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Template Guidelines: Identify and Select High-Potential Employees

The Succession Planning Status Worksheet Example shows that five positions should receive the highest priority in the succession planning strategy. However, limiting the strategy to only these five positions would limit the number of potential leaders targeted to receive leadership developmental opportunities, and who could fill leadership vacancies. We recommend developing an acceleration pool (sometimes called a talent pool) of highpotential employees to receive enhanced developmental experiences. y using an acceleration pool, your agency can increase the number of employees who will be prepared to step into higher-level !obs. "our #uccession $lanning Team will need to exercise care in developing a plan for selecting high-potential employees for the acceleration pool. "our team should consider the following when identifying high-potential employees%  "our agency will be expending significant resources on the enhanced development of those in the acceleration pool & it is important to include only those who have real potential for leadership positions.  't is e(ually important to develop a process that ensures that every employee with leadership potential is fairly and thoroughly considered for participation.  'f yours is a public agency, your selection process may have to conform to certain merit system standards of fair and open competition.  "our agency will also want to ensure that the selection process results in a diverse group of employees to include in the acceleration pool.

Building your Acceleration Pool
Nomination Criteria% "our agency)s si*e, organi*ational structure, merit system regulations and culture will in part determine the nomination criteria you)ll use. +mployee re(uirements to consider include%  +ducational level,degrees  "ears with the agency  -urrent or prior supervisory experience  -lassification level 't is important to remember that you are basing your criteria on the future potential of the employee, rather than their current capacity.


The three-step screening process outlined below is sufficient0 there are also some additional optional steps from which to choose. This step is most useful in those organi*ations with a large number of applicants and relatively few slots in the acceleration pool. nominees would have to satisfy the nomination criteria you)ve established for the pool. 8 . Management Nomination Self Nomination% We recommend a system where employees can nominate themselves to the acceleration pool. 1s2ing nominees to also provide the information on the Acceleration Pool Applicant Profile will provide you with a more complete picture of the nominee)s bac2ground and capacity.  The Succession Planning Team does an initial screening (3ptional)% your team can use the nomination materials and the Acceleration Pool Nomination Summary to summari*e the information from the individual nomination forms.losing !ool "it . (This may not be an issue in small agencies with few initial applicants. 'n both cases.!ool # for detailed information on how to develop behavioral-based (uestions./se the Acceleration Pool Applicant Profile to help you determine the type of criteria your agency will use to nominate employees to the acceleration pool. 't provides a screening tool that helps reduce the number of applicants who will be given an in-person interview. We recommend that the answers be scored by individuals within your agency who are trained on behavioral interviewing. the process adds credibility. This written exercise accomplishes has several goals% • • 1s2ing applicants to prepare a lengthy written document will screen out those who are not seriously interested in the process. • • #ee the Gap. "ou can use or adapt the Acceleration Pool Nomination Form to meet your agency)s needs. The Selection Process% "ou should establish a screening process for the nominees to the acceleration pool in order to decide who to select. 'nviting employees to nomination themselves sends an important message about the openness of your process and is most consistent with merit system principles. #ome employees may be too modest to nominate themselves0 inviting management-initiated nominations may include some high-potentials who would not have self-nominated.  Written answers to behavioral-based (uestions (3ptional)% 1s2 nominees to submit written answers of not more than two pages each to several (uestions related to the nomination criteria in the 1cceleration $ool 4omination 5orm. and managers can nominate employees from within their organi*ational units.) 'f you use 6blind scoring7 (the names of applicants are coded and removed from the answer sheets). "ou can easily evaluate the applicants) writing s2ills.

