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The Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) was established in 1959 and declared an institute of national importance by an Act of Parliament in 19 1! In forty"#inth $on%ocation& a total of 1 '9 graduands " 1(1 Ph!)!& 1*+ M!,!& ( ' M!Tech!& 9 M!-!A!& *9 M!A!& 1*. M!,c!& **5 )ual )egree (-!Tech! / M!Tech!) and *+. -!Tech& and the first batch of 9 P0 )iploma in Metro 1ail Technology and Management ! These degrees co%er a wide range of disciplines and speciali2ations offered by the ele%en 3ngineering departments& three ,cience departments& the department of Management ,tudies and the department of 4umanities and ,ocial ,ciences! The faculty and students underta5e basic and applied research across a wide swathe of areas! The Institute attracts research funding from science ministries as well as a wide spectrum of industries& and collaborates e6tensi%ely with the space& nuclear and defence research organi2ations! The IIT Madras 1esearch Par5 is the first"of"its"5ind uni%ersity"based research par5 in the country and is growing from strength to strength! IIT Madras has acti%e lin5ages with more than 157 leading uni%ersities world"wide& resulting in substantial two"way flow of students and faculty! IIT Madras has been recruiting world"class faculty in emerging areas for se%eral years now! In *71*"1.& the Institute added .+ new faculty members (of whom . are women)& ta5ing the total number to 5* ! 8e bade farewell to 11 faculty members and *9 staff members who retired after a lifetime of dedicated ser%ice to the Institute! This report pro%ides a summary of our acti%ities& achie%ements and accomplishments during the year *71*"1.! 1. Course-Based Programmes In addition to the slew of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by the si6teen departments& the Institute offers se%eral speciali2ed degrees as well! These include a uni9ue $linical 3ngineering programme offered :ointly with the $hristian Medical $ollege& ;ellore and ,ree $hitra Tirunal Institute for Medical ,cience and Technology& Tiru%ananthapuram& a ;isionary <eaders in Manufacturing P0 diploma programme :ointly with IIT =anpur and IIM =ol5ata& a P0 diploma program in Metro 1ail Technology and Management& and interdisciplinary P0 programmes in $atalysis Technology& Petroleum 3ngineering and #uclear 3ngineering! The Institute also offers speciali2ed P0 programmes for specific industries in $i%il& Mechanical and >cean 3ngineering! In an effort to broaden the palette for the ?0 students& two minor streams ha%e been introduced@ ,ustainable Infrastructure / 3n%ironment Management& and ,tructural Mechanics! More such minor streams are on the an%il as the curriculum mo%es decisi%ely towards increasing inter"disciplinarity! IIT Madras has a Aoint )octoral )egree programme with the #ational ?ni%ersity of ,ingapore& and more such programmes are e6pected in the coming years as our trans"national research collaborations intensify and fructify! 2. Academic Research 1esearch at IIT Madras continued to flourish during the year under re%iew! Around . 7 new Ph!) students ha%e enrolled in *71*"1.& in 5eeping with the national goal of increasing the a%ailability of the highest"9uality researchers and teachers to industry and academia! In *71*"1.& our faculty and research scholars ha%e published 171( papers in refereed international :ournals and 5( in refereed national :ournals! They ha%e also presented .+1 research papers in international conferences and '7 in national conferences! IIT Madras is thus a significant contributor to the national research output! 2.1. Snapsho s o! Research in 2"12-1# Around *57 research scholars& assisted by their faculty super%isors& ha%e submitted theses and papers that ha%e been published this year! I shall now gi%e you a glimpse of the research wor5 carried out in %arious departments by describing one interesting piece of wor5 from each department! I do this to e6pose the breadth and scope of research at IIT Madras& and thereby hope to attract more of our bright young minds to the fascinating world of research! Mr! ,umit ;erma from Aerospace 3ngineering suggested new techni9ues to enhance the burn rate of an alumini2ed composite solid propellant!

Mr! -!,! ,uresh Anand of Applied Mechanics in%estigated factors affecting 9uantification of biomar5ers using optical spectroscopy of turbid media!

Ms! P! ;idya& )epartment of -iotechnology& studied -iotransformation with Ionic li9uids as reaction media! Ms! 1! Anandala5shmi of $hemical 3ngineering in%estigated natural con%ection in 1hombic enclosures using heatline and entropy generation!

Mr! =! =umar from the )epartment of $hemistry synthesised %arious metal"-oron cluster compounds and studied their properties specifically rele%ant to electronics& ceramic materials and -oron"#eutron"capture therapy!

Mr! P! -alasubramanian of $i%il 3ngineering has proposed the treatment of %olatile organic compounds using biotric5ling filters!

Mr! 1! Padmanabhan& )epartment of $omputer ,cience / 3ngineering carried out in%estigations on %oice acti%ity detection and feature di%ersity for spea5er recognition!

Mr! ,i%a5umar 0an:i5unta from 3lectrical 3ngineering has shown a strategy to mitigate %oltage sags with phase :umps using custom power de%ices!

Mr! ,! ,ara%ana =umar& )epartment of 3ngineering )esign in%estigated obstacle a%oidance and dynamic path planning of an autonomous underwater %ehicle in .) space!

Ms! ,hweta =ushal& from the 4umanities / ,ocial ,ciences )epartment studied Pun:abi )iaspora womenBs narrati%es and concluded that female protagonists construct their sel%es irrespecti%e of the social construction of womanhood& and in so doing debun5 the meta"narrati%es of femininity& ethnicity& se6uality& race and gender by means of which they may be controlled!

Mr! P!A! Aob of Management ,tudies studied organisational design for e6cellence in the bac5drop of Indian organi2ations!

Mr! 0! =rishna =umar& )epartment of Mathematics& studied pseudo spectrum and condition spectrum of an element in a -anach algebra!

Mr! =! 1a%i =umar of Mechanical 3ngineering in%estigated energy efficient recei%ers for line"focus concentrating solar power systems!

Mr! Puli 1amesh from the )epartment of Metallurgical / Materials 3ngineering studied microstructures and properties of friction"surfaced stainless steel coatings! Mr! 4arender of >cean 3ngineering presented a design for harnessing wa%e energy by con%erting linear hea%e oscillation of the buoy to rotary motion and generating power with an electric generator! 4e also presented a failure and ris5 analysis for this power generating system! Mr! -!P! ;inayan from the )epartment of Physics studied chemically modified carbon nanostructures for hydrogen storage& fuel cell and lithium ion battery applications! 2.2. $e% Research Cen res

,e%eral new research centres ha%e been created in *71*"1. with multi"disciplinary research programmes of great national importance! In recognition of the importance of the wor5 initiated at IIT Madras on decentrali2ed solar photo%oltaic power systems& a $entre of 36cellence for )ecentrali2ed Power ,ystems has been sanctioned by M41) with an initial funding of 1s!*7 crores! The $entre will de%elop systems with smart d!c! microgrids for deployment at homes& farms& offices& schools& commercial and industrial buildings! The goal is to de%elop affordable and %iable solutions to ameliorate IndiaCs energy shortage& while at the same time impro%e sustainability and increase the use of renewable energy! IIT Madras has been an important resource to the Archeological ,ur%ey of India (A,I) in the restoration of heritage structures! Most notable among contributions of our faculty are the complete reconstruction of the Ta Prohm temple of the Ang5or 8at group of monuments in $ambodia& and the =ailasanathar temple in ?ttiramerur& =ancheepuram )istrict in India! 8hile engaging in this wor5& it became apparent that there is a pressing need for sustained research towards ensuring the safety of our heritage structures& many of which are more than a thousand years old and located in seismically acti%e 2ones! A #ational $entre for ,afety of 4eritage ,tructures (#$,4,) has therefore been created and funded to the tune of 1s! 1* crores by M41)! This $entre will bring together faculty from multiple disciplines and also draw on the 5nowledge of traditional sculptors and artisans! An M>? is also being signed with the A,I for collaborati%e wor5 to be ta5en up by this $entre! IIT Madras has signed an Mo? with 4industan Aeronautics <td! to set up a $entre for Aerospace Transmission ,ystem ($AT,) for underta5ing :oint research on software and design solutions for different types of gears& bearings& lubrication system& %ibration monitoring systems and production technologies in helicopter transmission systems! The Thematic ?nit of 36cellence (T?3) is an ad%anced research laboratory funded by ),T for water purification using nano"technology! This year& the passi%e water purification technology de%eloped by the $entre for remo%ing arsenic contamination is being deployed in *777 communities in the affected districts of 8est -engal! The 4ealthcare Technology Inno%ation $entre (4TI$)& a :oint initiati%e of IIT Madras and )-T& launched 3ye"PA$& an intelligent image computing technology for e6tracting clinically important information from images of the eye! This enables screening for eye diseases in remote areas e%en when an e6pert is not a%ailable locally! 4TI$ has partnered with Dorus 4ealth& an Indian med"tech start"up that has indigenously de%eloped a re%olutionary eye e6amination de%ice& to ta5e 3ye"PA$ to the public! The de%ice has now reached around *77 installations across 17 countries! The #ational $entre for $ombustion 1esearch / )e%elopment (#$$1)) set up last year at IIT Madras with funding from ),T is progressing well! A number of sophisticated instruments such as high"speed tomographic PI;& P)PA& high"pressure T0A& etc! ha%e been procured& and many %ersatile test set"ups are being de%eloped! A *(777 s9! ft& 5" storey building is being constructed to house the $entre! The $entre will focus on three application sectors with central role played by combustion& namely& automoti%e& aerospace& and thermal power! In addition& fire safety research and microgra%ity combustion is also being pursued! An industry consortium consisting of leading automoti%e >3Ms and ancillary parts manufacturers has been constituted to wor5 together with #$$1) on 0asoline )irect In:ection (0)I) engine technology de%elopment optimised for different duty cycles under Indian conditions! >n the thermal power front& distributed power generation through gasification of combinations of high"ash coal& biomass& and other waste is being e6plored! >n the aerospace front& ad%anced technologies on combustion instability& micro" sprays& lean direct in:ection& supersonic combustion& and solid propellants are being pursued! The )epartment of $i%il 3ngineering has been carrying out research and de%elopment acti%ities& since *77.& in the area of rapid& affordable mass housing using 0lass Dibre 1einforced 0ypsum (0D10) panels! These panels& originally de%eloped by 1-, Australia& were intended as wall panels suitable for rapid erection of walls in buildings to carry gra%ity loads! The IITM research team e6tended the application of this product to the entire building system E including floors& roofs& and staircases! This system has the ad%antages of facilitating rapid construction& being cost" effecti%e and sustainable! The consumption of energy"intensi%e materials such as cement and steel& and increasingly scarce materials li5e ri%er sand and water& are drastically reduced! In order to demonstrate this technology& a two" storeyed demonstration 0D10 building was built on our campus& all in one monthBs time! The wor5 has recei%ed widespread acclaim! The 1/) wor5 and technology transfer is supported by the )epartment of ,cience / Technology& and the design and construction methodology has been appro%ed by the -uilding Materials / Technology Promotion $ouncil& 0o%ernment of India! This technology will hopefully ser%e as a game"changer for affordable mass housing in India! The $entre for #on")estructi%e 3%aluation has de%eloped a 4igh Temperature Magnetostriction"based ?ltrasonic ,ensor for monitoring the health of pipes in process industries& an Acoustic 3mission ,ensor and associated electronics and software for the online engine monitoring of marine& power plant& and automobile engines using a no%el r"8a%elet algorithm& and a new method for measuring the elastic moduli of materials as a function of temperatures up to 1577 $ using ultrasonic wa%eguide techni9ue! The $entre for #ano3lectroMechanical ,ystems and #anophotonics ($##P) is a multi"disciplinary $entre set up to carry out application"oriented research in material science& health& food safety and communication sectors and translating these into commercial products! $haracteri2ation e9uipment such as spectroscopic ellipsometer& surface

profiler& )oppler %ibrometer& and probe stations ha%e been commissioned& while processing e9uipment such as I$P P3$;)& )1I3& and e"beam lithography are being installed in a $lass 1777 clean room! <amellar gratings ha%e been de%eloped for compact DT, systems and 1D switches and silicon ridge and single mode wa%eguides ha%e been fabricated! ,ilicon nanoporous membranes de%eloped at the $entre ha%e been effecti%e in si2e"based filtration of se%eral biomolecules! A fiber optics spectrophotometer that is capable of measuring both absorbance and fluorescence spectra has been designed in the $hemistry )epartment! An optical"fiber based )ynamic Interrogator for 3lastic 8a%e ,ensing has been de%eloped for I0$A1& =alpa55am by the 3lectrical 3ngineering )epartment!

2.#. $e% Research and &a'rica ion &aci(i ies 1esearch at the highest le%els re9uires constant upgradation of instruments and facilities! It is our constant endea%or to e9uip the faculty and students of IIT Madras with the best possible facilities to ta5e on the most challenging research problems in the years ahead! A low"noise& low"speed wind tunnel facility for studying hydrodynamic stability& transition and flow control has been built in the Aerospace 3ngineering )epartment& while locali2ed surface plasmon resonance (<,P1) and surface enhanced 1aman ,cattering (,31,) facilities ha%e been created in the Applied Mechanics )epartment! IITM and 0la2ing ,ociety of India (0,I) ha%e de%eloped a ,tructural 0lass 1esearch and Testing Dacility (,01T) in the $i%il 3ngineering )epartment! It is a first"of"its"5ind facility in India for safety testing of and research in structural glass! ?nder the DI,T pro:ect (1s!(! crores) sanctioned to the )epartment of $i%il 3ngineering by the )epartment of ,cience and Technology& an uni9ue facility to determine the beha%ior of practically all materials used in the construction of infrastructure& housing and other essential ser%ices is being set up! The e9uipment that comprises this facility are all ser%o"controlled systems ha%ing digital closed"loop controllers and data ac9uisition! This new setup will promote& for the first time in a single Indian facility& the characteri2ation of material response ranging from elastic to post"crac5ing regimes& from dynamic to static to nonlinear creep loading rates& o%er a range of temperatures& under both monotonic and cyclic loading and under atmospheric and hydrostatic confining pressure! The materials that could be studied range from highly"deformable polymer fibres& geote6tiles and bitumensF to 9uasi" brittle concretes& roc5s and ceramicsF to high"strength steels and fibre reinforced composites! An Industrial Automation <aboratory has been established with support from Automation Industries Association of India in the )epartment of 3ngineering )esign! A .) printer recei%ed by the $entre for ,ocial Inno%ation and 3ntrepreneurship has been installed at the $DI lab to enable students to de%elop 9uic5 prototypes! The (79 "node I-M i)ataPle6 4P$ cluster installed last year has been ran5ed **( th amongst the fastest computing clusters in the world& the 5th in India& and the fastest cluster in an Indian academic institution! In terms of energy efficiency& this is the best in India and ran5ed 5th globally! ,peciali2ed e9uipment such as spectrometers& aerodynamic particle si2e sensors& %acuum bra2ing furnace& and #d.G HA0 laser ha%e been installed in different departments! The cryogenic nitrogen and helium plants for the Institute ha%e also been commissioned! #. ACADE)IC DISTI$CTIO$S SEC*RED B+ O*R &AC*,T+ )E)BERS A$D ST*DE$TS ,e%eral academic distinctions& honours and awards& fellowships of professional societies& and memberships on editorial boards of :ournals& ha%e been bestowed on our faculty& staff and students in recognition of their academic achie%ements during the current year! Prof! H! ,hanthi Pa%an of the 3lectrical 3ngineering )epartment was selected for the prestigious ,hanti ,warup -hatnagar Award in 3ngineering ,ciences for the year *71*! Prof! =rishnan -alasubramanian has been awarded the lifetime achie%ement 1>H ,4A1P3 P1II3 *71* by the -ritish Institute for #on")estructi%e Testing for his outstanding contributions to the field of #)T! 4e is only the second non"3uropean and the first Indian to recei%e this award! )r! ,atyanarayana 0ummadi has won the #A,I ,copus Houng ,cientist Award for *71*! Di%e of our young faculty& )rs! Ashwin Mahalingam& 3damana Prasad& )eepa ;en5itesh& Andrew Thangara:& and #!;! 1a%i5umar& ha%e won the Houng Daculty 1ecognition Award of the Institute for the year *71*! Prof! $! -ala:i has won the award for 36cellence in Teaching for the year *71*"1.!

>ur faculty ha%e also been prolific the past year in writing boo5s and monographs& and filing patents for their in%entions! An e6hausti%e list of laurels won by our faculty and students is gi%en as an Anne6ure to this report! -. I$D*STRIA, CO$S*,TA$C+ A$D SPO$SORED RESEARC.

IIT Madras is pro"acti%e in see5ing out industry collaborations with a %iew to raising the technology bar in industry and ma5ing Indian globally competiti%e! >ur faculty and students gain tremendously from the interaction as well! In *71*"1.& the Institute recei%ed sanction for 1s! ( crores in new pro:ects from industry& of which nearly 57J was for research"based consultancy! Public funding for research in the form of sponsored pro:ects from science ministries and go%ernment departments is critical for the high research intensity of IIT Madras! The faculty secured sanction for pro:ects worth 1s! 175 crores in *71*"1.! The total %alue of ongoing sponsored pro:ects in the Institute is 1s! ( 7 crores& which constitutes a si2able part of the InstituteCs total budget! The Institute has earned 1s!1+. la5hs from technology transfer fees and royalties during the year *71*"1.! The details are pro%ided in the Anne6ure! An Intellectual Property Management $ell has been created in the $entre for Industrial $onsultancy and ,ponsored 1esearch! This $ell assists faculty and students to protect their Intellectual Property by filing patents& and pro"acti%ely commerciali2es the products and processes de%eloped at the Institute! In order to enable students and new faculty to initiate and establish their research acti%ities& the Institute has supported se%en new Inno%ati%e ,tudent Pro:ects to the tune of 1s! '!5 la5hs and .7 new faculty proposals to the tune of 1s!. 9 <a5hs! 8e ha%e signed ** Memoranda of ?nderstanding during the year with industries such as IT$ <imited& Automation Industry Association of India& M1D <imited& ,aint"0obain 1esearch India <td!& Anant ?dyog& <0 ,oftIndia P%t!<td!& 0opalpur Ports <imited& Mahindra / Mahindra <imited& AT/T ,er%ices Inc!& #ew Aersey etc! A new initiati%e titled K1eachIITMC has been initiated for reaching out to the %arious sta5eholders of IITM %ia Daceboo5& Twitter and HouTube! A fortnightly e"#ewsletter has also been launched! /. RESEARC. PAR0 A$D I$C*BATIO$

IIT Madras 1esearch Par5 after three years of its inception continues to attract new companies! ,uch sustained interest e6emplifies the confidence that industry has placed on our ability to pro%ide at the 1esearch Par5 an en%ironment conduci%e to foster technological collaboration and nurture inno%ation! )uring *71* E 1.& the last couple of spaces meant for 1/) $lients were ta5en! )espite constraints in space a%ailability& there is no dearth of applicants& re"inforceing the %alue proposition that industry percei%es in being located at the 1esearch Par5 and collaborating with IIT Madras! In this conte6t& IITM1P has ta5en a giant leap forward by starting to build another ' la5h s9!ft& which will be ready for fitment by Aanuary *715! ,aint"0obain 1esearch has signed up as an anchor client to set up their India 1esearch $entre! The ne6t Phase will ha%e speciali2ed spaces for sophisticated materials& biological& and machine laboratories& and will ma5e the IITM 1esearch Par5 a %ery powerful platform for industry"academia collaboration! The Institute has set up an Incubation $ell to implement the Incubation Policy of the Institute! This $ell pro%ides o%erarching go%ernance to the speciali2ed incubators operating in the Institute& as well as support ser%ices to the incubatees! 8hile the $ell will assist faculty and students to launch start"ups& it will also support e6ternal start"ups that can benefit from association with the Institute and its faculty! A 5ey ob:ecti%e of the $ell is to le%erage the intellectual capital of the faculty and students& the research infrastructure of the Institute and the ecosystem of the 1esearch Par5 to unloc5 %alue and create a large number of new enterprises! The alumni"funded $enter for ,ocial Inno%ation and 3ntrepreneurship ($,I3) initiated the K3ntrepreneurship 8ee5C from . " 9 March *71.& an e%ent dedicated to celebrating and fostering entrepreneurship on campus! IITMCs 1ural Technology and -usiness Incubator (1T-I) housed in the 1esearch Par5 has incubated 1* new companies in the last year in di%erse areas ranging from education to de%elopment of cloud and mobile based technology and solutions for the dairy sector! I am heartened to report that *5J of the graduating class of the 3ngineering )esign )epartment ha%e started companies this year! The department was started in *77 with a distinct curriculum to encourage product de%elopment and design! 8e are glad that our efforts are beginning to yield fruit! Two companies& one focusing on pro%iding appropriate and cost effecti%e en%ironmental engineering solutions based on sustainability principles& and another that speciali2es in drafting and implementing social media and branding strategies for businesses and e%ents& ha%e also been incubated! 1. CO$TI$*I$2 ED*CATIO$

IIT Madras has an e6tensi%e outreach programme catering to teachers& practising engineers& and researchers!! The $entre for $ontinuing 3ducation ($$3) has been %ery acti%e& with our faculty members organi2ing 1. AI$T3"funded ,hort Term Training Programmes (LIP) for the benefit of engineering college faculty& as well as '( $ontinuing 3ducation Programmes ($3P) for the benefit of Industrial personnel& and programmes under the $urriculum )e%elopment $ell! These programmes ha%e benefitted about .777 participants in *71*"1.& and resulted in re%enue of around 1s! .!5 crores! ?nder the -oo5 8riting ,cheme designed to encourage te6tboo5 writing by our faculty members& +( boo5s ha%e so far been published and + boo5s are under publication in the current year! 3. O*R CO$TRIB*TIO$S TO T.E $ATIO$A, S4T ED*CATIO$A, S+STE)

IITM plays an important role in assisting other engineering institutions in the country with their curriculum& laboratory upgradation& and faculty career de%elopment! ?nder the Luality Impro%ement Programme (LIP)& 7( faculty from other institutions ha%e obtained their Ph!) degrees and 5 + faculty from other institutions ha%e obtained their M!Tech degrees from IITM since its inception! $urrently we ha%e a total of 9 LIP ,cholars E ' pursuing Ph!) and *' M!Tech& which includes *7 and 9 women respecti%ely! The Institute is also assisting engineering colleges in Tamil #adu and the neighbouring states to implement their T3LIP"II programmes! The #ational Programme on Technology 3nhanced <earning (#PT3<) is IndiaBs largest I$T"based technical course dissemination programme in the higher education sector! Its main ob:ecti%e is to increase the reach of high"9uality engineering and sciences education across our country! 5+5 (web M %ideo) courses in 3ngineering& ,cience and Technology de%eloped under #PT3< are freely a%ailable on our #PT3< website (http@MMnptel!iitm!ac!in) and through HouTube at http@MMwww!youtube!comMiit! The courses are also telecast through the 35la%ya channel made a%ailable by M41) e6clusi%ely for this purpose! The #PT3< $hannel in Houtube has recei%ed more than '' million upload %iews and the #PT3< site has recorded more than ** million %isits since inception! #PT3< at IIT Madras has also started conducting online courses! Two li%e online courses on K)igital ,ystem )esignC and K-asic 3lectrical $ircuitsC were offered in *71.! ,e%eral Institutions and some indi%iduals participated in these courses! A large Massi%e >pen >nline $ourse on $omputer ,cience with a proctored e6amination and certification in collaboration with #A,,$>M& is planned for engineering college students across the country! This will enable them to be better 9ualified for employment in the IT industry! 8ith the e6perience gained from this e6ercise #PT3< will thereafter launch online courses in %arious engineering disciplines as well! In the area of 1enewable 3nergy& the $entral 3lectronics $entre has been playing a 5ey role by conducting se%eral training programs in the area of ,olar Photo";oltaics (,P;)! Dorty ,P; training programs ha%e been conducted and more than ' 7 personnel ha%e been trained! The pro:ect was sponsored by I13)A (Indian 1enewable 3nergy )e%elopment Agency)& #ew )elhi! ,P; <aboratory (indoor and outdoor) facilities ha%e been established to promote the de%elopmental acti%ities in this area! IITMBs ,ummer Dellowship ,cheme& initiated a few years ago& pro%ides opportunities for summer research internship to top"ran5ing engineering and science students all o%er the countryF 1 + students participated in the programme this year! 5. I$TER$ATIO$A, CO,,ABORATIO$

IITM has been interacting with se%eral globally reputed uni%ersities and organi2ations for collaborati%e research& e6change of faculty and students& etc! The >ffice of I/ A1 set up last year promotes research collaborations and student e6changes with leading academic institutions and organi2ations around the world! More than 157 M>?s are in effect& and one Aoint )octorate program has been launched in partnership with #?,& ,ingapore! )uring the academic year *71*"*71.& more than 177 foreign students were hosted on campus& and an e9ual number of IIT Madras students tra%elled abroad for study and research purposes! About a hundred ?ni%ersity delegations %isited the campus& and in each case& faculty"faculty interactions were facilitated! The first e%er NInternational )ayO was celebrated in #o%ember last year& and was attended with great enthusiasm by Indian and foreign students ali5e! -oth groups collaborated& planned and e6ecuted a great e%ent! The Indo"0erman $entre for ,ustainability (I0$,) is a collaborati%e %enture with 0erman uni%ersities established in our 0olden Aubilee year to disco%er sustainable pathways for de%elopment in the *1st century! IITM and 18T4 Aachen ?ni%ersity ha%e signed an Mo? when the Prime MinisterCs delegation %isited 0ermany in April *71.& that is e6pected to gi%e a fillip to the collaborati%e research between the two countries! The $entre will recei%e 1s!5.!.+ million during *71."1 from the )epartment of ,cience and Technology& 0o%ernment of India to carry out research pro:ects in four thematic areas " energy& land"use& waste and water " around sustainability challenges that will be e6acerbated by climate change! The 0erman Academic 36change ,er%ice ()AA)) has committed up to *!' Mio P from the Q#ew Passage to IndiaQ program to 18T4 Aachen during *71."1 ! This will enable 0erman scientists from partnering uni%ersities in the field of sustainability science to tra%el to IIT Madras and spend 1"* years each to carry out this research :ointly with faculty and researchers at IIT Madras!

IIT Madras has signed 5 Mo?s with international companies and research laboratories for collaborati%e 1 / ) last year! )uring the summer& as many as *77 faculty members from the Institute %isited uni%ersities and research laboratories abroad for collaborati%e research& participation in conferences& %isiting assignments& etc! >%er the past few years& the Institute has created se%eral opportunities for international student e6change! ?nder the Indo"0erman Agreement between the se%en IITs and se%en Technical ?ni%ersities in 0ermany& we ha%e deputed + M!Tech! students to underta5e their pro:ect M thesis wor5 in these 0erman ?ni%ersities last year! 8e ha%e also recei%ed 5 students from 0ermany to underta5e their pro:ects in our research laboratories! ?nder the )AA) sponsored IITM"-remen ,tudent 36change programme& . MA students will %isit the ?ni%ersity of -remen for a semester! ?nder the Mo? with 3PD<& ( students %isited last year& and under the student e6change programme& ( -!TechM )) students %isited #T?! 6. .*)A$ RESO*RCES TRAI$I$2

,ystematic programmes are conducted throughout the year to train our technical and administrati%e staff and help them upgrade and ac9uire new 5nowledge& s5ills and professional orientation through a %ariety of learning e6periences! In the year under re%iew about 1*1 staff members benefitted from 1 in"ser%ice and ** offsite training programmes! Apart from this& as many as *5 officersMstaff ha%e been pro%ided 4indi Training! The Teaching <earning $entre (T<$)& the first of its 5ind among higher technical institutions in the country established to create human resources with the highest professional and personal 9ualities& organised many Daculty )e%elopment programmes& 8or5shops and <ectures in the last year and se%eral faculty members ha%e benefitted from it! 1". 7*A,IT+ A$D PROCESS I)PRO8E)E$T I$ITIATI8ES

IIT Madras was awarded I,>" 9771@*777 certification for academic support processes since 1999 and for administrati%e support processes since *771! In the year *711& all the units of IIT Madras ha%e been recertified as per the I,> standard I,> 9771@*77'! The certificate is %alid until August *71( for academic support processes and till Aanuary *71( for administrati%e support processes! In addition to I,> 9771@*77' certification& the $entral 3lectronic $entre is #A-<"accredited for its Testing and $alibration <aboratories since *77(! 8ith the increased student inta5e in recent years and the faculty recruitment& the implementation of an 3nterprise 1esource Planning (31P) software system& internally referred to as 8>1=D<>8& was initiated to enhance the efficiency and 9uality of the processes at IITM! A suite of electronic data ser%ices (e"ser%ices) ha%e been pro%ided to students& faculty and staff %ia 8or5flow processes in the different sections such as Academics& Administration& Accounts& ,tores / Purchase and I$,1! The benefits of an institute"wide effort to adopt an 31P solution are beginning to bear fruit and the benefits are now tangible! 3ach of the administrati%e and academic processes ha%e been mapped and optimi2ed! The 31P platform is fle6ible and can connect to third"party pac5ages such as Tally for accounting and payroll& and to open source software such as Moodle for academics! 8hile streamlining our operations& the staff are also being trained in the use of 8or5flow! 11. I$&RASTR*CT*RE DE8E,OP)E$T

The 3ngineering ?nit plays a %ital role in o%erseeing all construction acti%ities and facilities management on the campus! The ma:or infrastructure pro:ects completed during the *71*"1. academic year include@ new ,hopping $entre& campus $ommunity 4all& additional rooms in the menCs hostels& construction of a one tower (.7 units) of 0" type 9uarters& new bus shed& auto wor5shop and diesel refueling facility! The construction pro:ects currently under progress include@ new hostels (one hostel for women and two hostels for men (creating appro6! 1.51 additional rooms thereby meeting the needs of the growing student population)& a new Academic $omple6 and $anteen& a new bloc5 for the $hemistry )epartment& a ),T Thematic ?nit of 36cellence E 8ater Purification using #anotechnology& a #ational $entre for $ombustion 1/) (#$$1)) and a fully rebuilt swimming pool! >ne of the ma:or green initiati%es ta5en up by IIT Madras is the generation of power using solar photo"%oltaic systems! A 1 M8 roof"top solar P; plant is being installed! In addition to the solar energy based power generation& we ha%e also initiated inno%ati%e 1/) efforts to adapti%ely match the load to the power being generated& adoption of energy"efficient d!c! appliances& and modifications of the appliances for higher efficiency when operating on power generated by solar P;! The institute ensures that all new buildings meet the green building and 01I4A norms& and are pro%ided with energy efficient light fittings! The IITM $ampus Master Plan& which was updated in *717& ser%es as the blueprint for planned growth to meet future infrastructure needs of IITM in a sustainable way while preser%ing the natural beauty& flora and fauna of the campus!

The Iero 8aste Ione (>8Ione) pro:ect continues to do commendable ser%ice to the cause of 5eeping the campus clean! It employs fi%e self"help groups to collect the solid waste on campus on a daily basis for segregation& recycling and composting! 12. ST*DE$T CO-C*RRIC*,AR A$D E9TRA-C*RRIC*,AR ACTI8ITIES

The academic year *71*"1. has been yet another remar5able one for the students! The co" and e6tracurricular acti%ities continued with great enthusiasm and scaled new heights! 3minent personalities from all wal5s of life addressed our students in different forums! ,e%eral new initiati%es were launched for the welfare of the students! The IIT Madras sports contingent came second in the o%erall MenCs 0eneral $hampionship in the ('th Inter"IIT ,ports Meet held at IIT 1oor5ee! $onsidering the biting cold in mid")ecember& it was a commendable performance by our sportspersons!! IITM coordinated the fourth edition of The Terry Do6 1un& which surpassed the pre%ious editions in terms of both participation (1*777) and sponsorship funds collected (1s!1* <a5hs) The 0erhard Discher / =o5ila 1a:aiah bas5etball tournaments were successfully conducted in the >AT after a long gap of almost a decade! >n the occasion of 4oli& the 0ym5hana organi2ed for the first time the 0reat Indian ,ports Mela! Thirteen traditional games were organi2ed for the students& faculty and residents of IIT Madras& and the entire e%ent was a super hit! It helped increase interactions among the students& faculty and staff& and family members! A *("hour snac5eteria has been created in the 4ostel 2one campus! After a gap of . years& the community laundry ser%ice has been restarted at -rahmaputra 4ostel! Two cycle repair shops E one in the MenCs 4ostel 2one and the other in the 8omenCs 4ostel 2one E ha%e been appro%ed! A music room& e9uipped with high 9uality amplifiers and a professional drum 5it is a%ailable for use by the student"musicians! Shaas ra the annual Technical Desti%al of IIT Madras recei%ed the I,> *771@9777 certification for three more years! 3n%isage& the first e%er techno"entertainment show concei%ed and performed by our students was a huge success! More than 7 e6hibits featured this year! 8ith a total of 1( wor5shops& ,haastra *71. offered the highest number of 8or5shops as compared to any other technical festi%al in India! ,haastra Aunior Lui2 witnessed the first"e%er international participation this year! Saarang: the annual $ultural Desti%al of IIT Madras& was held in the second wee5 of Aanuary this year! The opening $lassical night presented a perfect blend of 4industani and $arnatic Music by the 0undecha and Malladi brothers respecti%ely! It was followed by a splendid =atha5 performance by the Maestro Pt! -ir:u Mahara:! The 5"day festi%al concluded with the Popular #ight performance by the hugely popular ,han5ar"3hsaan"<oy trio! Two ma:or new initiati%es launched this year are Saarang )i(an E the first e%er outreach organi2ed by any college cultural festi%al& which in%ol%ed the conduct of selected ,aarang e%ents in other cities and Saarang Eunoia E an umbrella for ,aarangCs %arious social cause acti%ities! The E; ra )ura( ,ec ures Series saw a plethora of spea5ers from di%erse bac5grounds presenting their tal5s! This series had the most number of lectures in the academic year! The in%ited spea5ers included )r! Alan 1! $hambers& Mr! Anand Teltumbde& Mr! Prabir Pur5ayastha& Mr! 1amachandra ,undaralingam& Mr! ,am Pitroda& Mr!,iddharth ;aradara:an& Mr!#arendra #aya5& Mrs! Amala A55ineni& Mr! 1! 0opala5rishnan& and Mr! ;! ,! ,ampath! As always& the students of IIT Madras ha%e made a sincere attempt to gi%e bac5 their due share to society! The students partnered with KTeach for IndiaC& KMa5e A )ifferenceC& KMilaapC& K3ure5a $hildC& etc!& to render ser%ice to the less fortunate! ;olunteers from ,pea5ing s5ills& )ramatics and 8estern music clubs taught underpri%ileged children at two different centres! The computer %ision group of the $enter Dor Inno%ation de%eloped an alternati%e to the >ptical Mar5 reader machine! This was launched during ,haastra *71. and was implemented in collaboration with an #0>& Pra%inya! In association with ,an5ara #etralaya and the 3lite ,chool of >ptometry (3,>)& a two" day ;ision ,creening $amp was conducted in the %illage of #atham& =ancheepuram district& Tamil #adu! The I;i< team conducted wee5ly 3nglish classes for the students in this %illage with the ob:ecti%e of opening up newer a%enues for interaction with the %illagers! The Lui2 team from IIT Madras stood .rd o%erall and 1st among the IITs at #ihilanth& the Inter"IITMIIM Lui2 Dest held at IIT -ombay! Dor the first time students from IIT Madras participated in * ma:or international competitions namely& D,A3 *71*& and Miro,ot by DI1A (Dederation of International 1obosoccer Association)& *71*! 8e were the only Indian team to participate in DI1A *71*! 8e also won the award for the -est Idea in 1obocon *71.! A contingent of 17 students represented IIT Madras in the #ew Hor5 0lobal Houng <eadersB ,ummit *71.& International Model ?nited #ations programme held in #ew Hor5 from * th to *9th March this year& and recei%ed the

Q>utstanding )elegationQ award from among %arious country delegations that participated in the programme! Additionally& two of our students recei%ed the indi%idual N-est delegateO award! 1#. ST*DE$T <E,&ARE

)ITr has been proacti%e this year with a wide range of acti%ities organi2ed with the ob:ecti%e of nurturing a physically& socially& emotionally and intellectually balanced life among our students! Dreshmen forum was hosted on the website officially for the first time and was publici2ed well! It recei%ed a massi%e response from the freshers who shared their doubts M concerns& which were answered by the MITr team! IIT Madras has set up a one"of"its"5ind dedicated student"dri%en )isaster Management $ommittee! Three 3mergency Medical $are wor5shops were conducted& with A<31T as a 5nowledge partner& to offer training to more than .77 students and staff members of the Institute! Training was imparted in fire safety and handling of fires by the InstituteCs Dire >fficer and his team! The e%ent titled N$>##3$T 1*"1.O held between 5"+ >ctober *71*& consisted of panel discussions on preparation for $i%il ,er%ices& $AT& etc! 1-. P,ACE)E$T

As a result of reaching out to a total of 1*77 core and non"core companies " 577 from the pre%ious year and +77 new ones " we had .1. companies registering this year! Docus was placed on contacting %arious Dortune 577 companies and leading companies in the automobile sectors such as 1olls 1oyce& Mahindra& 1enault and& semiconductor industries! A total of '1( students were placed through Placement >ffice& of whom a large fraction :oined core 3ngineering companies! To enhance student interaction with the companies& the 1esearch Par5 co" ordinated the summer internship *71. dri%e& placing about 11 .rd year students into internships! 1/. A,*)$I )ATTERS

The alumni of our Institute ma5e us proud by distinguishing themsel%es in %arious professions and wal5s of life! Many occupy leadership positions in India and abroad in Industry& 0o%ernment >rgani2ations and 3ducational Institutions& fulfilling the original intent of the creators of the IIT system! A position of )ean (International and Alumni 1elations) has been created in *71*"1. to le%erage the InstituteCs e6cellent relations with its alumni& and to cataly2e increased engagement with academic institutions& industry and enterprises across the world! Till now& nearly (7&777 students ha%e been awarded degrees! ,ince 199+& we ha%e been honouring select alumni for their distinguished contributions to society& through )istinguished Alumnus Awards e%ery year! The names of the awardees for the year *71. were announced on 1epublic )ay! They are@

)r! ,! 0opala5rishnan& Professor& )epartment of Aerospace 3ngineering& Indian Institute of ,cience& -angaloreF M!Tech! in Applied Mechanics& 19'+ )r! 4ari -ala5rishnan& Professor& )epartment of $omputer ,cience& Massachussetts Institute of Technology& $ambridge& MA& ?,AF -!Tech! in $omputer ,cience& 199. )r! ,han5ar 1amamurti& Professor& )epartment of Physics& Hale ?ni%ersity& #ew 4a%en& $T& ?,AF -!Tech! in 3lectrical 3ngineering& 19 9 )r! 1amanathan ;! 0uha& 0oogle Inc!& <os Altos 4ills& $A& ?,AF -!Tech! in Mechanical 3ngineering& 19' )r! =umar #! ,i%ara:an& $hief Technology >fficer& Te:as #etwor5s& -angaloreF -!Tech! in 3lectrical 3ngineering& 19'+ )r! ;en5y 4arinarayanan& ,enior ;P& 8almart 0lobal e$ommerce and 4ead of Rwalmart<abs& ,aratoga& $A& ?,AF -!Tech! in $omputer ,cience& 19'' )r! Anand 1a:araman& Dounding Partner& $ambrian ;entures& Palo Alto& $A& ?,AF -!Tech! in $omputer ,cience& 199. )r! ,ailesh =rishna 1ao& Dounder and 36ecuti%e )irector& $limate 4ealers& )an%ille& $A& ?,AF -!Tech! in 3lectrical 3ngineering& 19'1

8ith this& the number of )istinguished Alumni of IIT Madras now e6ceeds 177! Alumni continue to contribute generously towards the de%elopment of the Institute& and the welfare of our students! In *71*& for the first time e%er& alumni donations to IIT Madras e6ceeded 1s!1* crores in a calendar year! $ontributions were directed towards research infrastructure& socially"rele%ant pro:ects& chair professorships& student and faculty awards and studentCs fee wai%ers! 3ndowments were created to support entrepreneurship initiati%es and to facilitate discretionary e6penditure by the Institute on worthy causes! Many e%ents were held on campus to strengthen and celebrate alumni and international relations " NP0 $onfluence )ayOF NAlumni )ayO and N1e"?nion )ayO of 199+& 199*& 19'+& 19'' and 19+* batch! The N<eadership <ecture ,eriesO featuring alumni has been recei%ed %ery well by the campus community and nearly .7 lectures ha%e been offered so far in this series! 11. AC0$O<,ED2E)E$TS An endea%or on the scale of this Institute and its entire gamut of acti%ities ta5es place with the whole"hearted participation and support of all sta5eholders " our faculty& students and staffF agencies and industries sponsoring 1/) and consultancy pro:ectsF professionals from other organi2ations who assist us in %arious capacitiesF and our alumni! In particular& I would li5e to than5 office"bearers such as 4eads of )epartments& )eans& 8ardens& Ad%isors& and Professors"in"charge of %arious cells and centres for the selfless wor5 they put in to 5eep the Institute tic5ing! The Institute is grateful to the Ministry of 4uman 1esources )e%elopment& 0o%ernment of India& for its continued and sustained encouragement and support!

Daculty Awards )r!Athi #! #aganathan (-T)

Inno%ati%e Houng -iotechnologist Award&

)epartment of -iotechnology& #ew )elhi

)r!Mu5esh )oble(-T)

The )ow Professor M!M!,harma

)istinguished ;isiting Professorship& Institute of $hemical Technology& Mumbai

)r!,atyanarayana #! 0ummadi (-T) )r!,mita ,ri%asta%a (-T)

#A,I ,copus Houng ,cientist Award 1ashtriya 0aura% Award& India International
Driendship ,ociety

)r!Ashwin Mahalingam ($3)

Houng Daculty 1ecognition Award& IIT


)r!-ala:i #arasimhan ($3)

)istinguished Achie%ement Award&

International ,8AT $onference

)r!=oshy ;arghese ($3)

)istinguished ,cholar Award& Pro:ect

Management Institute (PMI) India

)r!<elitha )e%i ; ($3)

;ol%o ,ustainable Mobility Award& ;ol%o

-uses India P%t <td& =arnata5a

)r!Mathews M , ($3)

;ishwa5arma Award& $onstruction Industry

)e%elopment $ouncil

)r!1a:agopal = ($3)

Achie%ement Award& International

0eosynthetics ,ociety& ?,A

)r!1aghuram $hetty ($4)

1ecei%ed Top $ited Article $ertificate&


)r!4ema A Murthy ($,)

Prof!1ais Ahmed Memorial <ecture Award&

Acoustical ,ociety of India

)r!-alasubramanian = = ($H)

0old Medal& $hemical 1esearch ,ociety of


)r!)hamodharan 1 ($H)

I#,A Teachers Award& Indian #ational

,cience Academy

)r!3damana Prasad ($H)

Houng Daculty 1ecognition Award& IIT


)r!Pa2hamalai Anbarasan ($H) )r!Pradeep T ($H)

Thieme $hemistry Aournals Award India #anotech Inno%ation Award

)r!,antosh A! 0harpure ($H) )r!,undargopal 0hosh ($H)

-!M! -irla ,cience Pri2e in $hemistry -ron2e Medal& $hemical 1esearch ,ociety
of India

)r!,han5ar 1am $ , (3))

I#A3 Houng 3ngineer Award& Indian

#ational Academy of 3ngineering

)r!Andrew Thangara: (33)

Houng Daculty 1ecognition Award& IIT


)r!Asho5 Ahun:hunwala (33)

A; 1ama 1ao Technology Award& Indian

Institute of $hemical Technology& 4yderabad

)r!)eepa ;en5itesh (33)

Houng Daculty 1ecognition Award& IIT


)r!,hanthi Pa%an H (33)

,hanti ,warup -hatnagar Pri2e& $ouncil of

,cientific and Industrial 1esearch

)r!A:it =umar =olar (M3)

)istinguished ,er%ice to the Institute Award&

IIT Madras Alumni Association

)r!$ha5ra%arthy -ala:i (M3)

,rimathi Marti Annapurna 0urunath Award

for 36cellence in Teaching& IIT Madras

)r!=rishnan -alasubramanian (M3)

1oy ,harpe Pri2e& a <ifetime achie%ement

award& -ritish Institute for #on"destructi%e Testing

)r!,arit =umar )as (M3)

India $itation Award *71*& Thomson

1euters (8eb of ,cience)

)r!Murty - , (MM)

)istinguished ;isiting Professorship& P,0

$ollege of Technology

)r!1a%i5umar # ; (MM)

Houng Daculty 1ecognition Award& IIT


)r!,undar (>3)

)istinguished Membership Award&

International Association of 4ydro" 3n%ironment 3ngineering and 1esearch

)r!#atara:an T , (PH)

#ational Award for Technology Inno%ation in

Petrochemicals (1unner"up)& Ministry of $hemicals and Dertili2ers

Dellowships )r!Michael 0romiha M (-T)

,enior ,cientist ,/T ;isiting Dellowship&


)r!Arun = Tangirala ($4) )r!,han5ar #arasimhan ($4)

IA, ;isiting Dellowship& T?M& 0ermany Dellow& Indian #ational Academy of


)r!Murty $ ; 1 ($3) )r!1a%indra 0ettu ($3)

Dellow& Institution of 3ngineers (India) Dellow& 1I<3M International ?nion of

<aboratories and 36perts in Materials& ,tructures / ,ystems& Drance

)r!,udheer = P ($3)

;isiting 1esearch ,cientist Dellowship&

Purdue& ?,A

)r!,i%a 1am Murthy($,) )r!-as5aran , ($H) )r!Aso5an T (3))

Dellow& Indian #ational ,cience Academy Dellow& Indian Academy of ,ciences Indo"Australian ,enior ,cientist ;isiting
Dellowship& I#,A

)r!$ha5ra%arthy -ala:i (M3)

Dellow& Indian #ational Academy of


Ale6ander ;on 4umboldt Dellowship

)r!,itaram # (M3)

Associate Dellow& American Institute of

Aeronautics and Astronautics

)r!Prem -! -isht (PH)

Dellow& >ptical society of India

-est Thesis Awards 1amsatish =aluri ($4) 0uide@ )r!Tanmay-asa5 Arun ,ri5anth , ($4) 0uides@ )r!,han5ar#arasimhan )r!,ridhara5umar #arasimhan Aagadeesh $handra Prasad ($H) 0uide@ )r!,e5ar 0 Murali A ($H) 0uide@ )r!,!-as5aran ,i%a =umar 0 (33) ,rini%as -has5ar =aran5i 0uides@)r!=alyan =umar )r! Mahesh =umar ,cholarships Maya 1aman (-T) Mayan5 #! =! $houdhary (-T) #ishita Mohan P ; (-T) ,iddharth )ialani (-T) ;en5ata ,anthosh =umar ($3) ,atya #unna Mouni5a ($,) #a%een #i5amanth A - (M3)

)r! A; 1ama 1ao DoundationCs -est Ph)

Thesis and 1esearch Award

I,T3"IP$< -est MasterBs Thesis Award

*nd Pri2e& <illy >utstanding Thesis Award

*nd Pri2e& <illy >utstanding Thesis Award P>,>$> Power ,ystem Award

8oman ,cientists ,cheme (8>,"A)& ),T 4onda Houng 3ngineer and ,cientist Award 4onda Houng 3ngineer and ,cientist Award #issan Doundation ,cholarship Dulbright"#ehru ,cholarship Aditya -irla ,cholar #issan Doundation ,cholarship

-oo5s M Monographs )r!-has5ar = (A3)

P<AT3, E Theories and Applications& Ane

-oo5s& *71.

)r!0ummadi , # (-T) )r!Mu5esh )oble et al!

$yclic S"glucans from microorganisms@

Production& properties and applications& ,pringer -riefs in Microbiology

)r!Michael 0romiha M (-T)

Ad%anced Intelligent $omputing@ Theories and

Applications& <ecture #otes in Artificial Intelligence& ,pringer

)r!,rini%asa $ha5ra%arthy ; (-T) )r!<igy Philip ($3) )r!Murty - , et al!

)emystifying the -rain& e"boo5& #PT3< 0uidelines for )ecentrali2ed 8aste"8ater

Management& Ministry of ?rban de%elopment

)r!Murty $ ; 1 ($3) )r!0oswami 1 et al!

,ome $oncepts in 3arth9ua5e -eha%iour of

-uildings& 0u:arat ,tate )isaster Management Authority& 0andhinagar&

)r!Murty $ ; 1 ($3) )r!0oswami 1 et al!

Introduction to 3arth9ua5e Protection of #o"

,tructural 3lements in -uildings& 0u:arat ,tate )isaster Management Authority& 0andhinagar

)r!Murty $ ; 1 ($3) )r!0oswami 1 et al!

-uild a ,afe 4ouse with $onfined Masonry&

0u:arat ,tate )isaster Management Authority& 0andhinagar

)r!=amala =rithi%asan ($,) )r!1ama 1 (MA) )r!=amala =rithi%asan ($,)

Introduction to Dormal <anguages& Automata

and $omputation& Pearson 3ducation

)iscrete Mathematics and Its Applications&


)r!1a%indran - ($,)

1elati%i2ed 4ierarchical )ecomposition of

Mar5o% )ecision Processes& Progress in -rain 1esearch& 3lse%ier

)r!Pradeep T ($H)

#anoscience in India@ A Perspecti%e ;olume 1@

#anostructures through $hemistry& Paul >B-rien (3d!)& 1oyal ,ociety of $hemistry& <ondon

A Te6tboo5 on #anoscience and

#anotechnology& Mc0raw"4ill 3ducation& #ew )elhi )r!-has5ar 1amamurthi (33) )r!Asho5 :hun:hunwala

Powering $ellular -ase ,tations@ A Luantitati%e

Analysis of 3nergy >ptions (,olar P;& diesel 0enerators& -atteries and 3ducational 0rid)& Telecom $entre of 36cellence (1iT$>3)& IIT Madras

)r!Aysha I9bal (4,)

Politics of 0lobal 1eception and Awards&

Anthem Press

)r!1aghu Pra5ash (M3)

I$o1)C1. E 0lobal Product )e%elopment&


Infrared Thermography& In"Tech Publishers

)r!,oundarapandian , (M3) )r!#arasimhan A (M3)

<aser ,urface 4ardening& A,M 3ssentials of 4eat and Dluid Dlow in Porous
Media& Ane -oo5s (Indian 3dition) and $1$ Press& Taylor and Drancis 0roup& #H

)r!,ampath =umar T , (MM) )r!1amaprabhu , (PH)

$haracteri2ation of -iomaterials& 3lse%ier

,cience / Technology

0raphene " The wonder material& ,AM,


Membership of 3ditorial -oards

)r!Michael 0romiha M (-T) )r!1ama , ;erma (-T)

0uest 3ditor& Protein and Peptide <etters Member& International Ad%anced

-iotechnology and -ioinformatics

)r!,an:ib ,enapati (-T) )r!;ignesh Muthu%i:ayan (-T) )r!1aghuram $hetty ($4) )r!1a:agopal = ($3)

Member& Aournal of Theoretical $hemistry Associate 3ditor& 8orld 1esearch Aournal of


Member& #ano 4ybrids Member& Aournal of 0eote6tiles and


Member& Aournal of 0round Impro%ement and

0eosynthetics )r!Aana5iram ) ($,)

Associate 3ditor& I333 Transactions on $loud


)r!=amala =rithi%asan ($,)

3ditor& International Aournal of $ommunication

#etwor5s and )istributed ,ystems

)r!=rishna Moorthy ,i%alingam ($,)

3ditor"in"$hief& ,pringer Photonic #etwor5

$ommunications Aournal

Member& A$M 8ireless #etwor5s Aournal

)r!,u5hendu )as ($,) )r!-as5aran , ($H)

3ditor& $,I Aournal of $omputing #ational 1epresentati%e& International ?nion of

Pure and Applied $hemistry

)r!Pradeep T ($H) )r!,an5araraman , ($H)

Member& ,urface Inno%ations Associate 3ditor& Aournal of $hemical


)r!,han5ar 1am $ , (3))

Associate 3ditor& A,M3 Aournal of )ynamic

,ystems& Measurement and $ontrol

)r!-i:oy =rishna )as (33)

Associate 3ditor& Aournal of >ptical

3ngineering& ,PI3

)r!3na5shi -hattacharya (33) )r!=armal5ar , (33)

Member& Aournal of Institute of ,mart

,tructures and ,ystems

Associate 3ditor& I333 Transactions on


)r!,hanti -hattacharya (33) )r!,oni5a 0upta (4,) )r!Mugur Ilotea )r!Parthasarathy 1 P (MA)

Member& International Aournal >pti5 $o"editors& $hina@ An International Aournal Member& Ad%ances in >perations 1esearch

)r!,atya:it 1oy (MA)

Member& Ad%isory $ommittee& Aournal of the

Indian Academy of Mathematics

)r!,i%a5umar = $ (MA)

3ditor& Aournal of Applied Mathematics Member& Algebra

)r!,undar , (MA)

Member& Ad%isory $ommittee& Aournal of the

Indian Academy of Mathematics

)r!Thamban #air (MA)

Associate 3ditor& Aournal KIn%erse Problems in

,cience and 3ngineeringC

)r!$ha5ra%arthy -ala:i (M3)

Member& International Aournal of Thermal


)r!Pra5ash Maiya M(M3)

Member& International Aournal of ,ustainable

-uilt 3n%ironment

)r!,hunmugam M , (M3)

Member& International Aournal of Machine

Tools and Manufacturing

)r!,ampath =umar T , (MM)

1egional 3ditor (Asia"India)& Aournal of

-iomaterials and Tissue 3ngineering

Member& The Indonesian Aournal of )ental


Member& Trends in -iomaterials / Artificial

>rgans )r!1a:esh #air (>3)

Member of the ,ociety of Petroleum 3ngineers

International 1esearch and )e%elopment

)r!1a:i% ,harma (>3)

Member& Aournal of 3ngineering for the

Maritime 3n%ironment

)r!,undar ;(>3)

Member& Aournal of Applied 8ater 3ngineering

and 1esearch

Member& $hina >cean 3ngineering Aournal

)r!#andigana =rishna Mohan(PH) )r!1amaprabhu , (PH) )r!,ubrahmanyam A (PH)

Associate 3ditor& Aournal B>ptics and <asers in


3ditor"in"$hief& 0raphene Member& 3ditorial -oard / IntlB Ad%isory

$ommittee& ,ociety for ;acuum $oaters& ?,A

,tudent Pri2es M Awards ,aida #ai5 -hu5ya (A3) ;inay =ottapalli ;en5ata 1amana Ma55apati -oeing ,ingh < ($3)

,elected for 1ound *& Dly Hour Ideas 0lobal

,tudent $ompetition for their Arble 8ings " Ad:ustable 8ings for Par5ing

Houng 1esearch ,cholar Award& Pro:ect

Management Institute (PMI) India

Mothu5uri ,nigda ($3) #andita ;adali

1unner& -ently )esign $ompetition for

inno%ation in bridgeMroad design& -ently ,ystems

,uyog ,awala ($4) 0uides@)r! -asa%ara:a 0urappa )r! ,ridhara5umar #arasimhan

-est Pro:ect Award (Mechanical )i%ision)&

Aoy of 3ngineering& )esign and Inno%ation (A3)"I) Pro:ect $hallenge for their robust method for feature e6traction for applications in colloidal science and biology

-iswabandan Panda ($,) =rithi5a 1 -inesh -abu (3)) 4arsit Agarwal #agendar ; Mu5ul Mohan (33) Aaira: M ; (M3) et al! 0uides@ )r!,u:atha ,rini%asan (M3) )r!,hanti -hattacharya (33) )r!#itin $handrachoodan(33) Pramitha ; (33) ;ishwanath 1 ; (33)F ,ushant ;eer / 1ohith Mittapally (M3) 0uides@)r!#itin $handrachoodan(33) )r!Anil Prabha5ar(33) )r!,u:atha ,rini%asan(M3) Aobin Aacob =a%alam (33) ,udarshan ; 0uides@ )r!,han5ar -alachandran ($,) )r!#itin $handrachoodan (33) ,ahil Mathur (4,) Pratee5 ;i:aya%argia =a%in Aadithiyan $ Tarun =umar Mishra (M3)

,elected for the T$, 1esearch ,cholar

Program& TATA $onsultancy ,er%ices

In%ention award& MMs Intellectual ;entures&


>%erall -est Pro:ect Award and -est

Pro:ect Award (3lectrical )i%ision)& Aoy of 3ngineering& )esign and Inno%ation (A3)" I) Pro:ect $hallenge for the de%elopment of low %ision telescope

Inno%ati%e ,tudent Pro:ect Award& I#A3 Third Pri2e& I333 All India Houng
3ngineers 4umanitarian $hallenge *71* for their Tacto0raph& a low cost assisti%e de%ice for tactiling simple images in pre" literacy and early literacy boo5s for %isually impaired children

Dirst Pri2e& TA? 8or5shop& 1idge Tahoe

1esort& #;& ?,A for their KIITiMer N A Parallel ;ariation Aware"Timing AnalyserC

8inner& $hennai leg& The ,weden India

#obel Memorial Lui2

Top 17 Inno%ators in India& <oc5heed

Martin"),T for de%elopment of )eTecT& a high temperature magnetostriction based ultrasonic sensor for monitoring the health of pipes in process industries

,ushant ;eer (M3) 0uide@ )r!,u:atha ,rini%asan

Heongchi 8u International 3ducation Award

for his presentation on the K,tanding 8heelchairC at the International ,ociety of Prosthetics and >rthotics (I,P>) 8orld

$ongress 0o5ul - (M3) 0uide@)r!,omashe5har , 4iremath $hirag Aain (M,)

Inno%ati%e ,tudent Pro:ect Award& I#A3

K#issan ,tudent -rand ManagerC Award&

#issan Motor $orporation

1a%inder 1eddy ( M,)

,econd 1unner"up& I$I$I ,toc5mind


IIT Madras Team led by )r!4ema A Murthy ($,)

03 India Inno%ation Award and Dirst pri2e&

1esearch 36po& ,4A,T1A *71.& IIT Madras for their KTe6t to ,peech $on%erterC& a software that promises to be a boon for the %isually"challenged!

-est Paper Awards )r!-oominathan A ($3) =rishna =umar 1 )r!1a%indra 0ettu ($3)

Prof!$!,!)esai -iannual Pri2e&

Indian 0eotechnical ,ociety

-est Paper Award& Indian $oncrete


)r!1obinson 1 0 ($3) -ushra I =eerthiga 0 ($4) 0uide@ )r!1aghuram $hetty

I0,">#0$ -iannual Pri2e& Indian

0eotechnical ,ociety

-est Paper Award& #ational

,ymposium on 3lectrochemical ,cience and Technology

Mirnalinee T T ($,) )r!,u5hendu )as )r!=oshy ;arghese ($3) )r!,u5hendu )as ($,)

-est Paper Award& Aournal of Indian

,ociety of 1emote ,ensing

-est Paper Award& #ational

,ymposium on ,pace Technology for Dood and 3n%ironment ,ecurity

Amutha # (33) 0uide@)r!=alyan =umar -

-est Paper Award& 1st #ational

$onference on Power 3lectronics ,ystems and Applications

An5esh Aain (33) 0uide@)r!,hanthi Pa%an

-est ,tudent Paper Award&

International ,ymposium on $ircuits and ,ystems

Ara%ind P A (33) 0uide@ )r!)eepa ;en5itesh <a5shma #ai5 P (33) 0uide@)r!=rishna Aagannathan

-est Paper Award& International ,ymposium on

#onlinear >ptics

-est Paper Award& 11th International

,ymposium on Modeling and >ptimi2ation in Mobile& Ad 4oc& and 8ireless #etwor5s

#i2ar M (33) 4aseen 1 0uide@ )r!0aura% 1aina ,uman =umar (33) 0uide@)r!0iridhar = ,uman =umar (33) ,heetal =alyani 0uide@)r!0iridhar = ;aibha% P! ,ingh (33) 0uides@)r!Anil Prabha5ar )r!#itin $handrachoodan )r!,han5ar 1am $ , (3))

Ihang ,i"Hing >utstanding Houth Paper Award&

*5th $hinese $ontrol and )ecision $onference

-est Paper Award& International Academy&

1esearch and Industry Association

-est Paper Award& 'th International $onference

on 8ireless and Mobile $ommunications

-est Paper Presentation Award& International

$onference on 8ireless and >ptical $ommunications

I3T 3lectrical ,ystems in Transportation

Premium Award& The Institution of 3ngineering and Technology& ?=

Padma:a M (4,) 0uide@)r!,ubash , )r!$handramouli P (M3) -hanupra5ash Ila P 4arsha%ardhan - (M3) 0uide@ Malli5ar:una A#

-est Paper Award&

th )octoral Theses $onference& Indian -usiness ,chool

$; 1aman Award& Acoustical ,ociety of India -est Paper Presentation and -est $ontent
Award& International $onference on Mechanical and Industrial 3ngineering

4anumantray -aluragi (M3) 0uide@ )r!1amesh -abu # ,hi%aprasad , (M3) 0uide@)r!=rishnan -alasubrama niam 1ayudu 1 = (MM) 0uide@ )r!-hattacharya , ,

IIM"-inani 0old Medal for -est Paper& Indian

institute of Metals

-est Paper Award& #ational $onference of #on"

)estructi%e 3%aluation

-est Paper Award (Materials Processing

session)& International ,ymposium for 1esearch ,cholars

-harathi 1 (M,) 0uide@ )r!1upashree -aral 1an:itha A:ay (M,) 0uide@ )r!Madhumathi 1 ,umathi 0 # (M,) 0uides@ )r!=amalanabhan TA )r!Thenmo2hi M ,owmya = (M,) 0uide@ )r!,undarra: 1 P

-est Paper Award& .rd #ational $onference on

4uman 1esource Management

4ighly $ommendable Paper Award& $onference

on 0lobal ,trategies for an 3mergent India

-est Paper Award& 1 th International

$onference of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology

-est Paper Awards& International ,ymposium on

$loud and ,er%ice $omputing

-est Paper Award& International ,imulation

$onference of India ;en5ata Prasad Pala5iti (M,) 0uides@ )r!?sha Mohan )r!,undarra: 1 P ;en5ataragha%an = (M,) 0uide@ )r!,undarra: 1 P

-est Paper Award& 1 th Annual International

$onference of the ,ociety of >perations Management

-est Paper Award& 1 th Annual International

$onference of the ,ociety of >perations Management

;i:ayala5shmi 1angara:an (M,)

Dirst Pri2e& 3<ITI1& .rd IntCl $onference on

$hallenges and ,trategies in the 0lobal ,cenario for -usiness and ,ocietal 36cellence

Hamini ,rini%asan(M,) 0uide@ )r!1ahul Marathe

-est Paper Award& 1 th Annual International

$onference of the ,ociety of >perations Management

1atheesh =umar 1 T (>3) 0uide@)r! 1a:esh 1! #air

-est Paper Award& *5th =erala ,cience


-est Poster Awards Pramal -iswa (-T) 0uide@ )r! )oble Mu5esh

,econd Pri2e for -est Poster& International

$onference on 1egulatory #etwor5 Architecture in -acteria

)r!Aswathy 3 ; ($3) 0uide@ )r! ,achin ,! 0unthe Abhishan5ar =umar ($4) 0uide@ )r! ,ridhara5umar #arasim han

-est Poster Award& $onference of Indian Aerosol

,cience and Technology Association

-est >ral Presentation Award& $hemference

Amala M Mathai ($4)

-est Poster Award& International 8or5shop

on Mathematics in $hemical =inetics and 3ngineering

Da2il A ($4)

-est Poster Award& Indo"?, 8or5shop on

3lectrocatalytic Materials for Duel $ells and -iofuel $ells

=eerthiga 0 ($4) 0uide@ )r!1aghuram $hetty 1a:amohan = , ($4) 0uide@ 1aghuram $hetty ,riram , ($4) 0uides@)r!Tanmay -asa5 )r!Madhuchhanda -hattacharya ,udha5ar M ($4) 0uide@)r!,ridhara5umar #arasimhan

-est )igital Presentation& 17th International

>il and 0as $onference and 36hibition

-est Poster Award& (th International

$onference on Ad%anced #anomaterials

-est Poster Presentation& $hemference

-est Poster Award& International

,ymposium on Process ,ystems 3ngineering

-i:an Mondal ($H) 0uide@ )r!,undargopal 0hosh

-est Poster Presentation Award& #ational

,ymposium on 1ecent Ad%ances in $hemistry

)eba:yoti -asa5 ($H) 0uide@ )r!#andita Madha%an )ipa5 =umar 1oy ($H) 0uide@ )r!,undargopal 0hosh )r!=arthi5eyan I ($H) 0uide@)r!,e5ar 0 ,harmila ) ($H) 0uide@ )r!,undargopal 0hosh Anish -e5al (33) 0uides@)r!=o%endhan ;i:ayan )r!-ala:i ,rini%asan 0erald Tennyson P (MM) 0uides@ )r!Phani =umar 0 )r!4ari5umar = $ Mitun )as (MM) 0uide@ )r!,ampath5umar T , Muthuchamy A (MM) 0uides@ )r!Aana5iram 0 ) )r!Phani5umar 0 #ira: $hawa5e (MM) 0uide@)r!1a%i ,an5ar =ottada Pra%een , (MM) 0uide@ )r!1a%i ,an5ar =ottada Paresh 4ader (>3) 0uide@ Abdus ,amad ,hri Prashant )abas (PH) 0uide@ )r!4ariharan = 1a:ib Mondal 1 #irmala (PH) Arout $hel%ane #igam A = Patents Diled )r!,rini%asa $ha5ra%arthy ; (-T)

Dirst ,pecial Poster Award& (th Indian

Peptides ,ymposium

-est Poster Presentation Award& $hemistry

In"4ouse ,ymposium& IIT Madras

-est Poster Presentation Award& $hennai

$hemistry $onference

-est Poster Presentation Award& $hennai

$hemistry $onference

-est Poster Award& Photonics

-est Poster Award& 5th International $onference

on ,olidification ,cience and Processing

*nd -est Poster Award& International $onference

on )esign of -iomaterials

-est Poster Award& #ational $onference on

Ad%ances in #a%al Materials

-est Poster Award& International ,ymposium for

1esearch ,cholars

-est poster Award& #ational $onference on

Ad%ances in #a%al Materials

-est Poster Award& A#,H, $on%ergence


-est Poster Award& 5+th )A3 ,olid ,tate

Physics ,ymposium

-est Poster Award& A0M of Materials 1esearch

,ociety of India

-harati "A ?ni%ersal ,cript for Indian <anguages

with Applications in >nline 4andwritten $haracter 1ecognition

)r! 1a:agopal = ($3)

A #o%el Method for Ma5ing 0abion -o6 Mediated

1einforcement ,ystem

)r!1aghuram $hetty ($4) et al!

A ?ni%ersal Approach to the ,ynthesis of

Palladium )endrites on $arbon -ased ,ubstrates )r!1aghuram $hetty ($4)

A Method of Preparing Palladium )endrites on

$arbon Paper

A Method of Preparing Palladium )endrites on

$arbon #anotubes

A Method of Preparing Palladium )endrite

)r!Muraleedharan = M ($H) et al! )r!Pradeep T ($H) et al!

,ynthesis of Luinolone Antibiotics from -aylis"

4illman Adducts

Methods for ,electi%e ;isual )etection of T#T ;isible )etection of Luantity of 8ater Dlow using
Luantum $lusters

A Method for the Preparation of 0raphenic

Material from Asphalt and its Application in 8ater Purification )r!Aso5an T (3))

A #on")estructi%e Method to Identify ?sed

,yringes and thus Pre%ent Their 1e"?se

)r!,andipan -andyopadhyay (3)) )r!,andipan -andyopadhyay (3)) )r!,ara%ana =umar 0 (3)) )r!,an5ara A ,ubramanian (3)) )r!,an5ara A ,ubramanian (3)) )r!Murthy 4 , # (A3) )r!1eddy = , (M3)

Mapaman@ A 1econfigurable Parallel Manipulator A 4uman Powered )e%ice )esign And Assembly of a $lutch Dorceps In%ention )isclosure@ #on")estructi%e ,tructural
4ealth Monitoring ?sing >n"-oard )e%ice

,olar Parabolic Trough $ollector with Integrated

Tor9ue Tube E -o6 ,upport ,tructure

Passi%e $ooling -ased ,econdary $oncentrator

for ,olar $oncentrating Photo%oltaic ($P;) ,ystem for ?niform Dlu6 )istribution And 3ffecti%e $ooling )r!,oundarapandian , (M3)

<aser Assisted Machining (<AM) of 4ard Tissues

and -ones

)r!,u:atha ,rini%asan (M3) )r!Murty - , (MM) et al!

,tanding M 1eclining 8heel $hair A Process for $oating 1efractories in ,teel Plant Process for Manufacture of #ano $opper in a
0reen 8ay

)r!Abdus ,amad (>3)

A Point Absorber ,ystem for 8a%e 3nergy


-i")irectional Dlow Turbine An Apparatus to $on%ert -idirectional <inear

Motion to ?nidirectional 1otary Motion Aeniston )e%ira: =lutto Milleth ($ e8IT) )r!-has5ar 1amamurthi (33) et al! =iran =umar =uchi ($e8IT) )r!-has5ar 1amamurthi (33) )r!=rishnamurthi 0iridhar (33) et al! Patents 0ranted )r!;aradara:u ? ; ($H) et al!

Methods for Multi">perator $oe6istence in

4eteroM 4omogeneous #etwor5s

Precoding for ,ingle Transmission ,treams in

Multiple Antenna ,ystems

A #o%el -ioprocess for the Preparation of ,ulfide

$ompounds of $erium

)r!-has5ar 1amamurthi (33) et al!

Multi"Antenna $ellular -road -and 8ireless

$ommunication ,ystem with Interference Mitigation

)r!1a:agopalan A 1 (33)

?, Patent for 1eco%ering .) ,tructure using -lur

and Paralla6

?, Patent for Method and ,ystem for 0enerating

a 4igh 1esolution Image ;inosh -abu ($e8IT) )r!-has5ar 1amamurthi (33)

A Method of ,patial Multiple6ing for 4igh )ata

1ate 8ireless $ommunication

=othapalli ;en5ata ,rini%as Multi Antenna $ellular -roadband 8ireless ($e8IT) $ommunication ,ystem with Interference )r!1a%inder )a%id (33) Mitigation )r!=rishnamurthy 0iridhar (33) et al!

Technology Transfers )r!<igy Philip ($3)

-ioremediation of 4e6a%alent $hromium

$ontaminated A9uifers

)r!1amanathan , ($4)

Treatment of $eria ,lurry with 4ydrogen

Pero6ide and 1euse

$omposite Materials for Dast and

3nergy 3fficient Microwa%e $rucible and ,usceptors )r!0onsal%es T A ($,) )r!)ebashis $ha5raborty ($H)

)e%elopment of <A# Trainer =it Imino (Pheno6y) Alane@ A 4igh Mileage

$atalyst )r!)illip =umar $hand ($H)

#o%el Process for the ,ynthesis by the

>ne"Pot (,ingle 1eactor $ombination of TM3)A and selected ligants to construct a class of commercially useful pd (II) E based self"assembly nanocages

)r!3damana Prasad ($H)

)esigning Molecules for #a5ed 3ye

)etection of Dluoride Ions in >rganic Medium

)r!=othandaraman 1amanu:am ($H) )r!Mangala ,under = ($H)

Anion Mediated <ithium Air -attery )istribution and Mar5eting of #PT3<

3ducational Material

)r!Pradeep T ($H)

Pesticide 1emo%al Attachment based on

#ano Technology

>rganic Polymer"Inorganic Dine Particle

Antimicrobial $omposites and ?ses thereof

0raphene -ased Antimicrobial $omposite and

?ses thereof

1eusable 1ewritable <uminescent Transparent

0rapheme Patterns for Trac5ing

Ieptomolar ;isual )etection of Mercury Ions uses

,ingle Mesostructures

<uminescent& Dreestanding $omposite Dilms of

Au15 of ,pecific Metal Ion ,ensing

$reation of 4etero:unction #anowires Ieptomolar ;isual )etection of Trinitrotoluene


0raphene"Luantum $luster 4ybrid Molecule

)r!Aso5an T (3))

A Method to 3asily Identify ?sed ,yringes to

Pre%ent the 1euse

)r!,andipan -andhyopadhyay (3))

Mapaman " A 1econfigurable Three )egree of


)r!Asho5 Ahun:hunwala (33)

1oyalty on >DT Dorm -enchmar5 Transfer of Technology for the ATM )e%elopment 1emote )iagnostic =it and 8eather Monitoring

)r!0iridhar = (33)

8I$>MM"T =IT

)r!Abdus ,amad (>3)

3nergy 4ar%esting Drom ;ibrations A Power Ta5e >ff Apparatus for 8a%e 3nergy 36traction Timer ;al%e Progressing $a%ity Pump 1oto"Progressi%e $a%ity Pump
1otor",tator Modification to 1educe the <ea5age

)r!Aitendra , ,angwai (>3)

#o%el $ouette 0eometry for Measurement of In",itu

)ynamic ;iscosity of Multiphase ,ystems such as 3mulsions and ,lurries

)r!,rini%asan $handrase5aram (>3)

)ouble 1ac5 Mechanical 8a%e 3nergy $on%erter " A

#o%el Method of 4arnessing 8a%e 3nergy

>ffshore Triceratops for ?ltra")eep 8ater >il

36ploration )r!#atara:an T ,(P4) )r!Prem - -isht (P4)

3lectro ,pinning Apparatus 3nhancement >f 1aman ,cattering ,ignal -y ?sing

Photonic #ano:et of a ,ingle Microsphere

An 3fficient Metal #anocomposite ,aturable Absorber

(Mensa) for -roadband Mode"<oc5ing Applications )r!1amachandra 1ao M (P4) )r!1amaprabhu , (P4)

MethodM)isco%ery of ,table P"Type ,emiconducting

-eha%iour in <I and and #I codoped I#>

Metal and Metal >6ide #anoparticles )ispersed

0rapheme $omposites ,ynthesi2ed by Docused ,olar 3nergy

0raphene Dunctionali2ed $arbon #anotube"P;)D

-ased #anocomposite as ,tructural ,train ,ensor

Transition Metal >6ide )ecorated 0rapheme

#anocomposites for Dield 3mission

Platinum"$obait #itrogen )oped 0rapheme


Platinum"0raphene 3lectrocatalyst 8ide >perating Potential ,uper $apacitor with 430"

$#T"Ionic <i9uid $omposites

Platinum " .d Transition Metal Alloy #anoparticles

)ecorated #itrogen )oped (grapheme"M8#T) hybrid structure electro catalyst for proton e6change membrane fuel cell!

Platinum"0raphene 3lectrocatalyst

2.1 General:

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is an autonomous statutory Organisation functioning within the Institutes of Technologies Act 1961, as amended by The Institute of Technology (Amendment Act, 196 !"# The Indian Institutes of Technology (others being at Mumbai, $an%ur, $harag%ur, &elhi, 'uwahati, (oor)ee, (u%nagar, *hubaneswar, 'andhinagar, +yderabad, ,atna, (a-asthan, Mandi, Indore and *+. /aranasi! are administrated centrally by the 0ouncils of IITs, an a%e1 body established by the 'o2ernment of India to co3ordinate the acti2ities of these Institutes# The Minister for +uman (esource &e2elo%ment, 'o2ernment of India is the 0hair%erson of the 0ouncil# 4ach Institute of Technology has a *oard of 'o2ernors res%onsible for the o2erall administration and control# The 5enate decides the academic %olicies of the Institute# It a%%ro2es and controls curricula, courses, e1aminations and declaration of results# It a%%oints 2arious 0ommittees to loo) into s%ecific academic matters arising from time to time# The teaching, training and research acti2ities of 2arious de%artments at the Institute are constantly under re2iew to im%ro2e both facilities and standards# The &irector of the Institute is the 0hairman of the 5enate# Members of the 5enate are listed in the A%%endi1# 6inancial ad2ice to the Institute is gi2en by the 6inance 0ommittee# The *uildings and 7or)s 0ommittee ad2ises the Institute on matters relating to buildings and wor) acti2ities# The com%ositions of the abo2e 0ommittees and *oards together with a list of other officers are also gi2en in the A%%endi1# 2.2 Staff Position:

As on 1#8 #981 , 199: 6aculty;5taff were in %osition#



e !ers in "osition:

Faculty Members 509 Nos.

Visiting Faculty 6 Nos.

Group A staff 71 Nos.

Scientific Officers 5 Nos.

Technical staff 268 Nos.

Administrative staff 366 Nos.


T#e follo$in% Faculty/staff

e !ers $ere a""ointe& &urin% 2'12(2'1):

Professor 1 No.

Associate Professor 2 Nos.

Assistant Professor 31 Nos.

Visiting Faculty 7 Nos.

Administrative Staff (including egistrar! 30 No.



< 6aculty;5taff members were resigned;relie2ed from the ser2ices# <8 6aculty;staff members were retired from the ser2ices# < 6aculty; staff members were e1%ired# 1= 6aculty;5taff members were on long lea2e# Faculty / Staff a""ointe& fro '1.'*.2'12 to )1.').2'1):

+ist of faculty e !ers/staff e !ers a""ointe& &urin% t#e "erio& A"ril 2'12 to Marc# 2'1) Sl.No. Na e Desi%nation De"t. 1 &r#&illi% $umar 5ata%athy A#,# ,hysics 9 &r# 5antanu 'hosh A#,# -on contract. Aero. Engg. Mr# Mude 5rini2asa >ai) (5T! ?r# Asst# Acad# < &r# Murali 'urura-an A#,# *iotechnolgy : Mr# (# Anand (5T! ?r# Asst# Accts# 6 5mt# (# 5u-atha (5T! ?r# Asst# Admn# @ Mr# (a2i *abu (5T! ?r#Asst# +umanities = Mr# '# /i-aya $umar (5T! ?r# Asst# ,hysics

Date of ,oinin% 96#8 #9819 99#8 #9819 91#8:#9819 9 #8:#9819 9 #8:#9819 9 #8:#9819 9:#8:#9819 9:#8:#9819

9 18 11 19 1 1< 1: 16 1@ 1= 19 98 91 99 9 9< 9: 96 9@ 9= 99 8 1 9 < : 6 @ = 9 <8 <1 <9 < << <: <6 <@ <= <9 :8 :1 :9 : :< :: :6 :@ := :9 68

Mr# 0# *ala)rishnan (5T! Mr# ,# $umaresan (5T! M# $# Thiagara-an (5T! Mr# $# .daya)umar (5T! Mr# M# Alaguthambi (5T! Mr# ,# 5atyanarayana (5T! Mr# >allathambi (5T! Mr# $# >aresh $umar (5T! Mr# '# ?aya2el (5T! 5hri# *holeswar $isan (5T! $m# '# +emalatha (50;,&! $m# 5ahaya ?ose%hin Mary (O*0;,&! $m# 5urya (,&! 5hri# ?agannadan (,&! 5hri# A# ,rasanna (,&! 5hri# *ala-i >aya) (ama2ath (5T;,&! 5hri# ># (a2i (50;,&! 5mt# +# &hanala)shmi (O*0;,&! Mr# 5#I# /arun &urai (50;,&! Mr# A# ?ee2arathinam (50;,&! &r# ,rafulla $umar *ehera &r# (# /inu &r# +amsa ,riya Mohanasundaram &r# 5$M# /aradhan &r# (an-ith Mohan &r# /enu 0handra &r# A-ay $umar 5hu)la &r# 5antosh Abraham &r# 5hyama ,rasad &as &r#.%adhye >eelesh 5han)ar &r# &awood $othawala &r# Mano- ,andey &r#,radee% $iran 5ar2e%alli &r# 'ana%athy $rishnamurthi &r# Mani)andan Mathur &r# 5han)ar 'hosh &r# 5heetal $alyani &r# 5oumendra >ath $uiry &r# *# /# (agha2endra (ao &r# Mathangi $rishnamurthy &r# (ama)umar ,enchaliah &r# ># >arayanan Ms# /#'# *hooma &r# (a-esh $umar &r# $unal $rishna Mu)her-ee &r# Anu% $umar *handari &r#Anand $rishna $an-arla &r# /#/#5#&# (atna $umar Annabattula &r# $amlesh +atua &r# Achintya Mu)ho%adhyay &r# 5oundara%andian 5anthana)rishnan &r# '# (a-esh

?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r#Tech 5u%t# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ,TI 5AIA ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# ?r# Asst# Assoc# ,rof# A#,# A#,# A#,##(on contract! A#,# A#,# A#,# A# ,# A#,# A#,# A#,#(on contract! A#,# A#,# A#,# A#,# A#,# (on contract! A#,# A# ,# (on contract! A# ,# A#,# (on contract! A# ,# A#,# (egistrar A#,# A#,# A#,# A#,# (on contract! A#,# A#,# ,rof# A#,# (on contract! Assoc# ,rof#

Acad# 9:#8:#9819 Acad# 8#8:#9819 Aibrary 8#8:#9819 4le# 4ngg# 1#8:#9819 Ocean 4ngg# 81#86#9819 ,hysics 81#86#9819 Management 5tudies 81#86#9819 Mathematics 81#86#9819 'ym)hana 16#8:#9819 Aibrary 8:#86#9819 Academic 11#86#9819 6in BAcct 19#86#9819 0hemistry 91#86#9819 6in BAcct 91#86#9819 5tores B ,urchase 91#86#9819 Admn# 91#86#9819 Admn# 9:#86#9819 ,lacement 96#86#9819 A%%lied 9@#86#9819 Academic 1 #8@#9819 ,hysics 98#8@#9819 (A>! 0hemical 9:#8@#9819 *iotechnology 8#8@#9819 A%%lied Mech# 81#8=#9819 Aeros%ace 86#8=#9819 0i2il 4ngg# 8=#8=#9819 Met# B Mat# 4ngg# 18#8=#9819 +umanities 9<#8=#9819 Mechanical 1=#89#9819 Mathematics 9:#89#9819 ,hysics 96#89#9819 Mech# 4ngg# 81#18#9819 4le# 4ngg# 81#18#9819 4ngg# &esign 81#18#9819 Aero# 4ngg# 8 #18#9819 Aero# 4ngg# 1:#18#9819 4le# 4ngg# 1@#18#9819 0i2il 4ngg# 1=#18#9819 0om%# 5ci B 4ngg# 99#18#9819 +umanities 9:#18#9819 Mech# 4ngg# 96#18#9819 Mathematics 91#11#9819 Admn# 8:#19#9819 Humanities 1=#19#9819 Mathematics 98#19#9819 Humanities 91#19#9819 Met. & Mat. Engg 96#19#9819 Mech. Engg 9@#19#9819 Ele. Engg 1#19#9819 Mech. Engg 81#81#981 Mech. Engg 89#81#981 Aero# 4ngg 81#89#981

61 69 6 6<

Ms# 0# ?ac)ulin Ms# 5# Anita Mercy Ms# 4# (e2athi Ms# $# (adha

>urse >urse >urse >urse

+os%ital +os%ital +os%ital +os%ital

86#89#981 11#89#981 1:#89#981 8<#8 #981

Sl. No. 1# 9 # < :# 6# @#

ID.No. /63=9 /6398 /6391 /6399 /639 /639< /6339:

Na e &r#5ibylle ,etra) &r# 5oma 'uhatha)urta &r#/inu (a2i)rishnan &r#Anantha 5undarara-an &r#$#/i-ayaragha2an &r#0hristain Thaulow &r# ?ean3,aul (yc)aert

Desi%nation /isiting Assistant ,rofessor /isiting ,rofessor /isiting Assistant ,rofessor /isiting Assistant ,rofessor +osted 6ellow /isiting ,rofessor /isiting ,rofessor

De"t. +55 4& 0+ M5 0+ 04 ,+

Date of ,oinin% 18#8<#9819 9:#8:#9819 1<#86#9819 8#8@#9819 9 #8@#9819 1@#89#9819 8=#18#9819

Faculty /Staff Sl. No. 1 9 <

e !ers resi%ne& / relie/e&: Na e &r# Murali 'urura-an 5hril# ?ayaseelan , &r# Amita2a Mu)her-ee &r# .%asna 5harma '1.'*.2'12 to )1.').2'1): Na e ?aya)umar M# Malathi $ / &hanabalan , *oo%athy A ?ose%h A 5umathy ( $al%agam 5 (7! /incent 'eorge ? Anandarao ' Mohandoss 5 Maryamma , Thiruna2u))arasu A 5urya)umar T Muniammal > 5ubramani M ThamiDh Arasan / 'nanase)aran > 5e)ar 0 ( 4lumalai T 5 5antha)umar 5 Mathews M 5 (amachandraiah A (amachandran $ * 5an)aran & ?aya%ra)ash 5 5waminathan $ &r 'o)hale 55 Moni M 5 Desi%naion 5#I# ?r# 5u%dt# ?r#Tech#5u%dt# 5r# Attdt# ?r#Tech#5u%dt# 5r#Tech#5u%dt# ,rof# 5r# Attdt# 5r# Attdt# 5r# Attdt# Attdt# (egistrar &( +el%er +el%er ,rof# 5AIO Asst# Aibrarian 5r Aab Asst ,rof# ,rof# ,rof# ,rof# Tech#5u%dt# 554 Asso# ,rof# ,rofessor 55O 'r I De"art ent 5ecurity 5ection ,+ Met B Mat# 4ngg# 0C 0+ 44 MA 04 A4 4. 4. Admn 5B, AM 6BA 04 Aib Aib AM A4 04 04 *T ,+ 05 Mathematics Aero 5AI6 D.O.R 86#8 #9819 (/(! 8#8<#9819 8#8<#9819 8#8<#9819 8#8<#9819 1#8:#9819 1#8:#9819 1#8:#9819 1#8:#9819 1#8:#9819 8#86#9819 8#86#9819 8#86#9819 8#86#9819 8#86#9819 8#86#9819 8#86#9819 1#8@#9819 1#8=#9819 1#18#9819 1#18#9819 1#18#9819 1#18#9819 1#18#9819 1#18#9819 1#18#9819 99#86#9819 (/(! 8#11#9819 Desi%nation A#,# ?r# 5u%dt# A#,# A#,# De"art ent *T Admn# Maths# +55 D.O.Relief 1 #89#9819 8@#11#9819 1@#19#9819 1#19#9819

ID.No. =:96 8161 =:19 =:86

Faculty / Staff retire& fro Sl.No. 1 9 < : 6 @ = 9 18 11 19 1 1< 1: 16 1@ 1= 19 98 91 99 9 9< 9: 96 9@ 9= ID.No . 16=9 6 6 89 6: 9==6 919 9699 9= 696 =96 :<@ 18< 9 6: < 8@ 9=81 9<< =18 :6 9@8< 9=8= 9=91 =9<@ 181@ 96@8 9696 9@8 11:

99 8 1 9 < : 6 @ = 9 <8

91 8 91@ 18 6 9 9 1 966 1:9= @== 9<19 9<68 1919 19=< =

Muthula)shmi , 5antha /i-aya)umar 5enthi , Thangamani / , ,enchalaiah ' 5waminathan T 4)ambaram ,M ?othi (amalingam / Muraleedhara ,rabhu $ M $esa2an >air , Muthu)rishnan 5 (a-endran 0 e !ers e0"ire& $#ile in ser/ice Na e '# Arumugam &r# /# ?ayashan)ar (# $annan &r# &#Aoganathan

?r# Attdt# TO 'r# I ?r#Tech#5u%dt# 5r# Attdt# 5u%dt# ,rof# 55I 5r# Attdt# ,rof# ,rof# A( A(

4. 0C 0,5 44 Acad 0+ 55 M4 44 Met B Mat 6BA 5B,

1#19#9819 1#19#9819 1#81#981 1#81#981 1#81#981 9=#89#981 9=#89#981 9=#89#981 1#8 #981 1#8 #981 1#8 #981 1#8 #981

Faculty / Staff Sl.No. ID.No. 1 99< 9 =8 1 1969 < 9:19

Desi%nation Tech# 5u%erintendent ,rofessor 5enior Assistant ,rofessor

De"art ent Met B Mat 4ngg 4lectrical 4ngg Office of &ean Admn 0hemistry

D.O.D 18#86#9819 96#19#9819 8@#89#981 89#89#981

Faculty/Officers/Staff on lon% lea/e:

a. Faculty/Staff Me !ers on 10tra Or&inary +ea/e: Sl"#o #ame Desi%n. De"t. Fro 1 Dr. R. Gnanamoorthy ,rof# M4 9@#8=#988=
2 Dr. S. Mohan &r# 5# /# (agha2an ,rof# ,rof# 04 054 8:#8:#9889 91#18#9889

To 96#8@#981 8<#8:#981< 8#86#981

4 5

Dr. T. A. Gonsa !"s Shr#. $. R#%&an A #

,rof# A44 (04! ,rof#

054 4ngg#

1<#81#9818 91#81#9811

1 #81#981: 98#81#981 (41tended u%to 19#8<#981 ! 98#11#981

2isits Na e 3 2enue &e%uty &irector at IIIT&BM $anchee%uram# &irector, >ITTT( Taramani, 0hennai# 5cientific 5ecretary in the Office of the ,rinci%le 5cientific Ad2isor to the 'o2t# of India A%%ointment as &irector, IIT Mandi, +imachal ,radesh# Manager (Tech#! at >+AI >ew &elhi /isiting (esearch ,rofessor at Metallurgical 4ngineering, .ni2ersity of .tah, .5A /isiting 6aculty at IIT (a-asthan, ?odh%ur, (a-asthan A%%ointment of Associate ,rofessor at IIT *ombay ,ersonal Affairs Assignment as +ead, Indian 5tatistical Institute, 0hennai 0entre Tem%orary Assignment of ,rofessor in the &e%t# of 0om%uter 5cience and 4ngineering, IIT *ombay

Dr. $. 'rasa( Rao



@ = 9 18

&r# 5haligram Tiwari &r# 'har%ure 5anthosh ?anardan &r# 5# &e2a)i (eddy &r# 5# ,onnusamy

A5, A5, ASP ,rof#

M4 0C +55 MA

81#86#9819 8:#8@#9819 1:#81#981 18#18#9819

1#8:#981 8<#8@#981< 8#86#981< 89#18#981<


&r# (# (ama







e !ers on Sa!!atical +ea/e: Na e Desi%n. A5, De"t. A,M Fro 81#89#9819 To 1#8:#981 2isits Na e 3 2enue *oo) writing *iomechanics" B /isiting ,rof# at MIT 0ambridge, MA, .5A under &*T30(45T Award 6ellowshi% The %osition of ,rinci%al 4ngineer in the M4Ms &i2ision at 6airchild 5emiconductor, 0alifornia B.5A /isiting ,rofessor in the &e%t# of 0hemical 4ngineering, .ni2ersity of &elaware, >ewar), &4, .5A *oo) writing at the Institute#

Sl. No 1#

&r# M# Mani2annan


&r# C# 5hanthi ,a2an





&r# Arun $umar Tangirala






&r# ,# /# 5ubrahmanyam &r# *# 5# Murty &r# $rishna Moorthy 5i2alingam &r# /# 5undar




:# 6#

,rof# ,rof#

04 054

81#81#981 81#8=#981

1#19#9819 (41tended u%to 8#8<#981 ! 8#86#981 1#8:#981<




89#8 #981


*oo) 7riting for .' and ,' 5tudents 0onsultant to +0A Technology 4ngineering B (B& 5er2ices 6ellowshi% ,rogram for (esearch in ?a%an


Staff 4elfare: 5u an Resource De/elo" ent

As %art of human resource de2elo%ment acti2ities, the Institute %lans and im%lements %rograms for %ro2iding o%%ortunities to technical and administrati2e staff to u%date and u%grade their )nowledge and s)ills in order that they may %erform their duties effecti2ely# In addition, the %rograms are also aimed to enhance the %ride and satisfaction they feel in their wor)# The o2erall feeling of ha%%iness engendered by these %rograms also o2erflows to their home li2es and contributes to a sense of well3being for the entire family# These acti2ities also form a %art of the training reEuirements under the I5O dis%ensation# 5RD Pro%ra es con&ucte&:

The +(& acti2ities were initiated at the Institute in 199@ under the charge of a ,rofessor# In the %eriod of re%orting, 16 Internal training %rograms and 99 e1ternal training %rograms organiDed by other Institutions;Organisations were attended by our our staff members# The im%act of the 2arious %rograms, as seen from the feedbac) at the end of each %rogram, a%%ears to be ad2antageous to the Institute as the em%loyees were able to u%grade their )nowledge through these %rograms as the %rograms were designed on need based#

Trainin% calen&ar for t#e year 2'12 Internal Trainin% : No of Sl. "ersons No atten&e& 1

6ourse Title 0>0 Aathe ,rogramming O%erating ,rogramming B Machine setting /ertical Machining 0entre (/M0!O%erating ,rogramming B Machine setting A04 00 Aathe Maintenance 4lectrical, Mechanical B &iagnostics Aids (ecent trends in Analytical 0hemistry (T(A0! 9819 0isco >etwor) (outing B 5witching 6ire B Aife 5afety Management in +igh (ise *uildings 0ommunication 5)ills ,rocedures ado%ted in sections ,ersonality &e2elo%ment 0om%uter 5)ills

Duration 1@th to 19th May, 9819 91st to 9 rd May, 9819

Section/De"t. 0entral 7or)sho% 0entral 7or)sho%

Or%anisation M;s#Ace &esigners and A04 Manufacturing 5ystems at 0hennai M;s#Ace &esigners and A04 Manufacturing 5ystems at 0hennai M;s#Ace &esigners and A04 Manufacturing 5ystems at 0hennai Ad2ancement of 0hemical 5ciences B 4ducation, $al%a))am B .ni2ersity of Madras M;s# Aaunch ,ad /entures (,! Atd#, 0hennai Indian Institute of 5ecurity Management, Madras 0ha%ter, 0hennai 0onducted at I0 B 5( IITM 7ith e1%ert members in2ited to conduct the %rogramme#


=th to 9th ?une, 9819

0entral 7or)sho%


1st August, 9819

&e%t# of 0hemistry

9<th 5e%t, to 9=th 5e%t, 9819 9#11#9819

0om%uter 0entre 5ecurity 5ection






Arbitration ,ractice 5te% by 5te% 9 9 Tally &e2elo%ment Aanguage 0ourse 0>0 Milling with 6unction 0ontrol ,rogramming B O%eration Ae2el I Mechanical Testing of Metals (&T B >&T! Ad2anced 41cel ,ractical Training 7ater %roofing of concrete structures 0>0 Turning with 6unction control ,rogramming B O%ertn# >ational 0onference on (eaching out to .sers through technology ((O.T43981 ! 4nhancing inno2ati2e library ser2ices in o%en en2ironment, The &ynamics of 5ecurity Management 3 Aatest Trends

9# 18#

:th to =th >o2, 9819 19th to 9 rd >o2, 9819 96#11#9819 9@th B 9=th >o2, 9819 @th to =th &ecember, 9819 1= 0lasse ( 9 hours! 1:th to 9:th ?anuary, 981 Two wee)s from 9=#81#981 Three days Three days 1=th 6ebruary, 981 to 1st March, 981 1 th to 1:h March, 981

>ewly (ecruited Administrati2e 5taff

4ngineering .nit Accounts 5ec ?44 Office 0entral 7or)sho% Mett# 4ngineering &e%t# ?44 Office 4ngineering .nit 0entral 7or)sho% 0entral Aibrary

The Institute of 4ngineers (India! 0hennai M;s# C4>>45 Infotech (,! Atd#, 0hennai Ad2ance Training Institute, 0hennai Ad2ance Training Institute, 0hennai M5M4 &e2elo%ment Institute, 0hennai Indian 0oncrete Institute, 0hennai Ad2ance Training Institute, 0hennai I(6 5tructural 4ngineering (esearch 0entre, 0hennai


19 1 1<

1 @ =


9=#8 #981

5ecurity 5ection

Indian Institute of 5ecurity Management (Madras 0ha%ter!

10ternal Trainin% : No of "ersons atten&e& 1

S.No. 1

6ourse Title >ational ,latform on &isaster (is) (eduction (>,&((!, >ew &elhi +,0 7or)sho% at I*M *angalore Oceanogra%hic 5ur2ey 0urrent trends in Microwa2e design and a%%lications Technical wor)sho% on 0ash Accounts, *udget Management B Income ta1 matters 6oreign ,rocurements F ,rocedure B 6ormalities (ecent Trends in Analytical 0hemistry (T(A0! 9819

Duration 9:th A%ril 9819 to 96th A%ril 9819

Section/De"t. 5ecurity 5ection

Or%ani7ation >ational Institute of &isaster Management, >ew &elhi I*M *angalore >IOT /essel 0(/ 5agar ,aschimi IIT $harag%ur

1 9


9nd May 9819 to <th May 9819 1<th May 9819 to 9 rd May, 9819 11th ?une 9819 to 16th ?une,9819 96th ?uly 9819 to 9=th ?uly 9819

0om%uter 0entre &e%t# of Ocean 4ngg# &e%t# of 4lectrical 4ngineering Administration B Accounts 5ection 5tores B ,urchase 5ection &e%t# of 0hemistry

Integrated Training B ,olicy (esearch, >ew &elhi M;s# ,arsam Institute of 5tatutory (ules, *angalore 5ocietyfor Ad2ancement of 0hemical 5ciences and 4ducation, $al%a))am M;s# *67 Atd#, *angalore 0entral ,ower (esearch Institute *angalore M;s# * B ( Industrial Automation ,2t Atd# *angalore M;s#0onfederation Indian Industry,+yd#

6th August to =th August, 9819 8th to 1st August, 9819

= 9 9

0>0 Milling Machines Tutorial ,rogram on A4& Aighting 5ystems * B ( ,rogramming *asic and +MI 5creen &esign Three days International 0onferences on 'reen *uildings and 'reen +omes;'reen 0ities *attery Testing .nit

August, 9819 9 days =#18#9819

0entral 7or)sho% 040


=th to 19th October, 9819 8th Oct# 9819 to 1st >o2#, 9819


&e%t of 4ngineering &esign 4ngineering .nit


1 1<

9 1

Annual Meet B 7or)sho% of I>&45TGAI0T4 0onsortium +igh /oltage Testing of ,ower 5ystem 4Eui%ment

6 to 1 th 16th to 96th and 8th ?an, to @th 6eb, 981 1@th to 19th ?anuary, 981 1=th to 99nd 6ebruary, 981

0entral 4lectronics 0entre 0entral Aibrary 4lectrical &i2ision 4ngineering .nit 4lectrical &i2ision 4ngineering .nit 4ngineering .nit 5ecurity 5ection Metallurgical

M;s# 41icom 05T(I, >ew &elhi

I>&45T3 AI0T4 ,ower 5ystems Training Institute, *angalore ,ower 5ystems Training Institute, *angalore 0onfederation of Indian Industry IIT 'andhinagar, Ahmedabad Institute of ,ublic


,ower 0ables B ?ointing Technices

96th to 9=th 6ebruary, 981


1@ 1=

1 9

5hort Term course on Transforming Indoor and Outdoor landsca%es Two days 7or)sho% on 6ire 5afety 6=th (esidential Training

1st Mrch 981 B 9nd March 981 9nd March, 981 to rd March 981 <th March 981 to


,rogramme for the 0hief Aiaison Officers for 50;5T;O*0 em%loyees 0AOs, AOs, 4Os and other Officers on the (eser2ation ,olicy Ins%ection of 4lectrical Installations under I4 5afety and 5u%%ly (egulations ,ower and Telecommunication 0o3ordination (enewable 4nergy 5ources B 'rid Integration

6th March 981

and Mathematics &e%t#

Administration, *engaluru

<th to =th March, 981


1=th to 99nd March, 981


9:th to 99th March, 981


International 'reen 0am%us 5ummit 981

<th A%ril, 981 to :th A%ril 981

4lectrical &i2ision 4ngineering .nit 4lectrical &i2ision 4ngineering .nit 4lectrical &i2ision 4ngineering .nit 4ngineering .nit

,ower 5ystems Training Institute, *angalore ,ower 5ystems Training Institute, *angalore ,ower 5ystems Training Institute, *angalore Association for %romoting sustainability in 0am%uses and 0ommunities ((A,500! ,uducherry#


5in&i 6oac#in%:

In accordance with the directions of the &e%artment of the Official Aanguage of the +ome Ministry, 'o2ernment of India, +indi Training was conducted regularly for both technical and administrati2e staff members to im%ro2e their )nowledge in +indi# In 98193981 , << staff members attended the +indi 41amination# As on 1#8 #981 , 9: staff members were offered this course# 42ery year, the Institute celebrates +indi &ay 6unction# This year +indi &ay 6unction was celebrated on 19#89#9819, where the &irector %resided o2er the function and distributed 0ertificates, 0ash Awards and ,ersonal ,ay to the staff members who ha2e %assed +indi 41amination#


Sc#ool Fee 6oncession:

The Institute reimbursed fees %aid by the staff members for their childrenHs education as %er the 'o2t# of India norms# &uring the %eriod under re%ort <= staff members were benefited#


Trans"ort Facilities for 6#il&ren of t#e Staff:

6rom 18#89#988=, free trans%ort facilities ha2e been %ro2ided for the benefit of all users within the cam%us#



&uring the year under re%ort a sum of (s 1@#9= la)hs was sanctioned as ad2ances for the following I Sl. No. 1 9 < : A&/ance +ouse *uilding Ad2ance 0ar Ad2ance ,ersonal 0om%uter Ad2ance Two 7heeler Ad2ance 6esti2al Ad2ance Total No. of 1 "loyees 3 1 1< 1@ 98 2)8 A ount Sanctione& in Rs. 3 1,=8,888;3 <,19,=:8;3 <, @,988;3 @,61,9:8;3 19:;<:)''/(

Insurance: Grou" Me&iclai Sl.No . 1 9 < : 6 @ Insurance Sc#e e for t#e Perio& fro 6ate%ory =asic 6o/era%e: 4m%loyee B &e%endant ,ensioners B 5%ouse 6amily ,ensioner Fire Insurance A&&itional 6o/era%e: 4m%loyee B &e%endant ,ensioners B 5%ouses 6amily ,ensioners Insurance Sc#e e for t#e "erio& fro No. of 1 "loyees 6o/ere& 6<1 919 9@1 Su <61 :99 =< 1'.'2.2'12 to ';.'2.2'1) Annual Pre iu / 1 "loyee (s# @1<8 :@8 9 =8 Total Pre iu Pai& (s# <:,@6,@<8;3 @,:6,=<8;3 6,<<,9=8;3 Deat# 6lai s a&e &urin% "erio& (s# 68,88,888;3 8,88,888;3 3 =9,6 ,<:6;3 '1.'2.2'12 to )1.'1.2'1) Pre iu Pai& ( Rs.

No. of Persons 6o/ere& < 1 1696 <9=

9,16,1=,=88;3 6,88,=@<;3

Grou" Ter

Sl.No. 1# 9# #

Grou" A * 0

Insure& "er 1 "loyee (s# 8 Aa)hs 1: Aa)hs 18 Aa)hs


Meetin%s of t#e Aut#orities: I I I I 6our Meetings were held on 98#8@#9819, 8:#18#9819, 1<#19#9819 and 99#8 #981 One Meeting was held on 1<#19#9819 One Meeting was held on 1=#89#981 5i1 meetings were held on 8 #8:#9819, 8<#8@#9819, 98#89#9819, 8<#19#9819, 9@#89#981 and 86#8 #981

*oard of 'o2ernors 6inance 0ommittee *uildings B 7or)s 0ommittee 5enate

2.).9. ISO Su

ISO ;''1:2''' in IITM : APRI+ 2'12 > MAR65 2'1) ary:

International OrganiDation for 5tandardisation (I5O! is a world3wide federation that certifies the o%eration and e1istence of a Juality Management 5ystem, and I5O 9881I9888 is an international standard for Euality systems# IIT Madras was awarded I5O39881I9888 certification for academic and su%%ort %rocesses (J5M3II Academic 5ection, 0entral Aibrary, 0entral 7or)sho%, 0om%uter 0enter and Industrial 0onsultancy B 5%onsored (esearch, and .ser3Oriented ,rogrammes! since 1999 and for administrati2e su%%ort %rocesses (J5M3III Administration, 0entral 4lectronic 0entre, 4ngineering .nit, 6inance B Accounts, 5ecurity 5ection, and 5tores B ,urchase! since 9881# In the year 9819, all the academic and su%%ort units of IIT Madras ha2e been reassessed as %er the I5O standard I5O 9881I988=# The certificate is 2alid until August 981< for J5M3I and ?anuary 981< for J5M3II# In addition to I5O 9881I988= certification, the 0entral 4lectronic 0entre in >A*A3accredited for its Testing and 0alibration Aaboratories since 988<#

I. ISO Acti/ities for t#e year 2'12(2'1): Internal AuditsI

Schedule & 'nit(Section) *SM + , *SM - ,,

Management (e2iew MeetingsI

First Audit 21)23 May 2012 14)16May 2012

Second Audit 27)30 No!. 2012 03)05D"*. 2012

'nit(Section *SM-, and *SM-,, *SM-, and *SM-,,

Schedule +,n" 19- 2012 .31st MR m""t#n/0 D"*"m1"r 12- 2012 .32n( MR m""t#n/0

Sur/eillance Au&its -un&erta?en !y M/S T@2 In&ia +i ite&.

'nit(Section *SM - ,, *SM - , *SM - ,,

ISO Acti/ities:

Schedule 30)31 +an. 2012 .S,r!"# an*"0 26 +,n. 2012 .S,r!"# an*"0 18D"*. 2012 .S,r!"# an*"0

5ur2eillance Audits for J5M3I and J5M3II units ha2e been successfully com%leted# The I5O 9881I988= certificate is 2alid until August 981< for J5M3I and ?anuary 981< for J5M3II# ,rof#0#(a-endran and &r#5a-i Mathew ha2e been nominated as Management (e%resentati2e and 0o3 Management (e%resentati2e res%ecti2ely w#e#f#?an# 8, 981 #

II. NA=+ Acti/ities for t#e year 2'12(2'1) -for 6entral 1lectronics 6entre.:

2.).< -i. Director Deans:

>A*A (eassessment Audit was conducted during 6eb# 63@, 9819 and 6eb 1=319, 9819# +ist of faculty e !ers an& Officers in t#e Aca&e ic an& General A& inistration

Aca&e ic A& inistration: : Prof. =#as?ar Ra a urt#i

Academic 0ourses Academic (esearch Administration Industrial 0onsultancy B 5%onsored (esearch 5tudents ,lanning International and Alumni (elations

I &r# $# (amamurthy I &r# $# $rishnaiah (u%to 1#18#9819! &r# 5arit)umar &as (from 81#11#9819! I &r# ,# 5riram I &r#$rishnan *alasubramaniam I &r# A#5# 'anesh I &r# (a2inder &a2id $oil%illai I &r# (# >agara-an (from 86#89#9819!


5ea&s of De"art ents: I &r#$# *has)ar I &r#M# (amasubba (eddy I &r# Mu)esh &oble I &r#5#,ush%a2anam (u%to 98#18#9819! &r#,#5esha Tal%a 5ai (from 91#18#9819! I &r#5#5an)araraman (u%to 8=#8=#9819! &r# .#/# /aradara-u (from 89#8=#9819! I &r# 5#(# 'andhi I &r#0#5i2a (am Murthy (u%to 1:#81#981 ! &r#,#5reeni2asa $umar (from 16#81#981 ! I &r#4na)shi *hattacharya I &r#>ilesh ?ayantilal /asa I &r#5udhir 0hella (a-an I &r# '# 5rini2asan I &r# 5#+# $ul)arni I &r# T# 5undarara-an I &r#T#5#,rasanna $umar (u%to 89#89#9819! &r#M#$amara- (from 8 #89#9819! I &r#5#$#*hattacharaya (u%to 9 #89#9819! &r#?#5#Mani (from 9<#89#9819! I &r#'#Mar)andeyalu (u%to 1 #8:#9819! &r#,#*# 5unil $umar (from 1<#8:#9819!

Aeros%ace A%%lied Mechanics *io3Technology 0hemical 4ngineering 0hemistry B M5(0 0i2il 4ngineering 0om%uter 5cience B 4ngineering 4lectrical 4ngineering 4ngineering &esign +umanities B 5ocial 5ciences Management 5tudies Mathematics Mechanical 4ngineering Metl# B Matl# 4ngineering Ocean 4ngineering ,hysics -iii. 5ea&s of Researc# 6entre:

5o%histicated Analytical B Instrumentation 6acility -i/.

I &r#'#$#5uraish $umar(u%to 98#81#981 ! &r#5#5#*hattacharyya (from 91#81#981 !

5ea&s of S"ecial facilities for interaction $it# ot#er Institutions: I &r# $rishnan *alasubramanian

0entre for Industrial 0onsultancy B 5%onsored (esearch

0hairman, 004 B 0entral ,hotogra%hic 5ection I &r#A-it $umar $olar 0entral 4lectronics 0entre 0om%uter 0entre 6#air an 'AT4 I &r#0# 0handra 5e)har I &r# /#?agadeesh $umar I &r# ,#*# 5unil $umar (u%to 8 #8:#9819! &r#$oshy /arghese (from 8<#8:#9819!

?44 -/. 6entral A& inistration: Re%istrar

I &r# Arindama 5ingh (u%to 1 #8=#9819! ,rof# 5# 5arathy (from 1<#8=#9819!

I 5hri# A#Thiruna2u))arasu (u%to 8#86#9819! &r# ># 5i2a%rasad (from 81#8@#9819 to 8<#19#9819! Ms# /#'#*hooma (from 8:#19#9819!

De"uty Re%istrars: Academic 5ection Administration 6inance B Accounts 5ection 5tores and ,urchase 5ection Training B ,lacement I0 B 5( 5tudents Internal Audit 5ection Assistant Re%istrars: Academic Administration 6inance B Accounts 5ection 5tores B ,urchase 5ection I0B5( 5ecurity cum 6ire Officer -/i. I 5hri# &# (a2ee 5hri# M# 0ha))ara%ani I 5mt# ,# ?amuna 5hri# $# $umara%%an I 5hri# 5# Muthu)rishnan I 5hri# 0# (a-endran I 5hri# /# (a-endran I 5hri# ># 4lumalai I 5hri# '# (a2ichandran I 5hri# (# 4sa))imuthu I 5hri# 5# 5ambasi2am 5hri# 5# 5undara2inayagam I 5hri A#/#5udarsanam I 5hri# *# >agara-an I 5mt# ,rema 0ha))ara%ani I At#0ol#((etd#! ?aya)umar I 5hri# ?# AaDar

5ea&s of 6entral Ser/ices: Facilities 3 Section: I &r#+arish 0handra I &r# Mahala)shmi M# (a2i I &r#.#/#/aradara-u I &r# ># (amesh *abu I &r#5rini2asa 0ha)ra2arthy (u%to 1@#89#9819! &r#?ohn *osco Aourdusamy (from 1=#89#9819! I &r# $#,# 5udheer I &r# .dayachandran 0ha))ingal I &r # 5udarshan ,admanabhan#

0entral Aibrary 0hief Medical Officer in3charge 0entral 'as 5u%%lies .nit B 0entral 'as *lowing 5ection ,rofessor in3charge, 0entral 7or)sho% 0o3ordinator,>55 Ad2isor, 5%orts Ad2isor, 0ultural Ad2isor, 6oreign 5tudents

/igilance ,lacement B Training Ad2isor, Mentoring for Indi2idual Transformation (MITr! ,rof# in3charge (Alumini Affairs! -/ii. 1n%ineerin% @nit:

I &r# ># 5i2a%rasad I &r# ># (amesh *abu I &r# M#5#5i2a)umar I &r#(#>agara-an

0hairman, 4ngg# .nit 0o30hairman, 4ngg# .nit 5u%erintending 4ngineer Assistant (egistrar 41ecuti2e 4ngineers Assistant 41ecuti2e 4ngineers

I &r#$#>#5atyanarayana I &r#A# /eeraragha2an I 5hri# (# Arumugam I 5hri# /# ,erumal I 5hri $#/iswanath 5hri A#/en)ataraman I 5hri /#5eeni2asan 5hri#$#&harmara5hri M#(amachandran 5hri#M#Murali ,ra)ash 5hri#+#Anandram 5mt#>#(#/ineetha 5hri#$#(iDwan Ali


The Institute offered Ph.D. programme in all the 16 departments, M.S. programme in 12 departments, M.Tech programme in 28 streams/ specialisations, M.Sc. programme in !ranches, ".Tech programme in 1# !ranches, Dual degree $".Tech and M.Tech% programme in 21 Streams/Specialisation, Dual Degree $"S & MS% in "iological Sciences & Ph'sics, M.".(. programme, M.(. Integrated programme in streams and P) Diploma in Metro *ail Technolog' and Management in +i,il Department !esides a preparator' course for S+/ST students during the 'ear under report. 3.1 Admissions 2012-13: +andidates for admission to ".Tech., Dual Degree and M.Tech. programmes -ere selected through .// and !ased on )(T/ score respecti,el'. 0uite a fe- candidates -ere also selected for M.Tech. programme under Sponsored, 0.I.P. and 1ser 2riented Programmes through inter,ie- and/or -ritten test. Selection for Ph.D. and M.S. programmes -as done through test/inter,ie-. 3or M.Sc. !ranches of Mathematics, Ph'sics, and +hemistr', selection -as made through a common test .(M conducted 4ointl' !' se,en IITs. 3or M.".(. programme selection -as made through .M/T and inter,ie- for M.(. Integrated Programme selection -as made through 5S//. The num!er of students and scholars admitted to ,arious programmes !oth in .ul' 2#12 and in .anuar' 2#1 are gi,en in Ta!le6 TABLE 1 F!"s# Admission S$. D)&$ PG D"%&!'m"n' B.T"(# M.T"(# M.S( M.B.A M.A. M.S No. D"*!"" Di%$om& 1. (erospace /ngg. 8 21 2 7 7 7 7 18 2. (pplied 7 7 7 2 7 7 7 29 Mechanics . "iotechnolog' 7 98 12 7 7 7 7 11 :. +hemical /ngg 89 18 ; 7 7 7 7 8 9. +hemistr' 7 7 7 7 :8 7 7 7 6. +i,il /ngg. 6: : ;6 1 7 7 7 1; 8. +omp. Sc. & 7 1 26 98 7 7 7 9 /ngg. 8. /lectrical /ngg. 66 9: 89 7 7 7 7 : ;. /ngg. Design. 7 98 7 7 7 7 7 22 1#. 5um. & Soc. Sci. 7 7 7 7 7 7 :6 7 11. Management 7 7 7 7 7 1# 7 1; Studies 12. Mathematics 7 7 12 7 :8 7 7 7 1 . Mechanical /ngg. 89 81 1# 77 7 7 7 99 1:. Met. & Mat. /ngg. 6 1 # 7 7 7 7 ; 19. 2cean /ngg. 8 19 :2 7 7 7 7 29 16. Ph'sics 28 8 12 7 8 7 7 7 To'&$ /.0 30/ .2. 13 132 103 /, 2-0 In addition to the a!o,e, 9 students $2"+ PD6 , )/ PD 62% 4oined Preparator' +ourse. OBC1SC1ST S')d"n's )nd"! F!"s# Admission: S$.No 1. 2. . :. 9. 6. 6. 8 8. P!o*!&mm" ".Tech Dual Degree M.Tech. P) Diploma in Metro *ail M.".(. M.Sc. M.(. M.S. Ph.D. To'&$ OBC 128 1#8 122 : 11 2 12 68 1 8 ,22 SC 68 9 92 2 22 2# 8 21 2/0 ST 6 2; 2 1 1 1 : # 2 +0 PD 9 8 7 1 7 7 7 1 1F"m&$" :8 92 61 2 1 :1 28 6 11# /10 P#.D To'&$ 10+ ,110 1.3 +0 2,0 1,, 2,0 +./ 130 00 3/, 102 1/0 12+ 22+2

1# 2# # 1: : : 16 22 1; 8 19 11 :2 1: 21 : 3,2

Total no. of students admitted during the 'ear includes the follo-ing6 3oreign <ationals 2"+ Scheduled +astes Scheduled Tri!es 9 622 2:8 ;8 1ser7oriented Programme $M.Tech% 0.I.P. Sponsored M.Tech Ph.D. M.Tech. 9# 18 19 22

Ph'sicall' 5andicapped =omen Students Defence 2fficers $M.Tech% 3.2 S')d"n's1S(#o$&!s En!o$m"n':

18 :18 6

Pro4ect />ternal *egistration

M.S. Ph.D. M.S. Ph.D.

:1 19 11 2:

The total num!ers of students on roll in ,arious programmes of the Institute in the academic 'ear 2#1271 are gi,en !elo-6 TABLE 2 S')d"n's on !o$$ S$. D"%&!'m"n' B.T"(# No. 1. (erospace 12 /ngg. 2. (pplied Mechanics 7 . "iotechnolog' 1## :. +hemical /ngg 288 9. +hemistr' 7 6. +i,il /ngg. 2:# 8. +omp. Sc. & /ngg. 1 2 8. /lectrical /ngg. 2 2 ;. /ngg. Design. 7 1#. 5um. & Soc. Sci. 7 11. Management 7 Studies 12. Mathematics 7 1 . Mechanical 18 /ngg. 1:. Met. & Mat. /ngg. 129 19. 2cean /ngg. 128 16. Ph'sics ;8 To'&$ 1002 D)&$ D"*!"" 1#8 7 12: ;# 7 186 1 # 22 29; 7 7 7 9 9; 82 2 101, M.T"(# :6 ; 2 62 7 186 121 128 7 7 7 21 1;: 8 82 1; +.0 PG M.S( Di%$om& 7 7 7 7 7 1 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 13 ;9 M.B.A M.A. M.S :: 9: 2: :# 7 :2 86 182 9 7 9# 7 122 21 9; 7 0/+ P#.D
61 86 169 82 212 19# 81

To'&$ 3-1 1,+ //. ./2 300+0 ./0 +-3 3/0 233 2-100 11,. 32, /30 3.0/0.


12; :6
: 8: 9: 1;8 8: 8# 1

1;; 19:

86 2,0




The a!o,e total includes the follo-ing6 3oreign <ationals 2"+ Scheduled +astes Scheduled Tri!es Ph'sicall' 5andicapped =omen students Defence 2fficers $M.Tech% OBC1SC1ST S')d"n's on !o$$: S$.No. Co)!s" 1. ".Tech 2. Dual Degree . M.Tech :. M.Sc 9. M.".( 6. M.( 8. Ph.D 8. M.S To'&$
Figures in ( ) show no. of female students 9 182 882 1 8; 1 2:

0IP Sponsored Pro4ect />ternal *egistration *egistration ?ept (li,e Part 7Time Programme $Ph.D%

M.Tech Ph.D. M.Tech M.S. M.S. Ph.D. M.S. Ph.D. M.S. Ph.D. M.S. Ph.D.

68 OBC ::# 8; 226 82 12 :# ;6 198 1023

1ser7oriented Programme $M.Tech% SC 26 2:8 8; :# 2; # 68 8 002 ST 1:: 121 :8 # 1 1 : 1 331

28 68 9 7 88 ;2 62 16 8 ; 1# 8 1#2

F"m&$" 221 2#9 1 9 68 2: 121 :18 1 2 132/

The !ranch/ discipline7-ise and 'ear7-ise details of students enrolled in ".Tech, Dual Degree and M.Tech programmes are gi,en !elo-6 TABLE 3 - B.T"(# s')d"n's on !o$$ S$. No. 1. 2. B!&n(# (erospace /ngineering "iotechnolog' 2012 # 2011 28 8 2010 6 8 200+ 21 21 200- 2 "&!$i"! 3&'(# 9 : To'&$ 12 1##

S$. No. 3. /. .. ,. 0. -. +. 10.

B!&n(# +hemical /ngineering +i,il /ngineering +omputer Sc. & /ngg. /lectrical /ngineering /ngineering Ph'sics Mechanical /ngineering Met. & Mat. /ngineering <a,al (rchitecture To'&$

2012 81 6: 8 29 8 2 //0

2011 6; 6# 9 2; 8 1 : /.-

2010 89 96 9: 21 82 6 9 /,.

200+ 98 :: 26 : 1; 6: 21 21 330

200- 2 "&!$i"! 3&'(# 6 16 8 ; : 9 9 : ,.

To'&$ 288 2:# 1 2 2 2 ;8 18 129 128 1002

TABLE / - D)&$ D"*!"" 4B.T"(# 2 M.T"(#5 s')d"n's on !o$$ S$. No. 1. 2. . :. 9. 6. 8. 8. ;. 1#. 11. B!&n(# (erospace /ngineering (/ $".Tech% & (M $M.Tech% "iotechnolog' "iological /ngg. "iological Sciences $"S & MS% +hemical /ngineering +i,il /ngineering & Infrastructural +i,il +/ $".Tech% & (M $M.Tech% +omputer Science & /ngg. /lectrical /ngineering // $".Tech% & (M $M.Tech% /ngineering Design Mechanical /ngineering Metallurgical & Materials /ngg. <a,al (rch. & 2cean /ngg. <( $".Tech% & (M $M.Tech% Ph'sics $"S & MS% To'&$ 2012 11 ; 7 26 2 16 2: 8 2; :; ; 98 88 11 8 8 8 300 2011 12 8 16 7 7 18 2; 9 28 68 ; 9 68 12 1# ; 8 3.1 2010 1: 8 18 7 7 2# 2; 8 2; 62 8 96 8 12 1# 8 6 3./ 200+ 18 9 2 7 7 1; # 8 21 96 :6 6: 1: 11 9 1# 332 20018 18 7 7 1: 1 9 18 9# 9 :2 91 ; 8 : # 20/ 2000 2 "&!$i"! 9 1 7 7 : 9 9 9 2 1 : # 3. ;# 18; 1 # 22 29; 9 9; 82 2 101, To'&$ 1#8

TABLE . - M.S( s')d"n's on !o$$ S$. No. 1. 2. . B!&n(# +hemistr' Mathematics Ph'sics To'&$ 2012 :8 :6 8 130 TABLE , - M.T"(# s')d"n's on !o$$ S$. No. 1. 2. . :. 9. D"%&!'m"n' 6 Dis(i%$in" 6 B&'(# (erospace /ngineering (pplied Mechanics "iotechnolog' @ +linical /ngineering +hemical /ngineering +atal'sis Technolog' +i,il /ngineering6 +/ 1 7 "uilding Technolog' +/ 2 7 /n,ironmental /ngineering +/ @ )eotechnical /ngineering +/ : 7 5'draulic & =ater *esource /ngg. +/ 9 @ Structural /ngineering +/ 6 7 Transportation /ngineering +/ 8 @ +onstruction Technolog' & Mgmt. +S 1 7 +omputer Science & /ngineering /lectrical /ngineering6 // 1 7 +ommunication S'stems // 2 7 Po-er S'stems and Po-er /lectronics // 7 Micro /lectronics and ABSI Design //7: @ +ontrol and Instrumentation S'stem //79 @ Photonics Industrial Maths & Scientific +omputing Mechanical /ngineering6 2012 2# 22 12 2; 11 9 12 : 18 6 # 98 22 12 1: 1: 9 12 2011 29 16 2# 26 8 9 1# 6 21 11 2; 61 1 2# 6 19 12 8 8 E7'"nd"d s')d"n's 1 1 7 1 2 To'&$ :6 ; 2 96 6 2 18 1# 22 1# 8 18 9; 121 1 :2 18 2; 26 12 21 2011 2 o'#"!s :8 : ; 130 To'&$ ;9 8; 86 2,0

6. 8.

8. ;.

1#. 11.


M/ 1 7 Thermal /ngineering M/ 2 7 Design M/ 7 Manufacturing /ngineering M/ : 7 (utomoti,e /ngine Technolog' MM 7 Metallurgical & Materials /ngg. </ 7 <uclear /ngineering 2/ 7 2cean /ngineering 7 2cean Technolog' & Management 7 Petroleum /ngg. 7 2ffshore Structures and /ngineering Ph'sics6 P5 7 Solid State Technolog' To'&$ TABLE 0

:2 2 12 1# 21 : 12 9 12 1# 11 /0-

8 # 16 8 11 8 ; 1# 8 1: 8 /,,

8; 62 28 18 1 7 2 7 7 7 7 13 12 2 19 2# 2: 1 +.0

/>tended semester students are gi,en $%

M.B.A. s')d"n's on !o$$ 2012 1#2 2011 92 To'&$ 1./

S$. No. 1.

B!&n(# Management Studies TABLE -

M.A. s')d"n's on !o$$ 2011 :1 2010 :: 200+ ; 200- 2 "&!$i"! 28 To'&$ 1+-

S$. No. 1.

B!&n(# 5umanities and Social Sciences

2012 :6

TABLE + S$. No. 1. 2. . :. 9. 6. 8. 8. ;. 1#. 11. 12. B!&n(# (erospace /ngg. (pplied Mechanics "iotechnolog' +hemical /ngg +i,il /ngg. +omp. Sc. & /ngg. /lectrical /ngg. /ngineering Design Management Studies Mechanical /ngg. Met. & Mat. /ngg. 2cean /ngg. To'&$ I 8"&! 18 29 1# 8 18 : 98 1# 18 9 ; 2 2-1 TABLE 10 S$. No. 1. 2. . :. 9. 6. 8. 8. ;. 1# 11 12 1 1: 19 16 B!&n(# (erospace /ngg. (pplied Mechanics "iotechnolog' +hemical /ngg +hemistr' +i,il /ngg. +omp. Sc. & /ngg. /lectrical /ngg. /ngineering Design 5um. & Soc. Sci. Management Studies Mathematics Mechanical /ngg. Met. & Mat. /ngg. 2cean /ngg. Ph'sics To'&$ I 8"&! 12 1; # 1 ; 18 # 12 8 1: 12 :: 1 2 :1 3,0

M.S s(#o$&!s on !o$$ II 8"&! 12 12 8 21 ; 2 96 1: 1: 2; 6 19 21+ III 8"&! 8 1: : 8 8 19 :# 8 1 2 2 19 1./ I9 8"&! 9 1 2 : 8 11 1: : 9 1: 6 0, 9 8"&! 2 o'#"!s 2 # 1 1 9 # # 1 # 1+ To'&$ // ./ 2/ /0 /2 -, 102 3. .0 122 21 .+ 0/+

P#.D s(#o$&!s on !o$$ II 8"&! ; 1: 6 26 6# :: ; 2: 12 6 1; 2# :2 22 29 21 3-+ III 8"&! 1# 18 1; 16 :2 28 1# 26 8 8 11 : 1: 16 2: 2-. I9 8"&! 12 11 22 9 29 1 1 1; 9 9 2# 8 6 19 11 2# 2.9 8"&! 2 o'#"!s 18 19 98 12 :6 1: 22 # ; 8 2# 11 :1 2# 9 28 3., To'&$ ,1 0, 1,. 02 212 1.0 01 12+ /, 3/ -/ ./ 1+0 -/ -0 133 1,/-


Co)!s"s O::"!"d:

In the academic 'ear 2#1271 , 1282 courses -ere offered of -hich 691 courses in .ul'@<o,. 2#12 and 621 courses in .an@Ma' 2#1 . The Department7-ise details of the courses offered are gi,en !elo-6 TABLE 11 S$. No. 1 2 : 9 6 8 8 ; 1# 11 12 1 1: 19 16 3./ No. o: Co)!s"s o::"!"d No. o: (o)!s"s o::"!"d in ;)$< No= 2011 Co!" E$"('. L&3. To'&$ 1# 11 : 29 9 8 2 1: 12 8 2 12 2# 9 9 1# 2 18 # 2; 9 6: 12 1 6 1 1 9 21 16 2 6 9: 8 6 # 8 28 :1 # 68 19 1; 1 9 :2 : 6 82 ; 2 : 6 2# 1: 2 6 2# 1# 8 8 2-. 310 ., ,.1 No. o: (o)!s"s o::"!"d in ;&n M&< 2012 Co!" E$"('. L&3 To'&$ 6 19 : 29 ; 8 2# 8 1# 1 18 1: 19 2 6 1 22 2: 22 8 9: 6 21 : 1 12 6 21 19 6 8 9; # 26 1 98 6 :9 # 91 12 21 1 : 91 2: 8 82 ; 2 8 :# 18 8 2 28 18 21 8 :8 2/3 31/ ,/ ,21

D"%&!'m"n' (erospace /ngineering (pplied Mechanics "iotechnolog' +hemical /ngineering +hemistr' +i,il /ngineering +omputer Sc. & /ngg. /ngineering Design /lectrical /ngineering 5um. & Soc. Science Management Studies Mathematics Mechanical /ngineering Met. & Mat. /ngineering 2cean /ngineering Ph'sics To'&$ Con=o(&'ion:

The :;th +on,ocation -as held on 22nd .ul' 2#12. Shri 3ali Sam <ariman deli,ered the +on,ocation address. 1:6: candidates -ere a-arded ,arious degrees 12#6 candidates recei,ed degrees in person. The department7 -ise details of degrees a-arded are gi,en !elo-6 TABLE 12 D"%'. (erospace /ngg. (pplied Mechanics "iotechnolog' +hemical /ngg. +hemistr' +i,il /ngg. +omputer Sci. /ngg /lectrical /ngg. /ngg. Design 5umanities & Social Sciences Management Studies Mathematics Mechanical /ngg. Metallurgical & Materials /ngg. 2cean /ngg. Ph'sics To'&$ P#.D. M.S. M.T"(# 9 9 12 : 16 1; : 12 2 : 8 : 21 6 : 16 1/1 1 7 21 1 : 7 120 8 8 9 8 7 1# 16 2# 7 28 19 1# : 7 86 68 6: 7 7 7 ; ;8 1; 2 8 /,D"*!""s &>&!d"d M.A 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 2; 6; 7 7 7 7 7 ,+ 7 7 7 7 7 7 2+ D)&$ D"*!"" B.T"(# B.T"(# M.T"(# 11 11 18 16 16 7 16 16 19 19 19 :: 7 7 7 2 2 19 18 : 22 7 7 7 :: 1 : 7 22. 18 : 22 7 7 7 :: 1 : 7 22. 1; : 7 7 7 7 61 21 2# 18 203 To'&$ 0+ .+ 0/ 11+ ,1 1-. 1/2 22. /+ 33 -+ ., 2--. ,00 1,-+

PG M.S( M.B.A Di%$om& 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 :9 7 ; 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 + : 7 7 7 9 123 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

=ith this +on,ocation, the total num!er of degrees a-arded so far !' the Institute is 886#, the details of -hich are gi,en !elo-6 S.No. 1 2 : 9 P!o*!&mm" Ph.D. M.S. M.Tech M.Sc. M.".(. No. 622 2699 122; 288; 99#

S.No. 6 8 8 ; 1# 11 3.. 3...1

P!o*!&mm" M( Dual Degree ".Tech P)DM/M ".Sc$Tech% DIIT A>&!d o: P!i?"s 'o '#" s')d"n's: Con=o(&'ion P!i?"s: ".Tech M.Tech

No. 9 1 :1 1 :1 1 821 # 2# 2:9

The follo-ing are the details of PriCes a-arded to the students at the :;th +on,ocation6

President of India PriCe )o,ernorFs PriCe


(n4an D-araEnath, ".Tech, /ngineering Ph'sics .oseph .oseph +heruEarar, Dual Degree, /lectrical /ngg.

