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car / vehicle / CL: / | / [liang4] / machine / to shape with a

j" war chariot (archaic) / rook (in Chinese chess) / rook (in chess)
Results beginning with
ch! ling vehicle
ch! zi small vehicle (car, bicycle, cart etc)
ch! zhn rail station / bus stop / CL: / | / [chu4], / | /
ch! zh# vehicle owner
ch! du motorcade / fleet / CL: / [lie4]
ch! hu traffic accident / car crash / CL: / | / [chang2]
ch! ji$n workshop / CL: / | / [ge4]
ch! sh!n body of automobile
ch! zh%n motor show
ch! mn car door / door of bus, railway carriage etc
ch! sh [FR] march automobile
ch! xi$ng carriage / CL: / | / [jie2]
ch! ln wheel
ch! pio ticket (for a bus or train)
ch! c [FR] numro de train
ch! s vehicle speed
ch! pi license plate
ch! chu$ng car window / window of vehicle (bus, train etc)
ch! k garage
ch! do traffic lane / driveway
ch! m car show girl / model who poses next to cars
ch! wi parking spot / unloading point / garage place / stand for
ch! hng car-related business / car dealership / taxi company /
(commercial) garage
ch! xng traffic / to drive (i.e. travel in a vehicle)
ch! chng travel time / expected time for a car journey
ch! chung lathe
ch! tu [FR] avant de la voiture
ch! fi passenger fare
ch! f" cart driver / coachman
ch! xi%n [FR] assurance automobile
Ch! chn Chechnya, a Russian region in the Caucasus /
ch! m% vehicles and horses
ch! d&ng car roof
ch! li traffic / rate of traffic flow
ch! ji cart / barrow / frame / chassis
ch! g'ng [FR] tourneur
Ch! chng Checheng township in Pingtung County / / /
| / / / [Ping2 dong1 Xian4], Taiwan
ch! ho [FR] plaque d'immatriculation
ch! t$i tire
ch! png [FR] abri pour vhicule; abri vlo
ch! b% handlebar (bicycle etc) / shaft (rickshaw etc)
ch! p wagon / freight car
ch! fng garage / carport / (old) rickshaw room
ch! qin fare / transport costs
ch! zhu axle / CL: / [gen1]
ch! zh rut (of a wagon) / track
ch! ti! car allowance
ch! li to tear off a person's four limbs and head using five
horse drawn carts (as capital punishment) / to tear limb from limb
vehicle leader
operational flag
ch! b%o [FR] assurance automobile
ch! ch%ng (bus, train etc) depot / car factory or repair shop
ch! di (vehicle) tire
ch! d(u open-topped container (mounted on a truck or cart) for
carrying loads / dump box (of a dump truck) / bucket (of a front
loader) / wheelbarrow
ch! fn vehicle rental fee paid by cab and rickshaw drivers
ch! j a vehicle's registration information (Tw)
ch! lng bicycle bell
ch! n car slave, sb forced to sacrifice quality of life to buy or
maintain a car
ch! pn [FR] plaquettes de frein
ch! su( [FR] verrouiller la voiture
ch! tio spoke (of wheel)
ch! yun shaft (pulling a cart)
ch! zho vehicle license
ch! zhn lit. car shaking / car sex
j" ji carriage
ch! pi ho [FR] numro d'immatriculation
[FR] Plantago asiatica
ch! qin c%o plantain herb (Plantago asiatica)
ch! b% shi expert cart-driver / charioteer
ch! ln zi wheel
[FR] Plantago
[FR] Plantaginaceae
Ch! chng xi$ng Checheng township in Pingtung County /
/ / | / / / [Ping2 dong1 Xian4], Taiwan
ch! chn y# [FR] Tchtchne
ch! d l& Cha
ch! fn r erhua variant of / / | / / [che1 fen4]
ch! ho pi car number-plate
ch! hu d!ng [FR] feux arrire (voiture)
ch! hu xi$ng car boot, trunk
ch! li ling [FR] trafic automiobile; circulation
ch! l z& [FR] cerise (terme emprunt)
ch! ln b&ng imagawayaki (sweet snack made of batter
cooked in the shape of a car wheel, stuffed with azuki bean paste or
other fillings)
ch! qin d!ng headlight
ch! tu xing photo attached to the front of a hearse in a
funeral procession
ch! w% )r [FR] cheval (terme emprunt)
ch! zhu c%o honewort / Cryptotaenia japonica
ch! shu& m% lng endless stream of horse and carriages
(idiom) / heavy traffic
ch! zi d(u ling lit. measured in cartloads and gallons / fig.
