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Thermax Limited Chemical Division

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. Chemical Product & Company Identification Trade name : Brand name & code : Validation Date : Company Identification : +* ho'r emer/ency a!!i!tance 1ax 2. : : Maxtreat Maxtereat 7010 11/7/09 M/s. Thermax Limited, Chemical Di i!ion 97"#$ %eneral Bloc&$ MIDC Ind'!trial (rea$ Bho!ari$ )'ne *11 0+, -India. 00 91 +0 +71+0101$ 00 91 +0 +71+01,9 00 91 +0 +71+0+0,

Composition / information on in redients ! Component C(2 Propriotory polymer mix Not assigned

3 4y 5t6 < 40%

#xpo!'re /'ideline! Not Available


#a$ards Identification! %n&ironmental ha$ards! Thi! preparation may 4e toxic to a7'atic life in lar/er proportion! Physical / chemical #a$ards! 8ot compati4le 5ith oxidi9er!$ red'cin/ a/ent!6 (irst )id Measures! 2kin : ;emo e contaminated clothin/6 <a!h !&in thoro'/hly 5ith !oap and 5ater6 Eyes " 1l'!h eye! li4erally 5ith lo5"pre!!'re 5ater for at lea!t 1= min'te!$ lift the eyelid! occa!ionally to aid in remo al of material6 Inhalation " Immediately mo e per!onnel to area of fre!h air6 1or re!piratory di!tre!!$ /i e air$ oxy/en or admini!ter C); -Cardiop'lmonary ;e!'!citation.$ if nece!!ary6 >4tain medical attention immediately6 Ingestion " ;in!e mo'th 5ith 5ater6 Do not ind'ce omitin/ 'nle!! directed 4y medical per!onnel6 >4tain medical attention (ire (i htin Measures! ! 1ire extin/'i!hin/ media : 8ot expected to 4'rn$ '!e extin/'i!hin/ media appropriate for !'rro'ndin/ fire Ba!ic fire fi/htin/ proced're :" <ater !pray i! recommended to cool fire expo!ed !'rface! and to protect per!onnel6 <ear !elf contained 4reathin/ apprat'!6 ?n'!'al fire & explo!ion ha9ard! :" @i4eration of C>$C>+$2ox ) 1la!h point : na 1 ('to i/nition temperat're : 8ot determined @#@ : 8ot determined ?#@ : 8ot determined 1ire exten/'i!hin/ media : Dry chemical$ 5ater !pray$ foam$ C>+ Ba!ic fire fi/htin/ proced're :" <ater !pray i! recommended to cool fire expo!ed !'rface! and to protect per!onnel6 ( oid '!in/ a direct 5ater !y!tem$ it may !pread the fire o er a lar/er area6 <ear !elf"contained 4reathin/ apparat'!6 ?n'!'al fire & explo!ion ha9ard!: " 8one &no5n




)ccidental ,elease Measures ! )er!onnel preca'tion! : ?!e per!onnel protecti e e7'ipment$ 4reathin/ apparat'! re7'ired only in fire !it'ation6 #n ironmental preca'tion! : Do not fl'!h into !'rface area or !anitary !e5er !y!tem$ '!e a4!or4ent li&e !and or a4!or4ent material!$ !a5 d'!t$ 5a!te cotton etc6 to contain !pill pre ent material from enterin/ !oil and 5ater5ay!6


Aandlin/ and !tora/e :

Aandlin/ preca'tion! : ( oid contact 5ith eye!$ !&in and clothin/6 ?!e ade7'ate entilation 2tora/e condition! : 6 2tore !eparately from other acid!$ al&alie! & oxidi9in/ material!6 $ %xposure controls / personnel protection ! )er!onal protecti e e7'ipment: " Eye protection : <ear chemical !pla!h /o//le! and face !hield -(82I B0761 or appro ed e7'i alent. Skin & body protection : <here !pla!hin/ i! po!!i4le$ f'lly chemical re!i!tant protecti e li/ht 5ei/ht clothin/ -chemical re!i!tant apron. and !afety 4oot! are re7'ired6 Respiratory protection (n appro ed re!pirator m'!t 4e 5orn$ if the occ'pational expo!'re limit i! li&ely to 4e exceeded$ filter type (/) :C6

