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Uponreceivinganylevel,thecharacterhasachoiceofa"naturalbonus"thatcanbeappliedtoseveralskills. In Core Exxet they have the choice of where to distribute +10 to five different skills (similar to the freelancer class ability) as part of their natural bonus. This counts as a special bonus, and cannot exceed 100 in any skill (such that if one character should choose athleticismeach levelfor 11 levels,the11thbonuswouldnotapply). Additionally, the character has the abilityto chose 1 physical skill (basedon STR,DEX, AGI, orCON)and1mentalskill (based onPOW,WP,INT,or PER) to add theircharacteristic bonusagainto that skill. This counts as a specialbonus andcannotexceed100 inany skill in combination with the otherpartofnaturalbonus. EX: Pasuzu has 10 in WP and chooseswithstandpain as hisskill for bothpartsofhis naturalbonus thislevel,andhasa+80in the bonus column forthat skill already. He applies the +10 from the first part of a natural bonus, making it +90. Thenhe applies the characteristic bonus from WP (+15),makingthe total105.Sinceitmaynotexceed100,theextra5pointsaredropped.

Severalsecondaryabilitieshavehadtheiruserefined,andtableswiththeirsuccessfuluseareprovided. Athleticism Result MovementBonus RunningDuration MaxMoveDuration <40 Nobonus 1min. 1Turn 40 Nobonus 5min. 2Turns 80 Nobonus 5min. 5Turns 120 Nobonus 10min. 10Turns 140 Nobonus 40min. 15Turns 180 +1 1hour 1minute 240 +1 2hours 2minutes 280 +2 5hours 3minutes 320 +2 1day 5minutes The movement bonus column applies directly to your movement value, while the other two columns indicate how long one can go without losing fatiguepointsfromdifferentmovementtypes. Swim Result Difficulty MovementValue <40 Routine 8 40 Easy 5 80 Moderate 4 120 Difficult 3 140 VeryDifficult 3 180 Absurd 2 240 AlmostImpossible 2 280 Impossible 1 320 Inhuman +0 For Swim, the movement value column applies directly to the movementvalueof the characterduringa swimcheckforthepurposes of determining speed. Jump Result Difficulty MovementValue <40 Routine 1 40 Easy +0 80 Moderate +0 120 Difficult +1 140 VeryDifficult +1 180 Absurd +2 240 AlmostImpossible +2 280 Impossible +4 320 Inhuman +5 When jumping, the character can initially achieve 1/5 of their movement value when jumpingwitha running start. Themovement value column of the abovetablehelpsimprovethat. FeatsofStrength Result Difficulty STRmodifier <40 Routine +0 40 Easy +0 80 Moderate +0 120 Difficult +1 140 VeryDifficult +1 180 Absurd +2 240 AlmostImpossible +3 280 Impossible +4 The strength bonus that is listed in the third column istobe used outside of combatpurposes,such as breaking a wall, orlifting a mountain. Using featsofstrengthtoincreaseone'scapabilitieswithintherangecoveredbyInhumanorZenstillrequiresthoseabilities.

Note that several of these tables have no value listed for Zen or Inhuman, as this is within the boundaries of the GM to decide. Several discussionshave beenpostedelsewhere,withargumentsbothforandagainstsimplyaddinganotherlinetothetableforeasyuse.

In Core Exxet, the spell system was greatly reworked. Magicians still use Path magic and zeon as well as accumulation to cast their spells, but use degrees instead of added effects to power up their spells. Casters working with the new system will find their intelligence much more integral to casting powerful spells, while accumulation and innate magic not as much. It is good to note that there are many advantages and disadvantages to each magic system,andneitheris"morecorrect"atthetimeofthisposting,asarcanaexxetusesbothinvariousplaces. CoreExxetandArcanaExxetSpells(222pages)

ThecombatsectionofArcanaExxetdetailsmoreformallythewaytocalculatethedamagedonetoanycombatant.Theformulaisasfollows: 1. AttackTotalDefenceTotal Example: 10050=50 2. Subtract20+10*ATofDefender Example: 5040=10 3. Divideby100(MakesaPercentage) Example: 10/100=.1(or10%) 4. MultiplybyDamageofWeapon Example: 50x.1=5Damage If the Defender's Total is higher than the Attacker's Total, The Counter Attack bonus is 1/2 of the difference between the two combatants' totals, rounded down to the nearest group of 5. It should be noted that both the Attacker's Total and the Defender's Total cannot become negative. If appropriatemodifierswouldresultinnegativevalues,theyaresimplyflooredat0. CreatureswithDamageResistancenowsupplyonlytheirbasevalueastheirdefensivetotalbeforemodifiers. Multipleattackswithweaponswaschangedtobemoredependentonthesizecategoryoftheweapon. Size Penaltyperadd.attack Small 20 Medium 30 Large 40 Enormous 50 Gaining surprise on your enemy, either through initiative or surprise round, denies the attacked opponent and others you have surprise on from counterattackingyouthatround. Using stealth as a combat maneuver grants you special bonuses. If while in stealth you successfully reach your adversary foran attack, you gaina +170 bonus on your attack, and they receive no penalties. If using stealthto removeyourself from combat, acomplete active action is required at a 200penalty.Creatingasuitabledistractionorcoverforyourescapehalvesthepenalty.

The maximum amount of psychic points that can be spent to improve the potential of a single psychic power is corrected to be 10, instead of 5. The maximum amount that a psychic power can be improved byis still 100. Thereforeone can achieve +100 potentialon a psychicpower byspending10 pp, or thesamewithonly5ppiftheyhavetheappropriateadvantage.

Characteristics checks now are reworked to use a "roll over" system instead of the "roll under" system describedinthebook.One now rolls 1d10andadds their characteristic score (not their bonus) to the roll. The rule of 10 and 1 described in the core book still applies. Inopposed checks,every pointabove 4 thatonecharacterhasovertheotherwillcountas2pointsfordeterminingcheckresults. EX: Zheng and Koga are grappling over a sword on a battlefield. Zheng has a STR of 6 while Koga has a STR of 12. Zheng rolls 1d10 and adds 6 to his score. Koga, having such high strength, rolls 1d10 and adds 14 to his score (his points for 11 and 12 being doubled). If either rolls a 10, they add an additional3totheirscore,whileifeitherrolls1,theysubtract3fromtheirscore.

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