finally escaped its hiding place behind the clouds, shone brilliantly down at us. After Victoria had beat up Mike, she came back, just as Edward did, so she didn’t have a chance to continue our earlier conversation. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” Mike said, exactly like a 4 year old boy and ran out on the pier and dove into the dark water. After a few seconds, he reached the surface. “Come on, it’s not cold at all!!” he said and grinned, looking at me. “Translation: It’s ice cold.” Tyler said, grinning as well. “Well, silly or not, I’m no rotten egg.” He said and jumped into the water, making the cannonball right next to Mike, drowning him in the splash. Victoria laughed at Mike’s now irritated face and took off her clothes as well, leaving her in her green bikini. Wow…she looked stunning. “You coming?? She asked James, who nodded at her. Then she grinned, and with their soundless communication, they both jumped into the water, hand in hand. That left me and Edward on the pier. “Come on you guys, get in!” Victoria said and grinned at me. I sighed, knowing she would get me into the water if I refused. I began to take off my clothes, when I noticed that everyone was staring at me, especially Edward. I immediately started to blush, feeling self-conscious.

“What??” I asked and took of my T shirt, leaving me in my blue bikini. “That color blue looks lovely with your skin.” He said, watching me. I blushed even more “EDWARD, STOP FLIRTING AND GET INTO THE WATER!!!!” Mike screamed at him, which made him drop my gaze and turn to glare at him instead. Tyler, who also kind of looked a little pissed, placed his hands on Mikes head and pushed him down into the water. Everyone seemed pleased with that and looked smugly satisfied, even me. After a few seconds, Tyler couldn’t hold him down anymore, and Mike reached the surface, coughing like crazy. “MAN, ARE YOU SICK!! YOU TRIED TO DROWN ME!!!!!!!” He screamed at Tyler who smiled sheepishly at him, obviously not regretting it. Then I turned to look at Edward, who now had taken off his T shirt, leaving him in his swimming trunks. His muscular chest made me blush and look away, looking at the ones in the water. No one seemed to notice my peeping-tom moment. “Come on you two, get in!” Tyler said this time. “Yeah, come on guys!” James agreed from the dark water, looking at Edward. “Ladies first.” Edward said, like the gentleman he is. EPOV “Ladies first.” I said, not wanting to leave her on the pier alone if I jumped in first. She looked so frail in the light of the moon, her skin looking so pale… “Well, get in then! Come on Bella!” James called again. Bella looked at him, then, she turned slowly to look at me. She looked like a goddess when the moon hit her face, her eyes sparkling. Her cheeks where slightly flushed when she smiled a small, uncertain smile at me. It made my heart thud hard inside my chest. Then, she turned towards the pier and started to run, well, walk really fast. As she reached the end of the pier, she quickly composed her body, making it straight as a pin, raising her hands up in the air. Then she dove. She looked so graceful, so beautiful when she hit the water, making a perfect dive. She quickly re surfaced, looking happy and excited. God she looked beautiful… “Come on Edward, it’s only you left!” Victoria yelled at me. BPOV “Come on Edward, it’s only you left!” Victoria yelled at Edward, who was standing on the pier, watching me. I grinned at him and swam away a little from the pier. Then I turned to him and grinned. He grinned back at me, and then he was running towards the end of the pier. When he was at the end, he quickly straightened up and dove in to the water, elegant and graceful. He came back to the surface and met my gaze, smiling his brilliant crooked smile. God he looked beautiful…

He swam to me and so did the others, except Mike. He snorted at Edward and swam towards the piers ladder. He climbed up and looked into my eyes as he spoke. “Show off. Look at this.” He said and grinned cocky at me, then at Edward. He began to run towards the end of the pier, just like Edward and I had, but just when he was at the end and was just about to dive in, he slipped and began to fall towards the water, head first, and hitting it with a big splash. All of us started to laugh at him as he reached the surface and started to cough – again – like crazy. He looked at us, his eyes pissed and embarrassed. We continued to laugh, and then we began to swim. I was really glad that you couldn’t trip in water, because if you could, I would, definitely. I began to swim towards the centre of the lake (it wasn’t that big). I began to do the backstroke, so I could watch the stars and the moon while I swam, but when I had turned around to my back, I instantly stopped swimming and just floated there on my back. The sky was now cloudless and the stars shone brightly down at me, thousands of sparkling beauties. But all of them were no comparison to the moon. The big, white moon that shone brightly at us, the only light we had in the dark lake, was big on the sky. I watched them all, amazed, when I felt something grab my foot and pull me down. I started to scream and kicked franticly, but it was too late; I was already under the surface. I looked around into the dark water, trying to see who it was – what it was that had dragged me down. I kept looking around, until I stopped, seeing something yellow, floating around under the water. I instantly recognized Mike’s head and became furious with hate. Suddenly, I felt a pair of strong hands, pulling me up to the surface. As I came up, I gasped for air. I turned to see who had rescued me from the stupid/super evil Mike, and saw that it was James. “Are you alright??” he asked me as I breathed heavily. “Yes, thank you.” I said, and then I noticed that everyone had surrounded me, even Mike. All their questions attacked me at once. “Are you hurt?” “What happened??” “Did you swallow a lot of water??” “How are you feeling??” All of them asked me something, all of them were worried, except Mike. He was swimming a bit away from the little group, smirking. The anger bubbled inside me and I began to swim towards him in no time. The others stayed and watched as I kicked his stupid little butt. When I was done with him, he had swallowed half the lake. “Nice going!” Victoria snickered at me. I grinned back and went back to watching the stars.