O'#"! P!i?"s: Dono! D"%&!'m"n' N&m" o: s')d"n'


Do('o! o: P#i$oso%#< 1. 2. . :. Prof. A *amamurti (-ard Shree )aa'athree De,i (-ard )/ /comagination />cellence (-ard Prof Bangmuir PriCe (pplied Mechanics +i,il /ngineering +i,il /ngineering +hemistr'

P#.D. Srini,asan ? (M#8D##9 Pri'adarshini * S +/#8D#16 Srimuruganandam +/#8D##2 +hrist' )eorge +G#6D#18 Monalisa Mohapatra +G#6D#2: H.oint =innersI

9. 6. 8. 8.

Prof =erner PriCe Prof + < Pillai PriCe Prof ) Sundara4an /ndo-ment PriCe Sudharshan "hat Memorial PriCe

+hemistr' +hemistr' +hemistr' Metal. & Materials /ngg.

Shu!hanEar ?umar "ose +G#8D#12 Murali ( +G#:D#:6 Suheel ?umar Por-al +G#9D# # Santosh ?umar (lamsetti +G#8D##8 Sangeetha *aman MM#8D#1 ?esa,an D MM#8D##6 H.oint =innersI (shish ?umar Mishra P5#8D##: Tess' Theras "a!' P5#8D#1: (run SriEanth S +5#;S##1 (run ? +51#M## * Sneha *a4 //#8"#8; H.oint =innersI

;. 1# .

Prof ( B BashEar PriCe "hag'alaEshmi and ?rishna ('engar (-ard

Ph'sics +hemical, /lectrical /ngg. , Ph'sics

M&s'"! o: T"(#no$o*< 1. 2. . :. 9. (ir India PriCe Prof " A ( *ao /ndo-ment PriCe 1sha ?othandaraman Memorial PriCe Indira Si,asailam Merit PriCe Sushruta (-ard (pplied Mechanics 3luid Mechanics "iomedical Stream

M.T"(#. <a,in Soni (/1#M#2 Padma (mani Mula (M1#M#1 Sandeep A * (M1#M#18 )urpeet Singh (M1#M##8

(erospace /ngineering

6. 8. 8. ;.

Institute Merit PriCe Dr ? Su!!a *a4u Memorial PriCe Sri S A "alaErishnan PriCe Aalli (nantharamaErishnan Merit PriCe ? De,ara4an Memorial PriCe B & T /ndo-ment PriCe

+linical /ngineering +hemical /ngineering +atal'sis Technolog' +i,il /ngineering

(rchana Suresh "T#;M## Maharishi Maitra +51#M#18 (4gaonEar (dit'a Aishnu +(1#M##1 (thul'a "alaErishnan +/1#M#91 Saran'a Ai4i'an +/1#M1:; AenEata A (nna!attula +/1#M1;9 Ai4a' / +S1#M#68 ? Sri *am'a //1#M#91 (hammed Muneer ? A //1#M1#1 +handra SheEhar <ishad M(1#M##1 1mesh M M/1#M# 8 Theenatha'alan ? M/1#M1 2 Sas-at ?umar *out M/1#M1 6 Sougata *o' M/1#M12; 1da' ShanEar *o' M/1#M#8; Suresh ?umar < (T1#M##8 Bino )eorge </1#M##9 .a'alaEshmi MM1#M##; Pun'a Das P A 2/1#M##; De!asis "aruah 2/1#M# 2 Shan Aictor Pereira 2/1#M#:# H.oint =innersI Santhosh ?umar

1#. 11.

+i,il /ngineering +i,il /ngg. 7 +onstruction Technolog' and Management +omputer Science & /ngg /lectrical /ngineering /lectrical /ngineering Industrial Mathematics & Scientific +omputing Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngg. 7(utomoti,e /ngine Tech. Mechanical /ngineering Metallurg. & Mat. /ngg 2cean /ngineering 2cean Technolog' & Mgmt.

12. 1 . 1:. 19. 16. 18. 18. 1;. 2#. 21. 22. 2 . 2:. 29. 26.

+M+ PriCe Prof 5 < Maha!ala /ndo-ment PriCe Siemens PriCe Prof. (chim "opp /ndo-ment PriCe Prof 5elmut <eunCert /ndo-ment PriCe Prof " Sengupto PriCe Dr S Aaid'anathan Memorial PriCe Mico7"osch PriCe S (nantharamaErishnan Merit PriCe Prof *amamohana *ao Memorial PriCe Delphi7TAS Diesel S'stems Btd. PriCe Prof *am *ao .a'anti Memorial PriCe Sudharshan "hatt Memorial PriCe (merican "ureau of Shipping PriCe Prof. ? ( A Pandalai PriCe

28. 28.

Sri * * P Sinha & Aimla De-i PriCe Sri ?rishnamurth' Sundaram!al PriCe

Petroleum /ngineering Solid StateTechnolog'

(!hisheE .oshi P/1#M##1 M SaisunilEumar M AenEatarao P51#M##;

PG Di%$om& in M"'!o R&i$ T"(#no$o*< 2 M&n&*"m"n'


Institute Merit PriCe

+i,il /ngineering

"ha,'a S +/11)##2

M&s'"! o: S(i"n("
1. 2. . :. Dr. S * *amadas 6# "irthda' +ommemoration (-ard and *atna *ao Memorial PriCe Mira Paul Memorial PriCe Prof +hiluEur' *amasastr' Memorial PriCe Mathematics Ph'sics

* Srini,asan +G1#+#:2 (rundhathi ?rishnan M(1#+##8 (pur,a SarEar P51#+##: MBA (,inash ?umar Sinha MS1#(#11 Preetdeep ?aur +ha-la MS1#(#:#


M&s'"! o: B)sin"ss M&n&*"m"n' 1. 2. ? A (runEumar Memorial PriCe +oEa Parthasarath' PriCe Management Studies Management Studies Master of (rts @ M.( 1. 2. Prof. ( *a,indran PriCe Dr. Dilip Aeeraragha,an Memorial (-ard Prof. ( A ?rishna *ao Memorial (-ard /conomics De,elopment Studies

Aishnu Prasad 5S#85#2; Sudheesh +hemmencheri 5S#85#2 5arigo,ind ) 5S#85##; *amapurath

/nglish Studies D)&$ D"*!""

1. 2. . /. 9. 6. 8. 8. ;. 1# . 11 .

Dr. A Mohan *aman PriCe Ma'an PriCe "iocon priCe " *a,ichandran Memorial PriCe Dr < * Da,e PriCe (lumni (ssociation PriCe Phillips India PriCe Prof ) A < *a'udu Memorial PriCe )iri "rothers PriCe S (nantharamaErishnan Memorial PriCe )oodearth Ship!uilding P,t. Btd PriCe

(erospace /ngineering "iotechnolog' +hemical /ngineering +i,il /ngineering +omputer Science & /ngineering /lectrical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Metallurg. & Materials /ngg <a,al (rchitecture & 2cean /ngineering B&(#"$o! o: T"(#no$o*< - B.T"(#.

Shi,aram < A

Shre'as *angan

Thimmineni *a,iEeerthi +5#8"#96 <iEhil S +/#8"#9: ?irtiEa "haratra4 *uchandani +S#8"#:# (nanda <ara'an //#8"#98 Sameer "ardapurEar M/#8"#8: P "hanu +hander *edd' M/#8"# # <a,ale SanEet Sunil MM#8"# # <eshal Das <(#8"#1

5(B PriCe The Di,ashri (-ard

(erospace /ngineering "iotechnolog'

<immagadda Sra,'a (/#8"#1 +haitra P "T#8"##8

+ ( Sastr' /ndo-ment PriCe *eliance 5eat Transfer P,t. Btd. PriCe Barsen & Tou!ro /++ /ndo-ment PriCe " *a,ichandran Memorial PriCe Siemens PriCe "anco 3oundation PriCe Si,asailam Merit PriCe Aaid' ?rishna Memorial PriCe Dr Dhandapani Memorial PriCe (merican "ureau of Shipping PriCe

+hemical /ngineering +hemical /ngineering +i,il /ngineering +omputer Science & /ngineering /lectrical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Mechanical /ngineering Metallurg. & Materials /ngg <a,al (rchitecture and 2cean /ngineering

SreeEanth *a4agopalan +5#8"#:2 *ohit ?annan +5#8"# 6 Srini,asan ) D +/#8"#:# *aEesh *amesh +S#8"#:: Shaileshh "o44a //#8"#2; M "ri4 "hushan M/#8"112 *aEesh Sridhar M/#8"#:: (ch'uth San4a' M/#8"##2 ?irthi + MM#8"#11 ?arthiE "ala4i S <(#8"#2 AenEataErishnan


Ins'i')'" D&< P!i?"s 4Silver medal & cash award of Rs.1000/-)

2n the !asis of performance, the follo-ing students -ere a-arded Merit PriCes on the 9 st Institute Da' held on 12th (pril 2#12 at the Student (cti,ities +entre. Shri. M. M. Murugappan, Aice +hairman, Murugappa )roup of +ompanies -as a +hief )uest. I. Ins'i')'" M"!i' P!i?"s:

[Silver medal & cash award of Rs.5000/-] 1 3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the first 2 semesters of the ".Tech./Dual Degree Programme $2#1# !atch% ) ?arthiE (/ +S (/1#"#1: +S1#"# 2 +S1#"# 8 //1#"#:6 "a!!ula Spandana *a4 $Sri S Su!ramanian PriCe% DD [Joint Winners]

+S // 2

? ?arthiE DD Aid'a MuthuEumar $Sri ? ?rishnamurthi PriCe% [Joint Winners]

3or the !est academic record in the third and fourth semesters put together in ".Tech/Dual Degree programme $2##; !atch% (/ "T +5 +/ +S // (/#;"# 1 "T#;"##8 +5#;"#8 +/#;"#89 +S#;"#9# //#;"##8 Ai,eE Su!ramaniam HProf T. ?.Aaradan PriCeI +hetan S HDr (nita Mehta7Damani PriCeI (sha +higurupati HDr (nita Mehta7Damani PriCeI Aadali <andita DD H+omputer (ge Management Ser,ices P,t. Btd. PriCeI Ai4a' ?arthiE M HSri A *amachandran PriCeI (rchith Mohan

/D /P M/ MM <(

/D#;"#:2 /P#;"#21 M/#;"#;9 MM#;"## <(#;"##8

HSri A *a4agopalan Memorial PriCeI Mohit ? "hatia HMs Batha & Sampath Srinath PriCeI Aarun Sara,anan HMs Batha & Sampath Srinath PriCeI Sneha (!h'anEar DD HMs .a'shree (nanth PriCeI (sh-in S ?alEar HSri Satish Pai PriCeI (sh-in Mohandas HMs Batha & Sampath Srinath PriCeI

3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the first four semesters of the ".Tech. programme $2##; !atch% M/ M/#;"#: Preetish ? B $Sri *agha,endra Memorial PriCe%

3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the fifth and si>th semesters in each !ranch of ".Tech./Dual Degree programme $2##8 !atch% (/ "T +5 +/ (/#8"#1 "T#8"#:9 +5#8"# 6 +/#8"#9 +/#8"#6 <immagadda Sra,'a HProf / ) TulapurEara PriCeI ShuEla +hinma' .a'esh DD HDr (nita Mehta7Damani PriCeI *ohit ?annan HDr * ? Ais-anath Memorial PriCeI MadhuEant ?umar DD S-etha M D DD HM S ? +haitan'a Aarma Memorial PriCeI [Joint Winners] *aEesh *amesh H+omputer (ge Management Ser,ices P,t. Btd. PriCeI Siddharth SheEar DD HSri *amasarma A ?olluri Memorial PriCeI )arudaiah )ari Sur'a Te4a *edd' DD S Srinath DD Institute Merit PriCe [Joint Winners] M "ri4 "hushan HDr Ai,eEanand ?ochiEar (-ardI Sai )autam ) DD H*atna (-ardI *a4shree )osal DD HInstitute Merit PriCeI (n4an D-araEnath HInstitute Merit PriCeI

+S // /D

+S#8"#:: //#8"#:8 /D#8"##8 /D#8"#28 M/#8"112 MM#8"# <(#8"# 9 /P#8"##:

M/ MM <( /P

3or the student -ith the !est academic record $highest +)P(% in the first si> semesters in ".Tech. Mechanical /ngineering !ranch M/ M/#8"112 M "ri4 "hushan $Dr S +handraseEharan Memorial PriCe%

3or the ".Tech./Dual Degree students of <a,al (rchitecture of 2##8 and 2##6 !atch for the !est pro4ect in the areas of Shipping and Ship "uilding - Silver Medal & cash award of Rs.10000/- Silver Medal & cash award of Rs.5000/irst !ri"e - Second !ri"e


<(#8" ##6 <(#8"##:

(theendra Sreeni,asan $+lass<?71## (-ard% (loEra4 Aalsara4 $+lass<?71## (-ard%

3irst priCe


Second priCe

3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the se,enth and eighth semesters in each !ranch of Dual Degree programme (/ (M "T +5 +/ +S /D // // // M/ M/ M/ MM <( (/#8"# # +/#8"#6: "T#8"# ; +5#8"#9 +/#8"#92 +S#8"# ; /D#8"## //#8"#8# //#8"#:: //#8"#86 M/#8"#68 M/#8"#;1 M/#8"#8: MM#8"# 1 <(#8"#26 Shi,aram < A HInstitute Merit PriCeI ? Aineet ?umar *edd' HInstitute Merit PriCeI Shre'as *angan HSri Madan )opal Damani PriCeI Sehe4 ?aHDr (nita Mehta7Damani PriCeI Mithin .ac Mathe-s HSri AenEataraman *a,i PriCeI *a4Eishan ) H+omputer age Management Ser,ices P,t. Btd. PriCeI (run Sri,atsan * HInstitute Merit PriCeI S 5 Sai SriEanth Aid'a Sagar $ABSI% H/lectronics 3or Gou PriCeI IshaJue (shar ? $+ommn.% HD (nand Su!ramaniam Memorial (-ardI Mohammed IJ!al * $PSP/% HSri *amanan *amamurth' Memorial PriCeI DeepaE <ara'anan Su!ramani $/T% HSri *aghu *amamoorth' PriCeI Praneeth ?umar " $PD% HSri *a4esh (chanta PriCeI Sameer "ardapurEar $IM% HSri Sagar Pushpala PriCeI Paran4ape <inad "hushan HProf A Sundaresan PriCeI "oEepalli (nita *a4a HSri Poo,ai T* Srini,asan & S (lamelu PriCeI

3or the student -ith the !est academic record $highest +)P(% in the first se,en semesters in ".Tech. Mechanical /ngineering !ranch M/ M/#8"112 M "ri4 "hushan $Dr Dinesh "alagangadhar PriCe%

3or the ".Tech/Dual Degree student -ith the !est cumulati,e performance in courses taEen under 5SS categor' and minor in 5SS $2##8 "atch% /P /P#8"#1; San4a' )uruprasad $Dr Dilip Aeeraragha,an Memorial (-ard%


3or the ".Tech/Dual Degree student -ith the !est cumulati,e performance in +ourses offered under 5SS categor' from third to se,enth semesters $2##8 "atch% /P /P#8"#1; San4a' )uruprasad $? Srini,asan and Indira Srini,asan PriCe%


3or doing pro4ect in the area of Particle Technolog' and securing the highest +)P( at the end of pre7final semester +5 +5#6"# *a,i Te4a Dar!ha $Prof M *amanu4am Memorial (-ard%


3or the student -ith the !est academic record from first to ninth semester in Intelligent Manufacturing of Dual Degree $".Tech & M.Tech% programme in Mechanical /ngineering M/ M/#8"#8: Sameer "ardapurEar $Prof A *adhaErishnan /ndo-ment (-ard%

3or the student -ho secured the highest marEs in the Mechanical 2perations course +5#;"#8 +5 (sha +higurupati $Prof M *amanu4am Memorial (-ard%


3or the ".Tech/Dual Degree student -ith the !est cumulati,e performance in minor categor' under K/nglish StudiesL in the fifth, si>th and se,enth semester. // //#8"#:8 Siddharth SheEar $*a4alaEshmi ?rishnamurth' /nglish PriCe% DD


3or the ".Tech/Dual Degree/M( student -ith the highest +)P( in Management minor in the fifth, si>th and se,enth semester. "T /D "T#8"#:9 /D#8"# 9 ShuEla +hinma' .a'esh (nindita Das $Sri S Ais-anathan PriCe% DD DD [Joint Winners]


3or the ".Tech/Dual Degree/M( student -ith the highest +)P( in Inno,ation and /ntrepreneur minor in the fifth, si>th and se,enth semester. 2/ <(#8"# 1 Aina' ? Sridhar $Ms Pattammal Ais-anathan PriCe% DD


3or the M.(. student $2#1# "atch% -ith !est academic record in the first and second semesters HInstitute Merit PriCeI 5S 5S1#5#2; 5S1#5# ; Sahil Mathur Aaishali A

[Joint Winners]


3or the M.(. student $2##; "atch% -ith !est academic record in the third and fourth semesters HInstitute Merit PriCeI 5S 5S#;5##8 5S#;5# : (nu .osh' Sneha (

[Joint Winners]


3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the fifth and si>th semesters in each !ranch of the M.( programme $2##8 "atch% HInstitute Merit PriCeI 5S 5S 5S 5S#85## 5S#85##8 5S#85#1# M (Ehil Dipali (numol ?aam'a G Sharma $/co% $DS% $/S%


3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the se,enth and eighth semesters in each !ranch of the M.( programme $2##8 "atch% HInstitute Merit PriCeI

5S 5S 5S 21

5S#85#2; 5S#85#2 5S#85##;

Aishnu Prasad * + Sudheesh 5arigo,ind )

$/co% $DS% $/S%

3or student -ith !est academic record in first 2 semesters of the M.Tech programme (/ (M "T +( +5 +/ +/ +S // M( M/ M/ </ MM 2/ 2/ P/ P5 (/1#M#2 (M1#M#1 "T1#M#12 +(1#M##1 +51#M#16 +/1#M#91 +/1# M1;9 +S1#M#68 //1#M#91 M(1#M##1 M/1#M# 8 (T1#M##8 </1#M##9 MM1#M##; 2/1#M##; 2/1#M# 1 P/1#M##1 P51#M##; <a,in Soni HInstitute Merit PriCeI Padma (mani M HInstitute Merit PriCeI Soum'a P D HInstitute Merit PriCeI (4gaonEar (dit'a Aishnu $+T% HInstitute Merit PriCeI MahamulEar Shilpa Suresh HM/S. +he,ron Products +ompan' PriCeI (thul'a "alaErishnan HSmt. .a'alaEshmi <arasimhan Memorial PriCeI AenEata A Santhosh ?umar (nna!attula H+TMI HInstitute Merit PriCeI Ai4a' / HInstitute Merit PriCeI ? Sri *am'a Prof M. ?. (chuthan PriCe +handra SheEhar <ishad HInstitute Merit PriCeI 1mesh M HSri *amanan *amamurth' Memorial PriCeI Suresh ?umar < H(TI HInstitute Merit PriCeI Bino )eorge HProf *ama *ao .a'anti Memorial PriCeI .a'alaEshmi M HInstitute Merit PriCeI Pun'a Das P, HProf Aallam AenEatas-ami PriCeI (nu ( P H2TMI HInstitute Merit PriCeI (!hisheE .oshi HProf M. S. (nanth PriCeI M SaisunilEumar M AenEatarao $SST% HMs BaEshmi *a,iEumar Memorial PriCeI


3or the student -ith the !est academic record in )eotechical /ngineering stream of M.Tech +i,il /ngineering +/ +/#;M#96 *eshma ? A $*a4niEant )andhi Memorial (-ard%

3or the M.Tech Mechanical /ngineering student $Thermal /ngineering% -ith the !est academic record in the first t-o semesters M/ M/1#M# 8 1mesh M $Prof < AenEatara'ulu Memorial PriCe%


3or the !est M.Tech pro4ect in the area of /n,ironmental /ngineering +5#;M#:1 +5 *a,iEiran (napagaddi $Smt D B Saras-ati Memorial PriCe%


3or the student -ith the !est e>perimental M.Tech Thesis in the Structural /ngineering Di,ision



(runseEhar + $Prof .uergen Plaehn PriCe%


3or the M.Tech student for the !est pro4ect in (utomoti,e Technolog' $M/% (T (T#;M##6 (T#;M##8 *anganath S Sam!athEumar * $Bu,as7TAS Bimited PriCe% [Joint Winners]

28 MS

3or the student -ith the highest +)P( in MarEeting SpecialiCation in the M"( programme MS1#(#2# /sha )upta $Dr A ?umar PriCe%


3or the student -ith the !est academic record in the first and second semesters of the M.Sc Programme in +hemistr', Mathematics and Ph'sics +G M( P5 +G1#+##9 M(1#+##8 P51#+##: (nEita Das HMs ?alaimani <atara4an PriCeI (rundhathi ?rishnan HInstitute Merit PriCeI (pur,a SarEar H+hiluEuri *amasastr' Memorial PriCeI


3or the !est rd semester M.Sc chemistr' student satisf'ing the criteria $M% specified !' the Donor. HM -ith the lo-est parental income among -hose +)P( at the end of 2nd semester $com!ined% more than 8.#.I +G +G1#+#1# De!a!rata Dhara $* Padmana!han Memorial PriCe%

3or one M.Sc. Mathematics student $2#1# "atch% -ith the !est academic record upto third semester M( M(1#+##8 (rundhathi ?rishnan $BA?A Sarma PriCe%

3or one M.Tech. IMS+ student $2#1# "atch% -ith the !est academic record upto third semester M( M(1#M##1 +handra SheEhar <ishad $BA?A Sarma PriCe%

3or the !est M.S. thesis in N+omputer Science and /ngineeringF +S +S#8S##9 Ba,an'a . $Sri "is-a4it Sain /ndo-nment PriCe%

3or the !est M.S. thesis in NStructural /ngineeringF +/ +/#8S##: +/#8S#16 Dhru!a4'oti MuEher4ee 5ari 5ara Puthiran 5 $Sri ? Sreeharsha Memorial PriCe% [Joint Winners] :

3or the !est Ph.D thesis in /lectrical /ngineering in inter7disciplinar' areas of research.

// 9


.a'ara4 .oseph $Dr M MuEunda *ao /ndo-ment PriCe%

S-ati / .a'alaEshmi Memorial (-ard to a )irl student -ith the !est academic record at the end of pre7 final semester in each of the follo-ing programmes6 ".Tech Dual Degree M.Tech M.Sc (/#8"#1 +S#8"#:# MM1#M##; M(1#+##8 <immagadda Sra,'a *uchandani ?irtiEa "haratra4 .a'alaEshmi M (rundhathi ?rishnan

3or the facult' ha,ing guided the pro4ect -orE of Ph.D, M.S, M.Tech, Dual Degree, ".Tech students -ho recei,ed the a-ard during :8 th +on,ocation 2#11 7 #ash award of Rs.10$000/each. Dept. // <ame of the facult' Dr. A .a'ashanEar, // *oll <o., <ame of the student & Pro4ect Title //#8D##:, Mala ? 7 ( t-in unidirectional impulse tur!ine !ased po-er module for -a,e energ' //#6"#81, * M (marsagar *edd' @ Design and Implementation of a S'nchronous D+7D+ +on,erter -ith Soft S-itching //#8"#16, .ami 5ima Te4 @ Bo+oncentration Photo Aoltaic -ith MPPT M/#;M## , S (nand @ +22 +apture "' +alcined Bimestone 3rom a )as Stream "' ( +'clic 2peration of a 3luidCed "ed +alciner7+ar!onator +/#8"#:1 , Aina'aE S 7 Design and +onstruction of /co73riendl' Street 3urniture (-ard


Dr. < BaEshminarasamma, //


Dr. < BaEshminarasamma, // Dr. (4it ?umar ?olar, M/

"hag'alaEshmi & ?rishna ('engar (-ard



Dr. *a,indra )ettu, +/

<otional PriCe of *s.1###/7 and a +ertificate of Merit to the follo-ing 2; ".Tech/DD students of 2#11 !atch6 S$.No. 1. 2. . :. 9. 6. 8. 8. ;. 1#. 11. 12. 1 . 1:. 19. Ro$$ No. +S11"#12 +S11"##1 //11"#19 //11"##9 +S11"#19 +S11"##2 +S11"#21 //11"#:1 //11"# +S11"##6 //11"#26 +S11"#1# //11"#28 +S11"#11 +S11"##: N&m" Dhi,'a / (arati ? Dilip ? ?ainiEEara (dit'a )aonEar P )anesh P ?umar (a'ush (gar-al <iran4an * Sripada Sai "hasEar *ohan .aishanEar (mal .o' Matam Sri,atsa, +handra SeEhar * MiEEilineni (!hisheE +happidi 5itish (ish-ar'a P S$.No. 16. 18. 18. 1;. 2#. 21. 22. 2 . 2:. 29. 26. 28. 28. 2;. Ro$$ No. +S11"#28 //11"##1 //11"# 8 /P11"##2 //11"#1 //11"# ; //11"#28 //11"#1# //11"#:8 //11"##; +S11"#:8 +S11"#9; //11"#:6 //11"##2 N&m" Ais-a4ith A (!hilash S Siddharth .aco! Aarughese (Esha' ?rishna +hitturi Sidhartha Sri ?al'an Garlagadda Moningi Sai (shish "harat +handrahas Dandu AiEram )anapathineedi "haga,athula S < S Saratchandra Shantanu )upta Srini,asan * Aeluri AenEata *ama (dit'a (!hisheE <am!alla

4.1.1 Introduction:


The Department of Aerospace Engineering was established in 1969 and has been offering B.Tech./ M.Tech / M.S / h.D. rogrammes. The areas of teaching and research of the Department are Aerod!namics" rop#lsion and Str#ct#res. 4.1.2 Academic Pro ramme!:

B.Tech. / D#al / M.Tech. / M.S. $ h.D. Ne" Cour!e! introduced: %ame of the &ac#lt! : Dr. Sunetra Sar#ar Cour!e No. AS 6'(' Student! on ro&&: Pro ramme B.Tech. D#al Degree M.Tech. M.S. h.D. Total I 'ear ** +' +' 11+ 1'+ II (ear +, 19 +( 1+ 9 9* III (ear *6 +1 1 1' -( I) (ear +1 ++ ' ( 11 (9 ) (ear * ot+er! ( +( ' * 19 (+ Tota& 1+* 1'.6 .. 61 *,1 Su$%ect D!namic &l#id Str#ct#re )nteraction Credit * ' ' *

Name! o, Student-Sc+o&ar "+o attended Con,erence- .or#!+o/! -Seminar and S'm/o!ia A$road-India: S.No. Name o, t+e Sc+o&ar Ro&& No. AE'-D''9 Name o, t+e Con,.Seminar-S'm/o!ium.or#!+o/ ,th )nternational 3igh Energ! Materials 2onference $ E4hibit 53EM2E6+'1178 Date * )enue TB9:" 2handigarh on 1'61+ %o;ember +'11 Fin. A!!t. ,rom

India: 1 /i0a!a 1#mar 2heeda

+ /i0a!a 1#mar 2heeda * San0ee; 2ho#rasia . M.Mahendran ( 2. alani 1#mar 6 /ina!a< Malhotra Amit 1#mar anigrah! , Senthil 1#mar" . 9 S#0ith" S. 1' 3arendra 1. /erma 11 Son# 1. Thomas 1+ Ar#n 1. Ampi 1* Mani<andan" B. A$road: 1 2. alani 1#mar + * . )shitha A#r# Sideswar S. /en<atesh

AE'-D''9 AE11M'+* AE',S''* AE'6D''( AE'9S'1, AE1'S''AE',D''. AE',D''* AE1'S'1' AE',D'+1 AE1+S''1 AE1+S''6 AE'6D''( AE',D'19 AE'9D''9 AE1'S'+'

)nstit#te %ational rop#lsion 2onference +16+* &eb.+'1*" ))T Madras

.,th A)AA/ASME/SAE/ ASEE =oint rop#lsion 2onference $ E4hibit *.th )nternational S!mposi#m on 2omb#stion Ann#al Meetings of Mechanical Sciences ASME )ME2E +'1+" )nternational Mechanical Engg. 2ongress $ E4position 6(th Ann#al Meeting of the A S Di;ision of &l#id D!namics +'61+ 9th )nternational 2onference on &low D!namics

=#l!6A#g.+'1+ Atlanta" >SA +-.- ? ..,.1+ @arsaw" oland 1'61+.1'.+'1+ Aeorgia )nstt. Bf Tech. >SA %o;. +'1+ 3o#ston" Te4as" >SA 1,6+' %o;. +'1+ ? San Diego" >SA 196+1.9.+'1+ Sendai" =apan


( 6

9an0it Sh#<la 9a0i; 1#mar

AE1'S'1( AE'-D'',

4.1.0 1.

Facu&t' and t+eir Acti1itie! : Dr. 1. /. %agendra Aopal has been incl#ded as an E4pert Member of the @or<ing Aro#p of the 2entre for @ind Energ! Technolog! 526@ET7" M%9E" Ao;t. of )ndia" to s#pport the B#rea# of )ndian Standards 5B)S7 in preparation of )ndian Standards on @ind T#rbines and other standards related acti;ities. Dr. S. Santha<#mar ina#g#rated the St#dent 2hapter of AeSi at Abd#l 9ahman >ni;ersit! on * rd A#g#st +'1+. Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! co6ordinated the SE92 School on Ccomb#stion &#ndamentals for Aerospace rop#lsionD at D9D:" 3!derabad d#ring 196+1 =#l! +'1+. Dr. =ob 1#rian participated as an )n;ited E4pert in the ina#g#ral blow down of the Bne Metre 3!personic @ind T#nnel and Bne Metre 3!personic Shoc< T#nnel at /SS2" Tri;andr#m on the 1- th December +'1+. Dr. . A. 9ama<rishna chaired a session at +6 th %ational 2on;ention of Aerospace Engineers +'1+ d#ring +.6+(th %o;ember +'1+. Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! co6ordinated the %ational rop#lsion 2onference d#ring +1 ? +* &ebr#ar! +'1* at ))T Madras. Dr. T. M. M#r#ganandam co6ordinated the meeting on C&#t#ristic 9esearch on S#personic 2omb#stionD on +1st &eb. +'1*. articipants incl#ded disting#ished Scientists from )S9B" %A: and D9DB and fac#lt! members from ))TM and ))Sc.

2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.

Facu&t' and t+eir S/eci&ia!ation: Name and 2ua&i,ication! Pro,e!!or!: =ob 1#rian" h.D." 5))T Madras7 Santha<#mar S." h.D." ))T Madras 9ama<rishna M." h.D." >ni;. of Te4as at Arlington Sriram ." h.D. Aeorgia )nst. Bf Technolog! Bhas<ar 1." h.D." 5))T Madras7 S#0ith 9.)." h.D." Aeorgia )nst. Bf Technolog! 2ha<ra;arth!." S.9. h.D." Aeorgia )nst. Bf Technolog! 9. /elm#r#gan." h.D. "))T Delhi :#o!i Tao" h.D. >ni;ersit! of ittsb#rgh A!!ociate Pro,e!!or: anchapa<esan %.9" h.D 2ornell >ni;ersit!" >SA 3.S.%. M#rth!" h.D #rd#e >ni;ersit! Amit 1#mar" h.D 2ase @estern 9eser;e >ni;. .A. 9ama<rishna" h.D." )ndian )nstit#te of Science" %andan 1#mar Sinha" h.D ))T Bomba! Dr. S#netra Sar<ar" h.D. )ndian )nstit#te of Science Dr. A. 9a0esh" h.D. Andong %ational >ni;ersit!" So#th 1orea A!!i!tant Pro,e!!or: 1./. %agendra Aopal" h.D. h.D. 5Aero7 )ndian )nstit#te of Science T.M. M#r#ganandam h.D." Aeorgia )nstit#te of Technolog! Dr. A. Sameen" h.D. )ndian )nstit#te of Science Dr. 9an0ith Mohan" h.D. Dr. Santan# Ahosh" h.D. %orth 2arolina >ni;ersit! Dr. Mani<andan Math#r" h.D. Dr. Shan<ar Ahosh" h.D. Dr. Sh!am M. 1erala;arma" h.D. Ma%or area o, !/ecia&i3ation 4on&' 0 area!5 Aas D!namics" 2omb#stion" Shoc< t#be flows and meas#rements Aerod!namics" flight mechanics" instr#mentation &l#id Mechanics" n#merical methods" comp#ter sol#tions Str#ct#ral mechanics" fatig#e $ fract#re" arallel comp#ting Str#ct#ral mechanics" lants $ Shells" composite str#ct#res Aco#stics and 2omb#stion )nstabilit! Bptical &low Diagnostics rop#lsion" 2omb#stion $ &l#id Mechanics 2omposite Str#ct#res Anal!sis and Design" )mpact Mechanics" *6D 2omposites 2ontin##m mechanics and its applications 5fl#ids" solids" m#ltiphase flows" etc.7 &l#id Mechanics" Stabilit! and Transition of &l#id flows T#rb#lence. &atig#e and &ract#re" %on6destr#cti;e e;al#ation" Tribolog!" Ad;anced Materials." Elasticit! 2omb#stion" rop#lsion" fire research" 2&D 2omb#stion" rop#lsion $ &#el 2ells %onlinear d!namics" Bif#rcation Theor! and 2ontin#ation methods" &light D!namics and 2ontrols )nsect Aerod!namics" &l#id Str#ct#re )nteraction" #ncertaint! E#antification Shoc< @a;e D!namics" 3igh Speed &lows" E4perimental Aerod!namics 2omp#tational Mechanics and M#lti6scale Modeling" &ract#re Mechanics" Str#ct#ral D!namics and Aero elasticit! 2omb#stion" Blowo#t d!namics" Bptical diagnostics" Spectroscopic methods" /orte4 brea<down" D!namics of mode shifting. 3igh speed flows" >nstead! gas d!namics Stabilit!" Transition and T#rb#lence" 2omp#tational &l#id D!namics 3elicopters" 9otocraft MA/s" Spectral Methods in &l#id D!namics 2omp#tational &l#id D!namics" T#rb#lent &lows" Sho bo#ndar!/la!er interaction" immersed6bo#ndar! methods Aeoph!sical &l#id D!namics" :agrangian 2oherent Str#ct#res 3!personic &low Sim#lation" %on6EE#ilibri#m Effects" 2omp#tational &l#id D!namics" T#rb#lent &lows lasticit!" D#ctile &ract#re" 2omp#tational Materials Modeling" M#ltiscale Modeling

S+ort6term Cour!e!- .or#!+o/!- Seminar!- S'm/o!ia -Con,erence! or ani3ed $' t+e ,acu&t' mem$er!: S&. No. Coordinator4!5 1. Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! Dr. T. M. M#r#ganandam Tit&e Brganised the Short Term 2o#rse on C)nd#str! Academic @or<shop on 2omb#stionD at ))T Madras Period -6, =#l! +'1+

S+ort6term Cour!e!- .or#!+o/!- Seminar!- S'm/o!ia- Con,erence!- Trainin attended $' t+e ,acu&t' mem$er! in Academic in!titution! and Pu$&ic Sector 7nderta#in !: S&. No. Name o, ,acu&t' .or#!+o/: 1. Dr. S.9. 2ha<ra;arth! Dr. T. M. M#r#ganandam +. Dr. 9. ). S#0ith Tit&e Brganised an )ndo6>S @or<shop on C&lame Stabilisation and 2omb#stion Stabilit!D Brganised the DST sponsored SE92 School on C2omb#stion D!namicsD Period * )enue 66," A#g.+'1+ *6- Dec. +'1+ at =a da ;p #r >n i;." 1ol <at a +16+* &eb. +'1* at ))T Madras

Con,erence 1. Dr. =ob 1#rian Meetin 1 + * . ( 6 , 9 1' 11 1+ 1* 1. 1( 16 11, 19 +' +1 ++

%ational rop#lsion 2onference

!: Dr. . A. 9ama<rishna attended the 9e;iew Meeting at D9D: on 16.(.+'1+ Dr.A. Sameen attended A9DB Ann#al Meeting at ))T Bomba! in Ma! +'1+ Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! ;isited ME 2B for e4amining on 16.-.+'1+ Dr. S. Santha<#mar attended &ac#lt! Selection 2ommittee Meeting at D)AT" #ne on +..-.+'1+ Dr. 9. ). S#0ith cond#cted h.D. /i;a /oce at ))S2." on 1-.,.+'1+ Dr. =ob 1#rian attended A9$DB rop#lsion anel Meeting at Delhi on *1.,.+'1+ Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! attended A9$DB rop#lsion anel Meeting at Delhi on *1.,.+'1+ Dr. A. Sameen attended DST ro0ect Meeting at M%)T" =aip#r d#ring 1'611.9.+'1+ Dr. M. 9ama<rishna attended )ntegral Technical 9e;iew Meeting at )S9B on ..1'.+'1+ Dr. M. 9ama<rishna attended AS:/ M1)) Aerod!namics S#b. 2om. Meeting on 19.1'.+'1+ Dr. %. 9. anchapa<esan cond#cted h.D. /i;a /oce at ))T Delhi on +.11.+'1+ Dr. 1. /. %agendra Aopal inspected the 9$D facilities of M/s. Mercedes BenF 9esearch $ De;elopment )ndia ;t. :td." on -.11.+'1+ towards MS hD admissions Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! had disc#ssions with T/S Scientists/Engineers on Bptical Engine De;elopment on 9.1.+'1* Dr.S.9.2ha<ra;arth! re;iewed the preliminar! design of stage61 prop#lsion s!stem of A6 config#ration at AS:" DS S2 on 11.1.+'1* Dr. 1. /. %agendra Aopal ;isited D9D:" 3!derabad for disc#ssions for collaborati;e research pro0ects on 1(.1.+'1* Dr. 9. ). S#0ith attended the Aerod!namics anel Meeting at M)T" 2hrompet on ++.1.+'1* Dr. 1. /. %agendra Aopal ;isited ADA" Bangalore for collaborati;e research on 1.+.+'1* Dr. 9. ). S#0ith attended the 9e;iew Meeting at AT9E for e4periments on 1a;eri Engine on 1*.+.1* Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! attended the 9e;iew Meeting at AT9E for e4periments on 1a;eri Engine on 1*.+.+'1* Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! attended the SE92 School lanning 2ommittee Meeting at ))Sc." Bangalore on +-.+.+'1* Dr. =ob 1#rian attended the BoA meeting of TEG) 6)) of Ao;t. Engg. 2ollege" @a!anad on 1+.*.1* Dr. =ob 1#rian attended the 9esearch Board Meeting at ))ST" Tri;andr#m on +-.*.+'1*

S/ecia& 8ecture! de&i1ered $' t+e ,acu&t' in ot+er In!titution!: S&. No. Name o, ,acu&t' 1 Dr. =ob 1#rian + Dr. S. Santha<#mar * . ( 6 , 9 Dr.T.M.M#r#ganandam Dr. . A. 9ama<rishna Dr.T.M.M#r#ganandam Dr. 9. /elm#r#gan Dr. . A. 9ama<rishna Dr. 9. /elm#r#gan Dr. 9. /elm#r#gan To/ic o, 8ecture %ila<antan Memorial :ect#re )nteraction between Train and Aircraft Two in;ited lect#res as part of the SE92 School on 2omb#stion as a part of %229D Solid ropellant 2omb#stion Ad;anced Aas D!namics 9ecent Trends in Man#fact#ring rocesses 3!brid 9oc<et )mpact on :arge Deformation %ew Materials for @ind Mill Blades In!titution A2S)" Tdm. S9M >ni;. D9D:" 3!derabad D9D:" 3!d. /SS2" Tdm. Tagore Engg. 2ollege D9D:" 3!d. )SA" %ew Delhi ))T" Delhi Date +.6.+'1+ 1-.-.+'1+ 196+1.-.1+ +1.-.+'1+ +..-.+'1+ -.,.+'1+ 9.,.+'1+ *'.9.+'1+ 9.1'.+'1+

1' 11 1+ 1* 1. 1( 16 1-

Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! Dr. T. M. M#r#ganandam Dr. 9. ). S#0ith Dr. =ob 1#rian Dr. S. 9. 2ha<ra;arth! Dr. . A. 9ama<rishna Dr. Amit 1#mar Dr. 9. ). S#0ith

2omb#stion D!namics 2omb#stion D!namics 2omb#stion )nstabilit! $ Meas#rement TechniE#es Alimpses of 3!personic 9esearch at ))T Madras Ad;anced Trends in ropellant rocessing %#merical Sim#lation of 2omposite Solid ropellant 2omb#stion %#merical Sim#lation of Electrical rop#lsion :iE#id 9am0et 2omb#stion )nstabilit!

=adha;p#r >ni;" 1olta<<a =adha;p#r >ni;ersit!" 1olta<<a AT9E" Bangalore ))Sc." Bangalore D9DB" =agdalp#r /SS2" Tri;andr#m /SS2" Tri;andr#m

*6..1+.1+ *6-.1+.1+ 1161+.1+.1+ 1+.1+.+'1+ *1.1.1* ? 1.+.+'1* (.*.+'1* 6.*.+'1* 1+.*.+'1*

)i!it! a$road $' ,acu&t': S.No 1. Name o, Facu&t' Dr. 9 .). S#0ith Countr' )i!ited M#nich" Aerman! Date 1.6.+'1+ Pur/o!e o, )i!it To deli;er an in;ited tal< on C%onlinear Self6E4cited Thermoaco#stic Bscillat6ions H )ntermittenc! and &lame Blowo#tD To present + papers art of pro0ect on CBptimiFing Aassification of 3igh6Ash 2oals for Electricit! AenerationD 6 do 6 To present paper on CE4perimental Data and Model redictions of Al#mini#m Agglomeration in 2omposite ropellants incl#ding latea#6B#rning &orm#lationsD To disc#ss on )ndo6So#th Africa collaborati;e pro60ect on C%ano 2omposites for Space ApplicationsD To present the three papers H following Fundin From Aerman!

+. *.

Dr. S#netra Sar<ar Dr.S.9. 2ha<ra;arth!

>SA %etherlands

=#ne +'1+ +(.-.+'1 + +6.-.+'1 + +9th =#l! ? *rd A#g.I1+

)nstit#te E#ropean 2ommission 6 do 6 )nstit#te

.. (.

Brleans" &rance @arsaw" oland


Dr. 9. /elm#r#gan

D#rban Tech. >ni;. So#th Africa Sendai" =apan


D#rban Tech. >ni;.


Dr. .A. 9ama<rishna

196 +1.9.1+


)mpro;ing the Mechanical roperties of araJn Based 3!brid &#els Enhancement of 9egres6 sion 9ate #sing Bl# Bod! in 3!brid &#els Enhancement of 9egres6 sion 9ate in 3!brid 9oc<ets #sing 9ecr!stal6lised A and !ral ,. 9. Dr. =ob 1#rian Dr.%.9. anchapa<esan Mar!land" >SA American h!sical Societ! and ;isited =ohns 3op<ins >ni;ersit! -616.9.1+ %o;. +'1+ =oint 2ollaboration ro0ect Attended Di;ision of &l#id D!namics meeting

9oo#!: Mono ra/+! aut+ored-co6aut+ored: S&. No. Name o, Aut+or 9oo#!: 1. Dr. 1. Bhas<ar Tit&e :ATES ? Theories and Applications Pu$&i!+er Ane Boo<s" +'1* Co6aut+or Dr. T. 1. /aradan


De!i n and De1e&o/ment Acti1itie!:

Ne" ,aci&itie! added: 1. Stabilit! and Transition @ind T#nnel +. A low noise low speed wind t#nnel for st#d!ing h!drod!namic stabilit!" transition and flow control. 4.1.; Re!earc+ and Con!u&tanc':

S/on!ored Re!earc+ Pro%ect!: S.No Tit&e Period Fundin A en c' A9 $ DB rop# lsion anel A9M9EB Amount 4R!. In &ac!5 .6.66( Co6ordinator!


TD:AS based m#ltispecies and temperat#re non6#niformit! detection in Aas T#rbine Engine 2omb#stors An E4perimental )n;estigation of &low &ield aro#nd Shaped Bloc<ages for Application in &lame to Detonation Transition )n;estigation of Mo;ement of Starting %ormal Shoc< Across Second Throat of S#personic T#nnel %#merical Sim#lation of S#ppression of 9esid#al &lames and 2ooling of Solid 9oc<et Motors #sing @ater )n0ection E4perimental St#dies on 3igh Speed Air )nta<es with Mo;ing 2owl Marie 2#rie )nitial Training %etwor< ro0ect on CThermo6 aco#stic and Aero6aco#stic %onlinearities in Areen 2omb#stors with Brifice Str#ct#res Establishment of !roshoc< Set >p for 92)" 3!derabad %ational 2enter for 2omb#stion 9esearch and De;elopment 5%229D7 Dense Aas Aeroelasticit! in 2entrif#gal )mpellers >ncertaint! G#antification and Thermoaco#stic )nstabilities

&eb.+'1+ ? &eb.I 1(

Dr.T.M.M#r#ganandam $ Dr. =ob 1#rian



Dr. Amit 1#mar

Dec.+'1+ ? Dec.I1.

A9 $ DB


Dr.T.M.M#r#ganandam $ Dr. =ob 1#rian

1,.*.+'1* ? 1-.*.1(



Dr. /. 9agha;an Dr. Amit 1#mar

March I1* ? Mar. K1( 1.11.+'1+ ? *'.1'.16

)S9B6))TM 2ell E#ropean >nion


Dr.T.M.M#r#ganandam $ Dr.%.9. anchapa<esan Dr. 9. ). S#0ith


D9DB Dec.+'116 Dec.+'16 DST

9.9 6''

Dr. 9. /elm#r#gan :arge n#mber of &ac#lt! from ))T Dr. S#netra Sar<ar

T%B" %ether6 lands A9 $ DB rop#lsion anel




Dr. S#netra Sar<ar Dr. 9. ). S#0ith

R9IC /ro%ect!: S&. No. 1. Name o, ,acu&t' Dr.T.M.M#r#ganandam Tit&e Design and Setting #p of Shoc< T#be &acilit! at 2&EES to sim#late Blast Effects from 3igh E4plosi;es Indu!tr' D9DB Amount 4R!. In &ac!5 ,.,1,

Re!earc+ Pu$&ication!: Total %o. of papers p#blished in 9efereed %ational =o#rnals a) Total %o. of papers p#blished in 9efereed )nternational =o#rnals b) Total %o. of papers presented in %ational 2onferences c) Total %o. of papers presented in )nternational conferences a5 In Re,ereed Nationa& <ourna&!: S&.No. Name o, ,acu&t' Tit&e Name o, t+e <ourna& H '+ H +. H 16 H 16


Desi<an" S.:.%. and =ob 1#rian

E4perimental )n;estigation of the role of Str#ts in 3igh Speed Mi4ing S#personic &low o;er Dimensional 2a;ities Three

The Aerona#tical =o#rnal ? The =o#rnal of the 9o!al Aerona#tical Societ!" /ol.11-" %o.11,," &eb. K1* 6 do 6

Das" 9a0arshi and =ob 1#rian

$5 In Re,ereed Internationa& <ourna&!: S&.No. Name o, ,acu&t' 1 S#netra Sar<ar etal + * Manish 9 @an<hede and %andan 1 Sinha Amit 1. 1hatri" =atinder Singh and %andan 1 Sinha .S#bramanian" .@ahi and 9.). S#0ith :.1abira0 and 9.). S#0ith Tit&e St#d! of As!mmetric 3o;ering in &lapping &light A#to69otational Spin E;ol;ing towards 2haos Aircraft Mane#;er Design #sing Bif#rcation Anal!sis and Sliding Mode 2ontrol TechniE#es S#bcritical Bif#rcation in Thermo6 aco#stic S!stems %onlinear Self6e4cited Thermo6 aco#stic Bscillations )ntermittenc! and &lame Blowo#t The )nfl#ence of the Different &iber :a!6#ps on the Damping 2haracteristics of ol!mer Matri4 2omposite Effect of Aas hase 3eat Sin< on S#ppression of Bpposed &low &lame Spread o;er Thin Solid &#els in Microgra;it! En;ironment Effect of Aas hase 3eat Sin< on S#ppression of Downward &lame Spread o;er Thin Solid &#els %#merical Sim#lation of the Effects of Mesoflaps in 2ontrolling Shoc</Bo#ndar!6 :a!er )nteractions Thermo6aco#stic )nstabilities in a D#cted remi4ed &lame H 9ed#ced Brder Models and 2ontrol E4pt. And Anal!tical St#d! of 3igh /elocit! )mpact on 1e;lar/Epo4! 2omposite lates %#merical )n;estigation on the Effect of Diaphragms on 9egression 9ate in 3!brid 9oc<et Motors %#merical Modeling of :imiting B4!gen )nde4 Apparat#s for &ilm T!pe &#els Aco#stic and /elocit! &ields o;er *D 2a;ities Name o, t+e <ourna& E#ropean =o#rnal of Mechanics B/&l#ids +'1+ A)AA =o#rnal of Aircraft" /ol..9" %o.." =#l!6A#g. +'1+" pp 11,.611,9 A)AA =o#rnal of A#idance" 2ontrol and D!namics" /ol.*(" %o.( Sept.6Bct.+'1+" pp 1.*(61..9 =o#rnal of &l#id Mechanics 5+'1+7 =o#rnal of &l#id Mechanics 5+'1+7

. (

.%agasan<ar" S.Balasi;ananda rabh# and 9./elm#r#gan /ina!a< Malhotra and Amit 1#mar

=o#rnal of Applied Sciences" 1+ 51'7" 1'-161'-." +'1+ =o#rnal of 2omb#stion 5+'1+7 DB)H1'.11((/+'1+,*-'19 53indawi #blishing 2orp.7 )nternational =o#rnal of Ad;ances in Engg. Sciences and Applied Mathe6matics" +'1+" .5*7" 1*,61(1 5+'1+7" DB) 1'.1''-/s1+(-+6'1+6''6.6' =o#rnal of rop#lsion and ower" /ol.+, %o.( 5+'1+7" pp.9((6 9-' DB)H1'.+(1./1" (9-(, +'1' )mpact &actor '.,. 5+'1+7 =o#rnal of 2omb#stion Science and Technolog! 2entral E#ropean =o#rnal of Engineering" +5.7" ,*,6,('" +'1+ =o#rnal of ower and rop#lsion 5A)AA7 )nternational =o#rnal of Spra! and 2omb#stion D!namics 5m#lti6science7 Theoretical $ Applied Mechanics :etters p#blished 0ointl! b! 2hinese Societ! for Theoretical $ Applied Mech." American )nstt. Bf h!sics"/ol.*" %o.1" =an.+'1* ASME =M /ib Aco#stics" in ress +'1*

/ina!a< Malhotra and Amit 1#mar

Santan# Ahosh" =ac< 9.Edwards and L#ng6)) 2hoi .Aghar<ar" .S#bramanian" %. 1aisare $ 9. ). S#0ith S. S. 9ah#l" 9. /elm#r#gan and /. Madh# 2. alani<#mar $ Amit 1#mar Amit 1#mar and =ames TIien Das" 9a0arshi and =ob 1#rian




1* 1.


A0it Desai" =.A.S.@itte;een" S#netra Sar<ar 9. Bl#menthal" .S#bramanian" 9.). S#0ith and @. oli<e


>ncertaint! G#antification of a %onlinear Aeroelastic S!stem #sing ol!nomial 2haos E4pansion with 2onstant hase )nterpolation %o;el erspecti;es on the D!namics of remi4ed &lames

2omb#stion and &lame


Santhosh =#de" S#netra Sar<ar and A.Sameen M#lla" ). S.9.2ha<ra;arth! and


/i0a!a 1#mar 2heeda" Amit 1#mar and 1.9amam#rthi 2. alani 1#mar and Amit 1#mar 9./elm#r#gan" 2.Balaganesan and %.1.A#pta Soora0" 9. and A. Sameen

+' +1



Bhatt" D.S. and 2ha<ra;arth!" S.9.


:. Tao and 1.9.9a0agopal

9econstr#ction of +6D oro#s Media #sing 1arh#nen6 :oe;e E4pansion ropogation /elocit! and &lame Stretch Meas#rements in 2oflowing artiall! remi4ed &lames with @idel! /ar!ing remi4edness )nfl#ence of Shear :a!er on Str#ct#re of Shoc<s formed from 9ectang#lar and arabolic Bloc<ages placed in a S#bsonic &low6&ield Effect of Swirl on the 9egression 9ate in 3!brid 9oc<et Motors Energ! Absorption 2haracteristics of %ano 2la! Dispersed Alass/ Epo4! 2omposites E$N6.+(6M ect of ;orte4 line distrib#tion in s#per$N6.+(,M #id plane oise#ille $N6.+(,M ow instabilit! %onlinear D!namical Beha;io#r of )ntrinsic Thermal Diff#si;e Bscillations of :aminar &lames with ;ar!ing remi4edness Bn the 2onstr#ction of 2onstit#ti;e 9elations in 3!perelasticit!

robabilistic Engg. Mechanics ? &eb. +'1* 2omb#stion and &lame6 &eb. +'1*" )mpact &actor H *.(,(

=o#rnal of Shoc< 5Springer7


=o#rnal of Aerospace Science Technolog! 5Else;ier7 =o#rnal of 1e! Engineering Materials" (*(6(*6 5+'1*7" -+6-( =.&l#id Mech." -+'" 91" +'1*

2omb#stion and &lame" /ol.1(9" +'1+" pp. +11(6+1+(

)nternational =o#rnal of Str#ct#ral 2hanges in Solids ? Mechanics and Applications" /ol.." pp. 1*6 +1" +'1+

c5 In Proceedin ! o, Nationa& Con,erence!: S&.No. 1 + * . ( 6 , /i0a!a 1#mar 2heeda" Amit 1#mar and 1.9amam#rthi San0ee; 2ho#rasia and Amit 1#mar M.Mahendran and Amit 1#mar 2. alani 1#mar and Amit 1#mar /ina!a< Malhotra and Amit 1#mar Amit 1#mar anigrah! $ T. M. M#r#ganandam Senthil 1#mar" . $ T.M.M#r#ganandam S#0ith" S. T.M.M#r#ganandam and =ob 1#rian 3arendra 1. /erma $ T.M.M#r#ganandam 2. alani 1#mar and Amit 1#mar Dr. .A. 9ama<rishna Name o, ,acu&t' Dr. .A. 9ama<rishna Tit&e St#dies on the Mechanism of )ron B4ide and 2opper 2hromite in Solid ropellant 2omb#stion !ral as a B#rn 9ate Enhancer in a 2omposite Solid ropellant Scaling in 3!brid 9oc<et Motors St#dies to >nderstand the :ow ress#re Deflagration :imit of Ammoni#m erchlorate &ormation of Shoc< @a;es d#e to Bloc<ages in D#cts of /ariable 3eights E4tinction of /entilated ool &ire with @ater Mist A %#merical St#d! on Bperating :imits of 2oa4ial and +D Magnetoplasmad!namic Thr#sters 9egression 9ate Enhancement in /orte4 3!brid 9oc<et Motors #sing Mi4ed 3!brid 2oncept Effect of E4ternal 3eat So#rce on Bpposed &low &lame Spread o;er Thin Solid &#el in Microgra;it! En;ironment E4perimental St#dies on )nlet B#FF in 3igh Speed Air )nta<es E4perimental St#dies on 3igh Speed Air )nta<es Aaseo#s )n0ection into S#personic &low #sing ;ario#s Str#t 2onfig#rations Diode :aser Temperat#re %on6 >niformit! Sensor #sing Species 2' and 2'+ Name o, t+e Con,erence roceedings of the +6th %ational 2on;ention of Aerospace Engineers 6 do 6 9th )nternational 2onference on &low D!namics" Sendai" =apan" Sept.I1+

%ational rop#lsion 2onference d#ring +16+* &eb.+'1* at ))T Madras

1' 11 1+ 1*

1. 1( 16

Son# 1. Thomas and T.M. M#r#ganandam Ar#n 1. Ampi and T.M. M#r#ganandam Mani<andan" B. and T.M. M#r#ganandam

Application of &l#idic Diodes in Aco#stic #mps St#d! of rec#rsor rior to Blow B#t in an A4is!mmetric Shear :a!er StabiliFed &lame 2omparison of Stagnation oint &lame StabiliFation in A4is!mmetric and +D Slot B#rner

d5 In Proceedin ! o, Internationa& Con,erence!: S&.No. 1 + * Name o, t+e aut+or! 3iteshwar Brahma" 9a0i; 1#mar and .A. 9ama<rishna 9a0i; 1#mar and .A. 9ama<rishna Aa#ra; Marothi!a and .A. 9ama<rishna =. Santhosh etal Tit&e )mpro;ing the Mechanical roperties of araffin based 3!brid &#els Enhancement of 9egression 9ate #sing a Bl#ff Bod! in 3!brid &#els Enhancement of 9egression 9ate in 3T B Based 3!brid 9oc<et #sing 9ecr!staliFed A and !ro6Al 9econstr#ction of oro#s Media #sing 1arh#nen :oe;e E4pansion >ncertaint! G#antification in a &l#id Str#ct#re )nteraction S!stem s#b0ect to 9andom @ind 9o#te to 2haos for 2omb#stion )nstabilit! in D#cted :aminar remi4ed &lames E4perimental )n;estigation of %oise )nd#ced Triggering in Thermo6 aco#stic S!stem D!namics of Thermoaco#stic Bscillations :eading to :ean &lame Blowo#t %#merical St#d! on S#ppression of Spreading &lames o;er Solid &#el b! @ater Mist Bn the siFing of Bbstacles in 2onfined and artiall! 2onfined Aeometrics to a;oid 2atastrophic E4plosions Strain 9ate Effect on %ano 2omposites Anal!sis of Aeroelastic S!stem #nder 9andom A#st with arametric >ncertainties #sing ol!nomial 2haos E4pansion Detection of rec#rsor at Blowo#t in %on/ artiall! remi4ed Aas T#rbine T!pe 2#mb#stor at Atmospheric ress#re Bptimisation of Aas Ehd #mp with a %oFFle Downstream Name o, con,. : )o&.: (ear and Pa e %ineth )nternational 2onference on &low D!namics" Sendai" =apan

( 6 -

S. /en<atesh S#netra Sar<ar


robabilistic Mechanics and Str#ct#ral 9eliabilit!" >ni;. of %otre Dame" >SA" =#ne 1-6 +' 5+'1+7 6 do 6 2haos" ++" '+*1+9 roceedings of the 2omb#stion )nstit#te roceedings of ASME T#rbo E4po" =#ne 1161(" +'1+ 2oppenhagen" Denmar<" AT+'1+669696 )nternational Safet! 2onference +'1+ at ))T Aandhinagar d#ring 1+61* Bctober 6 do 6

:. 1abira0" .@ahi and 9.). S#0ith /. =agadesan and 9.). S#0ith :. 1abira0 and 9.). S#0ith Amit 1#mar

9 /i0a!a<#mar 2heeda" Amit 1#mar and 1.9amam#rthi A#r# Sideswar $ 9./elm#r#gan S. /en<atesh" Desai" A and S#netra Sar<ar 1. . Adit!a and T.M.M#r#ganandam 9. rasad and T.M.M#r#ganandam


11 1+




2henthil 1#mar and Amit 1#mar 9an0it Sh#<la $ Amit 1#mar

Ara;it! Mod#lation St#d! on Bpposed &lame Spread B;er Thin Solid &#els A %#merical St#d! on Effects of ress#re and Ara;it! on Bpposed &low &lame Spread 9ate B;er Thin &#els

Ann#al Meetings of Mechanical Sciences held at Aeorgia )nstit#te of Technolog!" >SA d#ring 1'61+ Bctober +'1+ ASME )ME2E6+'1+" )nternational Mechanical Engg. 2ongress and E4position" 3o#ston" >SA" %o;.96 1(" +'1+ aper AT )ndia +'1+69(,(" ASME )AT) Aas T#rbine )ndia 2onference +'1+" Dec.+'1+" M#mbai" )ndia aper %o.) 6-," *9th )EEE )nternational 2onference on lasma Science 2onference rogram" =#l! ,61+" +'1+" Edinb#rg" Scotland" >1 roceedings of the 2omb#stion )nstit#te +'1+ 6(th Ann#al Meeting of the A S Di;ision of &l#id D!namics +'1+ held at San Diego" >SA d#ring 1,6+' %o;ember +'1+


Di!tin ui!+ed )i!itor! to t+e De/artment:

S.No. 1. +. *. ..

Name o, t+e 1i!itor and De!i nation Dr. A#r#patham Anand" T $ E/ Technolog! Dr. /en<ateswaran %ara!anaswam!" rofessor" %orth 2arolina State >ni;." >SA Dr. Ali 9angwala" Associate rofessor" Dept. of &ire rotection Engineering" @orcester ol!technic )nstit#te A Team from %A: headed b! Dr. Man0#nath Dr. etter 1r#s" rofessor in &l#id and Macahtronic S!stems" :in<Oping >ni;ersit!" Sweden Dr. :. . Mi<<elsen and Dr.D. rabha<aran of Danish Technical >ni;ersit!" Denmar<

Date o, 1i!it 19...+'1+ +*.,.+'1+ +*.,.+'1+ +6.1+.+'1+

Pur/o!e o, 1i!it To deli;er an )nd#strial :ect#re on C2omb#stion in A#tomobilesD To deli;er A#est :ect#re on CSoot6 T#rb#lence )nteractionsD To deli;er A#est :ect#re on C&lame ropagation in D#st 2lo#dsD To disc#ss the modalities of 2ollaboration in S#personic 2omb#stion 9esearch with the %229D To deli;er an in;ited tal< on CAircraft S!stem Sim#lation for reliminar! DesignD To ;isit the 2omposite &acilities

(. 6.

1'.1.+'1* +-.+.+'1*


4.2.1 Introduction:

The Department of Applied Mechanics has been in existence since 1959 and has grown into a full-fledged interdisciplinary graduate research department over the years The department focuses on academic activities in three broad areas vi! " #iomedical $ngineering" %luid Mechanics and &olid Mechanics The Department also offers minor streams to undergraduate students 4.2.2 Acade ic Pro!ra e":

Student" on ro##: Pro!ra M Tech M& +h D Tota# e I $ear '' '5 19 )) II %ear 1( 1' 1* 42 III %ear 1 1* 1, *2 I& %ear 1 11 12 & %ear ' ot(er" ' 15 1+ Tota# )9 5* ,( 1),

Na e" o- Student.Sc(o#ar /(o attended Con-erence. .Se inar and S$ 0o"ia A1road.India: S#. No. A1road: 1 Mr -avidra A &hirsath AM.9&..5 '.th Annual /onference of the /%D society of /anada 0nsteady aerodynamics of multiple airfoils in formation 15th $uropean /onference on /omposite Materials 3 4&uitability of cruciform specimens for /haracteri!ing bi-axial behaviour of composite laminates A stochastic continuum damage mechanics based methodology for residual life assessment against creep damage" 2th $uropean &olid Mechanics /onference /rossings of :uadratic functions of ;MA processes" &peciality /onference in probabilistic mechanics" ='.1' 7nternational /onference on Advances in >ind and structures ?A>A&1'@= Modeling of vortex induced vibration for systems with two degrees of freedom Attended the 9th $uropean %luid Mechanics /onference at Italy, Rome A&M$ '.1' conference on &mart materials" Adaptive structures and 7ntellingent systems C$lectromechanical behavior of conductive polyanilineDpoly ?vinyl alcohol@ blend films under uniaxial loadingE &MA&7&'.1'-,9), May '.1' 1ntario /anada '* 3 '2th 5une '.1' 6enice" 7taly 5uly 9 3 1)" '.1' 9ra! Austria 5uly '.1' <otre Dame 0&A August '()." '.1' in &eoul" Aorea &ept 9-1)" '.1' Italy, Rome. &ept 19-'1" '.1'@ &tone Mountain" 0&A Na e o- t(e Student.Sc(o#ar Na e o- t(e Con-erence. Se inar . S$ 0o"ia . 2or3"(o0 Date and &enue Financia# A""i"t ance -ro

Ro## No.


Ms Dhatreyi #oyina +h D


Mr 8 Appalanaidu Mr 8ash 6yas


Mr 5ithin 5ith


Mr Dhanwani" Manish


( ,

Mr &hafi Mohamad" -esearch &cholar Mr ABhilesan & " M& &cholar AM11&..1

77T Madras

Mr &andeep 5ose"


Mr -aGesh + <air



Mr Aalvapalli &ai AarthiB


A&M$ '.1' conference on &mart materials" Adaptive structures and 7ntellingent systems C1ptimal arrangement of +FT actuators for the bucBling control of cylindrical shellsE A&M$-7nternational Mechanical $ngineering /ongress H $xposition C&imulation of failure of a fixed beam subGected to impact load using ID$ME -esearch internship under +rof &ondipon AdhiBari

&ept 19-'1" '.1'@ &tone Mountain" 0&A <ov 9-15" '.1'"Texas" 0&A <ov 1-'1" '.1'" &wansea 0niversity" 0A

77T Madras

77T Madras


Ms + MahalaBshmi



Mr 6 5aganathan



Ms Aavitha



Ms + MahalaBshmi


15 1(

Mr 6 5aganathan Ms Aavitha

AM.9D.., AM1.D..1

7$$$ $M#& /onference on #io Medical $ngg and &ciences 7nvestigation of the envelope and phase information for improved speech perception using an acoustic simulation model for cochlear implants 7$$$ $M#& /onference on #io Medical $ngg and &ciences 1ptimal A space sampling scheme for compressive sampling M-7 7$$$ $M#& /onference on #io Medical $ngg and &ciences Modeling design and development of tissue mimicBing phantoms for ultra sound elastography &ingapore #io 7maging /onsortium ?&#7/@ visited <M- H M-7 research facilities used for animal imaging purposes #iopolis shared facilities?#&%@ visited various shared facilities available at #&% Discussion with Dr Juang Fhiwei about the ongoing research activities in the department A <umerical &tudy +itching Airfoils of Tandem

Dec 1, 3 19" '.1' ;angBawi" Malaysia

<ewton 7nternation al %ellowship %ollow-1n &upport +rogram -

Dec 1, 3 19" '.1' ;angBawi" Malaysia Dec 1, 3 19" '.1' ;angBawi" Malaysia '.th Dec '.1'" &#7/" &ingapore '.th Dec '.1'" #&%" &ingapore '1st Dec '.1'" <ational 0niversity" &ingapore 5an 5 3 11 '.1) Grapevien, Texas, USA


Mr -avidra A &hirsath Mr Jossain A!i!


India: 1 Mr &andeep 5ose" AM1.D.'* 7nternational /onference on &tability and &tructural Dynamics ?7/&&D'.1'@ CC<umerical study on bucBling control of aluminum shallow shell using pie!oelectric actuatorsE /onference on 7$$$" #7T& Jyderabad" 7<D7/1< '.11 +erformance analysis of variable Density sampling in compressed sensing M-7 ,th 7nternational worBshop on advanced smart materials and smart structures technology 5an *- (" '.1' 5aipur 'nd April '.1' Jyderabad -


Ms AanBapriya A


Mr #harat +oBale


', 3 '2 5uly" '.1'" 77&/ #angalore

* 5

Mr -angaraG + Mr ABhilesan &

AM1.&.'. AM11&..1

( , 2

Mr 6ineet Aumar -eddy A Mr -aGesh + <air Mr + &asiBumar

/$.,#.(* AM.(D..9 AM.9D..*

,th 7nternational worBshop on advanced smart materials and smart structures technology A/M%M&'.1'-1..'* C#iaxial mechanical response of polyanilineDpoly ?vinyl alcohol@ blend films under monotonic and cyclic loadingE 7//M&-'.1' C<umerical Modeling of -esponse of #eams &ubGected to #last ;oadingE 7//M&-'.1' &imulation of failure of a cantilever beam subGected to impact load using ID$M *th 7nternational /onference on recent advances in composites materials

', 3 '2 5uly" '.1' - 77&/ #angalore Dec 5-2" '.1' 77T Delhi

December 1.1'" '.1'"77T Jyderabad December 1.1'" '.1'"77T Jyderabad 12 - '1 %eb '.1) 7nternational /enter" 9oa

4.2.*. Facu#t$:

Facu#t$ and t(eir acti4itie":

Pro-e""or: +rof M -amasubba -eddyKJeadL +rof A -amesh +rof / ;aBshmana -ao +rof M & &ivaBumar A""ociate Pro-e""or: Dr & 6engadesan Dr & -amaBrishnan Dr Mahesh +anchagnula Dr A ArocBiaraGan Dr A #aburaG +uthanveettil Dr M Manivannan Dr # & 6 +rasad +atnaiB A""i"tant Pro-e""or: Dr Anuradha #anerGee Dr Arul +raBash Dr AbhiGit /haudhuri

Ma5or area o- "0ecia#i6ation 7on#$ * area"8 #iosignal and 7mage +rocessing" #io 7nstrumentation Digital photoelasticity" %racture Mechanics %racture mechanics" Modeling of materials" +ie!oelectric materials &mart Materials H &tructures" +lasticity

%luid Mechanics" Turbulent flows and modeling" /%D #iomedical 7nstrumentation" $nhancing Diagnostic -elevance of Medical $:uipment &pray combustion and atomi!ation" surface tension phenomena" Multi-phase flows &mart Materials" %inite $lements Mesh %ree Methods Turbulent convection" 7nterfacial phenomena Japtics" Medical simulation /%D" %low control" %low 7nduced 6ibrations

%racture Mechanics" /omposites ;arge $ddy &imulation ?;$&@ and -elated Techni:ues" Jydraulics Modeling of geo-thermal system" stochastic groundwater hydrology /%D and Thermal

Dr +iGush 9hosh Dr -inBu MuBerGee Dr -aghavendra &ai 66

<anocomposites" &elf-hearing Materials" Molecular dynamics +ost-stall %low +rediction" Applied Aerodynamics" #oundary ;ayer &tability ;&+- and &$-& phenomena" /linical diagnostics and therapeutics using nanomaterials and nano-devices" &ensors for environmental monitoring and explosive detection" %iber optic H microfabricated waveguides and <anoparticles Dynamics H -andom 6ibration" &tructural reliability" +robabilistic mechanics

Dr &ayan 9upta

Dr < &uGatha Dr &haiBh %aru:ue Ali Dr 6aradhan &AM

#iomedical 7maging" &pecBle Metrology 6ibration /ontrol" /ontrol of nonlinear systems" feedbacB lineari!ation" energy harvesting" structural dynamics Areas of 7nterestM <euromechanics" Motor #ehavior and Motor ;earning" -ehabilitation" 0nderstanding Action and +erception e 1er": &enue 7/ H &-" 77T Madras


Cour"e". 2or3"(o0". Se inar". S$ 0o"ia .Con-erence" or!ani6ed 1$ t(e -acu#t$ Tit#e /onference on #io medical systems" signals and images =-esearch Topics in %luid Dynamics= /onducted a one-day worBshop on Aerodynamics /onducted a Two-day worBshop on =Dasa <aadiM /linical and &cientific $xploration About (. &iddha and Ayurveda /ollege 9raduates and about '. faculty members of these colleges attended the worBshop /areer 9oals +lanning H Advancement ?/9+A-77@ >orBshop The following -esource +eople were involved M 1 +rof &hanBar <arasimhan" /J"77TM A/ ' Mr Jaridas" A9M"/A$ 9roup" AshoB ;eyland" /areer in +rivate &ector ) Dr ManGu+rasad" Jead" Aerostructures 9roup-<A;- /areer in +ublic &ector * Mr 6 &ashi Aumar"/$1" +heonix Medical &ystems +vt ;td- /areer as an $ntreprenuer They talBed about the aspirations and demands that go with each of the career choice and held informal IHA sessions with students Approximately ). students participated in the worBshop They will also be developing an individual action plan to worB towards their vision >orBshop on signal and image processing &hort course Jeat and Mass Transfer in single and two-phase flows Period <ov '2 3 1 Dec '.1' <ov 19 - '*" '.1' 1(th May '.1' 5uly '(-'," '.1'

S#.No Coordinator7"8 Con-erence: 1 Dr -amaBrishnan Dr -amasubba -eddy :IP Pro!ra : 1 Dr & 6engadesan Dr Mahesh +anchagnula 2or3"(o0: 1 Dr -inBu MuBherGee ' Dr M Manivannan

Aerospace $ngg " 77T #ombay 7/ H &-" 77T Madras

Dr Mahesh 6 +anchagnula and Dr M & &ivaBumar

'9th &ept '.1'

Dr -amaBrishnan

1,th Dec '.1' ''-') %ebruary '.1)

7/H&-" 77T Madras <ewton Jall" e 1er"

S(ort ter Cour"e: 1 Dr # & 6 +rasad +atnaiB

S(ort9ter Cour"e". 2or3"(o0". Se inar". S$ 0o"ia. Con-erence". Trainin! attended 1$ t(e -acu#t$ in Acade ic in"titution" and Pu1#ic Sector ;nderta3in!": S#. No. Na e o- -acu#t$ Con-erence: 1 Dr &haiBh %aru:ue Ali ' Dr / ;aBshmana -ao Tit#e $nergy harvesting from beam 3 moving oscillator interaction problem Mechanics of functional materials and structures In"titution A</-7&&T" 77&c " #angalore )rd Asian /onference at 77T Delhi

Period 5uly ',-'2" '.1' Dec 5 3 2" '.1'

Dr M & &ivaBumar

Dr A Arul +raBash

Dr &ayan 9upta

&imulation of failure of a cantilever beam subGected to impact load using :uadrilateral discrete element methods 6alidation of numerically predicted impact responses of cementitious composite panels through field firing tests <umerical prediction of turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics in s:uare and rectangular ducts using open foam /racB identification from vibration measurements using particle filtering 7dentification of flexural rigidity in a vibrating beam using a +/$ based bootstrap filter &tochastic modeling of uncertainties in layered composites *th 7nternational /onference in Advances in /omposite Materials %inal +resentation for +roGect titled C&tress 3 &tate Dependent ductile fracture modelE To attend the -eview meeting of the $xecutive #oard of +roGect ;1J7TA Annual &ymposium report To conduct the +h D 6iva 6oce $xamination To attend the +roGect -eview Meeting MJ-D 5$$ '.1)" /onsultancy >orB" 6iva voce examination Discussion regarding simulation of atomi!ation no!!les &pray &ubgroup Meeting &$-/ school on /ombustion Dynamics +resentation at #-<& -eview Meeting ;ecture-/%D 3 %D+" -esearch +roposal D-D$ 7nteracting with Dr Jarish for getting <ew collaboration D#T +roGect Meeting" D/ Meeting of a +h D scholar 7nvited presentation and discussion on proGect &eminar on &oftware &afety and &ecurity D/ Meeting of a +hD &cholar %aculty &election Meeting To conduct Academic Audit and #oard of &tudies Meeting <#A Accreditation worB

7//M& '.1' at 77T Jyderabad 7//M& '.1' at 77T Jyderabad </%M%+ '.1' at &urat A</-7&&T" 77&c " #angalore A</-7&&T" 77&c " #angalore 9oa

11th Dec '.1' Dec 9 -1'" '.1'

Dec 1) 3 1*" '.1' 5uly ', -'2" '.1' 5uly ', -'2" '.1' %eb 12-'1" '.1)

Ot(er": 1 Dr Anuradha #aneerGee ' ) * Dr A ArocBia -aGan Dr A Arul +raBash Dr / ;aBshmana -ao Dr Mahesh 6 +anchagnula

6&&/" Thiruvananthapuram <+1;" Aochi 77T #ombay 6T0" #elgaum DM-;" Jyderabad <ew Delhi +une 5</A&-" #angalore MDs Metal +article Mfg /o " Madurai 77&/" #angalore 5adavpur 0niversity" AolBata #angalore M7T /hrompet 9walior <A; #angalore #angalore <7T Trichy <&T;" 6isaBh #angalore <7T" Trichy 5<T0" AaBinada" A+ +&9 /ollege of Technology" /oimbatore AmbedBar 7nstitute of Technology" #angalore

11th 5an '.1) &ept )-*" '.1' May 1,-12" '.1' &ept 1)-1*" '.1' &ept '*-'5" '.1' 11th April '.1' May 15-1(" '.1' 5uly 1.-1" '.1' 1(th 5uly" '.1' <ov 1( 3 1" '.1' Dec ) 3 ," '.1' ).th <ov '.1' 1(th May '.1' April 11-1)" '.1' 9th 5an '.1) 1*th April '.1' 1*th 5une " '.1' ''nd 5une '.1' &ept )-*" '.1' '9th 1ct '.1' 1st 1ct '.1' 1ct 1' 3 1*" '.1' 1ct 19 3 '1" '.1'

( , 2

Dr +rasad +atnaiB #&6 Dr 6 6 -aghavendra &ai H Dr A &ubramanian Dr & -amaBrishnan

Dr -amasubba -eddy


Dr A -amesh

To chair the +roGect $valuation /ommittee at D-D1 D/ Meeting +J D 6iva voce $xam" +resented proGect review to the Aerodynamics panel -esearch +roposal +resentation to <aval -esearch #oard To attend first A9M of CAutomatic control H Dynamic 1ptimi!ation &ocietyE 6iva voce $xam" 77T &econd Meeting o f the /entreNs &cientific /ommittee +re-examination Meeting for $ngineering &cience Modeling &tudies on low cycle fatigue 7nvestigations /omprehensive $xam of +hD &cholar A- H D# &tructures +anel Meeting

<ew Delhi 77&T" Thiruvananthapuram 77&c #angore 77T #ombay <M7T" #angalore 77&/" #angalore 9uwahati <A; #angalore J-D9" <ew Delhi #angalore 77&T" Thiruvananthapuram -/MA" /$M7;A/" <ashiB

'1st <ov '.1' 1ct 9 3 1." '.1' 1)-1* May '.1' 1,-12 May '.1' '1st &ep '.1' <ov '- 5" '.1' )rd May '.1' 1(th May '.1' ',th &ept '.1' 1ct 1( 3 1," '.1' ).th <ov '.1' )rd Dec '.1'

11 1' 1) 1*

Dr -inBhu MuBherGee Dr &ayan 9upta Dr &haiBh %aru:ue Ali Dr M & &ivaBumar

S0ecia# Lecture" de#i4ered 1$ t(e -acu#t$ in ot(er In"titution": S#. No. Na e o- -acu#t$ 1 Dr # & 6 +rasad +atnaiB ' Dr 6 6 -aghavendra &ai Dr M & &ivaBumar To0ic o- Lecture %inite $lements Analysis and its Applications ;ecture about basics of turbulence modeling &urface enhanced raman scattering #iosensors %un >ith MaterialsE for school students as a part of MAD-A& M$TA;;0-97/A; &1/7$T8 ?MM&@" Aerospace $ngg Dept &-M 0niversity In"titution MaharaGa 7nstitute of Technology" Mysore &&< /ollege of $ngg" AalavaBBam -aman -esearch 7nstitute" #angalore #M& /ollege of $ngg #angalore Date 5une 11 3 15" '.1' 5an '.1) 9th 5an '.1) 'nd %eb '.1) 1st &ep '.1'

Dr -inBu MuBherGee

'1st %eb '.1)

&i"it" a1road 1$ -acu#t$: S#. No. 1 Na e o- -acu#t$ Dr M -amasubba -eddy Countr$ &i"ited 7srael ;angBawi" Malaysia &#7/D#&% &ingapore Date 5une ( -1'" '.1' Dec 1, 3 19" '.1' '.th Dec '.1' Pur0o"e o- 4i"it Meeting on 4The #rain TechnologiesN under 7ndia7srael-/anada trilaterial -HD collaboration in biotechnology 7$$$ $M#& /onference on #io Medical $ngg and &ciences &ingapore #io 7maging /onsortium ?&#7/@ visited <M- H M-7 research facilities used for animal imaging purposes #iopolis shared facilities?#&%@ visited various shared facilities available at #&% Discussion with Dr Juang Fhiwei about the ongoing research activities in the department 11th A&/$ 5oint specialty conference" 0&A on +robabilistic Mechanics and &tructural -eliability


Dr &ayan 9upta

<ational 0niversity &ingapore 0&A

'1st Dec '.1' 1,th to '.th 5une '.1'

9ra! Austria Dr &ayan 9upta Dr 7gor -ychliB ) Dr &haiBh %aru:ue Ali <otre Dame 0&A 0A 7reland * 5 Dr Mahesh 6 +anchagnula Dr & -amaBrishnan Iatar &pain ;ondon" 0A

5uly 9 3 1)" '.1' 5uly '.1' '.th 5une to (th 5uly '.1' 5une '9th to 5uly )rd '.1' 5une" ') 3 ', '.1' 5uly 19-'." '.1' &ept 1,-'." '.1' May '.1' 5an 5 3 11 '.1) &ept 9-1)" '.1'

Dr -inBu MuBherGee

1ntario /anada 9rapevien" Texas" 0&A 7taly" -ome

Dr & 6engadesan

A stochastic continuum damage mechanics based methodology for residual life assessment against creep damage" 2th $uropean &olid Mechanics /onference /rossings of :uadratic functions of ;MA processes" &peciality /onference in probabilistic mechanics <ewton 7nternational %ellowship at &wansea 0niversity" 0A To build a strategic partnership of research and student exchange through a Mo0 0niversity /ollege /orB" /orB" 7reland /ollaboration discussion on Goint fluid mechanics +roGects at Texas" AHM 0niv" Doha" Iatar Attended and presented a paper at '.1' #iomedical 7nnovation conf and MO vision 1pen Jouse at Madrid" &pain Attended and presented a paper at the 7MA conference on Mathematics of Medical Devices and &urgical +rocedures" Univ. of College, London, UK '.th Annual /onference of the /%D society of /anada 0nsteady aerodynamics of multiple airfoils in formation A <umerical &tudy of Tandem +itching Airfoils Attended the 9th $uropean %luid Mechanics /onference at 7taly" -ome

Honour" and A/ard" o1tained 1$ -acu#t$: S#. No. Na e o- -acu#t$ Na e o- A/ard Fandman Award A/arded 1$ /oasta Mesa" /alifornia" 0&A 7<A$ A/arded -or &ignificant contributions to the development of measurements or applications utili!ing photoelastic coatings +otential 8oung -esearchers Date oa/ard 1)th 5une '.1' 1st 5an '.1)

A/ard": 1 Dr A -amesh

' 4.2.4

Dr A ArocBiaraGan

7<A$ 8oung Associates

De"i!n and De4e#o0 ent Acti4itie":

Patent" -i#ed: S#. No. 1 4.2.< Na e o- -acu#t$ Dr M Manivannan" Ms AanaBapriya" A& Re"earc( and Con"u#tanc$: To0ic o- 0atent /+- MA<<$I07< >7TJ <1<-;7<$A- /J$&T &T7%%<$&&= numbered 11,*D/J$D'.1' filed on ')rd Mar '.1' with the /hennai +atent 1ffice

S0on"ored Re"earc( Pro5ect": S#. No. 1 ' Tit#e Modelling and $xperimental investigation of Magnetostrictive thin flims &tudies on a scanning probe based fluorescence imaging system for :uantification of biomarBers in multilayered tissue phantoms Period Fundin! A!enc$ DM-;" Jyderabad D&T A ount 7R". in #a3("8 '' ** laBhs 1) 5 laBhs Co9ordinator" Dr A AroBiaraGan Dr < &uGatha

* 5

, 2

9 1.

Development of a navier stoBes solver for simulating fluid flow past a rectangular cylinder to study the effect of flow induced vibrations An $xperimental /haracteri!ation on %atigue #ehavior of +ie!oelectric Materials C#ucBling /ontrol of /ylindrical D/onical &hells for Aerospace Applications using +FT ActuatorsE" " -s ?ongoing@ C/haracteri!ation of +olymeric +ie!oelectric Thin %ilms 0sed as &ensors in Aerospace ApplicationsE" &ponsored by Aeronautical -esearch and Development #oard" '..,-'..9" -s ') ), laBhs ?ongoing@ #last mitigation through fluidstructure interaction Development of structural health monitoring schemes for 7ndian civil engineering infrastructure using smart sensing technologies $xtreme value distribution for stochastic loads modeled as ;MA processes +erformance of newly developed nonlinear turbulence model in /%D simulation of low and high speed underwater vehicles


9 *1 laBhs

Dr A Arul +raBash

'.1'-1* '.1.-1)

<-# 7&-1

**"12"*..D'9 *2 laBhs

Dr A ArocBiaraGan and Dr M & &ivaBumar Dr / ;aBshmana -ao



1, '9( ;aBhs

Dr / ;aBshmana -ao

'.11-1) ongoing

D-D1 <+MA&&

'1 ( ;aBhs '")1"5'"...D-

Dr / ;aBshmana -ao Dr &ayan 9upta

ongoing ongoing

<-# <-#

11"*1"'..D'2 ;aBhs

Dr &ayan 9upta Dr & 6engadesan +rof & A #hattacharyya" 1$

Facu#t$ S#.No. 1 ' ) *

e 1er" 0artici0ation /it( ot(er in"titution under Mo;: Na e o- -acu#t$ Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr &reeBar 9omatam & 6engadesan & A #hattacharyya M # &hyam Aumar & 6engadesan Partici0ation detai#" <umerical &imulations of flow past an autonomous underwater vehicle at various drift angles 7nfluence of rounded corners on flow interference due to s:uare cylinders using immersed boundary method <umerical &imulation of #ubble Transport in a #ifurcating Microchannel 3 A +reliminary &tudy <umerical &tudy of mixed convection around an elliptic cylinder using immersed boundary method e 1er" ' re"earc( "c(o#ar": M '5 M .1 Na e o- ;ni4er"it$.In"titution /(ic( (a" Mo; 5l of <aval Architecture and Marine $ngineering 6ol 9" n'" pp 1)5-15'" '.1' A&M$ 5 %luids $ngineering" 6ol 1)*" .91'.)-1-.91'.)-')" 5une" '.1' A&M$ 5 #iomechanical $ngineering" 6ol 1)*" .21..5-1.21..5-1." August" '.1' 7nt 5 Adv $ng &ci Appl Math" D17 1. 1..,Ds1'5,'-.1'-..(9-2

Dr +oornima 5 Dr & 6engadesan Dr & Aalyana -aman Dr A Arul +raBash Dr & 6engadesan

Re"earc( Pu1#ication" o- t(e -acu#t$

Total <o of papers published in -efereed <ational 5ournals M .' a) Total <o of papers published in -efereed 7nternational 5ournals b) Total <o of papers presented in 7nternational conferences a8 In Re-ereed Nationa# =ourna#": S#.No. 1 ' Na e o- t(e -acu#t$ -aGesh + <air Dr / ;aBshmana -ao Dr &ayan 9upta Mr < 9anesh

Tit#e o- t(e 0a0er &imulation of depth of penetration during ballistic impact on thicB targets using a 1-D discrete element model $stimating the rain-flow fatigue damage in wind turbine blades using polynomial chaos"

Na e o- t(e =ourna# &adhana"), ?'.1)" '(1-',9 ;ife cycle -eliability and &afety $ngineering 1?*@" 1,-'5

18 In Re-ereed Internationa# =ourna#": S#.No. 1 ' Na e o- t(e -acu#t$ Dr A ArocBiaraGan Mr <aresh +aBam Dr Dr Dr Dr Mr Dr Mr A ArocBiaraGan - +alaninathan # &anthosh A M 0sha A &enthil A ArocBiaraGan - 5ayendiran Tit#e o- t(e 0a0er An analytical model for predicting the effective properties of magneto-electroelastic?M$$@ composites $xperimental and numerical studies on adhesively bonded /%-+ laminates with closed debonds $xperimental and theoretical studies on ferroelastic switching of 1-) type pie!ocomposites Modelling of dielectric and pie!oelectric" response of 1-) type pie!ocomposites A multiplicative approach for nonlinear electro-elasticity <umerical &tudy of mixed /onvection around an elliptic cylinder using 7mmersed #oundary Method &elf /entering of &hape memory alloy fibre reinforced cement mortar members subGected to strong cyclic loading <umerical and $xperimental &tudy of #ucBling of Advanced %ibre /omposite cylinders under Axial /ompression &cript $nhanced 0nit /ell Approach for the &imulation of /ompressive #ehaviour in %iber -einforced /ement /omposites C$xperimental Analysis of -esidual &tresses in /old %ormed TrucB %rame &ide -ail &tructuresE /haracteri!ation of #olt Jole -esidual &tresses for Assessing &tructural #ehavior of TrucB %rame -ails $ffect of #olt Jole -esidual &tresses on the %atigue +erformance of TrucB %rame -ail &ections 7gor -ychliB" /rossing statistics of :uadratic transformation of ;MA processes %orce 5<D for -ight 7ndex %inger using /ontra-;ateral %orce Matching +aradigm Modeling of Juman Jand %orce-based TasBs using %ittsPs ;aw Drowsiness Detection &ystem for +ilots A /omparison of +inch %orce between %inger and +alm 9rasp techni:ues in ;aparoscopic 9rasping #lood +ressure measurement with &phygmomanometer in Jigh %idelity Manne:uins 1n the &omatosensation of 6ision Na e o- t(e =ourna# /omputational Materials &cience" (5?'.1'@ 19-'2 /omposite &tructures 95 ?'.1)@" 592-(.(

$uropean 5ournal of Mechanics AD&olids )2 ?'.1)@ *2 - 52 5ournal of Applied +hysics" 11'".**1., ?'.1'@ 7mpact factor '1 /omputer Methods in Applied Mechanics $ngineering" '*5 ?'.1'@" '*)-'55 <umerical Jeat Transfer" +art A" 6ol )" ('" pp ()9-(52?'.1'@ Materials and &tructures 5ournal" Aug ?'.1'@ 7nternational 5ournal of &tructural &tability and Dynamics" 5uly ?'.1'@ 7nternational 5ournal of /omputer Applications ** ?'.1'@" )'-), Advanced Materials -esearch 6ols *12-*'. ?'.1'@ pp 11.,-111) Advanced Materials -esearch 6ols *12-*'. ?'.1'@ pp 11'*-11)1 Applied Mechanics and Materials ).1 ?'.1)@ 1.29-1.92 +robabilistic $ngineering Mechanics ?'.1)@" 9-1, 7/1-D 1)" ;ecture <otes in Mechanical $ngineering" )(5),5 ?'.1)@ 7/o-DP1)" ;ecture <otes in Mechanical $ngineering" ),,-)2( ?'.1)@ 7/o-DP1)" ;ecture <otes in Mechanical $ngineering" 9911..) ?'.1)@ $ngineering * ?1.2@" *(-*9 ?'.1'@

Dr A ArocBiaraGan Mr - 5ayendiran Dr A ArocBiaraGan Ms & &Batulla" Mr / &ansour Dr & Aalyanaraman A Dr Arul +raBaBsh H & Dr 6engadesan Mr < &haGil" Dr & M &rinivasan" Dr M &anthanam Ms - & +riyadarsini" Mr 6 Aalyanaraman" Dr &M &rinivasan &unir Jassan" / Dr ;aBshmana -ao" Dr 9anesh #abu A Mr /hinnaraG A Mr &athya +rasad M Dr ;aBshmana -ao / Mr /hinnaraG A Mr &athya +rasad M Dr ;aBshmana -ao / Mr /hinnaraG A Mr &athya +rasad M Dr ;aBshmana -ao / Dr &ayan 9upta Mr 5ithin 5ith M& -aghuprasad & +urswany Dr M Manivannan M& -aghuprasad + &unny Dr M Manivannan 9 &ingh" Dr M Manivannan & >ills" 9 Mathew" Dr M Manivannan" & Devasahayam A AanaBapriya" Dr M Manivannan Dr M Manivannan" +A &uresh

( ,

9 1. 11 1' 1) 1*

15 1( 1,


7nternational 5ournal of $merging Technology and Advanced $ngineering ' ?9"5))-5),@" ?'.1'@ Annals of <eurosciences 19 ?1@")1-)9 ?'.1'@


'. '1

-anGith & Aumar" Dr # & 6 +atnaiB & 6edantam M & -eddy" & Muddada Dr # & 6 +atnaiB A &atpathy" Dr A 6elusamy" Dr # & 6 +atnaiB Dr + /hellapandi -anGith & Aumar" Dr # & 6 +atnaiB Dr & 6edantam A Muralidharan" & Muddada Dr # & 6 +atnaiB 6 Anand" Dr # & 6 +atnaiB Dr # < -ao"

Jydrodynamics of the Developing -egion in Jydrophobic Microchannels %low past a circular cylinder with momentum inGection <umerical simulation of li:uid fall induced gas entrainment and its mitigation

A Dissipative +article Dynamics &tudy" +hysical -eview $" 2," .))).) ?'.1)@ 1ptimal control cylinder design" %luid Dynamics -esearch" *5" .155.1 ?'.1)@ 7nt 5 Jeat Mass Transfer" (.")9'*.5 ?'.1)@



<o-slip boundary condition in finite-si!e dissipative particle dynamics <umerical simulation of vortex induced vibrations and its control by suction and blowing $fficient extraction of vortex structures by coupling +roper 1rthogonal Decomposition ?+1D@ and Jigh Dimensional Model -epresentation ?JDM-@ techni:ues

5ournal of /omputational +hysics" ')'" 1,*3122 ?'.1)@ Applied Mathematical Modeling" )," '2* - )., ?'.1)@ <umerical Jeat Transfer # 3 %undamentals" (1" ''9-'5, ?'.1'@




In Proceedin!" o- Internationa# Con-erence": Na e o- t(e -acu#t$ < AunGu 9 Tharion & Devasahayam Dr M Manivannan Tit#e o- t(e 0a0er Muscle Activation +attern and >eight #earing of ;imbs during >heelchair Transfers in <ormal 7ndividuals- a step towards ;ower ;imb %$& Assisted Transfer for +araplegics In"titution 7nternational /onference on <euro--ehabilitation" 7/<-'.1'" Toledo" &pain '.1'

S#.No. 1

Di"tin!ui"(ed &i"itor" to t(e De0art ent: S#.No. 1 ' Na e o- t(e 4i"itor and De"i!nation Dr &undaraGan <ataraGan /ardiff 0nversity" 0 A +rof AshoBe &en Jaishchandra -esearch 7nstitute" Allahabad Date o- 4i"it April" '.1' )rd 5an '.1) Pur0o"e o- 4i"it 9uest ;ecture on <ext generation computational methodsM Achieve more with less 9uest ;ecture

Ot(er Acti4itie" o- t(e De0art ent.Centre: 1 ' ) Dr +iGush 9hosh Dr -amaBrishnan Dr -amasubba -eddy Dr M & &ivaBumar Jas taBen 4&ocially -eleven +roGectE on 4A &tudent in TeacherNs -ole in -ural &choolsNM A +ilot study on the ?/ minus *@ Model for one year funded by 77T Madras An 7nternational /onference was held at 77T Madras on C#iomedical &ignals" &ystems and 7magingE during '2 <ovember to 1 December '.1' Dr M & &ivaBumar ?& M &rinivasan@ has taBen over as /oordinator A-D# &tructures +anel during +anel Meeting held at ;eh" ;adaBh on August 1(" '.1' Dr M & &ivaBumar gave an invited talB on C%un >ith MaterialsE for school students as a part of MAD-A& M$TA;;0-97/A; &1/7$T8 ?MM&@" &eptember 1" '.1' 7nterim +rogress presentation on -#7/" <+1;" Aochi" 5uly '.1' +roGect proposal defence presentation" <A; #angalore" 1ctober '.1'

Dr & 6engadesan

4.2.) Ot(er Acti4itie": MaGor infrastructure development made in the Department ;ocali!ed surface plasmon resonance ?;&+-@ and &urface enhanced -aman &cattering ?&$-&@ phenomena

/linical diagnostics and therapeutics using nanomaterials and nano-devices &ensors for environmental monitoring and explosive detection %iber optic H microfabricated waveguides and <anoparticles

4.3.1 Introduction


The department of Biotechnology at this institute came in to formal existence in July 2004 but has grown rapidly in the past nine years. The first batch of B.Tech students graduated in July 2006, and the first dual degree batch students graduated in July 200 . The !ision of the department is to ma"e international impact through research, teaching, technology transfer and ser!ice to society. #t present, we ha!e 2$ faculty members and the di!ersity of challenges that biotechnologies tac"le is reflected in our research acti!ities. The thrust areas of research are Bioprocess %ngineering, &omputational Biology, &hemical Biology and 'edical Biotechnology related cancer and cardio!ascular aspects. (aculty members of the department hold se!eral patents and are also in!ol!ed in acti!e industrial consultancy. )e!eral collaborati!e and technology transfer pro*ects are currently running with numerous industries and the department also has collaborati!e research pro*ects with hospitals. +e ha!e set up a &enter of %xcellence in ,Bioprocess %ngineering- to de!elop "nowledge and expertise in this domain and a .)T funded ,/ational (acility to identify potential drug targets through cellular dynamics-. +e ha!e funding from .BT for program support on &ancer Biology. # Bioinformatics &enter has also been set up with funding from .BT. +e offer B.Tech., .ual degree, '.)., and 0h.. programmes in Biotechnology. 1n addition, we offer '.Tech 2&linical %ngineering3 and 0h.. 2'a*or4 Biomedical .e!ices and Technology3 programmes, *ointly with )ree &hitra Tirunal 1nstitute of 'edical )ciences and Technology, Tri!andrum and &hristian 'edical &ollege, 5ellore. The aim of the department is to produce talented graduate and undergraduate students who are confident to pro!ide solutions to the technological problems faced by 1ndian Biotechnology industries. The undergraduate program in Biotechnology has strong emphasis on modern biology and engineering and on se!eral laboratory experiences. '.) and 0h.. programmes emphasi6e research excellence. The '.Tech 2&linical %ngineering3 programme is designed to train students to address the complete management of the technology aspects in a hospital as well as the medical technology need of the country.

4.3.2 Ac d!"ic Pro#r ""!$%

B.Tech, .ual .egree, '.) and 0h.. in Biotechnology, '. Tech in &linical %ngineering and 0h.. in Biomedical .e!ices and Technology. &tud!nt$ on ro''% Pro#r ""! B.Tech. .ual .egree '.Tech. '.). 0h... Tot ' I (! r 0 4$ 92 90 70 909 II Y! r 78 96 20 8 76 998 III Y! r 7 9 0 4 9$ I) Y! r 29 27 0 2 22 68 ) Y! r * ot+!r$ 4 9$ 0 0 :8 89 Tot ' 900 924 72 24 96: 44:

N "!$ o, &tud!nt-&c+o' r .+o tt!nd!d Con,!r!nc!-&!"in r nd &("/o$i A0ro d-Indi % N "! o, t+! &tud!nt&c+o' r N "! o, t+! Con,!r!nc!&!"in r - &("/o$i 1or2$+o/ 9:th 1nternational Biotechnology )ymposium and %xhibition 21B) 20923 97th Tetrahedron )ymposium, #sian edition &hallenges in Bioorganic > ?rganic 'edicinal chemistry 4th %uropean +or"shop for Aipid 'ediators Fin nci ' A$$i$t n c! ,ro" 11T 'adras


Ro'' No.

D t! nd )!nu!

A0ro d% 9. ;othangmawi 5ictoria <mar 2. Tha""ellapati )i!a"umari /isha ) .e!i

BT0$.098 BT90.02:

96th to 29st )eptember 2092, .aegu, )outh =orea 2 @70th /o!ember 2092, Taipei,Taiwan. 2 @28 )eptember 2092, 0asteur 1nstitute, 0aris, (rance



11T 'adras

4. :.

B.0ragathi 0riyadharsini 5idhya B.)

BT90.028 BT0$.09:

1nternational &onference on #rtificial /eural /etwor"s 21&#//@20923 /eurofly 2092

)eptember 99@94, Aausanne@)wit6erland )eptember 7@ , 0adua, 1taly

1nstitute and Tra!el Brant 11T 'adras #cademic )ection, 11T 'adras #lumni (und 0aris Tech, (rance


Thanga!elu )ara!anan


. 8. $.

/idhi #ggarwal )i!a"umari Tha""ellapati )ara!anan =

BT0 .009 BT90.02: BT92.047

1nternship for six months under the guidance of 0rof. Janine &ossy and .r. )tellios #rseniyadis in %)0&1 0aris Tech, 0aris, (rance under 11T@0arisTech 0h. %xchange 0rogram 97th Tetrahedron )ymposium C#sian %dition 97th Tetrahedron )ymposium C#sian edition Third 1nternational &onference on 'ultifunctional, <ybrid and /anomaterials Third 1nternational &onference on 'ultifunctional, <ybrid and /anomaterials %'B? &onference )eries4 (rom (unctional Benomics to )ystems Biology %'B? &onference )eries4 (rom (unctional Benomics to )ystems Biology 90th #nnual 'eeting of 1nternational )ociety for )tem cell research 90th #nnual 'eeting of 1nternational )ociety for )tem cell research 24th #nnual (anconi #nemia ;esearch (und )cientific )ymposium 9:th 1nternational Biotechnology )ymposium and %xhibition, 2092- 21B) 20923 9:th 1nternational Biotechnology )ymposium and %xhibition, 2092- 21B) 20923 7rd 1nternational &onference on Aife )cience and Technology 21&A)T 20973 &olloids > /anomedicine 2092 &olloids > /anomedicine 2092

2nd #pril C 28th )eptember 20923 0aris Tech, (rance

/o!ember 2 @70, 2092, Taipei, Taiwan /o!ember 2 @70, 2092, Taipei, Taiwan 'arch 7 C 220973, )orrento, 1taly 'arch 7 C 220973, )orrento, 1taly /o!ember 9 @ 20, 2092, %'BA <eidelberg, Bermany /o!ember 9 @ 20, 2092, %'BA <eidelberg, Bermany June 97th C 96th 2092 , 0acificoC Do"ohama, Japan June 97th C 96th 2092 , 0acificoC Do"ohama, Japan 2 @70 2092, .en!er, &olorado, E)#

11T 'adras 11T 'adras .)T and 1&'; .)T and 1&'; 11T 'adras 11T 'adras 11T 'adras 11T 'adras (anconi #nemia ;esearch (und 11T 'adras


)hoba /arayan

0ost doc

99. 92. 97. 94. 9:.

5inaya" Bupta 0rasanna =umar ;eddy #llu .hanase"aran )ugapriya 0rasanna .5 ). 0a!ithra

BT0$.044 BT08.09$ BT284 )) BT08.00: BT08.09


)neh Badle



96th @29st )eptember, 2092, =orea 96th @29st )eptember, 2092, =orea 9$@20 January 2097, .ubai, E#%. 9:@9 *uly 2092, #msterdam, The /etherlands 9:@9 *uly 2092, #msterdam, The /etherlands

9 .

;othangmawi 5ictoria <mar Beetha 5en"atachalam /anda"umar 5 #rutchel!i J


11T 'adras

98. 9$. 20.

:79BB BT90.007 BT08.008

1nternational tra!el grant@ .)T, 1ndia. 11T 'adras > 11T' alumni .)T > 11T' alumni


/isha ) de!i


+or"shop on Aipid 'ediators

2 @28 )eptember, 2092, 0asteur 1nstitute @ 0aris,

11T 'adras

Indi % 9.

)habir #hmad Fargar 5en"ata ;eddy &hirasani /agara*an ;


Three days hands on training on flow cytometry2aria3 1nternational &onference on Biomolecular (orms and (unctions 1nternational 1nterdisciplinary )cience conference on G0rotein (olding and .iseasesG 1nternational conference on GBiomolecular (orms and (unctionsG /eurobionics@ 2097 /#/?B1? 2092, )econd 1nternational &onference on nanotechnology at the Bio@ 'edical 1nterface 1nternational &onference on Biomolecular (orms and (unctions 2097 1nternational )ymposium for ;esearch )cholars on 'etallurgy, 'aterials )cience and %ngineering@ 1);) 2092 1nternational conference on biomolecular forms and functions a celebration of :0 years of the ;amachandran map 90th 1nternational oil > gas conference and exhibition 1nternational &onference on .esign of Biomaterials 2B1/.923 Biomers )ymposium 1nternational conference of biomolecular forms and functions 7rd 1nternational &onference and %xhibition on #nalytical and Bioanalytical TechniIues Biomers )ymposium Doung )cientist Training +or"shop in Biomaterial )cience 2092 4th 1nternational &onference on #d!anced 'aterials

2. 7.

BT92.026 BT92.092

94 Jan to 98 Jan 2097, /ational flow cytometry center at /&B) 08@09@2097 to 99@09@ 2097, 11)c, Bangalore 8@90, .ecember 2092, Jamia 'ilia 1slamia, /ew .elhi , 1ndia 8@99, January 2097, 1ndian 1nstitute of )cience 211)c3, Bangalore, 1ndia (ebruary :@ , J10'%;, 0ondicherry@1ndia 29st to 27rd (ebruary 2092, #mrita &entre for /anosciences and 'olecular 'edicine, &ochin, =erala Jan 8 @ 99, 2097. 11)c., Bangalore .ec 97@9:, 2092, 11T 'adras January 8@99, 2097, 11)c Bangalore, 1ndia

11T 'adras 11T 'adras


/agara*an ;


11T 'adras

:. 6.

B.0ragathi 0riyadharsini 'erlin ;a*esh Aal A 0

BT90.028 BT90.098

J10'%; Bursary

. 8.

;a*eswari # ;. <indumathi

BT90.006 BT0$.07:

11T 'adras


;ayala )ari"a


90. 99. 92. 97. 94.

;a*esh =anna ;. Bala*i /idhi #ggarwal /idhi #ggarwal )neha )udha"ara )neha )udha"ara )ara!anan =

?%99700: BT92.007

?ctober 94@9 , 2092, /ew .elhi, 1ndia .ecember $@92, 2092H Bangalore 29st )eptember 2092, 11T 'adras January 8@92, 2097, 1ndian 1nstitute of )cience Bangalore /o!ember 22nd @24th, 2092, <yderabad 29st )eptember 2092, 11 T 'adras 6@8th .ecember 2092, 'aterials ;esearch &entre, 11)c, Bangalore ?ctober 9 C 9$220923, &hennai 0ro*ect 0ro*ect

BT0 .009 BT0 .009 BT99)008

9:. 96.

BT99)008 BT92.047

.)T, .;.? and 11)c .)T

9 .

)hoba /arayan

0ost doc


;. 0reetha

0ost doc

9$. 20. 29.

;. 0reetha 'aya ;aman Beetha 5en"atachalam 0ramal Biswa

0ost doc 92:4'' :79BB

7rd 1nternational &onference and %xhibition on #nalytical and Bioanalytical TechniIues Biomers )ymposium 1ndo@%uropean (ood and <ealth &onference 1nternational symposium of chemistry and chemical Biology of natural products 1nternational conference, ,;egulatory /etwor" #rchitecture in Bacteria2;/#B3 /ational &onference on #d!ances in /a!al 'aterials 2#./#'@20973 1;<0# wor"shop (irst 1ndo@E) 1nternational &onference on 0olymers for 0ac"aging #pplications 21&00# 20923 @ =ottayam, =erala,

/o!ember 22nd @24th, 2092, <yderabad 29st )eptember 2092, 11 T 'adras 90@92 (ebruary 2097, 11T 'adras, 1ndia. 2@4 #ugust, 2092, 11&T@<yderabad, 1ndia. $@99 march, 2092. )astra Eni!ersity, Trichy, Tamil /adu 22@27 (ebruary 2097, /ational 1nstitute of ?cean Technology, &hennai, 1ndia 2:@26 (ebruary, 2097, 11T Bombay, 'umbai, 1ndia 'arch 79@#pril 2, 2092 @

.)T .epartment of )cience and Technology +?)@# fund. &)1;




T. Boobalan


1& > );, 2.BT3 .)T 11T

24. 2:.

/anda"umar 5 #nshi"a

BT90.007 BT0$.078

N "!$ o, $tud!nt$-$c+o' r$ .+o .on out$id! /ri3!$ nd . rd$% &'.No. 1. 2. N "! o, t+! &tud!nt-&c+o' r 0ramal Biswa 'aya ;aman Ro'' No. BT0$.007 92:4'' N "! o, Pri3! )econd pri6e for best poster presented at ;/#B@2092 +?)@# Pri3! . rd!d 0( )astra Eni!ersity .)T

F cu't( nd t+!ir cti4iti!$% N "! nd 5u 'i,ic tion$ Pro,!$$or4 'u"esh .oble JH! dK =.B. ;amachandran #n*u &hadha T.). &handra #. Jaya"rishnan Buhan Jayaraman .. =arunagaran B. =. )uraish"umar ). 'ahalingam ;ama )han"er 5erma 5 )rini!asa &ha"ra!arthy A$$oci t! Pro,!$$or% #mal =anti Bera )an*ib )enapati %lectrophysiology &omputational Biophysics, &omputational Breen &hemistry Biomaterials, .rug .esign, Biochemical %ngineering Bioprocess %ngineering, Bioprocess 'odeling and )imulation, 'etabolic %ngineering Biocatalysis and ?rganic J#symmetricK synthesis using en6ymes, Breen &hemistry, Biosensors 'icrobiology and Benetics Biomaterials )cience and Technology Biochemical and Bioprocess %ngineering &ancer Biology, )ignal transduction, #poptosis. ;eacti!e )pecies, #lgal Biofuels, 'icrobial deacti!ation in drin"ing water 'olecular 5irology and &ell Biology )tem &ell Biology and Tissue regeneration, &ancer Therapeutics .e!elopment, 'olecular Biology &omputational /euroscience M 6or r! o, $/!ci 'i3 tion 7on'( 3 r! $8

/itish ;. 'ahapatra )atyanarayana Bummadi 'ichael Bromiha #. Bopala =rishna =. &handrara* ;ayala )uresh =umar / 'ano* A$$i$t nt Pro,!$$or% 5 =esa!an ; 'urugan ;. Bas"ar 'adhuli"a .ixit =arthi" ;aman 5ignesh 'uthu!i*ayan )mita )ri!asta!a #thi /arayanan <amsa 0riya 'ohana )undaram Ad6unct F cu't(% .r. )hree =umar )uryanarayan .r. 5enil )umantran

&ardio!ascular Benetics, 'olecular 'edicine Bioprocess engineering 0rotein bioinformatics )ignal transduction and 0rotein Biochemistry Biofuels, Bioremediation, 1ndustrial %n6ymes &ancer Biology 0roteins crystallography

&hemical biology Theoretical Biology and Biophysics .e!elopmental Benetics 5ascular Biology &omputational systems biology Biomaterials and tissue engineering 0lant biotechnology and bioprocess engineering %xperimentalLcomputational protein folding 0rotein solution thermodynamics

Bioprocess %ngineering, #lgal Biofuels &ancer Biology

&+ort9t!r" Cour$!$- 1or2$+o/$- &!"in r$- &("/o$i -Con,!r!nc!$ or# ni3!d 0( t+! , cu't( "!"0!r$% &'. Coordin tor7$8 No Con,!r!nc!-&("/o$i % 1. /. #thi /arayanan 2. 3. 4. :. ;. <. '. <amsa 0riya =arthi" ;aman #n*u &hadha ). 'ahalingam ;ama ) 5erma ;ama ) 5erma Tit'! ?rgani6ation committee member of the (irst ;esearch )cholar )ymposium, B1?'%;) 2092, .epartment of Biotechnology, 11T 'adras ?rgani6ation committee member of the (irst ;esearch )cholar )ymposium, B1?'%;) 2092, .epartment of Biotechnology, 11T 'adras ?rgani6ation committee member of the (irst ;esearch )cholar )ymposium, B1?'%;) 2092, .epartment of Biotechnology, 11T 'adras ?rgani6ation committee member of the (irst ;esearch )cholar )ymposium, B1?'%;) 2092, .epartment of Biotechnology, 11T 'adras ?rgani6ation committee member of the (irst ;esearch )cholar )ymposium, B1?'%;) 2092, .epartment of Biotechnology, 11T 'adras 1nternational symposium on 'olecular 'edicine 9st (aculty ;esearch )ymposium held at .epartment of Biotechnology 11T' P!riod 29st )eptember 2092 29st )eptember 2092 29st )eptember 2092 29st )eptember 2092 29st )eptember 2092 (eb 9$@22, 2092 6th Jan 2092

&+ort9t!r" Cour$!-1or2$+o/% 1. ;ama ) 5erma /ext generation )eIuencing and Bioinformatics for Benomics > <ealthcare conferences 2. ;ama ) 5erma /ational +or"shop on .rug disco!ery and .e!elopment 3. 4. :. 'u"esh .oble and )athya /arayana Bummadi )mita )ri!asta!a )mita )ri!asta!a )ummer +or"shop on Bioprocess engineering@ &ontinuing %ducation programme 0rogram coordinator along with .r. Basa!ara*a 'adi!ala Burappa for 11T 'adras (aculty training 0rogram 211T'(T03 2092 0rogram coordinator along with .r. ;a*i! )harma for /ational %ssay &ompetition 2/%& 20923

/o! 9@7 2092 'ay 99th C 97, 2092 $th to 97th July 2092 #ugust 20@22, 2092 .ecember 6@8, 2092

&+ort9t!r" Cour$!$- 1or2$+o/$- &!"in r$- &("/o$i - Con,!r!nc!$- Tr inin# tt!nd!d 0( t+! , cu't( "!"0!r$ in Ac d!"ic in$titution$ nd Pu0'ic &!ctor =nd!rt 2in#$% &'.No N "! o, , cu't( Con,!r!nc!-&("/o$i % 9. /. #thi /arayanan 2. 7. 4. :. 6. . 8. >. /. #thi /arayanan '. <amsa 0riya '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha 'adhuli"a .ixit 'adhuli"a .ixit 'adhuli"a .ixit 'adhuli"a .ixit Tit'! 0rotein (olding4 1ntegrating theory, simulation and experiment 1nternational )ymposium on 0rotein (olding and .ynamics 1nternational )ymposium on 0rotein (olding and .ynamics /ational conference on Bioinformatics #nnual )ymposium of &B;& 1nternational conference on #ngiogenesis4 Basics and #pplications 2nd +orld congress on &ell )cience and )tem &ell ;esearch, 1&'; symposium on 1nflammation (irst &ell 'echanics 'eeting, Theoretical &hemistry )ymposium 2097 )ymposium on <0& #pplications Biomolecules in 'otions ;ecent Trends in Bioinformatics, )ystem Biology > Biomolecular 1nteraction 1nternational &onference on %ngineering %ducation 21&%%3 2092 ?ptimising the productMon of beta cyclic glucans ?ptimisation of Ainear and &yclic Blucans 0roduction Bordon ;esearch &onference on 0eptides @ )tructure and (uction '1Tr 2'entoring for 1ndi!idual Transformation3 G1n /eed and 1ndeed (or DouG (ourth (aculty Training 0rogram 2092 In$titution &%&#'@%T<F, Furich, )wit6erland /ational &enter for Biological )ciences 2/&B)3, Bangalore, 1ndia /ational &enter for Biological )ciences 2/&B)3, Bangalore, 1ndia 1ndian 1nstitute of Technology .elhi &omputational Biology ;esearch &enter, To"yo, Japan, #E@=B& research center, &hennai )an #ntonio, E)# 'adurai =amara* Eni!ersity, 'adurai ;aman ;esearch 1nstitute, Bangalore 11T Buwahati 11T =anpur J/E, /ew .elhi &enter of Bioinformatics 1nstitute of 1nter@ disciplinary )tudies Eni!ersity of #llahabad Tur"u, (inland 1stanbul, Tur"ey, from )eptember <aus der =irche, in Bad <errenalb, Bermany. &alifornia, E)# P!riod )eptember 7 C 6, 2092 ?ctober 9: C 9 , 2092 ?ctober 9: C 9 , 2092 July 2092 ?ctober 2092 9st@7rd 'arch 2092 92@94 /o!ember 2092 ?ctober 2092 9@2 (ebruary 2097

90. 99. 92. 97.

)an*ib )enapati )an*ib )enapati )an*ib )enapati ;ama ) 5erma

.ec 9$@22, 2092 'arch 92 @ 94, 2092 Jan 04 @0 , 2097 Jan 8@92 2092

94. 9:. 96. 9 .

B. =. )uraish"umar 'u"esh .oble 'u"esh .oble Bopala =rishna #

70th July to 7rd #ugust 2092 )eptember 27 to )eptember 26, 2092 (ebruary 20 C 22, 2092 (ebruary 9$th to 24th, 2092 January $, 2097

&+ort9t!r" Cour$!-1or2$+o/% 9. 5ignesh 'uthu!i*ayan



'. <amsa 0riya


.ecember 90@92 2092

&/!ci ' L!ctur!$ d!'i4!r!d 0( t+! , cu't( in ot+!r In$titution$% &'.No N "! o, , cu't( To/ic o, L!ctur! In$titution D t!

1. 2. 3.

)athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi /. #thi /arayanan

Biochemical and biophysical characteri6ation of hea!y metal interaction with h0A)&;9 Bioreactors (lippases and )cramblases

)5 Eni!ersity, Tirupati 5ignan Eni!ersity, Buntur )ree )astha 1nstitute of %ngineering and Technology, &hennai )t. Joseph %ngineering &ollege, &hennai )5 Eni!ersity, Tirupati )5 Eni!ersity, Tirupati 0ondicherry Eni!ersity Bioinformatics &entre, 0ondicherry Eni!ersity, 1ndia /ational &enter for Biological )ciences 2/&B)3, Bangalore, 1ndia &enter for Biotechnology, #nna Eni!ersity, &hennai, 1ndia &)1;@&entral Aeather ;esearch 1nstitute, &hennai, 1ndia +or"shop on Biological )eIuence #nalysis, #nna Eni!ersity +or"shop on #nalysis of Biological /etwor"s, 11T Buwahati /ational +or"shop@cum@ )eminar on .rug .isco!ery and Translational ;esearch at 0ondicherry Eni!ersity &hennai )cience club /ational &olloIuium on %merging #reas of ;esearch in %ngineering )ciences, ;a*i! Bandhi 1nstitute of Technology, =erala +or"shop of &hemistry and 0hysics of #d!anced 'aterials, /)) %ngineering &ollege, 0ala""ad, =erala, 1nternational )ymposium on /anomaterials, Toyo Eni!ersity, <a"usan &ampus, To"yo, Japan 'epco )chlen" %ngineering &ollege, )i!a"asi

.ecember 22, 2092 /o!ember 26, 2092 )eptember 22, 2092 )eptember , 2092 #ugust 70, 2092 #ugust 70, 2092 June 29, 2092 )eptember 26, 2092 ?ctober 9 , 2092

4. :. ;. <. ?.

Bioprocess %ngineering for global prosperity (ermentation Technology 'icrobial degradation of &affeine %n6yme =inetics %ffects of )urface %lectrostatics on the .ynamic and Thermodynamic Beha!ior of 0roteins Thermodynamic Barriers and &onformational )tabilities of 0roteins4 0erspecti!es and 0redictions from a )imple )tatistical 'odel Ain"ing 0rotein &onformational <eterogeneity, (olding 'echanism and (unction #n %nsemble and (ree@%nergy Based #pproach Towards %ngineering 0rotein )tabilities 'etabolic networ" modelling ;epresentation and modelling of metabolic networ"s (rom /etwor"s to .rug Targets4 Ae!eraging )ystems Biology in .rug .isco!ery ?n the /obel pri6e %ngineering Body 0arts4 &hallenges and 0rospects


/. #thi /arayanan

1@. 11.

/. #thi /arayanan /. #thi /arayanan

.ecember 97, 2092 (ebruary $, 2097 .ecember 97, 2092 /o!ember , 2092 (ebruary 94, 2097 9 th /o!, 2092 'arch 8, 2097

12. 13. 14.

=arthi" ;aman =arthi" ;aman =arthi" ;aman

1:. 1;.

#. Bopala =rishna #. Jaya"rishnan


#. Jaya"rishnan

0olymeric 0rodrugs

'arch 9, 2097


#. Jaya"rishnan

0olymeric 0rodrugs of #mphotericin B and 0rimaIuine 1ndustrial application of 0lant &ell Technology

.ecember 8, 2092 'arch 96, 2097


)mita )ri!asta!a


'. 'ichael Bromiha


'. 'ichael Bromiha


'. 'ichael Bromiha

0rotein@./# interactions4 database analysis, prediction algorithms and binding specificity Bioinformatics approaches for )tructural and functional annotation of membrane proteins .e!elopment of databases and tools for functional annotation of membrane proteins. 0rotein )tability4 (eatures and #pplications. EB& ;efresher course in 0hysicsL&hemistry Bioinformatics applications for understanding protein structure and functio ?nline resources for annotating the functions of membrane proteins

&huo Eni!ersity, To"yo, Japan Eni!ersity of Bolognia, 1taly

#pril 2092

June 2092

23. 24. 2:.

'. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha

/ational conference on Bioinformatics, 1ndian 1nstitute of Technology .elhi Bharthidasan Eni!ersity 51T Eni!ersity +or"shop on G&omputational Benome #nalysis TechniIuesG, /ational Bureau of 0lant Benetic ;esources, /ew .elhi )astra Eni!ersity, Than*a!ur )hanghai Jiao Tong Eni!ersity, &hina )hanghai Jiao Tong Eni!ersity, &hina )hanghai Jiao Tong Eni!ersity, &hina 1ndian 1nstitute of )cience, Bangalore To"yo 1nstitute of Technology 'acIuarie Eni!ersity, #ustralia Eni!ersity of 'adras )athyabama Eni!ersity #E@=B& research center, &hennai ?'1&) group conferences, )an #ntonio, E)#

July 2092

/o! 2092 2092 )ept 2092

2;. 2<.

'. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha


'. 'ichael Bromiha


'. 'ichael Bromiha

3@. 31. 32.

'. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha

33. 34. 3:.

'. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha 'adhuli"a .ixit

0rotein stability4 concepts and applications. 1naugural lecture at &omputational Biology group 0rotein@./# complexes4 Binding site analysis, .iscrimination, 0rediction and ;ecognition mechanism &omputational #pproaches for #nnotating 'embrane 0roteins Based on their )tructure and (unction .e!elopment of .atabase and Bioinformatics Tools for 0redicting the )tability of 0roteins )tructural and (unctional #nnotation of 'embrane 0roteins (actors Bo!erning the )tability of 0roteins4 .atabase #nalysis, 0rediction and #pplications Binding )pecificity and ;ecognition 'echanism of 0rotein &omplexes4 0rinciples, 0rediction and #pplications Bioinformatics applications to understand the )tability of 0roteins Bioinformatics #pplications in human health and medicine Blucose metabolism and !ascular progenitors4 # lin" to stem cell "inetics. Blucose metabolism and !ascular progenitors4 # lin" to stem cell "inetics

?ct 2092 .ec 2092

.ec 2092

.ec 2092

Jan 2097 Jan 2097 (eb 2097

(eb 2097 (eb 2097 9st@7rd 'arch 2092 92@94 /o!ember 2092


'adhuli"a .ixit


'adhuli"a .ixit

&hronic insulin unco!er the pro@ inflammatory 0henotype in endothelial cells. %ndothelial &ells and shear stress. Biocatalysis by Candida parapsilosis #T&& 7704 The case of its &arbonyl ;eductase@ a potential target for drug design Biocatalysts Can 1mportant Breen Tool for ?rganic &hiral )ynthesis Biocatalysts C an 1mportant Breen Tool for #symmetric )ynthesis 0erspecti!es in 1mmunotoxins

'adurai =amara* Eni!ersity, 'adurai ;aman ;esearch 1nstitute, Bangalore )chool of &hemistry, )astra Eni!ersity, T/

?ctober 2092

3?. 3>.

'adhuli"a .ixit #n*u &hadha

9@2 (ebruary 2097 98@9$th Jan. 2097

4@. 41. 42.

#n*u &hadha #n*u &hadha ;ama ) 5erma

.ept. of &hemistry, )tella 'arris &ollege, &hennai, T/ .ept. of &hemistry, 11T .elhi, /ew .elhi .epartment of Biochemistry, 1ndian 1nstitute of )ciences, Bangalore &enter of Bioinformatics 1nstitute of 1nter@disciplinary )tudies Eni!ersity of #llahabad, #llahabad. 1ndia (rontier Aife Aine <ospital and .r =.'. &herian <eart foundation Thiru!allu!ar Eni!ersity, Thiru!allur Thiru!allu!ar Eni!ersity, Thiru!allur

24th@2:th Jan. 2097 8th@$th (eb. 2097 (eb 9:th 2097


;ama ) 5erma

&omputation 1dentification and experimental &haracteri6ation of binding domain of fusion protein # 0otential Biological )caffold for &ardiac tissue regeneration &ellulosic %thanol 0roduction4 Technology and 0otential in 1ndia ;ecombinant Technology for &ellulosic %thanol 0roduction

44. 4:. 4;.

;ama ) 5erma =. &handrara* =. &handrara*

29st Jan 2092 28 (eb2097 8 )ep 2092

)i$it$ 0ro d 0( , cu't(% &'.No 1. 2. 3. N "! o, , cu't( /. #thi /arayanan #. Bopala =rishna #. Jaya"rishnan Countr( )i$it!d )wit6erland &alifornia, E)# Japan D t! )eptember 7@ 6, 2092 (eb, 9$@24, 2092 .ecember @ 90, 2092 Pur/o$! o, 4i$it +or"shop on 0rotein (olding4 1ntegrating theory, simulation and experiment Bordon ;esearch &onference To .eli!er a "eynote lecture during 1nternational )ymposium on /anomaterials, Toyo Eni!ersity, <a"usan &ampus, To"yo, Japan )ociety for neuroscience meeting &ollaborati!e research and deli!ering in!ited lectures at To"yo 1nstitute of Technology )hort term !isitH &ollaborati!e research and deli!ering in!ited lectures at 1nternational &enter for Benetic %ngineering and Biotechnology Fundin# ,ro" &0.# B;& fees wai!er and &0.# Toyo Eni!ersity, Japan

4. :.

#mal =anti Bera '. 'ichael Bromiha

/ew ?rleansA E)# To"yo, Japan

?ctober 97@9 , 2092 #pril 2092

&0.# To"yo 1nstitute of Technology, Japan To"yo 1&B%B, Trieste, 1taly


'. 'ichael Bromiha

Trieste, 1taly

'ay@June 2092


'. 'ichael Bromiha

To"yo, Japan

?ct 2092


'. 'ichael Bromiha

To"yo, Japan

Jan 2097


'. 'ichael Bromiha

'acIuarie Eni!ersity, #ustralia )weden

(eb 2097


'adhuli"a .ixit

27@26 'ay 2092 92@94 /o!ember 2092 'arch 2: @ 2$, 2092 9$@29st ?ct. 2092 )eptember $@ 97, 2092 98@22 'arch 2097

11. 12. 13. 14.

'adhuli"a .ixit )an*ib )enapati #n*u &hadha /itish 'ahapatra

E)# E)# &ambodia E)#


=.B. ;amachandran


1;. 1<. 1?. 1>.

