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Dear Honourable Don McRae & Honourable Stephanie Cadieux I'm writing to you today to share my opinion of Parent

Involvement and some quotes, from government, that I believe, and to the best of my knowledge, are true. I'm sharing this, as it is my understanding from parents, what is below is not shared across the province, for children. Parent Involvement; focus, guaranteed input, guaranteed consultation, for children "We are providing the PAC with this focus and with this guaranteed input and guaranteed avenue for consultation into their children's schools." In my Opinion, The intent of legislation introduced in 2002 regarding School Planning Councils was to provide a guaranteed right of Consultation, (consultation that in some cases in some schools they already have, an ability to collaborate with the principal and the teachers ") and to focus that consultation by providing the opportunity for Parents to sit on the School Planning Council. The Legislation is acknowledgment of the importance of parental involvement and formalizes the role of parents in developing plans to improve student achievement in all schools in British Columbia for Children (We want to ensure that the experience of those parents who are lucky enough to be involved in a school where they do have lots of collaboration and they do have lots of input is shared across the province for children at every single school). School Planning Councils are for Children. Children do better in Schools where Parents are involved in a meaningful way. Regardless of parent involvement in a school planning council, a school planning council must be established, and must consult with the Parent Advisory Council during the construction of the School Plan. What does it mean? To me it means that a Parent Advisory Council must be provided the opportunity to understand the School Planning process and to be presented with an understanding of the decisions made regarding school planning from an Established School Planning Council. Parents on a Parent Advisory Councils must be given the opportunity to reflect on the decisions made by a school planning council, and be provided the opportunity to advise on those decisions, regardless of whether parents and teachers participate as members of a School Planning Council. Boards of Education must fulfill this statutory obligation that is enshrined in Legislation. Boards of Education must provide the opportunity for parents to participate in a school planning council, and must afford those parents the opportunity to understand the school in a more intimate way. Boards of Education must provide the opportunity for parents on a school planning council to understand the school as an education partner, and to collaborate with those parents in school planning. Boards of Education must fulfil this statutory obligation that is enshrined in legislation. I believe failure to fulfil these obligations is a dereliction of duty to children

Hounorable Ministers, I would like to share a quote with you from the Minister of Education in 2002. I believe, to the best of my knowledge that it is true. and I don't think it's good enough for government to sit back and say: "Oh well, maybe they just didn't want to." I think, instead, what we need to do is create a system that will encourage as many of them as possible to get involved in their children's education. Hounorable Ministers, if my understanding of Legislation and Consultation in Schools is misguided, I ask to be provided reasons in writing. Sincerely Reece Jorgensen