*Later* “Hey, it’s starting to get cold now, let’s go back.” Victoria said, and we all agreed. We swam back to the pier and climbed up the ladder. At that moment, the only thing I could think about was our warm, cozy cottage. We all half ran back to the place where we dumped our clothes (except me, I walked). I walked up to my little pile of clothes and took my towel, wrapping it tightly around me. The air was now colder than before, making goose bumps appear on my arms. I shivered slightly as we started to walk back to our cottage. I was almost in daze as we walked; only thinking of our cottage, of warmth. That’s why I didn’t notice when Edward put his arm around me. Only when he hugged me closer to him, I finally noticed it. I looked up at him, blushing like crazy, but he just smiled and answered me simply. “I don’t want you to be cold.” He said and continued to walk with me close to his side. At that moment, my brain didn’t really work as it should’ve. My normal reaction would be: ‘eh…okay, I can walk by myself, thank you.’ But the warmth of his body made me go into trace. We continued to walk, but when we we’re almost at the cottages, we heard a familiar, now very pissed voice behind us. “Well well well, what do we have here??” Fishy said behind us, sounding incredible evil and very, very pissed. We all froze, thinking the same thing. ‘Damn it’. Edward turned us slowly around, facing Mr. Smith. But when I saw his face, a shiver of fear passed my spine and the phrase ‘if looks could kill…’ suddenly ran through my mind. He was glaring at us with a deadly look, looking ready to kill any second. Well, he wasn’t glaring at me or Victoria, only at the boys. “Are you going to explain yourself???” he asked, still glaring with his murderous glare at us. “We went for a swim.” James said, holding on to Victoria. I looked at Fishy, wide eyed. I’ve never seen him so pissed before, not even when he crushed that student’s phone. “For a swim, eh??” he said, his voice sounding really evil. At that moment I was seriously so scared I nearly crapped my pants. “Yes sir.” All of us said. Just as we did, his eyes flickered to me, like he hadn’t noticed I was there. He looked at me for a brief second, but for that second, I thought I saw something else in his eyes besides anger. But I couldn’t grasp what it was. “Alright all of you, go to my cottage.” He demanded, pointing towards the cottages. Mike was just about to complain when he loudly added “NOW!”. We all started to walk in a fast phase towards the cottages, but then someone stopped me. “Stacy, what are you doing??” he asked me and I turned around to meet his face, totally confused.

“I’m… walking to your cottage??” I answered, but it sounded more like a question. At that moment, I was too scared to point out that my name wasn’t Stacy. He walked over to me and released Edwards had on my shoulder and placed a hand on my back, pushing my forward and away from Edward. “But darling, you don’t get any punishment, of course not! Go back to your cottage and rest; I’m sure this has been a tiresome day for you.” He said and smiled his friendly smile. I looked at him, even more confused. “I…don’t get any punishment??” I asked, totally stunned. “Of course not, why would you??? I’m sure the rest of them tricked you into it.” He said and turned to glare at the rest of them. “But I-“I started, trying to explain they hadn’t, that I was at fault too, but he didn’t listen. “It’s alright, you may go.” He said and waved me away. Then he turned his back to me, so I couldn’t see his expression, but judging by my friends faces, it wasn’t pretty. “Now move! Come on, we don’t have all night!!” he said in a harsh voice and started to walk towards them, which made them back away. I saw the pleading looks of my friends as they walked away to Mr. Smith’s cottage. I slowly walked back to our cottage, walking very slow, thinking about the rest of them as I did. When I entered the dark cottage, I felt how guilt kept crawling down my spine. I was such a horrible person. None of the others deserved this…except Mike. I wonder what they were doing as punishment… I shivered by the thought. I took off my wet bikini and replaced it with my PJ’s. As I crawled down in my bed, waiting for the others, a question popped to my head. Why didn’t I get punishment?? As I lied there, I came up with millions of reasons, but none fit. As time passed, my eyelids became heavier and finally closed, making my slowly drift to sleep. Just before I fell asleep I heard the door open and sigh and groans from the boys as they entered. The last thing I heard before I completely went down under was the words “Goodnight Bellie…”

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