'u"esh .oble 'u"esh .oble =. &handrara* B. =. )uraish"umar

Bermany Tur"ey E)# Tur"u, (inland

(ebruary 20 C 22, 2092 27 to )eptember 26, 2092 20 Jan 2097 70th July to 7rd #ugust 2092

0resent a paper at the #nnual )ymposium of &B;& 2092H &ollaborati!e researchH 1ndo@Japan pro*ect discussion &ollaborati!e research and deli!ering in!ited lectures at To"yo 1nstitute of Technology ;esearch collaboration under 1/)# )enior )cientist )>T !isiting fellowship program &onsortium meeting of the pro*ect partners on 1ndo@%E cosponsored N(E/&(??.O pro*ect Ba!e a tal" in +orld &ongress on &ell )cience and )tem &ell ;esearch .eli!ered an 1n!ited Aecture Tal" in &'&& 2092, &ambodian 'alaysian &hemical &onference 90th 1nternational &atecholamine )ymposium, #silomar, 0acific Bro!e, &alifornia %xternal %xaminer for Bachelor of %ngineering 2<ons3 &hemical and Bioprocess 0rogram ?f Eni!ersity Technology 'alaysia .eli!er a tal" at the symposium .eli!er a tal" at the symposium 1ndo@E) 0ro*ect 'eeting To orally present a paper in 1nternational &onference on %ngineering %ducation 21&%%3 2092

&B;&, Japan

To"yo 1nstitute of Technology, Japan 1ndian /ational )cience #cademy .BT

.BT &0.# P #&) 11T 'adras &0.# and 0&(

Eni!ersity Technology 'alaysia

&0.# &0.# 1E))T(, /ew .elhi &0.#

Ot+!r Pro,!$$ion ' )i$it$ 0( F cu't(% &'.No. 9. N "! o, , cu't( =arthi" ;aman P' c! )amsung #d!anced 1nstitute of Technology 2)#1T3 Bangalore D t! June th to July 97th 2092 Pur/o$! o, 4i$it +or"ed on a research pro*ect in metabolic engineering Fundin# ,ro" )amsung

Honour$ nd A. rd$ o0t in!d 0( , cu't(% &'. No. 9. 2. N "! o, , cu't( /. #thi /arayanan )mita )ri!asta!a N "! o, A. rd 1nno!ati!e Doung Biotechnologist #ward 220923 ;ashtriya Baura! #ward A. rd!d 0( .epartment of Biotechnology 2.BT3, 1ndia 1ndia 1nternational (riendship )ociety 211()3 Doung #chie!er #ward A. rd!d ,or D t! o, . rd 'arch :, 2097 'ay 4, 2092

7. 4. :. 6.

'. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha )an*ib )enapati

1/)# )enior )cientist )>T !isiting fellowship award 1&T0 #ssociateship 1&B%B !isiting (ellow 0rof. B. =. Bachhawat 1nternational Tra!el Brant for Doung )cientists, 2097 The .ow 0rofessor '.'.)harma .istinguished 5isiting 0rofessorship in &hemical %ngineering %xpert, (aculty )election &ommittee 'ember, #cademic &ommittee 'ember, Board of )tudies

1ndian /ational )cience #cademy #bdus )alam 1nternational &enter for Theoretical 0hysics, Trieste, 1taly 1nternational &enter for Benetic %ngineering and Biotechnology, Trieste, 1taly &'& 5ellore

/o! 2092 #pril 2092 #pril 2092 1nternational Tra!el Brant for participating in &onferences .istinguished person as a 5isiting 0rofessor Jan. 99, 2097 2092@ 2097

'u"esh .oble

1nstitute of &hemical Technology, (ormerly E.&TLE1&T, 'umbai 11T <yderabad, > /orth %astern <ill Eni!ersity 2/%<E3 )ree &hitra Tirunal 1nstitute of 'edical )ciences and Technology, Tri!andrum )#)T;# Eni!ersity, Than*a!ur

8. $. 90 .

B. =. )uraish"umar B. =. )uraish"umar B. =. )uraish"umar

2097 2097 2097

F!''o.$+i/$ o, Ac d!"i!$ nd Pro,!$$ion ' &oci!ti!$% &'. No. 9. 2. N "! o, , cu't( 'u"esh .oble 'u"esh .oble Y! r o, d"i$$ion (ellow of ;oyal )ociety of Aondon, E= 220903 (ellow of #merican 1nstitute of &hemical %ngineers29$873

Bourn ' Editori ' Bo rd$% &'. No. 9. 2. 7. 4. :. 6. . 8. $. 90. 99. 92. 97. 94. 9:. 96. 9 . 98. N "! o, , cu't( #. Jaya"rishnan #. Jaya"rishnan #. Jaya"rishnan #. Jaya"rishnan '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha '. 'ichael Bromiha 5ignesh 'uthu!i*ayan )an*ib )enapati ;ama ) 5erma ;ama ) 5erma ;ama ) 5erma =.B. ;amachandran =.B. ;amachandran 'u"esh .oble 'u"esh .oble Po$ition 7Editor-M!"0!r8 'ember #ssociate %ditor 'ember, 1nternational %ditorial Board 'ember, 1nternational %ditorial Board %ditor@in@&hief #ssociate %ditor %ditorial Board 'ember Buest %ditor Buest %ditor #ssociate %ditor 'ember of %ditorial Board Bourn ' N "! ?pen Biomaterials Journal Biomaterials and Biomedical %ngineering ;eference )eries4 'icrospheres, 'icrocapsules and Aiposomes, ;eference )eries, &itus Boo"s, Aondon 0olymeric Biomaterials, ;eference )eries, &itus Boo"s, Aondon ?pen )tructural Biology B'& Bioinformatics &urrent &omputer #ided .rug .esign &urrent Bioinformatics 0rotein and 0eptide Aetters +orld ;esearch Journal of Biomaterials Journal of Theoretical &hemistry Journal /ame 1nternational #d!anced Biotechnology and Bioinformatics 21J#BB 20923 &ytotherapy 2E)#3 22090 onward3 Botanics4 Targets and Therapy 22090 onward3 Bio ;esource Technology 0reparati!e Biochemistry and Biotechnology &hemical %ngineering, 'cBraw <ill, E)# ?pen Journal of %n6yme %ngineering, Bentham publ

'ember 'ember %ditorial Board member %ditorial Board member

N!. , ci'iti!$ dd!d or " 6or !Cui/"!nt /rocur!d% &'.No. 1. p< probe accessory for Bioreactor N "! o, ECui/"!nt ) 'u! 2;s. in la"hs3 0.28

2. 3. 4. :. ;. <. ?. >. 1@. 11. 12. 13. 14. 1:. 1;. 1<.

%AB# +ater purifier system )amsung .ouble door fridge (low &ytometer, B. &lass 90000 0rimary cell culture facility 4@B0E wor"station B& B&@') (?)) /1; )ystem $6 well Thermal cycler 2#pplied Biosystems3 )pin coating system 2#pex eIuipments3 .ip coating system 2#pex eIuipments3 Ayophili6er 2Aar" inno!ati!e3 'ultimode plate ;eader 20er"in %lmer3 .eep (ree6er 2@20Q &3 +ater purification system 2)iemens3 (ermentor

7 0.7 40 97.8 8 9: 70 4 7.7 9.46 9.78 4. 2 98 9 2.4: 94.6

&/on$or!d R!$! rc+ Pro6!ct$% &'.No 9. 2. Tit'! <ybridi6ation induced genomic rearrangements in flowering plants )tudies on the biochemical, biophysical and functional characteri6ation of human phospholipid scramblase 9 2<0A)&;93 cx! interaction with topoisomerase 11 0urification and Biochemical characteri6ation of &affeine demethylase and its applications on food products Bioprocess de!elopment for production of ethanol and polyols by Debaryomyces nepalensis %!aluation of the performance of a recombinant thermostable endoglucanase under process conditions Biocatalytic production of a A@ carnitine precursor4 )tudies on en6ymes in!ol!ed Bioprocess de!elopment of production of linear and cyclic glucans 2Biopolymers3 'utational Tuning of (olding 'echanism in a 'odel <elical .omain &haracteri6ing the Ain" Between (olding 'echanism and (unction in a Transcription ;egulatory 0rotein by &ombining %xperiments, )imulations and )tatistical 'odels 'olecular mechanism behind E5 induced )"in &ancer Targeting 1B(9@; in <ead and /ec" &ancers 0a"9 in <ead and /ec" &ancers P!riod Till (ebruary 2094 7 years 2/ew3 Fundin# A#!nc( .BT B;/), .epartment of #tomic %nergy A"ount Co9ordin tor$ 7R$. in ' 2+$8 : ; Bas"ar 2 .0: )athyanarayana /. Bummadi


7 years 2?ngoing3 7 years 2?ngoing3 7 years 2?ngoing3 7 years 2?ngoing3 7 years 2?ngoing3 2092@209: 2097@2096


7 .0

)athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi /. 'ano* and )athyanarayana /. Bummadi #n*u &hadha and )athyanarayana /. Bummadi )athyanarayana /. Bummadi /. #thi /arayanan /. #thi /arayanan

4. :.


24. 6 7$.$8

6. .


70.0: 79.2:6

8. $.

11T 'adras .BT

9$.$ 49.89

90. 99. 92.

Jan 2090, 7 Dears 'ar 2090, 7 Dears 'ar 2090, 7 Dears

.;.?, 1ndia .BT, 1ndia B;/),.#%, 1ndia 2Doung 1n!estigator Brant3

70 0 94.:

;ayala )uresh =umar ;ayala )uresh =umar ;ayala )uresh =umar

97. 94. 9:.

0%A09 and 1nflammation )ignal Transduction mechanism of &alumenin. /o!el /anotechnological #pproaches for the Treatment of Aeishmaniasis Esing 2@ 0ropylIuinoline. Enderstanding the effect of cosol!ents on protein folding and stability 0robing the conformational changes associated with the gating of acid sensing ion channel %nhanced production of alpha@ Tocopherol by genetically transformed cell culture of Helianthus annuus L. ?!er expression of Arabidopsis thaliana <00. gene for enhanced R@ tocopherol production in in vitro culture of )unflower 2Helianthus annuus3 under the )tudies on production of a cytotoxic cyclotide 2&yclo!iolacin ?23 in Viola odorata. .issecting important amino acid residues for folding and binding of proteins %xploring gab9 in endothelium

'ar 2090, 7 Dears 7 years 2/ew3 7 years 2/ew3

.)T2(ast trac" for Doung 1n!estigator3 B;/) 1ndo@(rench &entre for #d!anced )cientific ;esearch 11T 'adras .)T .BT

22 26 42.9

;ayala )uresh =umar #. Bopala =rishna #. Jaya=rishnan, .r 5 =esa!an 211T 'adras3 0hilippe Aoiseau 2Eni! of 0aris@)ud, (rance3 '. <amsa 0riya #mal =anti Bera )mita )ri!asta!a, =arthi" ;aman and ;. Bas"ar )mita )ri!asta!a

96. 9 . 98.

2092@209: 2097@2096 7 years

6.22 :2.82 2$


7 years


7 years

29. 22.


.)T 2(ast@ Trac" scheme of .)T@2092 2)%;&3 for young scientists .BT 2;BD1L2099@ 20923 .)T (#)T@T;#&= grant from .epartment of )cience and Technology 2.)T3, Bo!t. of 1ndia &ouncil of )cientific and 1ndustrial ;esearch 2&)1;3, Bo!t. of 1ndia #n 1ndo@%E grant funded by .epartment of Biotechnology 2.BT3, Bo!t. of 1ndia 1ndo@Berman grant funded by .epartment of )cience and Technology 2.)T3, Bo!t. of 1ndia


24. 97.44

)mita )ri!asta!a and /andita 'adha!an '. 'ichael Bromiha and /. 'ano* 'adhuli"a .ixit



#nalysis of angiopoietin@2 expression and its regulation in endothelial cells.



'adhuli"a .ixit


1mpact of agents with potential use in functional food on biomar"ers for induction of age@related diseases



'adhuli"a .ixit


5ascular complications of type 2 diabetes4 tyrosine phosphorylation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase.



'adhuli"a .ixit


2 .


2$. 70.

79. 72. 77.



(unctional characteri6ation and re*u!enation of diabetes@associated dysfunctional circulating %ndothelial 0rogenitor &ells 2%0&s3 for Therapeutic /eo!asulari6ation.@ )enior 1DB# funding. /ucleotide@dependent conformational changes in free tubulin dimer and microtubule dynamic instability ;ole of protein hydration water in the flap opening@closing mechanism of <15@9 protease4 0ossible implications for designing new class of anti@#1.) drugs # structure@function correlation study to unra!el athe mechanism of action of human catestatin <igh !alue Aow !olume Biocatalytically prepared chiral systhons4 studies on the en6ymes in!ol!ed in the production of A@ carnitine intermediate )electi!e Biocatalytic oxidation of alcoholsH .e!eloping a ,greenoxidi6ing agent &hemical strategies for con*ugating fluorescent labeled 5%B(; targeting pepticles to gold nanoparticles. .e!elopment of a Biocatalytic process for the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols4 a "inetic and 'echanistic study # part of the team of the electrical %ngg. .ept. to set up the /ano %lectro 'echanical )ystems 2/%')3 and /anophotonics Transcriptional and post@ transcriptional regulation of monoamine oxidase # and B. ;egulation of <'B@&o# reductase gene by micro;/#s 'olecular mechanisms of regulation of the cystathionine gamma@lyase gene # structure@function correlation study to unra!el the mechanism of action of human catestatin. Therapeutic targeting of cancer using no!el humani6ed immunotoxins in lymphoma and leu"emia cell lines )tudies on 'uller cells potential to regenerate photoreceptor by photoreceptor@specific transcription factors %!aluation of #ntioxidant properties of Aichens obtained from eastern ghats for biomedical S


.epartment of Biotechnology 2.BT3, Bo!t. of 1ndia &)1;


'adhuli"a .ixit

02L09L2099 C 09L79L2094 29L92L2092 C 20L92L209:


)an*ib )enapati



)an*ib )enapati

08L26L2090 @ 08L2:L2097 0:@0$@2099 to 04@0$@2094


74 46.0:

/itish 'ahapatra and )an*ib )enapati #n*u &hadha, ) / Bummadi

06@0$@2099 to 0:@0$@2094 9$@0$@2099 to 98@0$@2094 9$@90@ 2092 to 98@90@209: 2092@209

.)T .BT &)1;

24.8 26 96.$2

.r. 0reethaH 'entor4 #n*u &hadha .r. )hoba /arayanH 'entor4 #n*u &hadha #n*u &hadha



#n*u &hadha

76. 7 . 78. 7$.

.ecember 2092@ .ecember 209: /o!ember 2092@?ctober 209: /o!ember 2099@?ctober 2094 #ugust 2090@ July 2097 02@0 @2092 To 09@0 @ 209:



/itish ; 'ahapatra

&)1; B;/), .#% .BT .)T

9$.$2 24.9: :0.00 2:

/itish ; 'ahapatra /itish ; 'ahapatra /itish ; 'ahapatra ;ama ) 5erma




;ama ) 5erma




;ama ) 5erma



1dentification of /o!el Biomar"ers and %lucidation of the 'olecular basis of phenotypic features of (anconi #nemia using 'icro array analysis %stablishing Bioincubator facility



;ama ) 5erma




44. 4:. 46.

4 .


4$. :0.

0rotease imobili6ed acti!e food pac"aging system for cottage cheese .e!elopment of antifouling coating based on surface modification approach 0roduction of recombinant glycosyl hydrolases by fed batch fermentation of B. subtilis and application in biomass con!ersion to fuel@ethanol. E)@1ndia consortium for de!elopment of sustainable ad!anced lignocellulosic biofuel systems %n6ymatic production and characteri6ation of prebiotic xylooligosaccharides from lignocelluloic biomass ;eacti!e )pecies for 1mpro!ed Bio@ oil Dields from 'icroalgae /etwor" interactions in Temporal lobe epilepsy4 #n integrated approach using in!itro studies and computational modeling in human brain and animal models. Benetic and metabolic engineering in two fla!inogenic hemiascomycete fungi #shbya gossypii and %remothecium ashbyii for enhanced fla!ins production through stress mechanisms

29@02@2092 To 20@02@ 209: 96@07@2092 To 9:@07@ 209: ?ct 2090 @ )ep 2097 /o! 2092 @ ?ct 209 Jan 2097 @ .ec 209: 2097@2096 2097@2096

.BT B;/) .BT

74.4 6 .2 48

=.B. ;amachandran, Buhan Jayaraman, 'u"esh .oble, )hri"umar )uryanarayanan 'u"esh .oble 'u"esh .oble =. &handrara*



=. &handrara*



=. &handrara*

.)T .)T

72.87 4$

B. =. )uraish"umar 5. )rini!as &ha"ra!thy 2&o@013


7 years



T) &handra

Indu$tri ' Con$u't nc( /ro6!ct$% &'.No. 1. 2. 3. N "! o, , cu't( ;ama ) 5erma ;ama ) 5erma =. B. ;amachandran Tit'! .e!elopment of <epatitis B and <aemophilus influen6ae type b !accines 2<ib3 %!aluation of 0hytochemicals of phyto@ pharmaceuticals using phytochemicals #d!ice on pro*ect implementation Indu$tr( <AA Aife &are Aimited Aaila 0harma ?rchid &hemicals and 0harmaceuticals A"ount 7R$. in ' 2+$8 94 : 6

RBIC /ro6!ct$% 7on #oin# * n!.8 &'. No. 1. N "! o, , cu't( #n*u &hadha, &o@01s4 'u"esh .oble and )/ Bummadi Tit'! ?mega (atty #cids@an efficient method of preparation Indu$tr( EniIue BiotechH <yderabad A"ount 7R$. in ' 2+$8 20


;ama ) 5erma

3. 4.

=.B. ;amachandran and =. &handrara* =. &handrara*

'olecular 'echanism in!ol!ed in &ardiogenic differentiation of Bone 'arrow .eri!ed 'esenchymal )tem &ells in microfluidics 0reparation of lyophili6ed !ials and identification of the microrganisms )creenign of 'icroorganism 0roducing Aactone Based Biopesticides


1/.?0<DT? &<%'1&#A) 05T AT.., /?1.# )ree ;amcide &hemicals 0 2Atd3, &hennai

2 9:

R!$! rc+ Pu0'ic tion$ o, t+! , cu't( "!"0!r$ * r!$! rc+ $c+o' r$% Total /o. of papers published in ;efereed 1nternational Journals Total /o. of papers presented in 1nternational conferences Total /o. of boo" chapters Total /o. of Boo"s Int!rn tion ' Bourn ' Pu0'ic tion$% 1. Jaiswal, 0. )oldati, T and Bas"ar. ; 220923 &onser!ed action of adenosine and its antagonist caffeine on aggregation and pattern formation in cellular slime molds. B'& .e! Biol. 924:. 4 900 4 74 4 4 4


Jaiswal, 0. )ingh, ). 0., #iyar, 0., ;a"hil. #. and Bas"ar, tip formation by caffeine in the cellular slime mold. B'& .e!.Biol. 924 26.







5.B. (rancis, )./. Bummadi 220923 Biochemical and functional characteri6ation of human phospholipid scramblase 4 2h0A)&;43, Biological &hemistry 2in press3.

4. 5.B. (rancis, #. 'a*eed, )./. Bummadi 220923 ;eco!ery of functionally acti!e recombinant human phospholipid
scramblase 9 from inclusion bodies using /@Aauroyl )arcosine, Journal of 1ndustrial 'icrobiology and Biotechnology , 7$4 9049@9048.

5. #. ;a*ase"haran, )./. Bummadi 220923 1nhibition of biogenic membrane flippase acti!ity in reconstituted %;
proteoliposomes in the presence of low cholesterol le!els, &ellular and molecular Biology Aetters 9 4976@9:2.

6. T.=. Bayatri, '. .oble, )./. Bummadi 220923 0roduction and downstream processing of 29 73@@.@glucan strain
from mutant strain of Agrobacterium sp. #T&& 79 :0, #pplied 'icrobiology and Biotechnology %xpress 24 79

7. =. <ima Bindu, /. )hweta, )./. Bummadi 220923 # statistical approach to optimi6e xylitol production by
Debaryomyces nepalensis in!itro, (ood and /utritional )cience 74 902 @9076

8. #thi /. /aganathan, 0redictions from an 1sing@Ai"e )tatistical 'echanical 'odel on the .ynamic and
Thermodynamics %ffects of 0rotein )urface %lectrostatics, Journal of &hemical Theory and &omputation, 8, 4646T46:6, 2092

9. #thi /. /aganathan, &oarse@Brained 'odels of 0rotein (olding as .etailed Tools to &onnect with %xperiments,
&omputational 'olecular )cience, .?14 90.9002Lwcms.9977

10. 'adha!i =anuru, ;a*ee! ;aman and Bopala =rishna #radhyam, )erine protease acti!ity of calnuc4 regulation by
Fn2P and B proteins., J Biol &hem. 2097 Jan 98H28827349 62@ 7. doi4 90.90 4L*bc.'992.782846. %pub 2092 /o! 2$

11. #. Je*uri"ar, U. T. )eow, B. Aawrie, .. 'artin, #. Jaya"rishnan, A. Brondahl, .egradable alginate hydrogels
crosslin"ed by macromolecular crosslin"er alginate dialdehyde., J. Mater. Chem., 22, $ :9@$ :8, 2092.

12. #. &. Borges, #. Jaya"rishnan, 0@%. Bourban, &. J. B. 0lummer, .. 0. 0ioletti, J. %. 'Vnson, )ynthesis and
photopolymeri6ation of Tween 20 methacrylate@/@!inyl@2@ pyrrolidone blends, Mater Sci Engg &, 32, 227:@2249, 2092.

13. ). 'an*u, &. 5. 'uraleedharan, #. ;a*ee!, #. Jaya"rishnan, ;. Joseph, %!aluation of alginate dialdehyde cross@
lin"ed gelatin hydrogel as a biodegradable sealant for polyester !ascular graft, J. iomat. 988, 97$@94$, 2099. iomed. Mater. !es. " Appl.

14. )ahu B and Bera #=, &ontribution of intracellular calcium and p< in ischemic uncoupling of cardiac gap *unction
channels formed of connexins 47, 40, and 4:4 a critical function of &@terminal domain, 0A?) ?/% 22097, in press3

15. )wain )' and Bera #=, &oupling of proton binding in extracellular domain to channel gating in #cid )ensing 1on
&hannel, J Mol #eurosci $%&'() in press*

16. )ahu B), ?bbineni J', )ahu B, #llu 0=, )ubramanian A, )onawane 0J, )ingh 0=, )asi B=, )enapati ), 'a*i )=,
Bera #=, Bomathi B), 'ullasari #), 'ahapatra /;, (unctional genetic !ariants of the catecholamine@release@ inhibitory peptide catestatin in an 1ndian population4 allele@specific effects on metabolic traits., J Biol &hem. 2092 .ec 29H28 2:23447840@:2.

17. )wain )', 0arameswaran ), )ahu B, 5erma ;), Bera #=, 0roton@gated ion channels in mouse bone marrow
stromal cells., )tem &ell ;es. 2092 $2234:$@68.

18. )ahu B), 'ohan J, )ahu B, )ingh 0=, )onawane 0J, )asi B=, #llu 0=, 'a*i )=, Bera #=, )enapati ), 'ahapatra
/;, 'olecular interactions of the physiological anti@hypertensi!e peptide catestatin with the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor., J &ell )ci. 2092 'ay 9H92:20t $342727@7

19. ). )ri!asta!a and #. =. )ri!asta!a 220923 #6adirachtin production by hairy root culti!ation of A+adirachta indica in a
modified stirred tan" reactor. Bioprocess and Biosystems %ngineering. 7:2$349:4$@9::7.

20. ;a*ashe"ar ;eddy, )mita )ri!asta!a, #. =. )ri!asta!a 220923 .e!elopment of a mathematical model for growth and
oxygen transfer in in vitro plant hairy root culti!ations. #pplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 96 26349879@9844.

21. )mita )ri!asta!a and #sho" )ri!asta!a 220923 )trategies to ?!ercome ?xygen Transfer Aimitations .uring <airy
;oot &ulti!ation of A+adiracta indica for %nhanced #6adirachtin 0roduction. #pplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 96 26349898@9870.

22. ). )ri!asta!a and #. =. )ri!asta!a 220923 )tatistical medium optimi6ation for enhanced a6adirachtin production in
hairy root culture of A+adirachta indica. 1n !itro &ellular and .e!elopmental Biology@0lant. 484 7@84.

23. ). )ri!asta!a and #. =. )ri!asta!a 220923 ,n vitro culti!ation of a6adirachtin production by hairy root culti!ation of
A+adirachta indica in nutrient mist bioreactor #pplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 966223476:@7 8.

24. /eelima Boddapati, #nbarasu =, )uryara*a ;, #shish 5. Tendul"ar and 'ahalingam.). 2092. )ub@cellular
distribution of <uman 0utati!e /ucleolar BT0ase, B/A9 is regulated by a /o!el #rginine@lysine@rich and BT0@ binding domains in a &ell &ycle .ependent 'anner. Journal o- Molecular iology 4964 746@766.

25. )uryara*a. ;, #nitha. ', #nbarasu. =, Bita =umari and ). 'ahalingam. 2097. The %7 EbiIuitin ligase 1tch
regulates tumor suppressor protein ;#))(:L/?;%9 stability in an acetylation dependent manner. &ell .eath and .isease 21n press3. 26. '. 'ichael Bromiha, =. <arini, ;. )owdhamini and =. (u"ui 220923 )tructure@function relationship in olfactory receptors and discrimination of mutants with enhanced specificity. B'& Bioinformatics 97 2)uppl 34 )9.

27. #.'. Thanga"ani, ). =umar, .. 5elmurugan and '. 'ichael Bromiha 220923. <ow do thermophilic proteins resist aggregationW 0;?T%1/) 80, 9007@909:. 28. A@T. <uang and '. 'ichael Bromiha 220923 ;eal 5alue 0rediction of 0rotein (olding ;ate &hange upon 0oint 'utation. J. &omp. #id. 'ol. .es. 26, 77$@74 . 29. '. 'ichael Bromiha 220923 .e!elopment of ;/# )tiffness 0arameters and #nalysis on 0rotein@;/# Binding )pecificity4 &omparison with ./#. &urr. Bioinf. , 9 7@9 $ 30. T.;. 0riyadar6ini, J.(. )el!in, '. 'ichael Bromiha, =. (u"ui and =. 5elura*a. 220923 Theoretical in!estigation on the binding specificity of sialyldisaccharides with <emagglutinins of 1nfluen6a # !irus by '. simulations. J. Biol. &hem. 28 474:4 @: . 31. '.'ichael Bromiha, #.'. Thanga"ani, ). =umar and .. 5elmurugan 220923 )eIuence analysis and discrimination of amyloid and non@amyloid peptides. &omm. &omp. 1nf. )ci. 704, 44 @4:2. 32. '. 'ichael Bromiha, '.&. 0atha", =. )arabo*i, %. ?rtlund and %. Baucher 220973 <ydrophobic en!ironment is a "ey factor for the stability of thermophilic proteins. 0;?T%1/)4 )truct. (unct. Bioinf. 2in press3. 33. '. 'ichael Bromiha and ;. /agara*an 220973 &omputational approaches for predicting the binding sites and understanding the recognition mechanism of protein@./# complexes. #d!. 0rotein &hem. )tr. Biol. 2in press3 34. '. 'ichael Bromiha and D@D. ?u 220973 Bioinformatics approaches for functional annotation of membrane proteins. Brief. Bioinf 2in press3.

35. Bairgai, )., Bopal, J., /athan, #.#., Babu, 0a!an =umar, /., and .ixit, '. ,Blucose induced increase in circulating
progenitor cells is blunted in ano!ulatory sub*ect.- Human !eproduction. 220923, 'arH 2 2734844@:7.

36. Biri, <., 1llayara*a, '., .har, '., ;athna"umar, =., Ema, ;., and .ixit, '. ,0rotein tyrosine phosphatase )<02
mediates chronic insulin induced endothelial inflammation.- Arterisclerosis) .hrombosis and Vascular 220923, 724 9$47@9$:0. iology.

37. #bhi*it, )., Bhas"aran, ;., /arayanasamy, #., &ha"roborty, #., 'anic"am, /., .ixit, '., 'ohan, 5., and
Balasubramanyam, '. ,<yperinsulinemia@induced !ascular smooth muscle cell 25)'&3 migration and proliferation is mediated by con!erging mechanisms of mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidati!e stress.- Molecular and Cellular iochemistry. 220923, 7 7 29@234 $:@90:.

38. ;ushendhiran, =., 0otunuru, E.;., /astasi*e!ic, B., #!aneesh, T., Jo"sic, B. and .ixit, '. ,1nhibition of !ascular
smooth muscle cell proliferation by Bentiana lutea root extracts.- 220973, #ccepted in /L0S 0ne. 39. # ;ahe*a, # #garwal, 5ignesh 'uthu!i*ayan, T) &handra, T) /atara*an, )tudies on %ncapsulation of B)#, Ayso6yme and 1nsulin through &oaxial %lectrospinning 2'anuscript accepted3

40. &. #neesh, .. Bhoshdastidar, ). )enapati, Broo!e binding mechanism of 1onic liIuids4 # "ey factor in long@term
stability of ./# in hydrated 1onic liIuidsW, J. #m. &hem. )oc., 974, 20770, 220923. 41. /. =athiresan, J. 'ohan and ). )enapati, ;elating nucleotide dependent conformational changes in free tubulin dimer to tubulin assembly, Biopolymers, doi4 90.9002Lbip.229:7, 220923. 42. /. =athiresan and ). )enapati, Enderstanding the basis of drug resistance of the mutants of RX@tubulin dimer !ia molecular dynamics simulations, 0Ao) ?/% 2834 e427:9, 220923.

43. /. #ggarwal, 0.=. 'andal, /. Bautham , #. &hadha ,%xpression, purification, crystalli6ation and preliminary U ray
diffraction analysis of carbonyl reductase from Candida parapsilosis #T&& 770-#cta &ryst.2097 (6$, 797@79:

44. )abbasani ;a*ase"hara ;eddy, )el!ara* )tella and #n*u &hadha ,)implified 0rocedure for T%'0?&ataly6ed
?xidation4 )electi!e ?xidation of #lcohols, R@<ydroxy %sters, and #mides Esing T%'0? and &alcium <ypochlorite- Synthetic Communications, 424 74$7C7:07, 2092

45. ). )tella, #. &hadha ,Biocatalytic reduction of R@"eto amides to 2;3 R@hydroxy amides using Candida parapsilosis
#T&& 770- Catalysis .oday.2092, 9$8, 74:C 7:2

46. Thanga!elu )ara!anan, ;a*endran )el!a"umar, 'u"esh .oble, #n*u &hadha ,)tereochemical preference of
&andida parapsilosis #T&& 770 mediated deracemi6ation4 %@ !ersus F@aryl secondary alcohols- .etrahedron" Asymmetry 27 220923 9760C9768

47. 0ula 'aha*abeen and #n*u &hadha ,?ne@pot synthesis of enantiomerically pure 9, 2@diols4 asymmetric reduction of
aromatic a@oxoaldehydes catalysed by Candida parapsilosis #T&& 29:6C2960 770- .etrahedron" Asymmetry 22 220993

48. 'ohanasundaram )5, 0. )hyam, /.0. ;atchagar, #. &hadha, %. Bhattacharya, and ). 0a!an, # miniaturi6ed p< sensor with an embedded counter electrode and a readout circuit, 1%%% sensors *ournal, #ccepted 229@Jan@20973

49. )ahu B), 'ohan J, )ahu B, #llu 0=;, )ubramanian A, )onawane 0J, )ingh 0=, )asi B=, )enapati ), 'a*i )=,
Bera #=, Bomathi B), 'ullasari #), 'ahapatra /R. 2092. (unctional genetic !ariants of the catecholamine@ release@inhibitory peptide catestatin in an 1ndian population4 allele@specific effects on metabolic traits. J Biol &hem 28 4 47840@478:2 2(eatured in /ature 1ndia4 http4LLwww.nature.comLnindiaL2092L929209L fullL nindia. 2092. 9 .html3.

50. )ahu B), 'ohan J, )ahu B, )ingh 0=, )onawane 0J, )asi B=, #llu 0=;, 'a*i )=, Bera #=, )enapati ),
'ahapatra /;. 2092. 'olecular interactions of the physiological anti@hypertensi!e peptide catestatin with the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. J &ell )ci 92:4 2727C277 .

51. (riese ;), De &, /ie!ergelt &', )chor" #J, 'ahapatra /;, ;ao (, /apolitan 0), +aalen J, %hret BB, 'unroe 0B,
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56. 5en"ata, '., ;. )ripathy, .. #n*ana, /. )omashe"ara, #. =rishnara*u, ). =rishanu, '. 'urali, ). ;ama 5erma and
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=ohila 5ani, )usha Thomas, 5. 0rabhawathi, T. Boobalan, )hilpa )awant, 'u"esh .oble. ,n2vitro biocompatiblity of modified polycarbonate as a biomaterial, Colloids and Sur-aces " iointer-aces) 2#ccepted in press3, #!ailable online4 (%B 2097, .?14 90.9096L*.colsurfb.2097.09.06


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79. 80.

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5. 0rabhawathi, 0. '. )i!a"umar, 'u"esh .oble. Breen )ynthesis of 0rotein )tabili6ed )il!er /anoparticles Esing 0seudomonas fluorescens, a 'arine Bacterium, and 1ts Biomedical #pplications +hen &oated on 0olycaprolactam, ,ndustrial 3 Engineering Chemistry !esearch, 2092, 5olume4 :9, 1ssue4 94, 0ages4 :270@:27$, 0ublished4 #0; 2092, .?14 90.9029Lie202$7$2.


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;enganathan Jaya"umar, =ristin )teger , T.). &handra, )undaram )eshadri, #n assessment of temporal !ariations in physicochemical and microbiological properties of barmouths and lagoons in &hennai 2)outheast coast of 1ndia3, 'arine 0ollution Bulletin, #!ailable online 9: 'arch 2097

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6. 7. 8. 9.

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c@"it targeting 1mmunotoxins in c@"it o!erexpressing 0ancreatic &ancer 0resented atBiomedica conference at Belgium Aiege, Belgium, 98th@ 9$th of #pril.

17. .hanase"aran )ugapriya and 5erma ;ama ) 220923 1nduction of functional <epatocytes@li"e cells from mouse
mesenchymal stem cells by (?U#2 for li!er de!elopment presented at 1nternational )ociety for )tem cell research 90th #nnual 'eeting held at 0acifico@Do"ohama, Japan June 97@96.

18. 0rasanna 5idyase"ar, 0a!ithra)hyamsunder, ;a*ala"smi ) and 5erma ;ama ) 220923 # 7@.ementianl &ulture
)ystem for enchanced differentiation of 'esenchymal )tem &ell into the &ardiac Aineagepresented at 1nternational )ociety for )tem cell research 90th #nnual 'eeting held at 0acifico@Do"ohama, Japan June 97@96

19. )omashe"ara /ir!anashetty, #*ay =apoor, ;. ). 5ermaA &. /. ;amchand )creening and .e!elopment of
(ormulation of B#&%@9 1nhibitor for the TreatmentL'anagement of #l6heimerOs .isease2#.3 presented at 0B conference 2092 )winburne Eni!ersity of Technology C 'elbourne, #ustralia /o!ember 9:@98

20. .illip =umar Bishi, )omaBuhatha"urta, =. '. &herian, ;ama )han"ar 5erma %lectrospun nanofibrous scaffold of
poly 2l@lactic acid3@co@poly 2@caprolactone3Lcollagen guides trans@differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells towards functional hepatospheres1nternational &onference on .esign of Biomaterials 2B1/.@923G 11)&, Bangalore $@993

21. Beetha 5en"atachalam, 'u"esh .oble. )ynthesis and &haracteri6ation of &yclic ] @ 29, 23@ Blucan from
Agrobacterium tume-aciens. #0&B%%) 7rd 1nternational &onference on Aife )cience and Technology 21&A)T 20973, January 9$@20th, ?ral presentation, .ubai, E#%.

22. 'aya ;aman and 'u"esh .oble 220973. 0hysicochemical properties and structural e!aluation of macroalgal polysaccharides. &omm. #ppl. Biol. )ci. Bhent Eni!ersity, 8L9, 48. 0oster presented at 1ndo@%uropean (ood and <ealth &onference conducted at 11T &hennai, 1ndia, (eb 90@92, 2097.

23. Beetha 5en"atachalam, 'u"esh .oble. 1solation and &haracteri6ation of cyclic X@glucans from ;hi6obium meliloti.
1nternational symposium of chemistry and chemical Biology of natural products, 2092, #ugust 2@4, 0oster presentation, 11&T@<yderabad, 1ndia.

24. /anda"umar 5, &hittaran*an ), and 'u"esh .oble. 0oster presentation on ,0AB# /anoparticle with <igh Blycolic
#cid &ontent as .rug .eli!ery .e!ices- in &olloids > /anomedicine 2092, #msterdam, The /etherlands.

25. #rutchel!i J, 'u"esh .oble. 0oster presentation on ,%ffect of &ounterions on 'icellar 'orphologies of
&ycliclipopeptide 0roduced by /etherlands. acillus subtilis DB - in &olloids > /anomedicine 2092, #msterdam, The

26. 0ramal Biswa, 'u"esh .oble. 1solation of a 'arine [uorum )ensing )pecies of /roteus. 0oster presented at the
1nternational conference, ,;egulatory /etwor" #rchitecture in Bacteria2;/#B3- held at )astra Eni!ersity, Tamil /adu, 'arch $@99, 2092. The poster fetched 2nd pri6e in best poster presentation.

2 . /isha ) .e!i, 0admapriya 0aragi !edanthi, 'u"esh .oble. %!aluation of the :@lipoxygenase inhibitory acti!ity of coumarins. (ourth %uropean +or"shop on Aipid 'ediators 0asteur 1nstitute @ 0aris, )eptember 2 @28, 2092

28. ;atna )unil B, )ampath=umar T), Eday &ha""ingal, /anda"umar 5 and 'u"esh .oble ?ral presentation on
,(riction )tir 0rocessing of 'agnesiumC/anoapatite &omposites for ;apid Biominerali6ation with &ontrolled .egradation- in 4th Biometal 2092, 1nternational )ymposium on Biodegradable 'etals for Biomedical #pplication, 'aratea, 1taly.

29. Jerrine Joseph, '. ;adha"rishnan, #6ger .usteec"er, 5ana*a =umar, )oumya )waminathan, ;.Balagurunathan,
#rumugam )enthil"umar, 'u"esh .oble, Juan .a!id, )an*ib Bha"ta. &haracteri6ation of anti@mycobacterial compound from less explored ecosystems4 Towards no!el drug disco!ery for Tuberculosis. 0oster presented at the 1nternational conference, ,Mycobacterium tuberculosis......can we beat itW- 29 'arch 2097 The ;oyal &ollege of 0athologists Bir"bec", Eni!ersity of Aondon. Enited =ingdom.

70. )uraish"umar B=, #cti!e Aearning through 5ideo Aectures 0eer@re!iewed, published full paper in the proceedings of the 1nternational &onference on %ngineering %ducation, Tur"u, (inland 220923

31. #ggarwal, /. and #. &hadha 220923 )tudies on alcohol dehydrogenase from Candida parapsilosis #T&&
770. iomers Symposium, )eptember 29, 2092, .epartment of Biotechnology, 1ndian 1nstitute of Technology 'adras, &hennai, 1ndia.

32. )neha.), 0reetha.; and #n*u &hadha G7rd 1nternational &onference and %xhibition on #nalytical and Bioanalytical
TechniIuesG 2#nalytica #cta@20923 at <yderabad 1nternational &on!ention &enter, 1ndia. /o!ember 22nd @24th, 2092.

33. )hoba /arayan, #shwini ;a*agopalan, )hruthi ;eddy and #n*u &hadha ,.esigning probes for molecular sensing4
)pectroscopic studies on the specific and non@specific@crosslin"ing of gold nanoparticles to a model protein- 4th 1nternational &onference on #d!anced 'aterials, 0ctober 9 C 9$220923, &hennai, 1ndia.

74. #nshi"a #garwal, #nant ;ahe*a, T.) /atara*an, T.) &handra, #pplication of nanoclay containing electrospun nanofibers for de!eloping pac"aging system for bread, 1n!ited tal", 1nternational &onference on 0oly 0ac"aging #pplication, 2092 Boo2$%

1. (uture of %nergy in 1ndia@0roceedings of the /ational %ssay &ompetition 2092 2/%& 20923, .ecember 6@8, 2092.
%ditors4 )mita )ri!asta!a and ;. )harma. 1)B/4 $ 8@$7@8068$@92@8, &opyright ^2092 by 1ndian 1nstitute of Technology 'adras, &hennai 2T/3@600 076

2. '. 'ichael Bromiha, &o@author of #d!anced 1ntelligent &omputing4 Theories and #pplications, Aecture /otes in
#rtificial 1ntelligence. 0ublisher4 )pringer

3. )./. Bummadi, 5. Beetha, '. .oble, &yclic X@glucans from microorganisms4 0roduction, properties and
applications, 0ublisher4 )pringer Briefs in 'icrobiology

4. 5. )rini!asa &ha"ra!arthy, .emystifying the Brain, e@boo" by /0T%A.

C+ /t!r in Boo2$%


.extran and pentosan sulphate@&linical applications, ;. 0arthasarathy and #. Jaya"rishnan, &hapter 6, in iodegradable /olymers in Clinical 8se and Clinical Development , #!i .omb, /eera* =umar and #!ia #6ra %ds., +iley, 2099.


). )ri!asta!a and #.= )ri!asta!a 220973 Biotechnology and Benetic %ngineering for #l"aloid 0roduction. 1n4 =. B. ;amawat, J.'. 'erillon and '. <enry 2%ds.3 <andboo" of /atural 0roducts, )pringer@5erlag, Berlin <eidelberg 2.?1 90.900 L$ 8@7@642@22944@6_$:3.


). 'ahalingam, '.;.=. )ubba ;ao, /eelima Boddapati, T. 1ndu Jose and .ebduti.atta. /ucleolar Transport of 0utati!e BT0ase B/A9 and ;elated 0roteins. 0roteins of the /ucleolus@;egulations, Translocations, and Biomedical (unctions. 2eds3 .anton <. ?O.ay and #ndrew &atalano 220973 )pringer. 1n press


'. 'ichael Bromiha 220973 &omputational approaches for understanding the recognition mechanism of protein complexes. 1n GBiomolecular forms and functionsG, 2%d. '. Bansal and /. )rini!asan3, 11)c 0ress and +ord )cientific, )ingapore, pp 9$8@20$.


;ama )han"er 5erma, )irisha 0otala, 'rudula 'athew and )wati chaudhary 220923 #pplication of 'icrobial Toxins for &ancer Therapy T. )atyanarayana et, al. 2eds.3, 'icroorganisms in )ustainable #griculture and Biotechnology, .?1 90.900 L$ 8@$4@00 @2294@$_28, ^ )pringer )cience Business 'edia B.5. 2092


0.'. )i!a"umar and 'u"esh .oble. #rtificial /eural /etwor" 'odel Based [)#; for ?xygen &ontaining <eterocycles as )electi!e &?U@2 1nhibitors, ;ecent Trends on [)#; in the 0harmaceutical 0erceptions, %ditor2s34 'ahmud TareI <assan =han, 2092, 2::@2 9, .?14 90.29 4L $ 896080:7 $ 992090902::


5. 0rabhawathy, 0.'.)i!a"umar and 'u"esh .oble. Biological synthesis of sil!er nanoparticles and their functional properties, /anoscience and #d!ancing &omputational 'ethods 1n &hemistry, edited by .r. %duardo .. &astro, 2092, 962@9 $, .?14 90.4098L$ 8@9@4666@960 @7.

M 6or in,r $tructur! d!4!'o/"!nt " d! in t+! D!/ rt"!nt

/ew instruments and eIuipments purchased for 0roteomics and Benomics4 (#&), )urface 0lasmon resonance spectroscopy, A&@'), Uray diffractometer.

4.4.1 Introduction:


The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1959. The Department has 28 faculty members who carry out research in state of the art areas. The focus of the research is geared towards energy materials and en!ironment. "aculty wor# towards analy$ing these systems by understanding their beha!ior at the molecular le!el as well as using a systems approach. 4.4.2 Acade ic Pro!ra e":

Ne# Cour"e" introduced: $%. No. 1 2 * Cour"e No. C%5&12 C%5&1* C%5&1+ Tit%e 'odelling and (imulation of )articulate )rocesses )rinciples of "uel Cells ,nterfacial (cience and Engineering

$tudent" on ro%%: Pro!ra e I &ear .1 1/ *2 . 1* 1*9 II 'ear /9 18 29 21 2/ 1/* III 'ear .5 2& 1 . 1/ 119 I( 'ear 5. 19 & + 5 85 ( 'ear ) ot*er" / 1. & 1 12 */ Tota% 2.8 9& /2 +& .2 5+2

-.Tech. Dual Degree '.Tech. '.(. )h.D. Tota%

Na e" o+ $tudent,$c*o%ar #*o attended Con+erence, ,$e inar and $& -o"ia A.road,India: $%. No. Na e o+ t*e $tudent,$c*o%ar Ro%% No. C%&8D&1* C%&8D&15 Na e o+ t*e Con+erence, $e inar , $& -o"ia , /or0"*o11th ,nternational (ymposium on )rocess (ystems Engineering ,nternational 23) conference4 2&12 ,nternational (ymposium on 2d!anced control of Chemical processes 11th ,nternational (ymposium on )rocess (ystems Engineering 11th ,nternational (ymposium on )rocess (ystems Engineering 1/th ,nternational Congress of 8heology 1/th ,nternational Congress of 8heology ,nternational Conference CCEC) 2&1* (E8C (chool on 'olecular (imulations ,nternational wor#shop on mathematics in chemical #inetics and engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; Date and (enue 0uly 9th 2&12 (ingapore 'ay &.4&9 2&12 5oslar 5ermany 0uly 1&41* 2&12 (ingapore 0uly 15419 2&12 (ingapore 0uly &5419 2&12 (ingapore. 2ug. &5412 2&12 )ortugal 2ug. &5412 2&12 )ortugal Dec. 2542/ 2&12 (ingapore Dec. 28 2&12 to 0an. &2 2&1* 1anpur "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras Financia% A""i"tance +ro ,,T' ,,T4' 44 ,,T' ,,T' ,,T ' ,,T' ,,T ' 3rgani$ers ,,T'

A.road: 1 '. (udha#ar 2 * + 5 / . 8 India: 1 2 6abil ' 5o#ul (i!a (an#ar 5 Dugyala 7en#ateswar 8ao 2n9ali T 5 (reenita -hattacharya 1. 5outham '. (udha#ar 1. (i!agami

C%&9D&&+ C%1&(&12 C%11D&15 C%11D&18 C%11(&&8 C%11'&11 C%&8D&1*

* + 5 / C%1&D&15 . 8 C 6 )ratheeba Dipin ( )illai C%1&D&1. 5.1eerthiga 1.(.8a9amohan C%&9D&&. C%1&D&&*

9 1&

%ari#rishna 8eddy.%ari#rishna 8eddy.-

C%1&(&1* C%1&(&1*

1&th ,nternational 3il and 5as conference and E<hibition :)etrotech42&12; 6ational (ymposium on Electrochemical (cience and Technology :6(E(T412;= +th ,nternational conference on 2d!anced 6anomaterials 4 26' 2&12 ,nternational wor#shop on mathematics in chemical #inetics and engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; (ymposium on ,nternational 2utomoti!e Technology :(,2T4 2&1*; ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; Chemference412 ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; +th ,nternational conference on 2d!anced 6anomaterials 4 26' 2&12 Chemference>12 ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; "ifth ,(E2C Triennial ,ntl. conference on 2d!ances ? 8ecent Trends in Electrochemistry ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; Chemference> 12 ,ndo4@( Aor#shop on Electrocatalytic 'aterials for "uel Cells and -iofuel Cells ,ndo4@( wor#shop on Electrocatalytic 'aterials for "uel and -iofuel cells

3ct.1+41. 2&12 6ew Delhi 2ug. 2+425.2&12 ,,(c -angalore 3ct. 1.419 2&12 ,,T 'adras "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras 0an. &9 412 2&1* )une "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras Dec. 1&412 2&12 ,,T -ombay and ,CT 'umbai "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras 3ct. 1.419 2&12 ,,T 'adras Dec. 1&411 2&12 ,,T -ombay and ,CT 'umbai "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras 0an. 1/42&. 2&1* %yderabad "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras Dec. 1&411 2&12 ,,T -ombay and ,CT 'umbai "eb. 2/428. 2&1* -%@ 7aranasi "eb. 2/428. 2&1* -%@ 7aranasi

,,T' 44 ,,T' ,,T'

,,T' 444

,,T' ,,T'

11 12 1*

8.)iramuthu 8a9a 2sho# 2bhishan#ar #umar -asa!ara9a 8 0

C%11D&&. C%11D&1/ C%11D&19

,,T' ,,T' ,,T'


-eula C




"athima "asmin




0ason 8yan )icardo




2mala ' 'athai



18 19 2&

,,T' ,,T' ,,T'

"a$il.2 2bhilash 0. 1ottiyatil

C%11'&&. C%11'&1/


Danny 8a9 '



Dhanya 8am 7


2* 2+

8.(a!itha (imi (antosh

C%12D&&+ C%12D&&/

2+ 2/

' 7olga 5. (ri -ala

C%12D&19 C%12(&12

,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; +th ,nternational conference on 2d!anced 6ano 'aterials ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*; ,ndo4@( Aor#shop on Electrocatalytic 'aterials for fuel cells ? biofuel cells ,nternational wor#shop on 'athematics in Chemical #inetics and Engineering :'aC1iE 2&1*;

"eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras 3ct. 1.419 2&12 ,,T 'adras "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras "eb. 2/428. 2&1* -%@ 7aranasi "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* ,,T 'adras



44 ,,T'

,,T' ,,T'

Na e" o+ "tudent","c*o%ar" #*o #on out"ide -ri1e" and a#ard": $%.No. 1 2 * + 5 / . 8 9 1& 5.#eerthiga 2run (ri#anth ( 1.(.8a9amohan 2bhishan#ar 1umar 2mala ' 'athai "a$il.2 ( (riram C%&9D&&. C%&9(&&1 C%1&D&&* C%11D&1/ C%11'&&2 C%11'&&. C%11(&29 Na e o+ t*e $tudent,$c*o%ar 1 8am (atish '. (udha#ar Ro%% No. C%&/D&&9 C%&8D&1* Na e o+ Pri1e -est )hD Thesis and 8esearch 2ward in Chemical Engineering -est student poster award -est paper award -est digital presentation -est Thesis 2ward -est )oster 2ward -est )oster )resentation poster award -est )oster 2ward -est )oster )resentation Pri1e a#arded .& Dr 2 7 8ama 8ao "oundation>s 11th ,nternational (ymposium on )rocess (ystems Engineering (ingapore. ,,(c -angalore 'inistry of )etroleum ? 6atural 5as 5o, 6ew Delhi ,(TE4,)CB ,,T 'adras ,,T -ombay ,,T 'adras -%@47aranasi ,,T -ombay

Na e o+ $tudent",$c*o%ar" #*o #on In"titute Con2ocation Pri1e: $%.No. 1 2 * + 5 4.4.3 Facu%t&: Na e and 4ua%i+ication" Pro+e""or: Dr. ).(.T. (ai 6Head7 Dr. 2bhi9it Deshpande Dr. 2. 8. -ala#rishnan Ma5or area o+ "-ecia%i1ation Chemical reactor analysis and design 8heology of comple< fluids polymers and polymeric composites )rocessing flow !isuali$ation -oiling of 'ulticomponent 'i<tures "low -oiling %eat transfer in Con!entional and 'iniC'icrochannels Thermodynamics of 2$eotropic 'i<tures Na e o+ t*e $tudent,$c*o%ar Thimmineni 8a!i#eerthi 8ohit 1annan (ree#anth 8a9agopalan 2run (ri#anth ( 2run 1 'aharshi 'aitra Facu%t& and t*eir acti2itie": Ro%% No. C%&.-&5/ C%&8-&*/ C%&8-&+2 C%&9(&&1 C%1&'&&* C%1&'&1. Na e o+ Pri1e" - 8a!ichandran 'emorial )ri$e 8eliance %eat Transfer )!t. Btd. )ri$e C 2 (astry Endowment )ri$e -hagyala#shmi ? 1rishna 2yengar 2ward for the best '.Tech thesis at the +9th Con!ocation Dr 1 (ubba 8a9u 'emorial )ri$e

Dr. '. Chidambaram Dr. 2. 1annan Dr. 1. 1rishnaiah Dr. 8. 6agara9an Dr. T. )anda Dr. (. )ushpa!anam Dr. 8aghunathan 8engasamy Dr. 8. 8a!i Dr. (han#ar 6arasimhan Dr. (reeni!as 0ayanti Dr. T.(waminathan Dr. Tanmay -asa# A""ociate Pro+e""or: Dr. 2run 1. Tangirala Dr. )reeti 2ghalayam Dr. (. 8amanathan Dr. (usy 7arughese Dr. @pendra 6atara9an A""i"tant Pro+e""or: Dr. '.5. -asa!ara9a Dr. Ethayara9a 'ani Dr. 8aghuram Chetty Dr. 8. 8amnarayanan Dr. 8. 8a!i#rishna Dr. T. 8enganathan Dr. (ridhara#umar 6arasimhan Dr. 8 7inu Ad5unct Pro+e""or: Dr. 6i#et (. 1aisare Ho"ted Fe%%o#: Dr. 1 7i9aya 8agha!an Gue"t Facu%t&: Dr. 1 ( 8a!indran

)rocess Control 'athematical 'odeling (imulation and 3ptimi$ation of Chemical processes Chemical reactor analysis and design fluidi$ation )article (cience ? Technology @ltrasonic )rocessing (tatistical Duality Control -ioprocess 3ptimi$ation bioprocess technology and en$yme design 'odeling and simulation non linear dynamics flow !isuali$ation )rocess (ystems EngineeringE "uel CellsE Computational Discrete 'icrofluidics 2pplied statistical mechanics foundations of thermodynamics and mechanics process dynamics and control )rocess design data mining fault diagnosis "uel cells Combustion Energy systems En!ironmental 'anagement -iotechnology 'embrane technology En!ironmental ris# assessment 'icroware application mathematical modeling and simulation )rocess systems engineeringE control identification ? monitoringE applied signal processing Chemical 8eaction Engineering Electrochemisty Chemical 'echanical )lanari$ation for semiconductor processing )hysics ? mechanics of polymeric materials polymeric nano composites )olymer (cience ? Engineering 'olecular simulation statistical thermodynamics of comple< fluids nanostructured hybrid composite materials. Directed assembly of colloids 'icrostructure and rheology of colloids surfactants polymer and their mi<tures ,nterfacial rheology ,onic liFuids )articulate gels 'olecular simulations self4assembly mathematical modeling Electrocatalysis "uel cells Aastewater treatment (tructural models for solids %igh resolution spectroscopy and microscopy ,ndustrial catalysts Contaminated (ediment remediation contaminant fate and Transport 2ir )ollution process and control. 'ultiphase reactors Computational "luid Dynamics )rocess (ystem Engineering optimi$ation )rocess Control "ault diagnosis. Thermo4catalytic con!ersion of biomass to useful intermediates )hotocatalysis for en!ironmental decontamination 'icro#inetic modelling of comple< reactions 'icroreactor Technology 'ultiscale modeling )rocess control "uel )rocessing "uel cells. En!ironmental -iotechnology Aater Duality and Aaste water Treatment Technology De!elopment and Transfer to 'anufacturing 'aterials and Thin "ilm Technologies Duality 'anagement (ystems


Cour"e", /or0"*o-", $e inar", $& -o"ia ,Con+erence" or!ani1ed .& t*e +acu%t& Tit%e (ystem ,dentificationG Tutorial 3!er!iew ? Emerging Trends Electrochemical #inetics and thermodynamics 4 principles with applications 2pplications of )rocess (imulators in Chemical Engineering 2pplications of 'olecular (imulations in 8esearch ? ,ndustry

e .er": Period 0une 2&421 2&12 2pr. 1141* 2&1* 6o!. 2/4*& 2&12 0an.1+418 2&1*

$%. No. Coordinator:"; $*ort8ter Cour"e": 1 2run 1. Tangirala (. 8amanathan (rini 8agha!an * T.8enganathan 1annan Con+erence: 1 Ethayara9a 'ani ? )i9ush 5osh Dept. of 2pplied 'echanics 2 ( )ushpa!anam * /or0"*o-G 1 2run 1. Tangirala 2 * 8aghuram Chetty + 5 / Ethayara9a 'ani $*ort ter Cour"e: 1 T. 8enganathan 1annan 2. 2

'athematics in Chemical 1inetics and Engineering ,ndo European "ood for %ealth Conference Transform TechniFues for (ignal ? ,mage )rocessing H )(8 College (i!a#asi Binear (ystems Theory ? (ystem ,dentification H T@' 'unich 5ermany I(afety in )rocess ,ndustry= sponsored by the Department of Chemicals and )etrochemicals 'inistry of Chemicals and "ertili$ers 6ew Delhi Technology 2ppreciation )rogramme :T2); on I"uel Cells= ChemCla!e 2&1* 2pplication of 'olecular (imulations in 8esearch ? ,ndustry 2pplications of )rocess (imulators

"eb. &+4 &/ 2&1* "eb.1&412 2&1* 0une 1+415 2&12 'ay 1541/ 2&12 6o!. &.4&9 2&12 Dec. 21 2&12 'ar. 1541. 2&1* 0an. 1+418 2&1* 6o!. 2/4*& 2&12 e .er"

$*ort8ter Cour"e", /or0"*o-", $e inar", $& -o"ia, Con+erence", Trainin! attended .& t*e +acu%t& in Acade ic in"titution" and Pu.%ic $ector 9nderta0in!": $%. No. Na e o+ +acu%t& /or0"*o-: 1 (reeni!as 0ayanti $& -o"ia: 1 8 6agara9an 2 * + 5 ( (han#ar 6arasimhan 2run Tangirala )reeti 2ghalayam 8aghuram Chetty Tit%e Coal to Energy for (ustainable De!elopment 8th ,nternational (ymposium on Ca!itations 11th ,nternational (ymposium on )rocess (ystems Engineering )(E 2&12 2d!anced Control of Chemical )roceses :2DC%E' 2&12; Chemical 8eaction Engineering :,(C8E; (e!ere 2ccident 2nalysis and 'anagement :(22'42&1*; (ymposium 2,ChE 2&12 2DC%E' 2&12 (econd ,ndo 5erman wor#shop on 2d!ances in 8eaction and (eparation )rocesses 2&12 2,ChE 2nnual 'eeting In"titution 6T)C and D(T 6ew Delhi 6@( (ingapore (ingapore (ingapore 'aastricht The 6etherlands Department of Chemical Engineering ,ndian ,nstitute of Technology 1anpur 2,ChE ,"2C -ad %errenalb 5ermany )ittsburgh )2

Period 0an. 1&411 2&1* 2ug. 1+ 41/ 2&12 0uly 15429 2&12 0uly &.41*.2&12 (ept. &24&5 2&12 "eb. 1 4 * 2&1*.

Con+erence: 1 2run 1. Tangirala 2 * + ( )ushpa!anam

6o!. &24&. 2&12 0uly 1&41* 2&12 "eb. 2&422 2&12 3ct. 28 4&2 6o!. 2&12

5 / . 8

T (waminathan (reeni!as 0ayanti (. 8amanathan (ridhara#umar 6arasimhan

I,nternational Conference on (ustainable -uilt En!ironment >12= Conference 3pportunities and Challenges in @nderground coal 5asification EC( "all 2&12 conference ,"2C symposium on (ystem ,dentification

1andy (rilan#a Chandigarh ,ndia Electrochemical (ociety :EC(; @(2 -russels -elgium

Dec.1+41/ 2&12 "eb. 11412 2&12 'ay . 4 11 2&12 0uly 1141* 2&12

$-ecia% Lecture" de%i2ered .& t*e +acu%t& in ot*er In"titution": $%. No. 1 2 * + 5 / . 8 9 1& 11 T )anda 6agara9an 8 1annan 2 Na e o+ +acu%t& 2bhi9it ) Deshpande To-ic o+ Lecture 8heology of networ#ed systemsG Barge amplitude oscillatory shear Clean )rocess TechnologiesG 8eacti!e Distillation J 2n e<citing )rocess ,ntensification Tool Concentration of ,ndustrial Effluents @sing 6atural E!aporators "aculty De!elopment )rogramme :%eat Transfer;G 2nalysis and 2pplication of 6atural Con!ecti!e (ystems 2spen )lus Aor#shop :2BC%E'K; 8th ,nternational (ymposium on Ca!itation )ro9ect )resentation to 5' -%EB 8 ?D )ro9ect )resentation )ro9ect )resentation Erosion "ouling and (lagging 6ational (eminar on 8ecent Trends on ad!anced "ermentation Technology Core 2nnular "low in a gently cur!ed channel 2pplications of nonlinear Dynamics in chemical engineering 2pplications of nonlinear Dynamics in chemical engineering Transport )rocesses in 'icrofluidics 2n 3!er!iew of "uel Cell Technology In"titution ,,(c -angalore 5'8 ,nstitute of Technology 2.). 5'8 ,nstitute of Technology 2.). 2.C. College of Technology 2nna @ni!ersity Chennai 6ational ,nstitute of Technology Trichy (ingapore ,,T' 8esearch )ar# Chennai )an,,T 2lumni 'eet 1ol#atta Delhi 2lumni Chapter 'eet 6ew Delhi C88,D Chandigarh Dept. of -iotechnology 7el Tech %igh Tech Chennai @ni!ersity of %ouston ,,T' 5ayathri 7idhya )arishad College 7isha#apatnam Dept of 'ech. Engg ,,T' Department of Chemical Engineering 5o!ernment Engineering College Thrissur 1erala Department of Chemistry College of Engineering 2nna @ni!ersity Chennai Clar#son @ni!ersity @(2 %anyang @ni!ersity 1orea Date 0an. *1 2&1* 2pril + 2&12 2pril + 2&12 0une + 2&12 'arch 8 2&1* 2ug 1*41/ 2&12 3ct. 1* 2&12 Dec. .49 2&12 0an. 2& 2&1* "eb. 11412 2&1* 'arch 1+ 2&1* 6o!. &5 2&12 6o!. 28 2&12 6o!.1* 2&12 0an 1. 2&1* 'ar. &8 2&1*

12 1* 1+ 15 1/ )ushpa!anam (


8aghuram Chetty

2n ,ntroduction to Electrochemical TechniFues 6onlinear Electrochemical ,mpedance (pectroscopy Effect of abrasi!es in (T, C')

Dec.1. 2&12

18 8amanathan ( 19

'ay 1+ 2&12 3ct 1& 2&12

2& 21 22 2* 2+ 25 (reeni!as 0ayanti 2/ 8a!i 8 8enganathan T

2run 1. Tangirala

Duantification of ,nteractions in 'ultiloop Control (ystems @sing Directed (pectral Decomposition Data4dri!en Causality 'easures for Binear 'ulti!ariate )rocesses 3n Causality 'easures in Binear 'ulti!ariate processes 2 "lowsheet for the history of classical thermodynamics 2pplication of 'icrosoft E<cel for 6umerical 'ethods in Chemical Engineering 1; 3<yfuel combustion in the conte<t of carbon capture and seFuestration 2; Chemical looping combustion in the conte<t of carbon capture and seFuestration 1inetic 'onte Carlo to unra!el reaction pathways in comple< systems gi!en in (TT) on 2pplications of 'olecular (imulation in 8esearch and ,ndustry Characteri$ation of polymer degradation by e<periments and #inetic models gi!en in 3ne day 6ational (eminar on 'odern TechniFues for the Characteri$ation of )olymeric 'aterials

Tsinghua @ni!ersity -ei9ing China Tsinghua @ni!ersity -ei9ing China Technical @ni!ersity of 'unich 'unich 5ermany (ri 7en#ateswara @ni!ersity Tirupati 5o!ernment Engineering College Trishur 6T)C ? D(T 6ew Delhi

0une 19 2&12 0une 18 2&12 'ay 25 2&12 Dec. 1& 2&12 (ept. 1&4 11 2&12 0an. 1&411 2&1*

,,T 'adras

0an. 18 2&1*


7inu 8

7ellore ,nstitute of Technology Chennai

'ar. &2 2&1*

(i"it" a.road .& +acu%t&: $%. No. 1 2 * Na e o+ +acu%t& Countr& (i"ited (ingapore 3rlando "lorida Kale @ni!ersity 5raduate (chool 2lumni 2ssociation and the Dept of Chemical Engineering @(2 0apan 1yushu @ni!. 6@( (ingapore @(2 Date 2pr. &/4&8 2&12 2pr. *&4&* 2&12 'ay 1+415 2&12 Pur-o"e o+ 2i"it )an ,,T 2)2C 2&12 ,E(T 58th 2nnual Technical 'eeting discussion regarding research collaboration 7isit to 3ther @ni!ersities )rogramme Baunch tal# on I@ltrasonic )rocess ,ntensification= 2lumni 7isit academic collaborations industrial relations and entrepreneurial !entures Conference Becture Conference (abbatical (pecial BecturesE 7isiting "ellow Fundin! )ro9ect "unds C)D2 ,,T 'adras C)D2

+ 5 / .

8 6agara9an

'ay *&4*1 2&12 0an. 2+42. 2&1* 2ug. 1+ 2&12 0une 1&421 2&12

6ot from ,,T' 1yushu @ni!. ,,T 'adras )ro9ect "unds

8 9 1& 11 ( )ushpa!anam

@(24 )ittsburgh %ouston 5ermany Conference @(2 China

3ct. 28 2&12 "eb 2& 2&12 2ugust &1 2&12 to present 0une 1.42+ 2&12

,,T 'adras )ro9ect @ni!ersity of Delaware Tsinghua @ni!ersity China


2run 1. Tangirala


'ay 1*428 2&12 'ay 21422 2&12 3ct. 94 12 2&12 'ay &/411 2&12 0une 114&5 0uly 2&12 'ay 28 2&124 0une &1 2&12 'ay 21422 2&12 0une 2/42. 2&12 0uly 1141. 2&12 0uly 9 2&12 0une 11 J 0uly &. 2&12 (ept. 19421 2&12

1* 1+

)reeti 2ghalayam

The 6etherlands (outh 1orea

( 8amanathan 15 1/ 1. 18 (reeni!as 0ayanti 19 2& 21 22 2* (usy 7arughese (ridhara#umar 6arasimhan 'unich 5ermany -russels -elgium 5ent -elgium 6T6@ Trondheim 6orway California @(2 8 8amnarayanan @(2 @(2 (pain The 6etherlands

8esearch CollaborationsE Aor#shopE T@'4,2( 7isiting "ellow Consortium )rogress meeting for )ro9ect )ro9ect discussion meeting Conference presentation (abbatical Conference 6anoformulation 2&12 Consortium )rogress meeting for )ro9ect To attend an ,nternational "low -attery "orum 2&12 ,"2C symposium on system identification Tal# and research discussions 8esearch interaction 2('E Conference on (mart 'aterials 2dapti!e (tructures ? ,ntelligent (ystems :('2(,(4 2&12;

,nstitute of 2d!anced (tudies T@' 5ermany )ro9ect "unds D(T C)D2 E@"). E@"). )ro9ect "unds ,,T 'adras C)D2 6ot from ,nstitute )artial funding from 6T6@ ,,T 'adras

Honour" and A#ard" o.tained .& +acu%t&: $%. No. A#ard": 1 8aghuram Chetty 2 Honour": 1 (han#ar 6arasimhan Na e o+ +acu%t& Na e o+ A#ard -hagyala#shmi ? 1rishna 2yengar 2ward 8ecei!ed Top Cited 2rticle Certificate from Else!ier Elected as "ellow of the ,62E A#arded .& ,,T 'adras Else!ier A#arded +or for ha!ing guided best '.Tech pro9ect wor# 8ecei!ed for an articled published during 2&&942&1& in Electrochimica 2cta. Distinguished Contribution to Engineering Date o+ a#ard 2pril 9 2&1* 2ugust 2&12

Council of ,62E

0anuary 2&1*

<oo0" aut*ored,co8aut*ored: $%. No. <oo0": 1 2 Na e o+ +acu%t& T )anda ( )ushpa!anam Tit%e %andboo# of "ood )rocess Design ,ntroduction to Chemical Engineering Pu.%i"*er Ailey -lac#well )rentice %all ,ndia Co8aut*or,Aut*or ( (ingha 4 Co4author ( )ushpa!anam4 2uthor

Fe%%o#"*i-" o+ Acade ie" and Pro+e""iona% $ocietie": $%. No. AIC*E Na e o+ +acu%t& 'ear o+ ad i""ion

1. 2 8 -ala#rishnan INAE: 1. (han#ar 6arasimhan 2. 2 8 -ala#rishnan I$HMT: 1. 2 8 -ala#rishnan IIC*E 1. 2 8 -ala#rishnan I$TE 1. 2 8 -ala#rishnan A$ME 1. 2 8 -ala#rishnan TNA$c 1 2 8 -ala#rishnan IA$ (i"itin! Fe%%o#"*i-= T9M= Ger an& 1 2run 1 Tangirala >ourna% Editoria% <oard": $%. No. 1. 2. *. +. 5. /. 4.4.4 (han#ar 6arasimhan Tanmay -asa# 8aghuram Chetty 2.8. -ala#rishnan Na e o+ +acu%t& Po"ition :Editor,Me .er; Editor Editor Editor Editorial -oard 'ember 2ssociate Editor 'ember

19.+ 2&1* 2&&* 1989 199& 199/ 1992 199/ 1*.&5.12 J 2..&5.12

>ourna% Na e ,nternational 0ournal of %ead and 'ass Transfer published by )ergamon )ress :Else!ier (cience;. ,nternational Communications in %eat and 'ass Transfer published by )ergamon )ress :Else!ier (cience;. 0ournal of Energy %eat and 'ass Transfer published by the 8egional Centre for Energy %eat and 'ass Transfer. ,CE 2d!ances in Chemical Engineering ,nternational 0ournal of %ead and 'ass Transfer ? ,nternational Communications in %eat and 'ass Transfer 6ano %ybrids

De"i!n and De2e%o- ent Acti2itie": a5or e?ui- ent -rocured: (a%ue :R". In %a0*"; 9./ *.* 18.& 5.& 8.& +.&

Ne# +aci%itie" added or $%. No. 1 2 * + 5 /

Na e o+ E?ui- ent Leta potential measurement unit 2spen )lus )rocess (imulation @ni!ersity Bicense :15& users; (ingle (hot 'icropyroly$er (yringe )umps :%ar!ard; 'icrochannel Chips and fittings:'icronit; Computers :5 nos;

Patent" +i%ed: $%. No. 1 2 * Na e o+ +acu%t& 8aghuram Chetty To-ic o+ -atent M2 'ethod of )reparing )alladium Dendrites on Carbon )aper> ,ndian )atent 2pplicationG 5188CC%EC2&12. M2 'ethod of )reparing )alladium Dendrites on Carbon 6anotubes> ,ndian )atent 2pplicationG +8&.CC%EC2&12 M2 'ethod of )reparing )alladium Dendrite> ,ndian )atent 2pplicationG */*2CC%EC2&12.


Re"earc* and Con"u%tanc&:

$-on"ored Re"earc* Pro5ect": $%. No. Tit%e Period Fundin! A!enc& A ount :R". In %a0*"; Co8ordinator"

Controlled drop spreading and sFuee$e flow analysis for impro!ed permeability description in composite process simulation 2dhesi!e 9oining technology

"eb.2&12 4 0an. 2&15



2bhi9it ) Deshpande

3ct. 2& 12 4 3ct 2&1+



'egasonic Cleaning 3ptimi$ation of thermal shoc# wa!e damage during selecti!e tissue cell remo!al using pulse shaping (tudy of cell migration under thermal and chemical gradients using microfluids based -,34 'E'( @nderstanding 'ass transfer and reactions in microchannels Elucidation of physio4chemical mechanisms in absorption of carbon dio<ide using microchannels for optimal design of absorption systems (tratification studies in the e!ent of a core disrupti!e accident BiFuid 0et instabilities -uc#ling control of cylindrical and conical shells for aerospace applications using )LT actuators E<periments and modeling for system4wide control of biodiesel engineers and after treatment systems Characteri$ation and modification of ceria particles for (T, C') Electrochemical deposition of (e for C,5( solar cell formation

3ct. 2&&9 J 3ct. 2&1* "eb. 2&12 J "eb. 2&1* (ept. 2&1& J (ept. 2&1* 2&1142&1* 2&1242&15

Crest @ltrasonics Corporation @(2 D(T :,ndo (outh 2frican; D-T


5 D 0ana#i 8am (rini!asa 8ao -a#shi '' 2bhi9it ) Deshpande C% 8 6agara9an



/ .

C(,8 Department of (cience and Technology :D(T; ,ndira 5andhi Center for 2tomic 8esearch Department of 2tomic Energy ,(83

12 /2

(arit 1umar Das T )anda "ran$40osef#aglen :(. 2frica; (arit 1umar Das T )anda 2mitata Das 5upta 6andia Das 5upta ( )ushpa!anam ( )ushpa!anam



( )ushpa!anam T. (undara9an :'E; ( )ushpa!anam )rof. C. Ba#shmana 8ao Dr. 2run 1. Tangirala )reeti 2ghalayam C% 6i#et 1aisare 8 8amanthan Tanmay -asa# 0in 5oo )ar# :1orean ),; (. 8amanathan 1asi 7iswanathan

9 1&

2&1242&1* (ept. 2&1& J (ept. 2&1* 2 years

*.8 29.+8 B




12 1*

2&1142&1+ 2&1*42&1/

D(T D(T4(E8,

1+ 15

(elf4assembly of patchy colloidsG 2 route to ad!anced functional materials 2 6anocomposite 'aterial for %igh )ower Bithium -attery Cathodes.

* years

D(T D(T 5o!t. of ,ndia :under ,ndo42ustralian (trategic 8esearch "und;

*1 : N +& million 1orean Aong; 1&& :pro9ect sanctioned but e<act funding not announced yet; 55.&& *5.15

Ethayara9a 'ani


8aghuram Chetty ) ? (el!am CK



Electrochemical and Corrosion -eha!ior of 21/B (tainless (teel as a )otential 2lternati!e To *1/B (( -ipolar )lates in "uel Cell 2pplications. Titanium compounds of interest in electrochemical Titanium production ,ntegrating 6anomaterials in "ormulations )roof of principle solar energy fuel storage cells The changing ris#s posed by petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater en!ironmentsG 'ultiphase fluid dynamics coupled to multispecies biodegradation E!aluation of strategies for the en!ironmental restoration of )alli#aranai marsh. 5reen roofsG 2n e<tensi!e study to assess the role of substrate plants and soil microbes to impro!e runoff Fuality (26( in!estigation of (ponge to Bamellar transition in surfactant4 protic ionic liFuid mi<ture 'odelling 2ccelerated 2geing and Degradation of (olid 3<ide "uel Cells :'22D4(3"C; 8helogy and microstructure of cellulose4,onic liFuid mi<tures "undamentals of catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass to biofuels and intermediates using a micropyrolysis reactor "undamentals of co4processing of biomass residues with waste polymers !ia fast pyrolysis for biofuels production and resource reco!ery

2&12 to 2&1+ 'ar. 2&&9 46o!. 2&12 :e<tension in progress; 0uly 2&&94 0une 2&12 0une 2&12 J 0une 2&1+ proposed (ept. 2&11 J 2ug. 2&1+


19 2&

8enault 6issan Technology ? -usiness Centre ,ndia )ri!ate Bimited Defense 8esearch and De!elopment 3rgani$ation ,ndia European @nion "ramewor# )rogram . 6issan :not supported; D(T C D,,(8 :,ndo42ustralian 0oint 8esearch )rogram; Department of "orestry 5o!t. of Tamilnadu D-T 5o,

9..5 1&.*9

8aghuram Chetty 6. Ba#shman ''

8amnarayanan 8 2&.. 8./ :not supported; *9.2/ ,ndu 6ambi CE 8. 8a!i#rishna C% 5. (uresh 1umar 3E

21 22

0an. 2&1*J 'ar. 2&1+ 5 years


,ndu 6ambi CE 8. 8a!i#rishna CE T. (waminathan C% 1 7i9ayaragha!an

.+.5& 1 year @5C4D2E C(8 O D(T :,ndo J @1; -oard of 8esearch in 6uclear (ciences ,,T 'adras (eed 5rant D(T &.*5 /*.2. *2..5 -asa!ara9 ' 5urappa C% 8an9it -auri '' (reeni!as 0ayanti C% -asa!ara9a ' 5urappa 2bhi9it ) Deshpande 8. 7inu

2* 2+ 25

* Kears * years


0uly 2&12 4 0une 2&15 0an. 2&1*4 Dec. 2&15




7inu 8 and ( 8amanathan

Indu"tria% Con"u%tanc& -ro5ect": $%.No. 1 Na e o+ +acu%t& 1annan 2. Tit%e )erformance 5uarantee Testing of ,nduced Draught Concrete Cross "low cooling tower at 'C(. 8ashtriya ,spat 6igam Btd. 7isha#apatnam 2.). Dynamic (imulation of a pilot plant fluidi$ed bed gasifier )rediction of the upper and the lower furnace temperature for high ash coals Indu"tr& %amon (hriram Cottrell )ri!ate Btd. -harat hea!y electricals limited :-%EB; -%EB Tiruchirapalli A ount :R". In %a0*"; 2.2

2 *

( )ushpa!anam (reeni!as 0ayanti

1. 2&.&

R<IC -ro5ect": $%. No. 1 2 * + Na e o+ +acu%t& Tit%e (pray Drying (lagging "ouling Linc 3<ide 'athematical 'odeling of a "luidi$ed bed gasifier for a mi<ture of ,ndian Coal and )etco#e Characterising tea e<traction in a !ending machineG an analysis of different protocols 'odelling and 3ptimisation of )lasma Enhanced coal gasification De!elopment of integrated software pac#age for data analysis and interpre4 tations of inspection data of long distance pipelines using ,nstrumented and caliper pigs of !arious si$es Dynamic 'odelling of "luidi$ed -ed 5asifier )reparation and 12haracteri$ation of )72 based membranes for selecti!e carbon dio<ide separation De!elopment of (imulators and 3ptimi$er for )E4,5CC )rocess &*4&542&1& To *141242&12 Dynamic 'odeling of a "luidised -ed 5asifier &141&42&11 To *14&*42&1* e .er": G G G G &* 8+ &* *+ Indu"tr& %industan @nile!er Btd. -%EB Trichy Coromandel "ertili$ers -harat )etroleum Corporation Btd :-)CB; and Centre for %igh Technology Tata 5lobal -e!erages 1orean ,nstitute of (cience and Technology ,3C A ount :R". In %a0*"; /./ 22.9 2*.& 5&

8 6agara9an ( )ushpa!anam

5 / .

( )ushpa!anam and 2 1annan ( )ushpa!anam and T. 8enganthan 2run 1. Tangirala :),G )rof. 1rishnan -alasubramanian; 2run 1. Tangirala :),sG Dr. T. 8enganathan )rof. (. )ushpa!anam; (usy 7arughese 2bhi9it ) Deshpande

1/ /& 59.*2

8 9

-%EB -loom Energy 1orea ,nstitute of (cience and Technology -harat %ea!y Electricals Bimited

1..21 1/.2 59.1 1..2

1& 11 T.8enganathan (.)ushpa!anam

Re"earc* Pu.%ication" o+ t*e +acu%t& a;

Total 6o. of papers published in 8efereed 6ational 0ournals

b) Total 6o. of papers published in 8efereed ,nternational 0ournals c) Total 6o. of papers presented in 6ational Conferences d) Total 6o. of papers presented in ,nternational conferences
a; In Re+ereed Nationa% >ourna%": $%.No. 1 2. * Na e o+ t*e +acu%t& ' Chidambaram ). (. T. (ai 7inu 8

Tit%e o+ t*e -a-er ,dentification of fi!e parameters of a (3)TD model by relay tunin I6umerical (tudies on 2!erage (olids %oldup in a BiFuidJ(olid Circulating "luidi$ed -ed 8iser= 8enewable energy !ia photocatalysis

Na e o+ t*e >ourna% ,ndian Chemical Engineers 7ol.5+ pp.949/ 2&12 ,ndian Chemical Engineer 5+G2 9.4 112 2&12 Current 3rganic Chemistry 2&1* :,n press;

.; In Re+ereed Internationa% >ourna%":

$%. No. 1 2

Na e o+ t*e +acu%t& 2bhi9it ) Deshpande ? (usy 7arughese

* 2bhi9it ) Deshpande + 5 / . 8 9 ' Chidambaram 1& 11 12 2.8. -ala#rishnan

Tit%e o+ t*e -a-er Effect of )E( on the 'orphology and )roperties of )roton Conducting -lends with (ulfonated )oly:ether either #etone; 6o!el )olymer Electrolyte 'embranes -ased on (emi4,nterpenetrating -lends of )oly:!inyl alcohol; and (ulfonated )oly:ether ether #etone; 6onlinear !iscoelastic response of asphalt bindersG 2n e<perimental study of the rela<ation of torFue and normal force in torsion 6onlinear !iscoelastic response of asphalt binders in transient tests Effect of ,norganic (alts on the ,sobaric 7apor4BiFuid EFuilibrium of the Ethyl 2cetate4Ethanol (ystem Entropy 5eneration during 6atural Con!ection in )orous Ca!ityG Effects of Thermal -oundary Conditions Closed loop ,dentification of 'ulti!ariable systems by 3ptimi$ation method Centrali$ed ), controllers for interacting multi!ariable processes by synthesis method Closed loop ,dentification of (3)TD models multi!ariable systems by optimi$ation method 2n impro!ed relay auto tuning of ),D controllers for critically damped (3)TD systems Controller design for ','3 processes based on simplified Decoupled ET"s and (implified Decoupler ), and ),D Controller design for integrating and unstable systems. )erformance E!aluation of a (olar and Aind 2ided Cross4"low E!aporator for 83 8e9ect 'anagement (imulation of non46ewtonian "luid4"ood )article %eat Transfer in the %olding Tube used in 2septic )rocessing 3perations Effects of )article Diameter and )osition on %ydrodynamics around a Confined (phere 2coustic enhancement of heat transfer in furnace tubes "ouling ,ntensity of Three ,ndian Coals

Na e o+ t*e >ourna% 0ournal of 2pplied )olymer (cience 12.:/; 51&&4511& :2&1*;. 0ournal of 2pplied )olymer (cience 12.:*; 21+&42151 :2&1*;. 'aterial Communications :2&12;. +* 8esearch //4.+

8oad 'aterials ? )a!ement Design 1*:1; 19142&2 :2&12;. 0ournal of Chemical and Engineering Data 58 5/&P5/9 :2&1*; 6umerical %eat Transfer )art 2G 2pplications /2 **/4*/+ :2&12;. ,ndustrial ? Engineering Chemistry 8esearch 7ol.51 pp.1*2+41**/ 2&12 ,(2 Trans. 7ol.51 pp.+&&4+&9 :2&12; ,ndustrial ? Engineering Chemistry 8esearch 7ol.51 pp.9/2&49/** :2&12; Chemical Engineering Communication 7ol.199 pp.1+*.41+/2 :2&12; ,ndustrial ? Engineering Chemistry 8esearch 7ol51 pp12*98412+1& :2&12; Chapter4* in ),D control in the third millennium :Ed.; 8 7ilano!a and 2 7isioli (pringer4!erlag Bondon :2&12; Desalination !ol. *1. 2&1* pp. 141& "ood and -ioproducts )rocessing 7olume 91 ,ssue 2 2pril 2&1* )ages 129J1+8 , ? EC 8es. d<.doi.orgC1&.1&21Cie2&&&852 :2&11; Chemical Engineering and )rocessingG )rocess ,ntensification 7ol.59 pp.*/4 +2 )ublishedG 'ay 2&12 Coal Combustion and 5asification )roducts :CC5); ,((-19+/4&198 (olid (tate )henomena 7ol.195 :2&1*; pp.2&94212 Trans Tech )ublications (wit$erland -iotechnology Betters 7ol.*5 pp..854.89 :2&1*; Current Trends in Technology and (cience 7olume 1 pp.+.452 :2&12; Chemical Engineering (cience 7olume 8* pp. 2411 * Dec. 2&12. )hysics of "luids 7olume 2+ ,ssue 12 2. Dec. 2&12 'icrofluidics and pp.141* 2&1* 6anofluidics

1* 1+ 2 1annan 15 1/ 8 6agara9an - 7 ( ( ( )rasad

1. 18 19 2& 21 22 2* 2+ 25 ( )ushpa!anam 8 6agara9an T )anda and Tanmay -asa# T )anda

'egasonic cleaning to 8emo!e 6ano4 Dimensional Contaminants from Aafer (urfacesG 2n 2nalytical (tudy 2 simplified approach to deri!e Cleland model for en$ymatic reactions 1inetics of -iosynthesis of (il!er 6anoparticles @sing "usarium 3<ysporum Comparison of laminar and plug flow4fields on e<traction performance in micro4 channels 2 nonlinear analysis of the effect of heat transfer on capillary 9et instability 3n the conditional superiority of counter4 current o!er co4current e<traction in microchannels Droplet digital signal generation in microfluidic networ#s using model predicti!e control Traffic of pairs of drops in microfluids ladder networ#s with fore4aft structural asymmetry

0ournal of )rocess Control 7ol.2* ,ssue 2 pp.*241*9 :"eb. 2&1*; 'icrofluidics and 6anofluidics 7ol.1+ ,ssue 142 pp.**.4*++

In Proceedin!" o+ Nationa% Con+erence": $%.No. 1 Na e o+ t*e +acu%t& 2.8. -ala#rishnan 2 * 8 6agara9an 8aghuram Chetty Tit%e o+ t*e -a-er ,onic BiFuids as Entrainers for the (eparation of Ethyl 2cetate4 ,sopropanol IErosion "ouling and (laggingG 'itigation (trategies for ,ndian Coals= Effect of (upporting Electrolyte on the Electrochemical 8eduction of Carbon Dio<ide at Copper Electrode In"titution 6ational Conference on 8ecent 2d!ances in Chemical and En!ironmental Engineering :82CEE; 6,T 8our#ela C88,D Chandigarh Electrochemical (ociety of ,ndia ,ndian ,nstitute of (cience -angalore Period 0an.2&421 2&12 "eb. 11412 2&1* 2ug. 2+425 2&12

In Proceedin!" o+ Internationa% Con+erence": $%.No. 1. Na e o+ t*e +acu%t& 2.8. -ala#rishnan Tit%e o+ t*e -a-er )rediction of (alt Effect on 7apor 4 BiFuid EFuilibrium of 'ethyl 2cetate 4 'ethanol (ystem IThermodynamic 'odeling of Coal 5asificationG 2 @ni!ersal 2pproach= (ono4(ynthesis and Dispersion of 6ano4)articlesG E<periments ? (imulation -asics of 6anotechnology Data 8econciliation and its application in mineral processing industry 2 (tand4alone coupled solar )7 and 8"- power generator system for dometi applications De!elopment of an Eco4friendly Treatment 'ethod of E4Aaste 8econstructing plant connecti!ity using directed spectral decomposition 2nalysis of %igh4Throughput 'ultiparametric "low Cytometry Data to ,dentify Cellular )henotypes @nderlying 2lcohol 'ediated 2berrant Differentiation of Embryonic (tem Cells 3ptimal arrangement of )LT actuators for the buc#ling control of cylindrical shells C"D42 7irtual platform for teaching concepts in non4ideal chemical 8eactos 'ulti4(ine E,(4 Drift non linearity and solution resistance effects (imulation of large amplitude multisine E,( with log spaced freFuencies Electromechanical -eha!ior of Conducti!e )olyanilineC)oly :7inyl 2lcohol; -lend "ilms under @nia<ial Boading Conformations hydrogen4bonding structure and dynamics of hydrophobic polyelectrolyte poly :ethacrylic acid; in In"titution )roceedings of 2&12 2,ChE (pring 'eeting %ouston Te<as @(2 )ittsburgh @.(.2. :2&12;. (ingapore 3rlando "lorida @(2 Delhi ,ndia 'unich 5ermany (rilan#a 1andy ,nternational "ederation of 2utomatic Control :,"2C; (ingapore 2,ChE Period

2pril 145 2&12

2. *.

)ushpa!anam (. ? 8enganathan T.

3ct. *1 2&12 2ug.1*.41/ 2&12 'ay 1&4&* 2&1* (ept. 2/4 28 2&12 0une 2/4 2. 2&12 Dec. 1+4 1. 2&12 0uly 1&41* 2&12

8 6agara9an +. 5. /. .. 8. (han#ar 6arasimhan (reeni!as 0ayanti T (waminathan


2run 1. Tangirala

6o!. &24&. 2&12 2('E 1ottayam ,ndia EC( @(2 EB2C 2&1* California @(2 (ept.19421 2&12 0uly 19421 2&12 'ay / 411 2&12 0an. 2&1* (ept. 19421 2&12 6o!. +4 9 2&12

1&. 11. 12. 1*. 1+. )reeti 2ghalayam (. 8amanathan (. 8amanathan (usy 7arughese


@pendra. 6atara9an

7aranasi ,ndia

1/. 1.. 18. 19. 2&. 21. 22. 2*. 2+. 25. 2/. 2.. 28. 29. *&. *1. *2. **. *+. 8. 7inu (ridhar#umar 6arasimhan )ushpa!anam ( ? 8enganathan T.

8aghuram Chetty

dilute aFueous solution in!estigated by molecular dynamics simulations. Electrodeposited )latinum 6anocatalysts for )E' "uel Cell 2pplications Carbon Qerogels as Catalyst (upport for )olymer Electrolyte 'embrane "uel Cells Electrochemical 8eduction of 6itrate at Copper )hthalocyanine (upported on Carbon 6anotubes 2gCC6T Electrocatalyst for 3<ygen 8eduction 8eactions in 2l#aline 'edia )hthalocyanine (upported "unctionali$ed Carbon 6anotubes for Electrochemical 8eduction of 6itrate )alladium dendrites on Ti32 nano tubes as Electrocatalyst for formic acid fuel cells Electrochemical Con!ersion of Carbon dio<ide to @seful Chemicals Carbon 6anotubes (upported (il!er Catalyst for 2nion E<change 'embrane "uel Cells. De!elopment of 6on4)latinum Cathode Catalysts for )roton E<change 'embrane "uel Cells IDynamic (imulation of "luidi$ed -ed 5asifier= IThermodynamic and rate based models for (imulation of 5asifiers= 3nline 'odel )redicti!e Control of Aater Distribution 6etwor#s 3ptimal operation of re!erse osmosis plant dri!en by solar power without batteries 2ppro<imate Dynamic )rogramming based control for Aater 5as (hift 8eacto ,ntegrated (ensor 6etwor# Design Economic bac#4off selection based on optimal multi!ariable controlle )lant friendly input design for system identification in closed loopR 1inetic modeling of co4pyrolysis of biomass and polymers J a thermogra!imetric study "undamental understanding of co4 :fast;4pyrolysis of biomass and polymers for energy and resource reco!ery

-anaras %indu @ni!ersity 7aranasi ,ndia -anaras %indu @ni!ersity 7aranasi ,ndia %yderabad ,ndia ,,T -ombay ? ,CT 'umbai ,ndia ,,T 'adras Chennai ,,T 'adras Chennai 6ew Delhi -anaras %indu @ni!ersity 7aranasi ,ndia 'erseburg 5ermany ,,T 'adras ,,T 'adras (ingapore (ingapore (ingapore (ingapore (ingapore -russels ,,T 'adras ,,)4Dehradun ,ndia

"eb.2/428 2&1* "eb. 2/ 428 2&1* 0an. 1/42& 2&1* Dec. 1&411 2&12. 3ct. 1. J19 2&12 3ct. 1. J19 2&12 3ct. 1+41. 2&12 "eb.2/428 2&1* 0une 1* 41/ 2&12. "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* 0uly 15419 2&12 0uly 15419 2&12 0uly 15419 2&12 0uly 15419 2&12 0uly 1141* 2&12 0uly 1141* 2&12 "eb. &+4&/ 2&1* 3ct. 2&1*

Di"tin!ui"*ed (i"itor" to t*e De-art ent:

$%.No. 1. 2. *. +. 5. /.

Na e o+ t*e 2i"itor and De"i!nation -40. Cho and %4' 1im Dr.6itin 1aistha )rofessor Department of Chemical Engineering ,ndian ,nstitute of Technology 1anpur Dr 8a9an Dewar %ar!ard 'edical (chool @(2 ? Dr (waminthan 8a9endran (ri 8amachandra @ni!. Dr 8ahul 2nantharaman (,6TE" Energy 8esearch Trondheim 6orway. Dr )rabhu 8 6ott ,,(c -angalore 7aidyanathan :8a!i; (ubramanian Department of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering @ni!ersity of 6e!ada 8eno 67 8955. 8a9 'utharasan "ran# 2. "letcher )rofessor Department of Chemical and -iological Engineering Dre<el @ni!ersity )hiladelphia )2 191&+ Dr (harad 5upta ,,T 5andhi 6agar Dr. (waminathan 8a9endiran 'D Dip 8 C )ath 2-:2)?C); 2-:Cyto; )rofessor of )athology (ri 8amachandra @ni!ersity )orur Chennai ,ndia Dr 5anesh 2 7iswanathan 2ssistant )rofessor Department of Chemical Engineering ,,T -ombay Dr (uhanya Duraiswamy 6T@ (ingapore Dr. 6ira! -hatt )hD E)"B (wit$erland )rof 2nil 1umar ,,T -ombay Dr. 2nna (chreiec#

Date o+ 2i"it 18422.12.2&12 &5.&/.2&12 *1.&.. 2&12 &*.&8.2&12 &+.&9. 2&12 &+.12.2&12

Pur-o"e o+ 2i"it )ro9ect discussion (eminar tal# (pecial (eminar (eminar tal# (pecial (eminar (eminar Tal#


(eminar tal#

.. 8. 9.

&5.11. 2&12 *1.&..2&12

(pecial (eminar (eminar tal#



(pecial (eminar

11. 12. 1*. 1+.

28.&9. 2&12 1&.&8.2&12 25.1&. 2&12 29.11 2&12

(pecial (eminar (eminar tal# (pecial (eminar -2(" (cientists 4 o!er!iew on (cientific Computing unit Chemical Engineering faculty Erasmus 'undus )ro9ect ,nauguration )ro9ect 8e!iew o!er!iew on -2(" and -2(" 8?D -2(" (cientists -2(" (cientists introduced his topics :bioanalytics bioinformatics and molecular modeling with a focus on life4 -2(" (cientists 4acti!ities at department of Fuantum chemistry (eminar tal# (pecial (eminar (pecial (eminar (eminar tal#

15. 1/. 1.. 18.

Danish 2mbassador and 7ice4Dean of ,nternational 8elations )rof 0an ,f!ersen of 2arhus @ni!ersity Dr 2mit 8astogi and 'r Deepa# 8an9an Coromandel "ertili$ers and )rof 2mita!a 'u#her9ee 7,T Dr. 0osef ASnsch -2(" (cientists Dr. 1laus40uergen (chleifer %ead of the computational chemistry and biology

19.11. 2&12 2/.11. 2&12 29.11. 2&12 29.11.2&12


Dr. 2nsgar (chTfer Dr.2sho# 1rishna )h.D in chemical engineering @'ass 2mherst Dr Aong 'ichael ( 8ice @ni!ersity @1 )rof 6orman 0 Aagner @ni!ersity of Delaware (rini!asa 8. 8agha!an )atric# ? 'arguerite (ung )rofessor Department of Chemical ? -iomolecular Engineering @ni!ersity of 'aryland Dr Erwin 1 8eichel ,nstitute for 'icroelectronics and 'icrosensors 2ustria )rof 0ose Torero @ni!.of Dueensland 2ustralia Dr 2nand 7eeraragha!an @ni!.of Dueensland 2ustralia Dr. C. 'ohan

29.11. 2&12 12.&+.2&12 12.&9. 2&12 12.11. 2&12 18.12. 2&12

2&. 21. 22. 2*.

2+. 25. 2/.

2*.&1. 2&1* 1+.&2. 2&1* 1+.&2.2&1* 22.&2. 2&1*

(eminar Tal# (eminar Tal# (eminar Tal# (eminar tal#


Ot*er Acti2itie" o+ t*e De-art ent,Centre:

a; Facu%t& and $ta++: $%.No. 1. 2. *. +. 5. Ite (ri 8. (el!a 5anapathy Technical (uperintendent Chemical Engineering Department won a 5old 'edal each in the ,ntuiti!e -ow :(eniors category4age 29 and abo!e; and in T22T 8ecur!e :(eniors category; in the 5th Tamilnadu (tate 2rchery Championship. )rof.T.(waminathan has been re4employed as )rofessor in the Department of Chemical Engineering with effect from 'arch 1 2&1* to 0une *& 2&1*. )rof ) (esha Talpa (ai has been nominated as the %ead Department of Chemical Engineering with effect from the forenoon of 3ctober 22 2&12 until further orders !ice )rof ( )ushpa!anam. )rof.8.6agara9an Department of Chemical Engineering has been nominated as the Dean :2lumni 2ffairs ? ,nternational 8elations; for a period of two years with effect from (eptember / 2&12. )rof. 6i#et ( 1aisare )rincipal (cientist 2-- Corporate 8esearch Centre -angalore is appointed to the )ost of 2d9unct )rofessor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. M.$. ) P*.D t*e"i":

b; Re"u%t" o.tained in re"earc* #or0 +ro $%.No. 1 2 * + 5 / . 8 9 1& 11

Na e o+ t*e "c*o%ar,Facu%t& 7en#at 8eddy 8egatte ? 6i#et ( 1aisare J 2nalysis of Thermal 'anagement in Catalytic 'icroreactos for Energy and "uel )rocessing 2pplications. )rabu 7 ? (reeni!as 0ayanti J (tudies on @nderground Coal 5asification in the Conte<t of Clean Coal @tili$ation. (uresh 1 ? 2 1annan J %ydrodynamic and %eat Transfer (tudies on Baminar "low o!er a Confined (phere. 7 (ara!anan ? (reeni!as 0ayanti J (tudies on the Combustion Characteristics of %igh 2sh ,ndian Coals with a !iew to 8etrofitting )ower )lant -oilers for 3peration in 3<y4Coal Combustion 'ode. 2bhi9nan (ar#ar ? 8aghuram Chettty4 (ynthesis and Characeri$ation of 8uthenium4-ased Catalysts (upported on Carbon 6anotubes for 3<ygen 8eduction 8eaction 2nandhan ' 1 1annan ? )reeti 2ghalayam J 2 1inetic 'odel for 7ulcani$ation of 6atural 8ubber and its 2pplication to Curing of Tyres. 2run (ri#anth ( (ridhar#umar 6arasimhan ? (han#ar 6arasimhan J 'odelling (imulation and 3ptimi$ation of @nloading 3perations in )etroleum )roduct (torage Terminals 'ano9 1rishna 1 6 ? 8aghuram Chetty J De!elopment of Titania -ased Catalyst (upports for )roton E<change 'embrane "uel Cells 6 ( )radeep 'uramulla ? 1 1rishnaiah 4 %ydrodynamic (tudies in *4)hase in!erse "luidi$ed -edG )ressure Drop -ed E<pansion and )hase %oldups (angram 8oy ? ) ( T (ai J Three Dimensional (imulations of %ydrodynamics of a BiFuid (olid Circulating "luidi$ed -ed. (ar!ani 1uchibhotla ? ) ( T (ai J Enhancement of Esterification 8eaction -etween Ethanol and (ulphuric 2cid using ,onic BiFuids

c; Internationa% co%%a.oration ac*ie2e ent" .& t*e De-art ent: 1. Facu%t& 2i"it $%.No 1 2 Na e o+ t*e Facu%t& Me .er (. 8amanathan (rini 8agha!an Pur-o"e o+ (i"it )ro9ect discussion Che!ron Chair Date )(enue 8412 3ct 2&12 1orea 2pr 2&12

2. $tudent 2i"it $%.No 1 Na e o+ t*e "tudent" -young40un Cho %yu#4'in 1im of %anyang @ni!ersity 1orea Pur-o"e o+ (i"it )ro9ect discussion Date )(enue 1842& Dec 2&12 ,,T'

4.5.1 Introduction:


The Department of Chemistry was a part of the Department of Chemical Engineering during the period 1959-1961 and was established as an independent Department in the year 1961 with Prof ! "rini#asan as the $ead-in-Charge Prof % ! C "astri assumed charge as the first $ead of the Department in &o#ember 1961 $e was instrumental in building the Department as well as the 'pplied Chemistry (uilding )completed in 19*+, Prof "astri was also responsible for the special instruments laboratory )established in 19*-. later /nown as 0"1C and presently /nown as "'12,3 and the %"0C )established in 19*4 with Prof "astri as the $ead and Prof ! "rini#asan as the 'ssociate $ead, The Department offers %"c and PhD programs in chemistry 1t is also in#ol#ed in teaching #arious aspects of Chemistry at the preparatory le#el )for wea/er section students, and ( Tech )core as well as minor stream courses in Chemistry, Presently3 the Department is #ery well e5uipped with modern instrumentation facilities and is acti#ely engaged in performing 5uality teaching and research in frontier areas 4.5.2 Acad !ic Pro"ra!! #:

N $ Cour# # introduc d: S%. No. 1 Cour# No. C6 6117 Tit% "urface Chemistry and Catalysis

Stud nt# on ro%%: Pro"ra!! % "c Ph D Tota% I & ar 4* +9 *+ II Y ar 48 61,* III Y ar 47 42 I' Y ar 75 25 ' Y ar ( ot) r# 46 4+ Tota% 95 717 -,.

Endo$! nt /ri0 in#titut d: Prof %!C "astry 'ward )7-17, Na! # o1 Stud nt2Sc)o%ar $)o att nd d Con1 r nc 2 2S !inar and S&!/o#ia A3road2India: Na! o1 t) Stud nt2Sc)o%ar Na! o1 t) Con1 r nc 2 S !inar 2 S&!/o#ia 2 4or5#)o/ Training &etwor/ 9":P0'&:; E<change Program the C01"%'T 77nd 1nternational "ymposium on >as ?inetics 7-17 >ordon 0esearch Conference on &oble %etal &anoparticles 7-17 >ordon 0esearch Conference on &oble %etal &anoparticles 7-17 1+th 1nternational "ymposium on 1norganic 0ing systems 22nd 1nternational "ymposium on %edicinal Chemistry Catalysis in :rganic synthesis )1CC:"-7-17, Financia% A##i# tanc 1ro! 1nstitute 1nstitute


Ro%% No.

Dat and ' nu

A3road: 1 %r 0aghupatirao "hahu/aru 7 %r %anas 0an=an Dash %s 'mmu %athew %s 'mmu %athew %r ?iran ?umar#arma Cha/rahari %r Aohn !ictor

C6-9D-44 C6-9D-7*

2rance3 17 -5 7-17+- -9 7-17 (oulder3 Colorado3 @"'3 18 -6 7-17 -77 -6 7-17 %ount $olyo/e College3 @"' 1* -6 7-17-77 -6 7-17 @"'3 16 -* 7-17 -77 -* 7-17 !ictoria3 Canada 79 -* 7-17 --7 -8 7-17 (erlin3 >ermany -1 -9 7-17 --9 -9 7-17 %oscow3 0ussia 15 -9 7-17 -7- -9 7-17

+ 4 5

C61-D-71 C61-D-71 C6-9D-1*

1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute



%r Deepan Cha/ra#arthy



8 9 111

%r Pratap ?umar Chhotaray %r (i=an %ondal %r 'yan Dasgupta %r 0adha >obinda (huin

C611D-76 C611D-57 C617D--6 C61-D-4*

To attend Collaborati#e research wor/ Collaboration wor/ in Prof Aean 2rancois $alet 0esearch wor/ 1nternational Cor/shop titled as DE<perimental Eaboratory 'strophysicsF 1nternational Conference on %aterials "cience and Technology )1C%"T-7-17,3 Tri#endrum Poster Presentation in 9Conference on 0ecent 'd#ances in electrochemical Eenrgy %aterials G De#ices; Chemistry in house symposium Chemistry in $ouse "ymposium Poster Presentation in 1nternational Conference 9Chemical Constellation Cheminar 7-17; Collaborati#e 0esearch wor/ in Protein foldingH unfolding studies in ionic li5uids Poster Presentation in 2rontiers 1n Chemical "ciences) 21C" B 7-17,3 &ational Conference (angalore &ano B 7-17 Poster Presentation 5th (angalore &ano B 7-17 Paper Presentation Poster Presentation B &ew Direction in Chemical "cience3 &DC" Poster PresentationB &ew Direction in Chemical "cience3 &DC" Poster Presentation -TC(EP 7-17 Paper Presentation B &ational Carbohydrate Conference 8th A &ost Conference 8th A &ost Conference 8th A &ost Conference 8th A &ost Conference 8th A &ost Conference

@ni#ersitat 0o#ira !irgili3 "pain -1 1- 7-17-+- 11 7-17 @ni#ersite de 0ennes3 2rance 79 1- 7-17 -7* 11 7-17 (raunschweig3 >ermany3 -1 -1 7-1+ B -1 -8 7-1+ Poipu3 ?auai3 $awaii 75 -7 7-1+ B 7* -7 7-1+

1nstitute 1nstitute 1&D1>: 1nstitute

India: 1 "umanta ?umar %eher 7 %s % P ?arthi/ayini



Aune 1- B 143 7-17. Department of Physics3 "t Thomas College3 Pala3 ?ottyam 11"c (angalore 74 -* 7-17 -7* -* 7-17



+ 4 5

%r @=wal /umar sarangi %r Dipa/ ?umar 0oy %r '/ash ?umar >upta

C6-*D--7 C611D-56

11T %adras 77 -8 7-17 11T %adras 77 -8 7-17 -* -9 17-16 -9 17 Aalandhar3 Pun=ab 1* -9 17 - +- -9 17 Delhi @ni#ersity 11T >uwahati -7 17 7-17 B -+ 17 7-17 (angalore -5 17 7-17 B * 17 7-17 (angalore -5 17 7-17 B * 17 7-17 11T Delhi -* 17 7-17 B -9 17 7-17 11T Delhi -* 17 7-17 B -9 17 7-17 "ri !en/ateswara @ni# 3 Tirupati3 1- 17 7-17 B 17 17 7-17 C2T013 %ysore 1+ 17 7-17 B 15 17 7-17 11T >uwahati3 14 17 7-17 B 7- 17 7-17 11T >uwahati 14 17 7-17 B 7- 17 7-17 11T >uwahati 15 17 7-17 B 1* 17 7-17 11T >uwahati 14 17 7-17 B 7- 17 7-17 11T >uwahati 15 17 7-17 B 1* 17 7-17

1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute



%r 0 >anesamoorthi



* 8 9 111 17 1+ 14 15 16 1*

%r (ootha 0a=u % " %s 'mmu %athew %r 6u#ara= ? %s 'n=u ! P %r '/ash ?umar >upta %r 'nadi "inghamahapatra %r " "enthil ?umar %s De#i "irisha Aanni %r Aeelani (asha "hai/ %r 1 ?arthi/eyan %r 'yan Dasgupta

C6-9D-18 C61-D-71 C617D-*9 C617D-8C611D--1 C6-8D--9 C6-9D-51 C6-8D-+1 C61-D-11 C6-9D-47 C617D--6

1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute

18 19 7-

%r (ahiru pun=a (en/e %r (or/ar "antosh 0amdas %r (alamurugan D

C6-9D-76 C61-D-76 C6-9D--*

8th A &ost Conference 8th A &ost Conference Paper Presentation B 0"C B D" Poster "ymposium on :rganicH %edicinal Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry "ymposium 7-17 5th 1"E'C Triennial 1nternational Conference on 'd#ances and 0ecent Trends in Electrochemistry3 EE'C-7-1+ Poster Presentation in C0"1 B &ational "ymposium ($@ Poster Presentation in C0"1 B &ational "ymposium ($@ Paper PresentationChennai Chemistry Conference CCC - 7-1+ Poster PresentationChennai Chemistry Conference CCC - 7-1+ Paper PresentationChennai Chemistry Conference CCC - 7-1+ Poster Presentation B Chennai Chemistry Conference - 7-1+ Paper Presentation B Chennai Chemistry Conference- 7-1+ Poster Presentation B Chennai Chemistry Conference 7-1+ Chennai Chemistry Conference 7-1+ ' &ational "eminar on recent Trends in Chemistry Paper Presentation - 1ndian 'ssociation for the culti#ation of "cience Paper Presentation B Electronic "tructure and Dynamics of molecules and clusters Poster Presentation B Electronic "tructure and Dynamics of molecules and clusters Poster Presentation B Discussion meeting in "pectroscopy and Dynamic of %olecules and Clusters 7-1+ Poster Presentation B Discussion meeting in "pectroscopy and Dynamic of %olecules and Clusters 7-1+

11T >uwahati 15 17 7-17 B 1* 17 7-17 11T >uwahati 15 17 7-17 B 1* 17 7-17 11CT3 $yderabad 15 17 7-17 11T >uwahati 19 17 7-17 B 77 17 7-17 0amo=i 2ilm city3 $yderabad 16 -1 7-1+-7- -1 7-1+ !aranasi +- -1 7-1+ B -+ -7 7-1+ !aranasi +- -1 7-1+ B -+ -7 7-1+ CE013Chennai -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ CE013Chennai -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ CE013Chennai -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ Chennai -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ CE01 B %adras -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ Chennai -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ C"10-CE013 Chennai -8 -7 7-1+ B 1- -7 7-1+ ?ol/atta 1* -7 7-1+ B 7- -7 7-1+ 1'C"3 ?ol/otta 1* -7 7-1+ B 7- -7 7-1+ 1'C"3 ?ol/otta 1* -7 7-1+ B 7- -7 7-1+ 0a=asthan 71 -7 7-1+ B 74 -7 7-1+

1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute

71 77

%r (harga#a 'nusuri ? "ha/eela


1nstitute 11T%

7+ C611D-56 %r Dipa/ ?umar 0oy 74 75 76 7* 78 79 ++1 %s 'n=u 0" %s 0 0amya %r 1 ?arthi/eyan %s 'n=u ! P %r " ! 0agha#a %s D "harmila %r ? 6u#ara= %s Chanchal 'garwal C611D-45 C6-6D-75 C6-9D-47 C617D-8C611D-78 C617D-79 C617D-*9 C6-8D-48

1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute 1nstitute

+7 ++

%r "andeepan %aity %r ( 'bhina# ?umar

C6-9D-+8 C611D-+8


%r (harga#a 'nusuri



%r % (ala>anesh



%r "rini#asulu >onu


0a=asthan 71 -7 7-1+ B 74 -7 7-1+

+* +8 +9 4-

%r & &aganna %r Deba=yoti (asa/ %r (en/e bhairu pun=a %r (i=an %ondal

C6-9D-+C61-D-79 C6-9D-76 C611D-57

4th 1ndian Peptide "ymposium 4th 1ndian Peptide "ymposium 4th 1ndian Peptide "ymposium Poster Presentation in &ational "ymposium on 0ecent 'd#ances in Chemistry Poster Presentation in &ational "ymposium on 0ecent 'd#ances in Chemictry oral Presentation B 17th 1"%'" Triennial 1nternational Conference on %ass "pectrometry oral Presentation B 17th 1"%'" Triennial 1nternational Conference on %ass "pectrometry oral Presentation B 17th 1"%'" Triennial 1nternational Conference on %ass "pectrometry oral Presentation B 17th 1"%'" Triennial 1nternational Conference on %ass "pectrometry &ational "ymposium on 0ecent 'd#ances in Chemictry )&"0'C B 7-1+,

"aha 1nstitute of &uclear Physics3 ?ol/ata 71 -7 7-1+ B 77 -7 7-1+ "aha 1nstitute of &uclear Physics3 ?ol/ata 71 -7 7-1+ B 77 -7 7-1+ "aha 1nstitute of &uclear Physics3 ?ol/ata 71 -7 7-1+ B 77 -7 7-1+ Pondicherry Central @ni#ersity 77 -7 7-1+ -7+ -7 7-1+ Pondicherry Central @ni#ersity 77 -7 7-1+ -7+ -7 7-1+ Dona Paula3 >oa -+ -+ 7-1+ B -8 -+ 7-1+ Dona Paula3 >oa -+ -+ 7-1+ B -8 -+ 7-1+ Dona Paula3 >oa -+ -+ 7-1+ B -8 -+ 7-1+ Dona Paula3 >oa -+ -+ 7-1+ B -8 -+ 7-1+ Pondicherry 77 -+ 7-1+ B 7+ -+ 7-1+

D"T Pro=ect D"T Pro=ect D"T Pro=ect 1nstitute


%r Aoseph Ponniah "




%r 'mita#a "rimany




%r 0adha >obinda (huin




%r 0abin 0a=an A %ethi//alam




%r Depan=an "ar/ar



%r C 0aman=aneyulu


Na! # o1 #tud nt#2#c)o%ar# $)o $on out#id /ri0 # and a$ard#: S%.No 1 7 + Na! o1 t) Stud nt2Sc)o%ar Dr ' %urali Dr D Aagadeesh Chandra Prasad 6uid Prof " (as/aran Dr > "e/ar Na! o1 Pri0 7-17 Eilly :utstanding Thesis 'wards 7nd PriIe 7-17 7-17 Eilly :utstanding Thesis 'wards 7nd PriIe 7-17 Pri0 a$ard d 3& Eli Eilly and company3 @ " ' Eli Eilly and company3 @ " '

Deba=yoti (asa/ )C61-D-79, 2irst "pecial Poster 'ward in 4 th 1ndian Peptides "ymposium held at "aha 1nstitute of &uclear Physics3 ?ol/ata ?arthi/eyan 1 )C6-9D-47, (est Poster Presentation 'ward in Chennai Chemistry Conference B 7-1+ held at CE01 %r (i=an %ondal )C611D-57, (est Poster Presentation 'ward in &ational "ymposium on 0ecent 'd#ances in Chemistry )&"0'C B 7-1+, at Pondicherry Central @ni#ersity3 Pondicherry %s D "harmila )C617D-79, (est oral Presentation 'ward in Chennai Chemistry Conference B 7-1+ held at CE01 %r Dipa/ ?umar 0oy )C611D-56, (est Poster Presentation 'ward in Chemistry in $ouse "ymposium3 11T %adras

4 5 6 *

4.5 Facu%t&:

Facu%t& and t) ir acti7iti #:

Na! and 8ua%i1ication# Pro1 ##or: & Chandra/umar 3 Ph D )11T?, " "an/araraman3 Ph D )!ictoria3 Canada, 0 Dhamodharan Ph D ) @ %ass3 @"': ' ? %ishra 3 Ph D )11T?, T Pradeep3 Ph D3 )11"c3 (Flore, Aoint with "'12 % ! "angaranarayanan3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore, % & "udheendra 0ao3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore, @ ! !aradara=u3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore, Aoint with %"0C P "el#am3 Ph D )11T%, 'rchita Patnai/3 Ph D )($@, " (as/aran3 Ph D )11T?, 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen 3 Ph D )@ni# of Pune, ? %angala "under3 Ph D )%c>ill3 Canada, ? !idyasagar3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore, P (hyrappa3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore, > 0anga 0ao3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore,

Ma9or ar a o1 #/ cia%i0ation

%agnetic 0esonance 1maging G "pectroscopy "ynthetic and %echanistic :rganic Chemistry Chemistry of %acromolecules 2luorescence "pectroscopy &anomaterials3 "pectroscopy3 1on Chemistry Electrochemistry %ain >roup 1norganic Chemistry "olid "tate Chemistry3 %aterials "cience Catalysis3 "olid "tate Chemistry Physical Chemistry Colloid and 1nterface "cience &anoscience G &anotechnology :rganic "ynthesis G 'symmetric "ynthesis "ynthetic :rganic Chemistry Theoretical "pectroscopy "olid "tate Chemistry (ioinorganic and "upramolecular Chemistry3 %aterials Chemistry %aterials chemistry3 solid state electrochemistry3 surface chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis Theoretical Chemistry3 Juantum Chemistry

"an=ay ?umar3 Ph D )11T ?, A##ociat Pro1 ##or: & &arasimha %urthy3 Ph D )11"c3 (Flore, Dillip ?umar Chand3 Ph D )11T ?, > "e/ar3 Ph D )11T ?, A##i#tant Pro1 ##or: "antosh A >harpure3 Ph D )11"c (Flore,

(ioinorganic chemistry3 1norganic Chemistry3 "pectroscopy "upramolecular Chemistry3 1norganic Chemistry Enantioselecti#e :rganic "ynthesis

:rganic "ynthesis3 &ew "ynthetic %ethods

Debashis Cha/raborty3 Ph D )>Kttingen3 >ermany, "undaragopal >hosh3 Ph D )11T (, ( 0a=a/umar3 Ph D )11"c (Flore, ? % %uraleedharan3 Ph D )00E Tri#andrum, Edamana Prasad3 Ph D )00E Tri#andrum, 'mrendra !i=ay3 Ph D )11"c (Flore, 'rti Dua3 Ph D )11"c (Flore, &andita %adha#an3 Ph D )@ni#ersity of 1llinois at @rbana-Champaign3 @"', 0amesh >ardas3 Ph D )"outh >u=arat @ni#ersity, 0 ?othandaraman3 Ph D )11"c (Flore, PaIhamalai 'nbarasan Ph D )11"c (Flore,

"ynthetic :rganometallic Chemistry :rganometallic and %etalloborane Chemistry 'tmospheric Chemistry3 >as Phase ?inetics and high resolution Ca#ity 0ing Down "pe#troscopy3 computational Chemistry %edicinal Chemistry3 (io-organic Chemistry Di#alent Eanthanide and Dendrimer Chemistry Theoritical Physical Chemistry "tatistical %echanics 3 Polymer Theory3 "tochastic Processes :ligopeptide synthesis3 polymer chemistry3 organic materials "olution Thermodynamics3 1onic Ei5uids %aterials Electrochemistry :rganic synthesis

S)ort;t r! Cour# #2 4or5#)o/#2 S !inar#2 S&!/o#ia2 Con1 r nc #2 Trainin" att nd d 3& t) 1acu%t& ! !3 r# in Acad !ic in#titution# and Pu3%ic S ctor <nd rta5in"#: S%.No Na! o1 1acu%t& 4or5#)o/: 1 Prof T Pradeep 7 + 4 5 6 * 8 Prof %angala "under &PTEE - &%E1CT 'wareness Cor/shop Dr 0 ?othandaraman Prof T Pradeep Dr P 'nbarasan Prof ? %angala "under Prof %angala "under Dr 0amesh >ardas Cor/shop on 'utomoti#e Power "ources +rd Trilateral )1ndia3 China and "ingapore, Cor/shop on &anotechnology 'pplications in Energy3 Cater and $ealthcare (0&" - Proposal 1>&:@ B Cor/shop 1nstrumental Design for E content Educational Conference- &PTEE wor/shop 7nd 1nternational Cor/shop on 1onic Ei5uids B 'lternati#e (enign %aterials for 0enewable Energy and its 'pplications Eecture Cor/shop 9 0ecent trends in "ynthetic :rganic Chemistry; 1ndo B @s wor/shop on electrocatalytic materials for fuel cell and biofuel cells Training under 2aculty De#elopment Programme of TEJ1P -11 14th &"C C0"1 and 6th C0"1-0"C symposium in Chemistry &1T3 Carangal !1T !ellore 11T (ombay ('0C3 %umbai &ew Delhi 'hmedabad3 >oa &ational Chemical Eaboratory3 Pune ?erala ($@ !aranasi "E1ET 11"E0 G niist Tri#andrum Tit% 4t) ICPC &ano&et Cor/shop on &ano for Cater3 Energy G En#ironment &PTEE Cor/shop >oa Calicut @ni#ersity In#titution P riod -7 -4 7-17 --4 -4 7-17 74 -8 7-17 75 -8 7-17 +- -8 7-17 +1 -8 7-17 -7 -8 7-17 19 11 7-17 76 11 7-17 78 11 7-17 78 11 7-17 +- 11 7-17 -8 -1 7-1+ 11 -1 7-1+ 16 -1 7-1+1* -1 7-1+ 1* -1 7-1+ B 18 -1 7-1+ 75 -7 7-1+ B 78 -7 7-1+ 7* -+ 7-1+ B 78 -+ 7-1+ -7 -7 7-17 B -5 -7 7-17

9 111

Dr %uraleedharan ? % Dr 0 ?othandaraman Prof ' ? %ishra

S&!/o#ia: 1 Prof > 0anga 0ao

7 + 4 5 6 *

Prof T Pradeep Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof P (hyrappa Dr "undargopal >hosh Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof > 0anga 0ao

Emerging frontiers of nanoscience and nanotechnology "ymposium3 &DC"-17 Chemistry in house symposium Chemistry in $ouse "ymposium &ational "ymposium on 0ecent 'd#ances in Chemistry 1-th 1nternational "ymposium on ad#ances in electrochemical science and technology3 1"'E"T B 1C0"1 B &ational "ymposium ($@ 71st &ational "ymposium on Catalysis B 1n#ited lecture on catalysis for sustainable De#elopment 1nternational symposium B Electronic structure and Dynamics of molecules and Clusters )E"D%C B 7-1+, &ational symposium on recent Trends in Chemistry Conference on Euminescent Clusters of &oble %etals 1n Chemistry and (iology 'ffordable drin/ing water purification using nanotechnology Conference on Electrochemical Energy %aterials G De#ices "mall is DifferentL &ew "cience at %olecular Eength "cales3 T4E 7-17 Conference Conference on 90ecent 'd#ances Electrochemical Energy %aterials De#ices; Conference on 90ecent 'd#ance Electrochemical Energy %aterials De#ices; 1nternational Conference on 9Chemistry (iology of &atural Products; Conference C2% 7-17 in G in G G

"ree (ala=i Dental College G $ospital3 Chennai 11T Delhi 11T %adras 11T %adras Pondicherry Central @ni#ersity $otel >reen Par/3 Chennai !aranasi 11CT3 $yderabad

17 -4 7-17 -* 17 7-17 -9 17 7-17 77 -8 7-17 77 -8 7-17 -* 17 7-17 -9 17 7-17 78 -1 7-1+ B +- -1 7-1+ +- -1 7-1+ B -+ -7 7-1+ 1- -7 7-1+ B 1+ -7 7-1+ 1* -7 7-1+ B 7- -7 7-1+ 7* -+ 7-1+ B 78 -+ 7-1+ 14 -6 7-17 -7 -* 7-17 74 -* 7-17 -76 -* 7-17 75 -* 7-17 18 -* 7-17 -19 -* 7-17 76 -* 7-17 7+ -* 7-17 -7* -* 7-17 -+ -8 7-17 14 -8 7-17 71 -8 7-17 -* -9 7-17 -9 -9 7-17 1- 1- 7-17 1+ 1- 7-17 1- 17 7-17 B 17 17 7-17 -* 17 7-17 B 1- 17 7-17 79 11 7-17 --1 17 17 -+ 17 7-17

8 9

Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof > 0anga 0ao


Prof "an=ay ?umar Prof " "an/araraman

?ol/ata > & D @ni#ersity3 'mritsar Purdue @ni#ersity %inistry of Drin/ing Cater and "anitation 3 Patna 11"c (angalore Department of Physical Chemistry3 @ni#ersity of %adras 11T $yderabad 11"c3 (angalore 11"c (angalore 11CT3 $yderabad >oa &1T "urath/al >1T'% @ni#ersity !isa/hapatnam >1T'% 'gra Tirupati 0a#enshaw @ni#ersity3 :rissa ($@3 !aranasi 0%? College of Engineering and Technology3 Chennai

Con1 r nc 2 S !inar: 1 Prof T Pradeep 7 + 4 5 6 * 8 9 111 Prof T Pradeep Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Prof T Pradeep Prof ? %angala "under Prof & Chandra/umar Dr 0 ?othandaraman Dr ? % %uraleedharan Prof P "el#am Prof T Pradeep Prof > 0anga 0ao Prof > 0anga 0ao 17 1+ 14 15 16 Dr ? % %uraleedharan Dr 0amesh >ardas Prof ' ? %ishra Prof T Pradeep Prof T Pradeep

Conference on Euminescent clusters of noble metals &ational Conference on Emerging Trends in Chemical 0esearch )&CETC0 - 7-17, &ational Conference on Chemistry for "ustainable De#elopment "@"C:& 7-17 To attend the &:"T conference *th &ational conference on TC(ED &ational "eminar "cience G Technology &ational 'cademy of "ciences3 87nd 'nnual "ession Euminescent molecules of noble metals3 0ole of &anoscience in Engineering and Technology

1* 18 19

Prof " (as/aran Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof > 0anga 0ao

1--th 1ndian "cience Congress Chennai Chemistry Conference- 7-1+ 5th 1"E'C Triennial 1nternational Conference on 'd#ances and 0ecent Trends in Electrochemistry3 EE'C-7-1+ 1-th 1nternational conference on Electrochemical "cience and Technology :ral Presentation B 1onic Ei5uids as >reen "ol#ents for the 2uture Tenth Discussion meeting in "pectroscopy and Dynamics of molecules comple<es 1nternational conference :ral Presentation B 1onic Ei5uids as >reen "ol#ents for the 2uture 9&ational conference on multifunctional &ano materials G &anocomposites; 17th 1"%'" Triennial 1nternational conference on %ass "pectrometry )17th 1"%'" B T01C:& B 7-1+, Tal/ in &ational "eminar on emerging trends in Chemistry Tal/ in &ational "eminar on emerging trends in Chemistry &ational "eminar on current 0esearch trends and De#elopments in Chemical "ciences B 7-1+ )C0TDC" B 7-1+, 2aculty "election %eeting &%E1CT Proposal 0e#iew %eeting

?ol/atta CE01 B %adras 1ndian "ociety for Electroanalytical Chemistry3 %umbai3 !enueL 0amo=i 2ilm city3 $yderabad Chennai Panipat3 $aryana @dhaipur Panipat3 $aryana Coimbatore $otel Cidade de >oa3 Dona Paula >oa '!" College of 'rts and "cience3 "alem '!" College of 'rts and "cience3 salem Chittoor )' P,

-+ -1 7-1+ B -* -1 7-1+ -8 -7 7-1+1- -7 7-1+ 16-7- Aan 7-1+ 78 -1 7-1+ B 79 -1 7-1+ 74 -7 7-1+ B 75 -7 7-1+ 71 -7 7-1+ B 74 -7 7-1+ 74 -7 7-1+ B 75 -7 7-1+ 75 -7 7-1+ -4 -+ 7-1+ 15 -+ 7-1+ 15 -+ 7-1+ -9 -+ 7-1+ B 1- -+ 7-1+ 7+ -4 7-17 17 -4 7-17 -1+ -4 7-17 15 -4 7-17 -16 -4 7-17 -9 -4 7-17 75 -4 7-17 -76 -4 7-17 7+ -4 7-17 -+ -4 7-17 75 -4 7-17 -7 -4 7-17 --+ -4 7-17 1* -4 7-17 18 -5 7-17 14 -5 7-17 -15 -5 7-17 79 -5 7-17 --1 -6 7-17 -8 -5 7-17 7- -5 7-17 B 71 -5 7-17 -7 -5 7-17 --4 -5 7-17 11 -5 7-17 14 -6 7-17

771 77

Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Dr 0amesh >ardas Prof %angala "under

7+ 74 75 76 7* 78 M 1 7

Dr 0amesh >ardas Prof & Chandra/umar Prof T Pradeep Dr ( 0a=a/umar Dr > "e/ar Dr 0amesh >ardas tin" Prof T Pradeep

11"E03 (hopal &11T @ni#ersity 0a=asthan 1ndraprastha @ni#ersity3 Delhi CEC013 ?arai/udi &ew Delhi (angalore &1T3 Tiruchrippalli &ew Delhi 11"E03 (hopal 1>C'03 ?alpa//am Pondicherry @ni#ersity 11T 0a=asthan >oa-?arnata/a%aharastra !ellore %? @ni#ersity3 %adurai 1'C"3 ?ol/ata Pillani Pondicherry @ni#ersity3 Pondicherry

Prof ? %angala "under + 4 5 6 * 8 9 1Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Prof & Chandra/umar Prof " "an/araraman Prof % & " 0ao Prof P "el#am Dr > "e/ar Dr 0amesh >ardas Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen Prof T Pradeep Prof ' ? %ishra Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof 'rchita Patnai/ Dr > "e/ar

0e#iew of &%E1CT Programme "election Committee %eeting 1&"' Committee %eeting 1&"P10E D"T Camp 2aculty "election Committee %eeting 1ndo - 0ussian %eeting E<ternal E<pert Committee %eeting E<ecuti#e Committee %eeting of "'C"E 0e#iew Committee %eeting 0e#iew Committee %eeting

11 17 1+ 14 15 16

!isit the Cestern >hats DC %eeting at !1T Discussion in "chool of Chemistry Collaborati#e Pro=ect Discussion %eeting (1T" Pillani L 2aculty 0ecruitment Promoting A02 to "02 %eeting

1* 18 19 771 77 7+ 74 75 76 7* 78 79 ++1 +7 ++ +4 +5

Prof & Chandra/umar Prof ' ? %ishra Prof ? %angala "under Prof @ ! !aradara=u Prof % & " 0ao Dr 0amesh >ardas Prof ' ? %ishra Prof & Chandra/umar Prof " (as/aran Prof T Pradeep Dr > "e/ar Dr ( 0a=a/umar Prof & Chandra/umar Prof ? %angala "under Prof ? %angala "under Prof @ ! !aradara=u Prof ' ? %ishra Prof % & " 0ao Prof ? %angala "under

D"T 1&"P10E Program "eminar on Curricular 0eforms in $igher Education 2aculty Teaching G E#aluation %eeting &CE0T (oard %eeting Discussion %eeting of the 1ndo-2rench Eaboratory for "olid "tate G "tructural Chemistry C"10 Confidential Cor/ @>C-D'E-C0" 7-17 -7-1+ Proposal E#aluation %eeting G Proposal Presentation CD013 Euc/now 1&"' %eeting D"T - 2'"T T0'C? 6oung "cientist %eeting C2% 7-17 Chemical 2rontiers Pro=ect %onitoring "ession D"T - Pro=ect 0e#iew %eeting C"10 Chemical "ciences Committee %eeting at C"10 &%E1CT 0e#iew %eeting &%E1CT H&PTEE %eeting Aoint (oard %eeting3 "election Committee meeting 2aculty "election &PTEE wor/shop &PTEE "%E" 0e#iew %eeting

!i/rama "imhapuri @ni#ersity3 &ellore 0a#enshaw @ni#ersity Cuttac/ &1T Carangal Delhi 11"c (angalore 11CT3 $yderabad 1>C'03 ?alpa//am 71 -* 7-17 77 -* 7-17 &ew Delhi 11"c (angalore >oa C"10 3 &ew Delhi 11T Delhi &ew Delhi &ew Delhi !T@ Center (angalore >%0 1nstitute of Technology 'ndhra Pradesh 11T Aodhpur ) 0a=asthan, &1T? 3 "urath/al 'rashan Engg College3 ?umba/onam "'"T0' @ni#ersity3 Tan=ore %? @ni#ersity3 %adurai 11CT3 $yderabad @ni#ersity of Pune3 11"E03 Pune P"> College3 Coimbatore %adura college3 %adurai 11"C3 (angalore (angalore &ew Delhi >oa &odia3 @P

18 -6 7-17 -7 -* 7-17 --4 -* 7-17 1* -* 7-17 7- -* 7-17 -7 -* 7-17 --+ -* 7-17 71 -* 7-17 -7+ -* 7-17 16 -* 7-17 C0"1 %id-6ear %eeting -6 -8 7-17 -6 -8 7-17 -* -8 7-17 14 -8 7-17 16 -8 7-17 +- -8 7-17 74 -8 7-17 -4 -9 7-17 -7 -9 7-17 -+ -9 7-17 -* -9 7-17 14 -9 7-17 76 -9 7-17 7* -9 7-17 75 -9 7-17 7* -9 7-17 B +- -9 7-17

+6 +* +8 +9 441 47 4+ 44 45 46

Dr P 'nbarsan Prof " (as/aran Prof " "an/araraman Dr P 'nbarasan Prof ? %angala "under Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Dr > "e/ar Dr ? % %uraleedharan Prof ? %angala "under Prof 'rchita Patnai/ Prof ? %angala "under

Conduct an inter#iew for A02HP2 for D"T"E0( pro=ect as D"T &ominee D"T-2ast Trac/ 6oung "cientist %eeting %eetingL D"T-P'C on :rganic Chemistry D"T- Proposal &PTEEL "%EFs 0e#iew %eeting Discussion- %eeting Presentation of research proposal before &ano science 'd#isory >roup Presentation of research proposal before &ano science 'd#isory >roup &CE0T %eeting (1T" Pillani3 >oa Campus L 2aculty 0ecruitment E<ecuti#e (oard %eeting &ational 1nstitute of :pen "chooling

15 1- 7-17 79 1- 7-17 -+- 1- 7-17 8 11 7-171- 11 7-17 -9 11 7-17 77 11 7-17 7+ 11 7-17 -9 11 7-17 B 1- 11 7-17 -9 11 7-17 B 1- 11 7-17 -7 17 7-17 B + 17 7-17 -4 17 7-17 -5 17 7-17 B -6 17 7-17

4* 48 49 551 57 5+ 54 55 56 5*

Prof @ ! !aradara=u Prof 'rchita Patnai/ Prof "an=ay ?umar Prof "an=ay ?umar Prof @ ! !aradara=u Prof T Pradeep Prof 0 Dhamodharan Prof P "el#am Prof % & "udheendra 0ao Prof ? %angala "under Prof " "an/araraman

1nter#iew Committee 1ndo B Aapan Pro=ect C"10 Confidential wor/ The 1+th Theoretical Chemistry symposium )TC" 7-17, The (iennial %eeting of the atomic3 %olecular and optical Physics "ociety of 1ndia )1"'%P, "election Committee for 2aculty Position Tal/ on D&ano TechnologyF *8th 1&"' %eeting Pro=ect Discussion %eeting C"10 B "02 G 0' selection committee meeting at 11CT "election committee %eeting for faculty promotion B "enate nominee Chennai Chemistry Conference 7-1+ D"T :rganic P'C %eeting C"10 Pro=ect 0e#iew %eeting &ano 1ndia 7-1+ %eet

11T $yderabad &CE Pune >uwahati ?ol/ata &1T >oa Thrissur Pune 11T %umbai $yderabad 11T >uwahati C"10 B CE013 Chennai @ni#ersity of %adras &ew Delhi C"10-&11"T3 T@%3 ?erala C"10-&11"T3T@%3 ?erala T@%3 Calicuit 1>C'03 ?alpa//am @daipur @dhaipur Coimbatore !1T 11T ?haragpur CEC013 ?arai/udi 11T3 >uwahati "0% @ni#ersity &ew Delhi Chandigarh 0a=i# >andhi @ni#ersity $yderabad

-* 17 7-17 19 17 7-177- 17 7-17 18 17 7-17 B 77 17 7-17 14 17 7-17 B 1* 17 7-17 1* 17 7-17 74 17 7-17 B 7* 17 7-17 76 17 7-17 B 78 17 7-17 79 17 7-17 -* -1 7-1+ B -8 -1 7-1+ 78 -1 7-1+ B 79 -1 7-1+ -8 -7 7-1+ 11 -7 7-1+ B 17 -7 7-1+ 1+ -7 7-1+ 19 -7 7-1+ B 7- -7 7-1+ 71 -7 7-1+ B 77 -7 7-1+ -4 -7 7-1+ B -5 -7 7-1+ 11 -7 7-1+ 71 -7 7-1+ B 74 -7 7-1+ 71 -7 7-1+ B 74 -7 7-1+ 75 -7 7-1+ 78 -7 7-1+ -1 -+ 7-1+ 1+ -+ 7-1+ 15 -+ 7-1+ 17 -+ 7-1+ 7- -+ 7-1+ 71 -+ 7-1+ B 77 -+ 7-1+ 78 -+ 7-1+

Prof T Pradeep 58

D"T 0e#iew %eeting 11"T discussion %eeting

59 Prof "an=ay ?umar 6Prof ? %angala "under 61 Prof & Chandra ?umar

67 6+ 64 65 66 6*

Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Prof " (as/aran Prof 'rchita Patnai/ Prof ' ? %ishra Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen Prof & & %urthy

%eeting B %0"1 - '>% Discussion %eeting on "pectroscopy and Dynamics of %olecules G clusters 9"D%C B 7-1+; Tenth Discussion meeting in "pectroscopy and Dynamics of molecules comple<es 1nternational conference &ational conference on multifunctional &ano materials G &anocomposites Chief >uest at "cience Day Celebration 0esearch scholar Day B >uest $onor 0esearch Council %eeting D"T B 2ast-Trac/ Committee %eeting Presentation related to &anotechnology Confidential %eeting C"10 - $0D> (0&"3 Pro=ect related meeting 2aculty "election Committee member

S/ cia% = ctur # d %i7 r d 3& t) 1acu%t& in ot) r In#titution#: S.No 1 Na! o1 1acu%t& Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen To/ic o1 = ctur 1n#ited Eecture on &ostalgia3 Tribute and Chemistry during the symposium dedicated to *5th (irth-'nni#ersary of Professor % " Cadia Eecture 1n#itation 1n#ited Eecture 0ecent 'ccomplishments at "ynthetic 2ronts 0ecent 'ccomplishments at "ynthetic 2ronts Eecture on 'utomoti#e Power "ources Eecture on 'utomoti#e Power "ources &anostructures %aterials for Catalysis and "ensors 1n#ited Tal/ 1&"P10E Eecture 1n#ited Eecture >uest Eecture on 9 1nfluence of Chirality in Drug 'cti#ity ; 1n#ited lecture B M! :rganic Chemistry conference :rganiIed by &ational :rganic "ymposium Trust >NOST: 1n#ited lecture in &ational "eminar on Emerging Trends in Chemistry To attend a conference and deli#er a tal/ D"T 1nspire Eecture 1n#ited tal/- 1nno#ation in "cience Pursuit for 1nspired 0esearch 1&"P10E 1&TE0&"$1P "C1E&CE C'%P Tal/ on Chen gold glows in dar/3 1&"P10E 0ecent 'ccomplishments at "ynthetic 2ronts Collaborati#e discussion and to gi#e an in#ited tal/ 0esearch to Product :ur e<perience with nanomaterials for clean water technologies3 De#eloping &anotechnology for an emerging 1ndia In#titution Department of Chemistry3 @ni#ersity of Pune Dat 74 -+ 7-17

7 + 4 5

Prof % & " 0ao Dr Edamana Prasad Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen

11"E0 Pune !1T @ni#ersity3 !ellore 1nstitute of 1ntegrati#e %edicine3 Aammu 1nstitute of $imalayan (ioresource Technology3 Palampur3 $imachal Pradesh !1T3 !ellore !1T3 !ellore Department of Physical Chemistry3 @ni#ersity of %adras P"> College 3 Coimbatore !el Tech Technical @ni#ersity :rchid Pharma3 Chennai $industan @ni#ersity Padur'gra

-5 -6 7-17-6 -6 7-17 77 -6 7-17 17 -* 7-17 16 -* 7-17

6 * 8 9 111 17

Prof @ ! !aradara=u Dr 0 ?othandaraman > 0anga 0ao Prof 'rchita Patnai/ Dr P 'nbarasan Dr > "e/ar Prof " "an/araraman

-7 -8 7-17 -7 -8 7-17 -+ -8 7-17 -6 -8 7-17 1+ -8 7-17 7* -8 7-17 14 -9 7-17 1- 1- 7-17 -1+ 1- 7-17 -5 1- 7-17 1- 1- 7-1711 1- 7-17 77 1- 7-17 15 1- 7-1716 1- 7-17

1+ 14 15 16

Prof " "an/araraman Prof > 0anga 0ao Prof > 0anga 0ao Prof "an=ay ?umar

CP' College3 (odinaya/anur >1T'% @ni#ersity3 !isa/hapatnam 0a=u 'rts and science college3 Penugonda3 'ndrapradesh "ri !en/ateshwara @ni#ersity3 Tirupati3 'ndhra Pradesh D%1 College of Engineering3 Chennai >uru &ana/ De# @ni#ersity3 Pun=ab 1ndian 1nstitute of Chemical Technology3 $yderabad %aastricht @ni#ersity3 $yderabad

1* 18 19 7-

Prof T Pradeep Prof 1ndrapal singh 'idhen Dr ( 0a=a/umar Prof T Pradeep

75 1- 7-17 76 1- 7-17 76 1- 7-17 -79 1- 7-17 77 11 7-17


> 0anga 0ao

1+th orientation programme for research scholars L D"T sponsored training acti#ity Tal/ on &anosensors Tal/ on Euminescent Clusters of &oble %etalsL 2rom %aterials to "ensors3 Engineering at &anoscaleL 2rom %aterials to (io-sensors Eecture series by Electrochemical "ociety Catalyst 7-1+ B Eecture Deli#er a tal/ in 90ecent trends in chemistry; Deli#er a tal/ in 2rontiers in Chemistry )21C, B 7-1+ &ew Pro=ect proposal presentation to D"T-P'C "eminar tal/ at 'cademy wor/shop 1n#ited Tal/ To deli#er a tal/ in 9&ational "eminar; >i#ing 1n#ited Eecture

&CC03 11T %adras Deli#ered 8 lectures from 8-11 Dec 7-17 (angalore 11T 1ndore

76 11 7-17 to 1+ 17 7-17 -5 17 7-17 1- 17 7-1717 17 7-17

77 7+

Prof T Pradeep Prof T Pradeep

74 75 76 7* 78 79 ++1 +7

Dr 0 ?othandaaman Dr Debashis Cha/raborty Dr P 'nbarasan Dr P 'nbarasan Prof ' ? %ishra Prof ' ? %ishra Prof P "el#am Dr P 'nbarasan Prof " "an/araramanan

Pondicherry @ni#ersity Dr 0eddyFs Eeadership 'cademy3 $yderabad 'merican College3 %adurai "t Ma#ierFs College Palaym/ottai 11"c 3 (angalore !i#e/ananda College3 %adurai 11CT3 $yderabad 'rul 'nadhar College3 %adurai %" @ni#ersity3 (aroda

-6 -1 7-1+ B 17 -1 7-1+ -9 -1 7-1+ B 1- -1 7-1+ 11 -1 7-1+ -1 -7 7-1+ -1 -7 7-1+ 77 -7 7-1+ 11 -7 7-1+ B 1+ -7 7-1+ 15 -7 7-1+ 71 -+ 7-1+ B 77 -+ 7-1+ 77 -+ 7-1+ 75 -7 7-1+ B 78 -7 7-1+ 7* -7 7-1+

++ +4

Dr ( 0a=a/umar Dr 0 ?othandaraman

Tal/ at &"0'C B 7-1+ 1n#ited Eecture on &on precious metal catalysts for o<ygen reduction reaction in PE2Cs Porous materials - synthesis3 characteriIation and applications

Pondicherry ($@ #aranasi


> 0anga 0ao

Dept of Physics 2aculty of Engineering and Technology3 "0% @ni#ersity ?attan/ulathur

'i#it# a3road 3& 1acu%t&: S.No 1 7 Na! o1 1acu%t& Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Dr Dillip ?umar Chand Countr& 'i#it d 'ustralia Canada Dat 15 -4 7-17 -18 -4 7-17 76 -5 7-17 -+- -5 7-17 +1 -5 7-17 +1 -5 7-17 15 -6 7-117* -5 7-17 Pur/o# o1 7i#it 1,t) "pring %eeting of The 1nternational "ociety of Electrochemistry 95th Canadian Chemistry Conference and E<hibitions :ne Day "ymposium on "upramolecular Chemistry !isiting Professor Fundin" 1ro!

