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The Doctor By Eric Harmon

INT. INTERROGATION ROOM - NIGHT The sound of writing echos through the small, nearly empty room. A small metal table, and two chairs sitting opposite one another. In one, MARCUS(Male, 23, slim) sits with his hands cuffed behind his back. In the other, DR. HOWLER (Male, 52, average) sits writing notes, looking up at Marcus every couple of lines, and delivering a polite smile and then back to writing. MARCUS ...what? The Doctor looks up, a little surprised. DR. HOWLER excuse me? MARCUS (annoyed) What the fuck are you writing? Howler pauses and then sets the pen and note pad down on the table and stares at Marcus for a moment. BEAT MARCUS (yelling) FUCKING WHAT?! Howler is unfazed. DR. HOWLER How about I ask you a question, Marcus? Marcus says nothing. He only stares at Howler with hatred for a moment, to which Howler responds with his signature smile. DR. HOWLER Why did you do it? MARCUS Do what? Howler laughs a little shaking his head before readjusting his glasses.


CONTINUED: DR. HOWLER Now, Marcus. How many times-MARCUS (yelling) I didnt do shi--


Howler slams his hands down on the metal table, and moves in close, inches away from Marcus. Marcus jumps and is instantly silent before Howler tares into him. DR. HOWLER (yelling) You killed two people! You bashed their heads in with a ROCK, Marcus! That is it. That is what you did! Marcus is shaking. Howler reclines back to his normal position, and wipes some saliva from his mouth, before running his fingers through his gray hair trying to recompose himself. DR. HOWLER Im sorry, Marcus. Marcus looks down at the table, a long pause between the two men. MARCUS Youre fucking crazy. DR. HOWLER Tell me why you-MARCUS I didnt-DR. HOWLER (CONTD) Why you felt compelled-MARCUS --hurt-DR. HOWLER (CONTD) (growing louder) --to beat youre best friend and his girlfriend to death. BASHED THEIR BRAINS IN! Were you jealous, Marcus? Was that it? BEAT (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: MARCUS (in shock) --I dont know. DR. HOWLER (surprised) But you admit you did it?


Nothing. Marcus says nothing. He stares without emotion at the metal table. Howler smiles. DR. HOWLER Youve made a lot of progress today, Marcus. Marcus looks up. Sad eyes. DR. HOWLER (CONTD) Im proud of you. (smiles) Howler looks behind Marcus at the two-way mirror facing them and waves his hand. A loud BEEP! echos through the room, which causes Marcus to jump. Two large guards walk into the room, and grab Marcus by the shoulders, releasing him from the chair and standing him up. Marcus is terrified. MARCUS (yelling) No! No wait! Dr. Howler, please! Dont let them--I dont want to go! Howler smiles and waves to Marcus. DR. HOWLER Youll be fine, Marcus. Ill see you again next week. MARCUS (being dragged out of the room) God, no! Please! The large door shuts as the guards leave with Marcus, his screams still audible, but growing more silent. Howlers smiles fades before picking back up his pen and note pad, jotting down a few more notes. (CONTINUED)



BEEP! The door buzzes again, causing Howler to jump. WALTER (Male, 36 average) enters the room. WALTER And? Howler puts down his pad and pen, looking up at Walter. DR. HOWLER --and? Walter takes a seat across from Howler and smiles. WALTER Howd it go? Did the little fucker cop to it? Howler taps his finger on the table a couple of times before shrugging. DR. HOWLER He is no longer denying it. Walter claps his hands in excitement, laughing. WALTER See? See!? Thats what Im fuckin talking about! THAT is why youre the God damn man! DR. HOWLER Were not done yet. WALTER Are you fucking serious? You have this kid practically admitting to killing a couple of kids he hardly knew! That is a fucking art, man. Youre a God damn artist! Howler shrugs, as Walter pulls out a cigarette and lights up. WALTER (CONTD) Fucking smile. Christ. Once the kid takes the rap for my client you can fucking move to Mexico with youre share. I dont give a shit. Howler nods. Walter stands up and begins to walk towards the door as he takes a big inhale before blowing the smoke out of the corner of his mouth filling the room with smoke. (CONTINUED)



DR. HOWLER Have the guards cut his food in half. He should be ready to confess by the end of the week. Walter turns around, a smug grin on his face. WALTER You. A God damn artist! Walter laughs as he exits the room. Howler pauses for a moment, trying to gather his thoughts. He reaches over, grabs his pen and pad, and once again, begins to write down notes.

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