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Steel bars Steel sections

Flying shears of different designs are used to cut the rolling stock in wire rod, bar and section mills as well as in continuous blooming mills.

n Rotary shears
Rotary shears crop the head and tail ends of the rolled strand at rolling speeds of up to 14 m/s and cutting cross-sections of up to 75 mm. These shears are also used for chopping. They are electrically driven and speed-controlled by frequency converters.

n Lever shears
Lever shears are installed downstream of roughing trains of merchant bar, section and blooming mills for cropping and chopping cross-sections of up to 100 x 100 mm. They make quasi right-angled cuts. The short knife lever enables short chopping lengths.

n Dual shears
This combination of rotary and lever shear is used for cutting to cooling bed lengths. These shears operate at high speeds with relatively low power or at low speed with high power. A pneumatically controlled guide leads the rolled strand to the respective knife as required.

n Four-crank shears
These shears are used for head and tail end cropping of rolling stock with cross-sections of up to 150 mm edge lengths or rounds with diameters of up to 175 mm. Due to the favourable geometry of the cut, they guarantee high cutting security.

Rotary shear (above) Dual shears (below)

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Lever shears (above) Rotary shear inclined through 45 (below)

n Pendulum-type shears
These shears are primarily used in continuous casting plants for cutting to cooling bed lengths. They are hydraulically or electromechanically driven.

The technology in detail

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Sturdy, mill-proof design Electromechanical or hydraulic drive Cutting speed synchronized with rolling stock speed

| Supply range |

H&K congures each plant according to customer specications. The table below summarizes the key data of plants realized by H&K:

Type Cutting force Roller table speed Drive power

Crop and chop shear 100 700 kN 1.0 14 m/s Up to 500 kW by electric drive

Pendulum-type shear 2,000 6,000 kN 0.2 3.0 m/s Up to 500 kW frequency-controlled

Dual shear 100 500 kN 0.9 16 m/s 450 kW frequency-controlled

Four-crank shear 1,000 1,600 kN 1.5 8.5 m/s 2 x 500 kW frequency-controlled

Crop and chop shear

Pendulum-type shear

Lever shear

Dual shear

Four-crank shear

Rotary shear for Swiss Steel, Emmenbrcke / Switzerland

A rotary shear for cropping and chopping is arranged ahead of rolling stand H14.

Technical data: Cutting force: Rolling speed: Dimensions of rolling stock: max. 700 kN 0.8 to 7.5 m/s 30 - 75 mm round

Designed as a start-stop shear, it cuts the rolling stock while it is running. In the emergency cutting mode the shear performs a continuous chopping operation.
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