Prof P (hyrappa

@nited states of america

Prof ? % ?adish @ni#ersity of $ouston 3Te<as3 @"'

Prof P (hyrappa

@ni#ersity of $ouston3 Cashington "eattle3 @"'

-9 -5 7-17 -11 -5 7-17

To deli#er an oral presentation at the 771st electrochemical society meeting

5 6 * 8 9 1-

Dr 0 ?othandaraman Prof " "an/araraman Dr ( 0a=a/umar Prof T Pradeep Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof P (hyrappa

@"' >ermany &:'' in (oulder Co @"' "outh $adley3 @"' Purdue @ni#ersity3 @"' Ae=u 1sland3 south/orea

-* -5 7-17 B 11 -5 7-17 15 -5 -7-17 -15 -* 7-17 -1 -5 7-17 B 78 -* 7-17 -8 -6 7-17 B 77 -6 7-17 -+ -6 7-17 B -6 -6 7-17 -1 -* 7-17-6 -* 7-17

771st Electro Chemical "ociety %eeting 'le<ander !on $umboldt 2oundation 2ellowship To !isit ?inetics Eaboratory in the Chemical "cience Di#ision )C"D, >ordon 0esearch conference on &oble %etal &anoparticles 1nternational Conference (:0'%-M111 %eeting To deli#er an oral presentation and to chair an in#ited oral presentation session at the 1nternational conference on porphyrins G phthalocyanines 1CPP B * 1ndustrial !isit 7-17 TC'"-0:E"E'P "ymposium on 2rontier in Chemical Engineering 0egional :E0 "ymposium in 'siaL Policies G Practice 1ndo-'ustralian Aoint Pro=ect Discussion C) ! ca 4-th 'ustralian Chemical Engineering Conference 1nternational wor/shop on natural products chemistry 1ndo-2rench Center for :rganic synthesis B !111 "ymposium on 0ecent De#elopment of &anomaterialism3 "tructures3 dynamics G 'pplications Paper presentation and Discussion in (ilateral "eminar on "upramolecular &anomaterials for Energy 1nno#ation (ilateral "eminar on "upramolecular &anomaterials for Energy 1nno#ation 1ndo-Aapan wor/shop To attend the 1M 1nternational Conference on %echanisms of Catalyst 0eactions :ral Presentation B 1nternational "ymposium on :rganometallic Chemistry 7-17 'merican society meeting3 "C0% 7-11 11T%

11 17 1+ 14

Prof " (as/aran Dr > "e/ar Prof ? %angala "under

Philippine (ei=ing3 China %alaysia @ni#ersity of Cestern "ydney Cellington (ei=ing3 China 1C"&3 Paris 2rance Taipei3 Taiwan

11 -* 7-17 -15 -* 7-17 7* -* 7-17 B +1 -* 7-17 19 -9 7-17 B 71 -9 7-17 1* -9 7-17 -7* -9 7-17 77 -9 7-17 B 7* -9 7-17 74 -9 7-1776 -9 7-17 75 -9 7-1776 -9 7-17 -4 1- 7-17 B -5 1- 7-17

Prof P "el#am 15 16 1* Prof " (as/aran Dr > "e/ar Prof T Pradeep


Dr Edamana Prasad

Ta/amatsu city3 ?agawa Prefecture3 Aapan :sa/a @ni#ersity3 Aapan "t Petersburg3 0ussia "eoul3 ?orea

14 1- 7-1718 1- 7-17


Prof T Pradeep

15 1- 7-1716 1- 7-17


Prof P "el#am

77 1- 7-1775 1- 7-17 -1 11 7-17 B -+ 11 7-17 -9 11 7-17 B 11 17 7-17


Dr "undargopal >hosh


Prof P (hyrappa

Central te<as "ection


Prof T Pradeep


1+ 17 7-17 B 15 17 7-17 1* 17 7-17 19 17 17 15 17 7-17 B 1+ -1 7-1+ 1+ 17 7-17 B 1* 17 7-17 19 17 7-17 B 78 17 7-17 16 17 7-17 -19 17 7-17 -* -1 7-1+ B 11 -1 7-1+

Taiwan "ingapore 74 75 Dr 0amesh E >ardas Prof P "el#am Portugal $ong ?ong 1reland 76 7* Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Prof P "el#am "ingapore Dublin3 1reland

Cor/shop on &anotechnologyL En#ironment3 $ealth and "afety &ational Dong $wa @ni#ersity "ingapore &ational @ni#ersity European @nion *th 2ramewor/ Programme B &arilar Pro=ect 1nt Conf on Eng G 'ppl "cience 1ndo B 1reland Aoint Pro=ect E<change *th "ingapore 1nternational Chemistry Conference 1ndo B 1reland Aoint Pro=ect

Honour# and A$ard# o3tain d 3& 1acu%t&: S%.No 1 Na! o1 t) 1acu%t& Prof T Pradeep Na! o1 t) A$ard 1n#ited to ser#e on the 1nternational 'd#isory (oard of the &ew Aournal3 A$ard d 3& P0'T1CEE; from the group of =ournals publishing the materials science trio3 'd#anced %aterials3 'd#anced 2unctional %aterials and "mall Chemical 0esearch "ociety of 1ndia )C0"1,3 Chemical 0esearch "ociety of 1ndia )C0"1, 11T %adras

7 + 4

Prof ? ? (alasubramanian )0etired,3 Dr "undargopal >hosh Dr Edamana Prasad

Eifetime 'chie#ement 'ward >old %edal for 7-1+ (ronIe %edal for 7-17 for Contribution to 0esearch in Chemistry 11T %adras 6oung 2aculty for :utstanding 'chie#ements in Teaching "cholarship G Creati#e 0esearch Cor/ Cash 'ward of 0s 753--- and a Citation 1ndia &anotech 1nno#ation 'ward 7-17 ( % (irla "cience PriIe 0ecipient of the thieme Chemistry =ournals 'ward 7-1+ %ember &ational 'cademy of "ciences )%&'"c,3 1ndia; during 7-1+ %ember3 Programme 'd#isory Committee )Physical Chemistry,3

5 6 * 8 9

Prof T Pradeep Dr "anthosh >harpure Dr PaIhamalai 'nbarasan Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen Prof P "el#am

>o#t of ?arnata/a

D"T3 &ew Delhi3 7-17-7-15

?oo5#@ Mono"ra/)# aut)or d2co;aut)or d: S%. No. 1 7 Na! o1 1acu%t& Prof P "el#am Prof T Pradeep Tit% "electi#e Catalytic :<idation o#er :rdered &anoporous %etallo'luminophosphates &anoscience in 1ndiaL a perspecti#e !olume 1L &anostructures through Chemistry Editor# % > Clerici3 : ' ?holdee#a Paul :N(rien )Ed ,3 0oyal "ociety of Chemistry3 Eondon 7-17 Aut)or2 Co;aut)or ' "a/thi#el Paulra=pillai Eourdu Ma#ier3 'nirban "om3 'mmu %athew3

Prof T Pradeep and others

' Te<tboo/ on &anoscience and &anotechnology

%c>raw-$ill Education3 &ew Delhi 7-17

F %%o$#)i/# o1 Acad !i # and Pro1 ##iona% Soci ti #: S%. No. Na! o1 1acu%t& FASc 1 Prof " (as/aran elected as fellow of the 1ndian 'cademy of "cience Aourna% Editoria% ?oard#: S%. No. Na! o1 1acu%t& 1 Prof T Pradeep 7 Prof T Pradeep + Prof T Pradeep 4.5.4 Po#ition >Editor2M !3 r: %ember %ember %ember Aourna% Na! 'C" 'pplied %aterials and 1nterfaces 7-17 "urface 1nno#ations 7-17 Particle 7-17 Y ar o1 ad!i##ion 7-1+

D #i"n and D 7 %o/! nt Acti7iti #:

?ri 1 and #/ ci1ic d tai%# o1 Proc ##2In#tru! nt#2EBui/! nt2 So1t$ar d #i"n d and d 7 %o/ d: ' fiber optics spectrophotometer that is capable of measuring both absorbance and fluorescence spectra ha#e been designed N $ 1aci%iti # add d or !a9or Bui/! nt /rocur d: S%.No. 1 7 + 4 Pat nt#: Pat nt# 1i% d: S%. No. 1 7 + 4 5 6 * 4.5.5 Na! o1 1acu%t& %uraleedharan ? % Pradeep T Pradeep T Pradeep T Pradeep T Pradeep T Pradeep T To/ic o1 /at nt "ynthesis of 5uinolone antibiotics from baylis-hillman adducts !isible detection of 5uantity of water flow using 5uantum clusters %ethods for selecti#e #isual detection of T&T ' method for the preparation of graphenic material from asphalt and its application in water purification Euminescent graphene patterns >el-based water purificationL 'dsorbent composition and water purification de#ice ' granulation composition for powder ingredients Na! o1 EBui/! nt 2T- 0aman "pectrometer "canning Electron %icroscope %aldi-T:2 "pectrometer Circular Dichromism "pectrometer 'a%u )0s in la/hs, 6+ 95 164 66

R # arc) and Con#u%tanc&:

S/on#or d R # arc) Pro9 ct#: S.No 1 Tit% Design 'nd De#elopment of a %odular 2ibre-:ptic (ased %ultipurpose :ptical "pectrometer 2or Electronic 'bsorption and Emission "pectroscopy 'nd its 'pplication To The 'nalysis :f %ultifluorophoric "ystems $igh Temperature G $igh Pressure thermodynamic Properties of Energetic &itrogen-0ich 1onic Ei5uids G their %i<tures Cith organic "ol#ents P riod + Fundin" A" n c& C"10 A!t. Co;ordinator# )0s in la/hs, 75 1* Prof ' ? %ishra


7* --

Dr 0amesh >ardas

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Centre 2or Catalysis 0esearch B Phase 11 %easurement of 'tmospheric Eifetimes of $ydrofluroolefines )$2:s,3 $ydrofluoroethers )$2Es, and $ydrofluoroioethers )$2TEs, due to their 0eactions with $ydro<yl 0adicals and C1 in the EarthFs 'tmosphere "ynthesis of Eytropic G thermotropic Ei5uid Crystals from Poly )'ryl ether, Dendron Deri#ati#es 2unctionaliIed poly )phenylene, dendrimers and dendrimer-porphyrin assemblesL "ynthesis and their properties E<perimental measurement and prediction of thermo physical and electrochemical properties of ionic li5uids useful for metal ions separation Euminescent poly )'ryl Ether, dendron based gel systems for nanoparticle stabiliIation3 mesophase formation and energy transfer studies ' &anocomposite material for high B power lithium battery cathodes Electrochemical synthesis of nanomaterials at li5uidHli5uid interfaces and applications De#elopment of polymer based cost effecti#e electrochromic de#ices for automoti#e applications Juantum Cluster "olar Cells :pto-magnetic Properties :f Cd H On (ased &anoparticles Cith %agnetic Dopants 'nd 1norganic %aterials 0esearch of new layered o<ides for energy storage and con#ersion Demonstration of 1 5 C single cell all #anadium flow battery Transition metal-catalyIed 'symmetricTrifluoromethylation andperfluoroal/ylation of acti#ated 'l/enesL 'pplication towards the 'symmetric"ynthesisofTrifluoromethylated (uilding (loc/s and (ioacti#e &atural Products Design and de#elopment of &o#el tetradendate P- G P3& B Eigands for 2e catalyIed asymmetric hydrogenation AC (ose 2ellowship @nit of nanoscience at 11T %adras - phase 11 Total synthesis of biologically acti#e iso/otanin-' /otanin and desertorin -C natural products through catalytic3 enantioselecti#e o<idati#e coupling 'bnormal &-$eterocyclic carbene ligands "ynthesis3 transition metal comple<es )Pd3 &i3 Cu, and applications in asymmetric synthesis Eow energy ion collision on molecular solidsL chemical reactions3 phase transformations and uni5ue properties Phase-11 of the 2acility on "patially 0esol#ed %agnetic 0esonance

5 +

D"T (oard of 0esearch in &uclear "cience TT 2unds G 11T% C"10 @>C-D'E Consortiu m for "cientific 0esearch C"10

67 9++ 64

Prof ( !iswanathan Dr ( 0a=a/umar

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+ 71+ 97 6 -9

Dr Edamana Prasad Prof P (hyrappa Dr 0amesh >ardas

1* 5-

Dr Edamana Prasad

9 111 17 1+ 14 15 16

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D"T D"T D"T D"T D"T 12CP'0 1C"0 C"10

+5 15 47 67* 5+ 165 6 +7 +9 77 1* * +* 74 47

Prof P "el#am Prof % ! "angaranarayanan Prof 0 Dhamodharan Prof T Pradeep Prof T Pradeep Prof @ ! !aradara=u Prof @ ! !aradara=u Dr 0 ?othandaraman Dr P 'nbarasan

1* 18 19 7-

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10&" D"T D"T C"10

1* -67 7 555 5 7+ 76

Dr P 'nbarasan Prof Chandra/umar & Prof Pradeep T Dr > "e/ar



1+ 7

Prof "an/araraman "

77 7+

+ 5


444 5 1+49 *+

Prof Pradeep T Prof Chandra/umar &


Chemistry and application of metallasilaand metallagermaboranes deri#ed from group 14 unsaturated organic substrates

75 76 7* 78 79


&ew Class of :rganochalcogen Deri#ati#es Deri#ed from >roup 53 6 %etallaboranes 'nalysis of underpotential deposition of metals for electrocatalytic applications PolymeriIation of cyclic esters using acti#ated monomer mechanism @nderstanding the micro#iscosity and micropolarity of different pluronic polymers and their mi<tures &on-precious metal catalyst for o<ygen reduction reaction in Polymer Electrolyte %embrane 2uel Cells )PE%2C, with impro#ed durability and acti#ity 2unctional noble metal nanoparticles &on-precious metal catalysts with increased acti#e catalytic-site density for electrochemical o<ygen reduction reaction Encapsulation of di#alent lanthanides in dendrimers and lanthanide based nanostructures in dendritic aggregates to generate no#el optically acti#e nanosystems Cater purification using nanotechnology Thermodynamic studies of model electrolyte and non-electrolyte solutes in Pprotic ionic li5uidsP and their mi<tures with the parent (ronsted acids and bases Top Chemistry Departments in the 1nternational 6ear of Chemistry )7-11, Design and synthesis of metalloborane clusters for catalytic cyclotrimeriIation of al/ynes %etal nanoclusters for fluorescence3 catalysis3 and hea#y metal sca#enging Chemistry and applications of group 4-5 metallaboranes >eneration of solar hydrogen &-heterocyclic carbene ligands and their lanthanide ion comple<es "ynthesis3 structure3 redo< and luminescence studies Thermal decomposition studies of al/yl silanes and al/yl phenols behind the reflected shoc/ wa#es in a single pulse shoc/ tube between 1----15--? &ew and general strategy for thr synthesis of centrolobine analogues and other important diarylheptanoids

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1ndo 2rench Centre for the Promotion of 'd#ance 0esearch C"10 C"10 C"10 D"T 1"0:

Dr "undargopal >hosh +* 6+

18 *6 16 *6 19 76 77 15 7* 56

Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof "angaranarayanan %! Dr Debashis Cha/raborty Prof %ishra ' ? Dr 0 ?othandaraman Dr 0aghuram Chetty Dr Dillip/umar Chand Dr 0 ?othandaraman

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C"10 &issan 0enault 0esearch "upport Program D"T

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Dr Edamana Prasad

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D"T C"10

1-81 7- 47

Prof Pradeep T Dr "arit ?umar Das Dr 0amesh >ardas

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D"T (oard of 0esearch in &uclear "ciences D"T D"T D"T D"T C"10

15- -77 44

$ead of the Department Dr "undargopal >hosh

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47 81 54 15 5- 78 45 974 47

Prof Pradeep T Dr "undargopal >hosh Prof "el#am P Prof !iswanathan ( Prof "an/araraman " Dr 0a=a/umar (


(oard of 0esearch in &uclear "ciences

+1 17

Prof 1ndrapal "ingh 'idhen


44 45

1n#estigation of transition metal catalyIed reacti#ity of Q-diaIoimines deri#ed from 1373+ triaIolesL Di#ergent synthesis of molecules of therapeutic importance and bio acti#e natural products :rganiIed C&T-noble metal cluster con=ugates Electrospun Calotropis nanofiber scaffolds for applications in tissue engineering3 agriculture and en#ironment 'ugmentation of research facilities in the department )21"T, Thermodynamic studies of ionic interactions in pure ionic li5uids and their mi<tures with organic sol#ents E<ploding type metal precursors for synthesis of non-precious metal catalyst with impro#ed o<ygen reduction acti#ity 'symmetric trifluoromethylation transition metal-catalyst using


54 17

Dr P 'nbarasan

; +

D"T Departme nt of (iotechnol ogy D"T &ew 2aculty "cheme &ew 2aculty "cheme &ew 2aculty "cheme 1ndustrial Consultan cy G "ponsored 0esearch

4- -* 75 85

Prof Pradeep T Prof Pradeep T

46 4*

5 +

4-* 19

$ead of the department )C6, Dr 0amesh >ardas


7- *-

Dr 0 ?othandaraman

49 5-

+ 1

19 * +*

Dr P 'nbarasan Prof @ ! !aradara=u Dr 0 ?othandaraman

Demonstration of 1 5C single cell all #anadium flow battery

R?IC /ro9 ct#: S%. No. 1 7 Na! o1 1acu%t& (as/aran " P "el#am Tit% "ynthetic route for 'P1s De#elopment of heterogeneous catalyst for selecti#e hydrogenation of nitrobenIene )&(, to p-aminophenol )P'P, for economically feasible commercial application De#elopment of differentiated >el 1n/ that can deli#er better writing smoothness with controlled 1n/ flow than e<isting >el 1n/s Indu#tr& 'pe< Eabotaories P#t Etd 3 >ranules 1ndia Eimited A!ount )0s in la/hs, - 66 79 64

Edamana Prasad

1TC Eimited

+1 9-

R # arc) Pu3%ication# o1 t) 1acu%t& ! !3 r# ( r # arc) #c)o%ar#: Total &o of papers published in 0efereed &ational Aournals L -+ L 1*9 L -1

a) Total &o b) Total &o

a: In R 1 r

of papers published in 0efereed 1nternational Aournals of papers presented in &ational Conferences d Nationa% Aourna%#:


!inoth/umar3 % . &andhini3 > . "angaranarayanan3 % ! Partition function of the two-dimensional nearest neighbour 1sing models for finite lattices in a non-Iero magnetic field J. Chem. Sci. (Bangalore, India) 2,12@ 1243 1-5-11+ Aoseph3 ' . !en/ataramana3 > . "an/araraman3 " "ynthesis of dehydrobenIoannulenes with pyrene core J. Chem. Sci. (Bangalore, India) 2,12@ 1243 59*-6-*



@pendra3 ( . Ea/shmi Prasanna3 D " . 0a=a/umar3 ( ?inetic parameters for the reaction of :$ radical initiated atmospheric o<idation of )E,-7-pentenalL 'b initio and transition state theory calculations Curr. Sci. 2,12@ 1023 46-469 In R 1 r d Int rnationa% Aourna%#:


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

(i=i3 P . Patnai/3 ' 1nterfacial Aanus gold nanoclusters as e<cellent phase- and orientation-specific dopamine sensors Analyst 2,12@ 1 !3 4*95-48-1 (i=i3 P . Patnai/3 ' "urface-confined crown ether-capped gold nanoclustersL in#estigation on their electrochemical beha#ior J. "ano#article $es. 2,12@ 143 1-10ama/anth3 1 . Patnai/3 ' &o#el two-component gels of cetylpyridinium chloride and the bola-amphiphile 6amino caproic acidL Phase e#olution and mechanism of gel formation J. %hys. Chem. B 2,12@ 11&3 7*77-7*79 0ama/anth3 1 . 0amesh3 & . Patnai/3 ' 2ibrous gels of cetylpyridinium chloride in binary sol#ent mi<turesL "tructural characteristics and phase beha#iour J. 'ater. Chem. 2,12@ 223 1*847-1*84* 0amesh3 & . "arangi3 & ? . Patnai/3 ' Establishing the ellipsoidal geometry of a benIoic acid-based amphiphile #ia dimer switchingL 1nsights from intramolecular rotation and facial $-bond torsion J. %hys. Chem. B 2,1-@ 11!3 5+45-5+54 "arangi3 & ? . Patnai/3 ' E-tryptophan-induced electron transport across supported lipid bilayersL 'n al/yl-chain tilt-angle3 and bilayer-symmetry dependence Chem%hysChem 2,12@ 1 3 4758-47*"arangi3 & ? . Patnai/3 ' "tructure-directing E-tryptophan for supported DPPC helices and fractalsL 'n al/ylchain tilt-angle dependence Chem%lusChem 2,12@ !!3 898-9-* "enthil /umar3 ? . Patnai/3 ' Thermodynamic /inetic and electronic structure aspects of a charge transfer acti#e bichromophoric organofullerene J. Chem. Sci 2,1-3 12(3 7+* B 746 Eyong3 ? : . ?umar3 " P . ?uete3 ! . 2olefoc3 > & . Eangmi3 $ . %eyer3 % A A . Eall3 & . (as/aran3 " Cobalt mediated ring contraction reaction of lapachol and initial antibacterial e#aluation of naphtho5uinones deri#ed from lapachol 'ed. Chem. $es. 2,12@ 213 711*-7177 Eyong3 ? : . Puppala3 % . ?umar3 P " . Eamshoft3 % . 2olefoc3 > & . "piteller3 % . (as/aran3 " ' mechanistic study on the $oo/er o<idationL "ynthesis of no#el indane carbo<ylic acid deri#ati#es from lapachol )rg. Biomol. Chem. 2,1-@ 113 459-468 >ore3 " . (as/aran3 " . ?onig3 ( 2ischer indole synthesis in low melting mi<tures )rg. *ett. 2,12@ 143 456845*1 >ore3 " . (as/aran3 " . ?oenig3 ( "ynthesis of pyrimidopyrimidinediones in a deep eutectic reaction mi<ture Ad+. Synth. Catal. 2,12@ (43 7+68-7+*7 >ore3 " . Chinthapally3 ? . (as/aran3 " . ?onig3 ( "ynthesis of substituted hydantoins in low melting mi<tures Chem. Commun. 2,1-@ 4,3 5-57-5-54 Puppala3 % . %urali3 ' . (as/aran3 " Concise enantioselecti#e construction of a bridged aIatricyclic framewor/ #ia domino semipinacol-"chmidt reaction Chem. Commun. 2,12@ 4-3 5**8-5*8(hyrappa3 P . !el/annan3 ! R-Tetra/is)7-thienyl,-meso-tetraphenylporphyrinsL "ynthesis3 structural and electrochemical redo< properties Inorg. Chim. Acta 2,12@ -!3 64-*+ >eorge3 C . Chandra/umar3 & 'ccelerated spin dynamics in &%0 dri#en by homonuclear scalar couplings Chem. %hys. *ett. 2,1-@ (& 3 1-*-111

6. 7. 8. 9.


11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.


$aridharan3 & . (handary3 0 . Ponnusamy3 ? . Dhamodharan3 0 "ynthesis of fluorescent3 dansyl endfunctionaliIed P%%' and poly)methyl methacrylate-b-phenanthren-1-yl-methacrylate, dibloc/ copolymers3 at ambient temperature J. %olym. Sci., %art A. %olym. Chem. 2,12@ (03 1491-15-7 $aridharan3 & . 0am/umar3 ! . Dhamodharan3 0 &3&STU-)134-Phenylene,bis)7-bromo-7-methylpropanamide, Acta Crystallogr., Sect. /. Struct. $e#. )nline 2,12@ &Ponnusamy3 ? . (abu3 0 P . Dhamodharan3 0 "ynthesis of bloc/ and graft copolymers of styrene by raft polymeriIation3 using dodecyl-based trithiocarbonates as initiators and chain transfer agents J. %olym. Sci., %art A. %olym. Chem. 2,1-@ (13 1-66-1-*8 0a=endran3 P ( . 0agha#achari3 D "ynthesis of graft copolymers onto styrenic polymer bac/bone #ia Pgrafting fromP raft process J. %olym. Sci., %art A. %olym. Chem. 2,12@ (03 4**7-4*87 "undaram3 $ " . 0agha#achari3 D Controlled radical polymeriIation of tert-butyl acrylate at ambient temperatureL Effect of initiator structure and synthesis of amphiphilic bloc/ copolymers J. %olym. Sci., %art A. %olym. Chem. 2,12@ (03 996-1--* !en/atanarasimhan3 " . 0agha#achari3 D Epo<idiIed natural rubber-magnetite nanocomposites for oil spill reco#ery J. 'ater. Chem. A 2,1-@ 13 868-8*6 (or/ar3 " 0 . %an=unath3 ( & . (alasubramaniam3 " . 'idhen3 1 " Con#enient synthesis of D- and E-<ylo1373+34-al/ane tetrols from a D-gluco-configured common building bloc/ Car0ohydr. $es. 2,12@ (-3 7+-+%an=unath3 ( & . 'idhen3 1 " 'ttempted synthesis of ophiocerin ' using D-gulonic acid-V-lactone Ar1i+oc 2,12@ 201 3 1---111 &amboodiri3 C ? 0 . (isht3 P ( . %u//amala3 0 . Chandra3 ( . 'idhen3 1 " "ol#atochromism3 multiphoton fluorescence3 and resonance energy transfer in a new octupolar dye-pair Chem. %hys. 2,1-@ 41(3 19--195 "enthilmurugan3 ' . 'idhen3 1 " Con#enient strategies for the synthesis of 134-phenylene spaced sugars Car0ohydr. $es. 2,12@ 4!3 55-6+ "udarshan3 ? . 'idhen3 1 " "ynthesis of )W,-centrolobine and its analogues by using acyl anion chemistry /ur. J. )rg. Chem. 2,1-3 7798-7+-7 &guyen3 T ? & . Tran3 ! % . "orna3 ! . Eri/sson3 1 . ?o=ima3 ' . ?o/etsu3 % . Eoganathan3 D . ?=ellen3 E . Dors/y3 0 1 . Chien3 C ( . ?uberan3 ( DimeriIed glycosaminoglycan chains increase 2>2 signaling during Iebrafish de#elopment ACS Chem. Biol. 2,1-@ -3 9+9-948 "ri#asta#a3 ' . !arghese3 ( . Eoganathan3 D M-0ay crystallographic in#estigation of fully acetylated & -)7-Deo<y7-acetamido-beta. D-glucopyranosyl,al/anamides as &-glycoprotein lin/age region analogs J. Car0ohydr. Chem. 2,12@ 13 +1-4* Tran3 ! % . &guyen3 T ? & . "orna3 ! . Eoganathan3 D . ?uberan3 ( "ynthesis and assessment of glycosaminoglycan priming acti#ity of cluster-<ylosides for potential use as proteoglycan mimetics ACS Chem. Biol. 2,1-@ -3 949-95* %ohapatra3 % . %ishra3 ' ? 2luorescent molecular probes based on e<cited state prototropism in lipid bilayer membrane %rogress in Biomedical )#tics and Imaging 2 %roc. S%I/ 2,12@-2 3 1B1?umar3 ? . %ishra3 ' ? 'pplication of parallel factor analysis to total synchronous fluorescence spectrum of dilute multifluorophoric solutionsL 'ddressing the issue of lac/ of trilinearity in total synchronous fluorescence data set3 Anal. Chim. Acta 2,12@ !((3 +*-45 ?umar3 ? . %ishra3 ' ? Juantification of ethanol in petrolBethanol blendsL @se of 0eichardtFs ET )+-, dye in introducing a petrol batch independent calibration procedure3 3alanta 2,123 1003 414-418 ?umar3 ? . %ishra3 ' ? 'pplication of Nmulti#ariate cur#e resolution alternating least s5uare )%C0B'E",F analysis to e<tract pure component synchronous fluorescence spectra at #arious wa#elength offsets from total

18. 19.

20. 21.

22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.



31. 32.

33. 34.

synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy )T"2", dataset of dilute a5ueous solutions of fluorophores Chemometr. Intell. *a0. 2,12@ 11&3 *8-*6

35. 36.

?umar3 ? . %ishra3 ' ? Juantification of Ethanol in Ethanol-Petrol and (iodiesel in (iodiesel-Diesel (lends @sing 2luorescence "pectroscopy and %ulti#ariate %ethods J. 4luoresc. 2,12@ 223 ++9B+4* ?umar3 ? . %ohanty3 % E . Aayashan/ar3 ! . %ishra3 ' ? . "uresh3 " Designing tissue phantoms for ultrasonography and elastography with Ti:7 incorporated polyacrylamide hydrogels AI% Con5. %roc 2,12@ 14&13 151-159 "ilu#ai3 > " . !argheese3 ( . %urthy3 & & "ynthesis and characteriIation of tri#alent tribridged dicobalt comple<es incorporating al/o<ide3 a5ua-hydro<ide3 acetate and phosphate ligating groups Inorg. Chim. Acta 2,12@ --3 46-51 (a/si3 ' . Pradeep3 T . 6oon3 ( . 6annouleas3 C . Eandman3 @ (are clusters deri#ed from protein templatesL 'u75 W3 'u+8 W and 'u1-7 W Chem%hysChem 2,1-@ 143 17*7-1787 (a/si3 ' . Ma#ier3 P E . Chaudhari3 ? . >oswami3 & . Pal3 " ? . Pradeep3 T Protein-encapsulated gold cluster aggregatesL The case of lysoIyme "anoscale 2,1-@ (3 7--9-7-16 (oothara=u3 % " . Chaudhari3 ? . Pradeep3 T 0eal time plasmonic spectroscopy of the interaction of $g 7W with single noble metal nanoparticles $SC Ad+ances 2,12@ 23 1--48-1--56 (oothara=u3 % " . Deepesh3 > ? . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T 'tomically precise sil#er clusters for efficient chlorocarbon degradation J. 'ater. Chem. A 2,1-@ 13 611-67(oothara=u3 % " . Pradeep3 T @nderstanding the degradation pathway of the pesticide3 chlorpyrifos by noble metal nanoparticles *angmuir 2,12@ 2-3 76*1-76*9 Cha/raborty3 1 . >o#indara=an3 ' . Erusappan3 A . >hosh3 ' . Pradeep3 T . 6oon3 ( . Chetten3 0 E . Eandman3 @ The superstable 75 /Da monolayer protected sil#er nanoparticleL %easurements and interpretation as an icosahedral 'g157)"C$7C$7Ph,6- cluster "ano *ett. 2,12@ 123 5861-5866 Cha/raborty3 1 . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T $igh temperature nucleation and growth of glutathione protected X'g*5 clusters Chem. Commun. 2,12@ 4-3 6*88-6*9Cha/raborty3 1 . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T Euminescent sub-nanometer clusters for metal ion sensingL ' new direction in nanosensors J. 6a7ard. 'ater. 2,12@ 21122123 +96-4-+ Chandrase/ar3 ' . Pradeep3 T Euminescent sil#er clusters with co#alent functionaliIation of graphene J. %hys. Chem. C 2,12@ 11&3 14-5*-14-61 %aliye//al3 " % . "reeprasad3 T " . Deepti3 ? . "ummayya3 ? . 'bhishe/3 ? % . @mesh3 ! C . Pradeep3 T . >rapheneL ' reusable substrate for unprecedented adsorption of pesticides Small3 2,12 )D:1L 1- 1--7Hsmll 7-17-1175, Choudhury3 D . Ma#ier3 P E . Chaudhari3 ? . Aohn3 0 . Dasgupta3 ' ? . Pradeep3 T . Cha/rabarti3 > @nprecedented inhibition of tubulin polymeriIation directed by gold nanoparticles inducing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis "anoscale 2,1-@ (3 44*6-4489 Cyriac3 A . Pradeep3 T . ?ang3 $ . "ouda3 0 . Coo/s3 0 > Eow-energy ionic collisions at molecular solids Chem. $e+. (8ashington, 9C, :. S.) 2,12@ 1123 5+56-5411 Dhanala/shmi3 E . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T Con#ersion of double layer charge-stabiliIed 'gYcitrate colloids to thiol passi#ated luminescent 5uantum clusters Chem. Commun. 2,12@ 4-3 859-861 >anguly3 ' . Cha/raborty3 1 . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T phenylethanethiol J. "ano#article $es. 2,1-@ 1(3 1577 ' copper cluster protected with


38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43.

44. 45. 46.


49. 50. 51.

52. 53. 54.

>eorge3 ' . "hibu3 E " . %aliye//al3 " % . (oothara=u3 % " . Pradeep3 T Euminescent3 freestanding composite films of 'u 15 for specific metal ion sensing ACS A##l. 'ater. Inter5aces 2,12@ 43 6+9-644 >hosh3 ' . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T :ne-step route to luminescent 'u 18"> 14 in the condensed phase and its closed shell molecular ions in the gas phase J. %hys. Chem. *ett. 2,12@ 3 199*-7--7 >iri3 ' . >oswami3 & . (oothara=u3 % " . Ma#ier3 P E . Aohn3 0 . Thanh3 & T ? . Pradeep3 T . >hosh3 ( . 0aychaudhuri3 ' ? . Pal3 " ? Emergence of multicolor photoluminescence in Ea - 6*"r- ++%n:+ nanoparticles J. %hys. Chem. C 2,12@ 11&3 7567+-75679 >oswami3 & . >iri3 ' . ?ar3 " . (oothara=u3 % " . Aohn3 0 . Ma#ier3 P E . Pradeep3 T . Pal3 " ? Protein-directed synthesis of &10-emitting3 tunable $g" 5uantum dots and their applications in metal-ion sensing Small 2,12@ -3 +1*5-+184 >upta3 " " . "reeprasad3 T " . %aliye//al3 " % . Das3 " ? . Pradeep3 T >raphene from sugar and its application in water purification ACS A##l. 'ater. Inter5aces 2,12@ 43 4156-416+ ?umar3 " . "hibu3 E " . Pradeep3 T . "ood3 ' ? @ltrafast photoinduced enhancement of nonlinear optical response in 15-atom gold clusters on indium tin o<ide conducting film )#tics /;#ress 2,1-@ 213 848+-8497 Eitter3 % 1 . Choi3 C . Dionysiou3 D D D . 2alaras3 P . $is/ia3 ' . Ei Puma3 > . Pradeep3 T . Ohao3 A &anotechnologies for the treatment of water3 air and soil J. 6a7ard. 'ater. 2,12@ 21122123 1-7 %aliye//al3 " % . "reeprasad3 T " . ?rishnan3 D . ?ouser3 " . %ishra3 ' ? . Caghmare3 @ ! . Pradeep3 T >rapheneL ' reusable substrate for unprecedented adsorption of pesticides Small 2,1-@ ,3 7*+-78+ %athew3 ' . "a=anlal3 P 0 . Pradeep3 T "electi#e #isual detection of T&T at the sub-Ieptomole le#el Ange<. Chem., Int. /d. 2,12@ (13 9596-96-%ohammadi3 % 0 . Tabei3 " ' . &emati3 ' . Eder3 D . Pradeep3 T "ynthesis and crystalliIation of leadIirconium-titanate )POT, nanotubes at the low temperature using carbon nanotubes )C&Ts, as sacrificial templates Ad+. %o<der 3echnol. 2,12@ 2 3 64*-654 %ohanty3 A " . Ma#ier3 P E . Chaudhari3 ? . (oothara=u3 % " . >oswami3 & . Pal3 " ? . Pradeep3 T Euminescent3 bimetallic 'u'g alloy 5uantum clusters in protein templates "anoscale 2,12@ 43 4755-4767 Ma#ier3 P E . Chaudhari3 ? . 'nanya 3 ( . Pradeep3 T Protein-protected luminescent noble metal 5uantum clustersL 'n emerging trend in atomic cluster nanoscience. "ano $e+ie<s 2,12 14!&! )D:1L 1- +4-7Hnano #+i- 14*6*, &iihori3 6 . %atsuIa/i3 % . Pradeep3 T . &egishi3 6 "eparation of precise compositions of noble metal clusters protected with mi<ed ligands J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2,1-@ 1 (3 4946-4949 Prasad3 T & ! ? ! . "udha/ar3 P . "reeni#asulu3 6 . Eatha3 P . %unaswamy3 ! . 0a=a 0eddy3 ? . "reeprasad3 T " . "a=anlal3 P 0 . Pradeep3 T Effect of nanoscale Iinc o<ide particles on the germination3 growth and yield of peanut J. %lant "utr. 2,12@ (3 9-5-97* 0emya3 ? P . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T Eow-temperature thermal dissociation of 'g 5uantum clusters in solution and formation of monodisperse 'g7" nanoparticles J. %hys. Chem. C 2,12@ 11&3 76-19-76-76 "a=anlal3 P 0 . Pradeep3 T 2unctional hybrid nic/el nanostructures as recyclable "E0" substratesL Detection of e<plosi#es and biowarfare agents "anoscale 2,12@ 43 +47*-+4+* "an/ar3 % @ . 'igal3 " . %aliye//al3 " % . Chaudhary3 ' . 'nshup. ?umar3 ' ' . Chaudhari3 ? . Pradeep3 T (iopolymer-reinforced synthetic granular nanocomposites for affordable point-of-use water purification %roc. "atl. Acad. Sci. :. S. A. 2,1-@ 1103 8459-8464 "ar/ar3 D . "rimany3 ' . Pradeep3 T 0apid identification of molecular changes in tulsi ):cimum sanctum Einn, upon ageing using leaf spray ioniIation mass spectrometry Analyst 2,12@ 1 !3 4559-456+


56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61.

62. 63.

64. 65.

66. 67. 68.


70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77.

"aro=ini3 ? > ? . %ano=3 " ! . "ingh3 P ? . Pradeep3 T . Das3 " ? Electrical conducti#ity of ceramic and metallic nanofluids Colloids Sur5., A 2,1-@ 41!3 +9-46 "om3 ' . Pradeep3 T $etero=unction double dumb-bell 'g7Te-Te-'g7Te nanowires "anoscale 2,12@ 43 45+*454+ "reeprasad3 T " . >upta3 " " . %aliye//al3 " % . Pradeep3 T 1mmobiliIed graphene-based composite from asphaltL 2acile synthesis and application in water purification J. 6a7ard. 'ater. 2,1-@ 24&224!3 71+-77"reeprasad3 T " . Pradeep3 T >raphene for en#ironmental and biological applications a re#iew Int. J. 'od. %hys. B 2,12@ 2& @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Pradeep3 T &ew protocols for the synthesis of stable ag and au nanocluster molecules J. %hys. Chem. *ett. 2,1-@ 43 155+-1564 @dayabhas/ararao3 T . "un3 6 . >oswami3 & . Pal3 " ? . (alasubramanian3 ? . Pradeep3 T 'g*'u 6L ' 1+-atom alloy 5uantum cluster Ange<. Chem., Int. /d. 2,12@ (13 7155-7159 !ithanage3 % . Aayarathna3 E . 0a=apa/sha3 ' @ . Dissanaya/e3 C ( . (oothara=u3 % " . Pradeep3 T %odeling sorption of fluoride on to iron rich laterite Colloids Sur5., A 2,12@ ,-3 69-*5 "ugi3 ? " . 1ndranath Cha/raborty . @dayabhas/ararao3 T . Ayoti "arita %ohanty . Pradeep3 T E#olution of atomically precise sil#er clusters to superlattice crystals3 %article = %article Systems Characteri7ation3 2,1-3 03 741-74+ "oumabha (ag . 0adha >obinda (huin . >anapati &atara=an . Pradeep3 T Probing molecular solids with low energy ions3 Ann. $e+. Anal. Chem 2,1-3 &, 9*-118 %eher3 " ? . Cargnello3 % . Troiani3 $ . %ontini3 T . 0ao3 > 0 . 2ornasiero3 P 'lcohol induced ultra-fine dispersion of Pt on tuned morphologies of Ce:7 for C: o<idation A##l. Catal., B 2,1-@ 1 021 13 171-1+1 %eher3 " ? . 0ao3 > 0 Polymer-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of highly reducible shuttle-shaped Ce:7L %icrostructural effect on promoting PtHC for methanol electroo<idation ACS Catalysis 2,12@ 23 7*95-78-9 %eher3 " ? . 0ao3 > 0 Enhanced acti#ity of microwa#e synthesiIed hierarchical %n: 7 for high performance supercapacitor applications J. %o<er Sources 2,12@ 21(3 +1*-+78 %eher3 " ? . 0ao3 > 0 %orphology-controlled promoting acti#ity of nanostructured %n:7 for methanol and ethanol electroo<idation on PtHC J. %hys. Chem. C 2,1-@ 11!3 4888-49-%eher3 " ? . 0ao3 > 0 'rchetypal sandwich-structured Cu: for high performance non-enIymatic sensing of glucose "anoscale 2,1-@ (3 7-89-7-99 %eher " ? and > 0anga 0ao3 Tuning3 #ia counter 'nions3 the %orphology and Catalytic 'cti#ity of Ce: 7 prepared under mild conditions3 A Colloid and 1nterface "cience +*+ )7-17, 46-56 > 0anga 0ao3 " ? %eher3 (ra=a > %ishra3 P $ ? Charan3 &ature and Catalytic acti#ity of bimettalic Cu&i particles on Ce:7 "upport3 Catalysis Today 198 )7-17, 14--14* P $ ? Charan and > 0anga 0ao3 1n#setigation of chromium o<ide clusters grafted on "('-15 using Crpolycation sol3 A Porous %aterials 7- )7-1+, 81-94 !i=aya/umar3 ( . 0ao3 > 0 "ynthesis of +34-dihydropyrimidin-7)1$,-onesHthiones using Or:Cl 7Hmont ?1- under microwa#e assisted sol#ent-free conditions J. %orous 'ater. 2,12@ 1,3 491-49* !i=aya/umar3 ( . 0ao3 > 0 PC'Hmontmorillonite ?1- catalyst for synthesis of coumarins under sol#ent-free conditions J. %orous 'ater. 2,12@ 1,3 7++-747

78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84.

85 86

87. 88.

89. 90. 91.

Di#ya3 ! . "angaranarayanan3 % ! ' facile synthetic strategy for mesoporous crystalline copper-polyaniline composite /ur. %olym. J. 2,12@ 4-3 56--568 %ondal3 " . "angaranarayanan3 % ! ' no#el non-enIymatic sensor for urea using a polypyrrole-coated platinum electrode Sens. Actuators, B 2,1-@ 1!!3 4*8-486 %uthu/rishnan3 ' . (oyars/iy3 ! . "angaranarayanan3 % ! . (oyars/aya3 1 %echanism and regioselecti#ity of the electrochemical reduction in polychlorobiphenyls )PC(s,L ?inetic analysis for the successi#e reduction of chlorines from dichlorobiphenyls J. %hys. Chem. C 2,12@ 11&3 655-664 0amya3 0 . "angaranarayanan3 % ! Polypyrrole microfibres synthesiIed with Juilla=a "aponin for sensing of catechol Sens. Actuators, B 2,12@ 1! 3 4--51 0amya3 0 . "angaranarayanan3 % ! Electrochemical sensing of glucose using polyaniline nanofiber dendritesamperometric and impedimetric analysis J. A##l. %olym. Sci. 2,1-@ 12,3 *+5-*4* 0amya3 0 . "i#asubramanian3 0 . "angaranarayanan3 % ! Conducting polymers-based electrochemical supercapacitors-Progress and prospects /lectrochim. Acta 2,12 "i#asubramanian3 0 . "angaranarayanan3 % ! (oric acid assisted electrosynthesis of hierarchical threedimensional cobalt dendrites and microspheres 'ater. Chem. %hys. 2,12@ 1 &3 448-454 "i#asubramanian3 0 . "angaranarayanan3 % ! Electrodeposition of sil#er nanostructuresL 2rom polygons to dendrites Cryst/ngComm 2,1-@ 1(3 7-57-7-56 %ohan3 ' . "an/araraman3 " 1373+-triaIolophanes-cyclophanes with an array of molecular structures and supramolecular architectures Isr. J. Chem. 2,12@ (23 97-1-4 "ara#ana/umar3 0 . 0am/umar3 ! . "an/araraman3 " "ynthesis and structural characteriIation of cis isomer of 1373+-triaIol-5-ylidene based palladium comple<es J. )rganomet. Chem. 2,1-@ ! &3 +6-41 Aeelani (asha "hai/ . 0am/umar3 ! . (abu !arghese . "an/araraman3 " "ynthesis and structure of transbis)134-dimesityl-+-methyl-1373+-triaIol-5-ylidene,palladium)11, dichloride and diacetate "uIu/iB%iyaura coupling of polybromoarenes with high catalytic turno#er efficiencies Beilstein J. )rg. Chem., 2,1-3 ,3 698 B *-4 ( . "el#am3 P Platinum-supported mesoporous carbon )PtHC%?-+, as anodic catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell applicationsL The effect of preparation and deposition methods %rog. "at. Sci. 2,1P . ?uppan3 ( "ynthesis3 characteriIation and electrocatalytic properties of nano-platinum-supported mesoporous carbon molecular sie#es3 PtH&CC0-41 Catal. 3oday 2,12@ 1,-3 85-91 ( . !iswanathan3 ( . "el#am3 P Platinum-supported &itrogen-doped :rdered %esoporous Carbon )PtH&C%?-++, as Electrocatalyst for Direct %ethanol 2uel Cell 'pplications ACS. Sym#. 9i+. 4uel Chem. %re#r.2,123 (!, *51 P 0 . Dissanaya/e3 ' . %ile#3 ' . ?annangara3 ? . "el#am3 P >lycerol o<idation o#er gold-supported &ano-graphite catalysts Chemeca 2,123 2,03 1-9 Doddi . ?ingston3 A ! . 0am/umar3 ! . "uIu/i3 % . $o=o3 % . "udheendra 0ao3 % & . "ynthesis and CharacteriIation of Dianionic $e<acoordinate "ilicon )1!, Comple<es of "ubstituted Catechols3 2la#ones and 2luoroneL M-0ay Crystal "tructures of Z)n-C+$*,7&$7[7Z)Cl4C6:7,+"i[ +C$+C& and Z)n-C+$*,7&$7[7 Z)(r4C6:7,+"i[ 7)C$+,7": %hos#horus, Sul5ur, = Silicon and the $elated /lements 2,12, 1-!>-:, +4+-+56. &aidu3 " . (oudin3 " . !aradara=u3 @ ! . 0a#eau3 ( 1nfluence of structural distortions upon photoluminescence properties of Eu + and Tb + acti#ated &a +En)(: +, 7 )En\63 >d, borates J. Solid State Chem. 2,12@ 1,03 186-19&aidu3 " . (oudin3 " . !aradara=u3 @ ! . 0a#eau3 ( ' crystal chemical approach to tuning of emission properties in rare earth doped ternary niobates J. 'ater. Chem. 2,12@ 223 1-88-1-9+

92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99.

100. ?uppan3 101. "el#am3

102. ?uppan3

103. %urthy3

104. 'dinarayana

105. 'siri

106. 'siri

107. 'siri &aidu3 " . (oudin3 " . !aradara=u3 @ 108. (has/ar3

! . 0a#eau3 ( Photoluminescence properties of rare earths )Eu +3 Tb +3 Dy + and Tm +, acti#ated &a1nC 7: 8 wolframite host lattice J. Solid State Chem. 2,12@ 1-(3 18*-19' . Deepa3 % . 0ao3 T & . !aradara=u3 @ ! Enhanced nanoscale conduction capability of a %o: 7H>raphene composite for high performance anodes in lithium ion batteries J. %o<er Sources 2,12@ 21&3 1691*8 @ ! Eithium insertion in lithium iron molybdate /lectrochem. Commun. 2,12@ 1-3 117-

109. De#i3 % . !aradara=u3


110. Aibin3

' ? . 0eddy3 % ! . "ubba 0ao3 > ! . !aradara=u3 @ ! . Chowdari3 ( ! 0 Pb +: 4 type antimony o<ides %"b 7: 4 )% \ Co3 &i, as anode for Ei-ion batteries /lectrochim. Acta 2,12@ !13 77*-7+7 ' . (oudin3 " . !aradara=u3 @ ! . 0a#eau3 ( Eu +W and Tb +W emission in molybdenophosphate &a 76)%o: 4,)P: 4, J. /lectrochem. Soc. 2,12@ 1(,3 A177-A176 ' . !aradara=u3 @ ! . 0a#eau3 ( "cheelite based red phosphors for white EEDs J. /lectrochem. Soc. 2,12@ 1(,3 A1-A4 ! "tudies on electrochemical lithium insertion in isostructural titanium niobate and tantalate phases with shear 0e:+ structure 'ater. $es. Bull. 2,1-@ 4-3 7*-7-7*-6 D . %ali/3 P . >oda3 ! ? ' new methodology for the o<idation of sulfides with 2e)111, catalysts A##l. )rganomet. Chem. 2,12@ 2&3 71-76 0 . Cha/raborty3 D "il#er catalyIed C-C and C-" coupling of aryl halides and thiols with boronic acids 3etrahedron *ett. 2,12@ ( 3 *-7+-*-7* 'g:Tf catalyIed hydration of terminal al/ynes A##l. )rganomet. Chem. 2,12@ 2&3 *77-

111. &aidu3 " 112. &aidu3 "

113. "aritha3 D . !aradara=u3 @ 114. Cha/raborty3 115. Das3

116. Das3 0 . Cha/raborty3 D


117. Das3

0 . Cha/raborty3 D 1-7-TE%P: as an efficient o<idiIing agent for the one-pot con#ersion of alcohol to amide using 2eCl+ as the catalyst Catal. Commun. 2,12@ 2&3 48-5+ 'g:Tf-catalyIed transesterification of ss-/eto esters A##l. )rganomet. Chem. 2,12@

118. Das3 0 . Cha/raborty3 D

2&3 14--144

119. >nana/umar3 E

" . >owda3 0 0 . ?un=ir3 " . '=ith/umar3 T > . 0a=amohanan3 P 0 . Cha/raborty3 D . >opinath3 C " %gCl7 center dot 6C$)+,:$L ' "imple %olecular 'dduct and 1ts 1nfluence 's a Porous "upport for :lefin PolymeriIation ACS Catalysis 2,1-@ 3 +-+-+11 E " . Thushara3 ? " . >owda3 0 0 . 0aman3 " ? . '=ith/umar3 T > . 0a=amohanan3 P 0 . Cha/raborty3 D . >opinath3 C " %gCl7 center dot 6C)6,$)11,:$L ' $igh %ileage Porous "upport for Oiegler&atta Catalyst J. %hys. Chem. C 2,12@ 11&3 74115-74177 (i)111,-catalyIed C-" cross-coupling reaction A##l. )rganomet. Chem. 2,12@ 2&3 55*-

120. >nana/umar3

121. %ali/3 P . Cha/raborty3 D


122. %ali/3 P . Cha/raborty3 D


(i7:+ catalyIed asymmetric o<idation of sulfides 3etrahedron *ett. 2,12@ ( 3 5657-

123. "aha3

T ? . %andal3 % . Cha/raborty3 D . 0am/umar3 ! 1mino pheno<ide comple<es of group 4 metalsL synthesis3 structural characteriIation and polymeriIation studies "e< J. Chem. 2,1-@ !3 949-96? . 0a=ashe/har3 ( . Cha/raborty3 D 'l/o<ides of group 4 metals containing the bis)imino,pheno<ide ligandL synthesis3 structural characteriIation and polymeriIation studies $SC Ad+ances 2,12@ 23 +-*-+18

124. "aha3 T

125. 'thila/shmi3

A . %ohan3 % . Chand3 D ? "electi#e detection of cysteineHcystine using sil#er nanoparticles 3etrahedron *ett. 2,1-@ (43 47*-4+Pal3 ' ? . $anan3 > " . Chand3 D ? Palladium)11, dri#en self-assembly of a saturated 5uadruple-stranded metallo helicate 9alton 3rans. 2,12@ 413 117*+-117*5 & ( . Tripathy3 D . Chand3 D ? "elf-assembled coordination comple<es from #arious palladium)11, components and bidentate or polydentate ligands Coord. Chem. $e+. 2,12@ 2(&3 18+1-1945 P ? . Chand3 D ? Palladium nanoparticles catalyIed "uIu/i cross-coupling reactions in ambient conditions Catal. Commun. 2,1-@ 13 16-7C . Das3 D . Tripathy3 D . "ahoo3 $ " . 0am/umar3 ! . Chand3 D ? Conse5uence of presence and absence of ]-clouds at strategic locations of designed binuclear Pd)11, comple<es on pac/ingL "elf-assembly of self-assembly by intermolecular loc/ing and pac/ing Cryst. >ro<th 9es. 2,12@ 123 6-17-6-77 % ' . Pramani/3 ' . Cong3 ( % . $a5ue3 " ' . Powell3 D 0 . Chand3 D ? . $ossain3 % ' "elfassembly of ordered water tetramers in an encapsulated Z(r)$ 7:,17[- comple< Chem. Commun. 2,12@ 4-3 86+1-86++ " . Tripathy3 D . Cha/rabortty3 " . (hat3 " . ?umbhar3 ' . Chand3 D ? "elf-assembled mononuclear palladium)11, based molecular loops Inorg. Chim. Acta 2,1-@ 4003 47-5D . %uraleedharan3 ? % Chemical en#ironment as control element in the e#olution of shapes-Nhe<agons and rodsN from an 11-helical Q3R73+- hybrid peptide So5t 'atter 2,12@ -3 1185*-11867 % @nprecedented torsional preferences in trans-R-73+-amino acid residues and formation of 11-helices in Q3 R -73+-hybrid peptides Chem. /ur. J. 2,12@ 1-3 9516-957% :<anorbornane-based amphiphilic systemsL Design3 synthesis and material properties $SC Ad+ances 2,12@ 23 4-48-4-51 % . ?arunagaran3 D (enIisothiaIolones arrest the cell cycle at the >7H% phase and induce apoptosis in $eEa cells 'edChemComm 2,1-@ 43 *49-*57 Detection of Cu)ii, and &: by Non-offN aggregation in poly)aryl ether, dendron deri#ati#es "e< J. Chem. 2,12@ &3 1859-1865 ' . 2lowers3 0 ' . Prasad3 E Effect of crown ethers on the ground and e<cited state reacti#ity of "amarium diiodide in acetonitrile J. %hys. Chem. A 2,12@ 11&3 7154-716"upramolecular design for two-component hydrogels with intrinsic emission in the #isible region Chem. Commun. 2,1-@ 4,3 1*44-1*46 P . Prasad3 E &on-amphiphilic pyrene cored poly)aryl ether, dendron based gelsL Tunable morphology3 unusual sol#ent effects on the emission and fluoride ion detection by the self-assembled superstructures So5t 'atter 2,12@ -3 8896-89-+ P . Prasad3 E Tunable morphology and mesophase formation by naphthalene-containing poly)aryl ether, dendron-based low-molecular-weight fluorescent gels *angmuir 2,1-@ 2,3 16-9-161* 0ate coefficients and reaction mechanism for the reaction of :$ radicals with )E,-C2 +C$\C$23 )O,-C2 +C$\C$23 )E,-C2 +C2\C$23 and )O,-C2 +C2\C$2 between 7-- and 4-- ?L $ybrid density functional theory and canonical #ariational transition state theory calculations J. %hys. Chem. A 2,12@ 11&3 98+5-9847 0 . 0a=a/umar3 ( 'bstraction /inetics of $-atom by :$ radical from pinonaldehyde )C 1-$ 16: 7,L 'b initio and transition-state theory calculations J. %hys. Chem. A 2,12@ 11&3 5856-5866

126. Deba/antaTripathy. 127. Debata3

128. %andali3

129. &aranthatta3 %

130. "aeed3

131. "ahoo3 $

132. (alamurugan3

133. (alamurugan3 D . %uraleedharan3 ? 134. >anesan3 % . %uraleedharan3 ?

135. >opinath3 P . 0amalingam3 ? . %uraleedharan3 ? 136. 'garwal3 C . Prasad3 E

137. %aity3 " . Cho5uette3 ?

138. 0a=amalli3 P . 'tta3 " . %aity3 " . Prasad3 E 139. 0a=amalli3

140. 0a=amalli3

141. (alaganesh3 % . 0a=a/umar3 (

142. Dash3 %

143. ?aliginedi3 ! . 'li3 %

' . 0a=a/umar3 ( ?inetic parameters for the reaction of hydro<yl radical with C$ +:C$ 72 )$2E-161, in the temperature range of 7---4-- ?L Transition state theory and 'b initio calculations Int. J. ?uantum Chem. 2,12@ 1123 1-66-1-** A . &iran=ana3 P . Porwal3 " ? "tereoselecti#e synthesis of o<a- and aIa-angular tri5uinanes using tandem radical cycliIation to #inylogous carbonates and carbamates )rg. *ett. 2,12@ 143 54*6-54*9 A . Porwal3 " ? "ynthesis of o<a-3 aIa- and thia-bowls and cages )rg. %re#. %roced. Int. 2,1-@

144. >harpure3 "

145. >harpure3 "

4(3 81-15+

146. >harpure3 147. >harpure3

" A . Prasad3 A ! ? "tereoselecti#e synthesis of substituted 134-o<aIepanes by intramolecular reducti#e etherification /ur. J. )rg. Chem. 2,1-3 7-*6-7-*9 " A . !i=ayasree3 @ . 0eddy3 " 0 ( "tereoselecti#e synthesis and applications of nitrogen substituted donor-acceptor cyclopropanes )&-D'Cs, in the di#ergent synthesis of aIacycles )rg. Biomol. Chem. 2,12@ 103 1*+5-1*+8 0ao3 0 . ?arthi/eyan3 1 . "e/ar3 > Domino aIiridine ring opening and (uchwald-$artwig type coupling-cycliIation by palladium catalyst 3etrahedron 2,12@ &-3 9-9--9-94 "ynthesis of an unusual dinuclear chiral iron comple< and its application in asymmetric hydrophosphorylation of aldehydes )rg. Biomol. Chem. 2,12@ 103 5+4*-5+57 A C . "e/ar3 > Cu-catalyIed in situ generation of thiol using <anthate as a thiol surrogate for the onepot synthesis of benIothiaIoles and benIothiophenes )rg. Biomol. Chem. 2,1-@ 113 1659-1665 " . >eetharani3 ? . 0oy3 D ? . >hosh3 " "ynthesis and structural characteriIation of diruthenium cluster containing germylene ligand J. )rganomet. Chem. 2,1-@ ! 13 18-77 ? . Tussupbaye#3 " . (orow/a3 A . $olthausen3 % C . >hosh3 " @tiliIation of the arachnoB Diruthenaborane Z)Cp^0uC:,7(7$6[ as an 'cti#e 'l/yne CyclotrimeriIation Catalyst ' %echanistic "tudy Chem. /ur. J 2,123 1-3 8487 ? . (ose3 " ? . >eetharani3 ? . Cha/rahari3 ? ? ! . %obin3 " % . >hosh3 " . "ynthesis and "tructural CharacteriIation of &o#el Di#anada- and Diniobaboranes Containing Chalcogen 'toms Chem. /ur.J 2,123 1-3 998+ ' . "ao3 " . 0am/umar3 ! . >hosh3 " &o#el Class of $eterometallic Cubane and (oride Clusters Containing $ea#ier >roup 16 Elements Inorg. Chem 3 2,123 (13 8+77 ? . ?rishnamoorthy3 ( " . ?ahlal3 " . %obin3 " % . $alet3 A-2 . >hosh3 " "ynthesis and CharacteriIation of $ypoelectronic Tantalaboranes Comparison of the >eometric and Electronic "tructures of Z)Cp^TaM,7(5$11[ )M \ Cl3 (r and 1, Inorg. Chem 3 2,123 (13 1-1*6

148. ?oteshwar

149. %uthupandi3 P . "e/ar3 > 150. Prasad3 D 151. 'n=u3 0

152. >eetharani3

153. 0oy3 D

154. Tha/ur3

155. >eetharani3

156. ?rishnamoorthy3 (

" . Tha/ur3 ' . Cha/rahari3 ? ? ! . (ose3 " ? . $amon3 P . 0oisnel3 T . ?ahlal3 " . >hosh3 " . $alet3 A-2 Theoretical and E<perimental 1n#estigations on $ypoelectronic $eterodimetallaboranes of >roup 6 Transition %etals Inorg. Chem., 2,12@ (1, 1-+*5 157. 0oy3 D ? . (ose3 " ? . 'n=u3 0 " . 0am/umar3 ! . >hosh3 " "ynthesis and "tructure of Dirhodium 'nalogue of :ctaborane-17 and Decaborane-14 Inorg. Chem 3 2,123 (13 1-*15

158. Tha/ur3 ' . "ardar3 " . >hosh3 " . Clic/-generated triaIole based ferrocene-carbohydrate biocon=ugatesL ' highly
selecti#e multisignaling probe for Cu)11, ions J. chem. Sci.3 2,123 124, 1755

159. Tha/ur3 ' . %andal3 D . "ao3 " . >hosh3 " 160. Ponniah3 "

Catecholboryl-2unctionaliIed 2errocene (ased Eewis 'cid "ystemL ' "electi#e Probe for 2luoride 1on through %ultiple Channels J. )rganomet. Chem. 2,123 !1(3 179 A . Aeneena3 ? ( . (ose3 " ? . >hosh3 " . "ynthesis and CharacteriIation of &o#el Ele#en-!erte< Dimetallaheteroborane Clusters Containing $ea#ier >roup 16 ElementsL J. )rganomet. Chem. 2,12@ !212!22, 47-48

161. (oucher3

( . >hosh3 " . $alet3 A-2 . ?halal3 " "aillard3 A-6 . (onding and Electronic "tructure of Cp^70u7)(8$14,3 a %etalloborane 'nalogue of Dinuclear Pentalene Comple<es J. )rganomet. Chem 3 2,12@ !21@ 16*. "ynthesis and CharacteriIation of &o#el 0uthenaferracarboranes from Photoinsertion of 'l/ynes into a 0uthenaferraborane )rganometallics3 2,123 1, 6+81

162. >eetharani3 ? . 0am/umar3 ! . >hosh3 " 163. 0ochdi3

% . "aillard3 A 6 . $alet3 A -2 . " >hosh3 $ 0aba_ Can high-hydride content hypoelectronic rhenaborane clusters ta/e up dihydrogen`' theoretical study %olyhedron 3 2,123 4 3 +1 ? . (ose3 " ? . >hosh3 " $eterometallic Cubane-Type Clusters Containing >roup 1+ and 16 ElementsL3 %ure A##l. Chem 3 2,12@ -4, 77++. ( " . ?ahlal3 " . Ee >uennic3 ( . "aillard3 A 6 . >hosh3 " . $alet A-2 . %olecular transitionmetal boron compounds 'ny interest` Solid State Sciences3 2,123 14, 161* ' $ighly "ensiti#e and "electi#e 0edo<3 Turn-:n 2luorescent Probe for Pb)11, in '5ueous En#ironment Anal. Chem.,2,1-@ -(, 1665 D ? . (ose3 " ? . 'n=u3 0 " . %ondal3 ( . 0am/umar3 ! . >hosh3 " . (oron (eyond the 1cosahedral (arrierL ' 16-!erte< %etallaborane Ange<. Chem. Int. /d., 2,1-3 (23 +777 " ? . 0oy3 D ? . "han/hari3 P . 6u#ara=3 ? . %ondal3 ( . "i/der ' . and >hosh3 " . "yntheses and CharacteriIation of &o#el !inyl-(orylene Comple<es by the $ydroboration of 'l/ynes with Z)a +-($, )Cp^0uC:,7)a-C:,2e)C:,+[ )Cp^ \ b5-C5%e5,L Chem. /ur.J., 2,1-31,3 7++* ? ! . %ondal ( . >hosh3 " . ' &o#el Triple Dec/er "andwich Comple< with a "i<%embered Z(+Co+)a4-Te,[ 0ing as a %iddle Dec/ Inorg. Chem 3 2,1-3 (23 7767 D . >hosh3 " . ?ramer3 T . Pfaffinger3 ( . 0adac/i3 ? . !argas3 ' Electronic and "tructural Effects of "tepwise (orylation and JuaterniIation on (orirene 'romaticity J. Am. Chem. Soc.3 2,1-3 1 (3 19-+ "ynthesis and characteriIation of &-Phenyl Pyrrole 'nchored to 2ischer Carbene Comple< Through 0ing Closing %etathesis :<idati#e 'romatiIationL "ynthesis and CharacteriIation of 'ryl "ubstituted 2ischer Carbene Comple<es J. )rganomet. Chem., 2,1-@ !2&, (& ' TriaIole (ased Triferrocene Deri#ati#e as a %ultiresponsi#e Chemosensor for $g)11, 1on and a 0edo< Chemosensor for $7P:4- 1on J. )rganomet. Chem. 2,1-3 !2&, *1 P . 0oy3 D ? . >eetharani3 ? . 'n=u3 0 " . !arghese3 ( . >hosh3 " "ynthesis and "tructural CharacteriIation of >roup 5 DimetallaheteroboranesL J. )rganomet. Chem.3 2,1-. D ? . 'n=u3 0 " . !arghese3 ( . >hosh3 " 0eacti#ity of Dirhodium 'nalogues of :ctaborane-17 and Decaborane-14 towards Transition-%etal %oieties )rganometallics3 2,1-. P . 0oy3 D ? . 'n=u3 0 " . >hosh3 " Transition-%etal !ariation as a Probe into the Catalytic 'cti#ity of %etallaboranes J. )rganomet. Chem.3 2,1-3 ! 3 *9 Transient dynamics of a polymer in the start-up of linear-mi<ed flow J. Stat. 'ech. 2,12@ 2012

164. >eetharani3

165. ?rishnamoorthy3

166. Tha/ur3 ' . %andal3 D . >hosh3 " 167. 0oy3

168. (ose3

169. Tha/ur3 ' . Cha/rahari3 ?

170. (raunschweig3 $ . Damme3 ' . Dewhurst3 0

171. >anesamoorthi3 0 . Tha/ur3 ' . "harmila3 D . >hosh3 "

172. Tha/ur3 ' . %andal3 D . >hosh3 " 173. "han/hari3 174. 0oy3

175. 'n=u3 ! 176. Dua3 ' 177. ?undu3

P . Dua3 ' Protein dynamics modulated electron transfer /inetics in early stage photosynthesis J. Chem. %hys. 2,1-@ 1 -

178. 'damo#a3 > . >ardas3 0

E . &ieuwenhuyIen3 % . Puga3 ' ! . 0ebelo3 E P & . 0obertson3 ' A . "eddon3 ? 0 'l/yltributylphosphonium chloride ionic li5uidsL "ynthesis3 physicochemical properties and crystal structure 9alton 3rans. 2,12@ 413 8+16-8++7 "ingle-molecule enIyme /inetics in the presence of inhibitors J. Chem. %hys. 2,123

179. "aha3 " . "inha3 ' . Dua3 '

1 !3 -451-7 c: 1 In Proc

din"# o1 Nationa% Con1 r nc #:

? "ha/eel3 Ch Aagedeeswara 0ao3 ' "ri Dithya and > 0anga 0ao3 Elecrodepostion of Cu-Pd (imetallic 2ilms using 1-$e<yl-+-methylimidaIolium Chloride lonic li5uid

Di#tin"ui#) d 'i#itor# to t) D /art! nt: S%.No 1 7 Na! o1 t) 7i#itor and D #i"nation Dr @pendra $arbola 'sst Professor3 1PC Department 1ndian 1nstitute "cience3 (angalore $annu $a//inen Professor3 Dept of Physics G Chemistry "cientific Director3 &anoscience Center )&"C, @ni#ersity of Ay#as/yla3 2inland Dr 0obin 0as 'cademy 0esearch 2ellow3 %olecular %aterials Department of 'pplied Physics 'alto @ni#ersity3 Puumiehen/u=a3 2inland Dr !i=ay ? 0amani 'ssociate Professor Dept of Chemical G (iological Engg 1llinois 1nstitute of Technology3 Chicago Dr 0ahul (aner=ee Physical G %aterials Chemistry Di#ision &ational Chemical Eaboratory. Pune Dr 'mar &atara=an 'ssociate Professor 'ssociate Director $T" 2acility Eppley 1nstitute for Cancer 0esearch &ebras/a %edical Center @ni#ersity of &ebras/a %edical Center. :maha Prof 1 & & &amboothiri Dept of Chemistry3 11T (ombay Prof (ala=i 0 Aagirdar Dept of 1norganic and Physical Chemistry 1ndian 1nstitute of "cience3 (angalore Prof 0amachandaran Purdue @ni#ersity3 Dept of Chemistry Cest Eafayette3 @"' Prof " %anogaran Dept :f Chemistry3 11T ?anpur Dr "ubramanian (as/aran "cientist3 >la<o"mith?line Pharmaceuticals Eimited Durham3 &orth Corolina3 @"' Prof ? E "ebastian 1norganic G Physical Chemistry 1ndian 1nstitute of "cience3 (angalore Dr "an=ee# ? >a==ela3 Ph D "ustainable Energy 0esearch Center3 %ississippi "tate @ni#ersity3 @ " ' Dr ! 0amamurthy Professor G Chair of Chemistry @ni#ersity of %iami "enior Editor3 Eangmuri3 'merican Chemical "ociety Distinguish 'lumnus3 11T %adras Dat o1 7i#it 19 -4 7-17 76 -4 7-17 Pur/o# o1 7i#it >uest Eecture >uest Eecture

76 -4 7-17

>uest Eecture

11 -6 7-17

>uest Eecture

5 6

7* -6 7-17 78 -6 7-17

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture

* 8 9 111 17 1+ 14

-6 -* 7-17 -9 -* 7-17 -9 -* 7-17 18 -* 7-17 19 -* 7-17 19 -* 7-17 76 -* 7-17 71 -8 7-17

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture



1* 18


Dr P ?uppusamy Prof of 1nternal %edicine Prof of (iomedical Engineering G Cilliam D Aac5uelyn E Cells Chair in 1maging 0esearch Director of Center for (iomedical EP0 "pectroscopy G 1maging G 'ssociate Director )0esearch, in the Di#ision of Cardio#ascular %edicine3 :hio "tate @ni#ersity3Columbus ):hio, @"' Dr "uhrit >hosh 'ssistant Professor3 Polymer "cience @nit 1ndian 'ssociation 2or the Culti#ation of "cience ?ol/ata Dr "uresh !aliya#eettil Dept of Chemistry &ational @ni#ersity of "ingapore3 "ingapore %r "amir ?umar Pal Department of Chemical3 (ilogical G %acromolecular "ciences3 " & (ose &ational Centre for (asic "ciences3 "alt Ea/e City3 ?ol/ata Prof Dr Dr h c EutI 2 TietIe 1nstitute of :rganic and (iomolecular Chemistry @ni#ersity of >oettingen3 >ermany Prof Conyong Choi &amgo )Aong-0yul Eee, Chair Professor "chool of En#ironmental "cience G Engg )also at Department of Chemical Engineering, Pohang @ni#ersity of "cience GTechnology )P:"TEC$,3 Pohang3 ?orea Prof 6oung-Tae Chang Department of Chemistry3 &@"3 "ingapore Dr Elamparuthi Postdoctoral 0esearch 2ellow Chemical (iology3 E@%@3 %unchen3 >ermany Dr 6usu/e ?awa/ami !ice President for 0esearch3 1ndustry 'cademia go#ernment Cooperation and 1nternational 'ffairs Prof ?oh/i Ebitani3 Professor "chool of %aterial "cience Prof 0yo %aeIono3 Professor "chool of 1nformation "cience Dr 0odney ' 2ernandes Department of Chemistry3 11T B (ombay Prof $enry Chite CE: of >lobal Patent "er#ices Dr 0aghuram ?annan3 'lumnus of 11T% )% "c Chemistry, Director3 &anoparticle production core facility3 'ssociate Professor3 Dept of 0adiology 3@ni#ersity of %issouri3 Columbia Prof Cathy Cutler Prof Toshia/i %urai 'ssociate Editor3 Chemistry Eetters Department of Chemistry3 2aculty of Engineering3>ifu @ni#ersity 6anagido3 >ifu 5-1-119+3Aapan Prof D ! " Aain 21&"'321'"32&'"32P'" Professor Emeritus G 1&"' $ony "cientist3 Department of chemistry3 Pun=ab @ni#ersity Chandigarh Prof Douglas 0 %ac2arlane 'ustralia Centre for Electromaterials "cience %onash @ni#ersity3 !ictoria3 'ustralia Dr "ubi Aacob >eorge 2aculty 2ellow3 &ew Chemistry @nitAawaharlal &ehru Centre for 'd#anced "cientific 0esearch )A&C'"0,3 Aa//ur P :3 (angalore

-4 -9 7-17

>uest Eecture

1- -9 7-17

>uest Eecture

71 -9 7-17

>uest Eecture

78 -9 7-17 -+ 1- 7-17

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture


-9 1- 7-17

>uest Eecture

71 77 7+

11 1- 7-17 77 1- 7-17

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture

76 1- 7-17

!isit to 11T%3 Department of Chemistry >uest Eecture !isit to our Department

74 75

-5 11 7-17 76 11 7-17


19 11 7-17

>uest Eecture


1+ 17 7-17

>uest Eecture

78 79

15 -1 7-1+ 15 -1 7-1+

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture


Dr 'bhishe/Dey 'ssistant Professor 1ndian 'ssociation 2or The Culti#ation of "cience Aada#pur3 ?ol/ata Prof 'ngeli/a "ebald Department of Chemistry3 @ni#ersity of 6or/ $eslington3 6o1- 5DD3 England Prof 'le<andra &a#rots/y Director3 &E'T :0@ G Peter ' 0oc/ Thermochemistry Eaboratory3 @C Da#is Dr "ampath "rini#asan )2ormer % "c "tudent 7--5 batch, Post Doctoral 2ellow 3 &orthwestern @ni#ersity E#anston3 @"' Dr 0afal ?la=n The 0obert Edward 'nd 0oselyn 0ich %anson Career De#elopment Chair Department :f :rganic Chemistry CeiImann 1nstitute :f "cience3 0eho#ot3 1srael Prof 0 >raham Coo/s $enry (ohn $ass Distinguished Professor3 Department of Chemistry3 Purdue @ni#ersity 3 @"' Dr Eatha0ama/rishnan Department of Chemistry and Physics "aint Cloud "tate @ni#ersity3 @ " ' Prof Aean-%arie Eehn &obel Eaureate3 1"1" B @ni#ersite de strasbourg Dr De#ara= "ubramanian Cell biology and (iophysics @nit European %olecular (iology laboratory3 >ermany Prof Dr $endri/ Oipse Department :f Chemistry3 E%@ %unchen3 >ermany D0 > A "an=ayan "cientist Di#ision of :rganic Chemistry3 &ational Chemical Eaboratory3 Pune 411 --8 Dr ?alyann ?umar "adhu 1nstitute De "cience ET 1ngenierie "upramoleculaires )1"1", @ni#ersite De "transbourg Dr 6amuna ?rishnan &C(" (angalore3 >?!?3 (ellary 0oad3 (angalore Ot) r Acti7iti # o1 t) D /art! nt2C ntr :

16 -1 7-1+

>uest Eecture

+1 +7 ++

18 -1 7-1+ 71 -1 7-1+ 78 -1 7-1+

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture


>uest Eecture +- -1 7-1+

+5 +6 +* +8

-4 -7 7-1+ -* -7 7-1+ 17 -7 7-1+ -1 -+ 7-1+

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture >uest Eecture

+9 4-

-6 -+ 7-1+ -* -+ 7-1+

>uest Eecture >uest Eecture


17 -+ 7-1+

>uest Eecture


1+ -+ 7-1+

>uest Eecture

4.5.+ S.No 1 7 + 4 5 6 *

D tai%# Prof T Pradeep ga#e a Eecture on Disco#ery of C 6-- the (all that Changed the >ame3 Central Eibrary3 11T %adras -9 11 7-17 :ur Department is a#ailing the ser#ice of retired faculty members for their study circle acti#ities on &o#ember "tudy Tour !isit - from 'merican College3 %adurai on 71 -7 7-1+ 5- "tudents W + 2aculty %embers #isited our Chemistry Department 1nter 11TFs $oD %eet held at department of Chemistry on 77 -1 7-1+ "tudy CircleL Prof T ? !aradara=an3 retired faculty has assisted the wea/er students in C61--1 Chemistry in-house symposium on 77 -8 7-17 B Con#ener Dr > "e/ar 'ffordable drin/ing water purification using nanotechnology - 1nternational conference on emerging technologies for clean water at 11T %adras from 14 -9 17 to 16 -9 17

4.6.1 Introduction:


The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence since the inception of IIT Madras in 1959. Since then it is contrib!ting to the nation"s infrastr!ct!re development and h!man reso!rce generation. The academic programmes of the Department in #. Tech D!al Degree M. Tech M.S. and $h.D. are some of the best in the co!ntr% and perhaps in the &orld. The fac!lt% members have received advanced degrees and'or training from rep!ted Instit!tions in India (erman% ).*. ).S.+. Canada ,etherlands the former )SS- etc. The fac!lt% members along &ith research scholars in the department carr% o!t innovative . challenging high/eng research and ind!strial pro0ects. #roadl% the departmental activities embrace teaching research cons!ltanc% and training. +l!mni of the Department hold prestigio!s position in leading academic instit!tes ind!stries and government organi1ations &orld&ide. The activities of the Department are carried o!t !nder different disciplines administrativel% organi1ed into five Divisions namel% #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Management 2#TCM3 Environmental and 4ater -eso!rces Engineering 2E4-E3 (eotechnical Engineering 2(T3 Str!ct!ral Engineering 2ST3 and Transportation Engineering 2T-3. There are fo!rteen &ell/e5!ipped laboratories attached to different divisions. Environmental and 4ater -eso!rces Engineering and Str!ct!ral Engineering 6aboratories have received s!bstantial initial f!nding from the 7ederal -ep!blic of (erman%. 4.6.2 Acad !ic Pro"ra!! #:

The Department provides training to st!dents in both theoretical and practical aspects of Civil Engineering. The st!dents are trained in the c!rrent state/of/the/art technologies to enable them to adapt themselves to fast changing technological developments in the &orld. The Department has postgrad!ate programmes leading to D!al Degree M.Tech. M.S. and $h.D. degrees in vario!s disciplines of Civil Engineering in addition to the !ndergrad!ate #.Tech. programme in Civil Engineering. N $ di#ci%&in '(ranc) introduc d: 7ollo&ing t&o Minor Streams &ere introd!ced in the Civil Engineering Department8

Minor #tr a! I: *u#taina(& In+ra#tructur , En-iron! nt Mana" ! nt

O(. cti- o+ t) !inor #tr a! 8 This minor stream from Department of Civil Engineering IITM &ill pave &a% for the engineering grad!ates to !nderstand the compelling reasons to adopt s!stainable approaches to life in general and s!stainabilit% iss!es confronting the engineers aro!nd the &orld in partic!lar encompassing infrastr!ct!re and environment. R /uir ! nt# o+ t) !inor #tr a!8 This minor stream is offered to all branches #.Tech'DD except Civil Engineering 9 :o&ever CE st!dents ma% ta;e these co!rses against their $MT electives apart from three other minor stream co!rses3 has <,E core co!rse in the = Semester and t&o elective co!rses in the =I and =II semesters.

Minor *tr a! II: Structural Mechanics

O(. cti- o+ t) !inor #tr a!: This minor stream from Civil Engineering Department &ill introd!ce basics of str!ct!ral mechanics and also preliminar% str!ct!ral design to st!dents from branches &hich does not offer a second level mechanics co!rse. R /uir ! nt# o+ t) !inor #tr a!: This minor stream is open to # Tech ' DD st!dents from #io/Technolog% Chemical Engineering Comp!ter Science Electrical Engineering Engineering $h%sics and Metall!rgical and Materials Engg onl%. This minor stream offer t&o core co!rses and one elective. N $ Cour# # introduc d: *. No. 1 @ C D 5 A > B 9 Cour# No. CE>?15 CEA>B? IDA?1? CE5BC1 CE5B1? CE5BC? CE5CCD CE>?1A CEC@D1 Tit& Design of Str!ct!res for D!ctilit% +dvanced Mechanics of Str!ct!res 2modified3 Composites Materials and Man!fact!ring 2converted as interdisciplinar% co!rse3 Transportation Engineering St!dio )rban Transportation $lanning 2modified3 Traffic Engineering and Management 2modified3 (lobal Constr!ction Engineering and Management $ractices ,on/linear +nal%sis of 7rame Str!ct!res +pproaches for s!stainable infrastr!ct!re and environment s%stems

1? 11 1@

CE5?1> CE5?15 CE5?1D

)rban Transport and The Environment Environmental Monitoring and Data +nal%sis S!stainable Constr!ction

*tud nt# on ro&&: Pro"ra!! #.Tech. D!al Degree M.Tech. M.S. $h.D. $( Diploma Tota& I 0 ar AD C1 B5 1B CC 1C 244 II 1 ar 62 CD B9 9 DD ? 256 III 1 ar 5A CC @ > @B ? 126 IV 1 ar DD CB ? > C1 ? 122 V 1 ar , ot) r# 1A D? ? 1 1D ? 31 Tota& 242 136 136 42 142 15 363

Na! # o+ *tud nt'*c)o&ar $)o att nd d Con+ r nc 7 * !inar and *0!%o#ia A(road'India: *&. No. Na! o+ t) *tud nt'*c)o&ar Na! o+ t) Con+ r nc ' * !inar'*0!%o#ia'8or9#)o % International conference on Constr!ction -esearch Congress @?1@ 7o!rth International S%mposi!m on D%namic Traffic +ssignment 2DT+ @?1@3 >th International Conference on Maintenance and -ehabilitation of $avements and Technological Control 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering Internal Conference +S$IC @?1@ St!dent Exchange $rogramme S!mmer School on Climate +erosol and the Cr%osphere International Conference on S!stainabilit% Challenges of +dvances in Concrete Technolog% International Meet on Impact of Climate Change on 4ater -eso!rces Development and Management Indian (eotechnical Conference Financia& A##i#t anc +ro!

Ro&& No.

Dat and V nu

A(road: 1 +neetha = @ C $arvath% = S ,eeth! -o%

CE1?D?1D CE1?S??9 CE?9D?1?

@1/@C Ma% @?1@ )S+ D/A E!ne @?1@ )S+ @B/C? +!g @?1@ ,e& Fealand @D/@B Sept @?1@ $ort!gal C/5 <ct @?1@ T!r;e% @? Ma% 9 @? +!g @?1@ )S+ 19/@9 E!ne @?1@ Ital% @/D Ma% @?1@ 1>/19 +!g!st @?1@ Coimbatore 1C/15 December @?1@ IIT Delhi D/B <ctober @?1@ @9 ,ov 9 1 Dec @?1@ Cochin A/B December @?1@ IIT Madras A/B Dec @?1@ IIT #omba% 1A/@@ Dec @?1@ Instit!te <++ Instit!te I)SST7 <rgani1ers' <++


D 5 A > India: 1 @

+=i0a%anara%anan +0a% *rishnan -an0! Mohan Shi;a S

CE1@D?A5 CE?9S??D CE1?D?C@ CE1@D?19

+0a% *rishnan -ams!ndram ,


C D 5 A > B 9 1?

-e0oice +le%amma +braham +s&ath% *rishnan S!bramanian $ +mbi;a S $ri%a = S +r%a = =as!devan M #erlin M

CE1?D?CC CE<9S?15 CE11D?CD CE1?D?1B CE?9D?1C CE1@D?CD CE1?D??5 CE1?D?1?

11 1@

Mohanas!ndaram S =as!devan M

CE?9D?11 CE1?D??5

Second International Conference on +dvanced <xidation $rocess 7ifth C)S+T ,ational Conference on -ecent +dvances in Civil Engineering Second International Conference on Drilling Technolog% @?1@ 2ICDT @?1@3 and 7irst ,ational S%mposi!m on $etrole!m Science Engineering 2,SSE3 :%dro @?1@

1C 1D 15 1A 1> 1B 19 @? @1 @@ @C

#erlin M Mohanas!ndaram S +s&ath% E = Shi;a S #ah!r!deen + Ea%achandran * #erlin M :rishi;esh C. ( *ishore ;!mar.M. Chithra =.S. Chithra =.S.

CE1?D?1? CE?9D?11 CE11M?@C CE1@D?19 CE11D??@ CE1?D?@@ CE1?D?1? CE1@D?D1 CE11S?11 CE?9D?@C CE?9D?@C

5th International (ro!nd&ater Conference 2I(4C @?1@3 Indian +erosol Science and Technolog% +ssociation Conference @?1@ 2I+ST+ @?1@3 )*IE-I Concrete Congress Innovations in Concrete Constr!ction International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technolog% short co!rse on +ir G!alit% Management short co!rse on +ir G!alit% Management ,ational conference on !rban mobilit% India / -esearch s%mposi!m International conferences on advances in b!ilding sciences . rehabilation and restoration of str!ct!res ,ational conference on !rban mobilit% India / -esearch s%mposi!m International conferences on advances in b!ilding sciences . rehabilation and restoration of str!ct!res

+!rangabad 11/1C Dec @?1@ @/11 March @?1C $!n0ab @1/@@ 7eb @?1C Martandam T, A/> December @?1@ IIT #omba% A/> December @?1@ IIT #omba% December @?1@. Delhi 7ebr!ar% 1C/15 @?1C India December @?1@. Delhi 7ebr!ar% 1C/15 @?1C

@D @5

-ohit E -ohit E

CE1@D?15 CE1@D?15

Na! # o+ #tud nt#'#c)o&ar# $)o $on out#id %ri: # and a$ard#: *.No. 1 @ C D 5 A > B Na! o+ t) *tud nt ' *c)o&ar =en;ata Santhosh *!mar Delhi +s&ath% E = Moth!;!ri Snigda ,andita =adali Srav%a S!dha E -avi M!sti +%!sh ,alotia #oeing Singh 6 Ro&& No. CE?9D??B CE11M?@C CE?9#?B1 CE?9#?>5 CE?9#?>C CE?9#?CC CE?B#??D CE?CD??A Na! o+ Pri: 7!lbright/,ehr! Scholarship #est $oster +&ard -!nner / #entl% Design Competion @?1@ 2Innovation in #ridge'-oad Design3 <!tstanding Delegation +&ard Ho!ng -esearch Scholar +&ard Pri: a$ard d (0 7!lbright 7o!ndation Indian +erosol Science . Technolog% +ssociation M!mbai #entl% S%stems ,e& Hor; (lobal Ho!ng 6eaders S!mmit @?1C $MI 2India3

Na! o+ *tud nt#'*c)o&ar# $)o $on In#titut Con-ocation'In#titut Da0 Pri: : *&.No. 1 @ C D 5 A > B 9 1? 11 Na! o+ t) *tud nt'*c)o&ar Srinivasan ( D ,i;hil S #hav%a S +th!l%a #ala;rishnan Saran%a =i0a%an =en;ata = Santhosh *!mar +nnabatt!la $ri%adarshini - S Sri M!r!ganandam # :areesh $alli;ara #ah!le%an =adali ,andita =in! D Ro&& No. CE?B#?D? CE?>#?5D CE11(??@ CE1?M?51 CE1?M1D9 CE1?M195 CE?>D?1A CE?>D??@ CE1?#?@D CE?9#?>5 CE?B#?AA Na! o+ Pri: # 6arsen . To!bro ECC Endo&ment $rise Dr , - Dave $ri1e Instit!te Merit $ri1e =alli +nantharama;rishnan Merit $ri1e * Devara0an Memorial $ri1e 6 . T Endo&ment $ri1e Sree (a%athree Devi +&rd (E Ecomagnation +&ard Comp!ter +ge Management Services $vt 6td $ri1e M S * Chaitan%a =arma Memorial $ri1e Sri =en;atararaman -avi $ri1e Na! o+ Donor

Convocation $ri1e

Instit!te Da% $ri1e

1@ 1C 1D 4.6.5 Facu&t0:

-amachandran * +th!l%a #ala;rishnan S&etha M D

CE11M1B? CE1?M?51 CE?B#?AC

Instit!te Merit $ri1e 2#est +cademic -ecord3 -a0ni;ant (andhi Memorial +&ard S&ati'Ea%ala;shmi Memorial +&ard

Facu&t0 and t) ir acti-iti #:

Na! and ;ua&i+ication# Pro+ ##or#: Dr. $. +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $h.D.2IITM3 Dr. *.+nanthanara%anan $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. +.#oominathan $h.D. 2Mosco&3 Dr. Devdas Menon $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. S.-.(andhi $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. *osh% =arghese $h.D. 2Texas +!stin3 Dr. 6ig% $hilip 2Ms.3 $h.D. 2IIT *anp!r3 Dr. M.S.Mathe&s $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. +.Meher $rasad $h.D. 2-ICE3 Dr. S.Mohan $h.D. 2IISc. #angalore3 Dr. #.S.M!rt% $h.D. 24ashington St3 Dr. C = - M!rt% $h.D. 2California Instt. of Tech.3 Dr. *.-a0agopal $h.D. 27lorida3 Dr. -a0ib #as! Mallic; $h.D. 2+!b!rn )niv.3 Dr. +. -amachandirah $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. *.-amam!rth% $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr.-avindra (ett! $h.D.2,orth&estern3 Dr. S.-. Satish *!mar D.Engg. 2,ago%a )niv.3 Dr. *.,. Sat%anara%ana $h.D. 2Clemson3 Dr. -.Sivanandan $h.D. 2=irginia Tech.3 Dr.*.Srinivasan $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. =.Thami1h +rasan $h.D. 2IITM3 Dr. +. =eeraragavan $h.D. 2#angalore )niversit%3 A##ociat Pro+ ##or# Dr. +mlan *!mar Seng!pta $h.D. 2)niv. of Misso!ri3 Dr. (.+ppa -ao $h.D. 2IISc. #angalore3 Dr. +r!l Ea%achandran $h.D. 2IIT Madras3 Dr. (.-.Dodago!dar $h.D. 2IIT #omba%3 Dr. *arthi; * Srinivasan $h.D. 2Texas +!stin3 Dr. Man! Santhanam $h.D. 2$!rd!e )niv.3 Dr. E. M!rali *rishnan $h.D 2IIT Madras3 Dr. #. ,ages&ara -ao $h.D 2Io&a )niv.3 Dr.-.(.-obinson $h.D. 2IISc. #angalore3 Dr.*.$.S!dheer $h.D. 2IIT Delhi3 Dr. Ind!mathi M ,ambi $h.D.2Clar;son )niv.3

Ma.or Ar a o+ *% cia&i:ation

Composite Technolog% #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. (eotechnical Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering (eotechnical Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Environmental Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Str!ct!ral Engineering Environmental . 4ater -eso!rces Engineering Environmental . 4ater -eso!rces Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering (eotechnical Engineering Transportation Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Str!ct!ral Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Transportation Engineering 4ater -eso!rces Engineering Transportation Engineering Transportation Engineering

Str!ct!ral Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering (eotechnical Engineering Transportation Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Transportation Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering (eotechnical Engineering 4ater -eso!rces Engineering Environmental Engineering

Na! and ;ua&i+ication# A##i#tant Pro+ ##or# Dr. +r!n Menon $h.D.2)niv. of $avia Ital%3 Dr. +sh&in Mahalingam 2Stanford )niv3 Dr. #ala0i ,arasimhan $h.D. 2Texas + . M )niv.3 Dr. Dali ,aid! +rnepalli $h.D. 2IIT #omba%3 Dr. (ita;rishnan -amad!rai $h.D.2)niv.of -ensselaer3 Dr. 6elitha Devi $h.D. 2Texas +.M3 Dr. -adha;rishna ( $illai $h.D. 2Texas +.M )niv.3 Dr. S T ( -agh!;anth $h.D. 2IISc #angalore3 Dr. -!pen (os&ami $h.D. 2IIT *anp!r3 Dr. Sachin S (!nthe $h.D. 2IITM $!ne3 Dr. ). Saravanan $h.D. 2Texas +.M3 Dr. S.M. Shiva ,agendra $h.D. 2IIT Delhi3 Dr. Siva;!mar $alaniappan $h.D. 2+ri1ona State )niv.3 Dr. S!bhadeep #aner0ee $h.D. 2,)S Singapore3 Dr. T. Th%agara0 $h.D. 2IISc #angalore3 Dr. =id%a #h!shan Ma0i $h.D. 2IISc #angalore3 Dr. =en! Chandra Dr. So!mendra ,ath *!ir% Ad.unct Facu&t0 Dr. +. -ama;rishna Dr. ,. -aghavan Dr. $eter 7iener

Ma.or Ar a o+ *% cia&i:ation

Str!ct!ral Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. 4ater -eso!rces Engineering (eotechnical Engineering Transportation Engineering Transportation Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Str!ct!ral Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering +tmospheric Chemistr% and $h%sics Str!ct!ral Engineering Environmental Engineering #!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. (eotechnical Engineering (eotechnical Engineering (eotechnical Engineering :%dra!lics and 4ater -eso!rces Engineering :%dra!lics and 4ater -eso!rces Engineering

#!ilding Technolog% and Constr!ction Mgmt. Str!ct!ral Engineering Environmental . 4ater -eso!rces Engineering

*)ort<t r! Cour# #'8or9#)o%#'* !inar#'*0!%o#ia'Con+ r nc # or"ani: d (0 t) +acu&t0 ! !( r#: *&. No. Coordinator=#> Con+ r nc : 1. Dr. S. -. (andhi @. C. Dr. -. Sivanandan and T- 7ac!lt% Dr -avindra (ett! Tit& D7I International Conference on IDeep 7o!ndation Technologies for Infrastr!ct!re Development ,ational Conference on )rban Mobilit% 9 Challenges Sol!tions and $rospects T&in Conferences on 13 +dvances in #!ilding Sciences @3 -ehabilitation and -estoration of Str!ct!res S%mposi!m on Safet% and Conservation of :eritage Str!ct!res Training &or;shop on Sponsored b% ),ICE7 Comm!nit% #ased 4ater G!alit% Monitoring S%stem 2<rgani1ed for the Comm!nit% 6evel Sta;eholders of =illage $ancha%at3 *rishnagiri District Tamilnad! Introd!ctor% S4+T &or;shop P riod 1>/19? September @?1@ E!l% 1C/1D @?1@ 1C/1A 7ebr!ar% @?1C

8or9#)o%: 1 Dr C = - M!rt% Dr +r!n menon @ Dr. 6ig% $hilip

@C/@D +!g!st @?1@ E!ne/E!l% @?1@ A $rograms

Dr. #ala0i ,arasimhan 2along &ith $rof Srinivasan Texas +.M )niv.3 Dr. 6ig% $hilip Dr. #.S. M!rt%

1A 9 1> E!l% 1@ 2at IIT Delhi3 1?.1@.1@

Seminar on IExploring S!stainabilit%J





Dr. #ala0i ,arasimhan 2along &ith $rof Srinivasan Texas +.M )niv.3 Dr S - (andhi Dr + #oominathan

Climate Change Impact +ssessment on &ater reso!rces !sing Soil and 4ater +ssessment Tool at Dept. of Civil Engineering IIT Madras I,DI+. Indo/+!stralian #I/6ateral Science Cooperation $rogramme International 4or;shop Spatiall% enabled nations8 a meta/integrative frame&or; to&ards improving Disaster Management practices in India and +!stralia 4or;shop on ID!rabilit% and 6ong/Term $erformance of ConcreteJ 4or;shop on )sing Science and Data in -oad Safet% Management ,ational Seminar on IEmban;ments8 Design and Constr!ctionJ 4or;shop on IClimate and :ealth effects of Tropical +erosolsJ Short Co!rse on I)rban Transportation $lanningJ for the $racticing Transportation Engineers and $lannersJ GI$ short term co!rse on ICharacterisation and modeling of soil AehaviorJ +ICTE Short Co!rse Characteri1ationJ on IModified #inder

Dec @?/@@ @?1@

@1.1.@?1C to @A.?1.@?1C

> B 9

Dr Man! Santhanam Dr + =eeraragavan Dr + #oominathan 20ointl% &ith Indian (eotechnical Societ% Chennai Chapter3 Dr Sachin S (!nthe

1@.?@.@?1C 15/1A.?@.@?1C ?9.?C.@?1C


A/> March @?1C 1D/1B Ma% @?1@ +ccra (hana 1>th to @@nd Sep @?1@ C?.1@.1@ to ?1.?@.1C 1>/19 Ean. @?1C @1.?1.1C to @A.?1.1C @D.?@.@?1C to ?@.?C.@?1C @D.?@.@?1C to ?B.?C.@?1C ?D/?B March @?1C 1D/1B Ma% @?1@ 1Bth E!ne @?1@ 11/1C <ct @?1@ +acu&t0

*)ort T r! Cour# : 1 Dr = Thami1h +rasan @ C D 5 A > Dr S!bhadeep #aner0ee Dr.-. (. -obinson Dr. E. M!rali *rishnan Dr. -avindra (ett! Dr. -!pen (os&ami Dr. C. =. -. M!rt% Dr -avindra (ett! Dr * , Sat%anara%ana $rof # S M!rt% $rof 6ig% $hilip 20ointl% &ith $rof + * *olar'I(CS3 Dr +sh&in Manalingam Dr Siva;!mar $alaniappan

C/da% short term co!rse on 4aterproofing of Concrete Str!ct!res +ICTE Short Co!rse on IEarth5!a;e #ehavio!r of #!ildingsJ Shortco!rse for Shapoor0i $allon0i Engineers as part of their leadership development programme I(CS 4inter School on )rban S!stainabilit%

+ICTE Short Term Co!rse on ITheor% and +dvanced $ractices in Constr!ction $ro0ect ManagementJ Training $rogramme for $rovincial Engineers of Sri 6an;a on I-ecent Trends in :igh&a% Constr!ctinJ -ec%cling of #it!mino!s $avement 6a%ers for S!stainable -oad Infrastr!ct!re 9 Iss!es and Concerns Training $rogramme on IInd!strial +ir $oll!tion Control Techni5!es and +ir G!alit% ManagementJ

Trainin": 1 Dr + =eeraragavan @ C Dr + =eeraragavan Dr S M Shiva ,agendra

*)ort<t r! Cour# #'8or9#)o%#' * !inar#' *0!%o#ia' Con+ r nc #'Trainin" att nd d (0 t) ! !( r# in Acad !ic in#titution# and Pu(&ic * ctor ?nd rta9in"#: *&. No. Na! o+ +acu&t0 8or9#)o%: 1 Dr. ). Saravanan @ C D Dr. #ala0i ,arasimhan Dr. -obinson Dr. +. #oominathan Tit& 4or;shop Titled K+sia $acific ,et&or; Centre for -esearch in Smart Str!ct!res Technolog% @?1@" C<-TEL So!th +sia Training 4or;shop 7irst +sian 4or;shop on $h%sical Modelling in (eotechnics +siaf!ge @?1@ Indo *orean 4or;shop on I(eotechnolog% in )rban DevelopmentJ In#titution IISc. #angalore $!ne IIT #omba% IIT Delhi

P riod @> 9 @B E!l% @?1@ 1>.1?.1@ . 1B.1?.1@ 1C.11.1@ to1A.11.1@ 1@.1@.1@ to 15.1@.1@

5 A > B

Dr. +. #oominathan Dr. +r!n Menon

Dr. C. =. -. M!rt%

International &or;shop on ISeismic -e5!alification of (eotechnical Str!ct!res 2S-(S3J 4or;shop on IInterdisciplinar% Initiatives . C!lt!re InterfaceJ 4or;shop on IInterdisciplinar% Initiatives 8 Technolog% . C!lt!re InterfaceJ Sensiti1ation &or;shops on Earth5!a;e -is; Management 4or;shop on Experimental Str!ct!ral D%namics Str!ct!ral :ealth Monitoring and ,on/Destr!ctive Eval!ation Seminar on $re/Engineered #!ildings <rientation for Engineers on Earth5!a;e Safet% Seminar on I4ater hammer in piping s%stemJ International S%mposi!m on 6C+ and Constr!ction I)T -esearch S%mposi!m of )MI Conference -esearch S%mposi!m @?1@ on )rban Mobilit% India @?1@ I)T -esearch S%mposi!m of )MI Conference -esearch S%mposi!m @?1@ on )rban Mobilit% India @?1@ S%mposi!m on Indo/(erman 7rontiers of Engineering / @?1C S%mposi!m on Indo/(erman 7rontiers of Engineering / @?1C

IIT Delhi M:-D ,e& Delhi M:-D (overnment of India ,ational Disaster Management +!thorit% (ovt. of India ,e& Delhi IIT Delhi

1>.1@.1@ on ?C.?1.1C ?C.?1.1C @9.?1.1C 9 C?.?1.1C ?9.?C.@?1C

Dr. #. ,ages&ara -ao Dr ( - Dodago!dar

* !inar: 1 Dr. +r!l Ea%achandran @ Dr. =. 6elitha Devi C Dr. #.S.M!rt%

MES (!0arat ,e& Delhi Thriss!r Engineering College ,antes 7rance ,e& Delhi M<)D ,e& Delhi ,e& Delhi M<)D ,e& Delhi International +dvanced -esearch Centre :%derabad International +dvanced -esearch Centre :%derabad

1@.1?.@?1@ @9/C?.11.@?1@ <n 1>.1@.1@ 1? 9 1@ E!l% @?1@ ?D.1@.1@ to ?>.1@.1@ ?D.1@.1@ to ?A.1@.1@ ?D.1@.1@ to ?>.1@.1@ ?D.1@.1@ to ?A.1@.1@ 15.?C.@?1C to 1>.?C.@?1C 15.?C.@?1C to 1>.?C.@?1C

*0!%o#ia: 1 Dr. Siva;!mar $ @ C D 5 A > Dr. -. Sivanandan Dr. (ita;rishnan -amad!rai Dr. -. Sivanandan Dr. 6elitha Devi Dr. 6ig% $hilip

Dr. 6ig% $hilip Dr. +sh&in Mahalingam Dr. S. T. (. -agh!;anth Con+ r nc : 1 Dr. Man! Santhanam @ C D 5 A Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra Dr. +. #oominathan Dr. *. -a0agopal Dr Siva;!mar $alaniappan

@nd International conference on KMicrostr!ct!re -elated D!rabilit% of Cementit!o!s Composite" @nd International $an +merican (eos%nthetics Conference (eo+mericas @?1@ +SCE Constr!ction -esearch Congress International S%mposi!m on 6C+ and Constr!ction +ir $oll!tion @?1@ Conference @nd International Conference on K$erformance #ased Design in Earth5!a;e (eotechnical Engineering +merican +cadem% of Science Conference on Environment Science and Technolog% @?1@ @?1@ International S4+T Conference +sia <ceania (eosciences Societ% @?1@ 2+<(S @?1@3

+msterdam ,etherlands 6ima $er! $!rd!e )niv )S+ ,antes 7rance Spain Taormina Ital%

11 9 1> +pril @?1@ Ma% 1/D @?1@ @1/@C Ma% @?1@ 1?/1@ E!l% @?1@ 1A/1B Ma% @?1@ @B 9 C? Ma% @?1@ @A E!ne to 1 E!l% @?1@ 1B 9 @?. E!l% @?1@ 15/1B +!g!st @?1@

> B 9

Dr. Ind!mathi M Dr. #ala0i ,arasimhan Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra

:o!sten )S+ IIT D Singapore 15/1B +!g!st @?1@

1? 11 1@ 1C 1D 15 1A 1> 1B 19

Dr. *. -a0agopal Dr. +. -amachandraiah Dr. Man! Santhanam Dr -!pen (os&ami Dr. -avindra (ett! Dr. -avindra (ett! Dr. *. -a0agopal Dr. +. -amachandraiah Dr. C. =. -. M!rt% Dr. Sivanandan

,atl. Conf. (eos%nthetics in Infrastr!ct!re $ro0ect/(eolnfra @?1@ conf Intl. Conf. on ,oise Control Engineering Intl. Conf. ICC=--- @?1@ 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering Crd International Conference on Concrete -epair -ehabilitation and -etrofitting Cape To&n So!th +frica Bth International Conference on 7ibre -einforced Concrete ,atl. Conf. (eos%nthetics in Infrastr!ct!re $ro0ect/(eolnfra @?1@ conf Intl. Conf. on ,oise Control Engineering International Conference of East +sian Co!ntries International Conference on Transportation $lanning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Co!ntries ,ational Conference on +dvances in Earth Sciences Str!ct!ral (eotechnical and Earth5!a;e Engineering 2+ES(@E / @?1@3 Conference :%dro @?1@ International Conference KICCMS @?1@" Indian (eotechnical Conference I(C @?1C ,ational conference on !rban mobilit% India / -esearch s%mposi!m Indian (eotechnical Conference I(C @?1C ,ational Conference on I-ecent +dvances in Civil Engineering @?1@J Conference Special Concretes in India their f!t!re and the &a% for&ard International Conference on I+dvances in #!ilding Sciences . -ehabilitation and -estoration of Str!ct!resJ International Conference on :!man =al!es in :igher Ed!cation 2nominated b% Director IITM3 @nd IITM 7ac!lt% sensiti1ation and s;ills development programme on 7ac!lt%/st!dent connect be%ond the classroom in the !ni5!e living and learning setting at IIT (eotechnical Earth5!a;e Engineering Short Co!rse on ISediment Management for :%dro $o&er $ro0ectsJ <rgani1ed b% Central 4ater and $o&er -esearch Station 2C4$-S)

:%derabad ,e& Har; )S+ )niversit% of Cape T&o&n So!th +frica $ort!gal )niversit% of Cape To&n So!th +frica / )niversit% of Minho (!imaraes $ort!gal/ :%derabad ,e& Har; )S+ Min of :ome +ffairs ,e& Delhi IIT #omba%

@5/@A/ +!g.?1@ @C/@9 +!g. @?1@ @D.?B.1@ to ?>.?9.1@ @D/@B Sept @?1@ C/5 Sept. @?1@ 1B/@? Sept. @?1@ @5/@A/ +!(.?1@ @C/@9 +!g. @?1@ B . 9.1?.@?1@ 1@.1@.1@ to 1D.1@.1@ ?D/?5.1?. @?1@


(. +ppa -ao

C#IT :%derabad

@1 @@ @C @D @5 @A @> @B

Dr. *. Srinivasan Dr. ). Saravanan Dr # , -ao Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr. = 6elitha Devi Dr. -. (. -obinson Dr. *osh% =arghese Dr. -avindra (ett! Dr. +r!n Menon

IIT #omba% :%derabad IIT Delhi Delhi IIT Delhi S+I,T(ITS College of Engineering *ota%am 6.T Constr!ction Internationl. IIT Madras

?>.1@.1@ to ?9.1@.1@ ?9.1@.1@ to 1@.1@.1@ 15.1@.1@ December @?1@. 1@.1@.1@ to 15.1@.1@ @?.1@.1@ 1?.?1.1C 1C.?@.@?1C to 15.?@.@?1C 1>.?@.@?1C .1B.?@.@?1C 1A.?C.@?1C


Dr. Devdas Menon

IIIT :%derabad

Trainin": 1 Dr Siva;!mar $alaniappan

IIT Madras

*)ort t r! Cour# : 1 Dr S T ( -agh!;anth @ Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra

,IT Silchar IIT #omba%

1B.?A.1@ 9 @@.?A.1@ ?5.1@.1@ /?>.1@.1@

D 5

Dr ( - Dodago!dar Dr. =en! Chandra

Short Co!rse on +ir G!alit% Management organi1ed b% Centre for Environmental Science . Engineering Sediment Management for :%dro $o&er $ro0ects Sediment Management for :%dro $o&er $ro0ects

C4$-S $!ne C4$-S $!ne

?5.1@.1@ /?A.1@.1@ ?5.1@.1@ /?A.1@.1@

*% cia& L ctur # d &i- r d (0 t) +acu&t0 in ot) r In#titution#: *. No. 1 @ C D 5 A > B Na! o+ +acu&t0 #ala0i ,arasimhan Dr. C. =. -. M!rt% Dr. =. Thami1h +rasan Dr. Sachin S ( Dr. Ind!mathi M ,ambi Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr. =. Thami1h +rasan Dr. =. Thami1h +rasan To%ic o+ L ctur introd!ction to (IS and -emote sensing Str!ct!ral Design of ,!clear $o&er $lants to -esist Earth5!a;e Effects S!stainable )rban Transportation $lanning +erosol Monsoon and +ir $oll!tion over India S!stainable 4ater Management $ractices and pro0ects in India Deep Excavations for basement constr!ction Methodolog% to meet f!t!re demands for Transport 6imit State Design of Steel Str!ct!res 6ocal and $late #!c;ling Design of Compression Members Design of #eam Col!mns +nal%sis and Design for Earth5!a;e 6oads Some Concepts in Earth5!a;e #ehavio!r of #!ildings 4alls in #!ildings to -esist Earth5!a;e Seismic -etrofitting of #!ildings Topographic anal%sis )sing (IS for 4atershed Delineation Thermal -emote Sensing for assessing irrigation &ater !se and efficienc% Effective !se of s!per plastici1ers for s!stainable concrete technolog% C!rrent Environmental Iss!es E!ropean +pproach to Mon!ment $reservation and an Indian Example Topographic anal%sis )sing (IS for 4atershed Delineation S4+T as a tool for assessing the climate change impacts on the h%drolog%8 Scientific and Technical iss!es C!rrent local regional global environmental iss!es8 engineering sol!tions In#titution =el Tech :igh Tech Dr.-angara0an Dr.Sa;!nthala Engineering College Safet% -esearch Instit!te I(C+- *alpa;;am *,)ST (hana. Max $lanc; Inst. for Chemistr% (erman% )niversit% of Illinois 6arsen . To!bro 6imited Chennai The Instit!tion of Engineers Tamil ,ad! state Centre Chennai Tata #l!escope Steel $!ne Dat 9'C'@?1@ @>.?D.@?1@ C?.?D.@?1@/ 11.?5.@?1@ ?B.?5.@?1@ 15.?A.@?1@ 1A.?A.@?1@ @?.?A.@?1@ @5.?>.@?1@ /@B.?>.@?1@

9 1? 11 1@ 1C 1D 15 1A 1> 1B

Dr -!pen (os&ami

(SDM+ (andhinagar Dr M(- Ed!cational and -es Instt. )niv Chennai Dr. M. (. -. )niversit% Tamil ,ad! +gric!lt!ral )niversit% Coimbatore Tamil ,ad! +gric!lt!ral )niversit% Coimbatore )niversit% of 4it&atersrand Eohannesb!rg So!th +frica :ind!stan )niversit% Chennai *CT Coimbatore Tamil ,ad! +gric!lt!ral )niversit% Coimbatore Indian ,ational Committee on Climate Change =el Tech :igh Engineering College Tech

C?.?A.@?1@ @>.?>.@?1@ @B.?>.@?1@ D.9.@?1@ D.9.@?1@ 1Dth Sept. @?1@ @>th +!g. @?1@ @Bth +!g!st @?1@ Dth Sept. @?1@ 19'1?'@?1@

Dr. +. * Seng!pta

Dr #ala0i ,arasimhan $rof -avindra (ett! Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra Dr. M. S. Mathe&s #ala0i ,arasimhan Dr #ala0i ,arasimhan


Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra

@Bth September @?1@

*. No. @? @1 @@ @C @D @5 @A @> @B

Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. S. -. Satish *!mar Dr. 6ig% $hilip Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra Dr -!pen (os&ami Dr. -!pen (os&ami

To%ic o+ L ctur Invited lect!res for &or;shop 2CE$3 +dvance Technologies in 4ater Management Environmental iss!es in Chennai cit% and possible engineering sol!tions Earth5!a;e #ehavio!r of #!ildings Earth5!a;e #ehavio!r of #!ildings 8 Elastic #ehavio!r ' Inelastic #ehavio!r Designing Str!ct!res to resist Earth5!a;e and #last Effects on Ind!strial Str!ct!res Earth5!a;e -esistant Design -C #!ildings Earth5!a;e #ehavio!r Design and Strengthening of Masonr% #!ildings Invited lect!res for &or;shop 2CE$3 Science . Technolog% on Earth5!a;e Safet% of #!ildings 6iterat!re -evie& and $roblem Identification Data +nal%sis and -es!lt Interpretation Case/St!d% of Constr!ction of =er% :igh (eos%nthetic -einforced Soil -etaining 4alls in India )rban Transport in India/ +genda for 7!t!re -esearch Seismic performance of pile fo!ndations and design iss!es Str!ct!re in architect!re8 + chronological st!d% . Introd!ction to mechanical behavior of masonr% +ir G!alit% Management Concepts and +ir $oll!tion Control Techni5!es Environmental +ssessment of Ind!strial Cl!sters (IS for 4ater -eso!rces Management G!alit% Management in -oad Constr!ction ii3 $avement Management S%stem Ma0or Civil Engineering Constr!ction Extra/m!ral lect!re on ISelf +&arenessJ Indoor air 5!alit% investigations in a nat!rall% ventilated school b!ilding D!rabilit% Concrete Constr!ction/Deterioration Mechanisms *ol;atta


Dat 1@.1?.@?1@ to 1C.1?.@?1@ 15.1?.@?1@/ 1>.1?.@?1@ 1st ,ovember @?1@ 1/@ ,ov @?1@ @9/ C?.11.1@ @A/ @B.11.@?1@ @9/ C?.11.@?1@ @9/ C?.11.@?1@ 1@.1?.@?1@ to 1C.1?.@?1@ ?1.1@.1@ ?D.1@.1@ . ?5.1@.1@ ?D.1@.1@ . ?5.1@.1@ 1@.1@.1@

#en (!rion )niv. Israel =ellore Instit!te of Technolog% Chennai (!&ahati Emergenc% Mangement Exercise @?1@ Delhi Emergenc% Management Exercise @?1@ ,e& Delhi 7ICCI :%derabad Delhi Emergenc% Management Exercise @?1@ ,e& Delhi Delhi Emergenc% Management Exercise @?1@ ,e& Delhi *ol;atta

Dr C = - M!rt%

Dr +r!n Menon

Dr. S. -. Satish *!mar Dr. C. =. -. M!rt% Dr. *. $. S!dheer Dr. Sachin S (!nthe

@9 C? C1 C@

)niversit% of Cochin (ovt. Engineering College Trivandr!m (ovt. Engineering College Trivandr!m 5th +sian -egional Conference on (eos%nthetic #ang;o; / IIT #omba% IIT Delhi -a0iv (andhi Instit!te of Technolog% *otta%am

Dr. *. -a0agopal CC CD C5 Dr. -. Sivanandan Dr. +. #oominathan Dr. +r!n Menon

on 1@.1@.1@ 1>.1@.1@ 1B.1@.1@ . 19.1@.1@ @A.1@.1@

CA C> CB C9 Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra #ala0i ,arasimhan Dr. +. =eeraragavan

,IT S!rat;al Sri *rishna Technolog% #angalore College of

@B.1@.1@ @A.1@.1@ @9.1@.1@

D? D1 D@ DC

Dr. *. -a0agopal Dr. Devdas Menon Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra Dr. -adha;rishna ( $illai

S=IET Mechilipatnam ,IT Calic!t M+,IT #hopal -IT *otta%am

?D.?1.1C 1?.?1.1C.11. ?1.1C 11th Ean!ar% @?1C @D.?1.1C

*. No. DD D5

Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. 6elitha Devi

To%ic o+ L ctur )se of ITS for prediction of arrival time of MTC b!ses The !se of (eos%nthetic for innovative constr!ction of road and rail emban;ments and retaining &alls (eos%nthetic for Constr!ction of Steep Emban;ments Series of lect!res on the topic I:!man Se&er Cleaning S%stem Economical and eas% &a% to test 4ater G!alit% I #ioremediation of :a1ardo!s S!bstances Training programme on IIS B??/ @??>J for Teachers $rofessionals $roblems in Earth5!a;e $rone +reas . -emedies/2$-E$+-E3 I-.D in C.D &aste rec%clingJ in the 4or;shop on Constr!ction . Demolition 4aste -ec%cling Intricacies of S!bs!rface Investigation Site Investigation and (ro!nd Improvement Techni5!es -ecent Techni5!es in -oad Safet% Management Masonr% Str!ct!res $!blic private partnership on &ater -ecent Developments in :igh&a% Constr!ction Soil/str!ct!res/interaction anal%sis for fo!ndation +pplication of Soil/Str!ct!re interaction anal%sis for d%namic loading -ecent Techni5!es in -oad Safet% Management Masonr% Str!ct!res -ecent Developments :igh&a% Constr!ction in

In#titution +nna )niversit% Chennai =el Tech Engineering College 9 +vadi on Indian (eotechnical Societ%/ Chennai chapter on -a0iv (andhi )niversit% of *no&ledge Technologies :%derabad (ovt. College of Technolog% Coimbatore on Instit!te for Steel Development . (ro&th *ol;ata =ig%an )niversit% (!nt!r ICI . C$4D ,e& Delhi

Dat <n @B.?1.1C ?>.?@.@?1C

Dr. *. -a0agopal DA D> Dr. 6ig% $hilip DB D9 5? 51 Dr. S. -. Satish *!mar Dr. +. #oominathan Dr. *. ,. Sat%anara%ana

9/C/@?1C ?>.?@.@?1C to ?B.?@.@?1C 19.?C.@?1C @1.?@.@?1C to @@.?@.@?1C @C.?@.@?1C ?1.?C.@?1C . ?@.?C.@?1C ?A.?C.@?1C @C.?C.@?1C ?A.?C.@?1C 1@.?C.@?1C/ 1D.?C.@?1C 1C.C.@?1C to 15.C.@?1C 1D.?C.@?1C 1A.?C.@?1C 1A.?C.@?1C ?A.?C.@?1C 1@.?C.@?1C/ 1D.?C.@?1C 1D.?C.@?1C

5@ 5C 5D 55 5A 5> 5B 59 A? A1 A@ Dr. - ( -obinson Dr. (ita;rishnan -amad!rai Dr. +r!n Menon Dr. +sh&in Mahalingam Dr. +. =eeraragavan Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr + Meher $rasad Dr. (ita;rishnan -amad!rai Dr. +r!n Menon Dr. +. =eeraragavan

+nna )niversit% (ovt. Engineering College *o1hi;ode Dr. M. (. -. Ed!cational and -esearch Instit!te Mad!ravo%al (ovt. Engineering College Thriss!r 5th Indo/(erman 7rontiers of Engineering S%mposi!m :%derabad $ondicherr% Engineering College 6arsen . To!bro Chennai 6arsen . To!bro Chennai Dr. M. (. -. Ed!cational and -esearch Instit!te Mad!ravo%al (ovt. Engineering College Thriss!r $ondicherr% Engineering College

Vi#it# a(road (0 +acu&t0: *&. No. 1 @ C Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. *. ,. Sat%anara%ana Dr. Man! Santhanam Dr. =. Thami1h +rasan Countr0 Vi#it d Singapore ,etherland (hana Dat D 9 B +pril @?1@ 11 9 1> +pril @?1@ C? +pr to 1B Ma% @?1@ 1 9 D Ma% @?1@ Pur%o# o+ -i#it $+, IIT Meeting and visit to ,)S International Conference +msterdam 6ect!res to $( St!dents and -S of *,)ST and Short co!rse for practicing Engineers Co!ncil Meetings of International (eos%nthetics Societ% 6ima Fundin" +ro!