by the barrowload (i.e. lots and lots) / innumerable
convoy problem
Workshop Foreman
chassis frame crossmember / crossmember
Vehicle Technician
Vehicles Team
ground fuel
vehicle size
convoy escort
vehicle management
ch! tin zhng m)i [FR] Masami Kurumada
ch! xng t'ng do traffic passage
ch! zhu c%o sh# [FR] Trfle
cherry picker
car registration taxes
motorcade desk
wheel-alignment machine
vehicle checkpoint
Vehicle Registration Section
logging form
wheel cleaning station
vehicle manufacturer
vehicle manufacturer
carriageway group / carriageway party
vehicle reporting point / vehicle report point
vehicle-mounted mine detector
vehicle turn-around point
ch! chn gng h gu [FR] Tchtchnie
ch! ling dng l xu [FR] Dynamique du vhicule
vehicle workshop
vehicle mechanic
fleet management system
) vehicle mechanic, fleet maintenance
mine detonation protection kit
vehicle-mounted detection system / vehicle-mounted
vehicle management officer
vehicle management adviser
p ch! ling sh bi ho m% [FR] Vehicle Identification
Ch! l& y% b*n s* k Chelyabinsk town on the eastern
flanks of Ural, on trans-Siberian railway
Ch! )r n xu) f" s* j* Nikolai Chernyshevsky
vehicle off the road days / VOR days
Vehicle Establishment Committee
Working Party on the Construction of Vehicles /
Group of Experts on the Construction of Vehicles
ch! do sh$n qin b y(u l When we get to the
mountain, there'll be a way through ( / / common saying). fig.
Everything will turn out for the best. / Let's worry about it when it
happens. / It will be all right on the night. / cf couplet / / /
ch! do sh$n qin z y(u l When we get to the
mountain, there'll be a way through ( / / common saying). fig.
Everything will turn out for the best. / Let's worry about it when it
happens. / It will be all right on the night. / cf couplet / / /
ch! l& y% b*n s* k zh'u [FR] Oblast de Tcheliabinsk
vehicle borne improvised explosive device
vehicle management consultant
/ Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System
/ painting and repainting (vehicles)
Vehicle Workshop Dispatcher
secure mobile set / secure vehicular set
ch! do sh$n qin b y(u l ,
chun do qio tu z rn zh When we get to the mountain, there'll
be a way through and when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go
straight with the current (common saying) / fig. Everything will turn out
for the best. / Let's worry about it when it happens. / It will be all righ
Approximate Results for
q ch! car / automobile / bus / CL: / | / [liang4]
kui ch! express (train, bus etc)
jio ch! enclosed carriage for carrying passengers / motor
carriage / car or bus / limousine / CL: / [bu4], / | / [liang4]
hu( ch! train / CL: / [lie4], / | / [jie2], / [ban1], / [tang4]
] k$i ch! to drive a car
li ch! (railway) train
xi ch! to get off or out of (a bus, train, car etc)
si ch! auto race / cycle race
x*n ch! [FR] vhicule neuf
tng ch! to pull up (stop one's vehicle) / to park / (of a machine)
to stop working / to stall
m% ch! cart / chariot / carriage / buggy
shng ch! to get on or into (a bus, train, car etc)
k ch! coach / bus / passenger train
p%o ch! racing bicycle / sporting bicycle / sports car / logging
truck / on the job (of a train conductor)
g'ng ch! bus
ji ch! to drive a vehicle
chng ch! to ride (in a car or carriage) / to drive / to motor
hu ch! enter (computer key)
sh$ ch! to brake (when driving) / to stop / to switch off / to check
(bad habits) / a brake
j* ch! locomotive / train engine car / scooter (Taiwan) / hard to
get along with (Taiwan slang)
xng ch! to drive a vehicle / movement of vehicles
hu ch! van
f!i ch! [FR] acclrer
k% ch! truck / CL: / | / [liang4]
j&ng ch! police car
xi%o ch! small model car / mini-car / small horse-cart / barrow /
wheelbarrow / type of folk dance
zhn ch! war chariot / tank
t'ng ch! open to traffic
q ch! to cycle
d$n ch! (coll.) bicycle / bike
b$n ch! regular bus (service)
zu ch! to take the car, bus, train etc
ch$ ch! forklift truck / CL: / | / [tai2]
f$ ch! departure (of a coach or train) / to dispatch a vehicle
d$ ch! to ride (in a vehicle) / to get a lift / to hitch-hike
zhu$n ch! special (or reserved) train (or other vehicle)
zhung ch! crash (cars)
d% ch! to take a taxi (in town) / to hitch a lift
