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Questions 1 - 4 Choose the best word to fill in the blanks. 1. ``Please carry ., Julie. It might rain later.

a bag ! an a"ron C a dress # an umbrella

$. Please get me a .. of water. I am thirsty. set ! "air C bo% # bottle

&. Please comb your . neatly before you go to school. mouth ! teeth C hair # nails

'. ()eryone knows that you must "ut on your .. before your shoes. tie ! coat C socks # "ant

Questions 5 - 7 Choose the best "hrase to com"lete the "aragra"h.

*yra wants to do a "ainting. +irst, she took out her . ,-.

/hen, she "ut a large .... ,0.

on the easel. fter that, she checked

.. ,1.

to see if she had all the si2es she needed.

0 1

tube of "aints sheet of "a"er one "en

! ! !

"acket of "aints "ile of "a"er se)eral brushes


bo% of "aints roll of "a"er two "encils

Questions 8 - 10 3tudy the "ictures carefully. /hen, choose the best answer.

4. ! C

/here is a butterfly on the flower. /he flower is )ery beautiful. I like butterflies.

5. ! C

6ou ha)e done well. 7o to bed. 8hat do you want9

1:. ! C

It is a hot day. /he bus is late. /he girls are at the bus sto"

Questions 11 15 ;ook at the "ictures below carefully. Choose the best sentences to fit the situation shown in the "icture 11. 8ho is your father9 ! 8hat is your father9 C 8hose father is this9

1$. Im sorry I was late. ! (arly in the morning. C !y bus.

1&. #ont worry. I ha)e an umbrella. ! ;ets "lay in the rain. C <ow is the weather9

1'. ! C /hey were sweet. /hey were e%"ensi)e. I hate mangoes.

1-. ! C 8hat is your hobby9 8hat are you doing9 8hat shall we do9

Questions 16 - 21 Choose the best answer to com"lete the sentences. 10.

*y brother is . to music. ! C # listening listen listens listened

11. *y cousins are here. are )ery naughty. ! C # /hey 8e 3he /hem

14. I ha)e a "et iguana. .. is )ery old. ! C 3he <e It

15. I could not see 3hah because he was hiding . the cu"board. ! C $:. ! C on against behind lya is =======than her sister. tall tallest taller

$1. /hey say that .. a""le a day kee"s the doctor away. ! C a an the

Questions 22 - 23 Choose the sentence with the correct "unctuation. $$. 8ow> /hat is e%citing news. ! 8ow9 /hat is e%citing news. C 8ow> that is e%citing news # 8ow, /hat is e%citing news9 3iew 6ee bought a "en. "encil and a book ! 3iew 6ee bought a "en, "encil, and a book. C 3iew 6ee bought a "en, "encil and a book. # 3iew 6ee, bought a "en. "encil, and, a book.


Questions 24 - 25 Choose the correct s"elling for the gi)en o"tions. $'. 3he "ut the clothes into the washing . . mechine ! mashine C machine # mesheen

$-. ;ets go green. #ont use . . "lastik ! "lustic C "lustik # "lastic

Questions 26-30 ;ook at the "icture and read the "assage carefully. !ased on the "icture and the "assage, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks

/he children are at the 2oo. /hey are )ery . ,$0.. /hey are at the ele"hant enclosure. /here are two . ,$1. ele"hants and a baby ele"hant. /he father ele"hant is swaying its trunk to and fro. /he mother ele"hant . ,$4. a "iece of sugar cane. /he . ,$5. is the baby ele"hant. ()eryone laughed at its beha)iour. It sucked in some water and s?uirted it at some of the children. /he children . ,&:. with ha""iness. /hey are )ery ha""y. $0. ! C # $4. ! C # e%citing e%cited e%cites e%cite be eating am eating are eating is eating $1. ! C # $5. ! C # biggest bigger big @ cutest cute cuter @

&:. !

screams screaming

C #

scream screamed

Question 31 35 Aead the story below and answer the ?uestions that follow. Bne sunny day, an ant was crawling along a branch of a tree. 3uddenly, he sli""ed and fell into the ri)er below. /he ant screamed for hel" as it could not swim. t that moment a white bird flew by. It heard the screams and looked around. It saw the little ant struggling in the water. /he bird flew down and "lucked a leaf with its beak. /hen, it dro""ed the leaf in front of the ant. /he ant ?uickly climbed onto it. /he leaf floated to the edge of the ri)er and the ant was sa)ed. Cot long after that, a hunter went hunting in the Dungle. <e saw a bird sitting on a branch of a tree. /he hunter ?uickly "ointed his gun at the bird. t that time, the ant was searching for food. It saw the hunter "ointing his gun at the same bird that hel"ed it. Euickly, the ant crawled u" the hunters leg and bit him. /he hunter cried out in "ain and missed his shot ./he bird flew away. /he ant was glad that it could sa)e bird from being shot. &1. <ow did the ant fall into the ri)er9 It crawled along the branch and fell. ! It sli""ed and fell. C It flew down. &$. /he ant was============= shot by the hunter ! drowned in the ri)er C sa)ed by the bird # sa)ed by the hunter &&. 8hat is the story about9 <el"ing one another ! <unting is a good hobby C )ery cle)er bird. # /wo )ery good friends &'. +rom the story, we know that the ant felt =========the bird. frightened of ! thankful to C angry with # ha""y for &-. /he word it in the "assage refers to the ============ . ant

! bird C leaf Question 36 40 Aead the ad)ertisement below carefully and answer the ?uestions that follow

Come to gra, the best "lace in town> (ntrance is free for the whole month of *ay in tribute to *others all o)er the world> F Come> /ake a ride on our friendly dragon boat to the 8ater !ook Gillage. F 7et to read all@time fa)orite stories and nursery rhymes at 8ater !ook Gillage F /ired of reading9 Just take a stroll in the clean and enDoyable "ark setting. F 3"ecial discounts for family "ackage for water acti)ities only F !udget hotel near the bus station &0. 8here is the 8ater !ook Gillage9 /own &1. 8hy is entrance free in *ay9 !ook #ay ! +athers #ay C *others #ay ! gra C !us station

&4. <ow do you get to the 8ater !ook Gillage9 6ou take the car ! 6ou take a boat ride C 6ou take a train ride # 6ou can walk

&5. 8hat can you do at the 8ater !ook Gillage9 Aead ! Aead and take a stroll C Aead and rest # Aead, take a stroll or enDoy water acti)ities

':. If I want to enDoy a few days at the 8ater !ook Gillage, I could slee" in the "ark.

! I could stay on the dragon boat. C I could stay at the budget hotel.

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