Dr. *. -a0agopal


5 A

Dr. Sachin S (!nthe

(erman% Spain

@ 9 @5 Ma% @?1@ 11th Ma% 1A 9 1B Ma% @?1@ @1/@5 Ma% @?1@ 1?/1@ E!l% @?1@ 19 9 @B Ma% @?1@ @5 Ma% 9 1@ E!ne @?1@ @B 9 C? Ma% @?1@ 15.?5.@?1@ to 1B.?>.@?1@ @nd E!ne / 1st E!l% @?1@ 1C 9 1A E!ne @?1@ > 9 1> E!l% @?1@ B 9 1B E!l% @?1@ 1? 9 1@ E!l% @?1@ 15/1B +!g @?1@ 1/1A @?1@ Sept.

Dr. S.M. Shiva ,agendra > B 9 1? Dr. *osh% =arghese Dr. *. ,. Sat%anara%ana Dr. =. 6elitha Devi Dr. +. #oominathan Dr. *. $. S!dheer Dr. Ind!mathi M ,ambi Dr. +. =eeraragavan Dr. *.,. Sat%anara%ana Dr. 6ig% $hilip Dr. #. S. M!rt% Dr. Siva;!mar $ Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra -avindra (ett! Dr Siva;!mar $alaniappan Spain )S+ 7rance )S+

11 1@ 1C 1D 15 1A 1> 1B 19 @?

)S+ Ital% )S+ )S+ China Singapore (erman% 7rance Singapore So!th +frica So!th +frica #elfast )* 6isbon $ort!gal 6isbon $ort!gal 6isbon $ort!gal 6isbon $ort!gal ,e& Har; )S+ $avia Ital%

=isiting Scientist . Collaborative 4or; Max $lan; Instit!te Main1 =isit to Technical )niversit% of Madrid Madrid $aper $resentation in International Conference + Cor!na +SCE Constr!ction -esearch Congress and )niversit% =isits International S%mposi!m on 6ife C%cle +ssessment and Constr!ction (lobal 6eadership 7or!m +SCE Constr!ction -esearch Congress and )niversit% =isits )niversit% visits International Conference Taormina =isiting -esearch 7ello&ship $!rd!e )niversit% Meetings at Champaign and International Conference at :o!sten =isiting Cold -ec%cling $lant :ang1ho! Eoint -esearch $roposal ,ational )niversit% of Singapore. I(CS S!mmer School and I(CS Steering Committee Meeting #erlin $aper $resentation in International S%mposi!m ,antes Conf. +sia <ceania (eosciences Societ% @?1@ Conference on Concrete -epair and -etrofitting Cape To&nM and visit to )niv. of 4it&atersrand Eohannesb!rg Intl. Conf. on Concrete -epair -ehabilitation and -etrofitting 2ICC---@?1@3 Intl. conf. on D!rabilit% of Concrete Str!ct!res /@?1@ 2ICDCS/@?1@3/ #elfast )* 15th 4orld Conf. on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 15th 4orld Conf. on Earth5!a;e Engineering 15th 4orld Conf. on Earth5!a;e Engineering 15th 4orld Conf. on Earth5!a;e Engineering Intl. Conf. on ,oise Control Engineering Earth5!a;e St!dies to disc!ss research collaboration and restoration strategies for historical and heritage str!ct!res

Instit!te 7!nd

@1 @@ @C @D @5 @A @> @B

Dr. Man! Santhanam Dr. -adha;rishna (. $illai Dr. +. #oominathan Dr. +. Meher $rasad Dr. Devdas Menon Dr. S. -. Satish *!mar Dr. +. -amchandraiah Dr. M. S. Mathe&s

@D.?B.1@ to ?>.?9.1@ 1>.?9.@?1@ to @19?9.@?1@ @D/@B Sep. @?1@ @D/@B Sep. @?1@ @D/@B Sep. @?1@ @D/@B Sep. @?1@ @C/@9 +!g. @?1@ 15/ @C Sep. @?1@

Instit!te 7!nd

@9 C? C1 C@ CC

Dr. (. +ppa -ao Dr. +r!n Menon Dr. 6ig% $hilip Dr. *. -a0agopal Dr. $. +lag!s!ndaramoorth%

Canada $oland Israel Thailand )S+

19.1?.1@ to @5.1?.@?1@ 15.1?.@?1@ to 1B.1?.@?1@ 15.1?.@?1@ to 1>.1?.@?1@ 11.1@.1@ to 15.1@.1@ 1@.1.1C to @?.?1.1C

+CI 7all Convention Toronto Canada


Bth International Conference on Str!ct!ral +nal%sis of :istorical Constr!ction Invited 6ect!re in C rd Sede #o;er Conference on 4ater Technologies @?1@ +sian -egional Conference on (eos%nthetics To attend +nn!al Meeting of Transportation -esearch #oard <rgani1ers

@onour# and A$ard# o(tain d (0 +acu&t0: *&. Na! o+ +acu&t0 No. @onour#: 1. Dr. +.=eeraragavan Na! o+ A$ard Member of the 7lexible $avement Composite $avement -oad Maintenance and +sset Management Committees Selected as Chairman of the -esearch Co!ncil of ,ational Transpor/ tation $lanning and -esearch Centre 2,+T$+C3 India i. Member of State Expert +ppraisal Committee A$ard d (0 Indian -oads Congress


Dr + =eeraragavan

(ovt of *erala


Dr. Ind!mathi M ,ambi

Tamil ,ad! State Environmental Impact +ssessment +!thorit%. Integrated Solid 4aste Management for Chennai Cit%. I,SD+( *ol;atta ,ational +cadem% of Engineers )S+ Ministr% of )rban Development (oI Ministr% of )rban Development (oI Constit!ted b% the :onorable S!preme Co!rt of India

ii. Expert Committee Member D. 5. A. >. B. Dr. S. -. Satish *!mar Dr. = 6elitha Devi Dr. -. Sivanandan Dr. -. Sivanandan Dr. S. M. Shiva ,agendra E!r% Member for I,SD+( $rofessional +&ard Selected for the 7rontiers of Engineering s%mpo/si!m Member of Inter/Ministerial Core (ro!p on ITS Member of +&ards Selection Committee 9 +&ards for Excellence in )rban Transport Expert Member of Empo&ered Committee

A$ard# o(tain d (0 Facu&t0:

A$ard#: 1 Na! o+ +acu&t0 . 1. Dr. *. $. S!dheer Na! o+ A$ard =isiting -esearch Scientist 7ello&ship NDisting!ished +chievement +&ardN A$ard d (0 $!rd!e )niversit% )S+ International S4+T Conference @?1@ A$ard d +or To cond!ct advanced research in the area of KEco :%drolog% and 4ater G!alit%" -ecognition of the professional achievements and dedicated services to the &orld&ide Soil and 4ater +ssessment Tool 2S4+T3 !ser comm!nit% Dat o+ a$ard 1>.?5.@?1@ 9 1B.?>.@?1@ 19.?>.@?1@.


Dr. #ala0i ,arasimhan


Dr. -avindra (ett!

-I6EM 7ello&

D. 5.

Dr. -avindra (ett! Dr. +sh&in Mahalingam Dr = 6elitha Devi

#est paper p!blished in the ICI Eo!rnals Ho!ng 7ac!lt% -ecognition +&ard 2H7-+3 =olvo S!stainable Mobilit% +&ard @?1@. I(S/<,(C #iann!al $ri1e $rof.C.S.Desai #iann!al $ri1e

-I6EM International )nion of 6aboratories and Experts in Materials Str!ct!res and S%stems 7rance Indian Concrete Instit!te IIT Madras

Scientific contrib!tions in the area of materials and str!ct!res

5th Septmber @?1@


=olvo #!ses India $vt 6td *arnata;a Indian (eotechnical Societ% ,e& Delhi Indian (eotechnical Societ% ,e& Delhi $MI 2India3 International (eos%nthetics Societ% )S+

$aper on Corrosion of -ebarOs in -einforced Concrete <!tstanding achievements in teaching scholarship and creative research &or; The pro0ect on I#!s +rrival $rediction S%stem for Indian CitiesJ #est paper on IMarine (eotechnical EngineeringJ #est paper on Constit!tive modelling for geologic materials

@@nd Sep. @?1@ 5th Sept. @?1@

@9 <ct @?1@

>. B.

Dr. -. (. -obinson #!shra I. Dr. +.#oominathan Eointl% &ith -.*rishna *!mar 2formerl% MS Scholar3 / I(S $rof *osh% =arghese Dr. *. -a0agopal

1Cth Dec @?1@

9. 1?.

$MI 2India3 Disting!ished Scholar +&ard I(S +chievement +&ard

1st @?1C. Disting!ished service to the geos%nthetic related activities in India Dec @?1@

Aoo9#7 Mono"ra%)# aut)or d'co<aut)or d: *&. No. Aoo9#: 1. @. Na! o+ +acu&t0 6ig% $hilip #.S. M!rt% and S. S!ndaramoorth% 26ead +!thors3 M!rt% C.=.-. (os&ami -. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. I%er *. *!l;arni S.M. and S!bramaniam S. M!rt% C.=.-. (os&ami -. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. $radeep *!mar -. and Mehta =.=. M!rt% C.=.-. (os&ami -. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. and Mehta =.=. C. =. -. M!rt% -!pen (os&ami *. -a0agopal #al! +.S. -ao #.,. Dr Dali ,aid! +rnepalli Tit& (!idelines for Decentrali1ed 4aste/&ater Management #!ild a Safe :o!se &ith Confined Masonr% Pu(&i#) r Ministr% of development )rban Aut)or. Co<aut)or +!thor +!thor (!0arat State Disaster Management +!thorit% (andhinagar India September @?1@ +!thor


Introd!ction to Earth5!a;e $rotection of ,o/Str!ct!ral Elements in #!ildings Some Concepts in Earth5!a;e #ehavio!r of #!ildings Chapter on8 Seismic Design <f Concrete #!ilding Str!ct!res I(eos%nthetics and -einforced Soil Str!ct!resJ consisting of D? lect!res Str!ct!ral -eliabilit% #o!nds8 )nder Mixed )ncertainties Chapter on IEarth DamsJ in the :and #oo; of (eos%nthetic Engineering EngineeringJ ),ESC< E<6SS $!blishers <xford )* ,$TE6 video co!rse 6+$ 6ambert +cademic $!blishing +( . Co. *( @?1@ IS#, 9>B/C/ BDBD/?DBB/9 Instit!te of Civil Engineers )*



5. A. >.

+!thor +!thor Co/+!thor



F &&o$#)i%# o+ Acad !i # and Pro+ ##iona& *oci ti #: D tai&# Ot) r#: I(S / 6ife 7ello& Instit!te of Engineers / 6ife 7ello& . Chartered Engineer D7I / Member 7ello& / Instit!tion of Engineers 2India3 Bourna& Editoria& Aoard#: *&. No. 1 @ C 4.6.4 Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. *. -a0agopal Po#ition =Editor.M !( r> Editorial #oard Member Editorial #oard Member Editorial #oard Member Bourna& Na! Eo!rnal of (eotextiles and (eomembranes Indian (eotechnical Eo!rnal Eo!rnal of (ro!nd Improvement and (eos%nthetics Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr. C. =. -. M!rt% 1 ar o+ ad!i##ion 19B@ @??1 1995 @?1@

D #i"n and D - &o%! nt Acti-iti #:

N $ +aci&iti # add d or !a.or /ui%! nt %rocur d: *&. No. 1 @ C Pat nt#: Pat nt# +i& d: *&. No. 1 4.6.4 Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. *. -a0agopal To%ic o+ %at nt + ,ovel Method for Ma;ing (abion #ox Mediated -einforcement S%stem Na! o+ E/ui%! nt MTS Model C11 D%namic :igh 7orce S%stem )ltra =iolet +erod%namic $articles Si1e Sensor M(CP:#M +mplifier Va&u 2-s. in la;hs3 1DB.5? A>.C? 11.B9

R # arc) and Con#u&tanc0:

*%on#or d R # arc) Pro. ct#: ,o. of $ro0ect / 15 M =al!e of $ro0ect / 9>C.?C la;hs P riod =!'dd'00> 5.1D.@?1@ to 5.1C.@?1A A.A.@?1@ to A.5.@?15 5.@5.@?1@ to 5.@D.@?15 >.@?.@?1@ to >.19.@?15 B.@D.@?1@ to B.@C.@?15 >.@>.@?1@ to >.@A.@?15 9.11.@?1@ to 9.1?.@?15 Fundin" A" nc0 Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% $!blic Department ,ad! A!ount Co<ordinator# 2-s. in la;hs3 of 5?.?? Man! Santhanam . of . of . of . of . of . of . 4or;s Tamil 1B.D@ 1>.BB 1>.5? 19.C5 -adha;rishna ( $illai S!bhadeep #aner0ee -agh! *anth S T ( -avindra (ett!

*. Tit& No. 1. Development of performance specifications for concrete constr!ction of India @. $robabilistic service life prediction of prestressed concrete str!ct!res C. C%clic properties and constit!tive model of Chennai marine cla% D. Development of earth5!a;e displacement . =elocit% :a1ard Maps of India 5. St!d% of pol%mer modified cement 2$MC3 based materials for repair and &aterproofing of concrete str!ct!res A. Development of &arrants for the !se of modified binders for improved performance of flexible pavements >. St!d% of self/healing abilit% of advanced fiber reinforced cement based materials B. -e/!se of &aste &ater 2Ind!str% and Domestic3 for irrigation in *ancheep!ram M!nicipalit%


=eeraraghavan +

D.5? @?.1>

-avindra (ett! Ind!mathi M ,ambi

*. Tit& No. 9. S!pporting consolidation replication and !p/scaling of s!stainable &aste&ater treatment and re!se technologies for India 2S+-+S4+T:I3 1?. St!d% on economi1ation of prefab str!ct!res 11. 1@. 1C. Eval!ation of strategies for the environmental restoration of palli;aranai marsh Experimental and anal%tical st!dies on t&o/&a% hollo& core slabs Characteri1ing the properties of biological aerosol particles !nder different environmental and seasonal conditions over the Indian tropical region8 +ssessment for possible climatic and health impacts Integrated closed/loop controlled testing facilit% for the mechanicasl characteri1ation of the nonlinear response of Civil Engineering Materials 27IST3 Investigating The #ehavio!r <f S!spended Cohesive Sediments In +n +nn!lar 7l!me8 +n Experimental St!d%

P riod =!'dd'00>

Fundin" A" nc0 Department Science Technolog%

A!ount Co<ordinator# 2-s. in la;hs3 of AA.C@ 6ig% $hilip .

1.1B.@?1C to 1.1>.@?1A 1.1.@?1C to C.C1.@?1D C.@?.@?1C to C.19.@?1A @.@B.@?1C to @.@>.@?1A

,ational b!ildings constr!ction corporation limited Tamlinad! 7orest Department Department Science Technolog% Department Science Technolog% of . of .

CA.?? 5.?? CB.5? D@.??

+ppa -ao ( Ind!mathi M ,ambi ,ages&ara -ao # Sachin S (!nthe


Department Science Technolog% 1.C?.@?1C To 1.@9.@?1A ,e& Scheme

of .


:ead of the department




=en! Chandra

Indu#tria& Con#u&tanc0 %ro. ct#: ,o. of $ro0ect *. No. 1. @. C. D. 5. A. >. B. 9. 1?. 11. 1@. / 1>@M =al!e of $ro0ect / -s.>91.DB 6a;hs Tit& Str!ct!ral proof chec;ing for high raised residential pro0ect Tension test on bare bars . fatig!e test $roof chec;ing the fo!ndation designs of $E# b!ilding for :+6 Eval!ation of geotechnical characteristics of geomaterials and (C6s $roof chec;ing of residential complex for +dd +lbatross Testing of +xial Compressive . &ater absorption . 7lex!re test =etting of $=D design and Testing for CM-6 Depot site Site specific seismic st!dies at I<C6 6,( plant at Ennore Testing of gas press!re &elded reinforcement bar splices Material Testing Mix Design and G!alit% Chec; for +ir/7iled $avement 4or;s Concrete mix design for +ng!lar Taxi trac; 2713 at Chennai +irport Determination of In/sit! concrete strength from C%lindrical Cores Indu#tr0 Tr!e =al!e :omes 2I3 $vt 6td Sha;thi Commodities $vt. 6td. $otential Semac Cons!ltants $vt. 6td. Common Code +dd/+lbatross $roperties $vt. 6td. 7+CT/-C7 #!ilding $rod!cts 6td. 6arsen and To!bro 6imited 7oster 4heeler India $rivate 6imited 6anco Infratech 6td +irports +!thorit% of India +irports +!thorit% of India ,ational #!ilding Constr!ction Corporation 6td. A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 1B.?@ C.C1 @.@1 ?.1> @5.?1 @.1@ @.DB B.99 15.D? 1.9B 1.1A 1.A?

Na! o+ Facu&t0 Meher $rasad + Devdas Menon +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ Dali ,aid! +rnepalli Devdas Menon Meher $rasad + -obinson - ( #oominathan + +r!l Ea%achandran S Thami1h +rasan = +ppa -ao ( +ppa -ao (

*. No. 1C. 1D. 15. 1A. 1>. 1B. 19. @?. @1. @@. @C. @D. @5. @A. @>. @B. @9. C?. C1. C@. CC. CD. C5. CA. C>. CB.

Na! o+ Facu&t0 Meher $rasad + Thami1h +rasan = -a0agopal * 6ig% $hilip Dodago!dar ( +r!l Ea%achandran S +r!l Ea%achandran S #oominathan + #oominathan + (andhi S Satish *!mar S 6ig% $hilip +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ ,ages&ara -ao # Devdas Menon Satish *!mar S Meher $rasad + +r!l Ea%achandran S +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ #oominathan + =eeraraghavan + Man! Santhanam Devdas Menon =eeraraghavan + +ppa -ao ( Th%agara0 T

Tit& Testing of :eav% commercial vehicle drive +xle ho!sing Eval!ation of Materials for 7lexible $avement -ecommendation of (eos%nthetic and Connection Strength $roperties for -einforced Soil -etaining 4alls 4ater 4aste&ater and soil sample anal%ses Cons!lting services in fo!ndation engineering. Design verification of $E# for M.s ,ema; +l!min!m Castings India $vt. 6td. at Maraimalai ,agar Design verification of $E# for &are ho!se for M.s +sho; 6e%land Eohn Deere Constr!ction (!mmidipoondi $rovision of <TM +ccomodation for officers at #!nni%ard Investigation on roc; profile at @? store% residential b!ilding pro0ect site *ottiva;;am +ssesment of d%;e safet% of the pond of M.s. ,+6C< C$$ +ng!l $roof chec;ing of $E# design Eval!ation of Trail -!n of CET$s F6D s%stem $roof Chec;ing the design of s!bstr!ct!re of the proposed rail fl%over bridge across ,:5 =etting of str!ct!ral design calc!lations and dra&ings for 15M6D &ater treatment plant at :+6 Testing of Elastomeric #earing $roof chec;ing of $E# for =i;ram Cement 4or;ing Testing of calibration / 5 nos . Mechanical -elaxation Design verification of m!lti/store% cold formed steel ho!sing s%stems for ES$6 +nal%1ing and testing of strands bearing pads and str!ct!ral elements for civil infrastr!ct!re applications Eval!ation of d%namic pile stiffness Development of charts for design of paveme nts &ith -#I / B1 in India Eval!ation of DE7 in concept sleepers $roof chec;ing of detailed design and dra&ing of proposed road over bridge along M!ltai/Chhind&ara/Seoni +ssessment of 5!alit% of the restoration of thane c%clone affected road &or;s in =ill!p!ram District Design of vario!s grades of concrete for constr!ction of +irport Metro -ail station at Chennai -ecommendations for soil treatment for fo!ndations at godre0 palm grove residential pro0ect

Indu#tr0 +xles India 6imited $rath%!sha -eso!rces and Infra $rivate 6imited (are&are/4all -opes 6td. Common Code Common Code 6lo%d Ins!lations 2India3 6td. 6lo%d Ins!lations 2India3 6td. Militar% Engineering Services +mbo0ini $ropert% Developers 6imited State $oll!tion Control #oad Tiger Steel Engineering =eerapandi Common Effl!ent Treatment $lant 2$3 6td. <$( $o&er Megha Engineering and Infrast!re 6td. Common Code $ennar Engineered #!ilding S%stems 6td. Soma Enterprise 6imited Eindal Steel . $o&er 6td. Common Code -eliance Ind!stries 6imited +lchemist Technolog% -a%alaseema Concrete Sleepers $vt. 6td. ,ational :igh&a%s +!thorit% of India :igh&a%s Department +irports +!thorit% of India (odre0 Sea =ie& $roperties $vt. 6td.

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 @.>A 1.B? 5.5@ ?.@@ ?.5? 1.>? 1.1? @.@1 5.?A C.C> @.@1 5.A@ C.A5 C.C> ?.AA @.@5 1.D1 @.@5 @.C? >.B> 1?.A> @.>? @1.>D 5.A@ @.C? 1.1?

*. No. C9.

Na! o+ Facu&t0 Th%agara0 T

Tit& -ecommendations for Dolochar Mixed Dolochor Coal blac; d!st and its mixt!res for its s!itabilit% for internal raod &or;s at (!mmidipoondi Stabilit% anal%sis for starter d%;e for Stage II -aising of +sh D%;e for Me0ia Thermal $o&er Station Testing and anal%1ing of $<T/C)M/ $T7E #earings for #ridge +pplications +ir Dispersion Modeling St!d% at :E(C$6 $roposed @A5?M4 (as #ased Combined C%cle $o&er $lant Design chec;ing of S+-E Meado& =ille To&nship at *olath!r Soil Investigation in the o!ter channel $roof chec;ing of str!ct!ral design and dra&ings 2Implementation and operation of 1ero li5!id discharge s%stems in DI,TEC CET$3 $roof chec;ing of tindivanam to *rishnagiri on ,: / AA / -<#/1 at *M CBPD>D -epairing of Str!ct!re in T!ticorin Str!ct!ral design and dra&ings of (7-( Crd and Dth floor for ED)/ C+-E Instit!te of Dental Science Malapp!ram / 6adies :ostel Extension Static test and d%namic load test Testing of $!llo!t -ecommendations for fo!ndations of the proposed m!ltistor% residences =etting of circ!lation net&or; for north and so!th T.T.,agar in #hopal $roof chec;ing and cons!ltanc% services for g!ind% rail&a% crossing spans/Chennai Metro EC= ?C pac;age $roof chec;ing the str!ct!ral design of $re/engineered b!ildings Testing of #earing . Mechanical $roperties Inspection of 6IC b!ilding in relation to crac;ing on the facade Eval!ation and remedial meas!res for the sin;age of trac; near vadippatti station Str!ct!ral safet% peer revie& of north e%e high to&er at ,oida Environmental Compliance +!dit for :%!ndai Motor India +nal%1ing and testing of strands bearing pads and str!ct!ral elements for civil infrastr!ct!re applications Testing of 7-C segments for metro t!nnel linings and characteri1ation of the concrete !sed 7o!ndation of :o!sing Complex

Indu#tr0 T!ls%an ,ec 6td.

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 1.A9

D?. D1. D@. DC. DD. D5. DA.

(andhi S (andhi S +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ Shiva ,agendra S M -!pen (os&ami (andhi S +ppa -ao (

,ational Thermal $o&er Corporation 6td. Damodar =alle% Corporation (M- Infrastr!ct!re 6td :ind!stan Electricit% (eneration Co. $vt. 6td. S+-E E!bliee *olath!r $vt. 6td. Cochin $ort Tr!st EC< $rod!ction Engineers $vt. 6td. Transstro% *rishnagiri / Tindivanam :igh&a%s $vt. 6td. T!ticorin +l;ali Chemicals and 7ertili1ers 6td ,.M.Salim . +ssociates

C.?C A.>D @.CA 5.CD A.>D 1.1@ 1.1@

D>. DB. D9.

Devdas Menon +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ Devdas Menon

C.>1 1?.1> A.@B

5?. 51. 5@. 5C. 5D. 55. 5A. 5>. 5B. 59. A?. A1. A@. AC.

Meher $rasad + Meher $rasad + Th%agara0 T =eeraraghavan + Meher $rasad + +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ Devdas Menon -avindra (ett! -obinson - ( M!rt% C = Shiva ,agendra S M +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ -avindra (ett! -obinson - (

Madras Engineering Ind!stries $vt. 6td. Consolidated Constr!ction Consorti!m 6td 6arsen and To!bro 6imited #hopal Development +!thorit% 6arsen and To!bro 6imited S!pertech 2India3 $vt. 6td. Common Code (ammon India 6td. So!thern -ail&a% + T Technolegal Combine $rivate 6imited :%!ndai Motor India 6td. Common Code , = #e;aert S+ Mahindra 6ifespace Dev. 6td.

@.B1 1.B? 1.1@ C.9C C.>1 1.5@ @.5A @.@D C.C1 @B.?9 D.D9 ?.>D 5.?? 1.1@

*. No. AD. A5. AA. A>. AB. A9. >?. >1. >@. >C. >D.

Na! o+ Facu&t0 +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +ppa -ao ( -avindra (ett! Shiva ,agendra S M +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +r!n Menon Meher $rasad + M!rt% C = Satish *!mar S +r!l Ea%achandran S

Tit& +nal%1ing and testing of glass fiber fabric composites for bridge applications +nal%1ing and testing the relaxation properties of strands for prestressed concrete str!ct!res $roof chec;ing of -C b!ildings bridges and material testing Testing of constr!ction materials for D(E, mega po&er pro0ect in (!0arat $reparation of detailed pro0ect report for -edhills -icemillers Common Effl!ent Treatment $lant 2CE$T3 +nal%1ing and testing of $<T/C)M/ $T7E bearings and neoprene bearing pads Investigations on CSE# masnr% Testing of fatig!e test of s!bframe -evie& of str!ct!ral safet% related provisions in DC-s of Dholera SI$E# pro0ect Experimental verification of the stabilit% of the -<# s!perstr!ct!re girders at Sama%anall!r on ,:> Mad!rai / *an%a;!mari Section $roof chec;ing of proposed hotel b!ilding for +.*. Das +ssociates at #h!vanes&ar Eval!ation of i3 bending and ii3 shear capacities of al!min!m beam for M.s :i/6ite S%stems India $vt. 6td. Sim!lated &ind load testing of 6%saghi 76EL6<* profiles s!pported on p!lins Design chec;ing of the designs of s!b and s!per str!ct!res of a t&o lane -o# at -ail&a% *M >A.9/1? at Theni Hard Design chec;ing of the la!nching girderto carr% o!t segmental constr!ction of $SC box girder bridge across ganda; river near patna $roof chec;ing for bharat nagar -<# and Chi;alg!da -<# of :%derabad Metro -ail $ro0ect $roof chec;ing of str!ct!ral designs and dra&ings prepared b% cons!ltant M.S C$( cons!ltant #angalore / 6aborator% bloc; 2(PA3 for IITD.M Mela;ottai%!r 6oad Transfer Test Testing of shotcrete panels for the Chennai ,ashri T!nel $ro0ect Testing of bearing . Mechanical test . -elxation test Design proof chec;ing of steel hanger . fo!ndation Stabilit% chec; of C$ +5!ac!lt!re b!ilding in #angalore -o!ghness Test on ,:/D5/Tambaram/ Tindivanam Section

Indu#tr0 Corporation of Chennai Common Code Common Code =ME $recast $vt. 6td. -edhills -icemillers CET$ 6td. Dilip #!ildcon 6td. 4orld :a!s Incorporation 4heels India 6td (!0arat Infrastr!ct!re Development #oard Common Code I-C<, International 6td. +.*. Das +ssociates 6imited S+$+ $rofiles India $rivate 6imited Tata #l!e Scope Steel Transstro% 2India3 6imited =i0a% ,irman Compan% $. 6td. 6arsen and To!bro 6imited Central $!blic 4or;s Department

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 1.5? 1.?9 ?.A5 1.C5 5.A@ @.?@ @.@5 C.D? 1.5? ?.?? 9.CB

>5. >A. >>. >B. >9.

+ppa -ao ( +r!l Ea%achandran S +r!l Ea%achandran S +r!l Ea%achandran S +r!l Ea%achandran S

11.B9 1.B? A.>D @.@5 @.@5

B?. B1.

Devdas Menon Devdas Menon

1C.DB 1@.BB

B@. BC. BD. B5. BA. B>.

Devdas Menon -avindra (ett! Devdas Menon ,ages&ara -ao # +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ =eeraraghavan +

7re%ssinet Menard India $vt. 6td. 6eighton 4elsp!n Contractors $vt. 6td. Common Code =ardhman $recision $rofiles . T!bes $vt. 6td. C$ +5!ac!lt!re India $vt. 6td. (M- :igh&a%s

1.C5 1.C5 @.B> D.?? 1.A9 @.@5

*. No. BB.

Na! o+ Facu&t0 +ppa -ao (

Tit& =etting of design dra&ings for fo!ndation and s!b/str!ct!re of ma0or bridge ,o. E+* @@1 and s!per str!ct!re Testing if strand loc;ing plate and &edge loc;s etc. Testing of shoterete panels for t!nnel in ,:/1+ from G!a1ig!nd to #anihal Testing of Eac; Calibration $roof chec;ing the designs of Elliptical #ridge =ertical garden Taxi stand and Entrance Canop% at the chennai airport extension =etting for h%dra!lic designs Independent -evie& of )rban 4ater S!ppl% $ro0ect in M%sore $roof chec;ing of proposed -)# . -<# 2-ail&a% Span $>/$B3 in Chaibasa / *andra Section 2DB *MS3 of S:/D? in the state of Ehar;hand Constr!ction of bridge across !pp!ter! connecting chinnagollapalem village of ;rishna district and ;alipatnam village of &est godavari district Design and ade5!ac% of steel str!ct!ral components and s%stems Testing and anal%1ing Elastomeric and $<T/C)M/$T7E #earings for Chennai Metro -ail 6imited +nal%1ing and testing of strands bearing pads and str!ct!ral elements for civil infrastr!ct!re applications $roof chec;ing of $E# design for SMCC +ISI, Ta;ao;a Soil Slope Stabilit% along the main access road at ES4E$6 $roof chec;ing of design . Dra&ings for :al Camp!s b!ildings Testing of load bearing to&er . props testing Testing of mechanical . relaxation test Testing and -ecommendation of $roperties of Different t%pes of geos%nthetics $roof chec;ing of hanger design for I,S -a0ali -ecommendation for fo!ndation of the proposal m!ltilevel residences at (ha1iabad Soil and str!ct!ral anal%sis for gamesa &ind t!rbines $vt. 6td. / repairing and rehabilitation of concrete flooring Chec;ing of design and dra&ings for enabling str!ct!res for -=,6 *ol;ata Metro $ro0ect $roof chec;ing of g!ind% -<# constr!ction enabling str!ct!res C+D model . chec;ing of segmental hinged la!nching girder (eotechnical investigation at Mangalagiri Temple

Indu#tr0 C.T. -amanathan Infrastr!ct!re $vt. 6td. D.E.C. Infrastr!ct!re 6td. ,ava%!ga Engineering Compan% 6imited Common Code Constr!ction Catal%sers $vt. 6td. Common Code IC-+ Management Cons!lting Services 6imited $ragati Cons!ltants

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 1.A9

B9. 9?. 91. 9@.

+ppa -ao ( -avindra (ett! Meher $rasad + +r!l Ea%achandran S

@.?B @.>? ?.>C D.9D

9C. 9D. 95.

M!rt% # S +sh&in Mahaligam Devdas Menon

?.>? C.C> C.15


Devdas Menon

-oads and #!ilding Division Common Code Chennai Metro -ail 6imited Common Code Tiger Steel Engineering ES4 Eaigarh $ort 6imited C-, +rchitects . Engineers Do;a India $vt. 6td. Common Code Common Code Common Code 6arsen and To!bro 6imited $ishon Concrete Test 6arsen and To!bro 6imited 6arsen and To!bro 6imited 6arsen and To!bro 6imited Sri 6a;shmi ,arasimha S&am% Temple


9>. 9B. 99. 1?? . 1?1 . 1?@ . 1?C . 1?D . 1?5 . 1?A . 1?> . 1?B . 1?9 . 11? . 111 . 11@ .

+r!l Ea%achandran S +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ Satish *!mar S (andhi S Satish *!mar S Meher $rasad + Devdas Menon -a0agopal * Satish *!mar S Th%agara0 T +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ *osh% =arghese *osh% =arghese *osh% =arghese #oominathan +

1.CD C.15 1.CA C.9C 1.1@ @.@5 1.A9 D.A> 5.?? ?.>? 1.1@ D.D9 B.DC 1C.DB >.B> D.D9

*. No. 11C . 11D . 115 . 11A . 11> . 11B . 119 . 1@? . 1@1 . 1@@ . 1@C . 1@D . 1@5 . 1@A . 1@> . 1@B . 1@9 . 1C? . 1C1 . 1C@ . 1CC . 1CD . 1C5 . 1CA .

Na! o+ Facu&t0 +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +ppa -ao ( =eeraraghavan + (andhi S +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $

Tit& -aft 7o!ndation Design for Caterpillar India $vt. 6td. at Chennai Stabilit% chec; of =id%oda%a Matric!lation +cadem% 2=M+3 #loc; in =id%oda%a Matric!lation School $roposed Constr!ction of -oad <ver #ridge Mix design for cold/inplace rec%cling technolog% for six laning of Chennai/ Tada section of ,:/5 Design of s!itable fo!ndation for -CC lightho!se at =embar +nal%sis and design of I#IS and ,<=<TE6 hotel b!ildings as per the +rchitect!ral dra&ings and tender specifications Testing and +nal%1ing elastomeric and $<T/C)M/$T7E bearings for chennai metro rail limited +nal%sis and design of a m!ltistore%ed -CC commercial b!ilding Condition +ssesment and -epair $roced!re for -CC -eservoir at C$C6 Stabilit% anal%sis of +sh pond + from -6 @?@m to @?5m at IT$S =etting of the design and dra&ings of 1?.? M6D se&age treatment plant at #odhga%a =etting of the design and dra&ings of 1A.? M6D se&age treatment plant at #!xar =etting of the design and dra&ings of 1>.? M6D se&age treatment plant at #eg!sarai Design of pile and pile capacit% +nal%sis and testing of tranmission line to&er fo!ndations $ile fo!ndation design for prod!ct tan;s at Irimpanam Installation Eval!ation of silica f!me Modelling of air poll!tants dispersion emitted from stac; Testing of shotcrete for the -amp!r :%droelectric $ro0ect Cons!ltanc% services for the constr!ction of ramp near +dri%ala $ro0ect +rea $roof chec;ing of $E# for 4I$-< at Devanahalli 7o!ndation recommendation and li5!efaction anal%sis for =:76/ 7)E+I-+: pro0ect Chec;ing $E# designs for @TT Cables . sricit% $roof chec;ing of $E#

Indu#tr0 $ishon Concrete Test =id%oda%a Schools Societ% <mega Constr!ction 6.T Infrastr!ct!re Development $ro0ects 6imited Directorate of 6ightho!ses . 6ightships SS$D6 Intersperse $rivate 6imited Chennai Metro -ail 6imited -asha Machiner% 6imited Chennai $etrole!m Corporation 6td. <rissa $o&er (eneration Corporation 6imited #ihar )rban Infrastr!ct!re Development Corporation 6td. #ihar )rban Infrastr!ct!re Development Corporation 6td. #ihar )rban Infrastr!ct!re Development Corporation 6td. ,irmal *!mar S&ain <$( $o&er (eneration $vt. 6td. #harat $etrole!m Corporation 6td. -oc;fit Corporation *T= :ealth 7ood $rivate 6td. -amp!s :%droelectric $ro0ect The Singareni Colleries Compan% 6imited Tata #l!e Scope Steel 6arsen and To!bro 6imited Common Code Tata #l!e Scope Steel

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 ?.A> @.B1 1.@5 B.DC @.@D B.9C

+lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +ppa -ao ( Dali ,aid! +rnepalli +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $

1.D? 1?.?D >.9? C.?C 1C.>A

+lag!s!ndaramoorth% $


+lag!s!ndaramoorth% $


Meher $rasad + +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ (andhi S Man! Santhanam Shiva ,agendra S M -avindra (ett! -obinson - ( Satish *!mar S #oominathan + Satish *!mar S Satish *!mar S -

11.@D C.9C C.9C @.@5 @.@5 @5.1> 5.A@ 1.1@ @.B1 ?.9? 1.1@

*. No. 1C> . 1CB . 1C9 . 1D? . 1D1 . 1D@ . 1DC . 1DD . 1D5 . 1DA . 1D> . 1DB . 1D9 . 15? .

Na! o+ Facu&t0 Devdas Menon -obinson - ( (andhi S (andhi S (andhi S Devdas Menon Th%agara0 T *osh% =arghese +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ Devdas Menon (andhi S Devdas Menon Meher $rasad + Devdas Menon

Tit& $roof Chec;ing of fo!r laning of 4ala%ar / =ada;ancherr% section in *erala <!ter -ing -oad $ro0ect / Direct shear test for pond ash Cons!ltanc% services for design of ash d%;e for dr% p!mp for C($ Cons!ltanc% services to&ards preliminar% visit for s!ggesting s!itable remedial meas!res Deepening and strengthening of GA . G> berths of erna;!lam &arf $roof chec;ing of proposed constr!ction of ma0or bridge,:/D5+ (ro!nd Treatment for -ail&a% emban;ment on the approaches of =end!r!th% rail&a% bridge $roof chec;ing of design and dra&ings of enabling str!ct!res for balanced cantilever spans at *athipara for CM-$ $roof chec;ing the design and dra&ings of a M6C$ b!ilding at #angalore $roof chec;ing of proposed do!bling bet&een =ill!p!ram and Dindig!l 7o!ndation design for solar &ater p!mps $roof chec;ing of residential apartment of gro!nd P >floors at Thirr!m!diva;;am Testing of load test and c%cle fatig!e test . p!sh o!t $roof chec;ing of proposed constr!ction of -<# in lie! of level crossing ,o.@AB at *M B?1.?9/1? &ith 1L CC.9M composite girder and 1 L 11.5M -CC N+TN #eam slab at Charvatt!r station %ard $roof chec;ing of stabilit% of the berthing str!ct!res / EG/B and EG/9 s!bse5!ent to s!rcharge overload Testing of :T strands . Elastomeric bearings 6aborator% and field investigations on concrete Eval!ation of $CE S!perplastici1er Testing of 0ac; calibration efficienc% test $roof chec;ing of $C# Chec;ing design and dra&ings $roof chec;ing of precast design.detailling for rehab ho!sing of #hoi&ada $ro0ect M!mbai $roof chec;ing of vetting of str!ct!ral design and dra&ings / Cogni1ant Technolog% sol!tions $!ne 2Canteen #!ilding3 and

Indu#tr0 *,- Constr!ction 6td. (M- Infrastr!ct!re 6td Eindal Steel . $o&er 6td. Maithon $o&er 6imited Cochin $ort Tr!st =+L Cons!ltants $vt 6td So!thern -ail&a% 6arsen and To!bro 6imited #.6. *ash%ap . Sons 6td. -ail =I;as ,igam 6imited S!n Edison Energ% $rivate 6imited +marpra;ash Developers 6imited Daimler India Commercial =ehicles $.6td. S;illed Constr!ction Compan% 6td.

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 C.B@ 1.D? @.@5 1.1@ @.@5 @.C? @.1C >.B> 9.?> B.@> @.@5 @.>5 1C.@A @.?@

151 . 15@ . 15C . 15D . 155 . 15A . 15> . 15B . 159 .

Meher $rasad + Devdas Menon Man! Santhanam Man! Santhanam Meher $rasad + Satish *!mar S Satish *!mar S Meher $rasad + Meher $rasad +

=i1ag Seaport $vt 6td Common Code Common Code #almer 6a&rie and Co. 6td )tracon Str!ct!ral S%stem $vt 6td. $ennar Engineering #!ilding S%stems 6td. $ennar Engineering #!ilding S%stems 6td. 6arsen and To!bro 6imited 6arsen and To!bro 6imited

@.?@ D.@A ?.5? C.C> 1.1B 5.55 B.99 A.AD 5.?A

*. No. 1A? . 1A1 . 1A@ . 1AC . 1AD . 1A5 . 1AA . 1A> . 1AB . 1A9 . 1>? . 1>1 . 1>@ .

Na! o+ Facu&t0 Meher $rasad +

Tit& Engaging the independent techincal bod% to anal%1e the reasons for the dislodging of s!per str!ct!re 2#ox (irder3 $roof chec;ing and cons!ltanc% services for 6a;di;ap!l -<# and Mala;pet -<# of :%derabad Metro -ail $ro0ect $roof chec;ing and cons!ltanc% services for +l!gaddabavi -<# and #eg!mpet -<# of :%derabad Metro -ail $ro0ect Testing of :T strands . Elastomeric bearing $roof chec;ing of hangar . annex design at IMS dega $roof chec;ing the s!bstr!ct!re and -CC s!perstr!ct!re for -<#/I of ,:>> ST$ and rain &ater conservation/civil > str!ct!ral design vetting =etting of design and dra&ings in constr!ction of ma0or bridge =erification of safet% of post/tensioned prestressed concrete bridge dec; panel Design chec;ing of a ne& $E# hangar for ,av% at ,ed!mbasser% -etainer Cons!ltanc% +dvice on S!perplastici1ers St!dies on behavio!r of -C shear &alls &ith vario!s aspect ration

Indu#tr0 M!mbai International +irport $vt. 6td. 6arsen and To!bro 6imited 6arsen and To!bro 6imited Common Code =-* . Compan% Sheladia +ssociates and Cons!ltants 2I3 $vt.6td. +5!a designs India $vt. 6td. -oads and #!ilding Division CE< T!rbo Ind!stries $vt. 6td. ,aval $ro0ect 6anco Infratech 6td #almer 6a&rie and Co. 6td #oard of -esearch in ,!clear Sciences

A!ount 2-s. in la;h s3 @.@5

Devdas Menon


Devdas Menon


Devdas Menon Satish *!mar S Devdas Menon +ppa -ao ( +ppa -ao ( +ppa -ao ( +r!l Ea%achandran S (andhi S Man! Santhanam +ppa -ao (

C.1? 1.C5 C.DB 5.?A @.@5 @.@5 @.@5 @.D? @.>? D.D9

RAIC %ro. ct#: ,o. of $ro0ect / @?M =al!e of $ro0ect / -s.@C?.1B 6a;hs A!ount =R#. in &a9)# > >.9C C?.DD B.5> @.A9 @>.B> 5.?? D.D9 >.5? C?.??

*.No 1. @. C. D. 5. A. >. B. 9.

Na! o+ +acu&t0 +ppa -ao ( +lag!s!ndaramoorth% $ +r!n Menon M!rt% C = -agh! *anth S T ( -adha;rishna ( $illai M!rali;rishnan E =eeraraghavan + Meher $rasad +

Tit& Characterisation of #ehavio!r and Str!ct!ral $roperties of CD $anels for 6o& Cost #!ilding Conditional +ssessment and -epairing of #$C6 6i5!id Cargo Eett% at E,$T In/Sit! load and stress tests on +ri%an;!ppam and Ch!nnambar +rch bridges at $!d!cherr% Development of design methodologies for #last -esistant design of str!ct!res Seismic :a1ard of :imachal $radesh $erformance Eval!ation of special corrosion resistant cement #it!mino!s Material Characteri1ation and Mechanistic/Empirical Design of #it!mino!s $avements in India Monitoring Mechanism of Eco/friendl% Technolog% b% !sing -#I (rade B1 Centre for finite element anal%sis and design2C7E+D3

Indu#tr0 #eard shell 6imited #harat $etrole!m Corporation 6td. =+L Cons!ltants $vt 6td E<, Designers Tar! $rivate 6imited Sree Ea%aEothi Cements 6td. =- Techniche Ministr% of Environment and 7orests Tata Cons!ltanc% Services


*osh% =arghese

11. 1@. 1C. 1D. 15. 1A. 1>. 1B. 19. @?.

+r!l Ea%achandran S -amam!rth% * Satish *!mar S Satish *!mar S Satish *!mar S Satish *!mar S -avindra (ett! Satish *!mar S 6ig% $hilip *osh% =arghese

7orm!lation of contract specification .eval!ation for ,S$C6 -o!r;ela appl%ing the latest pro0ect management concepts Design philosoph% migration of C7#C boiler s!pporting steel str!ct!res to limit state design St!dies on re!se of masonr% concrete demolition &astes in constr!ction and d!rabilit% st!dies on fl%ash bric;s Development of #iplane damper blade design &ith modified blade to blade stiffeners Design . development of stiffened g!illotine gate blade Design . =erification of seismic stopper for disaster resistant ade5!ac% of +$: Design for ES$ str!ct!re !sing high strength steel Characteri1ation of glass fibre reinforced concretes -esearch on S!itabilit% of ,S:H$E#E+M and :C6 for steel constr!ction in India 7easibilit% st!d% for design investment and management models for p!blic sanitation facilities mangement in Tir!pati Development of pro0ect management s%stem for ES$ - . M &or;s at ,S$C6 -o!r;ela

#harat :eav% Electricals 6td. #harat :eav% Electricals 6td. ,e%veli 6ignite Corporation 6td. #harat :eav% Electricals 6td. #harat :eav% Electricals 6td. #harat :eav% Electricals 6td. #harat :eav% Electricals 6td. <C= -einforcements +lcala ,ippon Steel . S!mitomo Metal Corporation Instit!te for 7inancial Management and -esearch #harat :eav% Electricals 6td.


1>.C? 5.5? D.D9 5.A@ 1.B? B.99 >.?? >.A> 5.>C @@.D>

R tain r Con#u&tanc0: ,o. of $ro0ect *.No. 1 @ C / CM =al!e of $ro0ect / -s.9.59 6a;hs Tit& -etainer cons!ltanc% to 6anco (!rgoan +dvice on S!perplastici1ers St!dies on behavio!r of -C shear &alls &ith vario!s aspect ration Indu#tr0 6anco Infratech 6td #almer 6a&rie and Co. 6td #oard of -esearch in ,!clear Sciences A!ount 2-s. in la;hs3 @.D? @.>? D.D9

Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr. S. -. (andhi Dr. Man! Santhanam +$$+ -+< (

ECc)an" %ro"ra!! $it) ot) r ?ni- r#iti # inc&udin" In#titution#'?ni- r#iti # und r MO?D Dr + =eeraragavan visited +ccra (hanna d!ring @/B 7ebr!ar% @?1C to deliver lect!res in the training programme on -oad Safet% and Traffic Management as an activit% of the Mo) bet&een *&ame ,;r!mah )niversit% of Science and Technolog% (hana and IITM Dr Sachin (!nthe visited Max $lanc; Instit!te for Chemistr% Main1 (erman% 2M$IC3 to carr% o!t collaborative scientific &or; from ?C.?5.@?1@ to @D.?5.@?1@. Dr Ind!mathi M ,ambi visited =eolia 4ater S%stems in #r!ssels d!ring @9 th Ma% to 1st E!ne for collaboration'interaction and f!t!re possibilities. Dr * $ S!dheer visited $!rd!e )niversit% )S+ from 1>.?5.@?1@ to 1B.?>.@?1@ to cond!ct advanced research in the area of eco/h%drolog% and &ater 5!alit%. Dr -avindra (ett! visited Ital% for presenting the research &or; &ithin a collaborative Indo/Ital% pro0ect from D th to 1Dth March @?1C.

Facu&t0 ! !( r# %artici%ation $it) ot) r in#titution und r Mo?: *&. No. 1 Na! o+ +acu&t0 Dr +r!l Ea%achandran S Partici%ation d tai&# 7or establishing the #!ilding Envelope Centre for Excellence on IStr!ct!ral (lass -esearch and Testing 7acilit% 2S(-T 7acilit%3 Na! o+ ?ni- r#it0' In#titution $)ic) )a# Mo? (la1ing Societ% of India

To carr% o!t collaborative and advanced research and cons!ltanc% in the areas as identified

$o&er (rid Corporation of India 6td

R # arc) Pu(&ication# o+ t) +acu&t0 ! !( r# , r # arc) #c)o&ar#: Total ,o. of papers p!blished in -efereed ,ational Eo!rnals Total ,o. of papers p!blished in -efereed International Eo!rnals Total ,o. of papers presented in ,ational Conferences Total ,o. of papers presented in International conferences In R + r d Nationa& Bourna&#: 8 @A 8 D? 8 @1 8 D9

1. 2.

Corigliano M. 6ai C.(. Menon +. <rnthammarath T. 2@?1@3 Seismic Inp!t at The +rchaeological Site of *ancheep!ram in So!thern India / ,at!ral :a1ards p!blished online8 @Dth +pril @?1@ #aner0ee S. Seng!pta +. *. 2@?1@3 N+ Methodolog% to +ssess the Degradation in the Str!ct!ral -esponse of the Dec; of a -einforced Concrete -oad #ridge d!e to Corrosion of -einforcing SteelJ Eo!rnal of The Instit!tion of Engineers 2India3 Series + The Instit!tion of Engineers 2India3 $!blished b% Springer =ol.9C ,o.1 7eb./+pril @?1@ pp.B>/9C . #aner0ee S. Seng!pta +. *2@?1@3 I+ Comp!tational +nal%sis of the Time/=ariant Str!ct!ral -esponse of the Dec; of a -einforced Concrete -oad #ridge D!e to Corrosion of -einforcing SteelJ Eo!rnal of Str!ct!ral Engineering Str!ct!ral Engineering -esearch Centre Chennai =ol. C9 ,o. 1 +prilMa% @?1@ pp.@?9 @B. Dharanidaran S. Seng!pta +. *2@?1@3 IModelling of Tall Shear 4alls for ,on/linear +nal%sis of -C #!ildings !nder C%clic 6ateral 6oading The Indian Concrete Eo!rnal The +ssociated Cement Companies 6imited =ol. BA ,o. A E!ne @?1@ pp. C@ 9 D?. *ali%aper!mal ( Seng!pta +. *2@?1@3 IModelling of the #ehavio!r of -einforced Concrete Col!mns -etrofitted for 7lex!re !sing Concrete Eac;etsJ Eo!rnal of Str!ct!ral Engineering SE-C Chennai =ol. C9 ,o. @ E!neE!l% @?1@ pp. 1A1/1>? Seng!pta +. *. Eo0% I2@?1@3. / IEffect of :eav% -oof/Top 4ater Tan;s on The Seismic 7orces In a T%pical M!ltistoried #!ildingJ ICI Eo!rnal Indian Concrete Instit!te =ol. 1C ,o. C <ctoberQDecember @?1@ pp.@9 9 CD. -a0agopal *.-. Saravanan )2@?1@3 NExtension Inflation +nd Circ!mferential Shearing <f +n +nn!lar C%linder 7or + Class <f Compressible Elastic #odiesJ Eo!rnal of Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids 1>253 D>C/D99 @?1@. Saravanan ). @?1@ NThe )se <f 6inear =iscoelastic Constit!tive -elations To Model +sphaltJ Eo!rnal <f $avement Engineering 1C2D3 CA?/C>C @?1@. +n0ana #hasi *. -a0agopal @?1@ I+ Comparative St!d% on the $erformance of $iled Emban;ments &ith and &itho!t the (eos%nthetic -einforcementJ (eos%nthetics and (ro!nds Improvement =ol.1 ,o.@ $$.@/> Indian (eotechnical Eo!rnal Springer India 6td. =ol. D@ ,o. 1 D9/55 @?1@.






8. 9.

10. *arthi;e%an S. and -a0agopal *. @?1@. IInfl!ence of -oc; Soc;eting on the 6ateral -esponse of Single $ileJ 11. T. Th%agara0 S. M.-ao $.S.S!resh ). Salini @?1@. I6aborator% st!dies on stabili1ation of an expansive soil b%
lime precipitation techni5!eJ +SCE Eo!rnal Materials in Civil Engineering =ol.@D ,o.B 1?A>/1?>5 @?1@

12. -obinson -. (. Indraratna #. -!0i;iat;am0orn C. @?1@. N7inal state of soils !nder vac!!m preloading.
Canadian (eotechnical Eo!rnal D92A3 >@9/>C9.

13. +. *rishnan $.S. ,air and -. (ett! @?1@.NEffect of &eathering on pol%mer modified cement mortars !sed in
the repair and &aterproofing of concrete Concrete -epair -ehabilitation and -etrofitting III Eds. +lexander et al. pp. CC5/CCA Ta%lor . 7rancis 6ondon @?1@M complete paper in CD -om pp. 9@B/9C1.

14. S!ndaresan -. and +ppa -ao (. @?1@. I:o& )niforml% the Indian codes predict the shear strength of
-einforced concrete beamsRJ Eo!rnal of Str!ct!ral Engineering =ol. C9 ,o. @ pp. @DC/@5C

15. +ppa -ao (. and M.(angaram. @?1@. ,on/invasive protection of shear critical nonseismicall% detailed -C
beam/col!mn 0oints against seismic loadingJ Eo!rnal of Str!ct!ral Engineering=ol. C9 ,o. C pp. C?9/C1

16. +ppa -ao.(. $rasad #.S.-.*. and -amamohan -ao *. @?1@. IInfl!ence of beam si1e and distrib!tion of
hori1ontal reinforcement on shear strength of -C deep beamsRJ Eo!rnal of Str!ct!ral Engg =ol. C9 ,o. C pp. CD>/C5D

17. $and!rangan * and (. +ppa -ao2@?1@3 I#ond Strength of Epox% Coated #ar Splices confined &ith nominal
lateral reinforcementJ Central E!ropean Eo!rnal of Engineering

18. Chandrase;aran S.S. #oominathan +. and Dodago!dar (.-. @?1@.ID%namic -esponse of 6aterall% 6oaded
$ile (ro!ps in Cla%J Eo!rnal of Earth5!a;e Engineering =ol81> Iss!e8 1 and pp. CC/5C.

19. ,eeth! -o% M!rali;rishnan E and =eeraragavan +2@?1@3 K Mechanical Characterisation of #it!mino!s
Concrete Mixt!res )sing +sphalt Mixt!re $erformance Tester 2+M$T3" Indian :igh&a%s Eo!rnal =ol. D? ,o.A E!ne @?1@.

20. *anisha; Chopra +n0an *!mar S -a0ib #as! Mallic; and =eeraragavan +2@?1@3 KInvestigations on
6aborator% $erformance of #it!mino!s Mixes &ith -eclaimed +sphalt $avement Materials/ + Step To&ards S!stainable -oad Infrastr!ct!re in India" Eo!rnal of the Indian -oads Congress >C/C @?1@

21. :arshitha M. S. Son! +gar&al 6elitha =ana0a;shi2@?1@3 I:ead&a% +nal%sis +t Signalised Intersections 9 4ith
+nd 4itho!t Co!ntdo&n TimerJ :igh&a% -esearch Eo!rnal Indian -oads Congress 5 213 @?1@ pp CC/D?.

22. $rabha;ar -edd% D. and Sivanandan -2@?1@3. ITravel Time #ased Congestion +nal%sis of )rban -oads &ith
Side 7riction J Eo!rnal of -oad Transport ,o. 5 pp. C@/D> @?1@.

23. *hed;ar S. #. and Sivanandan -2@?1@3. IModelling the Infl!ence of Cross -oads and 7ringe Conditions on
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25. M!;her0ee D. -ao #.,. and $rasad +.M. 2@?1@3 IC!t/:DM- #ased 7!ll% E5!ivalent <perational Model for
+nal%sis of )nreinforced Masonr% Str!ct!re J Sadhana =ol. C> $art 5 pp. A?99A@B <ctober @?1@.

26. *alanad +. and -ao #. ,. 2@?1@3 IT&oQDimensional Elasto/$lastic Crac;ed 7inite Element for 7ract!re
+pplications J Indian Eo!rnal of Engineering . Materials Sciences =ol. 19 pp. 9591?A +pril @?1@. In R + r d Int rnationa& Bourna&#:

1. 2.

,aresh *!mar Sharma 6ig% $hilip M!rt% #hallam!di 2@?1@3. I+erobic degradation of $henolics and +romatic :%drocarbons in $resence of C%anideJ. #ioreso!rces Technolog% 1@1 pp @AC/@>C E. Senthil ,athan and 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. IElimination of $esticides and their 7orm!lation $rod!cts from Drin;ing 4ater !sing Thin 7ilm Contin!o!s $hotoreactor !nder Solar -adiationN . Solar Energ% Eo!rnal. BA293 pp @>C5/ @>D5 +vira0 Datta and 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3.. #iodegradation of =olatile <rganic Compo!nds from $aint Ind!stries. +ppl. #iochem. and #iotech.1A>2C3 pp 5AD/5B?

3. 4.

M!rt% #hallam!di 2@?1@3. #iotric;ling 7iltration of =<C Emissions from $harmace!tical Ind!stries. Chemical Engineering Eo!rnal. @?9 pp/
#alas!bramanian $. 6ig% $hilip 1?@/11@. #alas!bramanian $. 6ig% $hilip M!rt% #hallam!di 2@?1@3. #iotric;ling 7iltration of Complex $harmace!tical =<C Emissions along &ith Chloroform. #ioreso!rces Technolog%.1DD pp1D9/159. E. Senthil ,athan and 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. $hoto degradation of Meth%l $arathion and Dichlorvos from Drin;ing 4ater !sing 21/13 ,/doped Ti<@ !nder Solar -adiation Eo!rnal of Chemical Engineering. 1>@ @/C A>B/ABB +n!0 Sharma 6elitha =ana0a;shi (irish = :arshitha M.S. 2@?1@3. IImpact <f Signal Timing Information <n Safet% +nd Efficienc% <f Signali1ed IntersectionsJ Eo!rnal of Transportation Engineering 1CB2D3 DA>9D>B doi81?.1?A1.2+SCE3TE.19DC/5DCA.????CDC @?1@. +meena $adiath 6elitha =ana0a;shi and Shan;ar C. S!bramanian 2@?1@3. Spatial Traffic State Estimation !sing 6ocation #ased Traffic Data !nder :eterogeneo!s Conditions Transportation -esearch -ecord8 Eo!rnal of the Transportation -esearch #oard Iss!e ,!mber8 @@91 1@/CBA? pp. >@ / >9 @?1@. =asantha *!mar 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3. #!s Travel Time $attern Identification and $rediction $roceedings of the Instit!tion of Civil Engineers Transport 1A5 Month @?1@ Iss!e T-1 $ages 191? IData 7!sion #ased :%brid +pproach for the Estimation of )rban +rterial Travel TimeJ Eo!rnal of +pplied Mathematics vol. @?1@ +rticle ID 5B>91C 1> pages @?1@. doi81?.1155.@?1@.5B>91C. Traffic 7lo& Model for Congestion +nal%sisJ International Eo!rnal of Engineering St!dies =ol. D ,o. C @?>/ @@9 @?1@.

5. 6. 7.



10. S. $. +n!sha -. +. +nand and 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3.

11. +0itha Than;appan 6elitha =ana0a;shi and Shan;ar C. S!bramanian2@?1@3. I+ M!lti/Class ,on/Contin!!m

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<pen/(raded 7riction/Co!rse Mixt!res Containing $ol%mers and Cell!lose 7ibers" Transportation Engineering =ol. 1CB ,o.1 Ean!ar% @?1@. pp A>/>D +SCE Eo!rnal of

14. S!nitha = =eeraragavan + *arthi; *.Srinivasan and Samson Mathe& 2@?1@3. K Cl!ster #ased $avement
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15. +saithambi (. *anagara0 =. Srinivasan *. *. and Sivanandan -2@?1@3.. IMixed Traffic

Characteristics on )rban +rterials &ith Significant Motori1ed T&o/4heeler =ol!mes8 -ole of Composition Intra/Class =ariabilit% and 6ac; of 6ane Discipline J +ccepted for p!blication in Transportation -esearch -ecord 2T--3 Eo!rnal of the Transportation -esearch #oard 2T-#3 4ashington D. C. to appear dated @?1@. Eo!rnal of (eotechnical Engineering =ol. A Iss!e D pp. D55/DA5.

16. #!shra I. and -obinson -. (. 2@?1@3. Shear strength behavio!r of cement treated marine cla%. International
1>. -obinson -. (. Indraratna #. -!0i;iat;am0orn C. 2@?1@3. 7inal state of soils !nder vac!!m preloading. Canadian (eotechnical Eo!rnal D92A3 >@9/>C9.

18. +n0ana #hasi

*. -a0agopal 2@?1@3. / N,!merical Investigation of the Time Dependent #ehavior of (eos%nthetic -einforced $iled Emban;mentsN a!thored +ccepted for p!blication in the International Eo!rnal of (eotechnical Engineering Model -epresentation, International Eo!rnal of -eliabilit% G!alit% and Safet% Engineering =ol. 19 ,o. D pp. 1@A @?1@.

19. #al! +.S. and -ao #.,. 2@?1@3. Membership 7!nction of 7ail!re $robabilit% )sing M!ltic!t/:igh Dimensional

20. +nand =. $atnai; #.S.=. and -ao #.,. 2@?1@3. IEfficient Extraction of =ortex Str!ct!res b% Co!pling $roper
<rthogonal Decomposition 2$<D3 and :igh Dimensional Model -epresentation 2:DM-3 Techni5!es J ,!merical :eat Transfer $art # 7!ndamentals =ol. A1 pp. @@9@5> @?1@.

21. #al! +.S. and -ao #.,. 2@?1@3. M!ltic!t/:igh Dimensional Model -epresentation for Str!ct!ral -eliabilit%
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25. #al! +.S. and -ao #.,. 2@?1@3 Inverse str!ct!ral reliabilit% anal%sis !nder mixed !ncertainties !sing high
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along &ith chloroformJ #ioreso!rces Technolog% Elsevier 11D/159 E!ne @?1@.

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35. *and%a + Shiva ,agendra SM Ti&ari =* 2@?1@3 7orecasting the Tropospheric <1one !sing +rtificial ,e!ral
,et&or; Modelling +pproach8+ Case St!d% of Megacit% Madras doi81?.D1>@.@1A5/>BDL.S1/??A S<pen +ccessT India. E Civil Environ Eng S18??A.

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38. Chithra =.S. and Shiva ,agendra S.M. @?1@. Characteristics of partic!late matter concentrations

inside a nat!rall% ventilated school b!ilding located ad0acent to !rban road&a%. #!ilding and Environment 5D 159/1A>. SIM78 @.DT normall% Consolidated Soft Cla% d!ring Earth5!a;esJ Eo!rnal of Earth5!a;e and Ts!nami =ol A ,o.D pp.1@5??C1U1/1@5??C1U1@.

39. Ma *ang S!bhadeep #aner0ee 7oo;/:o! 6ee :e $ing Lie 2@?1@3 ID%namic Soil/$ile/-aft Interaction in

40. S.*. ,a%ar and -.(ett! @?1@. N<n the design of steel fiber reinforced concrete pavements and slabs/on/grade
7iber -einforced Concrete8 Challenges and opport!nitiesJ Eds. E.+.<. #arros et al. pp. @C9/@D? -I6EM $!blications #agne!x 7ranceM complete paper in CD -om 11 p In Proc 1. din"# o+ Nationa& Con+ r nc #:

$ri%a -agagopalan and 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. Interaction of Dichloromathane &ith other =<Cs from $harmace!tical 4aste&ater. -ecent +dvances in Civil Engineering 2-+CE @?1@3 ,ovember @9 / December 1 /@?1@. <rganised b% School of Engineering Cochin )niversit% of Science and Technolog% *erala India doped Ti<@. -ecent +dvances in Civil Engineering 2-+CE @?1@3 ,ovember @9 / December 1 /@?1@. <rganised b% School of Engineering Cochin )niversit% of Science and Technolog% *erala India.

2. +r%a =. and 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. Development of an Environmentall% 7riendl% 4ater Treatment S%stem !sing ,/


6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. N#ioremediation of Endos!lfan Contaminated Soil and 4aterN. 6+*E @?1@. ,ational Conference on Conservation and Management of 4etland Ecos%stems A/B ,ovember @?1@. School of Environmental Science Mahatma (andhi )niversit% *otta%am *erala 2*e% ,ote +ddress3 :eterogeneo!s Traffic Conditions International Conference on -ecent Innovations in Technolog% 2IC-IT @?1@3 *otta%am *erala. @?1@ pp 5/9

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5. Mohammed +li #ob% (eorge 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3. +dvanced Ind!ctive 6oop Detector S%stem for 6ane
less Traffic ,ational conference on !rban mobilit% / challenges sol!tions and prospects India @?1@.

6. =asantha *!mar 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3.

Shan;ar C. S!bramanian #!s Travel Time $rediction )sing State Space Models ,ational conference on !rban mobilit% / challenges sol!tions and prospects India @?1@. IDevelopment of a =ehicle Co!nting and Classification S%stem for :eterogeneo!s and 6ane less Traffic D>th +nn!al ,ational Convention of Comp!ter Societ% of India December @?1@ *ol;ata India. Estimation of )rban +rterial Travel Time !nder Indian Traffic Conditions International conference on Transportation $lanning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Co!ntries 2T$MDC3 December @?1@ M!mbai India. 6ocation #ased Data 5th )rban Mobilit% Conference December @?1@ Delhi India.

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8. 6elitha =ana0a;shi Deepa 6. S. $. +n!sha2@?1@3.

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Comparison <f + -adar #ased Traffic Sensor / Smartsensor :D 7or Indian +nd +merican Traffic Condition 5th )rban Mobilit% Conference December @?1@ Delhi India.

11. Eithin -a0 S!nn% -a0a =arma -amesh =. and 6elitha =ana0a;shi2@?1@3. Eval!ation +nd +pplication <f Image
$rocessing Sensors )nder Indian Conditions 5th )rban Mobilit% Conference December @?1@ Delhi India

12. 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3. +dvanced Traveler Information S%stem !nder development and deplo%ment in
Chennai ,ational seminar on ,e& :ori1ons in vehicle trac;ing and ITS #angalore ,ov. @?1@.

13. 7irodi%a $ . Menon D Seng!pta +.*. and $illai -. ( 2@?1@3 I+ $robabilistic +ssessment of the Deterioration
of 7lex!ral Capacit% of a -einforced Concrete #ridge Dec; d!e to Corrsion of Steel #arsJ $roceedings 2in CD

-<M3 Bth Str!ct!ral Engineeromg Convention S.= ,ational Instit!te of Technolog% S!rat December 19 to @1 @?1@ pp. D?>/D1C.

14. -a0ib #as! Mallic; +li -egimond and =eeraragavan2@?1@3.

+ K+ -ational and $ractical Test $roced!re for Eval!ation of Moist!re Damage $otential of :ot Mix +sphalt 2:M+3" $roceedings ,ational (et/ Together on -oad -esearch and its )tili1ation ,e& Delhi ?1/?@ March @?1@. ,ational 4or;shop on ,on/Conventional Materials.Technologies ,e& Delhi 7ebr!ar% @?1@.

15. -a0ib #as! Mallic; and =eeraragavan2@?1@3. + )se of Cold Mix Technolog% for -ehabilitation of -!ral -oads" 16. Hogesh *!mar -. =. (o&ri +. and Sivanandan - 2@?1@3. . IInfl!ence of =ehic!lar Composition and 6ane
Discipline on Dela%s at Signalised Intersections !nder :eterogeneo!s Traffic Conditions J $roceedings 2Extended +bstracts3 ,ational Conference on )rban Mobilit% 9 Challenges Sol!tions and $rospects IIT Madras Chennai E!l% 1C/1D @?1@ pp. >9/B?.

17. -ohit E. Chithra =. S. *ishore *!mar M. Shiva ,agendra S. M. and Sivanandan -. 2@?1@3 IInfl!ence of
Traffic on Indoor +ir G!alit% of ,at!rall% and Mechanicall% =entilated #!ilding 6ocated ,ear an )rban -oad&a% J $roceedings 2Extended +bstracts3 ,ational Conference on )rban Mobilit% 9 Challenges Sol!tions and $rospects IIT Madras Chennai E!l% 1C/1D @?1@ pp. 1??/1?@.

18. -amad!rai (. 6elitha Devi Srinivasan *. *. Sivanandan -. +sha +nand Mitchanagatla C. Das D.
Selvam *. -avi =. and D!be% S. 2@?1@3 I+dvance Traveller Information S%stems 2+TIS3 for Indian Cities J $roceedings 2Extended +bstracts3 ,ational Conference on )rban Mobilit% 9 Challenges Sol!tions and $rospects IIT Madras Chennai E!l% 1C/1D @?1@ pp. 11A/11>. 19. =inoth M. =arala;shmi 6. M!r!gesan S. and -obinson -. (. 2@?1@3. Case st!d% on the !se of $=Ds for gro!nd improvement for the depot area of Chennai Metro -ail. $roc. of the Indian (eotechnical Conference. I(C/@?1@ M!mbai =ol. 1 pp. @A9/@>@. @?. -a0agopal *. and M!r!gesan S. 2@?1@3 I+nal%sis and Design Methods for Encased Stone Col!mnsJ Chapter C? +dvances in (eos%nthetics Sai Master Environmental Services $vt. 6td. :%derabad DC>/D5B.

21. -ohit E Chithra = S *ishore *!mar M Shiva ,agendra S.M and Shivanandan - . @?1@. Infl!ence of traffic on
indoor air 5!alit% of nat!rall% and mechanicall% ventilated b!ilding located near an !rban road&a%. In the proceedings of the ,ational Conference on )rban Mobilit% 9 Challenges Sol!tions and $rospects IIT Madras Chennai 1C/1D E!l% @?1@. In %roc din"# o+ Int rnationa& Con+ r nc #


-eashma $.S. *ommidi Santosh -edd% +. =eeraragavan E. M!rali *rishnan 2@?1@3 KD%namical Mechanical +nal%sis of #it!men $rocessed in India" Seventh International Conference on Maintenance and -ehabilitation of $avements and Technological Control 2M+I-E$+=>3 The )niversit% of +!c;land #!siness School ,e& Fealand +!g!st @?1@. ,eeth! -o% M!rali;rishnan E and =eeraragavan + 2@?1@3 K Effect of Confinement $ress!re on Creep and -ecover% -esponse of +sphalt Concrete Mixt!res" Seventh International Conference on Maintenance and -ehabilitation of $avements and Technological Control 2M+I-E$+=>3 The )niversit% of +!c;land #!siness School ,e& Fealand +!g!st @?1@. -am Mohan -ao $ =en;at -. Sheela and =eeraragavan + 2@?1@3 KEffect <f Commercial Traffic <verloading Enforcement <n $avement $erformance Dth E$+M E!ropean pavement and asset management conference in MalmV S&eden on 59> September @?1@. #adari ,ara%anan =. T. Seng!pta +. *. Satish *!mar S. -. 2@?1@3 ISeismic -etrofit of #eams in #!ildings for 7lex!re !sing Concrete Eac;etingJ $roceedings in 2in CD/-<M3 $aper ,!mber @? 15 th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engi!neering 6isbon $ort!gal September @D to @B @?1@ Datta +. M $hilip 62@?1@3 . I#iodegradation ;inetics of tol!ene eth%l ben1ene and x%lene in a mixt!re of =<CsJ. International Conference NE,S)-E @?1@8 Environmentall% S!stainable )rban Ecos%stemsN 7ebr!ar% @D/@A @?1@ at Indian Instit!te of Technolog% (!&ahati +ssam I,DI+ Datta +. M $hilip 62@?1@3 . IInhibitor% effect of Tol!ene on Meth%l Iso/b!t%l ;etone biodegradationJ C rd International Chemical and Environmental Engineering Conference Dec @1/@C @?1@ at *!alal!mp!r Mala%sia. Sharma ,.*M $hilip 6M M!rt% #.S2@?1@3 . I+erobic degradation of complex organic compo!nds an c%anides in co;e oven &aste&ater in presence of gl!coseJ. International Conference NE,S)-E @?1@8 Environmentall% S!stainable )rban Ecos%stemsN 7ebr!ar% @D/@A @?1@ at Indian Instit!te of Technolog% (!&ahati +ssam I,DI+ 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. N$!rification of &ater !sing photocatal%tic methodsN. The 7irst International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Clean 4ater September 1D/1A @?1@ IIT Madras Chennai India 2Invited Tal;3 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. N #ioremediation of :exavalent chromi!m Contaminated Soil and +5!ifersN Crd Sede #o;er Conference on 4ater Technologies @?1@ titled N +dvance Technologies in 4ater ManagementN 15/ 1A





6. 7.


<ctober @?1@ #en (!rion )niversit%/#la!stein Instit!tes for Desert -esearch in Sede #o;er Israel. 2Invited Tal;3

10. 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. N+ppropriate Interventions and Technologies for $roviding Safe Drin;ing 4ater to -!ral and
)nder $rivileged Comm!nitiesN -ecent advances and innovations for s!stainable &ater management December Crd/Ath @?1@ Indo/7rench Seminar CE7I$-+. I7C$+- IIT Delhi. 2Invited Tal;3

11. 6ig% $hilip 2@?1@3. NDecentrali1ed &aste&ater treatment s%stems8 Iss!es and &a% for&ardN India 4ater Impact
S!mmit 2I4IS3 / @?1@ December C/5. India :abitat Centre. 2Invited Tal;3

12. =asantha *!mar +nd 6elitha =ana0a;shi2@?1@3

+pplication of M!ltiplicative Decomposition and Exponential Smoothing Techni5!es for #!s +rrival Time $rediction Transportation -esearch #oard ,ational -esearch Co!ncil 4ashington D. C. @?1@. +rrival Time $rediction S%stem !nder Indian Traffic Conditions Transportation -esearch #oard ,ational -esearch Co!ncil 4ashington D. C. @?1@.

13. +;hilesh *oppineni *rishna Chaitan%a Sidharth 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3 Development of an +!tomated #!s

14. +0itha Than;appan and 6elitha =ana0a;shi2@?1@3

Development of <ptimi1ed Traffic Stream Models !nder :eterogeneo!s Traffic Conditions Transportation -esearch #oard ,ational -esearch Co!ncil 4ashington D. C. @?1@. Sensing S%stem for 6ess/lane Disciplined Traffic IEEE International Instr!mentation and Meas!rement Technolog% Conference +!stria @?1@ pp. B@>/BC@.

15. Shei; Mohammed +li S #ob% (eorge and 6elitha =ana0a;shi 2@?1@3 + Magneticall% Co!pled Ind!ctive 6oop

16. Shei; Mohammed +li Sha0ahan #ob% (eorge 6elitha =ana0a;shi ,iran0an Eoshi 2@?1@3 +pplication of
-andom 7orest +lgorithm to Classif% =ehicles Detected b% a M!ltiple Ind!ctive 6oop S%stem IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation S%stems / ITSC @?1@ )S+ Sept. @?1@.

17. 6elitha =ana0a;shi2@?1@3 NData collection and modeling for +$TS and +TIS !nder Indian conditions /
Challenges and Sol!tionsN Indo/+merican 7rontiers of Engineering S%mposi!m Mar%land )S+ March @?1@.

18. Sivapri%a S.=. S!ndaravadivel!. -. (andhi. S.-. and M!r!gadoss. *2@?1@3. IStatic and d%namic slope
stabilit% anal%sis after dredging in *andla $ortJ B th International Conference on Coastal and $ort Engineering in Developing Co!ntries 2C<$EDC3 @?1@ $ages8 15@? 9 15@9 v. Hear8 @?1@

19. Sivanandan -. and Sardar :. =. 2@?1@3 IEval!ation of ,et&or; +ggregation on Traffic +ssignment J 2+bstract3
$roceedings 1?th International Conference on Transportation $lanning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Co!ntries 2T$MDC @?1@3 M!mbai Dec. 1@/1D @?1@.

20. =asantha *!mar S. and Sivanandan -2@?1@3. ICongestion G!antification Meas!res and their +pplicabilit% to
Indian Traffic Conditions J $roceedings International Conference on +dvances in +rchitect!re and Civil Engineering 2++-C= @?1@3 #angalore E!ne @1/@C @?1@ pp. 5@A/5CC.

21. (o&ri +. and Sivanandan -2@?1@3. ITraffic Data Collection and $rocessing for Calibration of Sim!lation
Model J $roceedings International Conference on +dvances in +rchitect!re and Civil Engineering 2++-C= @?1@3 #angalore E!ne @1/@C @?1@ pp. 5@1/5@5.

22. +saithambi (. *anagara0 =. Srinivasan *. *. Sivanandan -. 2@?1@3 IMixed Traffic

Characteristics on )rban +rterials &ith Significant Motori1ed T&o/4heeler =ol!mes8 -ole of Composition Intra/Class =ariabilit% and 6ac; of 6ane Discipline J Compendi!m of $apers D=D and $resentation 91 st Transportation -esearch #oard 2T-#3 +nn!al Meeting 4ashington D.C. )S+ Ean!ar% @@/@A @?1@. in #!ildings for Sec!ring ,on/Str!ct!ral Elements J $aper AC Dth International Conference on Str!ct!ral Stabilit% and D%namics Eaip!r India D/A Ean!ar% @?1@ CD-<M

23. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. (os&ami -. and M!rt% C.=.-. 2@?1@3 IDetermining 6evels of Seismic Sha;ing Effects

24. M!rt% C.=.-. -ai D.C. *!mar :. Mitra *. #ose +. *a!shi; :.#. -amancharla $.*. Eais&al +.*. 2@?1@3 I+
Methodolog% for Doc!menting :o!sing T%pologies in the Moderate/Severe Seismic FonesJ $roceedings of the 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 @D/@B September @?1@ 6isbon $ort!gal $aper ID ??B1

25. Menon +. (os&ami -. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. M!rt% C.=.-. Eais&al +.*. and Sheth +.-. 2@?1@3 I#!ddhist
Monasteries in (rave Danger in :imala%an -egion J $roceedings of the 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 @D/@B September @?1@ 6isbon $ort!gal $aper ID ?A@C

26. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. (os&ami -. and M!rt% C.=.-. 2@?1@3 I$erformance of -C #!ildings along :ill Slopes
of :imala%as d!ring @?11 Si;;im Earth5!a;e J $roceedings of the 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 @D/@B September @?1@ 6isbon $ort!gal $aper ID ?A@1

27. M!rt% C.=.-.

Menon +. (os&ami -. =i0a%anara%anan +.-. (andhi S.-. Sat%anara%ana *.,. -agh!;anth S.T.(. Eais&al +. and Sheth +. 2@?1@3 I<bservations for Damages S!stained in India d!ring @?11 2India/,epal3 Si;;im Earth5!a;e J $roceedings of the 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 @D/@B September @?1@ 6isbon $ort!gal $aper ID ?A@5

28. Dasg!pta *. and M!rt% C.=.-. 2@?1@3 IConcept!al Improvement in Seismic Design of Slender -einforced
Concrete Str!ct!ral 4alls on Isolated 7ootings 9 + S!mmar% J $roceedings of the 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 @D/@B September @?1@ 6isbon $ort!gal @9. So!ndara #. and -obinson -. (. 2@?1@3. S&elling $ress!re and )plift of $iles in Expansive SoilsN. $roceedings of the 7irst +sian 4or;shop on $h%sical Modelling in (eotechnics +siaf!ge @?1@ M!mbai ,ov 1D/1A @?1@ =is&anadham #. =. S. and (a!din C. 2Editors3 pp. @19/@@>.

30. -a0agopal

*. and San%al T2@?1@3. IS!stainable Infrastr!ct!re Development Incl!ding 6imited 6ife (eos%nthetics Theme 6ect!re $roc. of 5th +sian -egional Conference on (eos%nthetics (eos%nthetics +sia #ang;o; December 1C/15 1DC/1DA @?1@. Stone Col!mns &ith =ac!!m +pplicationJ $roc. of 5th +sian -egional Conference on (eos%nthetics (eos%nthetics +sia #ang;o; December 1C/15 @?1/@?A @?1@.

31. *!mar S.(. -obinson -.(. and -a0agopal *2@?1@3. IStabilisation of Soft Cla%s )sing (eos%nthetic Encased

32. -a0agopal *. =eeraragavan. +. and Chandramo!li S2@?1@3. ISt!dies on (eocell -einforced -oad $avement
Str!ct!res $roc. of 5th +sian -egional Conference on (eos%nthetics (eos%nthetics +sia #ang;o; December 1C/15 D9>/5?@ @?1@.

33. -a0agopal

*. =i0a%a -. -a!tela -. and *arthee;2@?1@3 Investigations <n (eos%nthetic #ased Environmentall% S!stainable Coastline Stabili1ation Techni5!es $roc. of @ nd $an +merican Conference on (eos%nthetics (eo+mericas 6ima $er! @/D Ma% @?1@. -epresentation J The 7o!rth International Congress on Comp!tational Mechanics and Sim!lation 2ICCMS @?1@3 Indian Instit!te of Technolog% :%derabad. :%derabad International Convention Center ,<=<TE6 :%derabad December 9/1@ @?1@.

34. -ao #.,. and #al! +.S. 2@?1@3 I$ossibilit% Distrib!tion of Str!ct!ral -eliabilit% )sing :igh Dimensional Model

35. #al! +.S. and -ao #.,2@?1@3 . IEstimation of 7ail!re $robabilit% #o!nds )sing M:DM- J The 7o!rth
International Congress on Comp!tational Mechanics and Sim!lation 2ICCMS @?1@3 Indian Instit!te of Technolog% :%derabad. :%derabad International Convention Center ,<=<TE6 :%derabad December 9/1@ @?1@.

36. -ao *.S. and -ao #.,2@?1@3. I+n Efficient Matrix Method for ,on/6inear +nal%sis of E!ler/#erno!lli #eam
7rames J The 7o!rth International Congress on Comp!tational Mechanics and Sim!lation 2ICCMS @?1@3 Indian Instit!te of Technolog% :%derabad. :%derabad International Convention Center ,<=<TE6 :%derabad December 9/1@ @?1@.

37. Siva;!mar M.=.,. and -ao #.,. 2@?1@3 I-eference Strain #ased 7ract!re +nal%sis of Thro!gh &all Crac;ed
$ipes S!b0ected to #i/axial 6oading J The 7o!rth International Congress on Comp!tational Mechanics and Sim!lation 2ICCMS @?1@3 Indian Instit!te of Technolog% :%derabad. :%derabad International Convention Center ,<=<TE6 :%derabad December 9/1@ @?1@.

38. #al! +.S. and -ao #.,2@?1@3. IInverse reliabilit% anal%sis for confidence bo!nds on design variables !sing
:DM- J Ath E!ropean congress on comp!tational methods in applied sciences and engineering 2ECC<M+S3 =ienna +!stria September 1?1D @?1@.

39. -ao #.,. and #al! +.S. 2@?1@3 I#o!nds on design variables !sing :DM- based inverse reliabilit% anal%sis J
,et&or; for Integrating Str!ct!ral +nal%sis -is; and -eliabilit% 2+S-+,et Conference3 6ondon E!l% @D @?1@.

40. #al! +.S. and -ao #.,2@?1@3. I7ail!re $robabilit% #o!nds !sing M!ltic!t/:igh Dimensional Model
-epresentation J International S%mposi!m on Engineering !nder )ncertaint%8 Safet% +ssessment and Management 2ISE)S+M @?1@3 #engal Engineering and Science )niversit% Shibp!r :o&rah >11 1?C India Ean!ar% DA @?1@. D1. $andi $. Saravanan ). and -!pen (os&ami 2@?1@3 +n algorithm to determine the c!rrent state of a staticall% determinate bridge from strain meas!rements. >th International &or;shop on advanced smart materials and smart str!ct!res technolog% +,C-iSST @?1@. IISc. #angalore D@. Saravanan ). 2@?1@3 Mechanical experiments to identif% bodies that can be approximated b% homogeneo!s models. International Congress on Comp!tational Mechanics and Sim!lation 2ICCMS3. IIT :%derabad.

43. Shiva ,agendra S.M. M!;esh *hare $rince = Chithra =.S. S!nil (!lia. @?1@. Application of ADMS and
AERMOD models to study the dispersion of vehicular pollutants in urban areas of ndia and !nited "in#dom p!blished in 4IT +ir $oll!tion @?1@ conference Ma% @?1@ Cor!na Spain.

44. M!;esh *hare S.M. Shiva ,agendra and S!nil (!lia 2@?1@3. $erformance eval!ation of air 5!alit% dispersion
models at !rban intersection of an Indian cit%/ + case st!d% of Delhi cit% , 4IT International conference on +ir $oll!tion Ma% @?1@ Cor!na Spain.

45. Shiva ,agendra S.M. and Srim!r!ganandam #. @?1@. So!rce characteri1ation of $M 1? and $M@.5 mass
concentrations in an !rban environment. In proceedings of the +sia <ceania (eosciences Societ% 2+<(S3 / +() 24$(M3 conference -esorts 4orld Sentosa Singapore +!g!st 1C/1> @?1@.

46. Charan - and (os&ami -2@?1@3 IConnection -otation Demand in Special Moment 7rame #!ildings !nder
Seismic +ctionsJ $roceedings of the 15th 4orld Conference on Earth5!a;e Engineering 2154CEE3 @D/@B September @?1@ 6isbon $ort!gal $aper ID ?A@9.

47. 7irodi%a $ $illai - ( Seng!pta + * and Menon D2@?1@3. ICorrosion -ates of $lain Mild Steel and Cold/
T&isted Deformed Steel -einforcementJ $aper ,o.CCD $roceedings )*/India Ed!cation and -esearch Initiative 2)*IE-I3 Concrete Congress ,ational Instit!te of Technolog% Ealandhar $!n0ab March 5 to B @?1C.

48 $alaniappan S. #ashford :. 6i *. Crittenden E. 7afitis +. Stec;er 6. and :a% S. 2@?1@3 NCarbon

emissions of on/site e5!ipment !se in post/tensioned slab fo!ndation constr!ctionN $roceedings of +SCE Constr!ction -esearch Congress Ma% @1/@C 1AA@/1A>1

49 $in;% 6. -edd% S.M. and $alaniappan S. 2@?1@3 I+pplication of life c%cle assessment for a residential b!ilding
constr!ctionJ $roceedings of the International S%mposi!m on 6ife C%cle +ssessment and Constr!ction E!l% 1?/ 1@ @1C/@@@ Di#tin"ui#) d Vi#itor# to t) D %art! nt: *.No. 1. @. Na! o+ t) -i#itor and D #i"nation $rof $atric; 7it1patric; Dr Christopher Shepard Dr. =i;ram $a;rashi Ms Carmel Eordan Delegation from )niversit% College Cor; Ireland 2)CC3 comprises Mr. D. Eebasel&in (ladson Dep!t% (eneral Manager Chennai Metro -ail 6imited Dat o+ -i#it 1? Ma% @?1@. 1@.?D.@?1@.

Pur%o# o+ -i#it Delivered lect!re on KEngineering in )CC 9 -esearch <pport!nit%" Delivered lect!re on K+ #rief <vervie& of $lanning and Constr!ction of )ndergro!nd Sections of Chennai Metro -ail $ro0ect" Delivered lect!re on NSoft S;ills for EngineersJ Delivered a tal; on his -esearch and Ind!str% #ased 4or; on S!stainable #!ilding Energ% Management Disc!ssions &ith :oD for possible Mo) for (lass Testing 7acilit% -evie& of ITS 6aboratror% &ith CE 7ac!lt% India <ffice visited the Dept. and held disc!ssions &ith 7ac!lt% and :<D =isited the Dept for a meeting &ith the coordinators Delivered lect!re on KModified +sphalt"

C. D.

5. A. >. B. 9.



Mr. *.,. =aradara0an -etired Director of 6ightho!ses and 6ightships Dr. -avi Srinivasan +sst $rof. -in;er School of Constr!ction )niversit% of 7lorida delivered a tal; on his -esearch and Ind!str% #ased 4or; on S!stainable #!ilding Energ% Management on 1A.?5.@?1@ Mr. -. S!bramanian Chairperson and (. ,. (o;!l Deepa; Director (la1ing Societ% of Inidia Chennai Dr. S!dhir *rishna I+S Secretar% to (oI Mo)D Mr. *. -a0araman I+S Managing Director CM-6 Motohide Ta;eda +;ira *o1! Hoshihi;o Tamemoto from Mits!bishi Corporation Eapan and Hoshino Director The )niversit% of To;%o Sri #hattachar0ee Member ,DM+ 2Stat!s of )nion Minister of State (overnment of India3 $rof. :!ssain #ahia Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering )niv. of 4isconsin/ Madison )S+ visited the Department and delivered lect!re on KModified +sphalt" on @Dth E!l% @?1@. $rof. $a!lo #. 6o!renco $rofessor Department of Civil Engineering )niversit% of Minho (!imarWes $ort!gal and :ead of the Instit!te in S!stainabilit% and Innovation in Str!ct!ral Engineering Dr. 6iberato 7errara +ssoc. $rofessor $olitecnico di Milano Ital% $rof. *aren Scrivener ET76 S&it1erland Dr. Marc Desmet $rof. and Director of IContinental geoh%dros%stemJ Dept. )niversit% of To!rs 7rance . $rof. Sebastien Salvador

1A.?D.@?1@ 1A.?5.@?1@

1>.?5.@?1@ @C.?5.@?1@. @D.?A.@?1@ Ath E!l% @?1@. @Dth E!l% @?1@

@C/@5 +!g!st @?1@

Delivered *e%note address at +SI/ IITM ,ational S%mposi!m on Safet% and Conservation of :eritage Str!ct!res Collaborative research !nder Indo/ Ital% programme Co/f!nded b% DST pro0ect on Self/healing in Concrete Explorator% visit for collaborative research pro0ect on ne& t%pes of Cements =isited the department and interacted &ith the fac!lt% of Environmental and 4ater -eso!rces Engineering to develop academic collaboration &ith IIT Madras. =isited the department for interaction and possible

>/1C <ct. @?1@ 1A <ct. @?1@ ?9.1@.@?1@

1@. 1C.


$rof.6ance $ere1 +ssociate =ice Chancellor for +cademic +ffairs Dr David Eones +ssociate



Na! o+ t) -i#itor and D #i"nation College of Engineering . Dr Eeffre% E Shield Chair and $rofessor Mechanical . Materials Engineering )niversit% of ,ebras;a 6incoln )S+ Ot) r Acti-iti # o+ t) D %art! nt:

Dat o+ -i#it

Pur%o# o+ -i#it collaboration


Int r di#ci%&inar0 "rou% ac)i - ! nt# o+ t) D %art! nt#. *&. No. Coordinator=#> 8or9#)o%: 1 Dr # S M!rt% Dr 6ig% $hilip Dr T $radeep 2Ch%3 *%on#or d R # arc) Pro. ct# : *. No. 1 Tit& #!ilding an international research net&or; on s!stainabilit% to enhance strategic ;no&ledge for climate change Eval!ation of Strategies for the Environmental -estoration of $alli;aranai Marsh 6and P riod C Hears Fundin" A" nc0 Department of Science and Technolog% Tamil ,ad! 7orest Department A!ount 2-s. in la;hs3 5CC.>D Co<ordinator# Dr S!dhir Chella -a0an 2:SS3 Dr # S M!rt% 2CE3 Dr 6ig% $hilip 2CE Dr Ind!mathi M ,ambi 2CE3 Dr - -avi;rishna 2ChE3 Dr T S&aminathan 2ChE3 Tit& Indo/)S 4or;shop on 4ater G!alit% and S!stainabilit% P riod >/1 Ean @?1@

15 months


Int rnationa& co&&a(oration ac)i - ! nt# (0 t) D %art! nt a> *tud nt -i#it: Mr + - =i0a%anara%anan 2CE1@D?A53 Mr Eacob +lex *ollerath! 2CE11D?1B3 Ms ,ibedita Sahoo 2CE1@S?@C3 and Mr =i%as , + 2CE11M?D93 visited Eapan from ?C.?@.@?1C to 1C.?@.@?1C !nder the *i1!ana 2#ond3 $ro0ect. The aim of the pro0ect &as to get first hand information on the scale of damage and stat!s of recover% from the earth5!a;e c!m ts!nami of 11th March @?11. It &as also intended to develop a bond &ith the people of the disaster affected area and the international comm!nit%. (> Facu&t0 -i#it: Dr S - Satish *!mar visited Eapan from ?C.?@.@?1C to 1C.?@.@?1C for *i1!ana 2#ond3 $ro0ect. The aim of the pro0ect &as to get first hand information on the scale of damage and stat!s of recover% from the earth5!a;e c!m ts!nami of 11th March @?11. It &as also intended to develop a bond &ith the people of the disaster affected area and the international comm!nit%. Ma.or in+ra#tructur d - &o%! nt !ad in t) D %art! nt 7IST pro0ect &ith a val!e of -s. D.A crores and d!ration of 5 %ears has been sanctioned to the Department of Civil Engineering. In this pro0ect !ni5!e facilit% &ill be set!p in the department to determine the behavior of practicall% all materials !sed in the constr!ction of infrastr!ct!re ho!sing and other essential services. The e5!ipment that comprises this $acility is all servo/controlled s%stems having digital closed/loop controllers and data ac5!isition &ith different and specific capabilities. The principal components are 1. @. a 5? ;, capacit% electromechanical d!al col!mn table top testing s%stem &ith digital closed/loop control and data ac5!isition &ith a high temperat!re chamber and maxim!m displacement of 1 metreM a 1 M, axial servoh%dra!lic d%namic fo!r col!mn testing s%stem &ith ad0!stable h%dra!lic crosshead &ith act!ator fatig!e/rated load cell and digital closed/loop controller for compression and flex!ral tests for the characteri1ation of material and str!ct!ral component responses 2concrete reinforced concrete composites bric;s stone and masonr%3 incl!ding fract!re and fatig!e 2!p to 1? :13 behaviorM a tensile testing s%stem &ith a da%light space of at least C metres d%namic act!ator mo!nted on platten f!ll/ capacit% h%dra!lic grips and s!itable extensometers for tests on cables and co!pons of metal and compositesM a h%dra!lic po&er pac; 2&ater cooled3 to s!ppl% oil at the rate of !p to 11B l'min at @?? bar press!re &ith noise level less than >? d#M and a triaxial cell &ith digital closed/loop control &ith confining press!re capacit% of 1D? M$a and additional act!ator for axial loading for tests on roc; and concrete.

C. D. 5.

This ne& set!p &ill promote for the first time in a single Indian facilit% the characteri1ation of material response ranging from elastic to post/crac;ing regimes from d%namic to static to nonlinear creep loading rates over a range of temperat!res !nder both monotonic and c%clic loading and !nder atmospheric and h%drostatic confining press!re. The materials that co!ld be st!died range from highl%/deformable pol%mer fibres geotextiles and bit!mensM to 5!asi/ brittle concretes roc;s and ceramicsM to high/strength steels and fibre reinforced composites.

4.7.1 Introduction:


Started as Computer Center in 1973, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established as a fullfledged department in 1983 !t currentl" offers # $ech, Dual Degree, % $ech, % S and &h D &rogrammes $he Department has the highest numbers of % S'&h D scholars among all CS Departments of similar institutions in the countr" 4.7.2 Acad !ic Pro"ra!! #:

# $ech, Dual Degree, % $ech, % S, &h D N $ Cour# # introduc d: S%. No. 1 + Cour# No. CS(8)1 CS(8(8 Tit% Distributed *lgorithms Concurrent &rogramming

N $ %a&'#( #ta&%i#) d: S%. No. Tit% 1 *lgorithms and Comple,it" $heor" -*C$. /ab + &rogramming /anguages *rchitecture Compilers Education -&*CE. /ab 3 0ahoo 1rid /ab Stud nt# on ro%%: Pro"ra!! # $ech Dual Degree % $ech %S &h D Tota% I * ar 33 +9 )7 33 17 17/ II + ar 33 +8 (1 +3 9 124 III + ar 33 +9 3 1) 12 3/ I, + ar +( +1 2 11 13 71 , + ar ot) r# 7 +3 2 3 ++ 22 Tota% 1.2 1./ 121 01 71 24/

Na! # o4 Stud nt5Sc)o%ar $)o att nd d Con4 r nc 5 5S !inar and S*!6o#ia A&road5India: S%. No. A&road 1 + 3 3 CS 1anesh -%S. 7ash"ap 1arimella -D D. # S Sha=ee %ohan -&hD. >agha?endra 7 -&hD. CS12S21) CS27#223 CS29D2++ CS12D223 45D% Conference 9*S&& :or;shop of !SC* Conference !nternational Conference on !mage *nal"sis and >ecognition 67!E>! &ro=ect - &ower Efficient and 8igh &erformance Data &refetching $echni@ues for %ulti-Core &rocessors !CCC5 +21+ 8ar?ard *sia Conference-8&*!>-+21+. *pril +21+, Esse,, 67 (th -1)th <une, +21+, &ortland, 6S* +)-+7 <une, +21+, *?eiro, &ortugal 18th <une-13th <ul", +21+, 6ni?ersit" of Edinburgh 32 <ul" A + *ug, +21+, 1erman" +3th-+8th *ugust +21+,$aipei, China !!$ % and 8C/ !!$ % !!$ % !!$ % Na! o4 t) Stud nt5Sc)o%ar Ro%% No. Na! o4 t) Con4 r nc 5 S !inar 5 S*!6o#ia 5 7or8#)o6 Dat and , nu Financia% A##i#tanc 4ro!

) (

Sarang #hardwa= -% S. 0ash 7amat -# $ech.

CS29S2++ CS12#2+9

!!$% !!$ %

7 8 9

&reethi Chandur -% S. C S 1anesh -&h D. Saad 0unus Sait -&h D. %ehta 8emang 7 -%S. *nu=a *grawal -DD. Chiran=o" Chattopadh"a" -&hD. <ohn <ose -&hD.

CS12S22( CS1+D228 CS12D21)

$echnical %eeting for !ndia67 >esearch &ro=ect -!6-*$C. $echnical %eeting for !ndia67 >esearch &ro=ect -!6-*$C. $echnical :or;shop

12 11 1+ 13

CS12S211 CS29#2+8 CS12D229 CS29D228

+nd S"mposium on Computer /anguages, !mplementation and $ools 1race 8opper Celebration of :omen in Computing Conference !EEE !nternational S"mposium on %ultimedia D*$E Conference

32th-31st *ugust +21+, 6ni?ersit" of Cambridge, 6 7 32th-31st *ugust +21+, 6ni?ersit" of Cambridge, 6 7 +8th *ugust-+nd September +21+, 6ni?ersit" of Cambridge, 6 7 1(th -+8th September +21+, 7os, 1reece 3rd-(th 4ctober +21+ #altimore, %ar"land, 6S December 12-1+, +21+, !r?ine, California, 6S* %arch 18-++, +213, 1erman"

!!$ % !!$ % !!$ %

!!$ % !!$% !!$ % !!$ %

India: 1 + 3 3 ) ( 7 #iswabandan &anda -&hD. #alagopal -&hD. > 1olda #runet -&h D. > Subashini -&h D. <oshi *nup Shirish -% S. Sa=in 7 -&h D. Chiran=o" Chattopadh"a" -&hD. > 1olda #runet -&hD. *shwin #ellur -&ro=ect 4fficer. *swin Shanmugam S -&ro=ect *ssociate. Sangeetha -&hD. Dinu E D *=eesh >amani=an 5itin 1upta -&ro=ect *ssociate. 5arendran 7rishnan -%S. Santosh 7umar 7 D S -%S. %arella *dit"a -&ro=ect *ssociate. CS12D219 CS11D223 CS29D21+ CS12D213 CS11S21+ CS11D22( CS12D229 C8E:B1+ :or;shop :or;shop in Comple,it" $heor" !nternational Conference on Signal &rocessing and Communications 3rd *nnual %"sore par; :or;shop 3rd *nnual %"sore par; :or;shop :or;shop on Comple,it" and /ogic 3rd !nternational Conference on Engineering *pplications of !nformation $echnolog" :or;shop on /inguistic Data Consortium for !ndian /anguages :or;shop on /inguistic Data Consortium for !ndian /anguages $raining program organiCed b" !!$% at C!!/ !nternational Conference on %anagement of Data !nternational Conference on %anagement of Data #!C-$* at 1walior !CD1!& A +21+ Conference !EEE *5$S +21+ Conference %obile de?ice securit" pro=ect meeting and wor;shop %obile de?ice securit" pro=ect meeting and wor;shop +)th %arch -1st *pril +21+, !!$ 7haragpur 17 A 19 *ug, +21+, !!$ 7anpur ++nd-+)th, <ul" +21+, !!Sc, #angalore 12th-1+th *ugust +21+, %"sore 12th-1+th *ugust +21+, %"sore 17th-19th *ugust +21+, !!$ 7anpur +9th 5o? - 3rd December +21+, !S! 7ol;ata 3th-12th December +21+, %"sore 3th-12th December +21+, %"sore 8 Dec, +21+ 1+th-18th December +21+, &une 1+th-18th December +21+, &une 13th A 1(th Dec, +21+ 13 A 18 Dec, +21+, %umbai Dec 1(-19, +21+, #angalore 3rd <anuar", +213 3rd <anuar", +213 !!$ % !!$% !!$ % !!$ % !!$ % !!$ % !!$ %


!!$ %

!!$ %

12 11 1+ 13 13 1) 1( 17

!!$% !!$ % !!$ % !!$ % !!$% !!$% !!$%

CS12D21( CS1+D219 CS29D227 CS28S21( CS1+S212

18 19

$anmo" Das Sangeetha <ose -&hD. >a=ee? >a=an -&hD. *shwin #ellur -&ro=ect 4fficer. *;sha" #handari -&ro=ect *ssociate.

CS12%2() CS12D217

+2 +1 ++


C4%S5E$S +21+ conference Short term $raining &rogram on Computer and 5etwor; Securit" 5ational Communication Conference 5ational Communication Conference :!SS*& A +213

<an 8-12, +213, #angalore 1st 9ebruar" +213, 1o?t Engineering College, !du;;i, 7erala 1) A 18 9eb, +213, !!$ Delhi 1) A 18 9eb, +213, !!$ Delhi ++ A +) 9eb, +213, !!$ %adras

!!$% !!$%

!!$% !!$% !!$%

Na! # o4 #tud nt#5#c)o%ar# $)o $on out#id 6ri9 # and a$ard#: S%.No 1 + Na! o4 t) Stud nt5Sc)o%ar Sat"a 5unna %ouni;a #iswabandan &anda-&hD. > 7rithi;a -&hD. Ro%% No. CS1+#2+2 CS12D219 CS1+D22) Na! o4 Pri9 Selected as an *dit"a #irla Scholar under the Science Stream Selected for the $CS >esearch Scholar &rogram Pri9 a$ard d &* *dit"a #irla %anagement Corporation &?t /td $*$* Consultanc" Ser?ices

Na! o4 Stud nt#5Sc)o%ar# $)o $on In#titut Con:ocation5In#titut Da* Pri9 : S%.No 1 + 3 Na! o4 t) Stud nt5Sc)o%ar *;sha" Dhanan=ai Degwe;ar Di=a" 7arthic; % Di=a" E Ro%% No. CS12#2)( CS29#2)2 CS12%2(7 Na! o4 Pri9 # !nstitute Da" &riCe !nstitute Da" &riCe #est % $ech pro=ect award and the Con?ocation priCe for highest 1&* Na! o4 Donor Sri D >amachandran Computer *ge %anagement Ser?ices &?t /td

4.7.. Facu%t*:

Facu%t* and t) ir acti:iti #:

Na! and ;ua%i4ication# Pro4 ##or: Chandra Se;har C, &hD -!!$ %adras. Deepa; 7hemani, &hD -!!$ #omba". 1onsal?es $ * , &hD -Stanford. 8ema * %urth" , &hD -!!$ %adras. <ana;iram D, &hD -!!$ Delhi. 7al"ana 7rishnan >, &hD -0ale. 7ama;oti D , &hD -!!$ %adras. 7amala 7rithi?asan, &hD -6ni?ersit" of %adras.

Ma<or ar a o4 #6 cia%i9ation

Speech >ecognition, *rtificial 5eural 5etwor;s, 7ernel %ethods *rtificial !ntelligence, 7nowledge based s"stems, 5atural /anguage &rocessing and 5eural 5etwor;s Computer 5etwor;s, Distributed S"stems, 5%S, 4perating S"stems, &erformance E?aluation, $elecom Software Speech processing, Computer 1raphics and &attern >ecognition 4b=ect 4riented S"stems, Software Engineering, &arallel and Distributed S"stems, Database S"stems, %obile Computing, Computing Education, Computing for De?eloping >egions, %obile $elemedicine Computer *rchitecture, Computer S"stem Design, %icroprocessors, Digital Electronic S"stems, Computer 1raphics, Statistical Signal &rocessing Software for D/S! Design, Computational 1eometr", 8igh &erformance Computing

$heoretical Computer Science, 9ormal /anguages and *utomata, *lgorithms, Computational 1eometr", 6ncon?entional %odels of Computing

7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam , &hD -S650 #uffalo. &andu >angan C , &hD -!!Sc. >agha?an S D , &hD -!!$, %adras.

:ireless 5etwor;s, 4ptical 5etwor;s

*lgorithms, &arallel and D/S! *lgorithms, 1raph $heor", Computational 1eometr", >andomiCed *lgorithms, Computational /earning theor", Cr"pto-anal"sis >eal-time S"stems, 4ptical and :ireless 5etwor;s E-#an;ing E-/earning, !ntelligent Search Engines, %ulticasting, %ultimedia &resentation S"stems, %obile *gents, %obile :ireless 5etwor;s, 5e,t 1eneration :eb #rowsers, Secure :*5 Design in 8eterogeneous S"stems &arallel and Distributed Computing, >eal-$ime S"stems, /ightwa?e 5etwor;s and :ireless 5etwor;s 1raph $heor", *lgorithms, &arallel Computations, Data %ining and Data #ases

Si?a >am %urth" C , &hD -!!Sc. Sreeni?asa 7umar &, &hD -!!Sc. E8ead of the DepartmentF Su;hendu Das, &hD -!!$ 7haragpur. A##ociat Pro4 ##or: *nurag %ittal, &hD -6ni?ersit" of %ar"land. %adhu %ut"am, &hD -!!$ %adras. 5ara"anaswam" 5 S , &hD -!!Sc. >a?indran # , &hD -6ni?ersit" of %assachusetts, *mherst. A##i#tant Pro4 ##or: <a"alal Sarma, % 5 , &hD -!nstitute of %athematical Sciences, Chennai. <ohn *ugustine, &hD -6ni?ersit" of California, !r?ine. D 7rishna 5andi?ada, &hD -6ni?ersit" of California, /os *ngeles. >agha?endra >ao # D &hD -%athematical Sciences Chennai. Shan;ar #alachandran, &hD -6$, Dallas. Sutanu Cha;raborti, &hD -$he >obert 1ordon 6ni?ersit", 67.

Disual &erception, !mage !ntelligence, 1raphics and DisualiCation

Computer Dision

Computer *rchitecture *lgorithms and Comple,it" $heor" %achine /earning, >einforcement /earning, Data'$e,t %ining

Computational comple,it" theor", Structural and Circuit comple,it", /ower bounds and DerandomiCation 4ptimiCation of algorithms, Computational geometr", Distributed algorithms and *lgorithmic game theor"

Compilers, &rogram *nal"sis, &rogramming /anguages, 9ault /ocaliCation and %ulticore s"stems Computational Comple,it" $heor", #oolean and *rithmatic Circuits,*lgebraic Comple,it", smoothed *nal"sis of *lgorithms

C*D for D/S!, >econfigurable Computing, Computer *rchitecture !nformation >etrie?al, %emor"-based reasoning and %achine learning

S)ort=t r! Cour# #5 7or8#)o6#5 S !inar#5 S*!6o#ia 5Con4 r nc # or"ani9 d &* t) 4acu%t* ! !& r#: S%. No. Coordinator'#( 7or8#)o6: 1 Dr 8ema * %urth" Tit% *S> :or;shop P riod 1( A +1 <une, +21+, !!$ %adras

Dr Su;hendu Das

* +-da" :or;shop on GDigital Dideo *nal"tics and &rocessing -DD*&-1+.H :or;shop on #ig Data *lgorithms 4rganiCed a wor;shop on *C% !ndia Special !nterest 1roup on 7nowledge Disco?er" and Data %ining %"sore &ar; -*C% !7DD. :or;shop on 6nderstanding #ig Data *nal"sis at %"sore #asic Computers for Disuall" Challenged Jualit" !mpro?ement &rogramme on G>ecent $rends in Computer *rchitectureK :inter School on Speech and *udio &rocessingL Statistical &arametric Speech S"nthesis

3 3

Dr <ohn *ugustine Dr >a?indran

+1st -++nd December +21+ at !CIS> *uditorium, !!$ %adras 12-1( <an +213, at $ata >esearch De?elopment and Design Center 1)th 9ebruar" +213

S)ort t r! Cour# : 1 Dr 8ema * %urth" + Dr %adhu %ut"am 3 Dr 8ema * %urth", Dr Chandra Se;har, Dr S 6mesh -EE., and Dr >amalingam -EE. Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam and Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada

1)th %a" A +2th <une, +21+ 17th -+1st December, +21+, !!$ %adras ++nd -+)th 9eb, +213

* Course on H*rchitecture >eadiness &rogram -*>&.K for Senior Emplo"ees of DeriCon 3-0ear %46 signed =ointl" b" Dept of CSE and Do%S Each batch of students from DeriCon will undergo a 3-month certificate course

++nd 9ebruar" - 17th %a", +213

S)ort=t r! Cour# #5 7or8#)o6#5 S !inar#5 S*!6o#ia5 Con4 r nc #5 Trainin" att nd d &* t) 4acu%t* ! !& r# in Acad !ic in#titution# and Pu&%ic S ctor Und rta8in"#: S%. No. 7or8#)o6: 1 + 3 3 ) ( 7 8 9 12 11 Dr <a"alal Sarma % 5 Dr 8ema * %urth" Dr <ana;i >am Dr D 7ama;oti Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Dr Su;hendu Das Dr Deepa; 7hemani Dr D 7ama;oti Dr & Sreeni?asa 7umar Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr *nurag %ittal Dr <ana;iram Dr C &andu >angan Spea;er at the :or;shop on Comple,it" and /ogic !nternational Conference on Signal &rocessing and Communications !ndo-6S :or;shop on #ig Data !n?ited $al; at *dapti?e Computing :or;shop !%&ECS :or;shop !n?ited Spea;er in the :or;shop on *d?anced $opics in $heoretical Computer Science :or;shop on :eb-enabled Sensor and Social 5etwor;ing +3th !nternational Conference on Computational /inguistics !nternational Conference on *d?anced Computing and Communication Societ" !nternational Conference on %anagement of Data -C4%*D. (th !EEE !nternational Conference on *d?anced 5etwor;s and $elecommunication S"stems $he Eighth !ndian Conference on Dision, 1raphics and !mage &rocessing !nternational Conference on #ig Data *nal"tics :or;shop on >eal-world Cr"ptograph" !!$ 7anpur !!Sc #angalore Cochin !!Sc #angalore #angalore *nna 6ni?ersit" !!$ Delhi !!$ #omba" #angalore &une #angalore 17th <ul" +21+ ++nd-+)th, <ul" +21+ 1(th *ugust +21+ 13th September +21+ 17th-+2th September +21+ 18th 5o?ember +21+ 9th December +21+ 9th -1(th December +21+ 13th -17th December +21+ 13 A 1( Dec, +21+ 1(th -19th December +21+ 1(th-19th December +21+ +)th-+(th December +21+ 9th-1+th <anuar" +213 Na! o4 4acu%t* Tit% In#titution P riod

1+ 13 13

#omba" Delhi Stanford 6ni?ersit", 6S*

1) 1( 17

Dr Su;hendu Das Dr 5 S 5ara"anaswam" Dr C Chandra Se;har

&articipated in DS$-:SE :or;shop !n?ited Spea;er in :*/C4% +213 :or;shop :inter School on Speech and *udio &rocessing -:iSS*& +213.

5ew Delhi 7ol;ata !!$ %adras

18th -19th <anuar" +213 13th 9ebruar" +213 ++nd-+)th 9ebruar" +213

Con4 r nc : 1 + 3 3 Dr D <ana;iram Dr C Chandra Se;har Dr 8ema * %urth" Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada &%! Cloud Computing $al; at !nternational Conference %%*SC S&C4% conference *ttended international conference on communication computing and securit" -!CCCS. *ttended !nternational Conference on Computer-*ided Design -!CC*D. *ttended 9reescale Engineering Conference and ga?e a 7e"note *ddress !nternational Conference on D/S! Design +213 !nternational Conference of :omen in Computing *ttended !nternational Conference on Distributed Computing and 5etwor;ing -$utorial co-chair. !nternational conference on *rchitecture of Computing S"stems -*>CS. S"mposium of $heoretical *spects for Computer Science -S$*CS. Chairing a session at 5ational Conference on Emerging $rends in !nformation and Communcation $echnologies $al; at 5ational Conference on *d?anced Computing and $echnolog" 5ational Conference on 5etwor;ing and Communication 8"derabad Coimbatore !!Sc, #angalore 5!$ - >our;ela 13th *pril +21+ 1+ <ul" +21+ ++ A +) <ul", +21+ )-11 4ct +21+

) ( 7 8 9 12 11 1+

Dr %adhu %ut"am Dr D 7ama;oti Dr Shan;ar #alachandran Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada Dr %adhu %ut"am Dr <a"alal Sarma % 5 Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan

San <ose, 6S* 5ew Delhi &une *nna 6ni?ersit" $ata !nstitute of 9undamental >esearch &rague, CCech >epublic 7iel, 1erman" Chennai

) A 9 5o?, +21+ )th December, +21+ 7th -9th <anuar" +213 9th-11th <anuar" +213 3rd-(th <anuar" +213 19th A ++nd 9ebruar" +213 +7 9eb A + %ar, +213 13 %ar, +213

13 13

Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam

D!$ 6ni?ersit" &uttaparthi, * &

1) %ar, +213 13 A 17 %ar, +213

S6 cia% > ctur # d %i: r d &* t) 4acu%t* in ot) r In#titution#: S%. No. Na! o4 4acu%t* 1 Dr # >a?indran + 3 3 ) ( 7 8 Dr # >a?indran Dr & Sreeni?asa 7umar Dr %adhu %ut"am Dr C &andu >angan Dr C Chandra Se;har Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada To6ic o4 > ctur &arametric Control of Sample Comple,it" and >egret for #andit &roblems /earning in a Small :orld Semantic :eb $echnolog" *pplication *ware E?iction &olicies for %ulticore Shared Caches !n?ited tal;s E,pert /ectures D5* Computing 7e"note at !nternational Conference on Communication, Computing and Securit" In#titution !!Sc , #angalore !!$ 7haragpur 6DCE, #angalore !!$ Delhi 5ational !nstitute of !nformatics, $o;"o, <apan %E&C4 Engg College, Dirudhu 5agar $apar 6ni?ersit", &atiala 5!$ >our;ela Dat 17th *pril +21+ 18th *pril +21+ +2th *pril +21+ +(th *pril +21+ +2 A +9 <une, +21+ 13th-1)th September +21+ 1st 4ct +21+ (-8 4ct, +21+

9 12 11

Dr *nurag %ittal Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr <ohn *ugustine Dr <ohn *ugustine Dr Shan;ar #alachandran Dr Shan;ar #alachandran Dr Su;hendu Das Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada

Contour-based methods for 4b=ect and !mage 6nderstanding $rends and %ethodologies in research !nternet of thingsL >ecent $rends and >esearch !ssues !n?ited Spea;er 5etwor;ing *rchitectures for Smart 1rid %ini Course I >esearch Seminar Churn >esistant *lgorithms for &eer-to-&eer 5etwor;s 8igh &erformance Computing *uto-paralleliCation for 1&6s G>esearch !ssues in Disual &erceptionK %embrane Computing $uring Centenar" /ecture

1+ 13 13 1) 1( 17 18 19 +2

0ahoo :inter School 94>%* College of Engineering # S *bdur >ahman 6ni?ersit" Chennai 7oChi;ode !1C*>, 7alpa;;am $ata >esearch De?elopment and Design, &une $ata >esearch De?elopment and Design, &une Tata Research Development and Design, &une 5?idia, &une CSE Department, S>% 6ni?ersit" D!$ 6ni?ersit" 5!$ Calicut

(th Dec, +21+ 1+th Dec +21+ 13th December +21+ 17 A 19 Dec, +21+ +1st December +21+ 9th <anuar" +213 12-1( <an, +213 <an, +213 <an, +213 +1st I ++nd <an +213 8th 9ebruar" +213

,i#it# a&road &* 4acu%t*: S%. No. 1 + Na! o4 4acu%t* Dr D <ana;iram Dr <ohn *ugustine Countr* ,i#it d 8awaii, 6S* 5an"ang $echnological 6ni?ersit", Singapore %innesota, 6S* %arco !sland, 9lorida, 6S* 8on; 7ong 6ni?ersit" of Science and $echnolog", 8ong 7ong Dept of Computer Science, 5ational Chiao $ung 6ni?ersit", $aiwan 6ni?ersit" of Edinburgh, 67 5ational !nstitute of !nformatics, $o;"o, <apan :a;eforest 6ni?ersit", 6S* Dat 1(th-+)th *pril +21+ )th %a"-+(th <une, +21+ 13th-18th %a", +21+ +3rd-+)th %a", +21+ +7 %a" A 8 <une, +21+ Pur6o# o4 :i#it 5etwor; 4perations and %anagement S"mposium Summer >esearch Disit Fundin" 4ro! !!$% !!$%

3 3 )

Dr # >a?indran Dr # >a?indran Dr <ohn *ugustine

!EEE !nternational Conference on >obotics and *utomation +)th !nternational Conference of the 9lorida *! >esearch Societ" %arco !sland, 9lorida, 6S* $echnical Collaborati?e Disit

!!$% !!$% !!$%

Dr 7rishnamoorth" Si?alingam Dr %adhu %ut"am Dr C &andu >angan Dr # >a?indran

+nd-12th <une, +21+ 18th <une A 13th <ul", +21+ +2th-+9th <une, +21+ +8th <une, +21+

5etwor;ing >esearch in Don/ab at !!$ %adras 67!E>! &ro=ect wor; $o Deli?er !n?ited $al;s Discussions on >esearch Collaborations


7 8 9

#ritish Council !!$% !!$%

12 11 1+ 13 13 1)

Dr 8ema * %urth" Dr Su;hendu Das Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr D <ana;iram Dr C &andurangan

!stanbul, $ur;e" /os *ngeles, 6S* Cambridge, /ondon Cambridge, 67 7orea 9u;uo;a, <apan

1+th-13th <ul", +21+ (th-9th *ugust +21+ +8th *ugust +21+ 3rd September +21+ +1st -+3th 4ctober +21+ 3rd -9th 5o?ember +21+ 3th -9th 5o?ember +21+ )th -8th 5o?ember +21+ 3rd -13th December +21+ 9th-11th <anuar" +213 19th-++nd 9eb, +213 +)th A +7th 9eb, +213 3rd A 9th %ar, +213

+nd !nternational Computer %usic :or;Shop S!11>*&8-+21+ !nternational Conference DS$ 9unded !6-*$C &ro=ect $echnical %eeting !5D4-67 &ro=ect >e?iew %eeting !n?ited $al; +21+ !nternational 9orumL Changes in !ndustrial /andscape Conference &resented &apers at !:SEC+21+ and %!S$ +21+ :or;shop I $echnical Discussions &resented a &aper at !EEE Smart 1rid Comm Conference &resented a &aper at !nternational Conference on Computer *ided Design $echnical Collaborati?e Disit

!!$% !!$% !!$% !!$% 7orean %inistr" !!$%


Dr 7rishnamoorth"

$ainan Cit", $aiwan California, 6S* 5an"ang $echnological 6ni?ersit", Singapore Stanford 6ni?ersit", 6S* &rague, CCech >epublic 1erman" Denmar;


17 18

Dr %adhu %ut"am Dr <ohn *ugustine

DS$ !!$%

19 +2

Dr C &andurangan Dr %adhu %ut"am

$echnical Discussions *ttended :or;shop

!!$% !!$%

+1 ++

Dr <a"alal Sarma %5 Dr <a"alal Sarma %5

&resented a &aper at !nternational Conference on *rchitecture of Computing S"stems $echnical Collaborati?e Disit to 6ni?ersit" of Saarland, Saarbru;en $echnical Collaborati?e Disit to *arhus 6ni?ersit"

!!$% !!$%

?onour# and A$ard# o&tain d &* 4acu%t*: S%.No. Na! o4 4acu%t* Na! o4 A$ard !5*E Chair &rofessorship *wardee for the "ears +21+-+213 -*pril +21+ - %arch +213. 9irst priCe in a contest held b" $*6 :or;shop in >eno, 5e?ada, 6S* 1E !ndia !nno?ation award and the first priCe in the research e,po, S8*S$>* +213, was gi?en to the team led b" 8ema %urth" for their wor; in con?ersion of te,t to speech &rof >ais *hmed %emorial /ecture *ward, *coustical Societ" of !ndia %anthan *ward -*sia &acific >egion. -- $op 73 finalists out of 3(2 pro=ects :on $he #est &aper *ward for their &aper $itled H*n !ntegrated %ulti-Stage 9ramewor; for *utomatic >oad E,traction from 8igh >esolution Satellite !mager"H &ublished in the <ournal of !ndian Societ" of >emote Sensing #est paper award during inaugural session of 5ational S"mposium on HSpace technolog" for food and en?ironment securit"H

?onour#: 1 Dr C Si?a >am %urth" + Dr Shan;ar #alachandran A$ard#: 1 Dr 8ema * %urth" + Dr 8ema * %urth" 3 Dr 8ema * %urth" 3 $ $ %irnalinee , Dr Su;hendu Das I Dr 7osh" Darghese ) Dr Su;hendu Das

@oo8#A Mono"ra6)# aut)or d5co=aut)or d: S%. No. Na! o4 4acu%t* Tit% !ntroduction to 9ormal /anguages, *utomata and Computation Discrete %athematics >elati?iCed 8ierarchical Decomposition of %ar;o? Decision &rocesses Pu&%i#) r &earson Education -8as been $ranslated into Chinese and &ublished b" the same &ublishers . $he 1lobal *daptation of the 7th Edition of 7enneth >osenBs #oo; &rogress in #rain >esearch, Else?ier, pp 3()-388, Dol +2+, -#oo; Chapter. +213 Aut)or5 Co=aut)or > >ama

@oo8#: 1 7amala 7rithi?asan + 3 7amala 7rithi?asan -*daptation *uthor. >a?indran, #

F %%o$#)i6# o4 Acad !i # and Pro4 ##iona% Soci ti #: S%. No. Na! o4 4acu%t* INSA: 1 Dr C Si?a >am %urth" Bourna% Editoria% @oard#: S%. No. 1 Na! o4 4acu%t* Dr 7amala 7rithi?asan Editor Po#ition 'Editor5M !& r( Bourna% Na! !nternational =ournal of Communication 5etwor;s and Distributed S"stems -!nderscience publishers. CS! <ournal of Computing, !ndia Springer &hotonic 5etwor; Communications <ournal *C% :ireless 5etwor;s <ournal -:!5E$. !EEE $ransactions on Cloud Computing + ar o4 ad!i##ion +21+

+ 3 3 ) 4.7.4

Dr Su;hendu Das Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr D <ana;iram R # arc) and Con#u%tanc*:

Editor Editor-in-Chief -with &rof #"ra? >amamurth". %ember of Editoral #oard -+223-+213. *ssociate Editor

S6on#or d R # arc) Pro< ct#: S%. No. 1 + 3 3 ) ( 7 8 Tit% CSE1+13131 DE!$D<*5 CSE1+1313+ 6&9M8E%* CSE1+13133! 5*ECS!D CSE1+13138 D>D4*56* CSE1+13133 DE!$D<*5 CSE1+1313( DS$ES7>S CSE1+13137 DS$M5S5* CSE111+1+9 D!$M8E%* P riod 23-27-+21+ 21-23-+21+ 21-23-+21+ 56// 29-2)-+21+ 21-11-+21+ +7-23-+213 +3-21-+21+ 23-27-+21) 31-23-+217 31-23-+213 56// 28-2)-+21) 32-23-+21) +(-23-+218 +3-21-+21) Fundin" A" nc* Department of Electronics I !nformation $echnolog" 6ni?ersit" of & 9abra, Spain !ndian 5ational *cadem" of Engineering Defence >esearch and De?elopment 4rganisation Department of Electronics I !nformation $echnolog" Department of Science I $echnolog" -!ndo-67. Department of Science I $echnolog" Department of !nformation $echnolog" A!ount 'R#. In %a8)#( +3+ 22 83 22 3 (2 ++ 8+ 79 +2 2 22 7 22 Co=ordinator# Dr D <ana;iram Dr 8ema * %urth" Dr C Si?a >am %urth" Dr *nurag %ittal Dr D <ana;iram Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr 5 S 5ara"anaswam" Dr 8ema * %urth" -&!., Dr C Chandra Se;har, and Dr S 6mesh -EE.

