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SHRM Foundation’s Effective Leaecten (eRe LUICel2l [NIRS LU RECRUITING AND ATTRACTING SVAN ONEE Investing in the Future of C ) : Z Sa EN Foundation esti of HR. SHRM FOUNDATION'S EFFECTIVE PRACTICE GUIDELINES SERIES is publication i designed to provide accurate and authoritative information regarding th ee ee ee eee ee ees nsed professional should be sought Any federal and state laws disc eee See eg eee ae era aoe uragec to seek legal counsel regarding specific policies and practices in their organization a eee ee eee de eee eee eee ett ene eed Se eee een eos This publication may not be reproduced, strain a retrieval system or transmitted in whole or in pat in any form or by any means, elec tronic, mechanical photocopying, recording o other Alexandtia, VA 22314. ise, without the prior witlon permission of the SHRM Foundation, 1800 Duke Steet, ‘Tre SHRM Foundation is the 501(6}8 nonprofit afflate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The SHRM Foundation ‘maximizes the impact ofthe HR profession on organizational decision-making and performance by promoting ination, ection, research and the use of resaarch-based knowledge. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of directors, comprising distinguished HR ace demic and practice leaders. Contbutions fo the SHRM Foundation ae tax deductible. Vist the Foundation alin at waw.shrmorg/foundation. formation, contact the SHRM Foundation at +1

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