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Thermax Limited Chemical Division


Physical and chemical properties ! (ppearance : dar& colored li7'id >do'r : typical !li/htly p'n/ent 1orm : @i7'id at +=DC Boilin/ point Den!ity : 1601T> 16C pA 2ol'4ility : 1reely !ol'4le in 5ater in all proportion!6

: E100oC : F *60


0ta1ility and reacti&ity! Stability / incompatibility : 2ta4le at am4ient temperat're Conditions to )&oid! Geep from free9in/6 Corro!i e to metal6 Do not mix 5ith al&aline material! and acid reacti e !alt! !'ch a! nitrite! and !'lphite!6 ?!e !tandard hy/iene practice! to maintain prod'ct inte/rity6 * Hazardous de-composition products :$ Thermal decompo!ition and 4'rnin/ may prod'ce car4on monoxide$ car4on dioxide$ pho!phor'!$ and nitro/en oxide!$ a! 5ell a! other material!6 11. 6 12. Toxicolo ical Information ! Acute to icity !ata : The follo5in/ re!'lt! are for the acti e (c'te lethality Val'e! : 8ot &no5n %colo ical information ! #8VI;>M#8T(@ D(T( CA#MIC(@ 1(T# I81>;M(TI>8 : : 8o data a aila4le for the prod'ct6 8o data a aila4le for the prod'ct


2isposal considerations !3 "aste disposal : 2I0P40)L M%T#42! >pen d'mpin/ or 4'rnin/ of thi! material i! prohi4ited6 (n accepta4le method of di!po!al i! to 4'rn in an incinerator in accordance 5ith all local$ !tate and federal en ironmental la5!$ r'le!$ !tandard! and re/'lation!6 The appropriate re/'latory a/encie! !ho'ld 4e contacted prior to di!po!al6 If the prod'ct 5a! !'pplied in a !in/le '!e container$ care !ho'ld 4e ta&en to di!po!al of the container in a re!pon!i4le manner and in accordance 5ith applica4le re/'lation!6 @a4el preca'tion! !ho'ld 4e follo5ed 6 Transport information !3 1* 1'. 5ot classified as ha$ardous for transporattaion ,e ulatory information !3 Classification And Labeling According To ECC irectives Nat!re "f #pecial $is% $&' Toxic if s(allo(ed $'0 Toxic to a)!atic organisms #afety Advice #*+,*-,*. /ear s!itable protective clot0ing and eye , face protection #&+ 1n case of contact (it0 eyes rinse immediately (it0 plenty

of (ater 1=6 4ther information !3 Recommended use for /ater Treatment 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 2isclaimer: Thi! information relate! !pecifically to the prod'ct de!i/nated and may not 4e alid for the prod'ct 5hen '!ed in com4ination 5ith any other material! or prod'ct! or in a partic'lar proce!!6 The information i!$ to the 4e!t of o'r &no5led/e and 4elief$ acc'rate and relia4le a! of the date compiled6 Ao5e er$ no repre!entation$ 5arranty or /'arantee i! made a! to it! acc'racy$ relia4ility or completene!!6 It i! the '!erH! re!pon!i4ility to re ie5 thi! information$ !ati!fy it!elf a! to it! !'ita4ility and completene!! and pa!! on the information to it! employee! or c'!tomer! in accordance 5ith applica4le federal$ !tate or local ha9ard comm'nication! re7'irement6 <e do not accept re!pon!i4ility for any lo!! or dama/e 5hich may occ'r from the '!e of thi! information6 Brand name i! a trade mar& of Thermax @imited$ Chemical Di i!ion$ )'ne$ India6 Brand Name MA!TREAT "#$# 1t is a trademar% of T0ermax Limited2 C0emical ivision2 P!ne2 1N 1A3 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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