xi" ch! to repair a bike (car etc)
sh ch! to test drive / a trial run
din ch! trolleybus / CL: / | / [liang4]
d# ch! traffic jam / choking
fng ch! recreational vehicle
f!ng ch! pinwheel / windmill
ji ch! [FR] voiture d'occasion
dio ch! a hoist / a crane / an elevator
d)ng ch! [FR] attendant le bus
tu* ch! cart / trolley / to push a cart
b$o ch! hired car / chartered car
ch$o ch! to overtake (another car)
do ch! to reverse (a vehicle) / to drive backwards
d%o ch! to change buses, trains etc
] tu' ch! to tow / towed vehicle / towing vehicle
h!i ch! unlicensed or unofficial taxi / unlicensed motor vehicle
l%n ch! cable car
bi$o ch! to go for a joyride / joyride
j sh$ ch! to brake (when driving)
j"n ch! military vehicle
s$i ch! traffic jam
ti ch! [FR] chariot
ch" ch! to drive (people or goods to a destination)
xio ch! school bus
hu$ ch! car festooned for celebration
p*n ch! to carpool
yn ch! to be carsick
g%n ch! to drive a cart
ln ch! to thumb a lift / to hitchhike
tng ch! [FR] poussette
b ch! parking
zhun ch! a turntable
zhu%n ch! to transfer / to change trains, buses etc
zu ch! (railway) carriage
c$n ch! dining car / diner
b%n ch! handcart / flatbed cart / flatbed tricycle
t'u ch! [FR] vol de vhicule
gu ch! [FR] remorque; caravane ; camping-car
ji%o ch! winch / windlass
gun ch! tanker truck / tanker wagon
ch%n ch! front loader (vehicle) / CL: / | / [tai2]
hu ch! pulley block
lng ch! hearse
c%i ch! float (in a parade)
oil workover / workover
mn ch! local bus or train / slow train with many stops
bin ch! to hitchhike
ti$n ch! gantry traveling crane
] w ch! a sleeping car / wagon-lits
y ch! [FR] train de nuit
co ch! tanker (truck)
png ch! covered truck / caravan / van
kung ch! miner's cart / pit truck
f%ng ch! spinning wheel
yng ch! rickshaw
cu ch! to give right of way to another vehicle
q ch! bus
y$ ch! to escort (goods) during transportation / to delay
unloading (a truck, train etc)
to ch! to harness (a horse to a cart)
drug trolley / mini-dispensary / medicine trolley / drug
dispensary trolley
green car
| b$ ch! to pull oneself up onto a moving vehicle
bi ch! ambulance (slang) (Cantonese)
bn ch! hearse
ch%ng ch! open wagon / flatcar
ch'ng ch! to be transported to a distant place for penal
servitude / to banish
dng ch! power car / multiple-unit train (abbr. for / / /
| / / / )
ji$ ch! extra bus or train
jin ch! cart with cage, used to escort prisoner
ji ch! to carjack / carjacking
ji ch! a train / articulated vehicle
j*ng ch! runaway carriage (caused by the harnessed animal
bolting in fright)
K ch! Kuchar Nahiyisi or Kuche county in Aksu / / /
/ / | / / / / / , Xinjiang
lng ch! imperial chariot
mo ch! an ancient war chariot / CL: / | / [liang4]
q&n ch! [FR] Voiture-lits
rng ch! military vehicle
Sh$ ch! Yeken nahiyisi (Yarkand county or Shache) in Kashgar
prefecture / / / / | / / / / [Ka1 shi2 di4 qu1], west
sh(u ch! guard's van (on train) / caboose
shu%i ch! to uncouple (wagons or trucks from a train)
t ch! treadwheel / treadmill
] w%n ch! night train
w!n ch! hearse
w ch! to miss (bus, train etc)
x& ch! wedding car / carriage for collecting the bride
y$ ch! variant of / / | / / [ya1 che1]
y&n ch! to pull a car
y ch! emperor's carriage
zi ch! aboard
z%o ch! morning bus / early train
zhn ch! ancient vehicle made of wood and bamboo / CL: /
| / [liang4]
VSAT] VSAT trailer
m tu' ch! motorbike / motorcycle (loanword) / CL: / | /
[liang4], / [bu4]
z xng ch! bicycle / bike / CL: / | / [liang4]
ch" z" ch! taxi / (Taiwan) rental car
hu( ch! zhn train station
gu w ch! shopping cart
j* dng ch! motor vehicle
g'ng ji$o ch! public transport vehicle / town bus / CL: / | /
tng ch! ch%ng parking lot / car park
r sh(u ch! second-hand car
hu( ch! pio train ticket
din dng ch! [FR] voiture lectrique
zh t'ng ch! "through train" (refers to the idea of retaining
previous legislature after transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong or
q ch! zhn bus stop / bus station
yu y) ch! off-road vehicle / all terrain vehicle / sport utility
s$n ln ch! pedicab / tricycle
min b$o ch! van for carrying people / taxi minibus
ji h ch! ambulance / CL: / | / [liang4]
s* ji$ ch! private car
k% d*ng ch! kart racing
j chng ch! taxi / cab (Tw)