Indu#tria% Con#u%tanc* 6ro< ct#: S%.No. Na! o4 4acu%t* 1 Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam R@IC 6ro< ct#: S%. No. 1 + 3 3 ) ( 7 8 9 Na! o4 4acu%t* Dr # >a?indran Dr D 7ama;oti Dr D 7ama;oti Dr # >a?indran Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Dr & Sreeni?asa 7umar Dr D 7ama;oti Dr C &andurangan Dr D 7rishna 5andi?ada, Dr Deepa; 7hemani, and Dr Sutanu Cha;rabort" Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Tit% >obotics !ntern &rogram !nstruction Set Design for a 3+-bit >!SC Core De?elopment of *>% compatible tablet Consumer #eha?iour *nal"sis Simulation based platform for tactical communication s"stem E,tensible *utomoti?e ontolog" >e-Engineering Secure *nupama %icrocontroller De?elopment Studies in &>4M0->EE5C>0&$!45 %odel-#ased $esting of 16! *pplications Indu#tr* %icrosoft >esearch /ab !ndia Defence >esearch I De?elopment 4rganiCation Defence >esearch I De?elopment 4rganisation Ericsson !ndia &?t /td , $ata &ower Compan" /td 37 38 9ord %otor Compan" +8 22 Defence >esearch I De?elopment 4rganisation +3 +1 5E$*&& !ndia ( 18 *ltair Engineering !ndia &?t /td , A!ount 'R#. In %a8)#( 2 81 9 83 9 92 32 22 Tit% Consultanc" in Computer 5etwor; and S"stems Indu#tr* Common Code


5etwor; $echnologies for Smart 1rid


13 38 1( 3

R # arc) Pu&%ication# o4 t) 4acu%t* ! !& r# - r # arc) #c)o%ar#: $otal 5o of papers published in >efereed !nternational <ournals $otal 5o of papers presented in 5ational Conferences L 2+ $otal 5o of papers presented in !nternational conferences L )7 In R 4 r S%.No 1 + 3 d Int rnationa% Bourna%#: Na! o4 t) 4acu%t* * *nton" 9ran;lin, * #alachandran, and C Si?a >am %urth" D %ahendran and C Si?a >am %urth" <ohn *ugustine, Sandip Das, *nil %aheshwari, Subhas C 5and", Sasan;a >o", Swami Sar?ottamananda /a;shmanan 7uppusam", *nand %ahendran and 7amala 7rithi?asan % Sa;thi #alan and 7amala 7rithi?asan Susan Elias, Dana=a 1o;ul, 7amala 7rithi?asan, %arian 1heorghe and 1e,iang Nhang D 7 5andi?ada, > #ari; Tit% o4 t) 6a6 r 4nline >econfiguration of Channel *ssignment in %ulti-Channel %ulti->adio :ireless %esh 5etwor;s #uffer Dimensioning of D$5 >eplication#ased >outing 5odes /ocaliCed geometric @uer" problems Na! o4 t) Bourna% Computer Communications !EEE Communications /etters Computational 1eometr" A $heor" and *pplications 9undamenta !nformaticae !nternational <ournal of Computer %athematics <ournal of 6ni?ersal Computer Science *C% $ransactions on *rchitecture and Code 4ptimiCation L +8

3 ) ( 7

4n the trade-off between ambiguit" and comple,it" in conte,tual languages #inding-bloc;ing automata * ?ariant of distributed & s"stems for real time cross la"er optimiCation !mpro?ed #itwidth-*ware Dariable &ac;ing

8 9 12 11 1+ 13 13

D 7 5andi?ada, < Shira;o, < Nhao, D Sar;ar 0ou-%ing Jiao, <a"alal Sarma % 5 , #ang-Sheng $ang # Den;ataramana 7ini and C Chandra Se;har # Den;ataramana 7ini and C Chandra Se;har * D Dileep and C Chandra Se;har Chiran=o" Chattopadh"a" and *mit 7umar %aur"a >ama 7umar &asumarthi, D > De?anathan, D Dis?anathan, Seetal &otluri, and D 7ama;oti S * D Sat"a %urt", #alde? >a=, 7rishna % Si?alingam, S Sridhar, <emimah EbeneCer and 7al"an >ao 7uchipudi %ichala;, $ & , *adith"a, 7 D , SCpCepaOs;i, & / , >a?indran, # , and <ennings, 5 > Seetal &otluri, 5itin Chandrachoodan, D 7ama;oti S Srini?asan, D 7ama;oti, * #hattachar"a %adhu %ut"am *run 7umar, 7rishna Si?alingam, *dith"a 7umar 1ireesan 5amboothiri and 7rishna % Si?alingam *nusha Si?a;umar, C S 1anesh and 7rishna % Si?alingam # *shwin;umar, *rpita &atra, *shish Choudhar", 7annan Srinathan, C &andurangan % 5iCar and & Sreeni?asa 7umar Dipin #alachandran, Deepa; &, Deepa; 7hemani > 7rithi;a and 5 S 5ara"anaswam" Dharanipragada <ana;iram, 1eeta !"er, Sriram 7ailasam

* $ransformation 9ramewor; for 4ptimiCing $as;-&arallel &rograms 4n !somorphism $esting of 1roups with 5ormal 8all Subgroups #a"esian mi,ture of *> models for time series clustering /arge margin mi,ture of *> models for time series classification Spea;er recognition using p"ramid match ;ernel based support ?ector machines 1enre-specific modeling of ?isual features for efficient content based ?ideo shot classification and retrie?al $hermal-Safe D"namic $est Scheduling %ethod 6sing 4n- Chip $emperature Sensors for 3D %&SoCs :ireless Sensor 5etwor; in 9ast #reeder $est >eactor Efficient Computation of the Shaple" Dalue for 1ame-$heoretic 5etwor; Centralit" !nterconnect *ware $est &ower >eduction * 5o?el *lgorithm for 9ast S"nthesis of D5* &robes on %icroarra"s 9ibonacci codes for crosstal; a?oidance 4n >educing Dela" in %obile Data Collection based :ireless Sensor 5etwor;s $hroughput anal"sis of multiple channel based wireless sensor networ;s &erformance *nal"sis of 456:a?elength 1rouping Schemes for Efficient Scheduling in /ong >each&45s 4n the trade-off between networ; connecti?it", round comple,it", abd communication comple,it" of reliable message transmission 4rder-*ware $wigsL *dding 4rder Semantics to $wigs !nterpretable and reconfigurable clustering of document datasets b" deri?ing word-based rules &arameteriCed *lgorithms for -r,l.partiCation 1enerate-map-reduceL *n e,tension to map-reduce to support shared data and recursi?e computations *n 4scillator" neural networ; model for birdsong learning and generationL !mplications for the role of Dopamine in Song /earning

*C% $ransactions on &rogramming /anguages and S"stems <ournal of Computer Science and $echnolog" &attern *nal"sis and *pplications *pplied Soft Computing !nternational <ournal of Speech $echnolog" !nternational <ournal on %ultimedia !nformation >etrie?al <ournal of /ow &ower Electronics <ournal of 5uclear Engineering I $echnolog" <ournal of *rtificial !ntelligence >esearch <ournal of /ow &ower Electronics *C% <ournal on Emerging $echnologics in Computing S"stems !EEE $ransactions on Der" /arge Scale !ntegration S"stems Springer :ireless 5etwor;s <ournal Springer :ireless 5etwor;s <ournal Else?ier 4ptical Switching and 5etwor;ing <ournal <ournal of the *C%


1( 17 18 19 +2 +1 ++


+3 +) +( +7

!nformation and Data %anagement 7nowledge and !nformation S"stems <ournal of 1raph *lgorithms and *pplications Concurrenc" and ComputationL &ractice and E,perience, <ohn :ile" I Sons !nternational <ournal of %ind, #rain and Cognition


%a"a, % , Cha;ra?arth", D S , and >a?indran, #

In Proc S%.No 1 +

din"# o4 Nationa% Con4 r nc #: Na! o4 t) 4acu%t* >a=ee? >a=an and 8ema * %urth" *shwin #ellur and 8ema * %urth" Tit% o4 t) 6a6 r %elodic pitch e,traction from music signals using modified group dela" functions * cepstrum based approach for identif"ing tonic pitch in !ndian classical music In#titution 5ational Conference on Communications 5ational Conference on Communications P riod 1)-17 9eb, +213 1)-17 9eb, +213

In Proc S%.No 1

din"# o4 Int rnationa% Con4 r nc #: Na! o4 t) 4acu%t* &reetha %athew 7, Sachin Dasant, Sridhar Den;atesan, C &andu >angan C S 1anesh and 7rishna % Si?alingam *run 7umar, 8imanshu Chauhan and D <ana;iram 5uneC-Darela, < , >a?indran, # , and :"att, < / 7unal % %ula" and & Sreeni?asa 7umar &rad"ot, 7 D 5 , %animaran, S S , and >a?indran, # 5 S 5ara"anaswam" and 1 >ama;rishna #aner=ee, 5 , Cha;rabort", D , <oshi, * , %ittal, S , >ai, * , and >a?indran, # Chagant", * , 1aur, & , and >a?indran, # <ana;iram Dharanipragada and 8arisan;ar 8aridas 8arisan;ar 8aridas, Sriram 7ailasam, &ratee; Dhawalia, &ratee; Shri?asta?a, Santosh 7umar, <ana;iram Dharanipragada Cha"a 1anesh, C &andu >anga Dineet >a=ani, 8emang %ehta, S < #ala=i, Dharanipragada <ana;iram # S Sha=ee %ohan and C Chandra Se;har Tit% o4 t) 6a6 r * Code-#ased 1-out-of-5 4bli?ious $ransfer #ased on %cEliece *ssumptions >eporting in 456s with >educed #uffers >E1S4& L * >egistr" for Ser?ice 4riented &rogramming with #eha?ior based Disco?er" across S4*& and >ES$ Ser?ices :here Do ! /oo; 5owP 1aCe *llocation During Disuall" 1uided %anipulation S&4DCL * scalable >D9 store using horiContal partitioning and column oriented D#%S !nstructing a >einforcement /earner CharacteriCation of %inimum C"cle #asis in :eighted &artial +-trees $owards *nal"Cing %icro-blogs for Detection and Classification of >eal-$ime !ntentions /earning in a Small :orld StabiliCing peer-to-peer s"stems using public cloudL * case stud" of peer-to-peer search D-cloudL * &eer-to-peer Dideo Storage-Compute Cloud In#titution !nternational Conference on !nformation Securit" &ractice and E,perience !nternational Conference on 4ptical 5etwor; Design and %odeling !EEE'!9!& 5etwor; 4perations and %anagement S"mposium -54%S. !EEE !nternational Conference on >obotics and *utomation Semantic :eb !nformation %anagement. wor;shop, Satellite e?ent of *C% S!1%4D 9lorida *! >esearch Societ" Conference Cologne-$wente :or;shop -C$:. !nternational ***! Conference on :eblogs and Social %edia !nternational Conference on *utonomous *gents and %ultiagent S"stems !nternational S"mposium on &arallel and Distributed Computing !nternational *C% S"mposium on 8igh-&erformance &arallel and Distributed Computing P riod 9 A 1+ *pr, +21+ 17-+2 *pr, +21+ ) - 9 %a", +21+

+ 3

3 )

13 A 18 %a", +21+ +2 %a", +21+

( 7 8

+3 A +) %a", +21+ +9 A 31 %a", +21+ 3 <une, +21+

9 12 11

3 A 8 <une, +21+ )-+9 <une, +21+ 18 A ++ <une, +21+

1+ 13

4ptimal &arameters for Efficient $wo-&art" Computation &rotocols 7**SL 7ernel *s * Ser?ice

!nternational :or;shop on !nformation Securit" $heor" and &ractice !EEE :orld Congress on Ser?ices !nternational Conference on !mage *nal"sis and >ecognition

+2 - ++ <une, +21+ +3-+9 <une, +21+ +) A +7 <une, +21+


Class-specic %ahalanobis distance metric learning for biological image classification

1) 1(

17 18

1 >a=;ishan, D %ahendran, and C Si?a >am %urth" &reetha %athew 7, Sachin Dasant, Sridhar Den;atesan, C &andu >angan Sharmistha, %adhur *mil;anthwar, Shan;ar #alachandran *shwin #ellur, Dignesh !shwar, Ma?ier Serra and 8ema * %urth" Dignesh !shwar, *shwin #ellur and 8ema * %urth" &adi Sarala, Dignesh !shwar, *shwin #ellur and 8ema * %urth" Dharanipragada <ana;iram, 8emang %ehta, S < #ala=i > 1olda #runet, 8ema * %urth" Sri;anth %adi;eri, 8ema * %urth" Deepa; &, Cha;raborti, S Subhadeep De" and 8ema * %urth" 5uneC-Darela, < , >a?indran, # , and :"att, < / >agha?endran 1opala;rishnan, Dimitrios 7anoulas, 5aga 5aresh 7aruturi, C &andu >angan, >a=mohan >a=araman, >a?i Sundaram 7ar, D , Cha;raborti, S , and >a?indran, # &ri"adarshini, # & , >a?indran, # , and Cha;ra?arth", D S 7 >agha?endra, $ripti :arrier, and %adhu %ut"am #iswabandan &anda, Shan;ar #alachandran

19 +2 +1 ++ +3 +3 +) +( +7

&erformance %odeling of Dela" $olerant 5etwor; >outing ?ia Jueueing &etri 5ets *n Efficient !5D-CC*+ Secure Dariant of the 5iederreiter Encr"ption Scheme in the Standard %odel *ugmentation of &rograms with C6D* Streams * ;nowledge based signal processing approach to tonic identication in !ndian classical music %oti?ic *nal"sis and its rele?ance to r*ga identification in Carnatic %usic *pplause !dentification and its >ele?ance to *rchi?al of Carnatic %usic DharaL * Ser?ice *bstraction#ased 4S 7ernel Design %odel !mpact of &ronunciation Dariation in Speech >ecognition Effect of 9eature :arping and Decorrelation on %el 9ilterban; Slope for Spea;er >ecognition 9inding >ele?ant $weets 6nsuper?ised Clustering of S"llables for /anguage !dentification 1aCe *llocation *nal"sis for a Disuall" 1uided %anipulation $as; Cache %e !f 0ou CanL Capacitated Selfish >eplication 1ames

!EEE :o:%o% :or;shop on *utonomic and 4pportunistic Communications 17th *ustralasian Conference on !nformation Securit" and &ri?ac" !nternational S"mposium on &arallel *nd Distributed &rocessing with *pplications +nd Comp%usic :or;shop

+)-+8 <une, +21+ 9 A 11 <ul", +21+ 12-13 <ul", +21+ 1+-13 <ul", +21+ 1+-13 <ul", +21+ 1+-13 <ul", +21+ 18 A +2 <ul", +21+ ++-+) <ul", +21+ ++-+) <ul", +21+ 18-+2 *ug, +21+ +7-31 *ug, +21+ +7 A 32 *ug, +21+ *ug, +21+

+nd Comp%usic :or;shop +nd Comp%usic :or;shop !nternational Conference on Engineering of Comple, Computer S"stems !nternational Conference on Signal &rocessing and Communications !nternational Conference on Signal &rocessing and Communications !nternational Conference on :eb-*ge !nformation %anagement European Signal &rocessing Conference !nternational Conference on the Simulation of *dapti?e #eha?ior 12th /atin *merican S"mposium on $heoretical !nformatics

+8 +9 32

9eature :eighting and Confidence based &rediction for Case #ased >easoning S"stems 6nderstanding the role of Serotonin in #asal 1anglia through a unified model S;ipCacheL %iss-rate aware cache management 8ardware &refetchers for Emerging &arallel *pplications -&oster. * gQQ E,tension to Support 5ontri?ial Designated !nitialiCers

!nternational Conference on Case #ased >easoning !nternational Conference on *rtificial 5eural 5etwor;s *C% !nternational Conference on &arallel *rchitecture and Compilation $echni@ues, *C% S>C *bstracts *C% S>C session of !nternational Conference on &arallel *rchitectures and Compiler $echni@ues, *C% S>C *bstracts !nternational Conference on 5umerical *nal"sis and *pplied %athematics

3 A ( Sept, +21+ 11 A 13 Sept, +21+ 19-+3 Sept, +21+ 19-+3 Sept, +21+



8emang %ehta, S < #ala=i, Dharanipragada <ana;iram

19 A +) Sept, +21+


33 3)

*sho; 1autham, 7unal 7orgaon;ar, S/&S7 &athan=ali, Shan;ar #alachandran, D 7ama;oti 7ar, S , Deepa;, D , >a?indran, # , and $endul;ar, * D &enumarthi &hani 7rishna and C Si?a >am %urth" % Chaitan"a, D %ahendran, and C Si?a >am %urth" C"riac <ames and 8ema * %urth"

$he !mplications of Shared Data S"nchroniCation $echni@ues on %ulti-core Energ" Efficienc" 9unctional Site &rediction b" E,ploiting Correlations between /abels of !nteracting >esidues 4n #ounding the 5umber of %obiles Sharing a Slot in a &ointto-%ultipoint 5etwor; %essage-Dri?en #ased Energ"Efficient >outing in 8eterogeneous Dela"-$olerant 5etwor;s Decoupling 5on-Stationar" and Stationar" Components in /ong >ange 5etwor; $ime Series in the Conte,t of *nomal" Detection CS8*>&L Coherenc" and Sharing *ware >eplacement &olic" for &arallel *pplications $>*C7E>L * low o?erhead adapti?e 5oC router with load balancing selection strateg" Comparison of &ublishSubscribe 5etwor; *rchitectures for Smart 1rid :ide *rea %onitoring * 5o?el h"perstring based descriptor for an impro?ed representation of motion tra=ector" and retrie?al of similar ?ideo shots with static camera *lmost unsuper?ised content ltering using topic models Enhancing the %S$-CSS representation using robust geometric features, for efficient content based ?ideo retrie?al * motion-s;etch based ?ideo retrie?el using %S$-CSS representation 6ser $raffic Classification for &ro,"-Ser?er based !nternet *ccess Control Control :ords of $ransition & S"stems /in; Datarate #ased *dmission Control in :ireless 5etwor;s %easuring *rea Comple,it" 6sing #oolean Difference &erformance %odeling of %essage-Dri?en #ased Energ"-

6seni, :or;shop on &ower-*ware Computing and S"stems *C% Conference on #ioinformatics, Computational #iolog" and #iomedicine 1)th *C% !nternational Conference on %odeling, *nal"sis and Simulation of :ireless and %obile S"stems 1st *C% :or;shop on 8igh &erformance %obile 4pportunistic S"stems !EEE Conference on /ocal Computer 5etwor;s

7 4ctober, +21+

7 - 12 4ctober, +21+ +1 A +) 4ctober, +21+ +1 A +) 4ctober, +21+ ++-+) 4ctober, +21+



38 39

#iswabandan &anda, Shan;ar #alachandran <ohn <ose, 7 D %ahathi, < Shi?a Shan;ar, and %adhu %ut"am 7iran 7umar, %uthu;umar >adha;rishnan, 7rishna % Si?alingam, De?a & Seetharam and % 7arthic; Chiran=o" Chattopadh"a" and Su;endhu Das 8ingmire, S , Chougule, S , &alshi;ar, 1 7 , Cha;raborti, S Chiran=o" Chattopad"a" and Su;hendu Das Chiran=o" Chattopad"a" and Su;hendu Das S 0 Sait, % S 7umar, 8 * %urth" *=eesh >amanu=an and 7amala 7rithi?asan 5arendran 7rishnan, > % 7arthi; and 7rishna % Si?alingam *n;it 7agliwal, Shan;ar #alachandran D 7 Chaithan"a %anam, 1aura?

!nternational S"mposium on Computer *rchitecture and 8igh &erformance Computing !EEE'*C% !nternational Conference on Computer*ided Design !EEE Smart1ridComm +21+ S"mposium - :ide *rea &rotection and Control

+3-+( 4ctober, +21+ )-8 5o?ember, +21+ )-8 5o?ember, +21+



!nternational Conference on Emerging *pplications of !nformation $echnolog" Si,th :or;shop on *nal"tics for 5ois" 6nstructured $e,t Data !EEE !nternational S"mposium on %ultimedia !EEE !nternational S"mposium on %ultimedia !nternational Conference on Signal &rocessing and Communication S"stems !nternational Conference on #io-!nspired ComputingL $heories and *pplications !EEE !nternational Conference on *d?anced 5etwor;s and $elecommunication S"stems !nternational Conference on D/S! Design Energ" in Communication, !nformation, and C"ber-

+9 5o?ember A1 December, +21+ 9 December, +21+ 12-1+ December, +21+ 12-1+ December, +21+ 1+-13 December, +21+ 13-1( December, +21+ 1( -19 December, +21+ )-12 <anuar", +213 7 -12 <anuar", +213



33 3) 3( 37

38 39

1ura?, and C Si?a >am %urth" )2 )1 )+ )3 )3 )) $anmo" Das and 7rishna % Si?alingam >ahul #haru;a and & Sreeni?asa 7umar &rasun 7umar, <a"alal Sarma, Saurabh Sawlani $ripti :arrier, # *nupama and %adhu %ut"am #alagopal 7omarath, <a"alal Sarma % 5 #ibe;ananda 7undu, Sutanu Cha;raborti and San=a" 7umar Choudhur" <ohn <ose, #hawna 5a"a;, D 7ranthi 7umar, and %adhu %ut"am # 5 # >a", Shan;ar #alachandran

Efficient >outing in Dela"$olerant 5etwor;s with !ndi?idual 5ode Selfishness $C& impro?ements for Data Center 5etwor;s 9inding S;"lines for !ncomplete Data 4n Directed $ree >ealiCations of Degree Sets *n *pplication-*ware Cache >eplacement &olic" for /ast/e?el Caches Entrop", &ebbling and #ranching &rogram /ower #ounds Combining Confidence Score and %al-rule 9ilters for *utomatic Creation of #angla Error CorpusL 1rammar Chec;er &erspecti?e De#*>L Deflection based adapti?e router with minimal buffering *n Efficient :irelength %odel for *nal"tical &lacement

&h"sical S"stems -E(. :or;shop !nternational Conference on C4%munication S"stems and 5E$wor;S +3th *ustralasian Database Conference !nternational :or;shop on *lgorithms and Computation !nternational Conference on *rchitecture of Computing S"stems !nternational S"mposium on $heoretical *spects of Computer Science !nternational Conference on !ntelligent $e,t &rocessing and Computational /inguistics !EEE'*C% !nternational Conference on Design, *utomation I $est in Europe !EEE'*C% !nternational Conference on Design *utomation and $est in Europe 7-12 <anuar", +213 +9 <an A 1 9eb, +213 13-1( 9eb, +213 19-+3 9eb, +213 +7 9eb A + %ar, +213 11-17 %arch, +21+


18-++ %arch +213 18-++ %arch, +213


Di#tin"ui#) d ,i#itor# to t) D 6art! nt: S%.No Na! o4 t) :i#itor and D #i"nation 1 >aga?endran -7urma. 1opala;rishnan &hD Candidate, Caltech,6S* + Dr Shweta *garwal, &ost-Doctoral >esearcher at 6C/*, 6S* 3 &rof &eter <org, 6ni?ersit" of 9lorida, 6S* 3 ) ( 7 8 9 12 11 1+ 13 &rof Suresh Subramaniam 1eorge :ashington 6ni?ersit", 6S* &rof & & Cha;rabart" Dean S>!C, !!$ 71& Dr /a;shmi Darahan 6ni?ersit" of 4;lahoma, 5orman, 6S* Dr 0ogeshsimhan 6ni?ersit" of Southern California, 6S* Dr %ausam 6ni?ersit" of :ashington, 6S* Dr Shi?nath #abu Du;e 6ni?ersit", 6S* Dr Dadapalli >a?i $e,as $ech 6ni?ersit", 6S* Dr 7aushi; Sinha 6ni?ersit" of California, San Diego Dr > %anmatha Dept of Computer Science, 6ni?ersit" of %assachusetts, *mherst Dr Christopher Chao, Dr <ogesh %uppala %S %argaret Cahu, Dr Da?id #anfield Dr %icheal /o", 8ong 7ong 6ni?ersit" of Science I $echnolog" Dat o4 :i#it 23 23 +21+ 11 23 +21+ ++ 2( +21+ +( 27 +21+ 12 27 +21+11 27 +21+ 17 28 +21+ +1 28 +21+ +8 28 +21+ 23 29 +21+ 23 29 +21+ 17 29 +21+ +3 29 +21+ 17 12 +21+ Pur6o# o4 :i#it Scheduling to !ncenti?iCe 9ast Ser?ice in %ulti-Ser?er Jueues 9unctional Encr"ption S"stems from 8ard /attice &roblems Seminar tal;L &i,el-*ccurate Displa" of Spline &atchesR Disit to D& lab for technical discussions Disit to D45 /ab Disit to D& /ab Seminar $al;L D"namic Data *ssimilation Seminar $al;L Scalable &latforms for S#ig DataB Seminar $al;L >ecent *d?ances in 4pen !nformation E,traction Seminar $al;L %*DDE> and Self-$uning Data *nal"tics on 8adoop with Starfish Seminar $al;L &ro=ects and 4pportunities in 8igh &erformance Computing Seminar $al;L 6nsuper?ised /earning in 8igh Dimension Seminar $al;L %ining a %illion Scanned #oo;sL 9inding &artial Duplicates, $ranslation and 4C> Errors Disited the Department for possible Collaborati?e >esearch


1) 1( 17 18 19 +2 +1 ++ +3 +3 +) +( +7 +8 4.7.2 a(

Dr 0usu;e 7awa;ami, Dr 7oh;i Ebitani Dr >"o %aeCono <apan *d?anced !nstitute of Science and $echnolog" Dr >aghupath" Si?a;umar, &rofessor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at 1eorgia $ech , *tlanta, 6S* &rof >ama Chellappa, 6ni? of %ar"land at College &ar; Dr Di=a"anand 5agara=an -6ni?ersit" of Edinburgh, 67. &rof *lan C #o?i;, 6ni? of $e,as at *ustin, 6S* &rof Suresh <agannathan &etru Dalico? -/>! &aris. Sridhar %ahade?an, School of Computer Science, 6ni?ersit" of %assachusetts, *mherst *adith"a 7arthi;, &ursuing &hD at 6C #er;ele" &rof Soumen Cha;rabarti &rof :end" 8all Southampton 6ni?ersit" *mitabha %u;er=ee, !!$ 7anpur 1aura? *ggarwal 1aura? *ggarwal %anish 1upta, &hD candidate from 6!6C Ot) r Acti:iti # o4 t) D 6art! nt5C ntr :

+( 12 +21+

Disited the Department for possible Collaborati?e >esearch *s"mmetric CachingL !mpro?ed 5etwor; Deduplication for %obile De?ices Discussions with D&/*# %embers 67!E>! pro=ect discussions Discussions with D&/*# %embers Seminar tal; on memor" models &ac;ing rectangles into a rectangle >einforcement /earning b" %irror Descent *n o?er?iew of Computational D/S! >esearch at 6C #er;ele" Compressed Data Structures for *nnotated :eb Search $he De?elopment of :eb ScienceL * 1lobal Enterprise Disual motion planning for an un;nown robot with un;nown obstacles Disual motion planning for an un;nown robot with un;nown obstacles Disual Content *nal"sisL * 9ew Challenges and Solutions 4utlier Detection for !nformation 5etwor;s

11 21+ +21+ 1+ 1+ +21+ 12 1+ +21++3 1+ +21+ +3'1+'+21+ +3 1+ +21++3 1+ +21+ 27 21 +213 1) 21 +213 1( 21 +213 +3 21 +213 +3 21 +213 +) 21 +213 +) 21 +213 +8 21 +213 31 21 +213

Socia%%* r % :ant acti:iti # carri d out &* t) D 6art! nt:

&rof 8ema %urth" has organiCed a si,-wee; :or;shop called G#asic Computers for Disuall" ChallengedK during the summer +21+ !t teaches ?isuall" challenged persons to learn to use !nternet, e-mail, word and spreadsheet using a creen reader !n +21+ it was conducted for the )th time $he students are e?aluated at the end of the course -duration si, wee;s. $he "ear +21+ was uni@ue in that stenographers from !!$ %adras were as;ed to e?aluate the students 4ut 32 students 11 passed the e,am successfull" &( Int rnationa% co%%a&oration ac)i : ! nt# &* t) D 6art! nt:

1. Facu%t* :i#it S%.No 1 Na! o4 t) Facu%t* M !& r Dr 7rishna %oorth" Si?alingam Pur6o# o4 ,i#it Disited &rof 0ing-Dar /in and his lab and ga?e an in?ited tal; Dat -, nu Dept of Computer Science, 5ational Chiao $ung 6ni?ersit", $aiwan, <une +21+


Ma<or in4ra#tructur d : %o6! nt !ad in t) D 6art! nt

Departmental Computing 9acilit"

4.8.1 Introduction:


The dep rt!ent co!pri"e" "e#er $ $ %or torie"& 'rouped into (i#e ! )or re ":

EE1 Communications, Signal Processing and Communication Networks EE2 Power Systems, Power Electronics and High Voltage EE3 icroelectronics, E S and !nalog and "igital V#S$ EE% Control Systems, easurements and $nstrumentation EE& Photonics, '(tical Communications and )*

!ll +aculty mem,ers in the de(artment ha-e Ph"s recei-ed +rom re(uted uni-ersities. EE1 / C' F ci$itie": Vector Network !naly6er Circuit Simulation and #ayout 1ools 1rue ) S Voltmeter )* *re7uency 2enerator and S(ectrum !naly6ers 4ide 8and Noise 2enerator #ogic !naly6ers "SP Emulators *P2! *acilities "igital Communication 1rainer HP !"S System 0N$C!1$'NS, S$2N!# P)'CESS$N2 3 C' 0N$!C1$'N NE14')5S

EE2 / P'4E) S9S1E S, P'4E) E#EC1)'N$CS 3 H$2H V'#1!2E F ci$itie": M chine" nd Dri#e" L %or tor* otor 2enerator Sets Cradle 1y(e "C "ynamometer )egulating 1rans+ormer 1or7ue 1ransducer "ata !c7uisition Systems Vector Visuali6er S(ecial Pur(ose !C Su((ly 2enerators easurement Storage 'scillosco(es icro(rocessor 8ased "ri-e Systems Simulation So+tware +or Power Electronic Systems, PS$0 agnet 2",3" *E So+tware otor Control "SP 5its *P2! 5its / !ltera, :ilin; ultile-el $n-erters

+i'h ,o$t 'e nd Po-er .*"te! L %or tor* HV 1esting 1rans+ormer <=>> 5-, %>> k-a? #ightening $m(ulse 2enerator <1.& V, 3@.&kA? High *re7uency Voltage 2enerator "igital 8andwidth Storage 'scillosco(es Ca(acitance easurement 0nit


P" "etector 0nit Power System Simulator Power System !nalysis and !((lication So+tware Power Buality, onitoring and !nalysis 0nit *acts !nd Custom Power "e-ices E;(erimental 0nits "SP 8ased Power Controllers E S !N" !N!#'2 !N" "$2$1!# V#S$


F ci$itie": Microe$ectronic" nd MEM. L % Class 1>> CClass 1>>> Clean )ooms #aser 4riter +or ask aking E/8eam etalli6ation 0nit *urnaces +or ';idation and "i++usion "ou,le Sided ask !ligner and E;(osure Systems PECV" System +or Silicon "io;ide and Silicon Nitride "e(osition. #PCV" System +or Poly silicon "e(osition )eacti-e $on Etching System Su,strate 8onder

Ch r cteri/ tion: !utogain Elli(someter $nter+erometric 3 /" Sur+ace Pro+iler *our Point Pro,e Contact !ngle easurement System "#1S System anual 4a+er Pro,e Station Semiconductor Parametric !naly6er ulti+re7uency #C) eters #ock/in !m(li+ier and Cho((er "e-ice Simulation

ANALOG 0 DIGITAL CIRC1IT. AND ,L.I DE.IGN LA2 4orkstations and E"! 1ools +or com(lete $C "esign *low EP#" C *P2! "esign So+tware and 4orkstations "SP 5its and 4orkstations $C 1est *acilities E!S0)E EN1S !N" $NS1)0 EN1!1$'N

EE% C'N1)'# S9S1E S, F ci$itie": Contro$ L %or tor*

icro Selection C "e-elo(ment Systems +or V#S$ 8ased Control Simulation PackagesD !1#!8, PSP$CE, !:P#0S $$ otor Control Systems S(eed Control Systems <!nalog and "igital? 8enchmark Vision System High Precision easuring $nstruments Co,ra )S/23/& !;is )o,ot Eshed E)$$$, Eshed E3VD & !;es )o,ots Position Control Systems <!C and "C?

Me "ure!ent" nd In"tru!ent tion L %or tor*

Precision $ndicating $nstruments Standard ), # and C Com(onents Virtual $nstrumentation #a,oratory with E#V$S eter Cali,rator Pressure Cali,rator Energy eter 1esting "esk $nstrument 1rans+ormer Cali,rator High Current !C and "C Su((ly 0nits 8iomedical $nstrumentation <0ltrasonic and '(tical? 0N$C!1$'NS !N" )*

EE& PH'1'N$CS, 'P1$C!# C' F ci$itie":

4.8.3 4 5

*i,re '(tic Educational 5itC#a,oratory E;(erimental '(tics #a,oratory with #ightwa-e *i,re 2rating *a,rication *i,re #aser #a,oratory $ntegrated '(toelectronics #a,oratory

easurement 0nit, 8E) 1ester, '(tical S(ectrum !naly6er

Ac de!ic Pro'r !!e": Ne- Cour"e" introduced: Cour"e No. EE&3%E EEE%&> Tit$e $ntroduction to Plastic Electronics '(tical Sensors

.$.No. 1 2 4%5

Ne- L %4"5 e"t %$i"hed: Networks and Stochastic Systems #a, was created.


.tudent" on Ro$$: I *e r @3 &= E@ &@ 3> 387 II 6e r &3 @E E> &E 2% 389 III 6e r &% EF 1 %> 2E 19: I, 6e r %3 &F > 1% 1F 1;7 , 6e r F E> > & 3> 1:4 Tot $ 232 322 12= 1@2 12F 98;

Pro'r !!e 8.1ech. "ual "egree .1ech. .S. Ph.". 1otal 4d5 .$. No. 1 2 3 % & Venkatesh C

N !e" o( .tudent<.cho$ r -ho ttended Con(erence<.e!in r<.*!po"i <=or>"hop in A%ro d<Indi N !e o( the .tudent<.cho$ r 2uru Venkat C.S. Nikhil 5umar Ro$$ No. EE11S>3& EE11S>11 N !e o( the Con(erence< .e!in r < .*!po"i < =or>"hop $nternational Con+erence on icrowa-e magnetic <$EEE $C 2>12? %%th North !merican Power Sym(osium <N!PS? EE1>">3E $N"$C'N 2>12 1@ National Power Systems Con+erence <NPSC?

D te nd ,enue 23 to 2@/>=/2>12, 5aiserslautern, 2ermany >F to 11/>F/2>12, 0ni-ersity o+ $llinois at 0r,ana Cham(aign >@ to >F/12/2>12, 5erala 12 to 1%/12/2>12, $$1/8H0, Varanasi

Fin nci $ A""i"t nce (ro! $$1 $$1 $$1 $$1 adras adras adras adras

E Sunil S "amodhar @ EE>F">>E

Paramanand C


F 1> 11 12 13 1% 1& 1E 1@ 1= 1F 2> 4e5

anas Sri-asta-a Noel !ugustine V GayadeS 5arthik "e-ika Gay Sudharsan P )a-i 5umar 5olla 8harath # ) V. P. Sreekanth SuAith Chandran Harish Sasikumar P. Sakthi-el

EE1>S>%% EE1>S>&> EE12S>>& EE12S>>@ EE1>S>3% EE12">2@ EE12">2% EE1>S>2F EE1>S>E>

=th editerranean Con+erence on Power 2eneration, 1ransmission, "istri,ution and Energy Con-ersion 2>12 $EEE *i+th Power $ndia Con+erence 4orksho( on Color and Photometry in Com(uter Vision<held in conAunction with Euro(ean Con+erence on Com(uter Vision ECCV 2>12? $nternational Con+erence !CP 2>12 $EEE $nternational Con+erence on Electronic "e-ices and Solid State Circuits $N"$C'N 2>12 1@th National Power Systems Con+erence <NPSC? C' SNE1S 2>13 Con+erence on #imit 1heorems in Pro,a,ility Fth $nternational $12 Con+erence on Systems, Communication and Coding National Con+erence on Communications 'ECC 2>12 / '(toElectronics Communication Con+erence, SP$E Photonics 4est 2>13,

>1 to >3/1>/2>12, $taly 1@ to 1F/12/2>12, "elhi NC) >@ to 13/1>/2>12, *lorence, $taly >@ to 1>/11/2>12, 2uang6hou, China >3 to >&/12/2>12, 8angkok, 1hailand >@ to >F/12/2>12, 5erala 12 to 1%/12/2>12, $$1/8H0, Varanasi >@ to 1>/>1/2>13, 8angalore >F to 11/>1/2>13, $$Sc, 8angalore 21 to 2%/1/2>13, unich, 2ermany 1& to 1@/>2/2>13, $$1 "elhi >2 to >E/>2/2>12, 8e;co, 8usan 5orea >2 to >@/>2/2>13, San *rancisco, C!, 0S!

$$1 $$1

adras adras



$$1 $$1 $$1 $$1 $$1

adras adras adras adras adras

C' SNE1S $ $, $$Sc $$1 $$1 $$1 $$1 $$1 adras adras adras adras adras

N !e" o( .tudent"<.cho$ r" -ho -on out"ide pri/e" nd - rd": N !e o( the .tudent<.cho$ r !nish 8ekal Suman 5umar !ra-ind P! Ro$$ No. EE>=">22 EE1>">%> EE1>">3@ N !e o( Pri/e 8est Poster !ward 8est Pa(er !ward 8est Pa(er !ward Pri/e - rded %* 'S! Consists o+ Citation and )s. 1>>>>C/ Cash !ward $!)$! $nternational Sym(osium on Nonlinear '(tics / N#'&>, S(ain D te No-/"ec 2>12 Gune 2>12 'cto,er 2>12

.$.No 1 2 3 4(5

N !e o( .tudent"<.cho$ r" -ho -on In"titute Con#oc tion<In"titute D * Pri/e: .$. No. 1 2 3 % & N !e o( the .tudent<.cho$ r Gose(h Gose(h Cherukara Shailesh 8oAAa Venkatakrishnan !nanda Narayanan 5 Sri )amya ) Sneha )aA F cu$t* nd their cti#itie": Ro$$ No. EE>@8>=3 EE>=8>2F EE>@8>&= EE1> >&1 EE>@8>@F N !e o( Pri/e" 2o-ernorHs Pri6eI otorolaHs Pri6e and $nstitute erit Pri6e Siemens Pri6e Phili(s $ndia Pri6e Siemens Pri6e Goint 4inner o+ 8hagyalakshmi and 5rishna !yengar !ward


F cu$t*:

N !e nd ?u $i(ic tion" Pro(e""or: Enakshi 8hattacharya JHeadK

M )or Are o( .peci $i/ tion 4On$* 7 Are "5

EE1 @ COMM1NICATION.& .IGNAL& .PEEC+ 0 IMAGE PROCE..ING& =IRELE.. 0 OPTICAL NET=ORA. !ra-ind ) !shok GhunAhunwala 8haskar )amamurthi "a-id 5oil(illai ) "e-endra Galihal 2iridhar 5 Pra,hu 5. . . )aAago(alan !. N. 0mesh S. Communications, Video, Estimation 1heory *i,re/'(tic Communication, Communication Network, Com(uter Networking, icro(rocessor 8ased Systems, S!4 "igital Communication Systems, "SP, 4ireless Networks Cellular and 8road,and 4ireless Systems, "SP !((lications in 4ireless, Cogniti-e )adio Statistical Signal Processing, Estimation 1heory Communication Systems, !da(ti-e Signal Processing !lgorithms +or "igital Signal Processing, "SP +or Communications, Non/ uni+orm Sam(ling, !coustic Noise Control $mage Processing and Com(uter Vision S(eech and Signal Processing

EE3 @ PO=ER .6.TEM.& PO=ER ELECTRONIC.& +IG+ ,OLTAGE MAC+INE. AND DRI,E. 5rishna Vasude-an ahesh 5umar Sarathi ) Shanthi Swaru( 5 Electrical achines, $ndustrial "ri-es and Power Electronics onitoring, !nalysis and

Custom Power "e-ices, Power Buality $nter(retation High Voltage Engineering

Power Systems, Com(utational $ntelligence and Energy Systems


EE;B ANALOG AND DIGITAL CIRC1IT.& ,L.I DE.IGN& MICRO ELECTRONIC. AND MEM. !mita-a "as2u(ta Enakshi 8hattacharya 5armalkar S Nandita "as2u(ta Shanthi Pa-an Vinita Vasude-an Silicon and 2allium !rsenide "e-ices, 1echnology Simulation, E S !mor(hous, Porous and Polycrystalline Silicon E S and 8iosensors odeling and

aterial and "e-ices,

odeling and *a,rication o+ Semiconductor "e-ices, E SC icro+luidics, Nano 1echnology, Education Silicon and $$$/V Semi/Conductor "e-ices, 1echnology and E S !nalog 3 i;ed/Signal V#S$, )* and icrowa-e $C "esign odeling,

Statistical 3 Noise !nalysis o+ Circuits, V#S$ "esign EE% C'N1)'#, )'8'1$CS, $NS1)0 EN1!1$'N E!S0)E EN1S !N"

Gagadeesh 5umar V Gayashankar V Sridharan 5 EE7 @ P+OTONIC. !nil Pra,hakar Harishankar )amachandran

Electrical and Electronic easurements, Sensors and Signal Conditioning, $nstrumentation and 8iomedical "e-ices. High Voltage, Power System and 8iomedical $nstrumentation )o,otics, Vision, !rchitectures +or 1rans+orms, *P2!/8ased System "esign

#asers, Buantum '(tics, Nonlinear Systems, agnetic and Semiconductor "e-ices, Sensor Networks, etrology


Nonlinear '(tics, Com(utational Plasma Physics and '(tics, Edge

Plasma Physics A""oci te Pro(e""or: EE1 @ COMM1NICATION.& .IGNAL& .PEEC+ 0 IMAGE PROCE..ING& =IRELE.. 0 OPTICAL NET=ORA. !ndrew 1hangaraA )amalingam C S Srikrishna 8 Error Control Coding, $n+ormation 1heory Signal ProcessingI S(eech )ecognition, Synthesis, and Coding 4ireless Communications, $n+ormation 1heory, Signal Processing +or Communication Systems

EE;B ANALOG AND DIGITAL CIRC1IT.& AND ,L.I DE.IGN& AND MICRO ELECTRONIC. AND MEM. Nitin Chandrachoodan Nagendra 5rishna(ura "igital Systems, icro(rocessors, V#S$ "esign icrowa-e $C

!nalog V#S$, )* 3 EE& PH'1'N$CS

8alaAi Srini-asan 8iAoy 5rishna "as Shanti 8hattacharya A""i"t nt Pro(e""or:

*i,er #asers, "istri,uted *i,er Sensors, *i,er 8ragg 2ratings Silicon Photonics, '(tical $nterconnects, $ntegrated '(tics, '(toelectronics "e-ices 3 Circuits *i,re $nter+erometry, "i++racti-e '(tics, '(tical E S

EE1 @ COMM1NICATION.& .IGNAL& .PEEC+ 0 IMAGE PROCE..ING& =IRELE.. 0 OPTICAL NET=ORA. !run Pachai 5annu ani-asakan ) Venkatesh ) Venkatesh 1 2 5rishna P. Gagannathan )adha 5rishna 2anti 2aura- )aina Pradee( Sar-e(alli Sheetal 5alyani 4ireless and Cellular Communications Per+ormance !nalysis o+ Communication Networks in 2eneralD '(tical and Com(uter Networks. Stochastic odeling, Bueuing 1heory, 4ireless Communication

Stochastic odeling, Com(uter Networks, Com(uter !rchitecture, ultimedia a((lications using the Ga-a edia *ramework Communication Networks, Stochastic 4ireless Networks odeling, Bueuing 1heory,

4ireless Communication and Networking Per+ormance odeling o+ Communication Networks, Control 1heory and Non/#inear Systems Buantum $n+ormation, Coding 1heory, Buantum Cry(togra(hy, !lgorithms Estimation 1heory, )o,ust Statistics, E;treme Value 1heory

EE3 @ PO=ER .6.TEM.& PO=ER ELECTRONIC.& +IG+ ,OLTAGE MAC+INE. AND DRI,E. 5alyan 5umar 8 5rishna S #akshmi Narasamma Srirama Srini-as 5amalesh Hatua Power System Sta,ility, *acts, Power Buality Power System Sta,ility !nalysis and Control Power Electronics and "ri-es, Switched )esonant Con-erters Electrical ode Power Con-erters,

achines, Power Electronics and $ndustrial "ri-es otor "ri-es

Power Electronics and

EE;B ANALOG AND DIGITAL CIRC1IT.& ,L.I DE.IGN& MICRO ELECTRONIC. AND MEM. !niruddhan S !nAan Chakra-orty "elee( ). Nair athia6hagan C Soumya "utta !nalog and )* $ntegrated Circuit "esign Com(act odeling o+ Sige H,ts, #" 'S, Nano+ets, $nductors

Semiconductor "e-ices / design, *a,rication and Characteri6ation 1elematics, )* Communication, !nalog Circuits Printa,le electronic, o(toelectronic, chemical sensor de-ices ,ased on

organicCinorganic semiconductors, hy,rid structures, gra(hene etc. EE4 @ CONTROL& RO2OTIC.& MEA.1REMENT. AND IN.TR1MENTATION !run ". ahindrakar Nonlinear and )o,ust Control with !((lication to 0nderactuated Systems $denti+ication !lgorithms +or )esonant Systems, Vi,ration Control o+ )esonant and !cti-e Structures and Control and !ctuation o+ echatronic Systems Sensors and Signal Conditioning, and 8iomedical "e-ices easurements and $nstrumentation

8harath 8hikkaAi

8o,y 2eorge ohanasankar.S )amkrishna Pasumarthy EE7 @ P+OTONIC. !nanth 5rishnan "ee(a Venkitesh

8iomedical $nstrumentation, $m(lanta,le "e-ices odeling and Control o+ Physical Systems

Nano(hotonics, Plasmonic "e-ices, Nano+a,rication, '(tical E S, Characteri6ation

aterial Science,

Nonlinear '(tics, *i,er !m(li+iers and *i,er #asers, '(tical Com(onents +or Communication, Com(onentsC"e-ices +or !ll/'(tical Signal ProcessingC Switching.

Ad)unct F cu$t*: EE;B ANALOG AND DIGITAL CIRC1IT.& AND ,L.I DE.IGN& AND MICRO ELECTRONIC. AND MEM. )a-ishankar !. )a-ikumar C.P "igital V#S$, C!" "igital V#S$ "esign and 1esting EE% C'N1)'#, )'8'1$CS, $NS1)0 EN1!1$'N )ashmin 2andhi E!S0)E EN1S !N"

'(hthalmologist s(ecialising in Neuro '(hthalmology EE3/ !N!#'2 !N" "$2$1!# C$)C0$1S, !N" V#S$ "ES$2N, !N" $C)' E#EC1)'N$CS !N" E S

Srini-asan S E!eritu" Pro(e""or: Scienti+ic '++icers C $nstrumentation EngineerC 1echnical '++icer Pra,hakar )ao P PonnuraAu 5

"igital Systems, Com(uter !rchitecture, "igital Signal Processing, V#S$ "esign EE1 @ COMM1NICATION.& .IGNAL& .PEEC+ 0 IMAGE PROCE..ING& =IRELE.. AND OPTICAL NET=ORA. EE3/ !N!#'2 !N" "$2$1!# C$)C0$1S, V#S$ "ES$2N, $C)' E#EC1)'N$CS !N" E S

Semi/Conductor "e-ices and 1echnology

EE3 @ PO=ER .6.TEM.& PO=ER ELECTRONIC.& +IG+ ,OLTAGE MAC+INE. AND DRI,E. Gayasudha !-udai 1hangam Dep rt!ent $ Co!puter F ci$it*: "hana,alan S Electronics and Communication Engineering Power Electronics and "ri-es

.hortBter! Cour"e"< =or>"hop"< .e!in r"< .*!po"i <Con(erence" or' ni/ed %* the ( cu$t* !e!%er": .$. No. Coordin tor4"5 Con(erence: 1 2 1 ). Sarathi 8alaAi Srini-asan 3 Shanti 8hattacharya =or>"hop: S. 5armalkar Tit$e @th $EEE $nternational Con+erence on $ndustrial and $n+ormation Systems <$C$$S? $nternational Con+erence on *i,re '(tics and Photonics $S1E ega 4orksho( on L$ntroduction to )esearch $$1 8om,ay ethodologiesM, Period >E.>=.12 to >F.>=.12 >F.12.12 to 12.12.12 2&.>E.12 to >%.>@.12

5. Shanti Swaru( 3 5. ahesh 5umar Lecture .erie": 2 1 !run ". ahindrakar

odern Power Systems

1@.>=.12 to 22.>F.12 2E.12.12 to 2=.12.12

Control o+ "ynamical System

.hortBter! Cour"e"< =or>"hop"< Meetin'"< .*!po"i < Con(erence"< Tr inin' ttended %* the ( cu$t* !e!%er" in Ac de!ic in"titution" nd Pu%$ic .ector 1ndert >in'": .$. No. N !e o( ( cu$t* =or>"hop: Soumya "utta 1 2 3 % & )a-inder "a-id 5oil(illai E !ndrew 1hangaraA @ !mita-a "as2u(ta = F Nandita "as2u(ta 1> 11 12 Enakshi 8hattacharya 13 Meetin'" : !shok GhunAhunwala 1 2 5rishna Gagannathan 4orksho( on #imit 1heorems in (ro,a,ility Stochastic Processes in Engineering $nternational 4orksho( +or the "e-elo(ment o+ Handheld 8iosensors +or Point/o+/Care "iagnostics %th !nnual Sankal( summit 1he 2rand Gury eeting 3rd eeting o+ the Committee constituted to re-iew the N$1 System under the chairmanshi( o+ "r. !nil 5akodkar 8'2 $$18 !d-isory committee meeting on 1V 2>3&/ $C1 sector 1$*!C / Student $nteraction 1echnology $n+ormation, *orecasting and !ssessment Council <1$*!C? / !d-isory Committee eeting 1echnical !d-isory Committee eeting o+ Securities and E;change 8oard o+ $ndia <SE8$? 1Fth Scienti+ic !d-isory to the Prime inister eeting S!C/P ahesh 5umar !.N. )aAago(alan Tit$e National 4orksho( on Polymer Solar Cells Smart 2rids and Energy Storage Color and Photometry in Com(uter Vision <CPCV? 1echnical Co/Chair, "igital Video and !nalytics 4orksho( $n-ited S(eaker, "igital Video and !nalytics 4orksho( $nternational Policy "ialogue on )egional Colla,oration in Science and 1echnology in !sia <$P"CS1!? 2>12 "$ !CS 4orksho( on $n+ormation/ 1heoretic Network Security, !lcatel/ #ucent 8ell #a,s $n-ited talk on L ulti(le 2ate 'S*E1/sM at 4inter 4orksho( 2>12 $ndo/2erman 4inter !cademy 11th $ndo/2erman 4inter !cademy In"titution<P$ ce $$SE), Pune 8ath, 05 $taly $$1 adras Period 21.>%.12 to 22.>%.12 2@.>E.12 to 2F.>E.12 >=.1>.12 to 12.1>.12 21.12.12 to 22.12.12 1@.1>.12 to 21.1>12 12.11.12 to 1E.11.12 1>.12.12 to 12.12.12 13.12.12 to 1@.12.12 11.12.12 to 1@.12.12 >2.>1.13 to >@.>1.13 11.>3.13 to 13.>3.13 1&.>1.13 to 1E.>1.13

1okyo, Ga(an

)utgers 0ni-ersity. New Gersey, 0S! $$1 $ndore C E)$, "urga(ur $$1 5harag(ur and 0ni-ersity o+ Erlangen, 2ermany $$Sc, 8angalore $$1 8om,ay 8angalore



11.>%.12 13.>%.12

N$1, Gai(ur

1$*!C, New "elhi 1$*!C, New "elhi Securities and E;change 8oard o+ $ndia, um,ai GNC!S), 8angalore

1E.>%.12 1E.>%.12 2&.>%.12 2=.>%.12

3 % & E

F 1> 11 12 13 1% 1& 1E 1@

3rd eeting o+ the Em(owered 1ask *orce under the chairmanshi( o+ "r.!nil 5akodkar 2nd eeting o+ the )isk anagement )e-iew Committee <) )C?, Chaired ,y Pro+. G. ). Varma, o+ Securities and E;change 8oard o+ $ndia <SE8$? eeting with $$1 andi *aculty em,ers eeting with Students 1hemeD Entre(reneurshi( %th N$1 )e-iew Committee eeting Fth 2eneral 8ody eeting o+ the o,ile Payment *orum o+ $ndia < P*$? eeting o+ the Committee constituted to re-iew the N$1 System %th eeting o+ Em(owered 1ask *orce H)" *aculty )ecruitment eeting 0ni-ersity o+ Hydera,ad 2>th eeting o+ S!C/P

$$1 "elhi, "elhi um,ai

H)", New

3>.>%.12 >%.>&.12

5ullu, $$1



N$1 Calicut um,ai N$1 Silchar, !ssam H)", $$1 8om,ay 0ni-ersity o+ Hydera,ad, Hydera,ad Gawaharlal Nehru Centre +or !d-anced Scienti+ic )esearch , 8angalore "S1, New "elhi H)", New "elhi

>@.>&.12 1%.>&.12 1=.>E.12 2E.>E.12 2@.>E.12 3>.>E.12


1F 2> 21 22

23 2% 2& 2E 2@ 2= 2F 3> 31 32

eeting o+ the E;(ert 2rou( on )adiation +rom Cell 1owers 3rd eeting o+ the National !(e; Committee o+ National ission on Education through $n+ormation and Communication 1echnology <N E$C1? 2nd eeting o+ the *inance Committee 8oard o+ 2o-ernors eeting Fth eeting o+ anagement !d-isory Committee < !C? %th P)S2 eeting +or the (roAect 8uilding Prototy(e o+ 4#!N anager eeting o+ the Committee constituted to )e-iew the N$1 System under the Chairmanshi( o+ "r. !nil 5akodkar eeting +or $ndian !1 $ndustry eeting o+ Search/cum/Selection Committee discussion with the Shortlisted Candidates Policy/*ramework on 1echnology 8ased Education N E$C1 eeting with Secretary, H)", eeting at 1elecom )egulatory !uthority o+ $ndia 21st Scienti+ic ad-isory council to Prime inister S!C/P eeting Steering Committee eeting &th eeting o+ Em(owered 1ask *orce "r. !nil 5akodar Committee eeting eeting o+ the Committee constituted to re-iew the N$1 System "r. !nil 5adokar

>3.>@.12 >3.>@.12

P"P /$$$1" New "elhi


>&.>@.12 >F.>@.12 11.>@.12 1=.>@.12

$ndian Statistical $nstitute, 5olkata $$Sc, 8angalore H)", New "elhi

"PS, New "elhi "S1, New "elhi H)", New "elhi H)", New "elhi 1elecom )egulatory !uthority o+ $ndia <1)!$?, New "elhi CS$) Science center, New "elhi H)", New "elhi H)", New "elhi N$1, $$1 "elhi

2>.>@.12 >=.>=.12 >F.>=.12

11.>=.12 1%.>=.12


33 3% 3& 3E 3@ 3= 3F %> %1



eeting at inistry o+ New and )enewa,le Energy Shanti Swaru( 8hatnagar Selection !ward 2>12 *irst 1echnical and Prelaunch eeting o+ "'S1$/1C'E eeting o+ High #e-el Committee +or CS$) "iamond Gu,ilee 1echnology !ward Policy *ramework on 1echnology 8ased Education/N E$C1/ H)" Committee 2=th 2o-erning Council eeting o+ #N $1/Gai(ur 8ritish High Commission/Science and $nno-ation Network with 05 Creati-e $ndustries 5nowledge 1rans+er Network H)" eeting on N E$C1 eeting o+ Committee Constituted to )e-iew the N$1 System under the chairmanshi( o+ "r. !nil 5akodkar Committee Eth eeting o+ the Em(owered 1ask *orce constituted +or $m(lementation o+ the recommendations o+ "r. !nil 5akodkar Committee 1elecom )egulatory !uthority o+ $ndia <1)!$? Su,/Committee meeting to study the sel+ sustaina,ility as(ect o+ 1C'Es and emerging colla,orations o+ 1C'E with other de(artmentsD 8rainstorming session to work out the emerging colla,orations o+ 1C'E with other de(artments 1echnical !d-isory Committee eeting SE8$ 1elecom )egulatory !uthority o+ $ndia <1)!$? 0se o+ 0SS" +or o,ile 8anking 22nd eeting o+ the S!C to P $C1 in Education eeting

N)E, New "elhi CS$), New "elhi 1C'E, New "elhi CS$), New "elhi H)", 2uragoan #N $1/Gai(ur 8ritish High Commission/ um,ai H)", New "elhi $$1 8om,ay 1=.>F.12 1F.>F.12 2&.>F.12 12.>F.12 13.>F.12

>&.1>.12 >=.1>.12

$$1 8om,ay


1elecom )egulatory !uthority o+ $ndia <1)!$?, New "elhi 1C'E, New "elhi

11.1>.12 1E.1>.12


%& %E %@ %=


%th Society eeting o+ 1ranslational Health Science and 1echnology $nstitute <1HS1$? eeting o+ the Committee Constituted to re-iew the N$1 System H)" H)" Committee +or creating &> )3" centers o+ E;cellence in *rontier area o+ 1echnology eeting on National Committee on L$C1 in EducationM SE)$$0S eeting on $ndo/0S Energy ProAect


&1 &2 &3

Securities and E;change 8oard o+ $ndia <SE8$?C um,ai 1elecom )egulatory !uthority o+ $ndia <1)!$?, New "elhi GNC!S)C8angalore inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment, New "elhi 1ranslational Health Science and 1echnology $nstitute <1HS1$?, New "elhi inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment < H)"?, $$1 8om,ay inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment < H)"?, $$1, New "elhi H)" New delhi $$1 8om,ay

1@.1>.12 1F.1>.12 2F.1>.12 >&.11.12

>F.11.12 2@.11.12

>3.12.12 >=.12.12

&% && &E &@ &= &F E> E1

1CoE Coordinators


@th eeting o+ the Em(owered 1ask *orce to im(lement 5akodkar committee recommendation +or $$1s H)" !r,itration ,etween CS$) and Encore so+tware #td )esearch !d-isory Committee eeting N$* $$ ! $nterdisci(linary $nitiati-esD 1echnology 3 Culture $nter+ace 4orksho( H)" N E$C1 eeting eeting o+ the Committee constituted to re-iew the N$1 System/ H)" Securities and E;change 8oard o+ $ndia <SE8$? 1echnical !d-isory Committee eeting "ot Committee LE;(ert 2rou( on 1elecom )3" +undM 2@th National $nstitute o+ !d-anced Studies Programme <N$!S? 23rd S!C P eeting eeting with the HonH,le inister o+ S31 and Earth Sciences =th eeting o+ the Em(owered 1ask *orce constituted +or im(lementation o+ the recommendations o+ "r. !nil 5akodkar committee "'1 Committee 2nd meeting o+ E;(ert 2rou( on 1elecom )3" *und Securities and E;change 8oard o+ $ndia <SE8$? 1echnical !d-isory Committee eeting N$1 re-iew on "r. !nil 5akodkar Committee eeting anagement !d-isory Committee meeting o+ the LCenter +or So+t Com(utingM $S$ 5olkata Goint meeting o+ $ndian and 05 Cordinators o+ the (roAect L$0!1CM eeting with inister as H)" as (art o+ LPawar Committee on $C1M 3@th 8oard eeting o+ National $nternet E;change o+ $ndia <N$:$? 1st eeting o+ the H)" committee +or re+orms in 1echnical Education in institutes other than $$1s and N$1s Fth Em(owered meeting '+ "r.!nil 5akodkar Committee +or $$1 &th P)S2 Closure meeting +or the (roAect 8uilding a Prototy(e o+ 4#!N anager <4 ? de-ice +or (er+ormance management o+ a 4#!N/Phase /$$

1elecom Centers o+ E;cellence C $$1 "elhi H)" C $$1 "elhi CS$) C 8angalore $$ ! C !hmada,ad inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment < H)"? C New "elhi N E$C1 C $$1 "elhi H)" C $$1 2uwahati SE8$ C um,ai

1%.12.12 2%.12.12

>1.>1.13 >2.>1.13 >3.>1.13 >3.>1.13 >%.>1.13 11.>1.13 1F.>1.13

E2 E3 E% E&

"e(artment o+ 1elecommunications <$n-estment Policy Cell? C New "elhi N$!S C 8angalore CS$) C New "elhi CS$) C New "elhi $$1 8om,ay C um,ai

2>.>1.13 3>.>1.13 >2.>2.13



"'1 Committee C New "elhi SE8$ C um,ai um,ai

1E.>2.13 1=.>2.13 2=.>2.13 >2.>3.13 >F.>3.2>13/ 1>.3.2>13 11.>3.2>13 11.>3.2>13 1&.>3.2>13 1E.>3.2>13 1=.>3.2>13

E= EF @> @1 @2 @3 @% @&

$$1 8om,ay C

$S$ 5olkata C 5olkata $$1 andi C andi

inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment < H)"? C New "elhi National $nternet E;change o+ $ndia <N$:$? C New "elhi inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment < H)"? C New "elhi $$1 8om,ay C um,ai $$Sc 8angalore C 8angalore


@@ @= Srirama Srini-as @F 8alaAi Srini-asan => Srikrishna 8 =1 =2 5rishna Gagannathan

eeting o+ "r.!nil 5akodkar H)" Committee Constituted to re-iew the N$1 system Eth 2o-erning Council eeting o+ 1CoE $ndia 8ioCPV kick/o++ meeting as (art o+ the $N"'/05 colla,orati-e research (roAects 4orking 2rou( meeting o+ the "e(artment o+ Electronics 3 $n+ormation 1echnology Se-enth meeting o+ L#ectures on Pro,a,ility and Stochastic ProcessesM $1)! E;ecuti-e Committee eeting 2>12 $EEE $nternational Sym(osium on Circuits and Systems %th $ndo/2erman *rontiers o+ Engineering Sym(osium )enewa,le Energy Policy $ntentions, $ncenti-es, $m(lementation and $m(act, $* ) 4orld $n+ormation 1echnology *orum 12, $*$P 3 "S1 =th !nnual Paci+ic Health Summit 2>12 CP) !+rica 2>12CCP) South Con+erence ' $"9!) 'n Haat 2>13 2%th Chinese Control and "ecision Con+erence <2>12 CC"C? $EEE $nternational Con+erence on Cy,er 1echnology in !utomation, Control and intelligent systems <C98E)? 21st $EEE $S$E/2>12 $nternational Con+erence on $ndustrial 1echnology G12 Summer School in Signal Processing, 1elecommunication, and Networking $nternational Con+erence on Signal Processing and Communications SPC' 2>12 &>th!nnual !llertonCon+erence on Communication C' SNE1S 2>13 G12 Summer School in Signal Processing, 1elecommunication, and Networking $nternational Con+erence on Signal Processing and Communications SPC' 2>12 $EEE 2#'8EC' 2>12 $CC 2>12

inistry o+ Human )esource "e-elo(ment < H)"? C New "elhi 1elecom Centres o+ E;cellence $ndia <1CoE? C New "elhi Heriot/4att 0ni-ersity, Edin,urg, 05 "eit9, New "elhi $ndian Statistical $nstitute, "elhi Centre Electronics Niketan, New "elhi Seoul, South 5orea erse,erg, 2ermany Chennai New "elhi #ondon, 05 auritius 8angalore 1aiyun, China 8angkok


1=.>@.12 to 2>.>@.12 2E.11.2>12 3>.11.12 to >%.12.12 >@.>3.13 2>.>&.12 to 23.>&.12 13.>E.12 to 1E.>E.12 >&.>%.12 1@.>%.12 12.>E.12 to 1%.>E.12 >3.>F.12 to >@.>F.12 1=.3.13 to 1F.3.13 23.>&.12 to 2&.>&.12 2@.>&.12 to 31.>&.12 2=.>&.12 to 31.>&.12 2&.>2.13 to 2@.>2.13 2F.>&.12 to >1.>E.12 22.>@.12 to 2&.>@.12 >1.1>.12 to >&.1>.12 >@.>1.13 to 1>.>1.13 2F.>&.12 to >1.>E.12 22.>@.12 to 2&.>@.12 1>.>E.12 to 1&.>E.12

.*!po"i : S. !niruddhan 1 2 !nil Pra,hakar 3 )a-inder "a-id 5oil(illai Con(erence: 1 !shok GhunAhunwala 2 3 %


2aura- )aina

E @ = F 1> 11 12 13 1% 1& 1E )adhakrishna 2anti 8. Srikrishna Srirama Srini-as

Hang6hou, China Ca(e 1own, South !+rica $$1 8om,ay $$Sc, 8angalore 0S! 8angalore $$1 8om,ay $$Sc, 8angalore 0S! 'ttawa, Canada

!run Pachai 5annu

1@ 1= 1F 2> 21 22 23 2% 2& 2E 2@ 2= 2F 3> 31 32 33 3% 3& 3E 3@

8alaAi Srini-asan

'S! '(tical Sensors Con+erence SP$E '(to Con+erence

onterey, 0S! San *rancisco, 0S! 0ni-ersity o+ el,ourne, !ustralia $$Sc. 8angalore 8an++, Canada S(ain 8erlin, 2ermany 5athmandu, Ne(al 0S! 0S! 1suku,a, Ga(an )adio(hysics and Electronics $ndia $ndia 8angalore 8angalore San *rancisco, 0S! C$PE1, #ucknow San *rancisco, 0S!

)amkrishnaPasumarthy )a-inder "a-id 5oil(illai !ndrew 1hangaraA Shanti8hattacharya "ee(aVenkitesh 5. 2ridhar ahesh 5umar Nitin C Vinita Vasude-an 5. . . Pra,hu !nAan Chakra-orty S. 5rishna 5.S. Swaru( 5rishna Gagannathan Venkatesh )amaiyan Shanthi Pa-an 9 Soumya "utta "ee(a Venkitesh

athematical 1heory o+ Networks and Systems < 1NS 2>12? $nternational Con+erence on Signal Processing and Communications SPC' 2>12 $EEE '(tical E S 3 Nano(hotonics Con+erence $nternational Sym(osium on Nonlinear '(tics N#' &> 2FthCon+erence o+ the 4ireless 4orld )esearch *orum <44)*/2F? 3rd$EEE $nternational Con+erence on Sustaina,le Energy 1echnologies !silomar Con+erence on Signals, Systems and Com(uters $nternational Con+erence on Com(uter aided design o+ $ntegrated Circuits $nternational con+erence on Pattern )ecognition /2>12 <$CP)/2>12? &th $nternational Con+erence on Com(uters and "e-ices +or Communications 2>12 $EEE *i+th Power $ndia Con+erence 1@th National Power Systems Con+erence $$1 8H0 C' SNE1S 2>13 C' SNE1S 2>13 $nternational Solid State Circuits Con+erence <$SSCC? $nternational Con+erence on !d-ancements in Polymeric materials SP$E / Photonics

2%.>E.12 to 2=.>E.12 >1.>2.13 to >=.>2.13 >F.>@.12 to 13.>@.12 22.>@.12 to 2&.>@.12 >E.>=.12 to >F.>=.12 >@.1>.12 to 1>.1>.12 23.1>.12 to 2&.1>.12 2%.>F.12 to 2@.>F.12 >%.11.12 to >@.11.12 >&.11.12 to >=.11.12 11.11.12 to 1E.11.12 1@.12.12 to 1F.12.12 1@.12.12 to 1F.12.12 13.12.12 to 1&.12.12 >@.>1.13 to 1>.>1.13 >=.>1.13 1@.>2.13 to 2>.>2.13 >1.>3.13 to >3.>3.13 >2.>2.13 to >@.>2.13

8iAoy 5rishna "as

.peci $ Lecture" de$i#ered %* the ( cu$t* in other In"titution": .$. No. 1 . 2 . 3 . % . & . N !e o( F cu$t* !ndrew 1hangaraA !shok GhunAhunwala Topic o( Lecture $ ' "irty Pa(er Coding !n $dea 4hose 1ime has Come Powering the )emote )ural 8ase Station Can it make $ndian telecoms (ro+ita,leN $ndiaHs Power Crisis 3 (otential o+ "ecentrali6ed Solar PV "C Power $nno-ations towards )ural Health Care $n+ormation/ga( in odern !griculture and $C1 E#ent<P$ ce !lcatel/#ucent 8ell #a,s, urray Hill, NG, 0S! $$Sc/8ell #a,s 4ork sho( on 2reen 1elecom and $1, 8angalore )enewa,le Energy Policy $ntentions, $ncenti-es, $m(lementation and $m(act, $* ), )ain 1ree Hotel, Chennai 4orksho( on Promoting $nno-ations, Planning Commission, New "elhi 4orld $n+ormation 1echnology *orum 12, $*$P 3 "S1, New "elhi D te 1E.11.12 >%.>%.12


1E.>%.12 1@.>%.12

E . @ . = . F . 1 > . 1 1 . 1 2 . 1 3 . 1 % . 1 & . 1 E . 1 @ . 1 = . 1 F . 2 > . 2 1 .

Ae*note T $>:B O$ndiaPs Power Crisis and the Potential o+ decentrali6ed Solar PV "C Power P ne$ Di"cu""ion: $nno-ati-e Product "esign, ,y $ndian $ndustry with $$1 Ae*note T $>:B L#e-eraging 1echnologies +or Healthcare in )ural CommunitiesM Ae* Note T $>: #e-eraging the Ecosystem +or $ndustry 1rans+orming $nno-ations Lecture : )ural 1echnology and 8usiness $ncu,atorD Can incu,ated com(anies make a di++erence in rural areasN Pre"ent tion : o,ile (ayment in $ndiaD 1echnologies, 8ottlenecks and Solutions Pre"ent tion: o,ile Payments in $ndiaD Coming to 2ri(s P ne$ Di"cu""ion: )ole o+ Cloud in Communication Silicon ,ased 8iosensors and 8io E S Ae*note ddre"": 8iomolecular se(aration using silicon nano(orous mem,ranes Enakshi 8hattacharya ! silicon E S 1riglyceride sensor

$ndustry !cademia Concla-e $$1 andi


=th !nnual Paci+ic Health Summit 2>12, #ondon, 05 Qinno- 2lo,ali6ation Summit, 8angalore NSS/$$1 #ecture Series C $$1 Center #ecture 1heater $nternational con+erence on o,ile Payment and e/ (ayments 1rends 1he $ndia Pers(ecti-e New "elhi $N*'C' /2>12 5olkata

12.>E.12 to 1%.>E.12 11.>@.12



>E.12.12 to >@.12.12

NCC/2>13, $$1 "elhi





Nanomaterials and #ow/ dimensional Structures 1rack o+ $CCES 2>12, Crete, 2reece *i+th $SSS National E S Con+erence Coim,atore !d-anced Nanomaterials !N 2>12 $$1 adras $ndo/*rench 4orksho( on icroCNanotechnologies +or Harsh En-ironments, um,ai Cards, 1ransactions and Payments in $ndia, um,ai 2eneral 8ody eeting o+ o,ile Payment *orum o+ $ndia, um,ai SPEC1)0 2>13, $ndian institute o+ aterials and anagement<$$ ?, Chennai

3>.>%.12 to >%.>&.12 21.>F.12 to 22.>F.12 1@.1>.12 to 1F.1>.12

Nano(orous silicon mem,ranes +or ,iomolecular se(aration

E S and Sensors acti-ity


$ntero(era,ility and security +or mo,ile (ayments $ntero(era,ility and security +or mo,ile (ayments o,ile *inancial Ser-ices +or Su((ly anagement

1E.>%.12 to 1@.>%.12

2aura- )aina



2 2 . 2 3 . 2 % . 2 & . 2 E . 2 @ . 2 = . 2 F . 3 > . 3 1 . 3 2 . 3 3 . 3 % . 3 & . 3 E . )adhakrishna 2anti

HetNetsD ! new +rontier in cellular communications 1utorial on O Stochastic 2eometryD ! New 1ool +or 4ireless Network !nalysisL Smart 2rids, )enewa,le Energy and "istri,uted 2eneration Electricity #oad and (rice +orecasting using !rti+icial Neural Networks Energy anagement and !utomation Slanding o(eration in grid connected (hoto/-oltaic systems in #arge Scale 2rid connected Solar Photo Voltaic Power Plants Energy anagement Systems )esearch in Electric Power Systems Smart 2rid Energy anagement Systems Energy anagement Systems with Smart eteringO, Short 1erm Course on !d-anced 1echni7ues in Smart 2rid +or 1NE8, Energy anagement System <E S? 4ith Smart etering '(timi6ation 1echni7ues on )eal 1ime $m(lementation E-aluation and anagement o+ 1ransmission System in "eregulated Power arkets Smart 2rid Energy Systems anagement

Sri Venkateswara College o+ Engineering, Pennalur, Sri(erum,udur $nternational Con+erence on Signal Processing and Communications SPC' ? 2>12, $$SC 8angalore $EEE Power Engg. Society <PES? Students Cha(ter. Vellore $nstitute o+ 1echnology "e(t o+ EE, S) 0ni-., National 4orksho( on Com(utational $ntelligence in Power !((aratus "e(t o+ EE, !mrita 0ni-ersity, Coim,atore



5. Shanti Swaru(







#)8) College o+ Engineering in yla-aram <!P? >%.>=.12 !nna 0ni-ersity, Chennai



EEE, !nna 0ni-ersity, Chennai National Systems Con+erence <NSC?, !nnamalai 0ni-ersity, 1N National 4orksho(, EE "e(t. ) 5/College o+ Engineering 3 1echnology <2E1?, Chennai National 4orksho( on '(erations o+ )estructured Power Systems, "e(t. o+ EE, N$1 4arangal National Con+erence on Power Electronics and Power Systems, SSN 0ni-ersity, Chennai "e(t. o+ EE, Sri Venkateswara College o+ Engineering<SVCE?, Chennai "e(t. o+ EE, Vellore $nstitute o+ 1echnology <V$1?, Chennai






)ecent "e-elo(ments in Power Engineering )esearch icro2rids

>2.>3.13 >F.>3.13

3 @ .

Smart icro 2ridsD 1he Power 2rids o+ the *uture

3 = .

Circuits and Com(utations in Electrical Power Engineering

2nd National Con+erence on Energy Systems and Control <NCESCH13?, "e(t. o+ EE, Hindustan 0ni-ersity, Chennai $EEE $nternational Con+erence on Circuit Power and Com(uting 1echnologies<$CCPC1?, Noorul $slam center +or Higher Education, 5umaracoil 2Eth $nternational Con+erence on V#S$ "esign, Pune, $ndia National Con+erence on V#S$ 3 Em,edded Systems, S) 0ni-ersity, 5attankulathur, Chennai Short 1erm 1raining Program<S11P? on $ ' Communications and Networks, S) 0ni-ersity, Chennai



3 F . % > . % 1 . % 2 . % 3 . % % . % & . % E . % @ . 8alaAi Srni-asan Nitin Chandrachoodan

1utorial on O)iding the Lenergy consum(tion horseM / +rom system/le-el design to silicon im(lementation. Power reduction during V#S$ 1est

>&.>1.13 to >F.>1.13


Srikrishna 8hashyam

1wo/way relayingD Protocols and Per+ormance )ecei-er techni7ues +or '*" systems $ '


Sheetal 5alyani


"e-elo(ment o+ a *i,er/8ased "ynamic $nterrogator +or Elastic 4a-e Sensing Sensing the 4orld !round 0s "istri,uted Sensing 0sing '(tical *i,ers $n-ited #ectureD Elastic 4a-e Sensing 0sing *i,er 8ragg 2ratings "istri,uted StrainC1em(erature Sensing

$2C!), 5al(akkam


N$1 1richy $nternational 4orksho( on Nano/Science and 1echn>logy, N$S1, 8ehram(ur $n-ited #ecture at N$1, 2oa $nternational Con+erence on Communication, V#S$, Signal Processing < $CCVSP?, S$1, 1umkur




!.N. )aAago(alan 9. Shanthi Pa-an

otion ,lurD 1hen and nowR Silicon #a,oratories "istinguished *aculty #ectureD Continuous 1ime "elta Sigma odulators with Enhanced #inearity and )educed Clock Gitter Sensiti-ity using the Switched/Ca(acitor )eturnto/6ero "!C $EEE Circuits and Systems and Solid State Circuits Society !ustin Cha(terD Continuous 1ime "elta Sigma odulators with Enhanced #inearity and )educed Clock Gitter Sensiti-ity using the Switched/ Ca(acitor )eturnto/6ero "!C

2&.>2.13 to 2@.>2.13

% = .

Silicon #a,oratories $nc, !ustin, 1e;as, 0S!


% F .

0ni-ersity o+ 1e;as at !ustin


& > .

$EEE Circuits and Systems Cha(ter Silicon ValleyD Continuous 1ime "elta Sigma odulators with Enhanced #inearity and )educed Clock Gitter Sensiti-ity using the Switched/Ca(acitor )eturnto/6ero "!C

Bualcomm Cor(, San Gose


,i"it" %ro d %* ( cu$t*: .$. No. 1. 2. 3. %. !nil Pra,hakar &. 2ermany 3>.11.12 to >@.12.12 2>.>&.12 to 23.>&.12 >@.>E.12 to >@.>@.12 1>.>E.12 to 1&.>E.12 11.>E.12 to 1&.>E.12 2F.>=.12 to 31.>=.12 2%.>E.12 to 2=.>E.12 >1.>2.13 to >=.>2.13 2%.>E.12 to 2F.>E.12 2F.>=.12 to 31.>=.12 N !e o( ( cu$t* !.N. )aAago(alan 8o,y 2eorge Countr* ,i"ited 0ni-.o+ aryland College Park, 0S! 2ra6, !ustria 8angkok 8angkok D te >&.>&.12 to 31.>@.12 12.>&.12 to 1@.>&.12 1E.>&.12 to 1@.>&.12 1F.>@.12 Purpo"e o( #i"it *or conducting research in the area o+ image (rocessing and com(uter -ision 1o (resent (a(ers in $EEE $ 1C 2>12 4estern "igital / anu+acturer o+ hard disk dri-es *a,rinet contract manu+acturer o+ o(toelectronics E;(lore colla,orations in Photonics. !le;ander -on Hum,oldt *oundation <C'NNEC1 (rogram? 2>12 $nternational Sym(osium on Circuits and Systems Visit to the 0ni-ersity o+ Pa-ia +or research colla,oration Present (a(er at a Con+erence $EEE $CC 2>12 1o attend 1echnical 4orksho( o+ $ndo/05 !d-anced 1echnology Consortium $0/!1C 1echnical 4orksho( *it6william Con+erence Centre/ 0ni-ersity o+ Cam,ridge 1o (resent (a(er at the '(tical Sensors Con+erence Present in-ited (a(er at SP$E '(to Con+erence 1o attend $nternational Con+erence on 4ireless o,ile Communications <$C4 C 2>12? $0/!1C 1echnical 4orksho( *it6william Con+erence Centre/ 0ni-ersity o+ Cam,ridge !1'S $ndia Strategic 8elgium >%.>E.12 eeting // Fundin' (ro! // $nstitute <CP"!? // //


E. @. =. F. 1 >. d 1 1. 1 2. 1 3. 5. 2iridhar 1 %. 1 &. 1 E. 1 @. !shok GhunAhunwala 2aura- )aina Nagendra 5rishna(ura 8. Srikrishna

Seoul, South 5orea Pa-ia, $taly 'ttawa, Canada $(swich, 05 Cam,ridge, 0nited 5ingdom onterey, Cali+ornia, 0S!

"$1 // CP"! ProAect +unds // //

8alaAi Srini-asan 0S!

Venice, $taly Cam,ridge, 0nited 5ingdom

// //

0nited 5ingdom

>=.>E.12 to 11.>E.12

Visit 3 "emos )elati-e to !tos 4orldline Processing E;cellence 3 Payment E;(ertise $ndo 05 ProAect eetings

// //

1 =. 1 F. 2 >. 2 1. 2 2. 2 3. 2 %. 2 &. 2 E. 2 @. 2 =. Srirama Srini-as

0nited 5ingdom Cam,ridge, 0nited 5ingdom Cam,ridge, 0nited 5ingdom New 9ork 0S! Poughkee(sie 0S! 0nited 5ingdom Ca(e 1own South !+rica "e-endra Galihal 5rishna Gagannathan 5. . . Pra,hu Cam,ridge, 0nited 5ingdom 1echnical 0ni-ersity Eindho-en <10Cc?. 1he Netherlands onterey, C!, 0S!

12.>E.12 to 1%.>E.12 2F.>@.12 to 31.>@.12 2F.>=.12 to 31.>=.12 11.>2.13 to 12.>2.13 12.>2.13 to 13.>2.13 1=.>@.12 to 2>.>@.12 2&.>2.13 to 2@.>2.13

=th !nnual Paci+ic Health Summit / 2>12 !1'S eetings

// // // // // // //

$0/!1C 1echnical 4orksho( *it6william Con+erence Centre/ 0ni-ersity o+ Cam,ridge 1ata Communications / !'P Ca(e; eeting $8 Visit

1o attend 8ioCPV kicko++ meeting 1o (resent two (a(ers in $nternational Con+erence on $ndustrial 1echnology $0/!1C 1echnical 4orksho( *it6william Con+erence Centre/ 0ni-ersity o+ Cam,ridge "iscussions 4ith the em,ers o+ the Signal Processing <SPS? 2rou( o+ the EE "e(artment. !silomar Con+erence on Signals, Systems and Com(uters, onterey, C!, 0S!

2F.>=.12 to 31.>=.12


11.1>.12 to 23.1>.12 >%.11.12 to >@.11.12


Nitin Chandrachoodan


+onor" nd A- rd" o%t ined %* ( cu$t*: .$. N !e o( ( cu$t* No. +onor": 1 2 9. Shanthi Pa-an !.N. )aAago(alan N !e o( A- rd Shanti Swaru( 8hatnagar (ri6e/ 2>12 "!E/S)C 'utstanding $n-estigator !ward A- rded %* A- rded (or "S$) Engineering Sciences Category // Pa(er titled L itigating s(oo+ing attacks in P#S/VPNs using #a,el/ ho((ingM 'utstanding achie-ements in teaching, scholarshi( and creati-e research work Pa(er titled LCom,ined +ace and gait recognition using al(ha matte (re/ (rocessingM D te o( - rd // //

// "e(t. o+ !tomic Energy 11th $nternational Con+erence on Networks <$CN 2>12? $$1 adras

A- rd": 1 2 3 % 2aura- )aina !ndrew 1hangaraA 9*)! 2>12 "ee(a Venkitesh !.N. )aAago(alan C C 8est Pa(er !ward $nternational Con+erence on 8iometrics, New "elhi 8est Pa(er !ward Gune 2>12


!(ril 2>12

2oo>"& Mono'r ph" uthored<coB uthored:

.$. No.

N !e o( ( cu$t*

Tit$e L! Course +or *ostering )esearch S(iritM, Cha(ter 13 in L ulti(le Stakeholder Pers(ecti-es o+ Higher EducationM LSilicon 'S 1ransistor +rom icro to NanoM, Cha(ter 1= in L! 1e;t,ook o+ Nanoscience and NanotechnolgyM LPowering Cellular 8ase StationsD ! Buantitati-e !nalysis o+ Energy '(tionsM <Solar PV, diesel 2enerators, 8atteries and Educational 2rid?


Author< CoB uthor ) NataraAan and N. ). Shetty // Sriram Narayanamurthy, Nananai )a,garaAan and Sneha )aA

2oo> Ch pter": 1 S 5armalkar acmillan

2 2oo>": 1 2

Nandita "as2u(ta


c2raw Hill

!shok AhunAhunwala 8haskar )amamurthy

1elecom Centre o+ E;cellence <)i1C'E?, $$1 adras

Courn $ Editori $ 2o rd": .$. No. 1 2 3 % & E @ 4.8.4 N !e o( ( cu$t* !.N.)aAago(alan 5. Sridharan !ndrew 1hangaraA Srikrishna 8hashyam 9. Shanthi Pa-an Enakshi 8hattacharya Harishankar )amachandran Po"ition 4Editor<Me!%er5 !ssociate Editor to the Editorial 8oard !ssociate Editor !ssociate Editor em,er o+ Editorial 8oard "e(uty Editor/in/Chie+ em,er o+ Editorial 8oard Editor Period Since !(ril 2>12 Since !(ril 2>12 Since "ecem,er 2>12 Since Guly 2>>F Courn $ N !e $EEE 1ransactions on $mage Processing, a (remier (u,lication o+ the $EEE Signal Processing Society $EEE 1ransactions on $ndustrial Electronics $EEE 1ransactions on Communications $EEE 1ransactions on 4ireless Communications $EEE 1ransactions on Circuits and SystemsD Part $ / )egular Pa(ers G. $SSS, $ndia $nternational Gournal o+ !d-ances in Engineering Sciences and !((lied athematics, S(ringer, $$1 G.

De"i'n nd De#e$op!ent Acti#itie":

2rie( nd "peci(ic det i$" o( Proce""<In"tru!ent"<EDuip!ent< .o(t- re de"i'ned nd de#e$oped: 8alaAi Srini-asan / *i,er/,ased "ynamic $nterrogator +or Elastic 4a-e Sensing +or $2C!), 5al(akkam. P tent": P tent" (i$ed: .$.No. 1 N !e o( ( cu$t* 5iran 5uchi, 8haskar )amamurthi Topic o( p tent !n 'rdered )educed Set Successi-e "etector +or #ow Com(le;ity, Buasi/ # "etection $ '

P tent" - rded: .$. No. 1 2 4.8.7 N !e o( ( cu$t* !.N. )aAago(alan Topic o( p tent 0S (atent awarded +or )eco-ering 3" structure using ,lur and (aralla; 0S (atent awarded +or ethod and system +or generating a high resolution image

Re"e rch nd Con"u$t nc*:

.pon"ored Re"e rch Pro)ect": .$.No. 1. 2. Tit$e "e-elo(ment Plat+orm o+ !akash Period 1E.>&.12 to 31.>3.1% 2&.>E.12 to 2%.>E.1& 11.11.11 to 1>.11.1% Fundin' A'enc* 1elecom Centre o+ E;cellence New *aculty Seed 2rant "S1/$N"$! and EPS)C/05 A!ount 4In $ >h"5 1> 13 Coordin tor" !shok GhunAhunwala )adha 5rishna 2anti

*ull/du(le; wireless system $N"'/05 colla,orati-e research initiati-e / L"e-elo(ment o+ 8iomass and Concentrating Photo-oltaic System +or )ural and 0r,an Energy 8ridgeD8ioCPV "esign and "e-elo(ment o+ V#S$/E++icient !rchitectures +or Video Sta,ili6ation and Stitching "e-elo(ment o+ automated SP$CE (arameter e;traction tool +or Si2e H81s using scala,le a((roach 0nderstanding P" acti-ity in aged trans+ormer oil and monitoring sul(ur content in it ,y o(tical techni7ue *ormation o+ PV ,ased "C grid and its $nteraction with !C grid Silicon Nano(hotonicsD 1ecchnolgy de-elo(ment, no-el de-ice design, +a,rication and characteri6ation "istri,uted Strain 1em(erature Sensors High Power #asers *i,er 8ragg Polymer *i,ers Pulsed 3



Srirama Srini-as


1 year

!N0)!2, ")"', Hydera,ad "S1


5. Sridharan


3 years


!nAan Chakra-orty !mita-a "as2u(ta ). Sarathi N.G. Vasa N. #akshmi Narasamma


>2.>&.12 to >1.11.12 1E.>@.12 to 1&.>@.1%

CP)$ Nissan )esearch Su((ort Program ")"'




2@.>@.12 to 2E.>@.1&


8iAoy 5rishna "as 8alaAi Srini-asan, "ee(a Venkitesh, !nil Pra,hakar, Nitin Chandrachoodan 8alaAi Srini-asan, "ee(a Venkitesh, !nil Pra,hakar 8alaAi Srini-asan Enakshi 8hattacharya 3 ". ChatterAee Enakshi 8hattacharya 3 Nandita "as2u(ta with 1& Co/ in-estigators

ar 2>1> to Se(t 2>13 Gan 2>1> to "ec 2>12 Gan 2>11 to "ec 2>13 2>>F /2>1%



1> 11 12

*i,er in

")"' "S1 NP !SS

%% E %%.E


National )esource Centre +or E S "esign Centre +or NE S Nano(hotonics at $$1 and


2>11 / 2>1E



Indu"tri $ Con"u$t nc* pro)ect": .$.No. 1 N !e o( ( cu$t* 8alaAi Srini-asan Tit$e *i,er '(tic Current Sensor Indu"tr* E)"! 4 A!ount in $ >h"5 1.%

R2IC pro)ect": .$.No. N !e o( ( cu$t* Tit$e Indu"tr* 4 A!ount in $ >h"5

8alaAi Srini-asan

)elia,ility Studies in High Power Pulsed *i,er #asers



EEch n'e pro'r !!e -ith other 1ni#er"itie" inc$udin' In"titution"<1ni#er"itie" under MO1: .$.No. 1 2 3 N !e o( .tudent Shree 5rishnamoorthy Prasanth Prahaladan <EE11 >==? Sai-eer Patnaik 5 <EE11 >F>? N !e o( the EEch n'e Pro'r ! NC8S "!!" "!!" N !e o( 1ni#er"it*<In"titution -hich under Mo1 8E)$ initiati-e ,etween $$1 adras 3 NC8S 2erman 1echnical 0ni-ersity 2erman 1echnical 0ni-ersity

F cu$t* !e!%er" p rticip tion -ith other In"titution" under Mo1: .$.No 1 N !e o( ( cu$t* 5 Pra,hu P rticip tion det i$" !n '0 ,etween EE", $$1 and EE", 10Ce has ,een signed +or a (eriod o+ +i-e years +rom 'cto,er 2>12 N !e o( 1ni#er"it*<In"titution -hich h " Mo1 1echnical 0ni-ersity Eindho-en <10Ce?, 1he Netherlands

Re"e rch Pu%$ic tion" o( the ( cu$t* !e!%er" 0 re"e rch "cho$ r": 1otal No. o+ (a(ers (u,lished in )e+ereed National Gournals 1otal No. o+ (a(ers (u,lished in )e+ereed $nternational Gournals 1otal No. o+ (a(ers (resented in National Con+erences 1otal No. o+ (a(ers (resented in $nternational con+erences In Re(ereed N tion $ Courn $": .$.No 1 5 Shanti Swaru( 2 F cu$t* N !e Tit$e Com(rehensi-e Study on Central anagement o+ a Power distri,ution System Hy,rid State Estimator with SC!"! and Phasor easurements Pu%$i"hed Gournal o+ Central Power )esearch $nstitute Gournal o+ Central Power )esearch $nstitute <CP)$?, Vol. =, No. >%, ((. 2%1/2&> CoB uthor" Su,hashree Patra Month< 6e r !(ril 2>12 D D D D >2 E@ >F E=

5. Gamuna

"ecem,er 2>12

In Re(ereed Intern tion $ Courn $": .$.No 1 F cu$t* N !e !mita-a "as2u(ta Tit$e !n E++icient numerical method +or (redicting the (er+ormance o+ -al-eless micro(um( Pro(osal +or a Standard icromagnetic Pro,lemD S(in 4a-e "is(ersion in a agnetic 4a-eguide $nterlea-ing/8ased Cyclic "elay "i-ersity '*" Systems o-er S(atially Correlated Channels !n Enhanced $nter/ carrier $nter+erence )eduction Scheme +or '*" System with Phase Noise Pu%$i"hed Smart aterials and Structures, Vol.21, !rticle No. 11&>12, $EEE 1ransactions on agnetics, Vol %F, No. 1, (( &2%/ &2F Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing <S(ringer?, Vol. 32, No. 1 ((. 2=3/2F@ Circuits, Syst. Signal Process <S(ringer?, ((. 1/ 13 CoB uthor" Paul E. 8raineard and "himan ChaterAee 2. Venkat, ". 5umar, . *ranchin, '. "mytriie-, . ruc6kiewic6, H. *angohr, !. 8arman, . 5rawc6yk 8. Senthil, 5. . Pra,hu Month<6e r 'cto,er 2>12

!nil Pra,hakar

Ganuary 2>13

). !ra-ind

*e,ruary 2>13

8. Senthil, 5 Pra,hu

Ganuary 2>13


!shok GhunAhunwala

Perce(tion o+ o,ile Phone "ata Su,mission in )eal 1ime 8iosur-eillance Program ,y $ndian Health 4orkers $n+ormation and Communication 1echnologies<$C1? "igital icro+luidics and its integration with a +luidic microreactor 8lock odulation +or $nter+erence anagement in Heterogeneous 4ireless Networks 8iased estimators with ada(ti-e shrinkage targets +or orthogonal +re7uency di-ision multi(le access channel estimation ! Buasi/static Com(act odel +or Cou(ling ,etween !ligned Contacts on *inite Su,strates with $nsulating C Conducting 8ack(lanes ultiscale model +or (hoton/assisted ,and/ to/,and tunneling in semiconductors E++ects o+ (ost o;idation annealing on electrical and inter+ace (ro(erties o+ high (ressure water -a(or o;idi6ed Si'2CSiC etal/';ide/ Semiconductor Ca(acitors Poisson image denoising using +ast discrete cur-elet trans+orm and wa-e atom 3/" war(ed discrete cosine trans+orm +or )$ image com(ression System odelling and $denti+ication in $ndicator "ilution ethod +or !ssessment o+ E* and P8V Poisson $mage "e/ noising 0sing 2eometric Platelets and 2eometric Buadlets !n Enhanced $nter/

$ndian Gournal o+ edical $n+ormatics 8eta, 8log Post, Version %.1 1he Encyclo(edia o+ Sustaina,ility, 8ershire Pu,lishing Volume @, Page2>E/21E G. $SSS, Vol. 2 No. 1, ((. 1>/1F $EEE Gournal o+ Selected 1o(ics in Signal Processing, Vol. E, No. 3, (( 2%1/2&E $E1 communications, Vol. @, No. 1, ((. 13/22 $EEE 1rans. Com(uter !ided "esign o+ $ntegrated Circuits and Systems, -ol. 31, no. E, ((. =&= / =E@ Gournal o+ !((lied Physics, Vol. 113, No. E, ((. >E%&>E>/>E%&>EF 1hin Solid *ilms, 1>.1>1ECA.ts+.2>12. 12.>1=

. 2anesan, Suma Prashant

ay 2>12


!ugust 2>12

@ =

Enakshi 8hattacharya 5 2iridhar

Paresh 5umar !run !yyar, Hari )am 8alakrishnan, Vinoth NagaraAan and !ndrew 1hangaraA ). #akshminarayanan, S. 5alyani

arch 2>13 Gune 2>12

Ganuary 2>13


S. 5armalkar

5omail 8adami

Gune 2>12


! . !Aoy, S.E. #au;. 5V) urali 5 5alai Sel-i and 1hiruna-ukkarasu 5

*e,ruary 2>13 "ecem,er 2>12


Nandita "as2u(ta


5. . . Pra,hu

Signal Processing, Vol.F2, ((. 2>>2/ 2>1@ 8iomedical Signal (rocessing and Control <Elsei-er? 8iomedical Signal (rocessing and Control <Elsei-er? Euro(ean Gournal o+ Signal Processing Circuits, Syst.

P. Sandee(

!(ril 2>12


5. Sridhar, . ischi and H. N. 8harath H. N. 8harath, H.H. . 5orsten and . ischi P. Sandee(

Guly 2>12


Guly 2>12


*e,ruary 2>13


8. Sethil, ). !ra-ind

Ganuary 2>13



!.N. )aAago(alan

carrier $nter+erence )eduction Scheme +or '*" System with Phase Noise $nterlea-ing/8ased Cyclic "elay "i-ersity '*" Systems o-er S(atially Correlated Channels Sha(e e;traction o+ low/te;tured o,Aects in -ideo microsco(y 1owards unrestrained de(th in+erence with coherent occlusion +illing )ange ma( su(er resolution/in(ainting, and reconstruction +rom s(arse data "e(th +rom motion and o(tical ,lur with unscented 5alman +ilter

Signal Process <S(ringer?, ((. 1/ 13 Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing <S(ringer?, Vol. 32, No. 1 ((. 2=3/2F@ Gournal o+ icrosco(y, Vol.2%&, ((. 2&2/ 2E% $nternational Gournal o+ Com(uter Vision , Vol. F@ Com(uter Vision and $mage understanding, Vol. 11E, ((. &@2/ &F1 $EEE 1ransactions on $mage Processing, Vol. 21, ((. 2@F=/2=11 $EEE 1rans. on "ielectrics and electrical insulation, Vol1F, No.&, ((1&1%/ 1&2> $EEE trans. 'n dielectrics and electrical insulation, Vol/1F, No.3, ((F>3/F>F $nternational Gournal o+ )e+ractory etals and Hard aterials, Volume 33, (( &3/&@ Ceramics $nternational, Volume 3=, $ssue @, Pages &&>@/ &&12 Gournal o+ aterials 1ransactions, -ol&3, no.=, ((1%2>/1%2% $EEE Gournal o+ Solid State Circuits 8. Senthil, ). !ra-ind *e,ruary 2>13

)aAi- ). Sahay

!(ril 2>12


!rna- 8ha-sar

!(ril 2>12


!rna- 8ha-sar

!(ril 2>12


C. Paramanand

ay 2>12


). Sarathi






9. Shanthi Pa-an


$n-estigation o+ Partial "ischarge !cti-ity ,y a Conducting Particle in 1rans+ormer oil under Harmonic !C -oltages !do(ting 0H* 1echni7ue 0nderstanding electrical treeing (henomena in :#PE ca,le insulation ado(ting 0H* techni7ue under harmonic !C -oltages Synthesis and characteri6ation o+ he;agonal nano tungsten car,ide (owder using multi walled car,on nanotu,es 2eneration and characteri6ation o+ 6irconium nitride nano(articles ,y wire e;(losion (rocess 2eneration and characteri6ation o+ nano 6irconium car,ide ,y wire e;(losion (rocess !nalysis o+ a "esign o+ a High S(eed Continuous "elta Sigma odulator 0sing the !ssisted '(am( 1echni7ue H6 84 @& d8 ") C1

!rchana )eddy


!rya Nandini and 1.1anaka


S. !ra-inth, 8inu Sankar, . 5amaraA, S.). Chakra-arthy

Guly 2>12

).Sugunakar )eddy, . 5amaraA, 0. 5amachi udali, S.). Chakra-arthy Sugunakar )eddy, . 5amaraA, 5amachi udali, S.). Chakra-arthi !.Gain, N. uthusu,ramaniam

Se(tem,er 2>12


Guly 2>12

$EEE Gournal o+

V. Singh, N.

!ugust 2>12




5 Shanti Swaru(

"elta Sigma !"C Com(ensated +or more than 'ne Cycle E;cess #oo( "elay "e-ice Noise in Continuous/ 1ime '-ersam(ling Con-erters ! 1ime/"omain Pers(ecti-e o+ the Signal 1rans+er *unction o+ a Continuous/1ime "elta Sigma odulator Network decom(osition using 5ernighan#in strategy aided harmony search algorithm Pattern !nalysis and Classi+ication +or security e-olution in Power Networks

Solid State Circuits $EEE 1rans. 'n Circuits and SystemsD )egular Pa(ers $EEE 1ransactions on Circuits and Systems

5rishna(ura, 8. Vigraham, ". 8ehera and N. Nigania )adha. S. )aAan Se(tem,er 2>12 *e,ruay 2>13




5. Sridharan


!ndrew 1hangaraA

New "ecom(osotion 1heorems on aAority #ogic +or #ow/delay !dder designs in Buantum "ot Cellular !utomata Codes on Planar 2ra(hs

Swarm and E-olutionary Com(utation, Volume @, Pages 1/E $nternational Gournal on Electrical Power Energy Systems <$GEPES?, <Elsei-er?, Vol. %%, No.2>, ((. &%@/ &E> $EEE 1rans. 'n Circuits and Sysytems/ Part $$, Vol.&F, $ssue 1>, ((. E@=/E=2 !d-ances in athematics o+ Communications, Vol. E, No. 2, ((. 131/1E3 $EEE Gournal o+ Selected 1o(ics in Signal Processing, Vol. E, No. 3, (( 2%1/2&E $EEE 1rans. 'n $n+ormation 1heory, Vol. &=, No. @, (( %=3@/%@ '(tical Engineering, Vol. &1, ((. E&>>&/1 Gournal o+ Non/ "estructi-e E-aluation and 1esting, Vol. 1>, ((. &3 '(t. Commun., -ol. 2=&, no. =, ((. 2>E@/2>@> $EEE Gournal o+ Solid State Circuits

2.!. E6hilarasi

"ecem,er 2>12

Sheetal 5alyani

*e,ruary 2>13

Vikram kumar Pudi

'cto,er 2>12

Srimathy Srini-asan

ay 2>12



8lock odulation +or $nter+erence anagement in Heterogeneous 4ireless Networks 1he 1ree width o+ "S and reed/ uller Codes 8alaAi Srini-asan !da(ti-e !dams 8ash+orth method +or modeling o+ highly do(ed +i,er am(li+iers and +i,er lasers 1ransient )es(onse o+ *a,ry/Perot *ilter/ 8ased "ynamic $nterrogator O$m(ro-ement o+ (olari6ation e;tinction in silicon wa-eguide de-ices 1E H6 84 @& d8 ") C1 "elta Sigma !"C Com(ensated +or more

!run !yyar, Hari )am 8alakrishnan, Vinoth NagaraAan and 5 2iridhar N. 5ashya(

Gune 2>12

!ugust 2>12


!nish 8ekal

Gune 2>12


!.V. Harish

Gune 2>12


8iAoy 5rishna "as

2.). 8hatt

!(ril 2>12


Nagendra 5rishna(ura

V. Singh, S. Pa-an, 8. Vigraham, ". 8ehera and N.

!ugust 2>12

%2 %3

Nitin Chandrachoodan Shanti 8hattacharya

than 'ne Cycle E;cess #oo( "elay $nterconnect !ware 1est Power )eduction Phase shi+ted *resnel !;icon "esign, *a,rication and E-aluation o+ a ultile-el S(iral Phase *resnal Qone Plate +or '(tical 1ra((ing ultilayer (orous silicon di++raction gratings o(erating in the in+raredO Con+iguration constrained sta,ili6ation o+ a wheeled mo,ile ro,ot ! ulti(le $nducti-e #oo( Vehicle "etection System +or Heterogeneous and #ane/#ess 1ra++ic Electronic Scheme +or Com(uting $n-erse/ Cosine and its !((lication to a 2 ) 8ased !nalog Sensor itigating Some Security !ttacks in P#S/VPN odel LCM

Nigania Gournal o+ #ow Power Electronics '(tics #etters, !cce(ted <!(ril 2>12?, "oc. $" 1E%@E@ !((lied '(tics, Vol. &1, No.2&, ((. E>3=/E>%% Nanoscale )esearch #ett., @, @DE%& $EEE 1ransactions on Control System 1echnology, Vol. 21, No. 1, ((. 2@&/ 2=> $EEE 1ransactions on $nstrumentation and easurement, Vol. E1, No. &, 13&3/13E> $EEE 1rans. 'n $nstrumentation and easurement, Vol. E1, No. @, ((. 1FF1/1FFF $nternational Gournal on !d-ances in Networks and Ser-ices Volume &, Num,er 3, Pages 3>%/31% $nternational Gournal on !d-ances in Networks and Ser-ices $EEEC!C 1ransactions on Networking, 2>13 Seetal Potluri, V. 5amakoti A.ViAayakumar !ugust 2>12 !(ril 2>12



Se(tem,er 2>12


. #ai, 2. Sridharan, 2. Parish and !. 5eating V. Sankaranarayanan

No-em,er 2>12 *e,ruary 2>13


!run ". ahindrakar


8o,y 2eorge

S. Sheik ohammed !li, #elitha VanaAakshi and Gayashankar V !noo( C.S

!(ril 2>12


!ugust 2>12


2aura- )aina

Shankar )aman and 8alaAi Venkat

"ecem,er 2>12



5rishna Gagannathan


0sing 82P to )educe Power Consum(tion in Core and Edge NetworksD ! etric/ 8ased !((roach Bueue #ength !sym(totics +or 2enerali6ed a;/ 4eight Scheduling in the (resence o+ Hea-y/ 1ailed 1ra++ic Non/coo(erati-e S(ectrum !ccess / 1he "edicated -s. *ree S(ectrum Choice Non threshold 7uantum secret/sharing schemes in gra(h/state +ormalism 1o(ological su,system codes +orm gra(hs and hy(ergra(hs

Shankar )aman and 8alaAi Venkat

"ecem,er 2>12

. arkakis, E. odiano, G.N. 1sitsiklis

arch 2>13

GS!C s(ecial issue on Network Economics, Volum e 3>, $ssue 11, Physics, )e-. !=E, >%23>3 Physical )e-iew !=E, >%233E


enache, E. odiano, 2. Qussman //

"ecem,er 2>12


Pradee( Sar-e(alli

'cto,er 2>12


5enneth ). 8rown

No-em,er 2>12


)adhakrishna 2anti

&E &@




)amakrishna Pasumarthy Sheetal 5alyani

O odelling and analysis o+ k/tier downlink heterogeneous cellular networks Series e;(ansion +or inter+erence in wireless networks S(atial analysis o+ o((ortunistic downlink relaying in a two/ho( cellular system !nalytical e-aluation o+ +ractional +re7uency reuse +or heterogeneous cellular networks Characteri6ing decentrali6ed wireless networks with tem(oral correlation in the low outage regime Port Hamiltonian "iscrete6ation +or o(en channel +lows !nalysis o+ '((ortunistic Scheduling !lgorithms in '*" ! Systems in the Presence o+ 2enerali6ed *ading odels 1he !sym(totic "istri,ution o+ a;ima o+ $nde(endent and $dentically "istri,uted Sums o+ Correlated or Non/$dentical 2amma )andom Varia,les and its !((lications 'n C)8 +or (arameter estimation in two com(onent 2aussian mi;tures and the im(act o+ miss(eci+ication 8iased estimators with ada(ti-e shrinkage targets +or orthogonal +re7uency di-ision multi(le access channel estimation Pattern !nalysis and Classi+ication +or security e-olution in Power Networks

$EEE Gournal on Sel. !reas in Communications, 3><3?, &&> /&E> $EEE 1rans. on $n+o. 1heory, &=<%?, 21F%/22>& $EEE 1rans. on Communications, E>D1%%3/1%&>, $EEE 1rans. on Communications, (ages 2>2F /2>3F $EEE 1rans. on 4ireless Communications, 11<F?D3112 /312& Systems and Control #etters, Vol. EF, issue F, ((. F&>/F&= $EEE 1ransactions on 4ireless Communications, -ol.11, no.=, ((.2FFE,3>>& $EEE 1ransactions on Communications, -ol.E>, no.F, ((.2@%@,2@&=

H. "hillon, *. 8accelli, and G. 2. !ndrew *. 8accelli, and G. 2. !ndrews . Haenggi

!(ril 2>12

!(ril 2>12 ay 2>12

1. ". No-lan, !. 2hosh, and G. 2. !ndrews 5. 2ulati, G. 2. !ndrews, 8. #. E-ans, and S. Srikanteswara V. ). !m,ati and !.G. Vander Scha+t 5arthik, ).

Guly 2>12

Se(tem,er 2>12

Se(tem,er 2>12 !ugust 2>12



5arthik, ).

Se(tem,er 2>12



$EEE 1ransactions on Communications, -ol E>, no 12, ((. 3@3%/3@%% $E1 communications, Vol. @, No. 1, ((. 13/22 $nternational Gournal on Electrical Power Energy Systems<$GEPES?, <Elsei-er?, Vol. %%, No.2>, ((. &%@/ &E> $EEE 1rans. $nd. Electron <1>.11>FC1$E.2>12 .22>FE1&?


"ecem,er 2>12

). #akshminarayanan, 5. 2iridhar

Ganuary 2>13


5.S. Swaru(

*e,ruary 2>13


Srirama Srini-as

1heoretical 3 E;(erimental !nalysis +or Current in a "ual/ $n-erter +ed '(en/end 4inding $nduction

5. )ama Chandrasekhar

Guly 2>12

motor "ri-e with )educed Switching P4 E@ "iscontinuous "ecou(led P4 s +or reduced current ri((le in a "ual 1wo/le-el $n-erter +ed '(en/end winding $nduction motor dri-e $EEE 1rans. 'n Power Electronics 5. )ama Chandrasekhar !ugust 2>12

In Proceedin'" o( N tion $ Con(erence": .$.No 1 F cu$t* N !e !shok GhunAhunwala Tit$e Can we dream o+ &>S o+ $ndiaHs Power in 2>3> +rom Solar PVN "ecentrali6ed !((roachD 2ame changer Network Partitioning o+ #arge Scale Power Systems using 5ernighan/#in !lgorithm "emand )es(onse +or load Scheduling and anagement ,ased on Customer Partici(ation Price 8ased "emand )es(onse o+ !ggregated 1hermostatically Controlled #oads *or #oad *re7uency Control Co/ordinate $nterlea-ed Non/orthogonal !m(li+y and *orward )elaying Protocol !lgorithms +or Change "etections with 0nknown Num,er o+ !++ected Sensors 2eneration )escheduling and Shunt Com(ensation Planning +or Voltage Sta,ility $m(ro-ement 'nline "ynamic Security !ssessment o+ Power Systems 0sing Critical 2rou( Energy *unction Cross/#ayer Strategies +or 1hrough(ut a;imi6ation in a "ata !ggregating 4ireless Network Pu%$i"hed 1>> session o+ $ndian Science Congress Con+erence, 5olkata 1@th National Power Systems Con+erence <NPSC?, $$1/8H0, Varanasi 1@th National Power Systems Con+erence <NPSC?, $$1/8H0, Varanasi 1@th National Power Systems Con+erence <NPSC?, $$1/8H0, Varanasi Proceedings o+ National Con+erence on Communications <NCC/ 2>13?, $$1 "elhi, $ndia

CoB uthor" //

Month Ganuary 2>13 "ecem,er 2>12 "ecem,er 2>12

E. !ngeline

3 5. Shanti Swaru(

!,hishek 2oyal

"e-ika Gay V. P. Sreekanth, 5. V. Srini-as P. Sarath 5umar, 8. Sai 5iran, S. 8hashyam Sunil S. "amodhar ohammed $7,al ) E. V. angi(udi, S. 8hashyam

"ecem,er 2>12


Srikrishna 8hashyam !run Pachai 5annu

*e,ruary 2>13

@ S. 5rishna =

$EEE *i+th Power $ndia Con+erence $EEE *i+th Power $ndia Con+erence Proceedings o+ National Con+erence on Communications <NCC/ 2>13?, $$1 "elhi, $ndia

"ecem,er 2>12 "ecem,er 2>12 *e,ruary 2>13

Venkatesh )amaiyan

In Proceedin'" o( Intern tion $ Con(erence": .$.No 1 2 F cu$t* N !e !nil Pra,hakar ). !ra-ind Tit$e Com(act models +or magnonic de-ices 'utage and 2ood(ut !nalysis with !)B in ulti(le !ccess Channels Prototy(ing Socio/ Pu%$i"hed $nternational Con+erence on Su(erconducti-ity and agnetism Fth $nternational $12 Con+erence on Systems, Communication and Coding, 0ni-ersitat der 8undeswehr, unchen, unich, 2ermany #earning +rom CoB uthor" 2. Venkat, . *ranchin, H. *ancohr 8harath #), ).5. 2anti Month !(ril 2>12 Ganuary 2>13


1.!. 2onsal-es, 9.



1echnical Systems +or 8anking Ser-ices +or )ural $ndia ! )a(idly de(loya,le disaster communications system +or de-elo(ing countries Set/(artitioning ,ased +orwardC,ackward So+t decision algorithms +or $ ' "etection ! )a(idly de(loya,le disaster communications system +or de-elo(ing countries

)a-inder "a-id 5oil(illai

arginali6ed 0sersD )eci(rocity in HC$%", Seattle, 4ashington, 0S! $nternational Con+erence on Communications <$CC? 2>12

"ittrich and #. Vaidyanathan ". Galihal, )., P. 5hawas, S. Sam(oornam, Sree Hari NagaraAan <$$1?, 5eiAi 1akeda, 5otaro 5ataoka )akesh alladi, 5iran 5uchi ).". 5oil(illai, P. 5hawas, S. Sam(oornam, Sree Hari NagaraAan <$$1?, 5eiAi 1akeda, 5otaro 5ataoka <5eio 0ni-ersity, 1okyo? H.V.8alachandra !char and Sudeshna Sengu(ta !noo( C.S., and 2eorge 8.


Gune 2>12


"e-endra Galihal

$nternational Con+erence on Signal Processing and Communications/ SPC' $nternational Con+erence on Communications <$CC?

Guly 2>12

Gune 2>12

Enakshi 8hattacharya V Gagadeesh 5umar

8iomolecular se(aration using silicon nano(orous mem,ranes ! linear tunnelling magneto/resistance angle transducer

!n inno-ati-e method +or determining the Aunction tem(erature o+ a (hoto-oltaic cell Nandita "as2u(ta E++ects o+ (ost o;idation annealing on electrical and inter+ace (ro(erties o+ high (ressure water -a(or o;idi6ed Si'2CSiC etal/';ide/ Semiconductor Ca(acitors 1una,le E S di++raction gratings with im(ro-ed dis(lacement (ro+ile +or +i;ed/+i;ed ,eams "irectionlet/,ased P0)E/#E1 +or Poisson $mage "e/noising


Nanomaterials and #ow/ dimensional Structures track o+ $CCES 2>12, Crete $EEE $nternational $nstrumentation and easurement 1echnology Con+erence, 2ra6, F!ustria, ((D 2>@3 2>@@ $EEE $nternational $nstrumentation and easurement 1echnology Con+erence, 2ra6, !ustria, ((D 1=%@ 1=&> 1hin Solid *ilms, Else-eir, 1>.1>1ECA.ts+.2>12.12.>1=

!(ril 2>12

ay 2>12

Gee-an "oss C.)., 5umara-el . and 2eorge 8.

ay 2>12

5 5alai Sel-i, 1hiruna-ukkarasu 5

Ganuary 2>13


E S and iniaturi6ed Systems :$$, SP$E Photonics 4est, San *rancisco $nternational Con+erence on $mage Processing Com(uter Vision and Pattern )ecognition, $PCV, #as Vegas Ne-ada, 0S! 3rd $nternational Con+erence on Sensor Signal Processing +or "e+ence, SSP", #ondon, 05 $EEE $ntl. Con+. Electronics, Com(uting,

Suresh V. 2., S. 8hattacharya

*e,ruary 2>13


5. .


P. Sandee(

Guly 2>12


)econstruction o+ N/th 'rder Non/ 0ni+ormly Sam(led Signals 0sing "igital *ilter 8anks )o,ust +eatures +or En-ironmental Sound

S.5. Sindhi

Se(tem,e r 2>12


S. Sunit

Ganuary 2>13

Classi+ication 1& 1E 9. Shanthi Pa-an 5. Sridharan 1utorialD Simulation 1echni7ues +or "ata Con-erter "esign Hareware/e++icient (ath (lanning +or a o,ile )o,ot and *P2! reali6ation Sel+/$nter+erence Cancellation odels +or *ull/du(le; 4ireless Communications 'uter 8ounds +or the Ca(acity )egion o+ a 2aussian 1wo/)elay Channel $n-estigation o+ the "irectional )es(onse o+ *i,er 8ragg 2rating/ 8ased !coustic Emission Sensor Carrier Su((ressed odulation +or 8rillouin 2ain S(ectrum !nalysis !n !da(ti-e #ine Enhancement 1echni7ue +or *i,er 8ragg 2rating/ 8ased !coustic Emission Sensor Study o+ Pulse Sta,ility Enhancement in )egenerati-ely ode/ #ocked *i,er #aser, $n-estigation o+ Sel+/ Pulsing in 9tter,ium /"o(ed High Power *i,er !m(li+iers, !d-ances in Pulse Sta,ili6ation 1echni7ues in !cti-ely odelocked *i,er #asers, "esign and "emonstration o+ a 1una,le B/Switched *i,er #aser, Silicon Photonics and '(tical interconnect 1echnology 1a(ering and Si6e )eduction o+ Single/ mode Silicon 4a-eguides ,y maskless )$E Simulation and e;(erimental studies o+ di++usion do(ed (/i/n structures +or silicon


!ndrew 1hangaraA

Communication 1echnologies, $$Sc 8angalore $nternational Solid State Circuits Con+erence <$SSCC?, San *rancisco $EEE Se-enth $nternational Con+erence on $ndustrial and $n+ormation Systems SPC' 2>12

// V. Sudharsan

*e,ruary 2>13 !ugust 2>12 Guly 2>12

). 5. 2anti and S. 8hashyam $sha7ue !shar 5, Prathyusha V and S. 8hashyam !.V. Harish, ). )aAkumar, 5 8alasu,ramanian V.V. !chuth, !. )amalakshmi, Shahna Hanee+, "ee(a Venkitesh !. Sharma, !.V. Harish,



8alaAi Srini-asan

Proceedings o+ !llerton Con+erence on Communication, Control and Com(uting, onticello, $# Pa(er S %*.&, 'S! 1echnical "igest, '(tical Sensors Con+erence Pa(er S1u3*.3, 'S! 1echnical "igest, '(tical Sensors Con+erence Proceedings o+ $nternational Con+erence on Signal Processing and Communications, 8angalore 8est Pa(er !ward, Proceedings o+ $nternational Con+erence on *i,er '(tics and Photonics, Chennai Proceedings o+ $nternational Con+erence on *i,er '(tics and Photonics, Chennai <2>12? In#ited P per, Proceedings o+ SP$E '(to Con+erence, San *rancisco Proceedings o+ SP$E '(to Con+erence, San *rancisco $C'E / $nternational Con+erence on '(tical Engineering 2>12,V10, 8elgaum, $ndia 'ECC 2>12 / '(toElectronics Communication Con+erence, 8e;co, 8usan 5orea SP$E Photonics 4est 2>13, San *rancisco, C!, 0S!

'cto,er 2>12

Gune 2>12


Gune 2>12 Guly 2>12




"ecem,e r 2>12


9. Pan,iharwala, C. Sathishkumar, ". Venkitesh !.8ekal

"ecem,e r 2>12


*e,ruary 2>13 *e,ruary 2>13 Guly 2>12


. Sri-asta-a, ". Venkitesh, S. Chandran and 0. 5arthik S. Chandran


8iAoy 5rishna "as



P. Sakthi-el, N. "asgu(ta

*e,ruary 2>13


3> 31 Nagendra 5rishna(ura


(hotonics OPolari6ation/ inde(endent and dis(ersion/+ree integrated o(tical Q$ in S'$ su,strate +or "4" a((lications OHighly e++icient "8) in silicon wa-eguides with ele-enth order di++raction $ntroducing Negati-e *eed,ack with an $ntegrator as the Central Element Synthesis 8ased $ntroduction to '(am(s and Phase #ocked #oo(s 2P0 $m(lementation o+ a 8elie+ Pro(agation "ecoder +or Polar Codes S(eeding u( Com(utation o+ the ma;Cmin o+ a set o+ 2aussians +or Statistical 1iming !nalysis and '(timi6ation "esign o+ ultile-el S(iral Phase *resnel Qone Plates 1una,le E S di++raction gratings with im(ro-ed dis(lacement (ro+ile +or +i;ed/+i;ed ,eams 'n the Sum )ate o+ a 2 ; 2 $nter+erence Network Sel+/$nter+erence Cancellation odels +or *ull/du(le; 4ireless Communications 'uter 8ounds +or the Ca(acity )egion o+ a 2aussian 1wo/)elay Channel

0. 5arthik

H. Sasikumar, ". Venkitesh $nternational Sym(osium on Circuits and Systems, Proc. 2>12 $EEE $SC!S, 2%%F/2%&2 $nternational Sym(osium on Circuits and Systems, Proc. 2>12 $EEE $SC!S, 2%E3/2%EE %Eth !silomar Con+erence on Signals, Systems and Com(uters, onterey, C!, 0S! Proceedings o+ 1!0 2>13 4orksho(, #ake 1ahoe, C!, 0S! // ay 2>12


ay 2>12


Nitin Chandrachoodan

8harath 5umar )eddy # Vimitha 5uru-illa, "e,Ait Sinha, Ge++ Piaget, Chandu Visweswariah !.ViAaykumar

No-em,e r 2>12 arch 2>13



Shanti 8hattacharya


$EEE '(tical E S 3 Nano(hotoni;s Con+erence, 8an++, Canada E S and iniaturi6ed Systems :$$, SP$E Photonics 4est, San *rancisco $EEE $nternational Con+erence on Communications <$CC?, 'ttawa, Canada SPC' 2>12

!ugust 2>12 *e,ruary 2>13

Suresh V. 2., N. "as2u(ta,


Srikrishna 8hashyam

. Sridhar

Gune 2>12 Guly 2>12


!.1hangaraA and ).5. 2anti $sha7ue !shar 5, Prathyusha V and !ndrew 1hangaraA Sai Push(ak



!run ". ahindrakar 8o,y 2eorge

Semista,ility !nalysis o+ the Cha(ygin Sleigh ! no-el signal conditioning scheme +or magneto/resisti-e angle sensors



! linear tunnelling magneto/resistance angle transducer

Proceedings o+ !llerton Con+erence on Communication, Control and Com(uting, onticello, $# $nternational Sym(osium on athematical 1heory o+ Networks and Systems $EEE $nternational $nstrumentation and easurement 1echnology Con+erence, 2ra6, !ustria, ((D 2>=3 2>=@ $EEE $nternational $nstrumentation and easurement 1echnology Con+erence,

'cto,er 2>12

Guly 2>12

!noo( C.S.

ay 2>12

!noo( C.S., and Gagadeesh 5umar V.

ay 2>12


!n inno-ati-e method +or determining the Aunction tem(erature o+ a (hoto-oltaic cell ! magnetically cou(led inducti-e loo( sensing system +or less lane disci(lined tra++ic "ee(a Venkitesh Carrier Su((ressed odulation +or 8rillouin 2ain S(ectrum !nalysis "emonstration o+ a wa-elength tuna,le B/ switched +i,er laser "esign and demonstration o+ tuna,le B/switched +i,er laser Highly e++icient "8) in silicon wa-eguides with ele-enth order di++raction Some sta,ility analysis o+ a non/linear time/delayed +eed,ack circuit ! no-el ,ack/ste((ing control strategy +or the 1ri/rotor 0!V 8ack/ste((ing control strategy +or sta,ili6ation o+ a 1ilt/rotor 0!V ! generali6ed control method +or a 1ilt/rotor 0!V sta,ili6ation



2ra6, !ustria, ((D 2>=3 2>=@ $EEE $nternational $nstrumentation and easurement 1echnology Con+erence, 2ra6, !ustria, ((D 2>=3 2>=@ $EEE $nternational $nstrumentation and easurement 1echnology Con+erence, 2ra6, !ustria, ((D =2@ =32 Pa(er S1u3*.3, 'S! 1echnical "igest, '(tical Sensors Con+erence Pa(er !1h3!.&, 'S!/ !CP 1echnical "igest Proc. SPIE =E>1, *i,er #asers :D 1echnology, Systems, and !((lications Proc. SP$E =E2F, Silicon Photonics V$$$ 2%th Chinese Control and "ecision Con+erence <2>12 CC"C?, 1aiyuan, China 2%th Chinese Control and "ecision Con+erence <2>12 CC"C?, 1aiyuan, China 2%th Chinese Control and "ecision Con+erence <2>12 CC"C?, 1aiyuan, China $EEE $nternational Con+erence on Cy,er 1echnology in !utomation, Control and $ntelligent Systems <C98E)?, 8angkok, 1hailand 1he =th editerranean Con+erence on Power 2eneration, 1ransmission, "istri,ution and Energy Con-ersion, Cagliari, $taly !$C1 2>12 D 1he Eighth !d-anced $nternational Con+erence on 1elecommunications Electronic Proceedings in 1heoretical Com(uter Science <EP1CS?

Gee-an "oss C.)., 5umara-el . and Gagadeesh 5umar V. S.S. . !li and VanaAakshi #

ay 2>12

ay 2>12

%E %@

V.V. !chuth, !. )amalakshmi, Shahna Hanee+, 8. Srini-asan anas Sri-asta-a, and 8alaAi Srini-asan anas Sri-asta-a, 8alaAi Srini-asan Harish Sasikumar, 8iAoy 5. "as Shra-an ohan

Gune 2>12 2>12 *e,ruary 2>13 arch 2>13 ay 2>12

%= %F 2aura- )aina


!nil 5ulhare, !rindam and 8hanAa Chowdhury !rindam 8hanAa Chowdhury and !nil 5ulhare !rindam 8hanAa Chowdhury, !nil 5ulhare

ay 2>12


ay 2>12


ay 2>12


S. 5rishna

Com(arison o+ Partici(ation *actor ethod and Selecti-e Eigen-alue Com(utation +or Voltage Sta,ility !nalysis Correlated C2C1 Bueue modelling o+ Gitter 8u++er in 1" o$P Symmetry constraints on tem(oral order in measurement/,ased 7uantum com(utation

Sunil S "amodhar

'cto,er 2>12




0sha )ani Seshasayee ). )aussendor+, , 1.C. 4ei,P. Haghnegahdar

ay 2>12


Pradee( Sar-e(alli

'cto,er 2>12


)adhakrishna 2anti


Sel+/$nter+erence Cancellation odels +or *ull/du(le; 4ireless Communications 'utage and 2ood(ut !nalysis with !)B in ulti(le !ccess Channels #oad/aware heterogeneous cellular networksD odeling and S$) distri,ution *undamentals o+ mo,ility in cellular networksD odeling and analysis S$N) order statistics in '*" ! systems Nonholonomic +ormulation o+ Hamiltonian systems -ia 7uasi coordinate Hamiltonian +ormulation o+ 2" shallow water e7uations with ,oundary energy +low Passi-ity ,ased control o+ underactuared 2/" s(idercrane mani(ulator E++ect o+ a cmelimination (wm on Stator current ni((le in a dual two/le-el in-erter +ed induction motor dri-e Current )i((le !nalysis +or an !symmetric "ual 1wo/le-el $n-erter dri-e with reduced Common mode -oltage P4 1echni7ue Hy,rid P4 s +or sha+t -oltage reduction in a dual in-erter +ed induction motor dri-e $ntegration o+ PVC8attery hy,rid energy con-ersion system to the grid with (ower 7uality im(ro-ement +eatures Plastic ElectronicsD !n $ne;(ensi-e !lternati-e to 1raditional Electronic !((lications



!.1hangaraA and S. 8hashyam 8harath #), ). !ra-ind

Guly 2>12


Fth $nternational $12 Con+erence on Systems, Communication and Coding, 0ni-ersitat der 8undeswehr, unchen, unich, 2ermany $EEE 2lo,ecom, !naheim, 0S!

