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One Day Entrepreneurship Cum Mentoring Program

Nurture Talent Academy

Introduction: Nurture Talent Academy is Indias 1st training institute for

entrepreneurs. It has been founded by Amit Grover, an IIT elhi and II! Indore alumnus, and an individual "ith a passion for entrepreneurship. #e is also a member of !umbai Angels, Indias premier group of angel investors and led over $% investments. Nurture Talent Academy "as formed "ith a vision to support budding entrepreneurs in the country, by providing them the right training and mentoring for starting a venture. It conducts programs on ho" to setup a company, finance, mar&eting and business plan for entrepreneurs as "ell as technical trainings li&e !obipreneur 'Android Application evelopment( and )ebpreneur ')ebsite and ecommerce development(. In the past, "e have conducted *$%+ programs, attended by ,----+ entrepreneurs across 1,-+ cities including !umbai, .une, /angalore, 0hennai, elhi, Gurgaon, #yderabad, 1ol&ata, 1haragpur, Allahabad and 2opar, 3aipur etc. )e are grateful to ac&no"ledge that "e "ill li&e to conduct an entrepreneurship and training boot camp for young entrepreneurial students at your college. 4ur efforts enable students learn and understand &ey steps to"ards starting their o"n ventures.

Company Profile
Nurture Talent Academy, Indias 1st training institute for entrepreneurs5 "as formed out of Amit Grovers passion for entrepreneurship. It conducts training and mentoring programs for budding entrepreneurs, "ho are highly motivated to start their o"n ventures, but lac& s&ills in the areas of business plan, finance, mar&eting and sales etc. )e enable students, professionals and startups to convert their ideas to viable ventures and foster the entrepreneurial energy "ithin you. The ob6ective of the company is: To provide "orld7class training courses delivered by e8perienced investors and successful entrepreneurs. #elp startups save time and money by adopting best practices and avoid error Nurture Talent Academy has conducted *$%+ programs across 1,-+ cities since inception in 3an $-1-, "hich have been attended by more than ,----+ startups, professional, entrepreneurs and students. 9ach program covers fundamentals of the aspect of entrepreneurship and guides the participant s to"ards ta&ing the ne8t step in their pursuit to entrepreneurship. The re"arding part is over :-; satisfaction score for each of the program. Additionally conducted programs in various colleges listed belo" and many more: 7

IIT Mumbai

IIT Ropar

IIM Kozhikode IIT Kharagpur IIT Kanpur

IIT Delhi


hillong IIM Indore IIM !hmedabad "its# Pilani

!mity $oida

$MIM #Mumbai

$IT Rourkela

harda %ni&ersity M IT# Delhi

!bout the 'orkshop

Nurture Talent Academy has designed uni<ue programs for students. It is a mi8 of lecture, presentations, e8ercises, games, public spea&ing and group discussions. Also, every session "ill have the guest spea&er personally interact "ith students. The aim is to motivate and train the students to ta&e up entrepreneurship as a career option. The =7> hrs intensive course "ill be having e8perienced entrepreneur as a resource person "ho "ill train ? guide students on ho" to start a venture and be an entrepreneur.

Idea to e(e)ution 'orkshop *+ Day,- hrs.

Idea to e8ecution7 @tudents learn about developing ideas, business planning, mar&eting, basic finance, management, Investment and Intellectual property rights and follo"ed by mentoring. /rief 4utline: 1 hour A Introduction to entrepreneurship 1 hour A Idea generation $ hour A #o" to ma&e a business plan $ hour A 2aising finance from Incubators, Angel Investors and Benture 0apitalists 1 hour A Cegal and intellectual property 1 hour A Interaction, D?A, .resentations, Eeedbac&, !entoring

Trainer Profile
Amit Grover is an individual "ith passion about entrepreneurship. #e is an IIT elhi and II! Indore graduate and has previously "or&ed "ith reno"ned companies li&e Infosys, Asian .aints and 4nida. #e is also a part of !umbai Angels, a not for profit organiFation of angel investors and actively helps "ith funding and mentoring early stage companies. #e has been invited in the past as mentor, 6udge, panelist, and spea&er at leading institutes li&e II! Ahmedabad, II! 1ol&ata, IIT /ombay, IIT 1haragpur, IIT elhi, and IIT 1anpur among many others.

1. @tudents "ill be given free access to online video content of %- hrs given by top entrepreneurs and mentors on various topics http:GG""".nurturetalent.comGresourcesG $. @tudents "ill be learning from real entrepreneurs "ith the aim to help them start their o"n venture or ma&e them truly entrepreneurial and leaders of tomorro". ,. IIT7II! alumnus "ill mentor all finalists of /usiness .lan contest *. #uge e8perience in training more than ,----+ entrepreneurs in 1,-+ cities.

CO T/ 2s.H%-G7 per person. Program 0ighlights

1. 2eceive an unparalleled education from Nurture talent Academy e8perienced mentors "ith personal one7on7one attention. $. 0onnect "ith leading mentors, entrepreneurs and investors to get help and guidance. ,. Cearn and interact "ith one of the respected and top in class entrepreneurs and mentors. *. Interactive Duery sessions, Cive emos, games, .o"er.oint .resentation . %. Eree interaction "ith entrepreneurs, mentors, investors across the year. H. Eree mentorship provided to the students "ho choose to become entrepreneur.

Certifi)ation Poli)y
0ertificate of .articipation from Nurture Talent Academy to each participant

.rogram schedule "ill be mutually decided bet"een the college and NTA and is sub6ect to revision based on trainerGmentor availability.

Eligibility Criteria
All 9ngineering, @cience, /0A, /@c, //A , /com , !/A, .h students and hobbyist "ho "ish to become an entrepreneur or passionate about entrepreneurship can attend this course.