: 8 8 .etirement li2ely within < years -% .% -ritical .Succession Planning Templates Sample: Completed Succession Planning Status !or"sheet $etirement Status 1 Num#er of Staff $eady No% .elations $ersonnel #taff 9evelopment -ommunications 9ir 9irector of $olicy >uality and $lanning 5ield 3perations 9ir 3ffice 1 9irector 3ffice 9irector 3ffice . : : .9irector 3ffice 9 9irector -linical #pecialist Incum#ent Name Criticality . . : < 8 8 : 8 : Succession Planning Priorities x x Position Title 1gency 9irector -hief 9eputy 'T 9irector 5inance 9irector udget 9ir 1ccounting 9ir H. 8 : : : 8 . 8 : . 8 8 . : Num#er of Staff $eady in &-' (ears . 8 : . 8 8 8 8 . : : 8 . 1 1 - 1 x x 1 1 $etirement Status: 1% . . 8 8 8 . . : < 8 .5ully functional within C months < .@ust Ahit the ground runningA 8% Bery 'mportant .etirement eligible within ? years x Criticality: . 8 . . . 9irector =abor .etirement li2ely within . year % .

etirement eligible within ? years Criticality: .5ully functional within C months D .% -ritical . year % .etirement li2ely within < years -% .etirement li2ely within .@ust Ahit the ground runningA 8% Bery 'mportant .!or"sheet: Succession Planning Status $etirement Status                                                                                                                                           Num#er of Staff $eady No%                                                                                                                                           Num#er of Staff $eady in &-' (ears                                                                                                                                           Succession Planning Priorities                                                                                                                                           Position Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Incum#ent Name Criticality                                                                                                                                           $etirement Status: 1% .

elopmental Need 1 1dapted from yham. $aese.e.ate%       Strength Proficient .unit results  9isplays ob!ective indicators of success  1ccomplishes ma!or assignments .e. 1udrey . ? . /pper #addle . 8::8.iver.emonstration of $esults  #hows positive team. #mith.elopmental 0rientation  Has accurate self-insight  's coachable0 accepts feedbac2  Has history of learning from experience  >uic2ly learns new tas2s  #elf-initiates development activities Classification%       . Gro$ %our &$n 'eaders( Acceleration Pools) A Ne$ *ethod of Succession *anagement .. @atthew E. William -. 4E% $rentice-Hall 'nc.)cceleration Pool Nomination *orm& Nominee Name:       Nominated +y%       -eadership )rea Support of )gency /alues  ehaves -onsistently with values  9isplays respect for others  's a good team player  'dentifies with management -eadership Promise  's motivated to lead  1ccepts leadership responsibility  @obili*es resources.people to action  =eads teams that have high morale Interpersonal S"ills  -ommunicates clearly and effectively  @a2es effective presentations  9emonstrates diplomacy  's trusted and respected .

#2ills 9eveloped%       -ompetencies. 1udrey ..iver. #mith. /pper #addle . 4E% $rentice-Hall 'nc.e. 8::8.Past 2 (ears 5ormal Training%       #pecial 1ssignments%       3ther%       -ompetencies. @atthew E. William -. Gro$ %our &$n 'eaders( Acceleration Pools) A Ne$ *ethod of Succession *anagement .#2ills 9eveloped%       -ompetencies.)cceleration Pool )pplicant Profile' Employee Information 4ame%       Title%       Eob -lassification%       =ength of #ervice%       Time in -urrent Eob%       -urrent #upervisor%       Career Goals . $aese. to < "ears%       < to ? "ears:       eyond ? "ears% Educational History 'nstitution%       'nstitution%       'nstitution%       9egree%       9egree%       9egree%       1rea of #tudy%       1rea of #tudy%       1rea of #tudy%       "ears%       "ears%       "ears%       Special S"ills E1pertise =anguages%       Technology%       $rofessional +xpertise%       3ther%       .elopmental E1periences . C .#2ills 9eveloped%       2 1dapted from yham.

emonstration of $esults $ $ # # $ $ .e.elopmental 0rientation # # $ $ # $ # F #trength $ F $roficiency 9 F 9evelopmental 4eed G .)cceleration Pool Nomination Summary Support of )gency /alues # # $ $ $ 9 Name 1pplicant 1 1pplicant 1pplicant 1pplicant 9 1pplicant + 1pplicant 5 -eadership Promise # # $ # $ $ Interpersonal S"ills # $ # $ $ $ .