Ganuary 2>13

H. S. "hillon and G. 2. !ndrews :. #in, P. G. *leming, and G. 2. !ndrews 5. 5uchi

"ecem,e r 2>12

&F E> E1 )amakrishna Pasumarthy

$EEE $nternational Systems Con+erence, Vancou-er, Canada 1NS

N. Singh, *, 5a6i, ! 5amath !.G. Van der Scha+t

arch 2>12 Guly 2>12


E3 E% Srirama Srini-as

1NS $nternational Sym(osium on Power Electronics, Electrical "ri-er, !utomation and motions 2>12, SPEE"! 2>12, Sorrento, $taly $EEE PE"ES 2>12

2. 2ogte, V. Chinde, *. 5a6i and N. . Singh 5.). Chandrasekhar

Guly 2>12 Gune 2>12


5.). Chandrasekhar

Ganuary 2>13


$EEE/$C$1/2>13, Ca(e 1own, South !+rica $EEE/$C$1/2>13, Ca(e 1own, South !+rica

5alaisel-i Geyaraman Narsa )eddy, ahesh.5. ishra

*e,ruary 2>13 *e,ruary 2>13



Soumya "utta

Proceedings o+ $nternational Con+erence on !d-ancements in Polymeric materials, C$PE1, #ucknow


arch 2>13

Di"tin'ui"hed ,i"itor" to the Dep rt!ent: ..No. 1 2 ,i"itor"F N !e 0De"i'n tion Pro+. P.). 5umar "istinguished !lumnus 2>12 "r. Sahoo and his team EEE "e(artment A((i$i tion 1e;as ! 3 0ni-ersity, 0S! 8$1S, Pilani/ Hydera,ad 2oa Purpo"e o( ,i"it 2a-e seminar on L1he coming Era o+ Cy,er/Physical SystemsM 1o -isit each la,oratory to know regarding la, in+rastructure, Month0 D te 12.>%.12 2&.>%.12 3 2E.>%.12

su((orting sta++s, maintenance (rocedure, students to e7ui(ment ratio and other details 3 % & "r. 5annan Srini-asan *aculty r. "an 4ilkinson "irector "r. Prassana Cha(orkar !ssistant Pro+essor s. Sowmya VaradaraAan, !ssosiate "irector 'hio 0ni-ersity, 0S! : 'S #td., 8ristol, 05 $$1 8om,ay eeting with +aculty mem,ers 1o -isit la,s and to discuss with +aculty He ga-e a talk +or the students O1hrough(ut ma;imi6ation in )enewa,le Energy Em(owered 4ireless NetworksO 1alk on the LE-olution and e++ecti-eness o+ machine to machine communicationsM Visit "r. !ndrew 1hangaraA and deli-er a seminar in the de(artment >2.>&.12 1@.>&.12 2=.>E.12 3 2F.>E.12 1F.>@.12

Veri6on "e(t. o+ $n+ormation Engineering, Chinese 0ni-ersity o+ Hongkong, Shatin, N.1., Hongkong 0S1C, China Cali+ornia $nstitute o+ 1echnolgy 4ireless 1echnologies and Systems )esearch, 8ell #a,s, !lcatel #ucent, 0S! 0ni-ersity o+ $llinois 0r,ana Cham(aign "e(t. o+ ECE, $$Sc, 8angalore Bualcomm $nc. 0ni-ersity o+ !((lied Sciences, utten6, Swit6erland $8 $ndia )esearch #a,, 8angalore "e(t. o+ EE, $$1 8om,ay !"E 8angalroe $8 *ellow and Chie+ 1echnologist at the icroelectronics "i-ision, $8 Systems 3 1echnology 2rou( 0ni-ersity o+ aryland, 0S!

"r. Siddarth Gaggi 4enyi Qhang, !ssistant Pro+essor "r. P.P. Vaidyanathan "r. 5rishna 8alachandran, "irector Pro+. ). Srikant "r. 8. Sundar )aAan, Pro+essor "r. 2. Susinder )aAan "r. Goachim 5oeser "r. !ra-in+ 2anesh Pro+. Vi-ek S. 8orkar 2. Sreeni-asa )eddy Sc *, N. )adhakrishna Sc *, 5iran G Sc ", ViAai Prakasah Sc C Su,ramanian S. $yer,

2>.>@.12 2%.>@.12 to 2=.>@.12 2E.>@.12

= F

Seminar and )esearch discussion


Seminar and )esearch discussion 2i-e research talks and +orm colla,orations Seminar and )esearch discussion Seminar 2i-e a talk on LCantile-er Sensors/ Princi(les and !((licationsM Seminar Seminar and )esearch discussion "iscussions regarding consultancy +or #)E' "e(artment / Seminar 1itle L icroelectronics +or a Smarter PlanetM "eli-ered a talk titledD 4hen and 4hat to CommunicateD E-ent 1riggered Control +or Sta,ili6ation 1asks 1o e;(lore academic andCor technical colla,oration +or mutual ,ene+its 1o discuss +uture colla,oration 1o gi-e research seminar, and continue colla,oration with "r. ).5. 2anti and "r. 5 Gagannathan.

31.>@.12 >=.>=.12 to 1%.>=.12 1>.>=.12 2%.>=.12 3>.>=.12 31.>=.12 >3.>F.12 >=.1>.12

11 12 13 1% 1& 1E 1@




r. Pa-an 1alla(ragada, Ph." student "r. "eok Ho H!, "r. Gong )ak 9''N, "r. Seok 1ae 5$ , "r. 9eon Ho CH0N2, "r. oon 2a, G'' and "r. Gee 9oul )90 ). 8alakrishnan, Chair ECE "a-id Ganes, Pro+. ECE "r. )ahul Va6e



Pukyong National 0ni-ersity, 5orea Purdue 0ni-ersity 1$*), um,ai

23.>1.13 2=.>1.13 to 2F.>1.13 2=.>1.13 to >1.>2.13

21 22

23 2% 2& 2E .t ((

"r. 2. Gawhar, "2 <H)"? )aAendra Singh "irector <H)"? !. Surendarn "2 <Chennai? Pro+. )a+ig !66am, r. artin Schnal+uss and "r. 5alten,orn Pro+. Gagdutt Singh "r. Sri-atsa-a Gandhyala

P'4E)/2)$" $ndia $2CS, 0. o+ !achen, aschinen+a,rik )einhausen 2m,H #a 1ro,e 0ni-ersity, el,ourne, !ustralia 0ni-ersity o+ Cali+ornia, 8erkely, 0S!

Signing o+ o0 ,etween $$1 P'4E)2)$" *or +uture colla,oration 1o gi-e a seminar 1o gi-e a seminar


12.>2.13 2@.>2.13 to 2=.>2.13 >%.>3.13 >&.>3.13

De"i'n tion Ad!ini"tr ti#e Gunior Su(erintendent Senior !ssistant

N !e o( .t (( Me!%er"

Rajendiran M Gayasankaran V 1amil Sel-i 5 Vidya N Gayakumar 5 Elango-an 5 V allika Si-akumar 4 Sridhar 1

Senior !ttendant !ttendant

Technic $ Senior 1echnical Su(erintendent !,dul Galeel ! alar-i6hi Sathya,ama 0sha )ani N !nand P "e-aki N Ganaki Gayachandran ) #atha S urugan P Sel-am 5 C So,ana S 0maithanu(illai 8 5othandaraman 5 Padma-athi 1 )aAendran C 0daya 5umar Senior 1echnician !thinarayanan 8 Chandrasekaran " S Chandrasekaran ) Vedhachalam S Gaya-el " Prakash G Saranath P

1echnical Su(erintendent

Gunior 1echnical Su(erintendent

Gunior 1echnician

Other Acti#itie" o( the Dep rt!ent<Centre: .$. No. N !e Acti#itie"


Contest Pri6e

1he team o+ Go,in Gaco, 5a-alam and V. Sudharsan under the guidance o+ Shankar 8alachandran<CS? and Nitin Chandrachoodan<EE? (laced int eh to( 3 (ositions in the 1!0 2>13 C!" Contest <Variation !ware 1iming !nalysis? held as a (art o+ the 1!0 worksho( on timing analysis, #ake 1ahoe, C!, 0S!, arch 2@/2F, 2>13

4.9.1 Introduction:


Established in 2006, the Department of Engineering Design at IIT Madras is the first of its kind in India and the sixteenth department to be set up at the Institute. The Department provides mu h needed leadership in engineering design and offers t!o novel dual"degree programmes in Engineering Design. #hile both programmes offer a $. Te h in Engineering Design, the first, !hi h began in 2006, offers an M. Te h. in %utomotive Engineering and the se ond !hi h ommen ed in 200&, offers an M. Te h. in $iomedi al Design. The Department laun hed the novel dual degree programme in Engineering Design !ith a vie! to providing the mu h needed leadership in this area. The first of its kind in the ountr', the programme onstitutes a $.Te h. spe ialisation in Engineering Design and M.Te h. spe iali(ation in %utomotive Engineering !ith a strong thrust on the modern pra ti es of design. )*rom on ept to a omponent that meets a desired fun tion+, aptl' des ribes Engineering Design. It is a de ision" making pro ess, often iterative, in !hi h the basi s ien es and the engineering s ien es are applied to onvert resour es optimall' to meet a stated ob,e tive. -tudents are introdu ed to the design pro ess in the first 'ear along !ith fundamental mathemati s, s ien e and engineering, graphi art, design and aestheti s. The' are trained not onl' on the me hani al aspe ts of design, but also in ele troni s, ontrol, and embedded s'stems for all round skill development. .ourses in geometri modeling, finite elements, materials engineering, automotive engineering, roboti s and biomedi al devi e engineering are also offered. 4.9.2 Academic Pro ramme!:

"a# Ne$ %our!e! introduced: S&. No. / 2 1 4 %our!e No. ED 01/0 ED 1/0/ ED01/6 ED 01/4 Tit&e Introdu tion to *ield and -ervi e 2oboti s Industrial %utomation and 2oboti s %ntenna Theor' 3 Design -trategies for Managing Innovation

(b) Ne$ &a'"!# e!ta'&i!(ed: 5e! Industrial %utomation 6aborator' has been established in 7ul' 20/2 under the Mo8
!ith %utomation Industries %sso iation of India 9%I%:.

(c) Student! on ro&&:

Pro ramme Dual Degree M.-. <h.D. Tota& I )ear 04 /0 /2 -9 II *ear 01 /; /2 -9 III *ear 00 6 4 ./ I+ *ear ;; ; 6 04 + *ear , ot(er! ;0 / = 00 Tota& 20; 10 ;6 110

"d# Name! o2 Student3Sc(o&ar $(o attended %on2erence3 3Seminar and S)m4o!ia A'road3India: S&. No. Name o2 t(e Student3Sc(o&ar Ro&& No. Name o2 t(e %on2erence3 Seminar 3 S)m4o!ia 3 5or6!(o4 21rd %%-?%I%% -pa eflight Me hani s Meeting 1=th %nnual 2evie! of <rogress in Auantitative 5ondestru tive Evaluation Date and +enue Financia& A!!i!ta nce 2rom " IITM

A'road 1. Deepti >annapan 2. >. >a'atri

ED0&$004 ED/0-001

/0.02.20/1 to /;.02.20/1 @a!aii, 8-% /0.04.20/2 to 20.04.20/2 @'att 2egen ' Denver Te h .entre, .olorado











Mane ius -elvakumar 8mesh 5eetti'ath .. -. 5anda >umar >. -ulo hana

ED0&D00/ ED/0-004 ED0=D00& ED0=D004

BI- in Empo!ering 2ural .ommunitiesC % *rame!ork for Iterative Development and Evaluation, 6th International .ongress on Environmental Modelling and -oft!are BI- in Empo!ering 2ural .ommunitiesC Development and *ield Trials. 1rd International Dpen -our e BI- .onferen e .ommunit' Mapping and Empo!ermentC .ase -tud' of #ater Management in a -outh Indian Eillage, 1rd International Dpen -our e BI- .onferen e =th I.I5.D onferen e

0/.04.20/2 00.04.20/2 6eip(ig, Berman' 20.06.20/2 2&.06.20/2 Eelp, 5etherlands 20.06.20/2 2&.06.20/2 Eelp, 5etherlands 2&.04.20/2 to 1/.04.20/2 2ome, Ital' 5ovember 20/2 @ouston, 8-% 0/.//.20/2 to 01.//.20/2 >'ushu 8niversit', *ukuoka, 7apan 2&.//.20/2 to 10.//.20/2 Monash 8niversit' -un!a' .ampus, >uala 6umpur, Mala'sia 20.0/.20/1 to 26.0/.20/1 >'ushu 8niversit', 7apan 10.0&./2 to 1/.0&.20/2


IIT through %lumni funds

to The to The

IIT through %lumni funds

IIT through %lumni funds


-. /.

%-ME 20/2 International Me hani al Engineering .ongress 3 Exposition =th International -'mposium on 5ovel arbon 2esour e - ien e International .onferen e on Intelligent 2oboti s, %utomation and Manufa turing

" >'ushu 8niversit', *ukuoka, 7apan IITM? Monash 8niversit'


Eenkataramesh $



$. Eenkataramesh 3 B %mutha

ED/0-00& ED0=-001

>i k"off meeting of %dvan ed Braduate <rogram in Blobal -trateg' for Breen %sia The 1rd %sian -'mposium on Materials and <ro essing 9%-M< 20/2: T!ent' *irst D%E"$255ational 6aser -'mposium, Drgani(ed b' $habha %tomi 2esear h .entre, 56-"2/ 5DE20/2, 5ational -eminar 3 Exhibition on 5on " Destru tive Evaluation 21rd International .onferen e on 2aman -pe tros op' 9I.D2- 20/2:

>'ushu 8niversit', *ukuoka, 7apan IITM

India 11.

B. %mutha




7obin > %nton' 5. %parna E. -athiesh >umar $. Eenkataramesh 2. 2agothaman


IIT Madras, .hennai 06.02.20/1 to 0=.02.20/1 Tromba', Mumbai, /0./2.20/2 to /2./2.20/2 Delhi /2.0&.20/2 to /4.0&.20/2 II- , 7a!aharlal 5ehru .enter for %dvan ed - ientifi 2esear h, $angalore





>. -ulo hana




M. -uresh


International .onferen e on $iomedi al -'stems, -ignals and Images 9$--I 20/2: 5ational 2oboti s !orkshop on

2&.//.20/2 to 0/./2.20/2 IIT Madras 06.04.20/2 to 0&.04.20/2 IIT Delhi



8mesh 5eetti'ath 9 M- s holar: and -ourav .handra 9<h.D s holar: $. Eenkataramesh

ED/0-004 ED//D00;

*luid .ontrol 2esear h Institute, India IITM


/st 5ational .onferen e on Mi ro and 5ano *abri ation 9mnf 20/1:

2/.0/.20/1 to 21.0/.20/1 .MTI, $angalore


"e# S&. No. /

Name! o2 !tudent!3!c(o&ar! $(o $on out!ide 4ri8e! and a$ard!: Name o2 t(e Student3Sc(o&ar @arsit %gar!al, $inesh $abu, and 5agendar E 5igamaa 5a'akanti Tarun Mehta, -!apnil 7ain, -riram .hep'lala, 7aideep $adduri, -a'antan $is!as Ro&& No. ED0&$01; ED0&$016 ED0=$0/= ED04$00& ED04$020 Name o2 Pri8e an invention a!ard for invention % method to easil' identif' used s'ringes to prevent the reuse !ith ash a!ard of 8-F/000 as pri(e mone' Innovative -tudent <roposal %!ard *eli itation for their proposal @uMotorC % @umane #a' of 8tilising @uman Efforts for the Innovation .hallenge to redu e !orker drudger' Pri8e a$arded ') M?s Intelle tual Eentures, 8-%., I.-2, IIT Madras 5ational Innovation .oun il

2 1


Facu&t) and t(eir acti9itie!:

a# Facu&t): Name and :ua&i2ication! Pro2e!!or: 5ilesh 7 Easa G@eadH 2.>rishna >umar A!!ociate Pro2e!!or: T %sokan Eenkatesh $alasubramanian -ankara 7 -ubramanian -rikanth Eedantam A!!i!tant Pro2e!!or: . - -hankar 2am -andipan $and'opadh'a' M.2amanathan B.-aravana >umar Model $ased .ontrol and Diagnosti s, %utomotive -'stems, Eehi le D'nami s, %nal'sis of Transportation -'stems 2oboti s, D'nami s of Multibod' -'stems, Design Beometri 3 -olid Modelling, .%D, .omputer Eision, .omputational Beometr', .omputer Braphi s, .omputational $iolog', -hape sear h .%D, .omputational Beometr', 2everse Engineering, -hape Dptimi(ation, $iome hani al Modeling, $iomedi al Imaging and 2e onstru tion, $iomimeti <rostheti and - affold Design, 6a'ered Manufa turing and -oft .omputing $iomedi al instrumentation, 2adio freIuen ' and mi ro!ave antenna design , @'perthermia ph'si s, 5on destru tive material evaluation, Digital signal and 2oboti s, Me hatroni s, .ontrol, Ele tro @'drauli -ervo -'stems @uman fa tors and Ergonomi s, $iomedi al Devi es and Implants, and Innovation in Manufa turing Digital Image .orrelation, 5ano"indentation, Me hani s of Materials, *inite Element %nal'sis. Design !ith novel materials, me hani al behaviour of materials, !etting, mi rostru ture evolution Dptome hatroni s, 2emote -ensing, 6aser $ased -ensing, MEM5onlinear *inite Elements, Eehi le D'nami s and T're Me hani s Ma;or area o2 !4ecia&i8ation "on&) 1 area!#

>avitha %runa halam

image pro essing <alaniappan 2amu Dptimi(ation, %ppli ation of statisti al and probabilisti te hniIues for engineering design under un ertainties, 2isk?2eliabilit' based engineering design, -urrogate based modeling and anal'sis -ustainable manufa turing, -ustainable design, 5ano"manufa turing, Manufa turing for $io"medi al appli ations , -imulation of Manufa turing <ro esses J"ra' omputed tomograph' ph'si s, ultrasound image pro essing, and biologi al imaging using opti al mi ros op'

$alkrishna . 2ao

Banapath' >rishnamurthi +i!itin Pro2e!!or: -oma Buhathakurta

@uman anatom', ph'siolog' and biome hani s Designs of surgi al devi es Design of implantable devi es and the life support s'stem


S(ort<term %our!e!3 5or6!(o4!3 Seminar!3 S)m4o!ia 3%on2erence! or ani8ed ') t(e 2acu&t) mem'er!: Tit&e 7oint IITM and I2%I 9Indian 2adiologi al 3 Imaging %sso iation: in .6T at IIT Madras Ex ellen e in <ro ess Engineering for M?s %nand %utomotive 6imited 91 Modules: Engineering and 2adiolog' Dpportunities for the *uture .E< on Eehi le D'nami s and .ontrol, Eaton Te hnologies <vt. 6td., <une Disruptive Innovation in @ealth are an International #orkshop on %utonomous Bround Eehi les Period /1.04.20/2 to /0.04.20/2 04.06.20/2 to /;./2.20/2 20.0&. 20/2 -eptember 20/2 /0.//.20/2 to 20.//.20/2 00./2.20/2 to /0./2.20/2 IIT Madras 2esear h <ark 9sponsored b' .E2DE, .hennai: /4./2.20/2 to 2/./2.20/2 /=./2.20/2 7anuar' 20/1 01.0=.20/2 to 04.0=.20/2 b' Industrial 06./2.20/2 to 0&./2.20/2

S&. %oordinator"!# No. %on2erence: / Eenkatesh $alasubramanian 5or6!(o4: / Eenkatesh $alasubramanian 2 1 ; 0 Eenkatesh $alasubramanian . - -hankar 2am Eenkatesh $alasubramanian T.%sokan

6 4 &

Eenkatesh $alasubramanian T. %sokan . - -hankar 2am B.

@uman *a tors 3 D upational -afet' in .onstru tion Industr' at IIT Madras Medi al devi e Innovation at the BE @ealth are, $angalore .E< on Mathemati al Modelling of %utomotive -'stems, Mahindra and Mahindra, .hengalpattu Dptimi(ation for Engineering Design

S(ort term %our!e: / <alaniappan 2amu 3 -aravana >umar 2 T. %sokan and Easa

5. 7.

Industrial %utomation %utomation %sso iation



S(ort<term %our!e!3 5or6!(o4!3 Seminar!3 S)m4o!ia3 %on2erence!3 Trainin mem'er! in Academic in!titution! and Pu'&ic Sector =nderta6in !: Tit&e -'stems Engineering C <rin iples and <ra ti es Ingenious biomaterials BIT?M-> imaging in

attended ')

t(e 2acu&t) Period

S&. No. Name o2 2acu&t) 5or6!(o4: / <alaniappan 2amu 2 -oma Buhathakurta


Defen e Institute of 04.00.20/2 to %dvan ed Te hnologies //.00.20/2 $2%.E .ME 20/2 /1.4.20/2" organised b' I2I% and /0.4.20/2 hosted b' $arnard Institute of 2adiolog'

1 ;

-oma Buhathakurta T %sokan

Tissue engineering Innovations <resentation 5eurobioni s 5eurolog' in .lini al

Disruptive Innovation in @ealth are 7I<ME2 <ondi her' $MT<., 5e! Delhi

/0.//.20/2 to 20.//.20/2 /0.02.20/1 to /4.02.20/1 /&./2.20/2 to /=./2.20/2 06.01.20/1

Seminar: / Dr B. -aravana >umar and <alaniappan 2amu 2 Dr T %sokan

Emerging *ast Tra t Te hnologies for Mass @ousing held in .hennai -tandardisation in the field of Manufa turing and <rodu tion %utomation -'stems and 2oboti s ;2nd 5ational -afet' Da' -ession hair in the session on emerging te hnologies in health are,,bio"informati s, %ugmentative ommuni ation and %ssistive engineering at <an IIT 20/2 Medi al Devi es %dvan es in *ield and -ervi e 2oboti s 2oboti s for medi al %ppli ations

$ureau of Indian -tandards at IIT Madras 63T .hennai .onferen es 3 In entives Management 9I: <vt ltd, >olkata 0;.01.20/1 04./2.20/2 to 0=./2.20/2

S)m4o!ia: / Eenkatesh $alasubramanian %on2erence: 1. Eenkatesh $alasubramanian

2. 1.

T. %sokan T %sokan


T %sokan

Indian Med Te h. -ummit 20./2.20/2 to at 5e! Delhi 2/./2.20/2 E.T2%5K 20/1 at 0/.01. 20/1 7anson Institute of Te hnolog' on 2oboti s at <-B 22.01.20/1 .ollege of Te hnolog' .oimbatore IIT >anpur 0=.//.20/2

S(ort term %our!e: 1. 5ilesh 7 Easa d#

<resentation atC -hort Term - hool on Mi romanufa turing

S4ecia& >ecture! de&i9ered ') t(e 2acu&t) in ot(er In!titution!: To4ic o2 >ecture Evolution of %utomobiles %ppli ation of D'nami s to the %nal'sis of 2oad Eehi les Mathemati s and Engineering of <arallel Manipulators Innovative <rodu t Design and 2apid Manufa turing -trategies Dptimi(ation strategies in design Dis ussion about hallenges at --T< %dvan es in 2esear h and Development of %utonomous 2obots Emerging Trends in Engineering Tra,e tor'"tra king ontrol of a parallel manipulator !ith dual ontrol loop, and singularit' avoidan eL at the L#orkshop on %dvan es in 2oboti s+ Me hatroni s in automobile industr' $a k <ainC <ain for #homM 6aser assisted mi roma hining for fun tional MEM- devi es In!titution - ien e .lub, .hennai -%E India IITD 5ational Institute of Te hnolog', Tri hirappali $@E6 " Tri h' $@E6 Tri h' Eda'athangud' B.-. <illa' Engineering .ollege, 5agapattinam 5ITTE, >arnataka IIT,Delhi Date %pril 20/2 Ma' 20/2 0;.0;.20/2 /1.0;.20/2 0;.00. 20/2 0;.00.20/2 /;.00.20/2 /0.00.20/2 00.04.20/2 to 04.04.20/2

S&. No. Name o2 2acu&t) . - -hankar 2am / . - -hankar 2am 2 4. 0. 6. 4. /. 9. -andipan $and'opadh'a' B -aravanakumar <alaniappan 2amu <alaniappan 2amu 3 -aravana >umar T %sokan 5ilesh 7 Easa -andipan $and'opadha'

17. 11. 12.

5ilesh 7 Easa Eenkatesh $alasubramanian 5ilesh 7. Easa

- 5 .ollege, .hennai @arnam -ingh .ME and $2%.E .ME 20/2 .hennai Institute of Te hnolog', .hennai

/1.04.20/2 /;.04.20/2 /0.04.20/2

11. 14. 10. 1..

2 >rishna >umar 5ilesh 7 Easa T %sokan T %sokan

Motor ' le D'nami s 6e ture on Me hatroni s Introdu tion to 2oboti s 2oboti lub 3 2esear h, Medi al Devi e Innovation Manufa turing Ex ellen e N The Indian #a' 8nderstanding Disruptive and -ustaining Innovation,+ #orkshop on Innovation in Manufa turing Ex ellen e Developing and Deplo'ing mobile te hnologies for health are Translational 2esear h in $iomedi al Engineering in 2$B, IIT Madras %dvan es in 7oining Te hnologies $iologi al m'o ardial assist devi e

@ero Motor .orp %pollo Engineering .ollege, .hettipedu Eikram -arabhai -pa e entre Eimal 7'othi Engineering ollege, >annur <arouara, Medi al .ollege, >annur Monash 8niversit', Mala'sia Monash 8niversit', Mala'sia 8niversit' of %ustralia <an IIT, 20/2 -idne',

/=.04.20/2 to 2/.04.20/2 04.0=.20/2 26.0=.20/2 to 2&.0=.20/2 /2./0.20/2

1-. /&.

Eenkatesh $alasubramanian Eenkatesh $alasubramanian >rishnakumar Eenkatesh $alasubramanian 5ilesh 7 Easa -oma Buhathakurta

/=.//.20/2 20.//.20/2

/=. 20. 2/. 22.

24.//.20/2 0&./2.20/2 to 0&./2.20/2 01.0/.20/1 to 00.0/.20/1 1/.0/.20/1 to 0/.02.20/1

21. 1 2;. 20. 26. 24. 2&. e#

Eenkatesh $alasubramanian -andipan $and'opadh'a' . - -hankar 2am Eenkatesh $alasubramanian B -aravana >umar <alaniappan 2amu

6imiting D upational @a(ards and Enhan ing Dperational 2isk Management using 2$B2<arallel Manipulators as Motion <latforms for -imulatorsC <otentials and .hallenges %utomotive $rake -'stems Dperational 2isk Management using 2$B 2isk - ale 92$B2-: Multi ob,e tive optimi(ation 3 Beneti algorithm Multi ob,e tive optimi(ation 3 Beneti algorithm

%MT 20/1, D2D6, @'derabad -tem 20/1,-o iet' for regenerative medi ine and Tissue engineering 9mumbai:,Eenue" $angalore 2egional 6abor Institute 926I:, .hennai -imulator Development Division of the Indian %rm', -e undrabad %pollo T'res E5., 63T .hennai M5IT, 7aipur M5IT, 7aipur

02.02.20/1 //.02.20/1 *ebruar' 20/1 0;.01.20/1 20.01.20/1 to 2;.01.20/1 22.01.20/1

+i!it! a'road ') 2acu&t): S&. No. Name o2 2acu&t) 5ilesh Easa >avitha %runa halam M 2amanathan . - -hankar 2am -andipan $and'opadha' T %sokan >avitha %runahalam %ountr) +i!ite d .alifornia, 8-% $ar elona -pain .anada Berman %ustria 2ome, Ital' >'oto, 7apan Date 06.00.20/2 to //.00.20/2 /0.00.20/2 to /2.00.20/2 //.06.20/2 to /;.06.20/2 /=.06.20/2 to 21.06.20/2 2;.06.20/2 to 2&.06.20/2 2&.04.20/2 to 1/.04.20/2 2&.0&.20/2 to 1/.0&.20/2 Pur4o!e o2 9i!it .onferen e on 6asers and Ele tro" opti s, .6ED 20/2, -an 7ose, .alifornia, 8-% #orld ongress on bra h'therap' 20/2, $ar elona, -pain .%D 20/2 onferen e and exhibition ;th - ientifi panel on mobilit' %dvan es in 2obot >inemati s /1th international s'mposium =th International onferen e on Informati s in .ontrol, %utomation and roboti s 20/2 //th international ongress of h'perthermi Dn olog' 3 2=th 7apanese ongress of Thermal Medi ine Fundin 2rom IITM IITM " IITM IITM IITM IITM

6. 4.

&. =.

2 >rishna >umar <alaniappan 2amu

$elgium Indiana, 8-%

/1.0=.20/2 to /;.0=.20/2 /4.0=.20/2 to /=.0=.20/2

6M- International /2th %I%% %viation Te hnolog', Integration, and Dperations 9%TID: .onferen e and /;th %I%%? I--MD Multidis iplinar' %nal'sis and Dptimi(ation International onferen e on 5oise and Eibration Engineering 9I-M% 20/2: 2$I. pro,e t sponsored b' 7> T'res The =th international -'mposium on 5ovel .arbon 2esour e s ien es !orkshop on Innovation in Manufa turing Ex ellen e >e'note 6e ture, )2e ent %dvan es in 6aser %ssisted -urfa e Treatment of Thin *ilms for <hotovoltai %ppli ations+, The /st International onferen e on Intelligent 2oboti s, %utomation and Manufa turing 9I2%M: 20/2 International onferen e on Intelligent 2oboti s, %utomation and manufa turing 9I2%M 20/2: The /6th %sian onferen e on Ele tri al Dis harge 9%.ED 20/2: =th international onferen e on simulated evolution and learning 9-E%6 20/2: >i k"off meeting of ) %dvan ed Braduate <rogram in Blobal -trateg' for Breen %sia+ E6M programme <ro,e t dis ussion Indo"%ustralia visiting fello!ship program 20/2 N 20/1

7> T're IITM

/0. //. /2.

2 >rishna >umar 2 >rishna >umar 5ilesh 7 Easa

$elgium Berman' 7apan

/4.0=.20/2 to /=.0=.20/2 /0.04.20/2 to /&.04.20/2 0/.//.20/2 to 01.//.20/2 /;.//.20/2 to 2/.//.20/2 2&.//.20/2 to 10.//.20/2

7> T're 7> T're >'ushu 8niversit', *ukuoka, 7apan IITM Monash 8niversit', Mala'sia

/1. /;.

Eenkatesh $alasubramanian 5ilesh 7 Easa

Mala'sia Mala'sia

/0. /6. /4. /&.

T %sokan 5ilesh 7 Easa -andipan $and'opadha' 5ilesh 7 Easa

>aula 6umpur Masla'sia Eietnam 7apan

2&.//.20/2 to 10.//.20/2 0=./2.20/2 to /0./2.20/2 /6./2.20/2 to /=./2.20/2 20.0/.20/1 to 26.0/.20/1 /0.02.20/1 to 24.02.20/1 20.02.20/1 00.0;.20/1 to /0.0;.20/1

<.* IITM IITM >'ushu 8niversit', *ukuoka, 7apan " 8niversit' of -'dne' D-T

/=. 20. 2/. 2#

Eenkatesh $alasubramanian 2 >rishna >umar T %sokan

7apan %ustralia %ustralia

?onour! and A$ard! o'tained ') 2acu&t): S&. Name o2 2acu&t) No. A$ard!: / -andipan $and'opadh'a', B -aravana >umar 2 .. -.-hankar 2am 1 . - -hankar 2am Name o2 A$ard Innovation .hallenge to 2edu e #orker Drudger' I5%E Ooung Engineer %!ard,20/2 IET Ele tri al -'stems in Transportation <remium %!ard for the paper titled Modelling an ele tropneumati brake s'stem for ommer ial vehi les A$arded ') 5ational Innovation .oun il % adem' %nnual .onvention, 2oorkee The Institution of Engineering and Te hnolog' 9IET:, 8> A$arded 2or Innovative Design Ex ellen e in % ademi 3 2esear h $est <aper %!ard Date o2 a$ard %pril 20/2 De ember 6, 20/2 20/2

Fe&&o$!(i4! o2 Academie! and Pro2e!!iona& Societie!:

S&.No Name o2 2acu&t) Ot(er!: / T %sokan 2 -oma Buhathakurtha

Detai&! Indo"%ustralian -enior - ientist Eisiting *ello!ship from I5-%. %ppointed as a visiting *ello! of the 8niversit' of 5e! -outh #ales, %ustralia for a period of three months. -ele ted as a member in the expert ommittee of D-T, Te hnolog' Development $oard, Bovt. of India. Dne of the panel ,udge of Indo"8- endo!ment funding for D-T Dne of the ,uries in $IB s heme, D-T, 6o kheed and Martin ondu ted IIB< s heme one of the evaluators I5%E Ooung %sso iate, sin e 20/2

1 (#

.. -. -hankar 2am

@ourna& Editoria& Aoard!: Name o2 2acu&t) . - -hankar 2am Po!ition "Editor3Mem' er# %sso iate Editor @ourna& Name %-ME 7ournal of D'nami -'stems, Measurement and .ontrol

S&. No. /.


De!i n and De9e&o4ment Acti9itie!:

"a# Ne$ 2aci&itie! added or ma;or eBui4ment 4rocured: S&.No. / 2 1 ; Name o2 EBui4ment 6idar Teles ope !ith beam fo using and opti al mount s'stem Ele trometer 5d1PCO%B 6aser 9/06;, 012, 100 nm: Auarter ar a tive automotive suspension s'stem test ben h +a&ue 92s. in lakhs: 1.2 4.0 20.0 /;.2

"'# Patent!: Patent! 2i&ed: S&.No. / 2 1 4.9.0 "a# S&. No. Name o2 2acu&t) -andipan $and'opadh'a' and -aravana >umar B. -andipan $and'opadh'a' and -aravana >umar B. T %sokan Re!earc( and %on!u&tanc): S4on!ored Re!earc( Pro;ect!: Tit&e #ake adapted %nal'sis of optimi(ation of propellers and ontrol surfa es for high speed appli ations Design and development of a tele"surgi al robot trainer Development of Theor' of *ra tal rational -plines and %ppli ations in .omputer %ided Beometri Design Period Mar h 20/1 *ebruar' 20/6 20/2"20/0 1/"/0"20// 10" //"20/; Fundin A enc ) 52$ D-T D-T, India Amount "R!. in &a6(!# 6;.0 01.0 /0./ %o<ordinator! %nantha -ubramanian, T %sokan, >rishnankutt' T %sokan % > .hand and -aravana >umar B. To4ic o2 4atent @uman po!ered devi e, Indian <atent %ppli ation 5o. 1611?.@E?20/2. % lut h assembl', Indian <atent %ppli ation 5o. ;202?.@E?20/2. % non"destru tive method to identif' used s'ringes, 20/2

17. 11.

Design and evaluation of J" band performan e of freIuen ' sele tive hara teristi s of planar omposites Investigation on the feasibilit' of measuring average sodium mist on entration using mi ro!aves Development of %dvan ed 5DE te hniIues for enhan ed sensitivit', reliabilit'... in nu lear omponents " <hase III #ide"area annealing and texturing of amorphous sili on films using 5d1PC O%B laser for photovoltai appli ations <ollution performan e of !ind turbine blades adopting laser indu ed breakdo!n spe tros op' <<"BI- de ision support s'stem for farmers @uMotorC a humane !a' of utili(ing human efforts .omputation of strain and urvature from digital image orrelation data $iorea tor Development for Ex"Eivo 6arge - ale Expansion of @uman 2$.s from %dult @ematopoieti <rogenitor .ells Identif'ing real time ph'siologi al parameters to test ph'si al and ognitive fatigue !hile driving in a simulated environment Indu!tria& %on!u&tanc) 4ro;ect!: Name o2 2acu&t)

7an 20/1 %pril 20/;



.. E. >rishnamurth' >avitha %runa halam, >rishnan $alasubrmaniam >avitha %runa halam .. E. >rishnamurth', >rishnan $alasubrmaniam >rishnan $alasubrmaniam .. E. >rishnamurth', >avitha %runa halam 5ilesh 7 Easa, M. -ingaperumal, %nanth >rishnan 5ilesh 7. Easa, 2. -arathi <alaniappan 2amu M.-. -ivakumar <alaniappan 2amu -andipan $and'opadh'a' -aravana >umar B. -ankara 7 -ubramanianQ -aravana >umar B -oma Buhathakurta Eenkatesh $alasubramanian

/1.06.20// /2.00.20/1



7an 20/2 Ma' 20/0



/;"04"20/2 /1" 04"20/; /&"0;"20// /4" 0;"20/1 26"02"20/1 20"02"20/; 2;"0/"20/1 21" 0/"20/; /4"/0"20/2 /6"/0"20/;



D-T -2< IITM I.-2, IITM I-2D

01.; 1.0 1.0 /1.;


7an 20/1 to 7an 20/0




/6"04"20/2 /0"04"20/0

5issan 2esear h -upport <rogram


Eenkatesh $alasubramanian

'# S&. No. / 2 1 c#



-ankara 7. -ubramnaian -aravana >umar B. -aravana >umar B. RAI% 4ro;ect!:

Deplo'ment and %ppli ation of Digital Image .orrelation at M2* N <hase II Model and protot'pe development for 7e!elr' .omputer aided design and rapid protot'ping for produ t design

M2* 8niIue Designs .%D .%M -olutions .ommon ode pro,e t for Earious Industries

Amount 92s. In lakhs : 6.4 0.0 0.0

S&. Name o2 2acu&t) No. / -andipan $and'opadh'a' <alaniappan 2amu 2 <alaniappan 2amu, -aravana >umar, -andipan $and'opadh'a'

Tit&e %nal'sis and design of regulating Eane ontrol Me hanism %lternate dr'ing me hanisms for !ashing ma hines

Indu!tr) $@E6 2anipet #hirlpool

Amount "R!. In &a6(!# 4.4 &.0

1 ;

Eenkatesh $alasubramanian Eenkatesh $alasubramanian

Innovative and Disruptive <rodu ts for Medi al %ppli ations Innovative 5e! <rodu ts Development and <ro ess Improvement

M?s -undaram Medi al Devi es, 6td M?s -undaram $rake 6inings, 6td

/1.;& 11.0=


Facu&t) mem'er! 4artici4ation $it( ot(er in!titution under Mo=: S&. No. / Name o2 2acu&t) 5ilesh 7 Easa Partici4ation detai&! Breen %sia <rogramme Name o2 =ni9er!it)3In!titution $(ic( (a! Mo= >'ushu 8niversit', 7apan


Re!earc( Pu'&ication! o2 t(e 2acu&t) mem'er! , re!earc( !c(o&ar!: C / C 12 C 6

Total 5o. of papers published in 2efereed 5ational 7ournals Total 5o. of papers published in 2efereed International 7ournals Total 5o. of papers presented in International onferen es In Re2ereed Nationa& @ourna&!: S&. No. / . Name o2 t(e 2acu&t) -oma Buhathakurta, %nbarasan .hakrapani , -heela -asikumar , -aravana >umar Eenkatesan , -hilpa -ivaram , >otturathu Mammen .herian

Tit&e o2 t(e 4a4er @uman epi ardial lipid profile status in .%D patientsC .orrelation !ith age, diabetes and h'pertension

Name o2 t(e @ourna& $io hemistr' and Indian 7ournal , 69;:, 20/2 G/22" /24H

In Re2ereed Internationa& @ourna&!: S&. No. /. /. 2. Name o2 t(e 2acu&t) %run Mangalprakash, 2amarathnam >rishna >umar, >omarakshi 2. $alakrishnan, %sokan T -aravanakumar -ubramanian %sokan T M -anthakumar Tit&e o2 t(e 4a4er Effe t of .al ifi ation on <laIue -tresses and Eulnerabilit' %n Improved Buidan e %lgorithm for -mooth Transition at #a'"<oints in 1D -pa e for %utonomous 8nder!ater Eehi les <o!er effi ient d'nami station keeping ontrol of a flat"fish t'pe autonomous under!ater vehi le through design modifi ations of thruster onfiguration LEvaluation of an ele tri field sensor for nondestru tive material inspe tionL L-tatisti al %nal'sis of %rra' <robe Edd' .urrent Data from -team Benerator TubesL <re lini al %ssessment of .omfort and -e ure *it of Thermo $ra h'therap' -urfa e %ppli ator 9T$-%: on Eolunteer -ub,e ts .omprehensive anal'sis of the .ramer" 2ao bounds for magneti resonan e temperature hange measurement in fat" !ater voxels using multi"e ho imaging 8tilit' of treatment planning for thermo hemotherap' treatment of nonmus le invasive bladder ar inoma Name o2 t(e @ourna& Me hani s of %dvan ed Materials and -tru tures, Eol. 20, 10="1/0, 20/1 9I* C 0.=26: Int. 5at. 7ournal of -'stems Engineering Eol. 291: 920/2:, /1="/00 D ean


D ean Engineering, 0& 920/1: //N 2/ 9Elsevier, I* 0.=: %meri an Institute of <h'si s 9%I<: .onf. <ro . vol. /0//, pp. /000" /06/, 20/2 -tudies in %pplied Ele tromagneti s and Me hani s, Eolume 16, pp. /0="/66, 20/2 7ournal of %pplied .lini al Medi al <h'si s, Eol. /190:, 20/2 Magneti 2esonan e Materials in <h'si s, $iolog' and Medi ine 9M%BM%:, 20/2 *ebQ 209/:C;="6/, 20/2. Medi al <h's. 20/2 Mar hQ 1=91:C //40N//&/.

;. 0. 6.

>avitha %runa halam, >. >a'atri >avitha %runa halam, 6. 8dpa, -. 8dpa >avitha %runa halam , D. I. .ra iunes u, E. 7. Marke!it(, <. *. Ma arini, 7. 6. - hlorff, <. 2. -tauffer >avitha %runa halam, #'att ., -oher $7, Ma fall 7 >avitha %runa halam, Ou Ouan, >ung"-han .heng, Dana I. .ra iunes u, <aul 2. -tauffer, <aolo *. Ma arini, Kel,ko




Eu,askovi , Mark #. De!hirst, -hiva >. Das, 5ilesh 7 Easa >. Div'a, >. -ulo hana 5ilesh 7 Easa >. -ulo hana, -. .. Ei hmann, T. -eeger, M. >umaravel 5ilesh 7 Easa, B. %mutha I. %. <alani, M. -ingaperumal, T. Dkada 5ilesh 7 Easa 7obin >. %nton', E65 -reedhar 2a,a, %. -. 6axmiprasad O. -. 2. 2a,eev >umar, Dinesh $. -ona!ane and -hankar .. -ubramanian 2amanathan M. $harath 2am 2amanathan M Eish!anath %. E., %run -rivatsan 2 2amanathan M, %. E. Eish!anath .. 2avishankar 2. >rishna >umar .. 2avishankar 2. >rishna >umar -aravana >umar B.-ubin < Beorge -hankar .. -ubramanian %meena -. <adiath, 6elitha Eana,akshi and

-uperlumines ent Diode"$ased Multiple" Bas -ensor for 5@1 and @2D Eapor Monitoring Mixed Tra e Bas -ensing for Environmental %ppli ations


IEEE 7ournal of -ele ted Topi s in Auantum Ele troni s, Eolume /&, 5o. 0, pp. /0;0"/0;0 920/2: 9I*C1.4&0: 7ournal of 5ovel .arbon 2esour e - ien es, Eol. 4, 20/1, pp. ;2";6 9I*C 5?%: 7ournal of -olid Me hani s and Materials Engineering, Eol. 4, 5o. 2, 20/1, pp. 206"2/6 9I*C 5?%: 7D825%6 D* <@O-I.- DC %<<6IED <@O-I.-, Eolume ;0, 160;0/ 9&pp: 920/2: 9I*C 2.0;;: International 7ournal of %dvan es in Engineering - ien es and %pplied Mathemati s, Eol. ;, 5o. ;, pp. 260"26&, 20/2 9I*C 5?%:. .omputer"%ided Design, ;0 91:, Mar h 20/1, pp. 421"412 .omputer"%ided Design, ;091:, Mar h 20/1, pp 40/"461 .omputer"%ided Design and %ppli ations, Eolume =, 5umber 6, pp. &04"&6&, 20/2 Me hani s of %dvan ed Materials and -tru tures, 116"1;=, Eol./=, 20/2 9I* C 0.=26: Me hani s of %dvan ed Materials and -tru tures, Eol./= 661"640, 20/2 9I* C 0.=26: Eirtual and <h'si al <rotot'ping, 20/1 I*C /.0 Transportation 2esear h 2e ordC 7ournal of the Transportation 2esear h $oard, 5o. 22=/, Transportation 2esear h $oard of the 5ational % ademies, #ashington, D. .., pp. 42"4=, 20/2 9I*C 0.;4/:. International 7ournal of @eav' Eehi le -'stems, Eol. 20, 5o. /, pp. 10"60, 20/1 9I*C 0.2:. ; Ma' 20/2 ... $M. Infe tious Diseases 20/2, Eolume /2 -uppl / 5anomedi ines 3 biote hnolog' *eb 20/1 vol./C;2"0/ %rtifi ial .ells, 5anomedi ine, and $iote hnolog'. *eb 20/1, Eol. ;/, 5o. /C ;2"0/. International 7ournal Df <harma euti s Eolume ;1&, Issues /N2, /0 5ovember 20/2, <ages //4N/22


Investigations on 5ano" and <i o"-e ond 6aser $ased %nnealing .ombined Texturing of %morphous -ili on Thin *ilms for <hotovoltai %ppli ations -ingle laser based dual"!avelength ablation te hniIue for emission enhan ement during 6I$%ppli ation of <ID ontrol to an ele tro" pneumati brake s'stem -hortest path in a mutlipl'" onne ted domain having urved boundaries Minimum area en losure and alpha hull of a set of freeform planar losed urves .on ave hull of a set of freeform losed surfa es in 21 -tret habilit' of <rior old #orked %I-I T'pe 10; -tainless -teel -heet *inite Element -imulation of -heet -tret hed Dver a @emispheri al <un hC % <arametri -tud' <atient spe ifi parametri geometri modelling and finite element anal'sis of ementless hip prosthesis Estimating spatial traffi states !ith lo ation"based data under heterogeneous onditions



/;. /0. /6. /4.

/&. /=. 20.

2/. 22.

-hankar .. -ubramanian -ubha,it Mahant' -oma Buhathakurta, -ubramaniam -enthilkumar, >otturathu Mammen .herian -oma Buhathakurta, $alasundari 2amesh -oma Buhathakurta, > >arthike'an, 2ama 2a,aram, <urnasai >orrapati -oma Buhathakurta, > >arthike'an, 2ama 2a,aram, <urnasai >orrapati

21. 2;. 20.

% nonlinear model based slip ontroller for ele tro"pneumati brakes in heav' ommer ial vehi les <or ine endogenous retrovirusesC an obsta le to ross during xenotransplantation, $M. Infe tious Diseases 20/2 %rtiR ial .ells, $lood -ubstitutes, and $iote hnolog', 20/2 6arge"s ale in"vitro expansion of 2$.s from hematopoieti stem ells Ele trospun Kein?Eudragit 5anofibers based Dual Drug Deliver' -'stem for the -imultaneous Deliver' of % e lofena and <antopra(ole





-oma Buhathakurta, -antosh Mathapati, Dillip >umar $ishi, >otturathu M .herian, 7a'arama 2edd' Eenugopal, -eeram 2amakrishna, 2ama -hanker Eerma -oma Buhathakurta 2amesh $alasundari, Dillip >umar $ishi, -antosh Mathapati, -heerin $egam 5aser,>otturathu Mammen .herian -oma Buhathakurta -ha'anti Mukher,ee, Eenugopal 7a'arama 2edd', 2a,es!ari 2avi handran,-antosh Mathapati, Mi hael 2aghunath and -eeram 2amakrishna -rikanth Eedantam -. >umar 2an,ith, $.-.E. <atnaik, -rikanth Eedantam $harad!a, 2. <rabhala, Mahesh E. <an hagnula, -rikanth Eedantam -. >umar 2an,ith, $. -. E. <atnaik, Eenkatesh $alasubramanian, M. 7agannath and >. %dalarasu

$iomimeti a ellular detoxified glutaraldeh'de ross"linked bovine peri ardium for tissue engineering

Materials - ien e and EngineeringC ., Eolume 11, Issue 1, / %pril 20/1, <ages /06/"/042

5ano oated $otani al - affold in -alvage for @uman Tissue 2egeneration

7ournal of $iomaterials and Tissue Engineering Eol. 2, 110N110, 20/2

<ra ti al .onsiderations for Medi al %ppli ations using $iologi al Brafts and their Derivatives

Materials 2esear h <ro eedings ? Eolume /;/&?20/2

5o"slip boundar' ondition in finite"si(e dissipative parti le d'nami s Three"dimensional eIuilibrium shapes of drops on h'stereti surfa es @'drod'nami s of the developing region in h'drophobi mi ro hannelsC % dissipative parti le d'nami s stud' EEB based evaluation of vie!erSs response to!ards TE ommer ials


1/. 12.

7ournal of .omputational <h'si s, Eolume 212, Issue /, / 7anuar' 20/1, <ages /4;"/&& 9I*C 2.1/0: .olloid and <ol'mer - ien e *ebruar' 20/1, Eolume 2=/, Issue 2, pp 24="2&= 9I*C 2.11/: <h'si al 2evie! E N Mar h 20/1 &4 91: 011101 9I*C 2.200: International 7ournal of Industrial and -'stems Engineering, /1 9;:, ;&0";=0, 20/2

In Proceedin ! o2 Internationa& %on2erence!: S&. No. /. Name o2 t(e 2acu&t) E. %run >umar, -hankar .. -ubramanian, Eikas Bautam Deepti >annapan, %run D. Mahindrakar, -andipan $and'opadh'a' <alaniappan 2amu Mano, >rishna, @arish Banapath' <alaniappan 2amu and Muthuganapath' 2amanathan -andipan $and'opadh'a' 7aideep $adduri, -rivatsan, 2. %., -aravana >umar, B. Tit&e o2 t(e 4a4er <erforman e Evaluation of an Ele tro"pneumati $raking -'stem for .ommer ial Eehi les Auaternion"$ased $a kstepping *or 6ine"of"-ight Tra king of -atellites 8sing Dnl' MagnetorIuers. % Eariable"fidelit' and .onvex @ull %pproa h for 6imit -tate Identifi ation and 2eliabilit' Estimates %lpha -hape $ased Design -pa e De omposition for Island *ailure 2egions in 2eliabilit' $ased Design .oupler" urve s'nthesis of a planar four"bar me hanism using a geneti algorithm based optimisation method In!titution International onferen e on <o!er, .ontrol and Embedded s'stems, .ourse sponsored b' IEEE, M55IT, %llahabad 21rd %%-?%I%% -pa eflight Me hani s Meeting, in @a!aii, 8-% <ro eedings of the /;th %I%%?I--MD Multidis iplinar' %nal'sis and Dptimi(ation onferen e, Indianapolis, Indiana <ro eedings of the /;th %I%%?I--MD Multidis iplinar' %nal'sis and Dptimi(ation onferen e, Indianapolis, Indiana -E%6 20/2, 6e Au' Don Te hni al 8niversit', @a 5oi, Eietnam Period /4./2.20/2 /=./2.20/2 /0.02.20/1 /;.02.20/1 /4.0=.20/2 /=.0=.20/2




/4.0=.20/2 /=.0=.20/2


/6./2.20/2 /=./2.20/2


-hubhashisa -ahoo, -hankar .. -ubramanian and -uresh -rivastava

<ro eedings of the 2nd International .onferen e on <o!er, .ontrol and Embedded -'stems

pp. 2;4"202, 20/2

De ember 20/2

Di!tin ui!(ed +i!itor! to t(e De4artment: S&.No . / 2 4.9.. Name o2 t(e 9i!itor and De!i nation Dr. %run -rinivasa, <rofessor of Me hani al Engineering, Texas %3M 8niversit', 8-% Dr B- $huvanesh!ar, Dire tor, Innovation 3 Edu ation, Trivitron @ealth are <vt. 6rd., .hennai Ot(er Acti9itie! o2 t(e De4artment3%entre: Date o2 9i!it 00.04.20/2 to 00.0&.20/2 %ugust 20/2 on!ards Pur4o!e o2 9i!it .ollaboration on design !ith -mart Materials .ollaboration on @ealth are EIuipment Design

.ondu ted the national level %utodesk Inventor -tudent Design .ompetition on 20?D t?20/2. The event !as ondu ted b' Dr. M 2amanthan and Dr. B. -aravana >umar and sponsored b' %utodesk India <vt. 6td. a# Re!u&t! o'tained in re!earc( $or6 "2rom M.S. , P(.D t(e!i!# o2 t(e !c(o&ar32acu&t): Name o2 t(e Sc(o&ar M 6akshmi -ubin < Beorge Eish!anath % E 7obin > %nton' M 7agannath Pro ramme MMM<hD <hD Re!u&t! Improved ele tromagneti ommuni ation for s!arms of autonomous under!ater vehi les Design and anal'sis of sub,e t spe ifi femoral implants %lgorithm for bounding hulls of a set of planar losed urves -tud' on laser indu ed breakdo!n spe tros op' te hniIue for elemental anal'sis of lunar soil Evaluation of multimodal anal'sis of driver fatigue in three different modes of transport

S&.No 1. 2. 1. ;. 0. '#

Inter di!ci4&inar) rou4 ac(ie9ement! o2 t(e De4artment!. Tit&e #ake adapted %nal'sis of optimi(ation of propellers and ontrol surfa es for high speed appli ations Design and development of a tele"surgi al robot trainer Development of Theor' of *ra tal rational -plines and %ppli ations in .omputer %ided Beometri Design Design and evaluation of J"band performan e of freIuen ' sele tive hara teristi s of planar omposites Investigation on the feasibilit' of measuring average sodium mist on entration using mi ro!aves Development of %dvan ed 5DE te hniIues for enhan ed sensitivit', reliabilit'... in nu lear omponents " <hase III #ide"area annealing and texturing of amorphous sili on films using 5d1PC O%B laser for photovoltai appli ations <ollution performan e of !ind turbine blades adopting laser indu ed breakdo!n spe tros op' <<"BI- de ision support s'stem for farmers Internationa& co&&a'oration ac(ie9ement! ') t(e De4artment Facu&t) 9i!it: Name o2 t(e Facu&t) Mem'er T %sokan Eenkatesh $alasubramanian Pur4o!e o2 +i!it Indo"%ustralia visiting fello!ship program 20/2 N 20/1 E6M programme Date ,+enue 00.0;.20/1 to /0.0;.20/1 %ustralia /0.02.20/1 to 24.02.20/1 7apan De4artment D ean Engg. T %sokan Mathemati s <h'si s, Me hani al Engg. <h'si s, Me hani al Engg. <h'si s, Me hani al Engg. Me hani al Engg, Ele tri al Engg. Ele tri al Engg. %pplied Me hani s

S&. No. 1. 2. 1. 4. 0. .. -. /. 9. c# "i#

S&.No / 2

"ii# Student 9i!it: S&.No / 2 1 Name o2 t(e !tudent! E -athiesh >umar B. 5. -rinivas Eani Damodaran Pur4o!e o2 +i!it 6 months resear h s holarship, *riendship <rogramme, >'ushu 8niversit', 7apan IITM" <aris Te h Ex hange <rogram, 6"month ex hange at <aris Te h, .halons"en".hampagne, *ran e 2esear h Eisit !ith -hastri Indo".andian Institute - holarship Date ,+enue 02.0&.20/2 to 1/.0/.20/1 >'ushu 8niversit', 7apan 20.06.20/2 to /0./2.20/2 *ran e 5ovember 4" /2, 20/2, Toronto 8niversit', .anada



4.10.1. Introduction: The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) is one of the earliest departments established at IITM. The Department is multi-disciplinary in nature and has reputed faculty from diverse disciplines such as Development Studies, conomics, n!lish "an!ua!e and "iterature, nvironmental Studies, History, International #elations, $ender Studies, $erman Studies, %hilosophy and &rban Studies. 4.10.2. Ac d!"ic Pro#r ""!$: The 'ive year inte!rated M( pro!ramme )as introduced in *uly +,,-. The pro!ramme has been modified )ith ne) curriculum havin! t)o streams (ie. Development Studies, n!lish Studies) from *uly +,... N!% E&!cti'! Cour$!$ introduc!d: Cour$! No. HS+,.. Hs+,./ Stud!nt$ on ro&&:
Pro#r ""! M( %h.D Tot & I )! r /2 ,4 II *! r /. 4III *! r // 3 ,1 I+ *! r 01 4 44 + *! r +2 2 ./ Tot & .12 0/ 2.2

Tit&! o( Cour$! 'oundations of Social and %olitical Thou!ht nvironment and Society

N "!$ o( F cu&t)0Stud!nt$0Sc1o& r$ %1o S)"4o$i A5ro d0in Indi :

F cu&t) S 5 5haudhary Sudhir 5hella #a7an Sudhir 5hella #a7an (ysha I9bal Suresh 8abu &ma;ant Dash =# Muraleedharan S5 5haudhary Countr) +i$it!d Sin!apore 8erlin, $ermany 8erlin, $ermany %aris, 'rance :MIT" 8an!;o;, Thailand &niversity of 5ape To)n, South (frica &niversity of 5ape To)n, South (frica Institute of ducation &niversity of "ondon >e) ?rleans, &S( I$ID#, Mumbai Thrissur District, :erala Seoul, South :orea =IT =ellore

tt!nd!d Con(!r!nc!$02or3$1o4$0S!"in r$


Dur tion 1-., *uly, +,.+ 1 *uly, +,.+ ., *uly +,.+ +/-+2 *uly +,.+ +4-+3 *uly +,.+ .,-./ September +,.+ .,-./ September, +,.+ ./-.- (u!ust, +,.+ 0, (u!ust @ + September +,.+ +3-+2 ?ctober, +,.+ .1-+, >ovember, +,.+ +1 ?ctober - + >ovember +,.+ 4 >ovember, +,.+

Pur4o$! (nnual International 5onference on "an!ua!e and "iterature 6 "in!uistics Summer School of the Indo-$erman 5entre for Sustaibability 'reie &niversity %aris International 5on!ress of H 6 SS #esearch 2th (sia-%acific %roductivity 5onference Second (nnual Meetin! of # S<ST 5onsortium Second (nnual Meetin! of # S<ST 5onsortium .1th International 5onference on "earnin!

Sudhir 5hella #a7an Sudhir 5hella #a7an >.Sree;umar :.Srilata #. S)arnalatha

+,.+ (nnual Meetin! of (merican %olitical Science (ssociation (cancelled on 31 August due to hurricane) 5haired panel on rene)able ener!y at 2th 8iennial International Aor;shop on (dvances in ner!y Studies. T)o seminars on B5orporate thical #esponsibilityB poetry at the +,.+ Seoul International AritersC 'estival valuated a %h.D thesis, Titled B cofeminismD ( Study of (lice Aal;erCs >ovelsB

F cu&t) #. S)arnalatha *yotirmaya Tripathy

Countr) +i$it!d %anayur 5hennai 8erry 5olle!e, $eor!ia &niversity of >orth TeFas Seol, South :orea Istanbul &S(, 8ro)n &niversity %hilippines 'rance Tai)an

Dur tion .4-.3 >ovember, +,.+ ..-.0 ?ctober +,.+. ./ ?ctober, +,.+ ?ctober>ovember +,.+ .1- ++, (pril +,.+ +2 March @ .3th (pril +,.+ *anuary +2-+1 /-2 Sep +,.+ Dec +,.+

*yotirmaya Tripathy :.Srilata 8initha = Thampi 8initha = Thampi Subash S Mu!ur Hlotea Soni;a $upta

Pur4o$! ( session on )ritin! s;ills in the research methodolo!y )or;shop at the (sian 5entre for 5ross-5ultural Studies. %resented a paper BDevelopment as 5arto!raphic Ima!inationE in the (nnual 5onference of (ssociation of Third Aorld Studies. "ectured on BMedia and He!emony DThe Indian FperienceB To present my )or; at the Seoul International Ariters 'estival. .+th IAID International 'orum on AomenGs #i!hts and Development =isitin! 'ello) under $raduate %ro!ram in Development Aor;shop (IM Manila 5onference 5onference >TH& Tai)an

4.10... F cu&t) nd t1!ir cti'iti!$: F cu&t):

S.No .. +. 0. /. 4. -. 3. 2. 1. .,. ... .+. .0. ./. .4. .-. .3. .2. .1. +,. +.. ++. +0. +/. +4. +-. +3. +2. +1. 0,. 0.. 0+.

N "! nd 6u &i(ic tion$ Sudhir 5hella #a7an %h D. IHeadJ =. #. Muraleedharan, %h.D. (IIT Madras) Shreesh 5haudhary, %h.D. (5I '" Hyderabad) van!eline Manic;am, %h.D. (Madras &niversity Malathy Duraisamy. %h.D. (Madras &niversity) (ysha I9bal =is)amohan %h.D. (=i;ram &niversity) 8initha =.Thampi %h D. IIS 5, 8an!aloreJ Deva;i #eddy, %h.D. (*>&, >e) Delhi) *ohn 8osco "ourdusamy, D.%hil. (?Fford &niversity) *yotirmaya Tripathy, %h.D (IIT,:hara!pur) :alpana : %h D IMIDSJ Milind 8rahme, %h.D. (*>&, >e) Delhi) Mohan S, M.(. (Madras &niversity) %rema #a7a!opalan, %h.D. (IIT :anpur) Sabu7 :umar Mandal %h D (IS 5, &niversity of Mysore) Santhosh # (IS 5, &niversity of Mysore) Satya Sundar Sethy %h D I5entral &niversity of HyderabadJ Shireen MirLa %h D (School of ?riental 6 (frican Studies , &:) Soni;a $upta %h D (*>& >e)Delhi) Sree;umar >, %h.D. (&niv. of Hyderabad.) Srilata :, %h.D. (&niv. of Hyderabad) Subash S %h D (IIT 8ombay) Sudarsan %admanabhan %h D (&niv. of South 'lorida) Suresh 8abu M, %h.D (*>&, >e) Delhi) S)arnalatha #, %h.D (Madras &niversity) TabraL S S, %h D (*>& >e) Delhi) &ma;ant Dash, %h.D. (IIT :anpur) Santhosh (braham (&niversity of Hyderabad) (nup :umar 8handari (Indian Statistical Institute) Mathan!i :rishnamurthy (&niversity of TeFas at (ustin) #a7esh :umar (&niversity of Illinois) Hlotea Mu!urel Dan %h D (&niversity of 8ucharest)

M 7or r! o( $4!ci &i8 tion nvironment, ner!y and 5limate %olicy, %olitical Theory, Development. Health 5are conomics, %ublic %olicy, History of Healthcare in South India Theoretical "in!uistics, "T 6 >eed based courses in n!lish (merican "iterature, n!lishK 'rench (pplied conomics, "abour conomics, conomics of Social Sector, Science and Technolo!y (merican Studies, Aorld Drama, and Intercultural 5ommunication. Development Studies n!lish, Sociolin!uistics, "T History of Science, Science, Technolo!y and Society "iterary Theory, (merican Studies, 5ultural Studies History- conomics $erman Studies, 5omparative "iterature and Modern Marathi "iterature n!lish, Science 'iction, Technical #eport Aritin!, Indian Aritin! in n!lish Sociolo!y of Science and Technolo!y, Development, Aomen in Science and Technolo!y conomics Sociolo!y %hilosophy Sociolo!y 5hinese 'orei!n %olicy and %olitics, International #elations Theory, Human Security, >ucleariLation of South (sia %hilosophy of "an!ua!e, Hermeneutics, Indian %hilosophy (frican "iterature, 5ultural Studies, 5reative Aritin! conomics Social and %olitical %hilosophy, Indian %hilosophy and culture Industrial conomics, (pplied Macro conomics co %hilosophy, (merican "iterature International #elations Theory, Isreal-%alestinian 5onflict ner!y conomicsM Health 5are conomics "e!al History, 5ourts, Trials and %unishment in History, %olice and %risons in India, 5olonial Sub7ects and Indi!enous #esistances to 5olonialism Microeconomics, Statistics, conometrics (nthropolo!y of Aor;, $lobaliLation, =irtuality, (ffective labor, $ender and Aor;, Media studies, South (sia "an!ua!e in ducation, Sociolin!uistics, "in!uistic Theory, "an!ua!e and 5o!nition 5hinese Studies

S1ort9t!r" Cour$!$0 2or3$1o4$0 S!"in r$0 S)"4o$i "!"5!r$:

F cu&t) Sudhir 5hella #a7an %. SudarsanK*yotirmaya Tripathy Sudhir 5hella #a7an and Mathan!i :rishnamurthy

0Con(!r!nc!$ or# ni8!d 5) t1! ( cu&t)

Muraleedharan = # and &ma:ant Dash Sudarsan %admanabhan Sree;umar > (ysha I9bal (ysha I9bal 8initha = Thampi 8initha = Thampi

Pro#r ""! Third (nnual 5onference of Indian 5limate #esearch >et)or; Interdisciplinary 8rid!es in Indo- uropean Studies (I8I S) ?r!anised .-day )or;shop 7ointly )ith &niversity of Nueensland, (ustralia, on O"and Development 5hallen!es in India Ideas and #esearch relevant to the 5hennai %ondicherry corridorE ?ne )ee; national )or;shop on B>ational Health (ccounts Methodolo!yB The )or;shop )as 7ointly or!aniLed by HSS IITM, %H'I D "HI 5orporate Social #esponsibility 5S# Ahat, Ahy and Ho)P ?r!aniLed a ., day Aor;shop on BNualitative #esearch Methodolo!y in Social SciencesB. IM($I>$ 5I> M(D 'ilmma;in! Aor;shop #esource person for Aor;shop on (cademic %urposes, 55 n! for

+!nu! nd D t! IISc, 8an!alore, 0-/ >ovember, +,.+ IIT Madras, .1-+, >ovember, +,.+ IIT Madras *an .1, +,.0

IIT Madras *an +.-+4, +,.0 IIT Madras, *an .2, +,.0 IIT Madras IIT Madras, *une .-.,, +,.+ IIT Madras, 0 phasesD ?ct +,.+-March +,.0 IIT Madras, March .+-./, +,.0 (pril .,,, +,.+

Sudarsan %admanabhan S5 5haudhary S)arnalatha # Soni;a $upta Soni;a $upta Soni;a $upta Mu!ur Hlotea and Soni;a $upta Mu!ur Hlotea Mu!ur Hlotea :alpana :

State and Social MovementsD =iolence, Heath and 'ood Security, 7ointly )ith %urdue &niversity (?r!anised )ith t)o collea!ues ) + hrs )or;shop conducted for students at Aatson Institute for International Studies under $raduate Development %ro!ram on Di!ital spaces and 5ommunities 'irst Steerin! 5ommittee Meetin! of the IBIES rasmus Mundus 5onsortium *oint 5oordinator - IIT Madras ?r!anised a T)o-day 'aculty Development Aor;shop for the >ational Institute of Technolo!y Trichy 'aculty 5onducted a session on )ritin! s;ills in the research methodolo!y )or;shop at the (sian 5entre for 5ross-5ultural Studies D$MT 5hinese "an!ua!e Aor;shop Faminin! the South 5hina Sea 5onflict in 5onteFt of #ecent Developments Internet in 5hinaD Faminations ?f 5ensorship, Mar;et and %olitical Tra7ectory in 5hina The internet in 5hinaD Study of Microblo!!in! in 5hina leadin! up to the .2 th %arty 5on!ress (ppeal to 5onfucianism in the current elite discourse on le!itimacy in 5hina 'rom =ictim to =ictor. 5han!es in the 5hinese political discourse 5o-or!aniLed ()ith t)o collea!ues) symposium titled OState and Social MovementsD Health, 'ood Security and =iolenceE

>ovember .2 @ +,, +,.+ Than7avur, ?ctober ,4-,+,.+ .4-.3 >ovember, +,.+. IIT Madras (u!ust --.2, +,.+ I%5S, >e) delhi March /, +,.0 IIT Madras December 0-4, +,.+ Indian 5ouncil for Aorld (ffairs, >e) Delhi, ?ctober 21, +,.+ IIT Madras December 0-4, +,.+ September /-2 , +,.+ HSS Department, IIT Madras and the Department of Sociolo!y, %urdue &niversity, at IIT Madras March .0-./, +,.0

S1ort9t!r" Cour$!$0 2or3$1o4$0 S!"in r$0 S)"4o$i 0 Con(!r!nc!$0 Tr inin# ( cu&t) "!"5!r$ in Ac d!"ic in$titution$ nd Pu5&ic S!ctor Und!rt 3in#$:
F cu&t) 0 Sc1o& r Pro#r ""! 0 Tit&! o( t1! P 4!r

tt!nd!d 5) t1!

Con(!r!nc!: +!nu! ; D t!

Sudarsan %admanabhan

I8I S 5onsortium #evie) Meetin!s

=isited %ondicherry &niversity, %ondicherryM Delhi &niversity, >e) DelhiM and 8anasthali =idyapith, 8anasthali, #a7asthan December +,.+ 5hennai %etroleum 5orporation "imited, 5hennai *anuary +., +,.0 Meen;ashi 5olle!e of Aomen, 5hennai, *anuary ++,+,.0 Madura 5olle!e, Madurai *anuary +0, +,.0 IIT $u)ahati +2th*anuary +,.0 (sian Institute of Mana!ement, Manila +2-+1 *anuary +,.0 (li!arh Muslim &niversity, &ttar %radesh .,-.. 'ebruary +,.0 (sian 5entre for 5ross 5ultural Studies, %anayur, Tamil >adu ./ @ .4 'ebruary +,.0 >e) Delhi +. - ++ 'ebruary +,.0 ?r!aniLed by the 5ampai!n (!ainst SeF Selective (bortion (5(SS(), >ovember .3, +,.+ ?r!aniLed by SamaD #esource $roup for Aomen and Health 5hennai December .,, +,.+, >e) Delhi, *une 3, +,.+ >e) Delhi, *uly +3, +,.+ >e) Delhi, Sponsored by #outled!e (India) December .+, +,.+

Sudhir 5hella #a7an Subash S Sudarsan %admanabhan S)arnalatha #

"ecture on ner!y Sustainability Seminar on 'orei!n Direct Investment in India and its Impact. Special "ecture - &$5 sponsored >ational Seminar on Social *ustice and Sustainable Development Fternal eFaminer for the %h.D. viva voce eFamination of Mr. (nura! 8hattacharya in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences nterprise %erformance in (sia Aor;shop invited to deliver a tal; on Q"in!uistic Theory and 'orm vs. 'unction %resented a paper titled O nvironmental 5oncerns and 5ontemporary "iteratureE. Meetin!s )ith S)iss Development 5orporation, Ministry of nvironment and 'orests, Department of Science and Technolo!y State "evel Aor;shop on #esearch and >$? Strate!ies and (ction %lan to halt the Declinin! 5hild SeF #atio in Tamil >adu Aor;shop to discuss :ey 'indin!s of #esearch Study on 5ommercial Surro!acy in India #oundtable at the %rime MinisterCs conomic (dvisory 5ouncil on assessment of the >ational (ction %lan on 5limate 5han!e, Meetin! )ith civil society or!aniLations to launch report on the assessment of the >ational (ction %lan on 5limate 5han!e, invited to 7oin a e-%athshala pro7ect on ( 5ourse on (pplied "in!uistics. Invited Discussant - International #esearch >et)or; on #eli!ion and Democracy (I#>#D) "aunch and Discussion of #outled!e 8oo;s on (spects of #eli!ion and Democracy O$ettin! %apers published in 7ournalsE O thnic #epresentation in 5inemaE %lenary spea;er at the 5oimbatore "iterary festival, %lenary spea;er at a conference on Indian )omen poets Decentralisation and the chan!in! !eo!raphies of political mar!inaliLation in :erala, India "ecture on Q'eminist TheoriesG as part of &$5 refresher course on QAomenGs StudiesG

Subash S #a7esh :umar S)arnalatha # Sudhir 5hella #a7an

:alpana : :alpana :

Sudhir 5hella #a7an Sudhir 5hella #a7an #a7esh :umar Sudarsan %admanabhan

(ysha I9bal (ysha I9bal :. Srilata :. Srilata 8initha = Thampi 8initha = Thampi

R day Aor;shop, SS> n!ineerin! 5olle!e, (pril .+, +,.+ &$5 #efresher course, &niv of Madras, September 0, +,.+ 5oimbatore 'ebruary +,.0 5entral &niversity Thiruvarur March +,.0 Aatson Institute for International studies, 8ro)n &niversity (pril /, +,.+ (cademic Staff 5olle!e, :erala &niversity December /, +,.+

Sudarsan %admanabhan Sudarsan %admanabhan S5 5haudhary S5 5haudhary :alpana :

:alpana :

&$5 Sponsored >ational Seminar on B conomic &pliftment ad Social InclusionB %anelist on BMar!inaliLed $roups and lectoral #eformsB - 1th >ational 5onference on lectoral and %olitical #eforms $ave a session on OTeachin! Spo;en n!lishE at the (cademic Staff 5olle!e, &niversity of Hyderabad $ave another session on O5lassroom 5ommunicationE at the (cademic Staff 5olle!e, &niversity of Hyderabad "ecture on Q5hallen!es of 9uity and Sustainability in Microfinance, South IndiaG in course titled QSustainable Development and >on-$overnmental ?r!aniLationsG(via s;ype) "ecture on Q5onceptual and Methodolo!ical issues in #esearch on $ender and the State in IndiaG "ecture on QSeFual =iolenceD In the Shado) of State %o)er and 5lass and 5aste %o)erG in Seminar on Sexual Assault and Sexual Cultures "ecture on Q%revention of (buse and =iolence a!ainst AomenG in %anel Discussion "ecture on Q( 5ritical #evie) of >ational %olicies to 5ombat Declinin! SeF #atiosG at Q>ational 5onsultation on Strate!ies to halt declinin! 5hild SeF #atiosG "ecture on QAomen as (!ents and (ctors in mpo)ermentD The #ole of the State and =oluntary SectorG at Thematic Seminar on Health, Education and Womens Empowerment "ecture on QThe nforcement and *udicial %rocessD $ainin! *ustice &sin! the "a)G at Seminar on QStopping iolence Against Women! Socio"Cultural and #olitico"$egal ChallengesG $ave an invited tal; on O ndan!ered "an!ua!es in IndiaE at the >ational Seminar or!anised by the Sahitya (;ademi, $ovt. of India $ave an invited tal; at the S " # I, *amshedpur on O%olitics of n!lish D Aill Indian n!lish become the !lobal standardPE #esource %erson at the Aor;shop on O8and Descriptors for valuatin! Spo;en and Aritten n!lishE, S " # I, *amshedpur Invited spea;er in a >ational 5onference on &nfoldin! Indi!enous :no)led!e Systems conducted by the (sian 5entre for 5ross5ultural Studies and %resented a paper titled OIndi!enous ;no)led!e throu!h #e!ional literaturesE #esource person for the >ational seminar on #ethin;in! >atureD The #elevance of $reen Studies held at Department of n!lish, #avensha) &niversity and %resented a paper titled OThe coontolo!ical imperative in "iteratureE 'orei!n Direct Investment in IndiaGs #etail and (viation Sector 'orei!n Direct Investment in #etail SectorD 5hallen!es and ?pportunities

Thya!ara7a 5olle!e, Madurai March 2, +,.0 *aipur, #a7asthan March +0 - +/, +,.0 Hyderabad *une +4, +,.+ Hyderabad *une +4, +,.+ De%aul &niversity, School of %ublic Service, 5hica!o. May 0, +,.+ at the 5entre for Development 'inance, Institute for 'inancial Mana!ement and #esearch, or!aniLed by Transparent 5hennai #esearch Team, December ./, +,.+ or!aniLed by 5entre for AomenGs Studies (&5$-'unded), thira7 5olle!e for Aomen and %en!al Santhippu (an Independent 'orum) 'ebruary +, +,.0 or!aniLed by 5entre for Social Initiative and Mana!ement (5SIM), 5hennai - 'ebruary .1, +,.0 or!aniLed by the 5ampai!n (!ainst SeF Selective (bortion (5(SS() 'ebruary +,-+., +,.0, 5hennai. (nnual 5onference, Tamilnadu 'oundation (T>') #a7 8havan, 5hennai. 'ebruary +0, +,.0 or!aniLed by the Human #i!hts (dvocacy and #esearch 'oundation, March +3, +,.0 8 > # Herita!e Hotel, #anchi >ovember +-, +,.+ *amshedpur March 0,, +,.0 *amshedpur March +1-0,, +,.0 %anayur (u!ust +0-+/, +,.+

:alpana :

:alpana : :alpana :

:alpana :

:alpana :

S5 5haudhary

S5 5haudhary

S5 5haudhary S)arnalatha #

S)arnalatha #

#avensha) &niversity *anuary .+-.0, +,.0

Subash S Subash S

5entral &niversity of Tamil >adu >ovember 1, +,.+ Meena;shi 5olle!e 5hennai *anuary ++, +,.0

Subash S

:no)led!e, Technolo!y Multinational 5orporations



Madras &niversity September ./, +,.+

<oo3$: Mono#r 41$ ut1or!d0co9 ut1or!d:

S&. No. . + N "! o( ( cu&t) (ysha I9bal (ysha I9bal Tit&! <oo3$: %ostliberaliLation Indian >ovels in n!lish n!lish for the Hotel Indusry Pu5&i$1!r (nthem, "ondon (&:) +,.0 %earson ducation, >e) Delhi, +,.0 ditura &niversitatii din 8ucuresti. %rae!er, 5alifornia Aut1or0 Co9 ut1or (ysha I9bal (ysha I9bal

Mu!ur Hlotea

Soni;a $upta

Mu!ur Hlotea and Soni;a $upta

Transferul si echivalarea conceptelor de BdrepturiB si BlibertateB in discursul modernitatii chineLe de la inceputul secolului SS O & Aeapons 8an on 5hinaD Implications for #e!ional and $lobal SecurityE in Donovan 5hau 6 Thomas :ane (eds) 5hina and International SecurityD History, Strate!y, and 5entury %olicy, Internet in 5hinaD ( Study of Microblo!!in! in 5hina leadin! upto .2th %arty 5on!ressE in O55% and Internal Dynamics of 5hinaE

Dr. Mu!ur Hlotea

Indian 5ouncil of Aorld (ffairs (I5A(), >e) Delhi

=ourn & Editori & <o rd$:

S&. No. . N "! o( ( cu&t) Soni;a $upta and Mu!ur Hlotea Po$ition >Editor0M!"5!r? 5o-editors =ourn & N "! 5hinaD (n international *ournal (special issue (u!ust +,./)

F cu&t) "!"5!r$ 4 rtici4 tion %it1 ot1!r in$titution und!r MoU:

S&. No. N "! o( ( cu&t) (ysha I9bal P rtici4 tion d!t i&$ Aith the Dept of 5ontemporary (rts, S'& N "! o( Uni'!r$it)0In$titution %1ic1 1 $ MoU Simon 'raser &niv, =ancouver, 5anada

Stud!nt 'i$it
S&.No . + 0 / N "! o( t1! $tud!nt$ S.#a7asulochana =eena # =eena # =eena # Pur4o$! o( +i$it 4th 8atch of Short term trainin! on Nualitative #esearch Methods in Health 6 Medical #esearch, Inside 5hinaD Second (nnual 5onference ?r!aniLed by I%5S International 5onference on C%articipation, 5ontestation, "e!itimation in 5hinese %oliticsC, 'ifth (ll India conference of 5hina Studies ?r!aniLed by Institute of 5hinese Studies, >e) Delhi D t! ;+!nu! Indian Institute of %ublic Health, $andhina!ar, $u7arat. (pril +4-+3, +,.+ Institute of %eace and 5onflict Studies, >e) Delhi 2, September +,.+ IITM 5hina Studies 5enter, 0-4, December +,.+ Santini;etan, =isvabharati &niversity .4-.-, December +,.+


R!$! rc1 nd Con$u&t nc):

S4on$or!d R!$! rc1 Pro7!ct$:

Pro7!ct Nu"5!r St rt D t! C&o$! D t! + &u! >R$ in & 31$? Tit&! Co9ordin tor$

HSS,1.,,+3IM#'S &DH HSS.,..,0.I>S(> S# HSS...+,0/I5SSM S&# HSS.+.0,04((#H% S&D HSS.+.0,0-DSTSS &DH

.0-,.-., ,1-.+-.,

.+-,.-.4 0,-,--.0

+4.,, ,.3,

Indo-$erman Sustainability



Sudhir 5hella #a7an Sree;umar >










HSS,1.,,+2IITM%# ( HSS.,..4.2>'S5S (T( HSS.,..4.1>'S5: :(" HSS...+,0+IITMS? >I HSS...+,00IITMH? DS HSS...+444>'S58 I>I HSS...+4-/>'S5# S(> HSS...+4-4>'S5S S&( HSS...+4-->'S5S (8& HSS...+43/>'S5S HI# HSS.+.041/>'S5S (>? HSS.+.041->'S5M (TH

.2-,.-., +1-,1-., +1-,1-., ,0-.,-.. ,2-..-.. ..-,2-.. ,.-.+-..

0.-,4-.+ +2-,1-.0 +2-,1-.0 0.-,0-./ 0,-,--.0 .,-,2-./ 0,-..-./

..4, 4.,, 4.,, 4.,, +1.44 4.,, 4.,,

( study of the history of the traditional ayurveda parambarya vaidyas in ;erala and their uni9ueT.. Human capital, innovations and firm performance in unor!aniLed manufacturin! industries Interdisciplinary 8rid!es in Indo- uropean Studies(I8I S)- #(SM&S M&>D&S %artnership 8uildin! an International research net)or; on sustainability to enhance strate!ic ;no)led!e for climate chan!e (lternate Aater Technolo!y Truth conditional semantics vs. meanin! holismD ( study in philosophical semantics Fplorin! pro-poor practiceD Aomen and microfinance in India 5hina Studies 5entre ffects of soil or!anic carbon redistribution upon $reen House !as fluFesTT Di!ital communities and the politics of cyber activism =oluntarism charity and reli!ionD ( study on the palliative care movement in :erala Impact of ne) patent re!ime on the technolo!y and trade behavior of Indian pharmaceutical industry Impact of environmental re!ulation on the performance of Indian 5ement firms 5irculatin! ritual !eo!raphiesD Islam, community aspirations and urban space in Mumbai city 5olonial courts, trials and conflicts in early 8ritish Malabar ?utsourcin! birthD Studyin! :inship and 7uridical and emotional sub7ectivity amon! donors, clients and doctors in.. (spects of Tibeto-8urman lan!ua!es 5apital asset pricin! modelD (n investi!ator into the Indian stoc; mar;et

Suresh 8abu M

Sudarsan %

Sudhir 5hella #a7an

%rema #a7a!opalan Satya Sundar Sethy :alpana : Soni;a $upta Sudhir 5hella #a7an

8initha = Thampi Santhosh #

Subash S




Sabu7 :umar Mandal




Shireen MirLa







Santhosh (braham Mathan!i :rishnamurthy




HSS.+.0-,+>'S5# (*: HSS.+.0-,0>'S5( >&:

0.-,.-.0 0.-,.-.0


4.,, 4.,,

#a7esh :umar (nup :umar 8handari

Con$u&t nc) 4ro7!ct$:

Pro7!ct Nu"5!r #8.,..HSS,,05"I MS&DH #8.,..HSS,,/MH #DMI"" #8...+HSS,,."?> D=#M& #8...+HSS,,+A " ?*8"? #8.+.0HSS,,.# > &S&DH #8.+.0HSS,,+":SI S&DH #8.+.0HSS,,0MH #DMS&#

St rt D t! ,.-,1-., ,.-.,-., ,.-,2-.. ,.-,0-.+ ,.-,/-.+ ,.-,0-.0 ,.-,0-.0

C&o$! D t! 0,-,1-.0 0,-..-.+ 0.-.+-.+2-,+-.4 0.-.+-.+ 0.-,2-.0 0.-.+-.0

+ &u! >R$ in & 31$? +0.+2 +,.,, 44.13 2,.-3 1.1, ...1. 2.3-

Tit&! 5ollaborative process to determine lon!-term ener!y path)ays Monitorin! SS( Implementation in .0 Districts of Tamil >adu #esilient and #esponsive Health Systems (# S<ST) 5onsortium Medical Ideas, Tools, thics and %luralism in South India ( Sustainable ener!y vision for India Social survey of 5ooum #iver valuatin! I5T U school in T>

Co9ordin tor$ Sudhir 5hella #a7an 8rahme Milind Muraleedharan = # *ohn 8osco "ourdusamy Sudhir 5hella #a7an Sudhir 5hella #a7an Suresh 8abu M

R!$! rc1 Pu5&ic tion$: Pu5&ic tion$:


8raden #. (llenby and Sudhir 5hella #a7an, %heor& and #ractice o' Sustaina(le Engineering %rentice-Hall (International dition), +,.+ Sudarsan %admanabhan and *yotirmaya Tripathy

i) ii) iii)

)emocrati*ation and Cultural )i+ersit&! Contestation and Consensus, #outled!e, +,.0 ,5ultural Diversity and the uropean &nionB in European -nion in Changing International .rder, ed., *ayara7 (miin, :averi %ublishers, >e) Delhi, +,.0. BThe %aradoF of Doctrinaire =iolence and >on-violenceB in Thapa, M., Ha7acL;o)s;i, *., 6 Schottli, *. (eds) India in the Contemporar& World, #outle!e, +,.0.

Sree:umar >, %resented a paper in the >ational Seminar or!aniLed by the Indian 5?uncil of %hilosophical #esearch, >e) Delhi and Department of %hilosophy, &niversity of Madras on the B%hilosophy of : Sachidananda MurtyB on the topic B ?n the Nuestion of (uthorityD :.S.Murty and ?thersB Sree:umar >, %resented a paper titled BThe 'amilyCs #i!htsB, 5entre for 8iomedical thics, >ational &niversity of Sin!apore durin! .-+ 'ebruary, +,.0. #a7esh :umar, ( peer revie)ed boo; chapter has been published, Subbarao, :. =. and #a7esh :umar +,.0 Q(spects of (!reement in HmarG in Slade, 8en7amin (ed.) Hans Hoc; 'estschrift, (nn (rbor, MID 8eech Stave %ress S5 5haudhary. OThe Data and the Theory D The Difficult (rt of 8alancin!E in (!nihotri, #ama :ant 6 Sin!h, #a7endra ( ds., +,.+) Indian English ! %owards a /ew #aradigm, >e) Delhi D ?rient 8lac;S)an, %p. ..2-.+4 S)arnalatha # ()arded the 5harles Aallace 'ello)ship to 5ambrid!e &niversity for +,.0. &ma;ant Dash and #a7asulochana S &. %rivate %artners in the %ublic Health System D Selected 5ases from Tamil >adu, *ournal of Health Studies, vol.0, >o..,+,.., 5ehat %ublications S.Deva;i #eddy and >ivedita :umari (re youn! people less polite than old peopleP ( study of re9uest forms used in Hindi (li!arh *ournal of "in!uistics, =ol +, >umbers .-+, +,.+ I9bal =is)amohan )ith =imal *ohn 'athers, Sons and Dubious 8rothers-Masculinities in the 'ilms of %aul Thomas (ndersonB. 0amilies ! a 1ournal o' representation2 :ol;ata, vol 1, no + 6 vol .,, no ., pp .---.31

4. 5.

6. 7.
2. 1.

10. (ysha

... Soni;a $upta Internet in 5hinaD Faminations of 5ensorship, Mar;et and %olitical Tra7ectory in 5hina 5hinaD (n International *ournal

12. Mu!ur

Hlotea (ppeal to 5onfucuanism in the current

lite Discourse on "e!itimacy in 5hina 5hinaD (n

International *ournal

4.10.,. Ot1!r Acti'iti!$:


Milind 8ramhe has been appointed as Member, 8oard of Studies for $erman, :erala &niversity -for 0 year term from ..-,4-+,.+ to .,-,4-+,.4. +nd 8iennial (cademic 5onference - Q>e!otiatin! 5onflict in >ation, conomy, and Indian "iterature in n!lishG conducted on +., ++ September +,.+ and or!anised by HSS students.

The follo)in! lectures are or!anised in connection )ith the conference. ?n September +,.+


Inau!ural Session by @ Sri. $opal;rishna $andhi, Distin!uished 'aculty, Department of HSS and 'ormer $overnor of Aest 8en!al Dr. Shail Mayaram, Senior 'ello), 5entre for Studies of Developin! Societies delivered a lecture on >e!otiatin! thnicity and >ationalismD

?n ++nd September +,.+


Dr. %artha $an!opadhyay, &niversity of Aestern Sydney, delivered a lecture on 5onflict @ its uses and abusesD

conomics of

%rof. S Subramian, Madras Institute of Development Studies, delivered a lecture on (spects of $ro)th and Inclusiveness - The Indian FperienceD Dr. $ * = %rasad, *a)aharlal >ehru &niversity, delivered a lecture on 'ractured 8oundaries in Indian Aritin! in n!lishD

Ac d!"ic E@c1 n#! Pro#r ""!:

The follo)in! M( students are permitted to spend one semester i.e. *uly @ >ov +,.+ to under!o courses in Hochschule 8remen, $ermany under student-eFchan!e pro!ramme .. +. 0. HS,1H,.4 HS,1H,04 HS,1H,+4 5hetana ( Sabnis Sura7 # >air ?viya M $

4.10./. IITM C1in Studi!$ C!ntr! : Acti'iti!$ R!4ort E+ENTS

D t! .4 March +,.+ +. *uly +,.+ --.2 (u!ust +,.+ .0 (u!ust +,.+ +3 September +,.+ 4 >ovember +,.+ - >ovember +,.+ 2 >ovember +,.+ +, >ovember +,.+ E'!nt$ #avi 8oothalin!am, 'ounder Manas advisory, 5hinaGs approach to South and South ast (sia %rof. Martin *ac9ues, (uthor, Ahen 5hina #ules the Aorld 5hinese "an!ua!e Aor;ship for the D$MT Aater, Aildlife and AoodsD (n Introduction to 5hinese nvironmental History, %olicy and 5ulture, %rof. Scott Slovic 5hina and the Aa!es of &ni-Dimensional Strate!ies, T.5.( #a!havan, Senior (ssociate ditor, 8usiness "ine, The Hindu The .2th %arty 5on!ress and 5hinaGs %olitical #eforms, Madhu 8halla, %rofessor, Delhi &niversity The #oad to 5hinaGs .2th %arty 5on!ress, (mb. 5. = #an!anathan, 5hairman, 5S5 .1-+D ( )ar to remember or for!etP, (vinash $odbole, #esearch (ssistant, IDS( 5hina under one Decade of Hu-Aen mpireD +,,+-+,.+, <u;tesh)ar :umar

On&in! An &)$i$:

The ?uster of 8o Silai, #.S :alha, 'ormer Secretary, Ministry of Fternal (ffairs, $overnment of India, >e) Delhi, +3 March +,.+


8#I5S >e) Delhi SummitD 5onteFt and Si!nificance, (vinash $odbole, #esearch (ssistant, Institute for Defence Studies and (nalyses, +2 March +,.+ The O>e)E Tibetan Stru!!le, $un7an Sin!h, #esearch (ssistant, Institute for Defence Studies and (nalyses, +1 March +,.+ 5hina @ *apan relationsD ?ne step for)ard, t)o steps bac;, (shish :ashyap, 8-tech Student, 5omputer n!ineerin!, + (pril +,.+ 5hina @ *apan relationsD ?ne step for)ard, t)o steps bac;, (shish :ashyap, 8-tech Student, 5omputer n!ineerin!, + (pril +,.+ The 5oup that never )as. ?r )as itP, (nshul #ana, Masters Student, S(IS, *ohn Hop;ins &niversity, .. (pril +,.+ 5hinaGs 'uture in a OTransition TrapE, $eeta :ochhar, (ssistant %rofessor, *>& , .+ (pril +,.+ Deployin! 5hinese %rivate Security 'orces in (frica, #. =eena, #esearch Scholar, 5S5 IITM, .- (pril +,.+ >orth :orea does it a!ain, $un7an Sin!h, #esearch (ssistant, IDS(, .2 (pril +,.+ Sac;in! of 8o-Silai @ The Se9uel, #.S. :alha, 'ormer Secretary, Ministry of Fternal (ffairs, $overnment of India, .1 (pril +,.+ (!ni-= and 5hinese #eaction, (diti #ao, %ro7ect (ssociate, 5S5 IITM, +- (pril +,.+ 5hina Scoffs at %M Manmohan Sin!hGs Myanmar =isit, #.S :alha, 'ormer Secretary, Ministry of (ffairs, $overnment of India, >e) Delhi, 3 *une Fternal

(f!hanistanD &S )ithdra)l and 5hinaGs involvement, # =eena, #esearch Scholar, 5S5 IITM, .+ *une 5hinaGs telecommunication companies under pressure, (diti #ao, %ro7ect (ssociate, 5S5 IITM, +. *une Do the 5hinese O8ite the Hand That 'eeds ThemEP, $eeta :ochhar, 'ormer Secretary, (ssistant %rofessor, *>&, >e) Delhi, 1 *uly India, 5hina and >aval 5ooperation, #. 8hanu :rishna :iran, Independent #esearcher, International "a) and Strate!ic (ffairs, ., *uly Situation and %olicies @ 5hinaGs Ahitepaper on #are (dvanced Studies,IIS5, .1 *uly arths, >abeel Mancheri, %HD >ational Institute of

5hinaGs Space 5apabilities, $un7an Sin!h, #esearch (ssistant, IDS( >e) Delhi, +/ *uly ndurin! India-5hina 8oundary Nuestion, 5.= #an!anathan, 'ormer (mbassador to 5hina, 5hairman of the IITM 5S5 8oard, +1 *uly #evival of 5hinese >ationalism, (vinash $odbole, , #esearch (ssistant, IDS( >e) Delhi, ./ (u!ust Trial of $u :ailai, #.S :alha, 'ormer Secretary,Ministry of Fternal (ffairs, +/ (u!ust 5hina-*apanD Sen;a;u Dispute, $un7an Sin!h , #esearch (ssistant, IDS( >e) Delhi, ./ (u!ust

4.11.1 Introduction:


The Department of Management Studies (DoMS) was formed in April 2004. The department offers a 2-year fulltime M A !rogramme (started in "uly 200#)$ resear%h programs leading to MS and !hD and offers an MS (&ntrepreneurship) program. The department mo'ed to new premises with infrastru%ture su%h as state of art %lassrooms and la(oratory on )e( 200*$ pro'ided (y the +nstitute. This has helped the department to ma,e all round de'elopment in its tea%hing and resear%h programme$ interfa%e with industries and other initiati'es$ (oth on the a%ademi% and pla%ement front. The %ontri(utions of the fa%ulty and resear%h s%holars ha'e (een highly a%%laimed in a%ademi% %ir%les and peer groups. The growing num(er of well--ualified appli%ants$ with many ha'ing signifi%ant professional e.perien%e$ (oth from the industry and a%ademia$ is a good indi%ation of the a%ademi% reputation of the Department. The summer and %areer pla%ement offered to the students (y glo(ally and nationally reputed %ompanies pro'ides strong e'iden%e of the growing stature of the programme and the attention it is re%ei'ing. The Department presently has the largest num(er of management resear%h s%holars in +ndia. +ts resear%h programmes attra%t a 'ery large num(er of appli%ants$ in%luding a high proportion of wor,ing professionals. The wor, of the resear%h s%holars is regularly pu(lished in reputed international and national /ournals$ and is presented in prestigious international and national %onferen%es. +n the re%ent past$ resear%h s%holars ha'e re%ei'ed international awards for their do%toral theses. The resear%h papers of se'eral resear%h s%holars ha'e %onsistently re%ei'ed 0(est paper1 awards$ and are well %ited in the literature. The alumni of the Department %ontinue to ma,e signifi%ant %ontri(utions to the organi2ations and institutions they wor, for. Many among them ha'e won pri2es$ awards$ honours and promotions in their organi2ations e'en within their first year of wor,. They ha'e also played a %entral role in ma,ing their organi2ations earn laurels from 'arious -uarters. The full-time and 'isiting fa%ulty mem(ers ha'e e.%ellent a%ademi% and professional (a%,grounds$ and they %olle%ti'ely wor, for reali2ing the Department1s 'ision 3 to be a globally unique and most valuable source of knowledge, insight, creativity and expertise in management thought and practice4. 5'er the years of its e.isten%e$ the Department has thoroughly re'ised its M A programme %urri%ulum$ e.panded its resear%h a%ti'ities$ re-laun%hed the MS (&ntrepreneurship) programme with a new stru%ture$ and wor,ed for esta(lishing long-term relationships with glo(ally reputed +nstitutions and organi2ations. The se%tions (elow present an outline of the Department1s wor,. Some ma/or areas of resear%h at the department are6


!rodu%tion 7 5perations Management )inan%e Mar,eting 8uman 9esour%e Management +nformation Systems Strategy Te%hnology Management

!ro/e%t Management :uality Management Ser'i%es Management ;nowledge Management <om(inatorial 5ptimi2ation :uantitati'e Modelsin Supply <hain Management Academic Pro ramme!:

Ne" #our!e! introduced: S$. No. # 2 #our!e No. MS =>?0 MS =@40 Tit$e Deci!ion Mode$! +nformation Systems for Analyti%s

Student! on Ro$$: Pro ramme M. .A. MS !h.D. Tota$ I %ear #02 #@ #4 1*4 II &ear >2 #4 #? +, III &ear 0 #= ## 24 I' &ear 0 > 20 2, ' &ear ( ot)er! 0 0 20 2Tota$ #>4 >0 @4 2++

Name! o. Student! / Sc)o$ar! ")o attended #on.erence!/Seminar! and S%m0o!ia A1road/ India: S$. No. Name o. t)e Student/Sc)o$ar Name o. t)e #on.erence/ Seminar/S%m0o!ia/2or3!)o0 2=rd Annual !rodu%tion and 5perations Management So%iety (!5MS) *th Asian usiness 9esear%h <onferen%e The !5MS 2=rd annual %onferen%e l Smart syste%h 20#2 ACEMA< 20#2 GACEMA< 20#2 +nternational %onferen%e +AD+S information systems 20#=(+S20#=) !rodu%tion and 5perations Management So%iety Annual <onferen%e 20#= @th Asian usiness 9esear%h <onferen%e @th Asian usiness 9esear%h <onferen%e #0th +nternational <onferen%e 5%%upational Stress and 8ealth >#st meeting of &uro wor,ing group on %ommodities and finan%ial modelling (&J<D)M) 20#= Dlo(al )inan%e <onferen%e 20#= Dlo(al )inan%e 4 Jorld )inan%ial %onferen%e 2*th &uro-+nforms "oint +nternational <onferen%e 20#= +C)59MS MS5M <onferen%e

Ro$$ No

Date ( 'enue

Financia$ A!!i!tance From +nstitute

A1road: #. Mrs. !. ;alpana 2. =. 4. >. *. F. @. ?. #0. ##. #2. #=. #4. #>. #*. #F. <hristy Angeline 9. 9. 9a/,anth Sathish ;umar 9 Sowmya Ar%hana Carayanan Hinoth ; . rinda M. 9. Deepthi A. harathi 9. Sarla,sha Danesh H Shalini Hignesh " Mahala,shmi S Ara'ind S. Kamini S "ohn Mathew

!h D 9esear%h S%holar MS#0S0#= MS0?D0#* MS#0S 02# MS#0S022 MS##S00F MS##S00> MS##S002 MS##S00? MS##S00# MS0?D0#= MS##D0#0 MS##S004 MS##S0#2 MS#0D0#* MS##S0#* MS##S00*

<hi%ago$ +llinois$ ASA B April 20#2 Co'otel 8otel$ ang,o,$ Thailand B @.4.20#2 B #0.4.20#2 <hi%ago$ ASA 20.4.20#2 to 2=.4.20#2 Muni%h$ Dermany #2.*.20#2 to #=.*.20#2 Adelaide$ Australia 0=.#2.20#2 To >.#2.20#2 Adelaide$ Australia =.#2.20#2 to >.#2.20#2 Iis(on$ !ortugal #=.=.20#= to #*.=.20#= Den'er$ ASA - =.>.20#= to *.>.20#= ang,o,$ Thailand #.04.20#= to 2.04.20#= ang,o,$ Thailand #.04.20#= to 2.04.20#= Ios Angeles$ <alifornia$ ASA - #*.0>.#= To #?.0>.#= Iondon$ A; - #*.>.20#= to #@.>.20#= Monterey ay$ <A$ ASA 20.>.20#= to 22.>.20#= Monterey at$ <A$ ASA 20.>.20#= to 22.>.20#= Iimassol <yprus &urope - #.F.20#= to =.F.20#= 9ome$ +taly - =0.*.20#= to 04.F.20#= )ontain(leau$ )ran%e 2@.0F.20#= to =0.0F.20#=

+nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute +nstitute

Name! o. !tudent! / !c)o$ar! ")o "on out!ide 0ri4e! and a"ard!:

Sl. No

Name of the Student/Scholar

Name of the Prize

Prize awarded by

1. +.

Dr. K. Gopalakrishnan & Dr. Priya Rajeev (DoMS Alumni) Mrs. G.,. Suma(hi) PhD S'holar Mr "hira! 3ain) M-A s(u#en( Mr K. 7enka(ara!havan ) ($i(h Pro0. R. P. Sun#araraj) Ms. :amini Srinivasan ($i(h Dr.Rahul Mara(he) Mr. 7enka(a Prasa# Palaki(i ($i(h Dr. Usha Mohan and Prof. R. P. Sundarraj ) Ms. So$mya Karunakaran Ms. Ranji(ha Ajay Ms. 7ijayalakshmi Ran!arajan

" i!hly "ommen#e# A$ar#" -es( Paper A$ar#

%meral# Pu&li'a(ions) *K . /ns(i(u(e o0 S'ien'e & .e'hnolo!y) Arakkunna) %rnakulam Dis() Kerala a( (he 11 (h /n(erna(ional "on0eren'e o0 (he /n#ian A'a#emy o0 Applie# Psy'holo!y (/AAP) ,issan Mo(or "orpora(ion 11(h Annual /n(erna(ional "on0eren'e o0 (he So'ie(y o0 8pera(ions Mana!emen( a( //. Delhi 11(h Annual /n(erna(ional "on0eren'e o0 (he So'ie(y o0 8pera(ions Mana!emen( a( //. Delhi 11(h Annual /n(erna(ional "on0eren'e o0 (he So'ie(y o0 8pera(ions Mana!emen( a( //. Delhi /n(erna(ional Symposium on "lou# an# Servi'e "ompu(in! (/S"8S) "on0eren'e a( ,/.) Sura(kal) Man!alore "on0eren'e on Global Strategies for an Emergent India) &y //M Ko=hiko#e & *niversi(y o0 Sy#ney hel# a( //M Ko=hiko#e. %@/A/RB+C12) (he 2r# /n(5l "on0eren'e on "hallen!es an# S(ra(e!ies in (he Glo&al S'enario 0or -usiness an# So'ie(al %D'ellen'e (/A-".?) hel# a( Da((a Me!he /ns(i(u(e o0 Mana!emen( S(u#ies) ,a!pur /n(erna(ional Simula(ion "on0eren'e o0 /n#ia (/S"/ +C12) a( //.M Resear'h Park ) "hennai 2r# ,a(ional "on0eren'e on uman Resour'e Mana!emen( (," RM +C12)) hel# a( /n#ia /n(erna(ional "en(er) ,e$ Delhi

2. 6. 9. 1. ;. <. >.

4,issan S(u#en( -ran# Mana!er5 A$ar# -es( Paper A$ar# -es( Paper A$ar# -es( Paper A$ar# -es( Paper A$ar# i!hly "ommen#a&le Paper A$ar# ?irs( Pri=e

1C. 11.

Sm( K. So$mya ($i(h Pro0. R. P. Sun#arraj ) Ms. R. -hara(hi ($i(h Dr. Rupashree -aral)

-es( Paper A$ar# -es( Paper A$ar#

Name! o. t)e Student!/Sc)o$ar! ")o "on t)e In!titute #on5ocation/In!titute Da% Pri4e

Sl. No 1. +. 2. 6. 9. 1. ;.

Name of the Student/Scholar Ms. Pree(#eep Kaur Mr. Avinash Kumar Sinha Ms. imakshi Gup(a Ms. ,eha Sharma Mr. Anish Kumar Gala Ms. Pree(#eep Kaur Ms. Pree(#eep Kaur


Name of Prize Shri "oka Par(hasara(hy Memorial Pri=e Shri K.7. Arunkumar Memorial Pri=e Shri ,. Kannan Memorial Pri=e Shri R.,. Rajen#ran Memorial Pri=e Shri 7. Kumar Memorial Pri=e Pro0. ..,. Govin#arajan Memorial Pri=e S$a(hi 3ayalakshmi Memorial Pri=e

Name of Donor ?or i!hes( "GPA in (he -a('h ?or -es( S(u#en( A$ar# 0or his 8verall Per0orman'e ?or -es( Resear'h .hesis in Marke(in! ?or -es( M.S. (&y resear'h) .hesis in (he area o0 8r!ani=a(ional -ehaviourE RM ?or -es( Per0orman'e in Marke(in! Area ?or -es( all roun# M-A S(u#en( ?or i!hes( "GPA Girl M-A S(u#en(

4.11.* Facu$t%:

Facu$t% and t)eir acti5itie!: Name and 6ua$i.ication! Ma7or Area o. S0ecia$i4ation Systems Thin,ing and Appli%ations$ !ro/e%t Management$ Te%hnology

Pro.e!!or!: Danesh I

.&.(8ons.)$ M. Te%h$ !h. D. "aya%handran S$ M.A.$ M A$ !h. D. ;amalana(han T " M.A.$ M. !hil.$ !h. D. Madhumathi 9 M. <om.$ !h. D. Carendran T T .&.$ M.S.$ !h. D. !ra,ash Sai I .&.$ !D Dipl.(<M7!)$ M. Te%h$ !h. D. 9a/endran < .&.(8ons)$ M.&.$ !h. D. Srini'asan D M8&ADN .&. (8ons)$ M.S.$ !h. D. 9.!. Sundarra/ !h.D. Thenmo2hi M M. <om.$ M. !hil$ !h. D. Hi/ayaragha'an ! .&.$ M A$ )ellow$ ++M angalore (TT; <hair !rofessor) A!!ociate Pro.e!!or!: Arun ;umar D M. <om.$ !h. D. Thillaira/an A .&.$ M.S%$ )ellow ++M angalore A!!i!tant Pro.e!!or!: Amit 9 ; M. Te%h.$ !h. D Arshinder ;aur M. Te%h$ !h. D. Danesh M ! M.A.$ M. !hil$ !h. D. ;rishna !rasanna ! M. <om.$ !h. D. Iata Dyaram M.A$ !hD 9ahul 9. Marathe .&.$ M.S.$ !h.D. 9i%ha Agrawal M A$ !h. D. 9upashree aral !h. D. Sa/i ;. Mathew !h. D. Asha Mohan M. S%.$ !h. D. H. Hi/ayala,shmi M.S%$$ !hD 'i!itin A!!i!tant Pro.e!!or: Anantha Sundarara/an M.S.$ !h. D. (+ndl. &ngg)

Management$ Data and De%ision Analysis$ )ore%asting Mar,eting Management 7 9esear%h$ Ad'ertisement and !u(li%ity$ Management of )inan%e L !ersonal L Mar,eting 5rgani2ational eha'iour$ 8uman 9esour%e Management and Training 7 De'elopment. )inan%ial Management and A%%ounting$ )ore. 9esear%h$ an, Management$ <apital Mar,et Studies 5perations Management$ Supply <hain management$ Hehi%le 9outing !ro(lems Strategi% Management$ +T 5utsour%ing and +T Strategi% !lanning usiness Models$ Te%hnology Management$ <ontemporary +ssues in Management 5perations Management$ !rodu%tion and Materials Management$ Supply <hain Management$ S%heduling. )undamentals of 5perations 9esear%h$ Ad'an%ed 5perations 9esear%h$ 5perations Management$ Supply <hain Management$ Manufa%turing Systems Management$ 5. 9. Appli%ations$ Ser'i%es 5perations Management +nformation Systems$ Supply <hain Management$ e- usiness$ <omputational 5ptimi2ation$ De%ision Support System. )inan%ial Management$ Strategi% Management <omputational )inan%e Strategi% Mar,eting$ Ad'ertising 7 Sales !romotion$ rand Management$ +ndustrial 7 Ser'i%es Mar,eting

Mar,et Mi%rostru%ture$ +!5s$ Mergers and A%-uisitions$ "oint Hentures and Multinational usiness )inan%ial Management$ Ad'an%ed <orporate )inan%e$ Henture <apital and !ri'ate &-uity$ +nfrastru%ture and !ro/e%t )inan%e

Dame Theory$ 5perations 9esear%h$ De%ision Theory$ Catural 9esour%es Management. 5perations 9esear%h$ Supply <hain Management$ Total :uality Management$ Ser'i%es 5perations Management 5rgani2ational eha'iour$ 8uman 9esour%es Management$ +ndustrial !sy%hology )inan%ial A%%ounting$ )i.ed +n%ome Se%urities$ )inan%ial 9is, Management $ Mar,et Mi%rostru%ture Ieadership De'elopment$ <orporate Sustaina(ility$ <ognition in organi2ations$ 5rgani2ational eha'iour$ 5rgani2ational De'elopment$ +ndustrial and 5rgani2ation !sy%hology Simulation$ +ndustrial &ngineering$ T:M$ 5perations 9esear%h$ 5perations Management <ustomer 9elationship Mar,eting$ <onsumer eha'iour 7 +nsight Ad'antage Strategi% 8uman 9esour%es Management$ 5rgani2ational eha'iour$ Jor,BIife alan%e$ &mployee &ngagement$ Di'ersity and +n%lusi'eness$ <areer &.it and 9e-entry of Jomen Management +nformation Systems$ +T Strategy$ Data Mining and usiness +ntelligen%e$ +T Ser'i%es 7 5utsour%ing$ +nformation Systems De'elopment :uantitati'e Models in 5perations Management$ !ro(a(ility and Statisti%s$ %om(inatorial 5ptimi2ation !ositi'e 5rganisational eha'iour $ So%ial Media and So%ial Design$ Ceuro-linguisti% programming 5perations 9esear%h 7 9is, ManagementO

S)ort8term #our!e!/ 2or3!)o0!/ Seminar!/ S%m0o!ia /#on.erence! or ani4ed 1% t)e .acu$t% mem1er!:

S$. Name o. t)e Tit$e Period No. #o8ordinator! 2or3!)o0 / Mana ement De5e$o0ment Pro ramme / E9ecuti5e De5e$o0ment Pro ramme / #on.erence! #. Dr 9ahul 9 Marathe 2-Day Jor,shop 0Manufa%turing Systems Management1 "une 4 B >$ 20#2 for the engineers of TA)& Iimited$ <hennai 2. Dr 9ahul 9 Marathe 2-Day Jor,shop 0Manufa%turing Systems Management1 August 2# B 22$ for the engineers of TA)& Iimited$ <hennai 20#2 =. Dr. T.". ;amalana(han and Super'isory De'elopment !rogramme for I7T &ngineers 5%to(er #> B 20$ Dr M Thenmo2hi 20#2 4. Dr. M.!. Danesh$ 3Curturing the +nner Kou B for +ndi'iduals$ Droup 7 Co'em(er 2 B =$ Dr. H. Hi/ayala,shmi and 5rganisational &.%ellen%e4 for <orporates 20#2 Dr. 9upashree aral >. Dr. M.!. Danesh 3Tea%her Ieadership4 for %ollege tea%hers$ <hennai Co'em(er ?-#0$ 20#2 *. Dr 9ahul 9 Marathe 2-Day &.e%uti'e De'elopment !rogramme on De%em(er 4 B >$ 0Manufa%turing Systems Management1 for the engineers 20#2 of TA)& Iimited$ <hennai F. Dr. Iata Dyaram and 0Ieadership De'elopment !rogramme1 for the Senior De%em(er * B @$ Dr. T " ;amalana(han &.e%uti'es of the <orporates 20#2 @. Dr. 9ahul 9. Marathe 3)undamentals of 5ptimi2ation4 (Training !rogramme for De%em(er #0-#>$ <aterpillar Itd) 20#2 ?. Dr. M. Thenmo2hi Management De'elopment !rogramme on 3&nhan%ing "anuary 0F B 0?$ 9esear%h S,ills in )inan%e4 20#= #0. Dr. M. Thenmo2hi Management De'elopment !rogramme on Strategi% <ost "anuary 2= B 2>$ Management 20#= ##. Dr. H Hi/ayala,shmi Short term %ourse 39esear%h Methods in Management )e(ruary = B F$ and So%ial S%ien%e4 20#= #2. Dr Asha Mohan$ +nternational Simulation <onferen%e of +ndia 20#= (+S<+) )e(ruary 2# Dr 9ahul Marathe$ 2=$ 20#= Dr. 9.;. Amit and Dr. D. Srini'asan #=. Dr Iata Dyaram and +nauguration and laun%h of first module and first (at%h of )e(ruary 22 B !rof T" ;amalana(han Ar%hite%t 9eadiness !rogram (A9!) as part of M5A with 2=$ 20#= Heri2on +ndia S)ort8term #our!e!/ 2or3!)o0!/ Seminar!/ S%m0o!ia/ #on.erence!/ Trainin mem1er! in Academic in!titution! and Pu1$ic Sector Underta3in !: S$. Name o. .acu$t% No. #on.erence : #. Arshinder ;aur$ Sandeep Menon 2. Sundarra/ 9 !$ Hen,ataragha'an ; Sa/i Mathew$ Hinodh ; 9ahul Marathe$ Kamini Srini'asan 9ahul Marathe$ Kamini Srini'asan Tit$e <ase study6 Drowth dri'ers of the +ndian %asting industry <loud- ased Storage-as-aSer'i%e Sele%tion6 A D&A and Doal !rogramming (ased Approa%h est !aper Award Je( !ersonali2ation in & Do'ernan%e Halue of information for perfe%t monitoring of the %ontra%tor while designing %ontra%t in the %onstru%tion Model for imperfe%t monitoring of %ontra%tor to redu%e information asymmetry on the -uality in %onstru%tion est !aper Award ayesian Cash &-uili(ria in the <ompetiti'e Cews(oy Mode attended 1% t)e .acu$t% In!titution #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi Period De% 2#2=$ 20#2 De% 2#2=$ 20#2 De% 2#2=$ 20#2 De% 2#2=$ 20#2 De% 2#2=$ 20#2

=. 4.



9 ; Amit$ !eeyush Mehta$ Ceha Murad

De% 2#2=$ 20#2


Sundarra/ 9 !$ C. 9a'i ;iran$

@. ?.

9 ! Sundarra/$ Asha Mohan $ Hen,ata !rasad !ala,iti Sundarra/ 9 !$ Hen,ataragha'an ;

An A8! Approa%h for the sele%tion of usiness !artners in the fields of So%ial Media and usiness +ntelligen%e6 a <ase Study +mpro'ement of Supply <hain !erforman%e using Cegotiation est !aper Award 5n +ntegrating Time !referen%e and <on%ession Models into <loud <omputing Cegotiations Strategi% idding for <loud 9esour%es under Dynami% !ri%ing S%hemes 3Do +ntraday Holatility !atterns follow a 0A1 %ur'e P &'iden%e from the +ndian Mar,et4 3Se%tor +nde.6 Do they tell the right storyP4

#*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi #*th Annual +nt1l <onf of So%iety of 5perations Management held at ++T Delhi +nternational Symposium on <loud and Ser'i%es <omputing 20#2 (+S<5S 20#2)$ held (etween at C+T ;arnata,a$ Surat,al +nternational Symposium on <loud and Ser'i%es <omputing 20#2 (+S<5S 20#2)$ held (etween at C+T ;arnata,a$ Surat,al Q+ AT+ <apital Mar,ets <onferen%e held at Mum(ai. Q+ AT+ <apital Mar,ets <onferen%e held at Mum(ai.

De% 2#2=$ 20#2

De% 2#2=$ 20#2 De% #* B #?$ 20#2


Sundarra/ 9 !$ Sowmya ;aruna,aran

De% #* B #?$ 20#2

##. #2.

D. Arun ;umar and Ara'ind Sampath D. Arun ;umar and Hignesh "ana,iraman

De% 2#22$ 20#2 De% 2#22$ 20#2

S0ecia$ :ecture! de$i5ered 1% t)e .acu$t% in ot)er In!titution!: S$. No. #. Name o. .acu$t% Dr. I. !ra,ash Sai To0ic o. :ecture RTe%hnology$ +nno'ation and !redi%tion Mar,ets6 A new understandingR { NIAS !S" "raining #rogram on $"echnology %orecasting, Assessment and &anagement'( R uilding Jorld-<lass &ngineering &du%ation +nstitutionsR In!titution Cational +nstitute of Ad'an%ed Studies$ angalore <ollege of &ngineering$ Tri'andrum S DT&$ Do't. of ;erala Training program on Re-Do'ernan%e T Date De%em(er #F$ 20#2.


Dr. I. !ra,ash Sai

De%em(er 2@$ 20#2.

'i!it! a1road 1% .acu$t%: S$. Name o. .acu$t% No. #. Dr. 9upashree aral 7 Aishwarya I. 9 #ountr% 'i!ited ang,o,$ Thailand Date @th -#0th April 20#2 Pur0o!e o. 5i!it !resented a paper entitled 3<omparing the <ompeten%ies of +ndian Software !rofessionals a%ross Denerations4 at the *th Asian usiness 9esear%h <onferen%e 9ole of +ndi'idual$ 5rgani2ational and Te%hnologi%al )a%tors on the Adoption of &9! and its +mpa%t on the &nd Asers1 !anopti% &mpowerment and !erforman%e at the *th Asian usiness 9esear%h <onferen%e !resented a paper titled )Impact pf *ork +xperience on #erceived ,rgani-ational Support . A Study amongst /ealthcare #rofessionals0 at the 2-12 Emer in Mar3et! #on.erence presented a paper titled )Is there a Speculative 1isk in the Indian Secondary &arket0 at the 20#2 Dlo(al )inan%e <onferen%e organi2ed (y the Dlo(al )inan%e <orporation Fundin From +nstitute


Dr. 9upashree aral 7 <hristy Angeline

ang,o,$ Thailand

@th -#0th April 20#2



Dr. T " ;amalana(han$ Dr M Thenmo2hi$ Ms. DC Sumathi$ !rof. 9. Madhumathi

Iondon$ A;

May #F-#@$ 20#2



<hi%ago$ +llinois$ ASA

May 2#-22$ 20#2



Dr. 9i%ha Agrawal

Ia Herne$ <A$ ASA

"une 20 24$ 20#2.


Dr. Iata Dyaram

F. @.

!rof. <. 9a/endran !rof. <. 9a/endran

Ani'ersity of Hi%toria$ ritish <olum(ia$ <anada Ani'ersity of !assau$ Dermany !hoeni.$ Ari2ona$ ASA

April 2* B May *$ 20#2 May 20 B "une 20$ 20#2 5%to(er #4 -#F$ 20#2

presented a paper titled 33<ustomer +n'ol'ement and eha'ioural Manifestations in Dissatisfying <onsumption Situations44 at the iennial <onferen%e of the "ournara of <onsumer Satisfa%tionL Dissatisfa%tion and <omplaining eha'iour Ander 0 rief Hisit1


(Sponsored 9esear%h !ro/e%t Jor,) Self +nstitute

Ani'ersity of !assau for /oint 9esear%h Jor, !resented a paper titled 39ationing !oli%y and +n'entory 5ptimi2ation Models for a Three-Stage Di'ergent Supply <hain4 at the 20#2 +C)59MS (+nstitute for 5perations 9esear%h and the Management S%ien%es) Annual Meeting Ani'ersity of !assau for /oint 9esear%h Jor, Attended an +nternational A%ademy of usiness and !u(li% Administration Dis%iplines <onferen%e (+A !AD)

?. #0.

!rof. <. 9a/endran !rof. T.". ;amalana(han

Ani'ersity of !assau$ Dermany )lorida$ ASA

De%em(er * B 20$ 20#2 "anuary 2 B >$ 20#=

Self +nstitute

;onour! and A"ard! o1tained: S$. Name o. .acu$t% No. ;onour! : #. !rof. T. T. Carendran 2. !rof. 9. !. Sundarara/ Name o. A"ard !resident Mem(er on the &ditorial 9e'iew oard A"arded 1% <ase 9esear%h So%iety of +ndia$ +ndia +&&&-T&M (Transa%tions on &ngineering Management)$ A; A"arded .or y Comination 5n in'itation for a period of = years Date o. A"ard April 20#2 Aug 20#2


Re!earc) and #on!u$tanc%:

S0on!ored Re!earc) Pro7ect!: S$. Tit$e No. #. )inan%ial 9is, Do'ernan%e stru%ture in +ndia 2. =. 4. >. Study and e'aluation of Con!erforming Assets (C!A) of 8AD<5 +ndia H+Q and 9is, Management 9e%ent inno'ations in infrastru%ture finan%ing6 9ole of pri'ate e-uity 8ousing$ ur(an de'elopment and infrastru%ture6 Study of the impa%t of !!! and pri'ate e-uity in'estments Period De% 1#2 - "une 0#4 Co' 1#2 B Co' 0#= 5n-going April 1#2 B 5%t 0#= April 1#2 B De% 0#4 Fundin A enc% +<A+ A%%ounting 9esear%h )oundation (A9)) 8uman Settlement Management +nstitute$ 8AD<5 Cational Sto%, &.%hange of +ndia +ndian <oun%il of So%ial S%ien%e 7 9esear%h 8uman Settlement Management +nstitute$ 8AD<5 Amount <R!. $ac!= 9s.?.00 #o8ordinator! !.;rishna !rasanna

9s.*.4@ 9s.0.>0 9s.*.@2

!. ;rishna !rasanna and M.Thenmo2hi M. Thenmo2hi and A(hi/eet <handra Thillai 9a/an A


Thillai 9a/an A


)inan%ing of small and early state (usiness6 impa%t$ e'olution$ imperati'es and opportunities


All +ndia <oun%il for Te%hni%al &du%ation


Thillai 9a/an A

R>I# 0ro7ect!: S$. No. #. 2. Name o. .acu$t% Thillai 9a/an A T.T. Carendran 7 Hen,atesh alasu(ramanian Asha Mohan 7 9.;. Amit Tit$e +ndia 'enture %apital and pri'ate e-uity annual report series Hisionary Ieadership in Manufa%turing (HIM) - !hase ++ +mpro'ing supply %hain effi%ien%u for food se%urity Indu!tr% Alumni Asso%iation +ndian +nstitute of Te%hnology Madras So%ially 9ele'ant !ro/e%ts$ +ndian +nstitute of Te%hnology Madras Amount <R!. in $ac!= 2.40 =>.*#



Retainer #on!u$tanc%: S$. Name o. .acu$t% No. #. Arun,umar D and Sa/i ;. Mathew 2. !ra,ash Sai I. =. 9ahul 9atna,ar Marathe Sa/i ; Mathew and Arun,umar D 9ahul 9atna,ar Marathe and Srini'asan D Thillai 9a/an A. Tit$e &'aluation of =0 <<&s in 8a'eri Distri%t <orporate Strategy !ro/e%t )ormulations of and solutions to optimi2ation pro(lems for a transportation logisti%s organi2ation with %onsideration for produ%tion planning$ s%heduling and fa%ility lo%ations Cetwor, pro%essing infrastru%ture 7 transa%tion ris, ser'i%es 7 de%isioning !eriodi% re'iew multiple resour%e s%heduling pro(lem +mpa%t and rele'an%e of 'enture funding for so%ial inno'ation Indu!tr% 8and-in-8and "asmin +nfote%h !'t. Itd. <ommon <ode Amount <R!. in $ac!= #.*@> #.0 0.>0* +nfosys Te%hnologies "ou'e +ndia *.**#4 Hillgro +nno'ations )oundation 4.0 =.?==

4. >. *.

E9c)an e 0ro ramme "it) ot)er Uni5er!itie! inc$udin In!titution!/ Uni5er!itie! under MOU: Cum(er of students who 'isited the Ani'ersities a(road6 M A Students6 U M S$ Dermany V > USS $ <anada V 2 M.S. L !h.D. 9esear%h S%holars V * Total Students V #@ Co. of <asualL)oreign Students 'isited ++T Madras V 2# Re!earc) Pu1$ication!: Total Co. of papers pu(lished in 9efereed +nternational "ournals Total Co. of papers presented in Cational <onferen%es Total Co. of papers presented in +nternational %onferen%es In Re.ereed Internationa$ ?ourna$!: S$. No. #. 2. =. Name o. t)e Facu$t% T. ". ;amalana(han$ Hiraiyan Teeroo'engadum$ and Ashley ;eshwar See(alu%, 9.;.Amit (and Io,endra De'angan$ !eeyush Mehta$ San/ee' Swami$ ;ripa Shan,er) < 9a/endran$ " ;rishnara/$ Tit$e o. t)e 0a0er 3Towards a 8olisti% and Transformati'e Approa%h to &du%ation6 The &mergen%e of a Cew !aradigm in &du%ation4 3+ndi'idually rational (uy (a%, %ontra%ts with in'entory le'el dependent demand4 3A modified ant-%olony optimi2ation Name o. t)e ?ourna$ "he International 2ournal of 3earning$ Holume #@$ +ssue ?$ pp.#-#2 +nternational "ournal of #roduction +conomics #42 (20#=) =@#B=@F. +nternational "ournal of #roduction 6 ? 6 4 6 2 U & S$ Dermany V >


>. *.

S. !uga2hendi and S Thiagara/an Su%hitra 9a/endran$ <handrase,haran 9a/endran and 8ans Eiegler Danesh M.! and 9e,ha ;.C. Madhuri Malhotra$ Thenmo2hi M.$ Arun. ;umar D Sumathi$ D. C.$ T. ". ;amalana(han and M. Thenmo2hi Madhuri Malhotra$ Thenmo2hi M.$ Arun. ;umar D Cair$ S. ; and Thenmo2hi. M ;umar$ M. and M. Thenmo2hi

algorithm to minimise the %ompletion time 'arian%e of /o(s in flow shops4 3An Ant-<olony Algorithm to Transform "o(shops into )lowshops 6 A <ase of Shortest-<ommon B Superse-uen%e Stringology !ro(lem4 Do Mentors Iearn (y Mentoring 5thersP Ii-uidity <hanges Around onus and 9ights +ssue Announ%ement6 &'iden%e from Manufa%turing and Ser'i%e Se%tors in +ndiaR +mpa%t of per%ei'ed organi2ational support on /o( performan%e among health %are professionals R&'iden%e on %hanges in Sto%, !ri%es and Ii-uidity around 9ights +ssue announ%ement6 +ndustry Spe%ifi% Analysis4 3Ma%roe%onomi% fa%tors and %onditional (ond 'olatility6 &'iden%e from emerging and de'eloped (ond mar,ets4 A 8y(rid A9+MA-&DA9<8 and Artifi%ial Ceural Cetwor, Model in Sto%, Mar,et )ore%asting6 &'iden%e for +ndia and AS

1esearch$ >0620$ >*?@->F0*. 4I,N+"I5S 6787, IC+<ST @F$ Springer 8iedel(erg$ pp.4#=-424$ 20#2 International 2ournal of &entoring and 5oaching in +ducation, #(=)$ 20>-2#F. *ealth I2&4%, #(#)$ "an-"un 20#2.

*. F.

International 2ournal of 4usiness Innovation and 1esearch$ Hol. F$ Co. =$ 20#=pp.=F?-=?#. International 2ournal of 4usiness Insights and "ransformation, Hol.>$ Co.2 . pp.##-2@. American 2ournal of %inance and Accounting. Hol. 2$ Co. 4$ pp. International 2ournal of 4usiness in +merging &arkets$ Holume 4$ Cum(er 2$ #*0-#F@.

@. ?.

In Proceedin ! o. Nationa$ #on.erence!: S$. No. #. Name o. Facu$t% Dr Iata Dyaram 7 Hardhini 9a/agopal Ialita Anand$ M. Thenmo2hi and Ci,hil Haraiya (20#2) A(hi/eet <handra and M. Thenmo2hi (20#2) Carayanan$ !. <. and Thenmo2hi$ M. (20#2)$ Tit$e o. t)e Pa0er In!titution Period

2. =. 4.

8uman 9esour%e Management +nternational <onferen%e on <orporateDe%em(er pra%ti%es that pa'e way for So%ial 9esponsi(ility6 * B F$ 20#2 <orporate So%ial 9esponsi(ility +nstitute of !u(li% &nterprise 8ydera(ad <orporate Do'ernan%e and <M< Q+ <apital Mar,ets <onferen%e De%em(er )irm1s <ash holdings6 &'iden%e 20#2 from +ndia RIi-uidity in %urren%y options <M< Q+ <apital Mar,ets <onferen%e De%em(er mar,et in +ndiaR 20#2 <ross order A%-uisitions Midwest +n'ol'ing &merging Mar,et <onferen%e9 )irms6 Do <ountry -#?2F0=@. <hara%teristi%s Matter )inan%e Cew Asso%iationDe%em(er 5rleans6 SS9C20#2

In Proceedin ! o. Internationa$ #on.erence!: S$. Name o. Facu$t% No. #. Dr. 9.;. Amit #ountr% 'i!ited Atlanta$ ASA In!titution/ Period con.erence RAn%horing ias in )ore%ast )A9 QH +nternational "une =0 B "uly +nformation Sharing in a Supply <onferen%e on the 0=$ 20#2 <hainR )oundations and Appli%ations of Atility$ 9is, and De%ision Theory held at Deorgia State Ani'ersity <2 mini-%ollo-uium on angladesh De%em(er #0 B Systemati% 9e'iews in #4$ 20#2 +nternational De'elopment Tit$e o. t)e 0a0er


Dr. A Thillaira/an

Dha,a$ angladesh

Di!tin ui!)ed 'i!itor! to t)e De0artment: S$. No. Name o. t)e 5i!itor ( De!i nation Date o. 5i!it Pur0o!e o. 5i!it

#. 2. =. 4. >. *. F. @. ?. #0. ##. #2.

