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Block ice is a type of solid ice in shape of rectangular, square cube or cylinder. The ice block can be milky white, total transparent and even colored. The block ice is versatile for different purposes, such as pelagic fishing, fresh keeping, temperature controlling and ice sculpture. Especially for tropic areas, this type of block ice has a dominant advantage over other types of ice, its total solid and strong, has much longer melting time, easy to transport for long distance. Best suit for fishermen. The brine refrigeration system is the most traditional ice making process, from which a large quantity of solid ice blocks being produced.The ice production theory is simple and everyone can understand without any problem. Also every one can operate this machine, no need specialized refrigeration knowledge.

Advantages & Benefits

Simple to operate This is the traditional brine refrigeration technology to produce ice. Its simple to operate the machine, no need special knowledge on refrigeration system. Stable operation performance World renowned parts that we adopt to guarantee a high quality. The well programmed PLC controls the machine to have an error-free operation around the clock. Long stability and durability Once you start the machine, its just continuous working. No human manipulation to the operation. Easy work When machine working, no need constant look-after, just let the machine run automatically. When several hours later, just come to harvest ice. Model: Daily Ice production: Max Air Temperature: Ambient Dry Bulb Temperature: Water Temperature for Ice: Relative Humidity: Medium: Refrigerant: Power applied: Condensing temperature: Evaporative temperature: Necessary refrigeration capacity: Compressor refrigerating capacity: Operating power: Installation power: Condenser capacity: Ice bucket material: Block Ice Weight: Ice Dimension(L*W*H): Ice temperature: Freezing time: Ice harvesting: BK50T-W2S 50 tons 40C 35C 25C 50% Brine solution (NaCl, CaCl2 or Glycol) R22/R404a 380V/3P/50Hz or 220V/3P/60Hz 35C -15C 240 Kw 260 Kw 124.50 Kw 150 Kw 500 Kw Stainless steel SUS304 or Galvanized steel 50, 100 or 135kgs/pc Variable per dierent ice weight -10C Variable between12~24 hours. 60~120 minutes due to the workers experience.

Note: 1. All the parameter is subject to change due to technical innovation without prior notice.


We always bear in heart that the quality is the lifeline of our product. We set a rigid standard for selecting parts supplier. Only being the leading brand of the industry can be the suppliers of key components of our products. This is the premise to ensure the best quality of Mello block ice machines. Our block ice machines are of special design and are manufactured for the most strict technical requirements.

Danfoss Stop Check Valve

Bitzer Compressor

Danfoss Expansion Valve

Danfoss Pressure Guage

Schneider Electronics

Cooling Tower

Salient Features
Brass pipe evaporative coil, better heat transfer, free from rust and brine corrosion, prolonged working life. Stainless steel brine tank, no worry of brine corrosion. Practical designs of defrost tank and ice dumper bring more conveniences to operation. Thermostat controller controls the water temperature in defrost tank, faster ice defrost process. Every parts of the machine can be tailormade to best suit different purposes.

Ice Buckets (stainless steel SUS304 or galvanized steel)

We apply the high grade stainless steel SUS304 to make ice buckets so that the ice buckets have long resistance to brine water corrosion. The design of the ice buckets strictly abides by the international building standard and requirement. The mouth (top opening) of the ice bucket is a little bit bigger (longer) than the bottom lines so its in a shape of slightly trapezoid. The benefit of this reverse trapezoid design ensures a fast and easy ice harvesting. However, the top openingcannot be too bigger than the bottom lines because it will affect the storage of ice. On both the front and back sides of ice bucket, there has a groove on each side. The function of this groove is to resist damage of ice buckets because of heat expansion. At the top opening of the ice bucket, the mouth is restrengthened by double steel sheets so that the ice bucket will not distort in shape because of heat expansion. Due to these designs, the ice bucket has a long working life. Stainless steel ice buckets have a working life of 8--10 yrs, while galvanized steel buckets only have 3--5 yrs. Beautiful shape, high efficient motor, self-contained economizer, simple & solid structure, complete sets of protectors, all of which ensure compressor run stably and efficiently. This compressor is equipped with: Suction and discharge stop valves Safety valves Suction filters Oil level glass Equipment for unloaded start Electric heating rod in crankcase High suction and oil pressure gauges Safety cut out for compressor and discharge temperature Oil separator with solenoid valve controlled oil return. Liquid separator None return valves Cylinder fan

Bitzer Semi-hermetic Piston Compressor

Water-cooled condenser provides better cooling efficiency than air-cooled condenser especially in high temperature area. Condenser should be able to use for: Low discharges pressure and condensation temperature. Highly economic way to increase the efficiency and decrease power consumption.

Water Cooling Tower

Switch and control panel insulted on stainless steel board execution for 3P/380V/50Hz provided with the following accessories: Main switches Star-delta starter for compressor motors. Volt-ampere and frequency meter Contractors, relays Overload protector Hour counter Three phase failure relay Circuit breaker Alarm system Indicator lamp for operation and faults Control Cabinet

Ice Making Parts

Brine Pool: Inside wall of the brine pool is made of PE/S.S plate so brine corrosion will not happen. The brine pool is adequately insulated that made of PU foam with thickness of 100mm. The brine pool lids are extra-charged upon request. Evaporator Coils: The refrigerant circuit of the evaporator preferred to be made of brass coils, which has a long resistance to brine corrosion. However, the cost for brass chiller coil can be very high. In that way, we can provide seamless galvanized chiller pipe with anti-corrosion coating to replace brass chiller coil in order to control machine cost. Crane: Traveling crane above the brine pool hoist ice buckets. Electrically operated controller with bush buttons is used for horizontal and vertical directions control. Thawing Tank: Made of galvanized steel or stainless steel or stainless steel. Brine Agitator Pump: Agitator with motor for brine circulation, made of stainless steel. Water Feeding Gadget: Semi automatic filling of ice buckets in row at a time. The water feeding gadget ensures the ice buckets are filled with exact quantity of water which corresponds exactly to the block weight. Water Tank: For feeding ice buckets, made of galvanized steel. Ice Crusher (Optional) With capacity of crushing 200 pcs ice blocks in one hour, and should be provided with base frame for fixing on foundation.Equipped with three phases electric motor. The crusher teeth should be hot dip galvanised so it will not easily breaks. The material for crusher should be stainless steel so no rust can happen. New, painted white, reinforced ISO 40 feet container. Thermo-insulated and corrosion protection. Integrated with compressor, condenser, ice evaporator, control cabinet, plumbing and wiring connection. Anti-slide floor of aluminum plate. Dimension: Length: 12192 mm Width: 2438 mm Height : 2896 mm (exclude cooling tower) ISO 40FT Container (optional for containerized type) Operating weight: 10000 kgs