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Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 14:32:41 -0700 Hounorable Minister George Abbott

Im writing this letter today to express my concern regarding the Effect of Bill 22, in regards to the Organization of Classes It is my understanding that previous to Bill 22, Parent Advisory Councils were unable to advise the Board, Principal and Staff in regards to the Organization of Classes as a Parent Advisory Council is only able to advise the Board, Principal and Staff on any matters related to the school not assigned to the School Planning Council. I feel that absolving the ability of School Planning Councils to consult in regards to the Organization of Classes will result in a confusing consultation process with Parent Advisory Councils.

It is further my opinion, that without collective bargaining of Class size and Composition and without prescribing the nature or degree of consultation required of boards with Parent Advisory Councils, Bill 22 will minimize any bargaining strength that local teachers might have on these issues as boards of education are sensitive to parents wishes. It is my opinion that this is a serious interference with Teachers substantive right to negotiate these issues. This Bill does not preserve processes of consultation or negotiation in good faith and it seriously undermines lessons learned and teachers substantive freedom to associate and negotiate under our Charter.

Hounorable Minister, I ask that you especially consider the second half of this letter, the merrit it may hold, and stive to find a way to promote Peace and Harmony within the Education System.

Respectfully Reece Jorgensen