Dr <olin Dodds$ !resident of St Marys Ani'ersity$ So(ey S%hool of usiness$ 8alifa.$ <anada !rof. Murugappa 0Murgie1 ;rishnan :eshiva ;niversity, ;SA !rofessor Deepu !hilip$ ++T ;anpur and !rofessor Jilliam Tra%y$ Ially S%hool of usiness 9!+$ ASA Mr. A ; S <hand$ 9esear%h S%holar$ Ad'an%ed S%hool of &%onomi%s$ <a1 )os%ari Ani'ersity of Heni%e$ +taly. Dr. Dola,a <. Cath$ Senior Hi%e !resident&%onomi% 9esear%h 7 Sur'eillan%e$ <learing <orporation of +ndia$ Mum(ai Mr. 9ama,anth Desai$ <o-<&5 of 8appiest Minds$ angalore Mr. Sriram San/ee'i$ 8ead$ 9etail e.pansion in +ndia and glo(al mar,ets.$ 9oyal &nfield +ndia ltd$ <hennai Mr. Mohit Du(ey$ <o-)ounder 7 <&5 B <arJale.%om$ Mum(ai Mr Sunil ;. Hishnu$ <&5$ &HAM &ntertainment$ <hennai Mr. adri Seshadri$ an alumni of our institute and )ounder of Cew 8ori2on Media$ <hennai Mr. Dinesh Tiwari$ Managing Dire%tor$ Multiples !ri'ate &-uity Mr. Muthuraman$ Dire%tor$ 9i'er(ridge <apital Ad'isors Dr. Iawren%e D. ". Mueller$ Asst Dean$ Dlo(al M A for &.e%uti'e !rogram$ Ani'ersity of Hirginia$ Darden S%hool of usiness$ ASA !rof Iong(ing <ao$ !rofessor$ Ani'ersity of Te%hnology Sydney Australia and Dire%tor$ Ad'an%ed Analyti%s +nstitute Sydney$ !rof. 9atul Iah,ar$ Asso%iate !rofessor at +)M9$ <hennai

"uly *$ 20#2 August #*$ 20#2 August #@$ 20#2 August =0$ 20#2 Sept. >$ 20#2 Sept. #4$ 20#2 Sept 20$ 20#2 5%to(er 4$ 20#2 5%to(er 2>$ 20#2 5%to(er =#$ 20#2 Co'em(er #4$ 20#2 Co'em(er #?$ 20#2 De% #?$ 20#2 )e(. 4$ 20#= Mar%h *$ 20#=

Da'e a tal, on 0Dlo(al )inan%e1 to our 9esear%h S%holars 5n in'itation$ ga'e Seminar on Jho 8erdsP Jho Doesn1t P to 9esear%h S%holars. #onducted @Strate ic Inno5ation Game@ .or M>A and Re!earc) Sc)o$ar! On in5itationA a5e a $ecture on @Strate ic In.ormation Tran!mi!!ion "it) >ud et #on!traint@. 5n in'itation$ ga'e a le%ture on the R&merging +ssues for 9esear%h in finan%eR$ to the 9esear%h S%holars of DoMS. On in5itationA addre!!ed M>A !tudent! on BMana in Ne" 'enture!A Mer er! and AcCui!ition!D On in5itationA a5e a $ecture on Indian and G$o1a$ Mar3et! to M>A !tudent! and !c)o$ar!. 5n in'itation (y M+IS team$ ga'e a le%ture on 0Starting a Start-up4 to the M A students and 9esear%h S%holars. 5n in'itation (y M+IS team$ ga'e a le%ture on 0Starting a Start-up4 to the M A students and 9esear%h S%holars. Ga5e a $ecture on BE90erience! in 5enture .inancin : Mana in t)e doosraDA a! 0art o. 'enture #a0ita$ ( Pri5ate ECuit% #$a!!. Da'e a le%ture on the topi% of !& in'estment life%y%le$ as part of the MS **40 %ourse on Henture <apital 7 !ri'ate &-uity 5n in'itation$ ga'e a le%ture on 39ole and 'alue addition (y +n'estment an,ers in Henture <apital and !ri'ate &-uity in'estments4 (as part of Henture <apital 7 !ri'ate &-uity Hisited with a delegation from their Ani'ersity and from the +ndustryO met the fa%ulty mem(ers and dis%ussed a(out the possi(ility of /oint resear%h programmes 5n in'itation$ ga'e a seminar tal, on 0 ig data and ad'an%ed analyti%s1 W to the 9esear%h S%holars of the Dept. 5n in'itation$ ga'e a le%ture to M A students and 9esear%h S%holars on 3The Dynami%s of Denerali2ed 9einfor%ement Iearning4


#4. #>.


Ot)er Acti5itie!:


!rof. T. T. Carendran$ on in'itation$ deli'ered an inaugural address at the +nternational <onferen%e on 9e%ent Ad'an%es in Me%hani%al &ngineering (+<9AM& 20#2) held (etween #?-20 April 20#2 at Dr. MD9 Ani'ersity$ Adayalampattu$ <hennai.

2. 3. 4. 5.

!rof. T.T. Carendran ga'e an inaugural address at the 0!arti%ipating-<entered Iearning Seminar1 organi2ed (y +)M9 in asso%iation with 8ar'ard usiness S%hool and <9S+ on April 2=$ 20#2. #2 Students were sele%ted to pursue their Summer )ellowship at this Department.

#2 M.S. s%holars X F !8. D. s%holars ha'e su%%essfully defended their thesis and are eligi(le to (e awarded their degrees in the ensuing %on'o%ation (eing held in "uly 20#2. >2 students ha'e %ompleted their 2-year M A programme and are eligi(le to (e awarded their degree in the ensuing <on'o%ation (eing held in "uly 20#=.



<hirag "ain$ M A student was honored with The 8igh <ommendation Award at the 8ealth Summit<hengalpattu 20#2 %ondu%ted on 2@th August$ 20#2 (y <hengalpattu Do'ernment Medi%al <ollege. The award %arried a Trophy$ <ertifi%ate and 9s 2000L- %ash pri2e


Disaster Management <ommittee$ ++T Madras in asso%iation with AI&9T (Amenity Iifeline &mergen%y 9esponse Team) has organi2ed the 3&mergen%y Medi%al <are Jor,shop4 at the Department on * th 5%to(er 20#2


Saman'ay 20#2 -

The Department1s flagship -S%hool &'ent$ SAMACHAK was well organi2ed with parti%ipants many S%hoolsL<olleges. )ollowing are some of the important e'ents %o'ered during this programme6



+naugural <eremony (;eynote spea,er - Mr.Anupam !ahu/a$ Deneral Manager$ !aypal +ndia De'elopment <entre) SA 8er%ules )un <y%lone > Samurai (An %hallenging e'ent where students assume the role of <&5s and leaders of the %ompany) 5ptio (an 5perations &'ent) +n'itation Ie%ture session - Mr. Asho, Ialla$ Dlo(al 8ead of Digital Mar,eting$ +nfosys Itd. Time Turners (Mar,eting <ompetiton) +n'itation Ie%ture session - 5orporate Storytelling -Mr. Carayan 8ariharan$ )ounder$ &ffe%twor,s +n'itation Ie%ture Session B Marketing in Luxury (Mr. 9a/esh 9$ <ontra(rand)$ Entertainment (Mr. ;andaswamy harathan$ ;a'ithalayaa !rodu%tions) and Hospitality (Mr. !an,a/ ;atyal$ 9adisson lu) )inni. ()inan%e &'ent) Ia 9as%asse ()lagship e'ent) Haledi%tory (<hief Duest - Mr. < "ayaram$ "MD$ ;ota, Mahindra an, Itd.)



<hirag "ain of our Dept$ won the Trophees !erforman%eY20#2 Awards organised (y Heolia &n'ironnement$ !aris. 8e defended his thesis in the area of 0&n'ironment1 and won the )irst !ri2e. The pri2e will in%lude a fully sponsored trip to <hi%ago.


<hirag "ain of our Dept and Student 8ead (Disaster Management <ommittee$ ++TM) organi2ed 'ita$E12$ an &mergen%y Medi%al <are Session in asso%iation with AI&9T (Amenity Iifeline &mergen%y 9esponse Team) on Saturday =rd Co'em(er 20#2 at SA<.

11. 12.

Dr. A. Thillaira/an has prepared and released the 20#2 +ndia Henture <apital and !ri'ate &-uity 9eport on *th Co' 20#2 at M9<. Dire%tor$ ++TM has released the 9eport and ga'e the !residential address. De(dutta 9oy (MS##A020) of 2nd year M A Student and along with Hardhini 9a/agopal (MS##S0#F ) - MS 9esear%h student$ parti%ipated in a Ii'e <S9 %um Mar,eting %ase study %ompetition %alled Y!A9+S89AMY organi2ed (y HDS5M$ ++T ;haragpur on 4th Co'em(er 20#2 7 won the 2nd pri2e (runners up).


A %ase study (y Dr. A. Thillai 9a/an on R+ M +ndia and <orporate Ser'i%e <orpsR has (een de%lared as the winning %ase in the R usiness &thi%s and <orporate Do'ernan%eR tra%, at the +nternational <ase Study <onferen%e 20#2 heOld at 8ydera(ad on De%em(er G#>$ 20#2..


Dr. Iata Dyaram$ !rof. T.". ;amalana(han and !rof. 9.!. Sundarra/ /ointly initiated an M5A (etween the Department of Management Studies and <omputer S%ien%e Department of ++T Madras with Heri2on Data Ser'i%es !ri'ate Iimited L Heri2on Iimited on De% #?$ 20#2$ for a training programme for their e.e%uti'es spread o'er ne.t = years.


!rof. M. Thenmo2hi$ as Mem(er of the &-uity Deri'ati'es Do'erning <oun%il of the Madras Sto%, &.%hange (MS&)$ attended their <oun%il meeting on "an 2=$ 20#= to dis%uss their draft 9ules for trading in CS& )utures 75ptions Segment$ at MS& offi%e.


Dr. D. Arun ;umar was awarded a grant of ASD #0$000.- at the SAC&+ #4th 9ound 9egional 9esear%h <ompetition on his study on 3Dynami% Iin,ages (etween )oreign Dire%t +n'estment and Domesti% +n'estment6 +mpa%t on +ndia !ost &uro <risis4


Dr. D. Arun,umar represented the Department for the 0Alumni Meet1$ organi2ed at Delhi and angalore during #*th Sept and 2@th 5%t 20#2. More than @> passed out students (right from the first up to last at%h)$ parti%ipated in the meet. Some photographs ta,en during these e'ents (= o%%asions) are pro'ided (elow6 Alumni Meet






4.12.1 Introduction:

The Department of Mathematics was established in 1959 along with the Institute. It offers M.Sc. programme in Mathematics, M. Tech. program in Industrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing IMSC! and "h.D. programme. In addition, the Department has ta#en the responsibilit$ of teaching Mathematics courses to %.Tech., M. Tech. &other than IMSC', Dual Degree in (D, M.Sc. and "h.D students of the Institute. The department has also signed a Mo) for an (*change "rogramme with T) +aiserslautern under the D,,D (*change "rogramme -etwor# for 5 $ears beginning from .//9. The ma0or areas of research of the department are1 1. ,lgebra and its applications .. ,pplied "robabilit$ 5. ,ppro*imation Theor$ 6. Computational 7luid D$namics 5. Continuum Mechanics 8. Coding Theor$ 2. Comple* ,nal$sis 4. Data -etwor#s 9. Differential (<uations 1/. In=erse and Ill> "osed problems 11. 7luid Mechanics 1.. 7unctional ,nal$sis 15. 7u??$ Sets and S$stems 16. Araph Theor$ and Combinatorics 15. Barmonic ,nal$sis 18. In=entor$ and :eliabilit$ 4.12.2 Academic Pro ramme!: 12. Mathematical logic 3 ,pplications 14. Mathematical Modeling 19. Mathematical "h$sics ./. -onlinear ,nal$sis .1. -umerical ,nal$sis ... 9perations :esearch .5. 9perator Theor$ .6. ;ueuing Theor$ .5. Special 7unctions .8. Statistical ;ualit$ Control .2. Stochastic "rocesses and their applications .4. Theoretical Computer Science .9. @a=elets and their applications 5/. ,lgebraic Aeometr$ 51. 7ractal Aeometr$ and its applications 5.. Commutati=e ,lgebra

Ne" Cour!e! Introduced: S.No. 1. .. 5. 6. 5. 8. 2. Cour!e No. M,5511 M,551. Tit#e Cinear S$stems Theor$ Stochastic Differential (<uations ,lgebra ,nal$sis Differential (<uations Discrete Mathematics Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Student! on Ro##: Pro ramme M.Sc. M.Tech. "h.D. Tota# I $ear 68 1. 1. +, II $ear 65 4 ./ +1 III $ear > 1 5 4 I% $ear > > 4 ( % $ear & Ot'er! > > 11 11 Tota# () 21 *4 1-4

Endo"ment Pri.e In!tituted: S.No. 1. Endo"ment Pri.e Smt. Ca#shmi#utt$,mma and Shri ,. +rishna#utt$ -air pri?e D Instituted b$ :etd. "rofessor, Dr. ". ,chuthan Pur/o!e 7or the %est "h.D. Thesis in Mathematics To 0e a"arded 1rom 7rom Con=ocation ./15

Name! o1 Student!2Sc'o#ar! attended Con1erence!2Seminar! and S3m/o!ia a0road2India: S#. Name o1 t'e No. Student2Sc'o#ar Con1erence2S3m/o!ium: 1. Mr. :eginThangara0 .. 5. 6. 5. Ms. ,n#ita Sharma Mr. Suresh %adarla Mr. ,bhishe# +umar Singh Mr. ".Fiswanathan Ro## No. M,11D//5 M,1/D//. M,11D/.6 M,/9D//6 M,1/D//1 Name o1 t'e Con1erence2 Seminar2 S3m/o!ia -ational "rogramme on Differential e<uations, theor$, computation 3 ,pplications -ational "rogramme on Differential e<uations, theor$, computation 3 ,pplications International Conference on Mathematics and Mathematical Science ICMMS D ./1. ,SM( ./1. Summer Beat Transfer Conference International Conference on Mathematics D , Alobal Scenario International Conference on Mathematics D , Alobal Scenario -ational on 7rontiers in ,nal$sis and Differential e<uations International Conference on Mathematical Sciences International Conference on Mathematical Sciences International Conference on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra and Its ,pplications International Conference on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra and Its ,pplications International @or#shop on Comple* ,nal$sis and its applications International @or#shop on Comple* ,nal$sis and its applications Instructional @or#shop on 7(M Instructional @or#shop on 7(M %enue and Date IIT %omba$, Mumbai Eune 9 D 5/, ./1. IIT %omba$, Mumbai Eune 9 D 5/, ./1. India International Center, -ew Delhi Eul$ 5>11, ./1. "uerto :ico, )S, Eul$ 8> 1., ./1. DD Ao=ardhan Doss Faishna= College, Chennai Dec.15>16, ./1. DD Ao=ardhan Doss Faishna= College, Chennai Dec.15>16, ./1. %harathidasan )ni=. Thiruchirapalli Dec. 19>./, ./1. -agpur Dec..8>Ean.1, ./15 -agpur Dec..8>Ean.1, ./15 IIT Auwahati Ean.16 D 14, ./15 IIT Auwahati Ean.16 D 14, ./15 @alchand College of (ngg. Sangli. Eune 11>15, ./1. @alchand College of (ngg. Sangli. Eune 11>15, ./1. TI7: C,M, %angalore Eul$ 1 D 16, ./1. TI7: C,M, %angalore Eul$ 1 D 16, ./1. FIT Fellore, ,ug.8>4, ./1. IIT Aandhi -agar ,ug. 16>.1, ./1.


Mr. Fi0ender-allapu


2. 4. 9. 1/. 11.

Mr. ". Fiswanathan Mr. Fi0ender-allapu Mr. ". Fiswanathan Mr. Su#la ,da# Mr. Mashetti:a=ibabu

M,1/D//1 M,/9D/1. M,1/D//1 M,11D/.. M,11D//1

4or5!'o/: 1. Mr. , Sairam+alira0 .. 5. 6. 5. 8. Mr. S.F. %haranedhar Mr. Su#henduAhosh Mr. E. Mahipal Mr. E. %alaSu$ambu Mr. Surendra +umar Sharma

M,/9D/11 M,/4D//9 M,11D/./ M,1/D//5 M,11D//. M,11D/.5

-ational @or#hsop on Ca$ptolog$ @or#shop on (lliptic and "arabolic "artial Differential (<uations and :elated Topics1 Theor$ and -umerical Methods D,,D -etwor# International @or#shop on Modeling, Computing and 9ptimi?ation @or#shop on ,lmora Mathematical Sur=e$s


Mr. Surendra +umar Sharma Mr. SusobhanMa?umdar


IIT Madras Sep. 5>1., ./1. +umaun )ni=ersit$, 9ct.5>8, ./1.




Mr. Tanma$Sar#ar


,d=anced @or#shop on Mathematical Theor$ of Control and -umerics D ./1. ,d=anced @or#shop on Mathematical Theor$ of Control and -umerics D ./1. @or#shop on S$?$gies and 7ree :esolution @or#shop on S$?$gies and 7ree :esolution @or#shop on S$?$gies and 7ree :esolution %hatia 7est 3 @or#shop on 9perator ,lgebras Conference>cum>@or#shop on :ecent ,d=ances in 9perator Theor$ and 9perator ,lgebra ,TM @or#shop on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra ./15 ,TM @or#shop on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra ./15 ,TM @or#shop on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra ./15 ,TM @or#shop on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra ./15 @or#shop on :ecent De=elopment on -umerical Methods for (=olution (<uations @or#shop on :ecent De=elopment on -umerical Methods for (=olution (<uations -umerical Simulation of 7ree Surface @a=e "roblems ,nnual 7oundation School on ,d=anced Training in Mathematical Schools ,TM school of differential e<uations and computing

IIST, Thiru=ananthapuram -o=..1>5/, ./1. IIST, Thiru=ananthapuram -o=..1>5/, ./1. CMI, Chennai Dec.12>14, ./1. CMI, Chennai Dec.12>14, ./1. CMI, Chennai Dec.12>14, ./1. IISc. %angalore Dec..2 D Ean. 15, ./15 IISc. %angalore Dec..2 D Ean. 15, ./15 IIT Auwahati Ean. 2>1., ./15 IIT Auwahati Ean. 2>1., ./15 IIT Auwahati Ean. 2>1., ./15 IIT Auwahati Ean. 2>1., ./15 IIT %omba$ Mar. 18>.., ./15 IIT %omba$ Mar. 14>.., ./15 Mar. 14>19, ./15


Ms. ,n#ita Sharma


11. 1.. 15. 16. 15.

Mr. SushobhanMa?umdar Mr. :. %ala#rishnan Mr. Suhas %.-. Mr. :. :a0esh +annan Ms. ,rundhathi +rishnan

M,1/D/1/ M,1/D/1/ M,11D/./ M,/4D//2 M,1.D//2

18. 12. 14. 19. ./.

Mr. Mashetti:a=ibabu Mr. Su#henduAhosh Mr. Su#la ,da# Ms. Susmita,garwal Mr. Sumit Mali#

M,11D//1 M,11D/.1 M,11D/.. M,1.D/12 M,11M/11


Mr. Fen#ataramanarao.S



Ms. Susmita,garwal


In!tructiona# Sc'oo#: 1. Mr. San0ee= Singh


Chennai Mathematical Institute, Taramani Dec. 5>.9, ./1. E)IT, @a#naghatSolan, Eune1 D 15, ./1.

Summer24inter Sc'oo#: 1. Mr. E. Mahipal .. S'ort Cour!e: 2 Science Meet 1. Mr. :a0esh +annan Re!earc' "or526ecture!: 1. Mr. Su#enduAhosh



,d=anced Training in Mathematics Schools :esearch discussion with Dr. +irtiaSahu

ISI, %angalaore Dec.51>Ean.11, ./15 IIT B$derabad, Mar. 11>14, ./15


Name! o1 !tudent!2!c'o#ar! "'o "on out!ide /ri.e! and a"ard!: S#.No Name o1 t'e Student2Sc'o#ar Ro## No. Name o1 Pri.e Pri.e a"arded 03

1. .. 5.

Mr. ,nu0 +umar T$agi Mr. -itin +umar Hada= Ms. ,$ushi Singh

M,1.M//. M,1.M//2 M,1.C//9

D,,D Sandwich S$stem for MastersG students for ./1.>15 D,,D Sandwich S$stem for MastersG students for ./1.>15 "ra#ash -ara$anan Scholarship for the first $ear M.Sc. &Mathematics' student who has scored highest ran# in E,M ./1. e*amination

D,,D, Aerman$ D,,D, Aerman$ "ra#ash -ara$anan, IIT ,lumni

In!titute Da3 Pri.e: S#.No 1. .. 5. 6. 5. 4.12.7 Facu#t3: Name and 9ua#i1ication! Pro1e!!or!1 ,rindama Singh, "h.D. &IIT +anpur' +amath. S.A., "h.D. &Delhi )ni=ersit$' +ul#arni. S.B.;Head!, "h.D. &IIT %omba$' "arthasarath$ ".:,"h.D. &,nnamalai' "onnusam$. S, "h.D. &IIT +anpur' :ama. :, "h,D. &,nna )ni=ersit$' San$asira0uH.F.S.S., "h.D. &IIT Madras' Sat$a0it :o$, "h.D. &IISc. %angalore' Subrahman$am. ".F., "h.D. &IIT Madras' Sundar. S, "h.D. &IIT Madras' Thamban -air M., "h.D. &IIT %omba$' )sha :, "h.D. &IIT Madras' Feeramani. ", "h.D. &IIT %omba$' Fetri=el. F, "h.D. &IIT Madras' A!!ociate Pro1e!!or!1 :adha. :, "h.D. &IMSC Chennai' Si=a#umar +.C, "h.D. &IIT Madras' Srini=asa:ao Ch., "h.D. &IISc. %angalore' Swaminathan.+, "h.D. &,gra )ni=ersit$' A!!i!tant Pro1e!!or!1 ,mita=a Mu#her0ee, "h.D. &)ni=. of Calcutta' &:esigned on 12.1.../1.' ,ri0itDe$, "h.D. &CMI Chennai' Ma:or area o1 !/ecia#i.ation Cogic, -umerical ,nal$sis Mathematical "h$sics 7unctional ,nal$sis and -umerical ,nal$sis ,pplied "robabilit$ and Stochastic Models, Mathematical (colog$, 9perations :esearch Comple* ,nal$sis, 7unction Spaces, Special functions and Conformal Aeometr$ 7ormal Canguage 3 ,utomata Theor$ I Molecular computing Computational 7luid D$namics Con=ecti=e Beat and Mass Transfer, Computational 7luid D$namics -on>linear ,nal$sis> 7i*ed point Theor$ 3 7unctional (<uations, 7u??$ sets, Summabilit$ Theor$ -umerical ,nal$sis for "artial Differential (<uations, Mathematical Modeling ,pplicable 7unctional ,nal$sis DSpectral ,ppro*imation, 9perator (<uations, In=erse and Ill>posed (<uations 7luid D$namics 7i*ed "oint Theorems and their ,pplications to "roblems in 9ptimi?ation and %est ,ppro*imation, 7u??$ Set Theor$ -on>Smooth 9ptimi?ation, 7i*ed "oint Theor$, Complementarit$ problems Barmonic ,nal$sis, @a=elets, Time>7re<uenc$ ,nal$sis 7unctional ,nal$sis and Mathematical "rogramming -on>linear Differential (<uations 7luid D$namics, Ship B$drod$namics, Mathematical "roblems related to -a=al ,rchitecture and 9cean (ngineering Statistical Inference, Statistical ;ualit$ Control, Aeostatistics, -onparametric Methods , Se<uential ,nal$sis ,lgebraic Aeometr$ Name o1 t'e Student2Sc'o#ar Fina$"rabha#ar+ati$ar Ea$a#rishnan M E$othi Fina$"rabha#ar+ati$ar Eo$thi Facu#t3 and t'eir Acti8itie! Ro## No. M,11M/16 M,11C/12 M,11C/14 M,11M/16 M,11C/14 Name o1 Pri.e! %est ,cademic :ecord %est ,cademic :ecord %est ,cademic :ecord %est ,cademic :ecord Airl Student D %est ,cademic :ecord Name o1 Donor Institute Merit "ri?e Institute Merit "ri?e CF+F Sarma "ri?e CF+F Sarma "ri?e Swathi I Ea$ala#shmi Memorial ,ward

%ala0i.:, "h.D. &IIT Madras' Chand,.+. %., "h.D. &IIT +anpur' Ea$anthan,.F., "h.D. &IIT %omba$' +alpanaMahalingam, "h.D. &)ni=. of South 7lorida, Tampa' +unal +rishna Mu#her0ee, "h.D. &Te*as ,3M' Eoined on ./.1.../1. Manam. S : , "h.D. &IISc %angalore' -. -ara$anan, "h.D. &IMSc Chennai' Eoined on .1.11../1. -eelesh S. )padh$e, "h.D. &IIT %omba$' Eoined on .5./9../1. Shai0u,.E., "h.D. &IISc %angalore' ShrutiDube$, "h.D. &IIT +anpur' Souna#a Mishra, "h. D. &ISI +ol#ota' )ma F, "h.D. &IMSc Chennai' Fasantha@.%., "h.D. &:I,SM Chennai' Fen#ata%ala0iT.(., "h.D. &CMI, Chennai' %i!itin Facu#t3 "rof. Jiantao @ang, "h.D. Bunan -ormal )ni=ersit$ Dr. Man?i Buang, "h.D. Bunan -ormal )ni=ersit$ PDF <IITM= 1 Dr. Shra=an +umar &tillDec ./1.' Dr. S$mphon$ Cha#rabort$ &from /1./6../15 till date'

Cinear ,lgebra and 9ptimi?ation 7ractals, ,ppro*imation Theor$ and @a=elets Commutati=e ,lgebra and ,lgebraic Combinatorics Theor$ of codes, D-, Computing, Combinatorics of words 9perator ,lgebras ,pplied Mathematics Araph Theor$1 Araph Colouring, Structural and (*tremal Araph Theor$, "robabilistic Combinatorics. Discrete Mathematics "robabilit$ Theor$ and applications Aame Theor$, S$stems and Control Theor$ -onlinear ,nal$sis of 7unctional differential e<uations, Mathematical Stud$ of 7erromagnetic s$stems Discrete Mathematics, ,ppro*imation ,lgorithm , Combinatorial 9ptimi?ation Topolog$ and Aeometr$ of Toric Farieties and :elated Spaces Aroup Theor$, ,pplication of ,lgebra, 7u??$ ,lgebra and Cinear ,lgebra ,lgebraic Aeometr$ and Commutati=e ,lgebra Comple* ,nal$sis Comple* ,nal$sis

Barmonic ,nal$sis 7luid D$namics

S'ort>term Cour!e!2 4or5!'o/!2 Seminar!2 S3m/o!ia 2Con1erence! or ani.ed 03 t'e 1acu#t3 mem0er!: S#. No. Coordinator<!= Con1erence: 1. F. Fetri=el T.(. Fen#ata%ala0i Suresh -a$a# &ISI %angalore' Sri#antahI$ergar &)ni=. of -ebras#a>Cincoin, )S,' 4or5!'o/: 1. ,.F. Ea$anthan3 T.(. Fen#ata%ala0i .. S. Sundar 5. 6. S. Sundar .. Tit#e -ational S$mposium on Mathematical Methods and ,pplications International Conference of the ,TM ,d=anced @or#shop on Singularit$ Categories in ,lgebraic Aeometr$ and Commutati=e ,lgebra ,TM @or#shop ,d=anced Instructional School on Commutati=e ,lgebra -%BM ,TM @or#shop on Differential (<uations,held at Ea$pee )ni=ersit$, B" D,,D -etwor# International @or#shop on Modelling, Computing and 9ptimi?ation ,TM ,d=anced @or#shop on Singularit$ Categories in ,lgebraic Aeometr$ and Commutati=e ,lgebra Period Dec. .., ./1. Ean.11>1., ./15

Ma$ /2>.8, ./1. Eun.1>16, ./1. Sep. 5>1., ./1. Ean. 1>1/, ./15

T.(. Fen#ata%ala0i Suresh -a$a# &ISI %angalore' Sri#antahI$ergar &)ni=. of -ebras#a>Cincoin, )S,' S'ort term Cour!e: 1. T. (. Fen#ata%ala0i .. T. (. Fen#ata%ala0i

:iemann Surfaces and ,lgebraic Cur=es >Fideo Course &1/ Fideo Cectures under -"T(C support for "hD I M Sc I % Tech students' Introduction to ,lgebraic Aeometr$ >Fideo Course &5. Fideo Cectures under -"T(C support for "hD I M Sc I % Tech students'

,pril ./1. Eanuar$ ./15 semester


T. (. Fen#ata%ala0i

,d=anced Comple* ,nal$sis >Fideo Course &5. Fideo Cectures under -"T(C support for "hD I M Sc I % Tech students'

Eanuar$ ./15 semester

S'ort>term Cour!e!2 4or5!'o/!2 Seminar!2 S3m/o!ia2 Con1erence!2 Trainin Academic in!titution! and Pu0#ic Sector ?nderta5in !: S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 4or5!'o/: 1. ". Feeramani .. 5. 6. 5. 8. 2. 4. 9. 1/. 11. 1.. 15. 16. 15. 18. 12. 14. S.B.+ul#arni S. Sundar H.F.S.S. San$asira0u Souna#a Mishra S.B. +ul#arni ,.E. Shai0u ". Feeramani ,ri0itDe$ :. )sha ,.F. Ea$anthan M. Thamban -air ,.E. Shai0u ".:. "arthasarath$ S. Sundar Sat$a0it :o$ -. -ara$anan H.F.S.S. San$asira0u Tit#e 9ne da$ @or#shop for facult$ Members @or#shop on Cinear ,lgebra and its ,pplications -%BM>,TM @or#shop on D(S and Computing -ational @or#shop cum Training "rogramme on Computational Technolog$ :esource person in a @or#shop on ,d=anced School of Araph Theor$ :esource person on International @or#shop International @or#shop on Modelling Computation and 9ptimi?ation International @or#shop on 7i*ed "oint Theor$ and ,pplications ICM,T School of Conformal %loc#s D,,D -etwor# International @or#shop in Modelling, Computing and 9ptimi?ation "edagogical Training for Mathematical Teachers ,d=anced @or#shop on Mathematical Theor$ of Control and -umerics ./1. @inter School on Stochastic ,nal$sis and Control and 7luid 7lows @or#shop in "robabilit$, Statistics and Stochastic "rocesses in (ngineering (ducation :esearch Scholars @or#shop The 1/th Mathematics in Industr$ Stud$ Aroup @or#shop -ational @or#shop on graph colourings @or#shop on the :ecent De=elopment on -umerical Methods for (=olution (<uations -atural Cubic Spline Coalescence 7ractal Interpolation Surfaces

attended 03 t'e 1acu#t3 mem0er! in Period ,pril ./, ./1. Ma$ .1> Eune /., ./1. Eune 5>9, ./1. Eul$ 1>2, ./1. Eul$ .5>.2, ./1. ,ug. .4, ./1. Sep. 5>1., ./1. 9ct. 11>15, ./1. 9ct.15>19, ./1. Sep. 5>8, ./1. -o=. 19>.6, ./1. -o=. .4>.9, ./1. Dec.5>./, ./1. Dec.1., ./1. Dec.14, ./1. Ean. 16>14, ./15 Ean..8, ./15 Mar. ./>.1, ./15 Ma$ .9, ./1.

In!titution Sai :am Institute of Technolog$, Chennai S.A.A.S. Institute of (ngineering andTechnolog$, Fishnupuri, -anded Ea$pee Institute of Information Technolog$, @a#naghat, Bimachal "radesh %B), Faranasi %ITS "ilani, ++ %irla Aao Campus Sacred Beart College, Fellore IIT Madras Aalatasara$ )ni=ersit$, Istanbul, Tur#e$ Madrid, Spain IIT Madras St. %erchmans College Changanasser$, +erala Indian Institute of Space Science and Technolog$ IIS(:, TFM "SA College of Technolog$, Coimbatore IISc Tri=andrum The )ni=ersit$ of @itwatersand, Eohannesburg, South ,frica ISI Chennai IIT %omba$

Seminar: 1. ,.+.%. Chand

IIT %hubaneswar

.. 5. 6.

S. "onnusam$ S. "onnusam$ S. Sundar

Barmonic Mappings with Integer and Balf Integer Co>efficients Barmonic Mappings and Candau> %loch Constants -ational Seminar on Mathematical Modelling, ,ppro*imate ,nal$tical and -umerical Methods International S$mposium on ,pplied 9ptimi?ation and Aame Theoretic Models 8th International @or#shop on ,pplied "robabilit$ &I@," ./1.' 58th International Conference on Bigh (nerg$ ph$sics -ational Conference on ,lgebra and -umber Theor$ International Conference on Statistics and Information ,nal$tics Indo>Aerman Conference on Modelling, Simulation and 9ptimi?ation in ,pplications International Conference on Differential Aeometr$, 7unctional ,nal$sis and ,pplications 1/th International Conference on -umerical ,nal$sis and ,pplied Mathematics I-S"I:( "rogramme 4 International Conference on Marine Technolog$ International Conference on Conformal Mappings and Falue Distribution Theor$ 12th:amanu0am S$mposium on Mathematical ,nal$sis and ,pplications International Mechanical (ngineering Congress (*position ,merican "h$sical Societ$, 85th ,nnual D7D meeting -ational Conference on Conformal Mappings International Conference in ,lgebraic Aeometr$ in Bonour of "rof. M. S. -arasimhanKs 4/th %irthda$ -ational Conference on (=olution (<uations D Theor$ Methods and ,pplications -ational Conference on (=olution (<uations> Theor$ Methods and ,pplications

To#$o )ni=ersit$, Sendai, Eapan Hamaguchi )ni=ersit$, )be Eapan +.C.-. College of (ngg. Madurai

9ct..5, ./1. 9ct.51, ./1. Dec..2, ./1.

S3m/o!ia: 1. +.C. Si=a#umar Con1erence: 1. ,mita=a Mu#her0ee .. 5. 6. S.A. +amath ,.F. Ea$anthan ,mita=a Mu#her0ee H.F.S.S.San$asira0u ". Feeramani

ISI Delhi Centre

Ean. 4>1/, ./15 Eune 5>9, ./1. Eul$ 6>11, ./1. ,ug. 18>19, ./1. ,ug. .5, ./1. Sep. 5>2, ./1. Sep.4>1/, ./1. Sep.19>.5, ./1. 9ct.18, ./1. 9ct../>.., ./1. 9ct. ..>.2, ./1. 9ct. 5/, ./1.

Eerusalem, Israel Melbourne, ,ustralia Cochin )ni=ersit$ of S 3 T Co$ola College, Chennai Darmstadt, Aerman$ EamiaMillia, Islamia, -ew Delhi )ni=ersit$ of ,thens, Areece

8. 2.

,.+.%. Chand

4. 9. 1/.

M. Thamban -air +. Swaminathan S. "onnusam$

SF )ni=ersit$, Thirupathi )ni=ersiti Mala$sia Terengganu, Mala$sia To#$o )ni=ersit$, Sendai, Eapan :amanu0am Institute for ,d=anced Stud$ in Mathematics, )ni=ersit$ of Madras Bouston, Te*as, )S, San Diego, California, )S, -IT Srinagar, +ashmir Indian Institute of Science, %angalore IIT +anpur IIT +anpur


M. Thamban -air

1.. 15. 16. 15.

:. )sha :. )sha S. "onnusam$ T. (. Fen#ata%ala0i

-o=. 9>15, ./1. -o=.14>./, ./1. -o=.14, ./1. December 1 D 5, ./1. Dec..>4, ./1. Dec.2>4, ./1.

18. 12.

". Feeramani S.B. +ul#arni

14. 19. ./.

ShrutiDube$ ,.+.%. Chand ".F. Subrahman$am

.1. ... .5. .6. .5. .8. .2. .4. .9. 5/. 51. 5..

:. %ala0i Sat$a0it :o$ +.C. Si=a#umar ". Feeramani +.C. Si=a#umar ". Feeramani ,rinidama Singh -. -ara$anan Sat$a0it :o$ F. Fetri=el H.F.S.S.San$asira0u ,ri0itDe$

-ational Conference on (=olution (<uations> Theor$ Methods and ,pplications International Conference on 7rontiers of Mathematical Sciences with ,pplications .1st International Conference of the 7orum for Interdisciplinar$ Mathematics, Statistics and Computational Techni<ues -ational Conference on ,nal$sis and Differential (<uations 8th International Conference MS,ST ./1. International Conference on 9ptimi?ation Modelling and its ,pplications -ational Conference on Mathematics $ear ./1. International Conference on -umerical Cinear ,lgebra and its ,pplications 24th ,nnual Conference of Indian Mathematical Societ$ 24th ,nnual Conference of Indian Mathematical Societ$ Indo>Slo=enia Conference on Araph Theor$ and ,pplications 7irst International Conference on D$namics of Differential (<uations -ational Conference on (merging Trends in Communication -ational Conference on :ecent Trends in Mathematics Conference of %undles ./15 @inter School, for the newl$ setup of International Centre for Theoretical Studies of TI7: 7acult$ De=elopment "rogramme on ,pplications of Mathematics -ature and Significance of (igen Falue "roblems Short Term Training "rogramme on -umerical Methods for 7luid D$namics Training "rogramme on 9ptimi?ation 3 Its ,pplications Instructional School for Cecturers in 7unctional ,nal$sis :ole of Compactness in ,nal$sis at :efresher course in Mathematics

IIT +anpur Calcutta Mathematical Societ$, +ol#ata "un0ab )ni=ersit$, Chandigarh

Dec.2>4, ./1. Dec.2>9, ./1. Dec.15>12, ./1. Dec.19>./, ./1. Dec..1>.5, ./1. Dec. .4>.9, ./1. Ean.4, ./15 Ean. 18> 14, ./15 Ean. ..>.5, ./15 Ean. ..>.5, ./15 7eb..5, ./15 Mar. 18>./, ./15 Mar../, ./15 Mar. .1>.., ./15 Mar..5>.9, ./15 Dec.5>4, ./1. Dec.1/>1., ./1. Mar. 11, ./15 Dec.19>./, ./1. Dec. .4, ./1. Mar. 11, ./15

Dept. of Maths%harathidasan )ni=ersit$ Institute for Maths +ol#ata -ew Delhi -allamuthuAounderMahalinga m College, "ollachi IIT Auwahati %anaras Bindu )ni=ersit$, Faranasi %anaras Bindu )ni=ersit$, Faranasi Thiru=ananathapuram, +erala Aeorgia Institute of Technolog$ ,tlanta, )S, %ishop, Catholic Diocese of Marthandam E-T), College of (ngg. ,nantapur, ," +S9M, +o?hi#ode School of Mathematics, IIS(: Tri=andrum :a0agiri College of (ngg. ,nd Tech. Cochin Ao=t. (ngg. College, Sree#rishnapuram +erala Indian Institute of Space Science and Technolog$, Thiru=ananthapuram -ew Delhi ISI, %angalore

Trainin 2Sc'oo#: 1. ,.E. Shai0u

.. 5. 6.

-. -ara$anan -. -ara$anan H.F.S.S. San$asira0u

5. 8.

+.C. Si=a#umar S.B. +ul#arni

S'ort term Cour!e: 1. S.B. +ul#arni

:amanu0am Institute for ,d=anced Stud$ in Mathematics, )ni=. of Madras

9ct.5, ./1.


-. -ara$anan

Bow to lo=e and lean mathematics through pu??les

:eading Cibrar$, Sree#rishnapuram +erala

7eb.12, ./15

S/ecia# 6ecture! de#i8ered 03 t'e 1acu#t3 in ot'er In!titution!: S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 1. ,rindama Singh .. T. (. Fen#ata%ala0i 5. 6. 5. 8. 2. 4. M.Thamban -air M.Thamban -air H.F.S.S.San$asira0u M. Thamban -air ". Feeramani H.F.S.S.San$asira0u ,rindama Singh M.Thamban -air M.Thamban -air ,.+.%. Chand ".F. Subrahman$am M. Thamban -air Ceast S<uare solution for mati* e<uations "rof. @a?irBasan,bdi Memorial Cecture -atural Cubic Spline Coalescence 7ractal Surfaces and ,ssociated Con=ergence :esults 7u??$ Differential e<uations and functional e<uations %areGs Theorem 3,r?ela>,scoliGs Theorem for post graduate teachers 9ne>point compactification, Tiet?eGs (*tension Theorem 3)r$sohnGsMetri?ation Theorem @hat is "iN , tal#>cum>discussion on Infinit$ and :elated "roblems for Class JI 3 JII students %ac#ward Beat Conduction "roblem To/ic o1 6ecture AodelGsIncomleteness Theorem :esearch Science Initiati=e Chennai Cectures1 ,bstract ,*iomatic Treatment of Fectors Mearsure, Integration and C. DTheor$ for a "ost Araduate Training "rogramme under -"D( Cinear (<uations, Matrices and Determinants for "ost graduateTeachers Bigher order compact schemes to fluid flow problemsL in the 7acult$ de=elopment program ,d=anced 7unctional ,nal$sis for a ,d=anced Training "rogramme Compact Metric Spaces D,,D -etwor# International @or#shop 9n Modeling, Computing M3 9ptimi?ation In!titution ,nna )ni=ersit$ :SIC Chennai, IIT> Madras IIT Delhi +FF, CC:I, Chennai +arpagam )ni=ersit$, Coimbatore IIT %omba$ )AC>,cad. Staf College, )ni=. of +erala IIT Madras I-S"I:( Camp, +IIT )ni=ersit$, %hu=eneswar St. "aul College +almasser$, +ochi Cochin )ni=ersit$ of S3T )ni=ersit$ of ,thens, Areece "ondicherr$ )ni=ersit$ :amanu0am Institute for ,d=anced stud$ in Mathematics, )ni=. of Madras :amanu0am Institute for ,d=anced stud$ in Mathematics, )ni=. of Madras +IIT )ni=ersit$ ,ssociation of Mathematics Teachers of India, Triplicane :amanu0am Institute for ,d=anced stud$ in Mathematics, )ni=. of Madras :amanu0am Institute for ,d=anced stud$ in Mathematics, )ni=. of Madras IISc. %angalore Date Ma$ 5, ./1. Ma$ 15, ./1. Ma$ 12>19, ./1. Ma$, .6, ./1. Eun.11, ./1. Eune 14>19, ./1. Sep.9, ./1. Sep.1/, ./1. Sep.15, ./1. Sep..5, ./1. Sep. .5, ./1. Sep. .4, ./1. 9ct.6>5, ./1. 9ct.9>1/, ./1. 9ct.1.>15, ./1. 9ct. ./, ./1. 9ct..8, ./1. 9ct.5/, ./1.

M 1/. 11. 1.. 15. 16.


+.C. Si=a#umar

18. 12. 14.

,rindama Singh M. Thamban -air M. Thamban -air


S.B. +ul#arni

Carrier Araph Topolog$

9ct.5/, ./1. 9ct.5/, ./1.


:. :adha

Shift In=ariant Spaces on the real line and Compact Aroup

.1. ... .5. .6. .5. .8. .2.

H.F.S.S. San$asira0u M. Thamban -air -. -ara$anan H.F.S.S. San$asira0u ,rindama Singh S. Sundar H.F.S.S. San$asira0u

In=ited tal# on O:%7 based Arid free schemes "rof. ,braham (ndowment Cecture on )se of 7unctional ,nal$sis in -umerical Integration Cecture on Araph Theor$ 7inite =olume computations for incompressible flows on The Arammer of Mathematics Differential e<uations in the facult$ de=elopment programme been conducted at the Department of Mathematics Incompressible flow computations using infinitel$ smooth :%7s with optimum shape parameter, 1st International Conference on :ecent M3 (merging trends in Computer and computational sciencesL>:(TC9M" ./15 (longated Diagonali?ation Introduction to Spectral Theorem -onlinear 7unctional ,nal$sis and ,pplication -on>smooth 9ptimi?aton Scientific Computing>State of the ,rt Bigher order computations with finite differences :%7 based computations for the incompressible flows at the ,d=anced Ce=el @or#shop on recent de=elopments in -umerical Methods for e=olution e<uations ,pplied %irth and Death Models -umerical Solutions of -on>linear Diffusion related to Image Compression 7ora$s ./15 Cecture1 The m$steries surrounding the :iemann Peta 7unction

South ,sian )ni=ersit$, -ew Delhi S% College, Changanasser$, +erala :a0agiri School of (ngg. 3 Tech., Cochin, +erala Indian Institute of Space Science and Technolog$, Thiru=ananthapuram IIT B$derabad +.C.-. College of (ngg., Madurai College of engineering, Auind$, ,nna )ni=ersit$ Chennai "(SIT, South Campus, %angalore,

-o=.8, ./1. ,pr.5, ./15 Dec.1/>11, ./1. Dec. ./, ./1. Dec..., ./1. Dec..2, ./1. Ean.9> ./15


H.F.S.S. San$asira0u

Ean.11> ./15

.9. 5/. 51. 5.. 55. 56. 55.

,rindama Singh ".F. Subrahman$am ". Feeramani F. Fetri=el S. Sundar H.F.S.S. San$asira0u H.F.S.S. San$asira0u

%B) -IT Surath#al DST>Center for IMS, %B) Sona College of Technolog$, Salem Sona College of Technolog$, Salem College of (ngg. ,nna )ni=ersit$ IIT %omba$

Ean..5, ./15 7eb.16>18, ./15 Mar.2, ./15 Mar.4, ./15 Mar.4, ./15 Mar.16, ./15 Mar. 12>.1, ./15

58. 52. 54.

".:. "arthasarath$ S. Sundar T. (. Fen#ata%ala0i

Indian Statistical Institute, Chennai IIT %omba$ 7ora$s ./15, IIT>Madras

Mar.19, ./15 Mar.19, ./15 March 5/, ./15

%i!it! a0road 03 1acu#t3: S#. No. 1. .. 5. Name o1 1acu#t3 ,mita=a Mu#her0ee ,mita=a Mu#her0ee ,mita=a Mu#her0ee Countr3 %i!ited Bong +ong Israel )S, Date Eun 6 D Eul. .2, ./1. Eune5 >9, ./1. Eul$.4> ,ug ., ./1. Pur/o!e o1 8i!it :esearch "resentation of paper at I@," ./1. :esearch Fundin 1rom C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM

6. 5. 8. 2. 4. 9. 1/. 11. 1.. 15. 16. 15. 18. 12. 14.

S.A. +amath S. Sundar H.F.S.S.San$asira0u ,.+.%. Chand ,.+.%.Chand ". Feeramani ,ri0itDe$ +. Swaminathan S. "onnusam$ S. "onnusam$ :. )sha :. )sha ,mita=a Mu#her0ee Sat$a0it :o$ Sat$a0it :o$

Melbourne, ,ustralia Aerman$ Aerman$ Areece Areece Tur#e$ Spain Mala$sia Eapan Eapan )S, )S, 7inland South ,frica )S,

Eul$ .>15, ./1. Eune18>,ug.15, ./1. Sep. 5>2, ./1. Sep.19>.5, ./1. Sept..8 D 9ct. ., ./1. 9ct.11>15,./1. 9ct.15>19, ./1. 9ct../>.., ./1. 9ct. ..>.2, ./1. 9ct.51, ./1. -o=.9>15, ./1. -o=.14> ./, ./1. -o=.19>Dec.12, ./1. Ean.15 D 14, ./15 Mar.15>.5, ./15

"resentation of paper 58th International Conference on Bigh (nerg$ "h$sics Fisiting "rofessor "resentation of paper at Indo>Aerman Conference "resentation of paper at 1/th International Conference Collaborati=e research wor# In=ited tal# at the International @or#shop "articipated in the ICM,T school "resented paper at the 4th Int. conference on Marine Technolog$ ,ttended and deli=ered a lecture at To#$o )ni=ersit$ Deli=ered Seminar tal# at Hamaguchi )ni=ersit$, )be, Eapan "resentation of paper in ,SM( ./1. "resentation of paper in ,merican "h$sical Societ$ Deli=ered a series of lecture International @or#shop Int. Conference

C"D,, IITM T)+C, Aerman$ C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM C"D,, IITM @its )ni=. South ,frica C"D,, IITM

Honour! and A"ard! o0tained 03 1acu#t3: S#. No. 1. Name o1 1acu#t3 S. Sundar Name o1 A"ard ,lumni ,mbassador of +aiserslautern, Aerman$ A"arded 03 T) +aiserslautern Aeman$ Date o1 a"ard 2th Dec. ./1.


@oo5!A Mono ra/'! aut'ored2co>aut'ored: S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 @oo5!: 1. S. "onnusam$ Tit#e 7oundations of Mathematical ,nal$sis, ./11 Pu0#i!'er %ir#hQuser, %oston Aut'or2Co>aut'or S. "onnusam$

Fe##o"!'i/! o1 Academie! and Pro1e!!iona# Societie!: Bourna# Editoria# @oard!: S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 1. P.R. Part'a!arat'3 .. P.R. Part'a!arat'3 5. P.R. Part'a!arat'3 6. 5. 8. 2. P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 Po!ition <Editor2Mem0er= Bourna# Name Ad8i!or3 Editor Eournal of Information and 9ptimi?ation Sciences A!!ociate Editor International Eournal of Computer Mathematics A!!ociate Editor ,merican Eournal of Mathematics and Management Sciences ,ssociate (ditor Eournal of Decision and Mathemati#a Sciences, India ,ssociate (ditor Eournal of ,pplied Statistical Sciences, )S, ,ssociate (ditor Stochastic Modelling and ,pplications, India ,d=isor$ (ditor Eournal of Statistics and Management S$stems, India

4. 9. 1/. 11. 1.. 15. 16. 15.

P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 P.R. Part'a!arat'3 S. "onnusam$ S. "onnusam$ Sat3a:it Ro3

Member, (ditorial %oard Member, (ditorial %oard Member, :e=iewer ,d=isor$ %oard Member, (ditorial %oard Member, :e=iewer ,d=isor$ %oard (ditor (ditorial Member Mem0er!'i/ o1 Editoria# @oard2 Ad8i!or3 Committee o1 t'e Academ3 Editor Ad8i!or3 Committee Mem0er 2 Editoria# @oard Mem0er A!!ociate Editor Mem0er Mem0er Member

International Eournal of Modern Mathematics, )S, 7ar (astern Eournal of Mathematics, S.+orea ,CM Computing :e=iews, )S, ,d=ances in 9perations :esearch ,CM Computing :e=iews Eournal of Classical ,nal$sis &http1II0ca.ele>math.comIsubmission' Conference "apers in Mathematics from Bindawi "ublishing Corporation Eournal of the Indian ,cadem$ of Mathematics

18. 12. 14. 19. ./. 21.

C.C. Si8a5umar S. Sundar M. T'am0an Nair R. ?!'a R. ?!'a ManamSrini8a!aRao

Eournal of ,pplied Mathematics Eournal of Indian ,cadem$ of Mathematics Eournal of In=erse "roblems in Sciences and (ngineering &I"S(' "h$sics of 7luids 7luid D$namics :esearch %oard of ,cademic Council,E-T), B$derabad


Re!earc' and Con!u#tanc3:

S/on!ored Re!earc' Pro:ect!: S#. No. 1. Tit#e Distribution>free adapati=e control charts for rebust monitoring of statistical processes , -etwor# of 7erromagnetic particles De=elopment of theor$ of fractal rational splines and applications in C,AD Modeling of microwa=e passi=e components for high power applications Period 5 $ears from ..6.1. 5 $ears from 14.2.11 5 $ears Fundin A enc3 -7SC Amount <R!. In #a5'!= 1..// Co>ordinator! Dr. ,mita=a Mu#her0ee &:esigned on 12.1..1.'


IC 3 S:


Dr. ShrutiDube$




Dr. ,.+.%. Chand Dr. A. Sara=ana +umar &(D' Dr. S. Sundar


.//2> ./1.

5. 8. 2.

In=olution codes 1 ,pplication to D-, strand design Compound -egati=e %inomial ,ppro*imationas and its ,pplications ,nal$sis and computation of optimal strategies in ->person differential games

5 $ears from 2...1. 5 $ears from 6.1..1. 5 $ears

-ational 7usion "rogram, Institute for "lasma :esearch -7SC -7SC DST


5.// 5.// To be finali?ed b$ DST &around 6.//'

Dr. +alpanaMahalingam Dr. -eelesh S. )padh$e Dr. ,.E. Shai0i &"I' Dr. Ch.Srini=asa:ao &Co> "i'

EDc'an e /ro ramme "it' ot'er ?ni8er!itie! inc#udin In!titution!2?ni8er!itie! under MO?E

S#.No 1.

Pro ramme Name D,,D Sandwich "h.D.

Name o1 ?ni8er!it3 ,A Technomathemati#, T ) +aiserslautern, Aerman$ M. "anchataram, T) +aiserslautern, Aerman$ upto 9ctober ./1. T)>+aiserslautern, Aerman$ 9ther participating )ni=ersities are )ni=ersit$ of @itwatersrand, South ,frica and IT% %andung, Indonesia

Fuide Name "rof. S. Sundar

D,,D -etwor# (*change "rogramme

"rof. S. Sundar

Facu#t3 mem0er! /artici/ation "it' ot'er in!titution under Mo?: S#. No. 1. Name o1 1acu#t3 "rof. S. Sundar Partici/ation detai#! D,,D -etwor# (*change "rogramme Name o1 ?ni8er!it32In!titution "'ic' 'a! Mo? T) +aiserslautern, Aerman$ &along with )ni=ersit$ of @itwatersrand, South ,frica and IT% %andung, Indonesia'

Re!earc' Pu0#ication! o1 t'e 1acu#t3 mem0er! & re!earc' !c'o#ar!:

a) b) c) d)

Total -o. of papers published in :efereed -ational Eournals Total -o. of papers presented in -ational Conferences Total -o. of papers presented in International conferences

1 /6 1 65 1 /5 1 /4

Total -o. of papers published in :efereed International Eournals

a= In Re1ereed Nationa# Bourna#!: S#.No. 1. .. 5. 6. Name o1 t'e 1acu#t3 -.S. )padh$e and ". Fellaisam$ )sha : and Shailesh-aire +.C. Si=a#umar, ,garwal - Sushama +. "rema#umari ,rindama Singh %.F. Sur$a "rasath Tit#e o1 t'e /a/er Impro=ed bounds for appro*imations to compound distributions , thin films on a porous substrate1 , two> sided model, d$namics and stabilit$ @ea# -onotonicit$ of Inter=al Matrices ,n adapti=e anisotropic diffusion scheme for image restoration and selecti=e smoothing Name o1 t'e Bourna# Statistics 3 "robabilit$ Cetters, Fol.45, Issue ., pp.682>625, 7eb. ./15 Chemical (ngineering Science (lectronic Eournal of Cinear ,lgebra, Fol..5, pp. 9.>1/1, ./1. International Eournal of Image and Araphics, 1. &./1.', 14 pages

0= In Re1ereed Internationa# Bourna#!: S#.No. 1. .. 5. 6. Name o1 t'e 1acu#t3 ,mita=a Mu#her0ee and Mrs. M.,. Arahma ,rindama Singh :. )sha and Shailesh-aire :. )sha ,n0alaiah and Se=erine Millet H.F.S.S. San$asira0u and ChiralaSat$anara$ana -achi#eta Mishra and H.F.S.S. San$asira0u +unal +rishna Tit#e o1 t'e /a/er Distribution>free e*ponentiall$ weighted mo=ing a=erage control charts for monitoring un#nown location , Simple "roof of AodelGs Incompleteness Theorems , Thin 7ilm on a porous substrate1 , two>sided model, d$namics and stabilit$ Thin film flow down a porous substrate in the presence of an insoluble surfactant1 Stabilit$ ,nal$sis 9n optimi?ation of the :%7 shape parameter in a grid>free local scheme for con=ection dominated problems o=er non>uniforms centers (*ponential compact higher order schemes and their stabilit$ anal$sis for unstead$ con=ection>diffusion e<uations Measure>>Multiplicit$ in=ariant of the Name o1 t'e Bourna# Computational Statistics 3 Data ,nal$sis, Fol. 58, Issue14, pp. .559> .581 &5 $ear Impact 7actor1 1.525' Cop$right R ./1. (lse=ier Mathematics -ews Cetter, Fol..., Issue -o.5 pp. 1>5, ./1. Chemical (ngineering Science 1/.1/18I0.ces../1..1..//4 "h$sics of 7luids, Folume1 .5, /..1/1 &1>.8', ./15 ,pplied Mathematical Modelling D9II1/.1/18I0.apm../15./1./56, ./15 International Eournal of Computational Methods, Fol.11 &1', pp. 1>14, ./15 Alasgow Math. E., Fol.551 pp..45>>.9.,


8. 2.

4. 9. 1/ . 11 . 1. . 15 . 16 . 15 . 18 . 12 . 14 . 19 . ./ . .1 . .. . .5 . .6 . .5 . .8 . .2 . .4 .

Mu#her0ee and +en D$#ema +unal +rishna Mu#her0ee ,.F. Ea$anthan A. +rishna +umar and S. B. +ul#arni +. ". Deepesh, S. B. +ul#arni and M. T. -air. :osihan M. ,li and S. "onnusam$, Sh. Chen, S. "onnusam$ and J. @ang Sh. Chen, S. "onnusam$ and J. @ang Sh. Chen, S. "onnusam$ and J. @ang Sh. Chen, S. "onnusam$ and J. @ang Ea$ M. Eahangiri, and S. "onnusam$ M. 9brado=ic, S. "onnusam$ and -. Tunes#i M. 9brado=ic, and S. "onnusam$ M. 9brado=ic and S. "onnusam$ S. "onnusam$ and ,. Sairam+alira0 +. :auf, S. "onnusam$, and E. 9. 9molehin H.F.S.S. San$asira0u H.F.S.S. San$asira0u

Caplacianmasa @ea# ,s$mptotic Bomomorphism propert$ for masas in semifinite factors Casteinuo=o>Mumford :egularit$ and Aorensteinness of fibre cone Cinear maps preser=ing pseudospectrum and condition spectrum Aenerali?ed in=erses and appro*imation numbers Cinear functional and the dualit$ principle for harmonic functions Integral means and coefficient estimates on planar harmonic mappings Candau>%loch constants for functions in alpha>%loch spaces and Bard$ spaces CaudauKs theorem for p>harmonic mappings in se=eral comple* =ariables (<ui=alent moduli of continuit$, %lochKs theorem for pluriharmonic mappings in %Sn ,pplications of subordination to functions with bounded boundar$ rotation :adius of uni=alence of certain combination of uni=alent and anal$tic functions 9n a class of uni=alent functions 9n harmonic combination of uni=alent functions 9n harmonic close>to>con=e* functions 9n generali?ation of Bard$>t$pe ine<ualities (*ponential compact higher order schemes and their stabilit$ anal$sis for unstead$ con=ection>diffusion e<uations :%7 based grid>free local scheme with spatiall$ =ariable optimal shape parameter for stead$ con=ection> diffusion e<uations (*ponential Compact Bigher 9rder Scheme for Stead$ Incompressible -a=ier>Sto#es (<uations , combined fourth>order compact scheme with an accelerated multigrid method for the energ$ e<uation in spherical polar coordinates Bigher>9rder Compact Scheme for the Incompressible -a=ier>Sto#es (<uations in Spherical Aeometr$ Chemical reaction effects on unstead$ mi*ed con=ection boundar$ la$er flow past a permeable slender =ertical

./15 9per. Matrices, Fol.2&.'1 pp.5/9>>5.1, ./15 Communications in ,lgebra %anach E. Math. ,nal. 8 &./1.', no. 1, 65D8/ Combinatorial Matri* Theor$ and Aenerali?ed In=erses of Matrices, 165> 154. Springer, ./1. Mathematische-achrichtten &./1.', 1>> 2 ,nn. ,cad. Sci. 7enn. Ser. , I Math. 7+&./1.', 89>29 Comple* ,nal. 9per. Theor$ 8&./1.', 1/.5>1/58 ,nn. "olon. Math.1,7&./1.', 82>>42 "roc. Indian ,cad. Sci. &Math. Sci.' 122 &6'&./1.', 545>595 ,rchi= der Mathemati# )(&.'&./1.', 125>>14. %ull. Mala$s. Math. Sci. Soc. &.'7* &./1.', 5.5>>556 ,ppl. Math. Cetters .5&./1.', 1525>> 1524 %ull. %elg. Math. Soc. &Simon Ste=in' 19&5'&./1.', 681>>62. Comput. Methods 7unct. Theor$ 1.&.' &./1.', 889>845 The ,ustralian Eournal of Mathematical ,nal$sis and ,pplications 9&1', ,rt.16&./1.', 1>>.1 International Eournal of Computational Methods, 11 &1', 1 > 14, ./15 C7D letters 6 &6', 12. > 19., ./1.

H.F.S.S. San$asira0u H.F.S.S. San$asira0u

(ngineering applications of computational fluid mechanics 8 &6', 561 > 555, ./1. (lectronic Transactions of -umerical ,nal$sis, 59, 5.>>65, ./1. Communications in Computational "h$sics, 11 &1', 99 > 115, ./1. Chemical (ngineering Communications .// &5', pp. 594>612 , Eanuar$ ./15

H.F.S.S. San$asira0u "atil ".M., :o$ S., "op I.

c$linder due to a nonlinearl$ stretching =elocit$ .9 . 5/ . :ama#rishna D., %asa# T., :o$ S. Beatlines for =isuali?ation of heat transport for natural con=ection within porous trape?oidal enclosures with =arious wall heating ,nal$sis of entrop$ generation due to natural con=ection in tilted s<uare ca=ities -umerical stud$ of mi*ed con=ection within porous s<uare ca=ities using %e0anKsheatlines1 (ffects of thermal aspect ratio and thermal boundar$ conditions , complete heatline anal$sis on mi*ed con=ection within a s<uare ca=it$1 (ffects of thermal boundar$ conditions =ia thermal aspect ratio ,nal$sis of %e0anKsheatlines on =isuali?ation of heat flow and thermal mi*ing in tilted s<uare ca=ities , "eclet number based anal$sis of mi*ed con=ection for lid>dri=en porous s<uare ca=ities with =arious heating of bottom wall )nstead$ heat and mass transfer o=er a =ertical stretching sheet in a parallel free stream with =ariable wall temperature and concentration (=olutionar$ stabilit$ against multiple mutations Discrete>time robust B>infinit$ control of a class of nonlinear uncertain s$stems 7inite pointset method for .D dam> brea# problem with A") acceleration , .D finite element stud$ on the flow pattern and temperature distribution for an isothermal spherical furnace with the aperture , numerical stud$ of hierarchical matri* &B>Matri*' for finite pointsetmethod &fpm' on sol=ing a "oisson "roblem :egulari?ation of 7redholm Integral e<uations of the first #ind using -$strom appro*imation Aenerali?ed in=erses and appro*imation numbers , thin film on a porous substrate1 a two> sided model, d$namics and stabilit$ Thin film flow down a porous substrate in the presence of an insoluble surfactant1 Stabilit$ anal$sis Simple e*pressions for long wal# distances -umerical Beat TransferT "art ,1 ,pplications 85 &5', pp. 562>52., March ./15 Industrial and (ngineering Chemistr$ :esearch 51 &6/' , pp. 155//>15514 , 9ctober ./1. International Eournal of Beat and Mass Transfer 55 &.1>..', pp. 5658>5664, 9ctober ./1.

Singh ,. +., :o$ S., %asa# T. :ama#rishna D., %asa# T., :o$ S., "op I.

51 .

5. . 55 . 56 .

:ama#rishna D., %asa# T., :o$ S., "op I. Singh ,.+., :o$ S., %asa# T. %asa# T., :o$ S., Cham#ha ,.E.

International Eournal of Thermal Sciences 52, pp.94>111, Eul$ ./1.

International Eournal of Beat and Mass Transfer 55 &11>1.', pp. .985>.945, Ma$ ./1. International Communications in Beat and Mass Transfer 59 &5', pp.852>886, Ma$ ./1. -umerical Methods for "artial Differential (<uations .4&5', pp.9.8 D 961, Ma$ ./1. D$namic Aames and ,pplications International Eournal of :obust and -onlinear Control International Eournal of ,pplied Mathematics, Fol..5, pp.562>552, ./1. 9pen Eournal of ,pplied Sciences, Fol.., pp.519>5.5, ./1. International Eournal of ,pplied Mathematics, Fol..8, pp.1/5>1.., ./15 Computational Methods for ,pplied In=erse "roblems, De Aru$ter, pp.85> 4., Chap. 5, ./1. Combinatorial Matri* Theor$ and Aenerali?ed In=erses of Matrices, Springer, pp165>154, ./1. 1/.1/18I0.ces../1..1..//4&a=ailable on line now', Chemical (ngineering Science, ./15 "h$sics of 7luids, Folume .5, /..1/1 &1 >.8' &./15' Cinear ,lgebra 3 its ,pplications Fol.659, pp.495>494, ./15.

55 . 58 . 52 . 54 . 59 . 6/ . 61 . 6. . 65 . 66 . 65.

"atil ".M., :o$ S., "op I.

,.E. Shai0u ,.E. Shai0u S.Sundar and M."anchatcharam S.Sundar and S.Matle

S.Sundar and A.Sat$anara$ana M.Thamban -air +.". Deepesh S.B. +ul#arani M.Thamban -air :.)sha and Shailesh-aire ,n0alaiah, :.)sha, Se=erine Millet ".Chebotare=, :.%.%agat and

:.%ala0i, c= In Proceedin ! o1 Nationa# Con1erence!: S#.No. 1. Name o1 t'e 1acu#t3 ,.+.%. Chand and ".Fiswanathan ,.+.%. Chand and ". Fiswanathan ". Fiswanathan and ,.+.%. Chand Tit#e o1 t'e /a/er Shape "reser=ing 7ractal Interpolation 7unctions C1 Cubic Spline 7ractal Interpolation 7unctions , new #ind of :ational Cubic Spline 7ractal Interpolation 7unction %ased on 7unctional Falues In!titution -ational Conference on 7ourier ,nal$sis and Differential e<uations, Sambalpur )ni=ersit$ -ational Conference on Industrial Mathematics 3 Soft Computing, +IIT )ni=ersit$, %hubaneswar -ational Conference on 7rontiers in ,nal$sis and Differential e<uations, %harathidasan )ni=ersit$, Trichirappalli Period Dec..9>5/, ./1. Ma$ .8>.2, ./1. Dec. 19>./, ./1.



d= In Proceedin ! o1 Internationa# Con1erence!: S#.No. 1. Name o1 t'e 1acu#t3 ,. +. %. Chand and ". Fiswanathan Tit#e o1 t'e /a/er Cubic Bermite and Cubic Spline 7ractal Interpolation 7unctions 9n :ational Cubic 7ractal Splines with Two 7amilies of Shape "arameters , :ational Cubic 7ractal Spline Model for a "ositi=e Data "ositi=e %lending Cubic Spline 7ractal Interpolation Surfaces Coalescence Bidden Fariable Cubic Bermite 7ractal Interpolation 7unctions %lending C1>Cubic Spline 7ractal Interpolation Surfaces -atural %icubic Spline Coalescene 7ractal Interpolation7unction Depths and Bilbert coefficients of fiber cones of stretched m>primar$ ideals In!titution 1/th international Conference on -umerical ,nal$sis and ,pplied Mathematics +os Areece International Conference on 7rontiers of Mathematical Sciences with ,pplications International Conference on Mathematics > , Alobal Scenario International Conference on Mathematics > , Alobal Scenario International Conference on Mathematical Sciences International Conference on Mathematical Sciences Alobal Science and Technolog$ 7ourm Eapan>Fietnam Eoint international conference, held at Banoi, Fietnam. Period Sep. 19>.5, ./1. ,I" Conf. "roc. 1629 pp. 1682>162/ ISS-1 //96> .65J December 2>9, ./15


,. +. %. Chand and ". Fiswanathan ". Fiswanathan and ,. +. %. Chand



-. Fi0ender and ,. +. %. Chand


". Fiswanathan and ,. +. %. Chand -. Fi0ender and ,. +. %. Chand ,.+. %. Chand ,. F. Ea$anthan


2. 4.

December 15>16, ./1. D. A. Faishna= College, ,rumba##am, Chennai., pp. 161>162, ISS-1 924> 41>9.5528>/>4 December 15>16, ./1. D. A. Faishna= College, ,rumba##am, Chennai, pp. 164>158, ISS-1 924> 41>9.5528>/>4 December .4>51, ./1., ShriShi=a0i (ducation Societ$, ,mara=atiGs Science College, -agpur December .4>51, ./1., ShriShi=a0i (ducation Societ$, ,mara=atiGs Science College, -agpur Ean 5/>51, ./1.

Dec. 1. D 18, ./11

Di!tin ui!'ed %i!itor! to t'e De/artment: S#.No. 1. Name o1 t'e 8i!itor and De!i nation "rof. M. Aanesh Colorado School of Mines Date o1 8i!it ,ug.., ./1. Pur/o!e o1 8i!it 2 Tit#e o1 ta#5 , Model reduction algorithm for computational electromagnetism


"rof. M. Aanesh Colorado School of Mines "rof. Mapundi %anda Stellenbosch )ni=ersit$ South ,frica "rof. M$thil$:amaswam$ TI7:, Centre for ,pplicable Mathematics, %angalore "rof. ,.+. -anda#umaran IISc. %angalore "rof. (d$Soewono IT% %andung Indonesia Dr. Ciulan Ci, ,ssociate "rofessor, Beng$ang -ormal )ni=ersit$, China Dr. Ei$uan Tao, ,ssociate "rofessor, Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics Co$ola College of Mar$land, )S, "rof. M.:. ,dhi#ari "resident, Mathematical Sciences Section, 95th Indian Science Congress Bonorar$ "resident, IM%IC, India and Fice "resident, Institute for "ol$math, -ago$a Eapan Ot'er Acti8itie! o1 t'e De/artment2Centre:

,ug 9, ./1.

-a=ier>Sto#es e<uations on rotating surfacesT regularit$, algorithms, anal$sis, simulation :ela*ation S$stems and Bigh>9rder ,ccurate 7low Computations Introduction to 9ptimal Control "roblems Farious Imaging Techni<ues in Tomograph$1 In=erse "roblems, ,nal$sis 3 Computations "D( Modeling in Infections Disease Transmission Collaborati=e research wor#


Sep. 5, ./1.


Sep. 5, ./1.


Sep. 6, ./1.

8. 2.

Sep. 6, ./1. ,ug. ./th to -o=. 12, ./1. Ean. 5 D 4, ./15


Collaborati=e research wor#


Ean. .5, ./15

Collaborati=e research wor#


S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 1. ,mita=a Mu#her0ee .. 5. 6. 5. 8. 2. S. "onnusam$ ".F. Subrahman$am S. Sundar S. Sundar S "onnusam$ S. Sundar

Tit#e 2 Mem0er 2 /ro ramme ,ttended 7acult$ De=elopment "rogramme -ominated as a Member, 7act 7inding Committee. )AC -ominated Member, S," ,d=isor$ Committee meeting +)"H Summer "rogramme -ominated as Member of %oard of Studies in 7acult$ 3 Science and Bumanities (*ternal (*pert for e=aluation of research proposals of two "h.D. Scholars -ominated as a Member, "rogramme ,d=isor Committee in Mathematical Sciences under Science 3 (ngineering :esearch %oard In=ited as an (minent Member of the Mathematics Training and Talent Search "rogramme ,ccepted the assignment as Bead,

In!titution SreeSastha Institute of (ngineering and Technolog$ )ni=ersit$ of ManonmanimSundarana r "ondicherr$ )ni=ersit$ IIS(:, Tri=andrum ,nna )ni=ersit$ -IT Srinagar DST

Period ,pril .5, ./1.. ,pril .6, ./1. ,pril 5/, ./1. Eune 1, ./1. 5 $ears upto ..5../15 Eul$ 5>2, ./1. 5 $ears from Sep../1.

4. 9.

,.F. Ea$anthan S. "onnusam$

Sr. %erchmans College, +erala ISI, Chennai Centre

-o=. 19>.6, ./1. . $ears from 9ct. ./1.

1/. 11.

:. :ama M. Thamban -air

,ccepted the temporar$ assignment as "rofessor in the Dept. of CS Member, "ost Araduate %oard of Studies

IIT %omba$ Cochin )ni=ersit$ of Science and Technolog$

Si* months from 6.1../15

Ot'er acti8itie!: S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 1. S.B.+ul#arni 5. 6. M. Thamban -air ".F. Subrahman$am Detai#! -"T(C =ideo course U:eal ,nal$sisL has been uploaded in 7eb.>1. and has been recei=ing =er$ good response&more than 5/// =isits'. url1 -"T(C D @eb course1 7unctional ,nal$sis, ,ug. ./1. -ominated as a "resident of 7ourm for Interdisciplinar$ Mathematics for a Second Consecuti=e term. -ominated to the -omination Committee for Info$s Science "ri?e Re!u#t! o0tained in re!earc' "or5: S#. No. Name o1 1acu#t3 1. -. -ara$anan Detai#! Together with collaborators from 7rance, Eapan and Bungar$, we obtained se=eral results on #>intersection edge colouring, a generalised =ersion of strong edge colouring. In another wor#, with collaborators from Eapan and 7rance, we pro=ed a result on decomposition of graphs to highl$ connected components and setteld a general =ersion of a con0ecture. Seminar Ta#5: S#. No. 1. Name o1 t'e Facu#t3 Dr. -eelesh S. )padh$e ;uantitati=e :esearcher Dolat In=estments Ctd. ,ndherei &@est', Mumbai Dr. :a=i Srini=asan Fisiting 7ellow IMSC, Chennai Dr. T.S.S. :.+. :ao Indian Statistical Institute %angalore "rof. +. "arthasarath$ :amanu0am Institute of Mathematics )ni=ersit$ of Madras "rof. ".F. Subrahman$am Dept. of Mathematics "rofessor BemaSrini=asan, )ni=ersit$ of Missouri, Columbia "rof. :. Sahade=an :amanu0am Institute of ,pplied Mechanics, )ni=ersit$ of Madras "rof. :ene "innau T) +aiserslautern, Aerman$ "rof. Thomas Aoet? )ni=ersitaet +oblen?, Aerman$ Dr. Eean Medard T. -gnotchou$e Tit#e Compound -egati=e %inominal ,ppro*imation to Sums of :andom Fariables Cio=illian (*tensions and the Aalois Theor$ of Cinear Differential e<uations Intersection properties of balls and pro0ections of norm one Aroups with no small sub>groups Date ,pril ., ./1.


,pril 1., ./1.

5. 6.

Ma$ 14, ./1. ,ug. 18, ./1.

5. 8. 2.

Some remar#s on a theorem in differential calculus Aorensteindeterminantal ideals Discrete Integrable S$stems D ,n Introduction 9ptimi?ation of 7ree %oundar$ Falue "roblems in Industr$ 9ptimi?ation with "D(s Macroscopic Models for Crowd D$namics

,ug. .5, ./1. Sep. 15, ./1. Sep. .2, ./1.

4. 9. 1/.

Sep.5, ./1. Sep.5, ./1. Sep. 2, ./1.

)ni=ersit$ of +waPulu>-atal South ,frica 11. 1.. "rof. B. ". SeptoratnoSireger IT% %andung, Indonesia "rof. +unt0oro,d0iSidarto IT% %andung, Indonesia

Modeling and -umerics 7ield "roblems in 9il and Aas Industries and the :ole of Mathematical Modeling 9n Cocating all roots of S$stems of -on> Cinear (<uations inside bounded domain using Spiral D$namics inspired 9ptimi?ation B$perbolic "D(s D ,n Introduction Bigher 9rder Schemes for B$perbolic Conser=ation Caws , priori 3 a posteriori (rror (stimation in 7inite (lement ,nal$sis Meshfree Methods D Implementations and Cimitations +oro=#in Test Sets in "roblems in "reconditioners 9ptimal Strategies in Matri* Aames and -ash (<uilibria in %imatri* Aames ,bsorbing Aames Sep. 2, ./1. Sep. 2, ./1.


"rof. Mohan +. +adalba0oo IIT +anpur

Sep. 1/, ./1.

16. 15. 18. 12.


19. ./. .1. ... .5. .6. .5. .8. .2. .4.

"rof. -eela-atara0 IIT %omba$ "rof. :ama %harga=a IIT :oor#ee "rof. -ara$anan -amboodiri Cochin )ni=ersit$ Dr. Eanos 7lesch Dept. 9f ;uantitati=e (conomics Maastricht )ni=ersit$, The -etherlands Dr. Eanos 7lesch Dept. 9f ;uantitati=e (conomics Maastricht )ni=ersit$, The -etherlands "rof. Ei$uan Tao Department of Mathematics and Statistics The Co$ola )ni=ersit$ of Mar$land, )S, Dr. Sur$a "rasath )ni=ersit$of Missouri Columbia Dr. Mani Ca#shiminara$anan Merc# :esearch Caboratories, "enns$l=ania, )S, "rof. Suhas"andit ,bdus Salam, ICT", Trieste, Ital$ "rof. D. Hogeshwaran Technion>Israel Institute of Technolog$ "rof :. )sha Dept of Mathematics, IITM "rof. S. Senthamarai+annan Chennai Mathematical Institute, Siruseri "rof. Su#henduMehrotra Chennai Mathematical Institute, Siruseri Dr. -eelesh S. )padh$e Dept. of Mathematics, IITM Dr. M. Sundari Chennai Mathematical Institute, Siruseri

Sep. 11, ./1. Sep. 11, ./1. Dec. ./, ./1. Dec. .4, ./1.

Ean. ., ./15

9n the Eordon ;uadratic Strict Semi> monotonicit$ and :elated "roperities on S$mmetric Cones ,dapti=e Total Fariation :egulari?ation in Image "rocessing Mere Coincidence or a Meaningful Disco=er$ The Comple* of B-->(*tensions for 7ree Aroups of :an# 9n the Topolog$ of some random comple*es built o=er stationer$ point processes ,n In=erse "roblem in 7ree>Surface 7lows>Substrate :econstruciton :ing of In=ariants under a finite group action :ationalit$ of Farieties Introduction to : Tangential Con=ergence of %ounded Barmonic 7unctions on Aenerali?ed Siegel Domains

Ean. 5, ./15 Ean. 1/, ./15 Ean. 12, ./15 Ean. .6, ./15 Ean. 51, ./15 7eb.16, ./15 Mar.2, ./15 Mar.16, ./15 Mar..1, ./15 Mar..4, ./15

P'.D. %i8a G %oce EDamination S#. No. 1. .. 5. Name o1 t'e Sc'o#ar Mr. Debashish Mishra Mr. A. +rishna +umar Mr. A. San#ara:a0u+osuru Tit#e o1 t'e t'e!i! Ceast (lements, Matri* Splittings and -onnegati=e Aenerali?ed In=erses , stud$ of "seudospectrum and Condition Spectrum of an (lement in a %anach ,lgebra (*istence of %est "ro*imit$ "oints for certain Date o1 %i8a Ma$ 14, ./1. Dec. .1, ./1. 9ct. 4, ./1.

classes of c$clic mappings 6. Mr. M. "anchatcharam A") accelerated finite point set method for fluid flows 7eb. .., ./15

P'.D. Seminar Ta#5 S#.No 1. 2. Name o1 t'e !c'o#ar2 Ro## No. Mr.:amanababu+aligatla M,/4D/1. Mr. A. +rishna#umar M,/2D//5 Mr. D. :ama#rishna M,1/D//6 Mr. ChiralaSat$anara$ana M,/4D/15 Ms.Shani Eose M,/4D//6 Mr. ChiralaSat$anara$ana M,/4D/15 Mr. +.:amanababu M,/4D/1. Mr. D. :ama#rishna M,1/D//6 Mr. M. :a0esh +annan M,/4D//2 Tit#e , mild>slope model for membrane>coupled gra=it$ wa=es %anch ,lgebra Techni<ues to Compute Spectra, "seudo spectra and condition spectra of some bloc# operators with continuous s$mbols Beatline ,nal$sis of -atural and Mi*ed Con=ection 7lows with S<uare Ca=ities Cocal :%7 Arid>7ree Scheme with Spatiall$ Fariable 9ptimal Shape "arameter Moore>"enrose In=erse of "erturbed 9perators on Bilbert Spaces and their -onnegati=it$ :%7 based grid>free local schemes with =ariable &optimal' shape parameter for con=ection diffusion t$pe e<uations (ffect of a Submerged Fertical %arrier on 7le*ural Ara=it$ @a=es Beat flow and entrop$ generation anal$sis for natural con=ection within trape?oidal enclosures "VMatrices and Inter=als of Certain Classes of P> matrices Date ,pril 11, ./1. Eul$ 9, ./1.

7. 4. *. -.

Sep. .8, ./1. Ean..4, ./15 Mar.14, ./15 Mar..5, ./15

+. (. ).

Mar..8, ./15 Mar..2, ./15 Mar..2, ./15

Socia##3 re#e8ant acti8itie! carried out 03 t'e De/artment The Department of Mathematics and ,A Technomathemati#, Technische)ni=ersitaet +aiserslautern, Aerman$ ha=e mutuall$ agreed to set up a networ# in the scientific area of ,pplied Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling. This will enable intensi=e collaboration between IIT Madras and T)>+aiserslatern in terms of ,nnual @or#shops, 7acult$ I Student (*change and Eoint Modelling Seminars. Nationa# S3m/o!ium on Mat'ematica# Met'od! and A//#ication! The department 9rgani?ed a U-ational S$mposium on Mathematical Methods and ,pplications on ..nd December, ./1. the da$ of the birth ,nni=ersar$ of Srini=asa:amanu0an, the great Indian Mathematician. The da$Gs e=ents were inaugurated b$ "rof. %has#ar:amamurthi, Director, IIT Madras. There were four in=ited lectures deli=ered b$ the following facult$1 "rof. %.F. Cima$e, IIT %omba$ "rof. Eanos 7lesh, Maastrich )ni=ersit$, The -etherlands "rof. S. Sundar, IIT Madas "rof. +. Srini=asa:ao &:etd.' IMSc. Chennai In the afternoon, four parallel paper presentation sessions were held on1 ,nal$sis and Topolog$ ,lgebra Discrete Mathematics ,pplied Mathematics I &Differential (<uations and related topics' There were about 8/ participants and out of them 55 ha=e presented some of their wor# in four parallel sessions. FORA$S > 2,17

The Department organi?ed its annual festi=al 79:,HS on .9th and 5/thMarch, ./15. The programmewas inaugurated b$ "rof. Sarit +umar Das, Dean, ,cademic :esearch, IIT Mardras. There were three lectures deli=ered b$ the following facult$1

1. 2. 3.

"rof. Tiru,rthanari, )ni=ersit$ of ,uc#land, -ew Pealand "rof. T.(.Fen#ata%ala0i, IIT Madras "rof. +.-. :anganathan &:etd', :ama#rishna Mission Fi=e#ananda College, Chennai

The following e=ents were also conducted1

1. 2. W W

Three 9l$mpiads &School, )A, "A le=els' Two ;ui? competitions Math ;ui? 1 conducted b$ Mr.+.-.Fiswesaran, Be*aware Technologies Ctd. ;Xmaths 1 conducted b$ 7athimaSafi#aa S - and ,nupamMondal &MSc. Students'

The =aledictor$ function was inaugurated b$ "rof.:. -agara0an, Dean International and ,lumni :elations, IIT Madras. 79:,HS ./15 was attended b$ 15/ participants from reputed schools, colleges and uni=ersities in Chennai. This was for the first time school students were in=ited to 79:,HS. 9S "or#d uni8er!it3 Ran5in : Hi '#i 'tin a 1e" /oint! a0out t'i! ran5in

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

In the :an#ings b$ Sub0ect, Mathematics, the Department of Mathematics of IIT Madras ran#s in the range 1/1> 15/. ,mong the other Mathematics Departments in India, onl$ one Department appears in this range. Three other Mathematics Departments are in the range 151 >.//. These are the onl$ fi=e Mathematics Department in India that appear in this list. The Mathematics Department is the onl$ non engineering Department in IIT Madras that appears in this list. Source from 1http1IIwww.topuni=ersities.comIsub0ect>ran#ings ,lso recentl$ there was a report in Times of India &Ma$ 16, ./15' mentioning some of abo=eStatistics.

4.13.1 Introduction:


The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 1959. The department offers Ph.D., M.S., M.Tech, .Tech. and D!al Degree programmes. The department has e"cellent facilities to carry o!t state#of#the#art research in three ma$or disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, namely, Thermal Engineering, Mechanical Design and Man!fact!ring Engineering. The Thermal Engineering Stream comprises of si" laboratories, namely, %eat Transfer and Thermal Power, %ydro#T!rbo Machines, &.'. Engines, (efrigeration ) *ir conditioning, Thermal#T!rbo Machines and Thermodynamics ) 'omb!stion. The Design Stream consists of the Machine Design Section, Machine Dynamics +aboratory. The Man!fact!ring Engineering Stream consists of the Man!fact!ring Engineering Section and Precision Engineering ) &nstr!mentation laboratories. 4.13.2 Acad !ic Pro"ra!! #: $

N % Cour# # introduc d: $ &'. No. 1. .. 2. Cour# No. ME,-.. ME/10ME/59Tit' Droplet and spray dynamics Energy Minor # Energy and En1ironment Energy Minor # (enewable Energy Technology

&tud nt# on ro'': Pro"ra!! .Tech. D!al Degree M.Tech. M.S. Ph.D. Tota' I ( ar 02 ,, 9/ 52 33 252 II ) ar 02 /0 90 .9 3. 2.III ) ar 0. ,2 .2 23 .1. I* ) ar /3 /3 13 2/ 1,0 * ) ar + ot, r# 5 52 2 31 1-. Tota' 21, 225 193 1.. 19, 11/5

Na! # o- &tud nt.&c,o'ar %,o att nd d Con- r nc .& !inar and &(!/o#ia A0road.India: &'. No. Na! o- t, &tud nt.&c,o'ar Ro'' No. ME-0D511 ME-,D--1 Na! o- t, Con- r nc . & !inar . &(!/o#ia . 1or2#,o/ '&(P#.-1. *SME .-1. 8 &nternational Mechanical Engineering 'ongress ) E"position, 5ral Presentation9 &nfl!ence of stress on nano#clay reinforced Polyamide / s!b$ected to rolling contact fatig!e. Poster9 &nfl!ence of stress on nano#clay reinforced Polyamide / s!b$ected to rolling contact fatig!e, 2,th M*T*D5( '&(P# >E 'onference 2 rd &nternational conference on Prod!ction, energy and reliability Dat and * nu .9#21,5ctober .-1. ,6apan 9th :o1. to 15th :o1. .-1., %o!ston, T;. <S* Financia' A##i#tanc -ro! &&T Madras

A0road: 1 4. Si1araman .. 7inney 'harles

&&T Madras

2 3 5

*.S.S. alan 4. Si1araman Deepa? +awrence =

ME-9D-2. ME-0D511 ME-0D-13

.5#., 6!ly .-1., <= 11#13 6!ne .-1. <ni1ersiti Te?nologi PET(5:*S,Malaysia, 6!ne 1.#13, .-1.

&&T Madras &&T Madras #

/ ,

(a1i?!mar D!mpala

ME-9D-./ ME-,D-1,

TMS .-12 *SME .-1.# &ME'E.-1. 2,th M*T*D5( .5th *&MTD( .-1. .5th *&MTD( .-1. &S(S .-1. &EEE#&'(DPET

(. Sri?anth 0 M. oopalan ME1-S-.9 ME-9D-2. ME-/D-13 ME-0D511 ME-0D511

M*('% 2#,, .-12, San *ntonio, Te"as, <S* :o1ember 9#15, .-1., %o!ston, Te"as, <S* .5#., 6!ly .-1., <= 13#1/ Dec. .-1.,6adha1p!r <ni1. 13#1/ Dec. .-1.,6adha1p!r <ni1. 12#15 Dec.-1., &&T M*D(*S .9#2- ,March .-12, E@SP E:@@ '5++E@E, :agapattinam 13#1/, December .-1. 13#1/, December .-1. 6ada1p!r <ni1ersity, =ol?ata, &ndia December 13#1/, .-1., December 12#15, .-1. 5ctober 1,#19, .-1. December 13 #1/ , .-1. 6ada1p!r <ni1ersity, =ol?ata 6!ne 15th#1,th, .-1. 'hennai &nstit!te of Technology, 'hennai December 13th#1/th, .-1. 6ada1p!r <ni1ersity, =ol?ata 6!ne 15th#1,th, .-1. 'hennai &nstit!te of Technology, 'hennai 6an!ary .1st, .-1. St. 6osephCs 'ollege of Engg. ) Technology, =erala December 13th#1/th, .-1. 6ada1p!r <ni1ersity, =ol?ata 5ctober 1,th#19th, .-1. &&T Madras, 'hennai 6an!ary ./th#.0th, .-1. %erlCany, Slo1a?ia
th th

# # &&T Madras &&T Madras &&T Madras &&T Madras &&T Madras

India 1 *.S.S. alan . 2 3 D. @ridhar 4. Si1araman 4. Si1araman

5 /

=!marasamy <d!g! *.@ridharan Deepa? +awrence.=

ME1-S-25 ME-9D-.0 ME-0D-13

*&MTD( *&MTD( *&MTD( .-1.

# &&T Madras #

, 0 9 1(a1i?!mar D!mpala (a1i?!mar D!mpala (. (ama?rishnan ME-9D-./ ME-9D-./ ME-9D-.5 3th &nternational ) .5th *&MTD( 'onference 11 1. (. (ama?rishnan +i$o Pa!l ME-9D-.5 ME11D-.0 3th &nternational ) .5th *&MTD( 'onference 12 13 +i$o Pa!l +i$o Pa!l ME11D-.0 ME11D-.0 &nternational 'onference on *d1ances in Man!fact!ring Technology A&'*MTB &nternational 'onference on Mechanical Engineering Technology A&'5METB 3th &nternational ) .5th *&MTD( 'onference 3th &nternational 'onference on *d1anced :ano Materials A*:MB 1-th 6!bilee &EEE &nternational Symposi!m on *pplied Machine &ntelligence and &nformatics AS*M&B &nternational 'onference on *d1ances in Man!fact!ring Technology A&'*MTB &S(S .-1. A*:M#.-1.

&&T Madras &&T Madras

&&T Madras &&T Madras #

&&T Madras #


(.=. Sah!


1/ 1,

(.=. Sah! @o?!l ala?rishnan

ME11D-31 ME-9S--5

&&T Madras


' S *$ay


&nternational Symposi!m on (ecent *d1ances in &ntegrated Energy and Energy 'onser1ationD A(*&EE'#.-1.B

19 8 .- December .-1., %yderabad Self f!nding

Na! # o- #tud nt#.#c,o'ar# %,o %on out#id /ri3 # and a%ard#: &'. No. 1. .. Na! o- t, &tud nt.&c,o'ar 4. Si1araman (.4airam!th! ) M. oopalan Ro'' No. ME-0D511 ME11S-1/ ) ME1-S-.9 Na! o- Pri3 est Paper 7irst consolation Pri3 a%ard d 0( E@SP Engineering college, :agapattinam,T: &MTM*, angalore

Na! o- &tud nt#.&c,o'ar# %,o %on In#titut Con4ocation.In#titut Da( Pri3 : &'.No. 1. .. Na! o- t, &tud nt.&c,o'ar Saswat =. (o!t T.S. D. =arthi? Ro'' No. M.Tech ME-0 1-5 Na! o- Pri3 # pro$ect in the field of Energy Sri Sagar P!shpala *ward Prof. (adha?rishnan endowment *ward Na! o- Donor $ &&T Madras

4.13.3 Facu't(:

Facu't( and t, ir acti4iti #:

Na! o- t, -acu't( Pro- ##or: S!ndarara$an T., Ph.D. A%E*DB *$it =!mar =olar, Ph.D. *chintya M!?hopadhyay, Ph.D. ab! 4iswanathan, Ph.D 'ha?ra1arthy ala$i, Ph.D. 'handramo!li P., Ph.D. Das S.=., Ph.D. @o1ardhan M., Ph.D. =rishnan alas!bramaniam, Ph.D. Maiya M.P., Ph.D. Mani *., Ph.D. May!ram M.M., Ph.D M!th!1eerappan @., Ph.D. Pramod S.Mehta, Ph.D. Prasad .4.S.S.S., Ph.D. (a$! Seth!raman, Ph.D. (amamoorthy ., Ph.D.

Ar a o- #/ cia'ia3ation Droplet comb!stion, S!personic reacting $et flows, 'omp!tational fl!id dynamics 7l!idiEed ed 'omb!stion of 'oal and iomass, 7!el 'ells, *d1anced Power @eneration System *nalysis. Spray 'omb!stion, reacti1e flow modeling, 'omb!stion Dynamics, *tomiEation and Spray 7ormation, M!ltiphase 7low Modelling '7D, %igh speed reacting flows, %igh performance comp!ting 7!ndamental %eat Transfer, 5ptimiEation of Thermal Systems, &n1erse Problems in %eat Transfer, Satellite Meteorology, , :!merical >eather Prediction :on#linear Dynamics, *co!stics and 7l!id#str!ct!re interactions %eat E"changers, Two phase flow, :ano fl!ids, 6et 5scillations, :!clear %eat Transfer 'ompressors, Steam and gas t!rbines # cascade secondary flows # bo!ndary layers#inlet flow distortion, Tip clearance flows, >ells t!rbine, 'ross flow fans, '7D :ondestr!cti1e E1al!ation, Materials 'haracteriEation, 5nline Meas!rements (efrigeration ASorption systems and co#generationB, *ir 'onditioning ADesiccant and e1aporati1e cooling and energy aspectsB, 4entilation, Drying and effl!ent e1aporation, Metal hydride energy con1ersion systems Solar energy, (efrigeration and air conditioning, 'ryogenic engineering, *lternate wor?ing fl!ids, Effl!ent treatment. S!rface engineering, >ear and wear control, Thermal sprayed coatings, 7atig!e and fract!re aspects in design and analysis Machine design, 4ibrations of str!ct!res in fl!id en1ironments, @eneration of gear teeth and fillet profiles for stress analysis and design 'omb!stion Modeling, 7l!id Dynamics in &' Engines, Engine Emission 'ontrol '7D in t!rbo machines, T!rbine blade cooling, (otor#stator interactions, %eat fl!" meas!rements, Thermal hydra!lics 'omp!tational Solid Mechanics, 7atig!e and fract!re of materials Metrology, Machine 4ision *pplications, Man!fact!ring and 'oating Processes

(amesh *., Ph.D. (amesh ab! :., Ph.D. (agh! Pra?ash 4, Ph.D. Seshadri Se?har *, Ph.D. Sh!nm!gam M.S., Ph.D.

Sitaram :., Ph.D. Si1a Prasad :., Ph.D. S!$atha '., Ph.D. Srini1asan =., Ph.D. 4en?ateshan S.P., Ph.D. 4en?atarathnam @., Ph.D. 4i$ayaragha1an +., Ph.D. A##ociat Pro- ##or: *r!nn :arasimhan, Ph.D. Dhiman 'hatter$ee, Ph.D. =rishna =annan, Ph.D. Malli?ar$!na 6 M, Ph.D. Shan?ar =rishnapillai, Ph.D. Srini1as (eddy =, Ph.D. S!$atha Srini1asan, Ph.D. (agha1an 4, Ph.D. Parag (a1indran, Ph.D. Shamit a?shi, Ph.D. Somashe?har S %iremath,Ph.D. A##i#tant Pro- ##or: *bhi$it Sar?ar, Ph.D. *mita1a @hosh, Ph.D *nand T : ', Ph.D. *r1ind Pattamatta, Ph.D. *shis =!mar Sen, Ph.D. Mani1annan P 4, Ph.D. Mano$ Pandey :arasimhan Swaminathan, Ph.D.

&' Engine 'omb!stion and Emissions, Electronic Engine Management, *lternati1e 7!els +aser eam Machining A+ MB, *brasi1e 7inishing Process, *brasi1e >ater$et Machining A*>6MB, Process Modeling, 'omp!ter *ided Man!fact!ring, ':', P+' E"perimental 7atig!e *nalysis, Str!ct!ral integrity, Test systems design (otordynamics, Tribology, 'ondition#monitoring Metrology, Man!fact!ring 8 gear, T* Machining, reaming, 'entreless grinding, EDM, friction welding, Man!fact!ring a!tomation ) robotics, 'omp!ter application in man!fact!ring 8 process planning, inspection planning, F!ality control. T!rbomachinery G end wall flows, 'omp!tational fl!id dynamics, 'ompressors and t!rbines, o!ndary layers, Tip clearance flows 7inite element analysis, 'omp!ter aided design, Stress analysis, Machine design Machine Dynamics, 4ehic!lar 4ibration, &nstr!mentation and signal analysis 6et 7low and :oise, *cti1e and Passi1e 7low 'ontrol, Meas!rement and &nstr!mentation %eat Transfer, &nstr!mentation (efrigeration, 'ryogenic Engineering, %eat E"changers Machining, '*D, S!rface Engineering, @rinding %eat Transfer and 7l!id 7low in Poro!s Media, Phase 'hange and 'on1ection 7l!id Mechanics, t!rbomachines, ca1itation 'ontin!!m mechanics, Thermodynamics and 'onstit!ti1e modeling of polymeric materials Sim!lation of Engine Processes, Data *cF!isition, Design of Engine 'omponents, &n#cylinder flow analysis !sing P&4. Str!ct!ral 1ibrations, Design optimiEation, System identification (enewable Energies, Solar Energy, Energy 'onser1ation, Energy En1ironment, %eat Transfer in Two#Phase Systems iomechanics, Mechanisms, Prosthetics and 5rthotics 'omb!stion modeling, Droplet comb!stion, +asminar flames 4iscoelastic 7l!ids 'onstit!ti1e Modeling '7D in &.'. Engines, +iF!id *tomiEation and Spray Systems, 7!el :oEEle Modeling Micromachining,Mechatronic System Design 5il %ydra!lics,System Sim!lation and Modelling, 7EM. 4ibration, *co!stics, *symptotic Methods Machining ) @rinding of ad1antage materials, De1elopment of abrasi1e tools, Metal ceramic $oining '7D sim!lations of &.'. engines processes, +aser#based diagnostics of sprays and comb!stion :anoscale Energy Transport, 'omp!tational 7l!id Dynamics and %eat Transfer, T!rb!lence Modeling Microfl!idics, Microfabrication, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems and 7l!id Mechanics &nstr!mentation and 'ontrols, Mechatronic System Design, Microprocessor 7inite element analysis, Dynamics and MEMS. 'omp!tational materials science and mechanics, (adiation damage in materials, M!ltiscale modelling of comple" phenomenon in n!clear and f!el cell materials, 7inite element method, 'ontin!!m mechanics, M!ltiscale modeling, radiation damage in materials, 'omp!tational materials science. <ltrasonic wa1es for :ondestr!cti1e E1al!ation, %ealth Monitoring and Process control, 'omp!tational methods for modeling elastic wa1e phenomena Tribology, Engine Tribology, 'ondition monitoring and nanol!brication 7inite element analysis, @ran!lar mechanics, !c?le#dri1en de#lamination, 7!sion materials, Mechanics of micro#systems. E"perimental 7l!id Mechanics, 'omb!stion, T!rb!lent 7lows

Prabh! (a$agopal, Ph.D. (am?!mar Penchaliah, Ph.D (atna =!mar *nnabatt!la, Ph.D. (a1i?iran Sangras, Ph.D.

Sam!el @ +., Ph.D. Shaligram Tiwari, Ph.D. S!shanta =!mar Panigrahi, Ph.D. So!ndarapandian S., Ph.D. 4iswanath =., Ph.D. Pro- ##or E! ritu#: @anesan 4., Ph.D. @anesan :., Ph.D. :arayanan S., PhD. Srini1asa M!rthy S., Ph.D. Singaper!mal M., Ph.D. *i#itin" Pro- ##or: (amam!rthi =., Ph.D. . P. P!ndir, Ph.D.

Meas!rement and &nspection of 7ree 7orm S!rfaces E1al!ation of 7orm Errors, Micro Machining (efrigeration and *ir conditioning, 7low Transition, 4orte" Dynamics, '7D, Maragonic 'on1ection 7riction stir processing and welding, s!perplasticity, *d1anced metal forming techniF!es for prod!cing b!l? nanostr!ct!redG<7@metails and alloys, Thermo#mechanical processing of light weight str!ct!ral metallic materials. Synthesis of str!ct!ral materials, 7abrication of bioimplants, +aser applications in medical ind!stry, +aser#aided s!rface engineering. T!rbomachinery :oise Theoretical and E"perimental St!dies in 7l!id 7low, %eat Transfer and 'omb!stion in &.' Engines, @as T!rbines, *fter#b!rners and (elated Engineering EF!ipment. 7inite Element *nalysis, 4ibration and Smart Str!ct!res (andom and :onlinear 4ibration, Smart Str!ct!res, *co!stics (efrigeration ) *ir conditioning, Energy 'onser1ation ) %eat (eco1ery, Solar ) %ydrogen Energy <tilisation Mechatronic System Design, 5il %ydra!lics, System Sim!lation and Modeling 'omb!stion, Prop!lsion, E"plosions &' Engine 'omb!stion

&,ort$t r! Cour# #. 1or2#,o/#. & !inar#. &(!/o#ia .Con- r nc # or"ani3 d 0( t, -acu't( ! !0 r#: &'. No. Coordinator5#6 Con- r nc : 1. Prof. M S Sh!nm!gam 'o#ordinator .. Prof. (agh! Pra?ash 1or2#,o/: 1. Prof. :. (amesh ab! &,ort t r! Cour# : 1. Dr. *. (amesh, Dr. Shamit a?shi, Dr. S ( 'ha?ra1arthy .. Dr.@.+.Sam!el Tit' *!tomation and 'omp!ter *pplications in Man!fact!ring A*'*MB 3th &nternational 'onference 5n (esearch Design A&'5(DC 12B Sheet metal prod!ct design and man!fact!ring *!tomoti1e Engine 'omb!stion *!tomation and 'omp!ter *pplications &n Man!fact!ring A*'*MB P riod 7ebr!ary -/#1-, .-1. 6an ,#9, .-12 September 13#15, .-1. September .3#.0, .-1. 7ebr!ary -/#1-, .-1.

&,ort$t r! Cour# #. 1or2#,o/#. & !inar#. &(!/o#ia. Con- r nc #. Trainin" att nd d 0( t, -acu't( ! !0 r# in Acad !ic in#titution# and Pu0'ic & ctor 7nd rta2in"#: &'. No. Na! o- -acu't( 1or2#,o/: 1 Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy . Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam 2 3 Dr. .(amamoorthy Dr. .(amamoorthy Tit' >or?shop on 'lean and S!stainable Transportation >or?shop in *d1anced Man!fact!ring STTP on (obotics9 Mechanics, 'ontrol, Sensing,4ision and &ntelligence Erasm!s M!nd!s %eritage =ic? off meeting wor?shop in1ol1ing 1E!ropean !ni1ersities and 9 &ndian !ni1ersities Int rnationa' &(!/o#iu! on M tro'o"( and !icro !ac,inin" Curricu'u! D 4 'o/! nt 1or2#,o/ In#titution &&T Madras <=#&ndia (esearch co!ncils &&T Madras &&T Madras P riod .5.-...-12 6an!ary 2-, 21 ) 7ebr!ary -1, .-1. 13 #10 6an!ary .-12 5#/ :o1ember .-1. .- 7ebr!ary .-12 .#2 *pril .-1.

5 /

Dr. .(amamoorthy Dr. : (amesh ab!

&&T Madras *nna <ni1ersity MPSTME, M!mbai

Dr. P (am?!mar

7ac!lty De1elopment Programme :anos!rface protection) Metrology (eF!irement >orld *!tomoti1e 'ongress 7&S&T*.-1. &nternational 'onference on +iF!id *tomiEation and Spray Systems '&(P#.-1. *ttended *&MTD( and conference best paper award. *ll &ndia man!fact!ring Technology Design and (esearch conferenceA*&MTD(B :ational conference on inno1ations in Mechanical Engineering &nternational 'onference on *d1anced :ano Materials A*:M# .-1.B. &nternational conference on *d1ances in man!fact!ring, *nna !ni1ersity, 'hennai 'onference on Digital man!fact!ring Short Term Training Programme ASTTPB on H(obotics9 Mechanics, 'ontrol, Sensing, 4ision and &ntelligenceI for Engineering 'ollege 7ac!lties, &nd!stries and ()D Personnel &n#ho!se Training Programme on H*d1anced %ydra!lic 'ontrol SystemI for scientist of 4i?ram Sarabhai Space 'entre A4SS'B, Thir!1ananthap!r!m &n#ho!se Training Programme on H7!ndamentals of (oboticsI for scientist of 4i?ram Sarabhai Space 'entreA4SS'B Thir!1ananthap!r!m &n#ho!se Training Programme on H5ptimiEation TechniF!esI for scientist of 4i?ram Sarabhai Space 'entre A4SS'B, Thir!1ananthap!r!m

T'+, &&T Madras &&TM# *<#Taylor %obson, <= S*E 'hina, ei$ing %eidelberg @ermany :agoya <ni1ersity 6apan 6ada1p!r <ni1ersity, =ol?atta 6ada1p!r <ni1ersity ?ol?atta @o$an school of !siness and Engineering,chenna i &&T Madras *nna <ni1ersity

1-#1. December .-12 .- 7ebr!ary .-12 :o1 .,#2-, .-1. September .-1. .9#21,5ctober .-1. December 1., .-1. 13G1.G.-1. to 1/G1.G.-1. 21G1G.-1.

& !inar: 1 Dr. P (am?!mar Con- r nc : 1 Dr. 6.M.Malli?ar$!na . 2 3 5 / Dr.T.:.'.*nand Dr. +. 4i$ayaragha1an Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. @.+.Sam!el Dr. @.+.Sam!el

, 0 9

Dr. .(amamoorthy Dr. .(amamoorthy Dr. :.(amesh ab!

1,#19 5ct .-1.

/#0 7eb .-12 Par? Sheraton, 'hennai &&T Madras .5th 6an .-1. 13st 6an#10th 6an. .-12

&,ort t r! Cour# : 1 Dr. Somashe?har S. %iremath Dr. .(amamoorthy

Dr. Somashe?har S. %iremath Dr. M.Singaper!mal Dr. Somashe?har S. %iremath Dr. M.Singaper!mal Dr. T. *so?an Dr. Somashe?har S. %iremath Dr.@ Sar1ana?!mar

4SS' Tri1andr!m 4SS' Tri1andr!m 4SS' Tri1andr!m

.0# 2- May .-1.

.,# .9 Sept. .-1.

.1# .2 :o1. .-1.

&/ cia' L ctur # d 'i4 r d 0( t, -acu't( in ot, r In#titution#: &'. No. Na! o- -acu't( 1. Shamit a?shi .. Dr. Shaligram Tiwari 2. Dr. @. 4en?atarathnam To/ic o- L ctur Diff!sion 7lames To 'ond!ct Ph.D, 4i1a#4oice E"amination 4isited and ga1e a tal? on the (esearch on De1elopment of +ow Temperat!re (efrigeration Systems at &&T Madras To 'ond!ct 'omphensi1e 4i1a 8 4oice E"amination In#titution D(D+, %yderabad =nowledge &nstit!te of Technology, =a?apalayam, Salem haba *tomic (esearch 'entre M!mbai 4&T, 4ellore Dat .-th 6!ly, .-1. 1-.-3..-1. 10.-3..-1. to 19.-3..-1. -3.-5..-1.


Dr. M. P. Maiya

5. /.

Dr. *. Mani Dr. Shaligram Tiwari

To disc!ss Sago and (ice %!s? related iss!es To 'ond!ct 4i1a for M. Des Mechanical Systems To 'ond!ct Ph.D. 4i1a#4oice E"amination To 'ond!ct Ph.D. 4i1a#4oice E"amination To gi1e +ect!res Ph.D. 4i1a 1oice e"amination : * *ccreditation To *ttend the *nn!al Progress Seminar of Ph.D Scholar Presentation of the pro$ect proposal to P*' at :&T Trichy &n1itation of attend the 1st D' Meeting &nternational >or?shop on &onic +iF!ids 8 *lternati1e benign Material for (enewable Energy and its applications To ina!g!rate national le1el one day 'S&( seminar sponsored on %eat and Mass Transfer ry#*ir (efrigeration and *ircon *wards 6!ry Meeting Technical bid e1al!ation committee meeting for Solar (efrigerator >or?shop on Energy Efficient !ilding %igh speed Machining Man!fact!ring 'omposites @(&:D&:@ %igh speed end milling 7DP on J!antitati1e (esearch TechniF!es *(D panel on materials ) man!fact!ring meeting :ational seminar on Micromachining TechniF!esI +aser in medical ind!stry# ne"t generation biomaterials Machine 4ision Sensor *pplications # STTP 'o!rse on Mobile (obots9 Mechanics, control, sensing, 1ision and intelligenceC 8 ( not ta'2

&&S angalore &ndian &nstit!te of Technology Design and Man!fact!ring A&&TD ) MB =anchip!ram Mala1iya :ational &nstit!te of Technology, 6aip!r Mala1iya :ational &nstit!te of Technology, 6aip!r &&T (a$asthan :&T =!r!?!shtra Shri. (am &nstit!te of Technology, 6abalp!r, Madhya Pradesh habha *tomic (esearch 'entre A *('B M!mbai :ational &nstit!te of Technology, :&T Trichy 4&T <ni1ersity, 'hennai 'amp!s :ational 'hemical +aboratory A:'+B P<:E =P( &nstit!te of Engineering ) Technology, 'oimbatore :ew Delhi &&T, (a$asthan P!ne *nna !ni1ersity, 4ill!p!ram *pollo Engineering 'ollege &nstit!tion of Engineers, 'oimbatore chapter >E:DT, %os!r :&T, >arangal <. .DT college of Engineering,Da1angere,= arnata?a &&S' angalore =ar!nya <ni1ersity, 'oimbatore *!rolab, Mad!rai &&T Madras

-9.-5..-1. to 12.-5..-1. .1.-5..-1.

,. 0. 9. 1-. 11. 1.. 12. 13. 15.

Dr. *. Mani Dr. *. Mani Dr. *. Mani Dr. M. P. Maiya Dr. M. P. Maiya Dr. *. Mani Dr. M. P. Maiya Dr. M. P. Maiya Dr. @. 4en?atarathnam

.0.-/..-1. ) .9.-/..-1. -..-,..-1. .-.-9..-1. to ...-9..-1. .0.-9-.-1. 11.1-..-1. to 1..1-..-1. ...11..-1. to .2.11..-1. 13.1...-1. 19.1...-1. 1,.-1..-12

1/. 1,. 10. 19. ..1 .. .2 .3 .5 ./ ., .0 .9

Dr. *. Mani Dr. @. 4en?atarathnam Dr. *. Mani Dr. M. P. Maiya Dr. + 4i$ayaragha1an Dr. + 4i$ayaragha1an Dr. + 4i$ayaragha1an Dr. + 4i$ayaragha1an Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. @.+. Sam!el Dr. @.+. Sam!el Dr. @.+. Sam!el Dr. S. So!ndarapandian Dr. .(amamoorthy

-1.-...-12 -,.-...-12 ...-...-12 .0.-...-12 .0#-.#.-12 5#-.#.-12 .1#-,#.-1. .-#1-#.-1. May 1, ) 10, .-1. ./G2G1. ) .,G2G1. 1.G1-G1. 3G1.G1. 11G-1G.-12 15 6an .-12


Dr. :. (amesh ab!

Sa1eetha Engg. 'ollege, 'hennai

1/th March .-1.


Dr. (agh! Pra?ash

'rash assessment of e"tr!ded sections with and witho!t foam filling H+ife E"tension st!dies 8 Present Stat!s, 5pport!nities and 'hallengesI H:ew prod!ct De1elopment 8 5pport!nities and 'hallenges in aerospace engineering to biomedical engineeringI


Dr. (agh! Pra?ash


Dr. (agh! Pra?ash


Dr. =. S. (eddy

23 25 2/

Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy

'hallenges, &nno1ations and 5pport!nities in 'oncentrated Solar Power @eneration for S!stainable Energy S!pply and En1ironment 'oncentrated Solar Power Technologies Solar Thermal Power @eneration :ano#Engineering in 'oncentrated Solar Power A'SPB generation for performance impro1ement Solar Power @eneration Technologies Energy Storage System in Solar Thermal Power @eneration for S!stainable Energy Prod!ction &ndigeno!s Technologies for Solar Power @eneration Solar Thermal Power @eneration for S!stainable Energy Prod!ction 'oncentrating Solar Power Technologies for S!stainable Energy Prod!ction

&ndo#<S Symposi!m on 'rash Safety, &&Sc, angalore A=eynote +ect!reB. =ey note +ect!re at @o1ernment 'ollege of Engineering, arton %ill, Tri1andr!m. =ey note lect!re at annari *mman &nstit!te of Technology, Sathyamangalam 8 &ndo# <= 'onference on &nno1ations in Engineering, Sep .-1.. Sathyabama <ni1ersity, 'hennai

March .-1.

.0 7ebr!ary .-12

St. 6oseph 'ollege of Engineering, 'hennai *nna <ni1ersity, 'hennai raEil 8 &ndia >or?shop on *pplications of :ano 8 Engineering in (enewable Energy So!rces at *ngra dos (eis, (io de 6aneiro, raEil &@'S S!mmer School, erlin, @ermany 3th &ndo#@erman 7rontiers of Energy, %alle, Merseberg, @ermany <ttam De1i Mohanlal 'ollege of Engineering, 6aip!r *mity &nstit!te of @reen Technology (esearch and St!dies, :oida Sathyabama <ni1ersity, 'hennai

1. 7ebr!ary .-12 .3 8 .5 6an!ary .-12 9th 5ctober .-1.

2, 20 29 331

Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy

, 8 1/ 6!ly .-1. 13th 6!ne .-1. .-th 8 .1st *pril .-1. 13th March .-1. 0th March .-1.

*i#it# a0road 0( -acu't(: &'.No. 1 . . . 2 . Na! o- -acu't( Dr.T.:.'.*nand Dr.6.M.Malli?ar$!na Dr. *. Mani Countr( *i#it d %eidelberg @ermany ei$ing, 'hina arcelona, Spain Dat Sep .-1. :o1 .,#2-, .-1. .2.-3..-1. to ./.-3..-1. Pur/o# o- 4i#it *ttending the 'onference &nternational 'onference &nternational 'onference on Desalination and En1ironment 5ral Presentation9 Title of the Paper9 Effect of flame spray coating on falling film e1aporation for m!lti# effect distillation # &&TM &&T Madras Fundin" -ro!

3 .

Dr. *. Mani

<ni1ersitat of (o1ira & 4irgili Tarragona Spain

./.-3..-1. to -1.-5..-1.

5 .

Dr. *. Mani

/ .

Dr. *. Mani

, . 0 . 9 . 1 . 1 1 . 1 . . 1 2 . 1 3 . 1 5 . 1 / . 1 , . 1 0 .

Dr. *. Mani

Dr. *. Mani

Dr. *. Mani Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy

<ni1ersity 5f 'atholiF!e, r!sseis, elgi!m and 'entre for <rban Energy, (yerson <ni1ersity Toronto, 'anada <ni1ersity 5f 'atholiF!e, r!sseis, elgi!m *nd 'entre for <rban Energy, (yerson <ni1ersity Toronto, 'anada 'entre for <rban Energy, (yerson <ni1ersity Toronto, 'anada 'entre for <rban Energy (yerson <ni1ersity Toronto, 'anada P!rd!e <ni1ersity, <S* Tarragona, Spain

-0.-,..-1. to 15.-,..-1.

+ect!re ) Deli1ered 1. St!dies on b!bble absorbers .. St!dies on compact @enerator 4isit to 4ario!s <ni1ersities

&&T Madras

&&T Madras

.-.-,..-1. to ...-,..-1.

4isit to 4ario!s <ni1ersities

&&T Madras


Solar 4apor *bsorption (efrigeration Systems Solar 4apor 6et (efrigeration Systems 13th &nternational (efrigeration *nd *ir# 'onditioning 'onference E< Sponsored Marie '!rie Program :*(&+*( Pro$ect E< Sponsored Marie '!rie Program :*(&+*( Pro$ect Solar &nstit!te 6!lelich 8 +ect!res &ndo#@erman Science and Technology Meeting +eader of Scientific Delegation :*(&+*( pro$ect

&&T Madras


&&T Madras

1/.-,..-1. to 19.-,..-1. 1..1...-1. to ./.1...-1. 1..1...-1. to ./.1...-1. ./.-5..-1. to .3.-/..-1. 1/.-9..-1. to 19.-9..-1. .1.1-..-1. to .0.1-..-1. 11.1...-1. to 2-.1...-1. .9#21,5ctober .-1. ,6apan 19#.. Sept .-1. .5 :o1ember 8 3 December .-1.

&&T Madras :*(&+*( Pro$ect :*(&+*( Pro$ect *chen <ni1ersity DST @o1ernment of &ndia DST @o1ernment of &ndia Marie '!rie Programme 'PD*

Dr. @. 4en?atarathnam

Tarragona, Spain

Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy


Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy


Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy


Dr. S. Srini1a M!rthy


Dr. + 4i$ayaragha1an



Dr. .(amamoorthy


E!rpean commission 8 Pro$ect 'oordinators meeting &nternational >ee? at Technical <ni1ersity M!nchen, @ermany

Dr. .(amamoorthy


%eritage Erasm!s M!nd!s Pro$ect D**D

1 9 . . . . 1 . . . . . 2 . . 3 . . 5 . . / . . , . . 0 . . 9 . 2 .

Dr. .(amamoorthy


.- 7eb 8 3 March .-12 6!ne 1, .-1.

Pro$ect committee meeting =ey note tal? in *mada &nno1ation 7air .-1., 6apan Trac? organiEer and session chair for . sessions in *SME .-1. conference @*TE =ic?#off meeting

6apan Dr. :. (amesh ab! Dr. :. (amesh ab! <S*

%eritage Erasm!s m!nd!s pro$ect *mada co. +td., 6apan &nstit!te pro$ect f!nding Erasm!s M!nd!s Pro$ect &&TM A'PD*, P'7B &&TM A'PD*, P'7B &nstit!te f!nding DST# <=&E(& f!nding &nstit!te f!nding &nstit!te f!nding &nstit!te f!nding &nstit!te f!nding

:o1ember 9# 15, .-1. 1-th # 11th 5ctober, .-1. -1#-5 5ct .-1. 12#19 :o1 .-1. 9 5ctober .-1. 1, 8.1 :o1ember .-1. 1/ :o1ember .-1. 12 8 13 :o1ember .-1. ,8 1/ 6!ly .-1. 12 8 1/ 6!ne .-1.

Dr. Somashe?har S. %iremath

%o 'hi Minh 'ity, 4ietanam 'Eech (ep!blic

Prof. (agh! Pra?ash Prof. (agh! Pra?ash %o!ston, T;, <S*

Dr. =. S. (eddy


Present paper at Second &nternational 'onference on Small Specimen Test Methods 5rganiEe and 'hair sessions, Present papers at *SME &ME'E .-1. To attend raEil 8 &ndia wor?shop To attend Pro$ect (e1iew Meeting To 1isit D+(, =oln

Dr. =. S. (eddy


Dr. =. S. (eddy


Dr. =. S. (eddy


To attend conference 'SP Today .-1. To attend &@'S S!mmer school To attend 3th &:D5@75E symposi!m

Dr. =. S. (eddy


Dr. =. S. (eddy


Honour# and A%ard# o0tain d 0( -acu't(: &'. Na! o- -acu't( No. i. Honour#: 1 Dr. :. (amesh ab! ii. A%ard#: 1 Dr. :. (amesh ab! . Dr. '. ala$i Na! o- A%ard %onorary Member A%ard d 0( The (omanian Society of Mechanical Engineers &ndian &nstit!te of Metals A&&MB &&T Madras A%ard d -or Promoting the *rts and Science in the field of mechanical engineering est paper p!blished in transactions of &&M, *!g# 5ct. .-1. E9c '' nc in Teaching Dat oa%ard .-1 . 1,th :o1ember, .-1. .-12

&&M# inani @old Medal Marti Anna/urna Gurunat, A%ard for 9c '' nc in Teaching

:oo2#; Mono"ra/,# aut,or$aut,or d: &'. No. :oo2#: 1 . 2 Na! o- -acu't( Dr. S. So!ndarapandian Dr. (agh! Pra?ash Dr. (agh! Pra?ash Tit' +aser s!rface hardening Aboo? chapterB &'o(DC12 8 @lobal Prod!ct De1elopment &nfrared Thermography Pu0'i#, r *SM Springer#4erlag &n#Tech P!blishers Aut,or. Co$aut,or *!thor *!thor and Editor. Editor

F ''o%#,i/# o- Acad !i # and Pro- ##iona' &oci ti #: &'. No. 1. INAE: 1. Ot, r#: 1. 2. 3. 4. Na! o- -acu't( Dr. M. Pra?ash Maiya Dr. '. ala$i Dr. :. Sitaram Dr. :. (amesh ab! Dr. . (amamoorthy Dr. Sarit =!mar Das ) ar oad!i##ion .-12 .-12 .-12 .-1. .-1. .-1. *merican &nstit!te of *erona!tics and *strona!tics &&M inani @old Medal, &ndian &nstit!te of Metals, =ol?ota Disting!ished *l!mini, PS@ &nstit!tions, 'oimbatore &ndia 'itation *ward, Thomas (e!ters A%ard d 0( &nstit!tion of EngineersA&ndiaB

<ourna' Editoria' :oard#: &'. No. 1 . 2 3 5 / , 0 9 111 1. 12 13 15 1/ 1, Na! o- -acu't( Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy Dr. S. Srini1asa M!rthy Dr. M. Pra?ash Maiya Dr. M. Pra?ash Maiya Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. M S Sh!nm!gam Dr. . (amamoorthy Dr. . (amamoorthy Po#ition 5Editor.M !0 r6 Member Member Editor Member Member Member (e1iewer (e1iewer (e1iewer (e1iewer (e1iewer (e1iewer (e1iewer Editorial (e1iew oard Member on the oard Editorial (e1iew oard Member on the oard <ourna' Na! 6o!rnal of Energy, %eat and Mass Transfer &nno1ati1e *')( &nternational 6o!rnal, *pplied Thermal Engineering AElse1ierB &nternational 6o!rnal of +ow 'arbon Technologies A5"ford <ni1ersity PressB &nternational 6o!rnal of +ow 'arbon Technologies &nternational 6o!rnal of S!stainable !ilt En1ironment Precision Engineering &nternational 6o!rnal of Machine Tools and Man!fact!re &nternational 6o!rnal of *d1anced Man!fact!ring Technology 6o!rnal of &ntelligent Man!fact!ring Systems *merican Society of Mechanical Engineers >ear &nternational 6o!rnal of Prod!ction (esearch &nternational 6o!rnal of Materials 7orming and Machining Processes. &nternational 6o!rnal of Machine Tools and Man!fact!re &nternational 6o!rnal of Tribology and S!rface Engineering Optics and Lasers in Engineering Measurement I MECH E ,Part B:J urna! " engineering manu"acture Mac#ine $isi n and app!icati ns Lasers in engineering J urna! " a!! %s and c mp unds


D #i"n and D 4 'o/! nt Acti4iti #:

N % -aci'iti # add d or !a=or >ui/! nt /rocur d:

&'.No . 1 . 2 3 5 / , 0 9 111 1. 12 13 15 1/ 1, 10 19 ..1

Na! o- E>ui/! nt &n1erted Metall!rgical Microscope 4ariable speed do!ble disc polisher Self press!riEed cryogenic dewar Mini ':' Milling Machine +ow sped precission c!tting machine 5&M software with comp!ter Deep freeEer 4ernier 'alliper M!fle 7!rnace 7!me hod 4ac!!me p!mp @as cylinder Screw @a!ge D(na!o! t r co!/' t # t &n1erted Pend!l!m Machine 4ision 'amera %and held Perthometer 'ond!cti1ity meter * 'reep Testing <nit was design in#ho!se. &t has been b!ilt and installed. The f!nding was from the +ab f!nds. 6ointly done by Prof. =rishnan alas!bramanian and Dr. Parag (a1indran Do!ble P!lsed laser ''D camera

*a'u A(s. &n la?hsB 5.2,,5 /.521-2 ..9, ..992 ..5512. ../5 -.1299 -.-9 -.35 -./ -.1. -.1/3 -.-935 15.-1.,5 -.0 1.. 1.2.5 .- la?hs 3.5 la?hs

Pat nt#: Pat nt# -i' d: &'.No . 1 . 2 4.13.? Na! o- -acu't( Dr. S. So!ndarapandian Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. =. S. (eddy R # arc, and Con#u'tanc(: To/ic o- /at nt +aser *ssisted Machining A+*MB of %ard Tiss!es and ones Solar Parabolic Tro!gh 'ollector with &ntegrated TorF!e T!be 8 o" S!pport Str!ct!re, Passi1e cooling based secondary concentrator for solar concentrating photo1oltaic A'P4B system for !niform fl!" distrib!tion and effecti1e cooling

&/on#or d R # arc, Pro= ct#: &'. No. 1 Tit' Solar absorption refrigeration systems operating with ionic liF!ids as absorbents and ammonia as refrigerant Thermodynamic beha1ior of &4 generation wor?ing fl!ids for renewable energy technologies +ow#Temperat!re 5(' Storage and %ybridiEation 5ptimal Thermal Design, 7abrication and Testing of Solid State %ydrogen Storage De1ices Solar 'ooling and Prod!ction of Potable >ater with Two Stage Silica gel# >ater *dsorption System P riod .1.-5..-1. to .-.-5..-15 10.1...-1. to 1,.1...-15 ...11..-1. to 15.-1..-12 .-1. to .-13 .-1. .-15 to Fundin" A" nc( DSTG&ndo# Spanish DSTG&ndo# <?erain DSTG&ndo#<S DST A!ount 5R#. In 'a2,#6 30.91 Co$ordinator# Dr.@. 4en?atarathnam Dr.S. Srini1asa M!rthy (. @ardas Dr. @.4en?atarathnam Dr.S. Srini1asa M!rthy ,1..5.Dr. @.4en?atarathnam Dr. S.Srini1asa M!rthy (. @ardas Dr. S.Srini1asa M!rthy Dr. M. Pra?ash Maiya Dr. S.Srini1asa M!rthy Dr. M. Pra?ash Maiya

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De1elopment of solar tri# generation system for cooling, heating and potable water Performance *nalysis and De1elopment of 'ompact 4apor 6et (efrigeration System Meas!rement and e1al!ation of s!rface and dimensional feat!res of micro components !sing a confocal displacement sensor De1elopment of i#metallic $oining techniF!e and realiEation of i#metallic adaptor for la!nch 1ehicles

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Dr. =. S. (eddy Dr. M. Pra?ash Maiya Dr. *. Mani Dr. Shaligram Tiwari Dr. @.+.Sam!el


10G2G.-12 to 1,G2G.-15



Dr. S.=. Panigrahi APrincipal &n1estigatorB Dr. @.D 6ana?i (am A'-#&n1estigatorB Dr. P.4. 4en?ati?rishnan A'o#&n1estigatorB Dr. S.=. Panigrahi APrincipal and sole &n1estigatorB Dr. S.=. Panigrahi APrincipal and sole &n1estigatorB 'o ordinator Prof. ennis, E': 7rance ) 7or &&T Madras Prof. .(amamoorthy A6oint coordinator of the pro$ectB Dr. :.(amesh bab! AP&B P&9 Dr. %S : M!rthy, 'o#P&9 Dr. Parag (a1indran, Prof. P Sriram Dr. 8. &. R dd( Dr. M. P. Mai(a Dr. 8. &. R dd( Dr. S. =. Das Dr. T. &undarara=an Dr. 8. &. R dd( Dr. 8. &. R dd(



Machinability and mechanical properties of !ltrafine grained al!mini!m alloys De1elopment and st!dies on machinability and mechanical properties of nanostr!ct!redG <7@ magnesi!m alloys Erasm!s M!nd!s %eritage international pro$ect pro$ect

1/G,G.-1. To 15G,G.-13 1.G/G.-1. to 11G/G.-15 .-12#1/

(ena!lt :issan :7S@#&'S(

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E!ropean 'ommission

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De1elopment of ne"t generation high precision grinding machine tool &n1estigation of damage mechanisms in composite material !nder cyclic loading De1elopment of Solar Trigeneration System for 'ooling, %eating and Potable >ater Thematic 'entre on >ater P!rification !sing :anotechnology 8 Solar Desalination De1elopment of Solar 'ollector 7ield for Solar Thermal Power Plant 8 Phase 1 <=#&ndia Pro$ect on HDe1elopment and &ntegration of iomass 8 'oncentrated Photo1oltaics System for (!ral and <rban Energy ridgeI &n1estigation of heat transfer a!gmentation on dimpled s!rfaces !sing wall $et and impinging $et flows * de1elopment of a Pl!g#n# Play microfl!idic research platform and no1el approaches to mi"ing, droplet, particle separation and p!mping at microscale

6an .-1.# Dec .-15 .-1.#-.#-/ to .-15#-.# -5 .-1.#.-15

5PS* *(D

Total b!dget 2 Million E!ro for &&T Madras 1.,5-E!ro. .03.9 ,5.,1


D&T @ &ERI



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D&T EP&RC$78 + D&T; India

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Ari4ind Patta!atta





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Theoretical and e"perimental st!dies on crew seat impact atten!ation system :on#Destr!cti1e Testing Technologies for 6oints 'haracteriEation of e1aporation and b!rning rates of neat and blended biodiesel f!els of &ndian origin :!merical sim!lation of s!ppression of resid!al flames and cooling of solid roc?et mot